The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 14, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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Great Values in Men's Wear
Bfan'a Men's fine Cashmere and Worsted Wool
oTT. Socks, in black camelshair, merino, natural
wOOSIS any and Oxford crav colors : worth 35c. On
sale at ...,.... .25
MenVextra heavy cotton and medium weight
lisle-finish Black Cotton Socks; 20c values
two pairs for 25
Men's Drew Shirts
The new Negligee Shirts, made with V-shape
stiff bosom, perfect fitting and does not
wrinkle in front; $1.00 value at 75
Men's new fall patterns in Golf Shirts, a large
range of light and dark patterns to select from.
Extra-Lvalue at 91.00
Men's Wool Shirts
Men's fine all wool Oregon Flannel Overshirts,
A a a a
'f ma(ie Wit double snouiaers and double
stitched throughout. Special $1.75
Men's blue wool mixed Flannel Shirts, extra well made; $1.25 value. fl
The People's Store
The store that the people want to be identified with is a
tore that in every department gives them desirable and reliable
goods goods that are up to the honest standard, at prices close
to the cost of production, and that is the principle upon which
this business is conducted. Anything you buy here has virtue
in it apart from the price. With this in mind look over these
items and see what remarkable values they represent for tomor
row's and Tuesday's shopping.
R. & Q. Corsets Guaranteed
R. ft G. Corsets admirably exemplify the perfec-
uon oi Dotn tne science ana tne art ot corset maaing,
for they are absolutely healthful and shape the figure
along the lines of beauty. An immense showing of
exclusive effects at popular prices.
Are guaranteed by the maker In every particular. If any R.
ft G. Corset fails to give the purchaser satisfactory wear, a
new corset will be given in exchange without any charge.
R. ft G. No. 661 is an excellent model for the stout
figure, tapering waist, medium short hip, hose sup
porters at front and sides; made of fine quality cou
tille, in white or drab, all sizes from 18 to S A A
30, at...v $laUU
R. ft G. No. 281 is a model well sotted to the slender
figure, tapering waist, medium deep hip, two side
steels, 12-inch clasp, extra quality batiste or coutille,
in white or drab, all sizes, 18 to 30, JQ
park aawwtat
v . f i vfl9HB& ssssssssssrTiBiSffiS JflBBESvBiBBHV?
That's what our advertising is intended to be. And, of course, -as in a large city, there are a great many happenings that never get into the papers, so in a big store there are countless items of bargain interest that are never men
tioned in our advertising columns. Full publicity is given great sales and exceptional trade events, but many values of exceeding merit are to be learned about only by shopping trips through the store. You may always de
pend upon their being equally trustworthy with advertised bargains, for nowhere will we tolerate any goods that savor of inferiority or any representations that are other than strictly accurate.
Best Styles and Low Prices Ape Features of This Gr eat Garment Department
Tailonnade Skirts
New Fall Skirts of fine Panama, in black, navy and
brown, the new side pleatings, trimmed with straps.
Special values at 85.50
Other attractive new styles at S3.50, mff FA
64.50, 66.50 and f .OU
500 Women's Coats
Just Arrived
of Women's Winter
The entire lot will go on
sale this week at exception
ally low prices. These
coats are the very latent
models, 46 to 60 inches long,
box back, plaids and mix
tures. Some are trimmed
with buttons,. braids or self
straps, others are plain tail
ored effect. This is the
greatest stock of popular
price Women's Coats that
we hav
$7.50, $10 and $12.50
Women's Dressing Sacques and Kimonos, A Q -
made of fine quality fleeced flannelette, at....IOC
Leadership is evident in all lines Suits, Coats and Skirts. Inexpensive garments, yet fashionable, and
above all, becoming are some of the reasons for this department's great popularity. Tomorrow and Tues
day you will find unusually good choosing.
Stylish Walkin' Suits
A very complete assortment of popular styles and
materials are shown in blouse models, jaunty hip
length tight-fitting jacket styles and semi-fitting ef
fects, in various lengths, in colors, navy, brown, green
and black cheviot and broadcloths; also mixtures,
plaids and checks, plain and trimmed. In fact it's the
best showing we have yet made. Priced at
910, f 12.50, $15 and $19.50
We particularly desire to call your atten- C A A
tion to our clever and exclusive models at $dUU
Silk Waists $3.90
These Waists are made from bright luster Swiss taf
feta silk, black only, pleated back and front; 2 OA
Extra special values at J)3.VU
Silk Petticoats $4.50
Made of good quality taffeta silk, deep flounce, fin
ished with ruffles and stitched bands. Shown in black
and all the most popular colors.
Sateen Petticoats $1.68 -
Tomorrow we place on sale a special purchase of
-women's black mercerized sateen Petticoats, made of
the best quality sateen, in a number of new and at
tractive styles; usual $2 and $2.25 values.
Specially priced for this sale at $1.00
Children's Stunning Winter .
Winter Coats, in a variety of
pretty styles, 'in' solid colors,
plaids and fancy mixtures, in
sizes 8 to 14 years, at 83.50,
S4.50, X5.5U,
86.50 and.
Stylish Man Tailored Coats, in
fancy mixtures, plaids, broad
cloth and light weight kersey,
double breasted effects, in sizes
8 to 14 years H CA
S 8.50, f 10.50. . 31 L.OU
For Little Tots Sizes 2 to 6
years. We are showing a va
riety of pretty baby styles in
.Winter Coats, cream, red,
. navy, irreen and all the Wanted
colors, in astrakhan bearskin, crushed plush, plain
plush and many other materials at prices that are
Sti4to:.M:. . . . $3.50
Plaid Wonted Waists $1.65
Plaid Waists are much wanted garments this season.
For this week we will offer waists made from good
quality worsted materials, choice coloring and strictly
new models. The price is small consider-
ing quality and style only .$1.00
A Big Raincoat Special
One lot of light and dark colored double breasted'
Cravenette Coats with belted loose back ; f7 CA
worth $16.50. "On sale this week at VlL.OV
Children Caps 25c, 35c, 50c and 65c
At these prices we are showing a great assortment
of the most popular styles and colors and you have
our word for it the values are unequaled elsewhere
At Moderate Prices
Every woman with a fur want will
be interested in our targe and rep
resentative gathering of the season's
newest and prettiest fur styles and
the less expensive grades Imperial
Scarfs, Sable Fox Scarfs, Marten
Cluster Scarfs, River Mink Scarfs
and Fur Neck Pieces.
Two Extraordinary Waist Bargains
High Grade Plaid Waists $7.50
These elegant Waists are made from best $1.00 yard
silks, in dainty colorings of shadow plaids. Perfect
tailoring, latest models. A glance at these garments
will verify our statement ACTUAL 0 CA
Big Savings in New Fall
Dress Goods
The supremacy of this department is well known superior quali
ties, exclusive styles, lowest prices, are the keynotes of this reliable dress
goods store. Largest and beat stock in the city from which to make
your selection.
Eoliene 81.00 Yd.-One of our very finest silk and wool fabrics, 42
inches wide, suitable.for evening wear. Comes in colors light blue,
pink, lavender, green gray, champagne, cadet, brown, red, cream and
black ; sold everywhere at $1.60 a yard. Our price, per J QA
Colored Novelty Suitings Some are new novelty goods, 88 inches wide,
colors blues, grays and greens with contrasting, overplaids, very pretty
and popular; our regular 60c goods. Monday and Tuesday, per
Shadow Plaids New shadow and broken plaid suitings, 45 to 54 inches
wide, good assortment of patterns, one of the season's favorites. tZf
Special Monday and Tuesday IOC
Heavy New Cloaking
Just received, a large, consignment of new heavy all wool Suitings and
Cloakings, all the most stylish patterns of the season, comes in, all
shades of gray. Special prices for Monday and Tuesday:
$2.25 Values. Special Monday and Tuesday at SI. 75
$2.00 Values. Special Monday and Tuesday at Si. 50
$1.50 Values. Special Monday and Tuesday at. $1.00
Melange and Scotch Mixtures 52-inch Melange and Scotch Mixtures,
colors, brown, blue, red and gray ; 85c values. Special Monday CA
and Tuesday, per yard AVC
Rsin Proof Covert 56-inch Rsin Proof Covert, hard double twisted
weave, castor colors, big values; our regular $1.25 values. OR
Special for Monday and Tuesday at .VOv
Curly Bear Skin Cloakings
Have Just received a new line of Curly Bear Skin, 36 inches PA
wide ; sold elsewhere at $3.50 and $4. Our price, per yard. . . . .OU
Plain Bear Skin Cloakings
Comes 52 inches wide, very best grade ; well worth $3.50. 0 PA
Our special price, per yard...'. $OU
Skinner's Satins We carry all colo rs in Skinners Celebrated Lining
Satins. Come in alL colors, warranted for two years, 36 gA
inches wide. Price, per ysrd IOU
Heatherbloom Linings We now have a complete stock in the cele
brated Heatherbloom Linings, all colors, one yard wide. 4
Price JOC
Women's Handbags, $2.00 and $1.75 '
Values for $1.25 Each
300 dozen Women's Hand Bags, in Morocco, Sesl and Walrus leather,
covered riveted frame, neat coin purse fittings, leather and J
moire lined. Special for Monday and Tuesday, each .$l.0
Winter-Weight Knit Under-
wear and Hosiery
An October sale of rare magnitude starts here to-
i morrow. Underclothing and Warm Stockings of
I the highest qualities at prices never before equaled.
Reduced prices will prevail all week, but each day's
OUUvaH nffVrincr will HiffW frnm thr nrrvinus nnc so if vnn
wish to take advantage of the specials below come
mhi n n union suits ior w omn
All $3.00 Wool Union Suits. Tomorrow $2.19
All $2.25 Wool Union Suits. Tomorrow $1.69
All $1.75 Wool Union Suits. Tomorrow $1.00
All 75c Cotton Union Suits. Tomorrow 50
Union Suits for Boys and Girls
AM $1.50 Wool Union Suits. Tomorrow $1.00
All $1.00 Wool Union Suits. Tomorrow 68
All 75c Cotton Union Suits. Xpmorrow . . . , 50
All 50c Cotton Union Suits. Tomorrow 38
A big offering of Women's Best 50c Quality Bleached Knit Vests
and Pants of fine combed yarn, silk trimmed. A splendid winter weight;
all siaes, in long-sleeve Vests or ankle length drawers, 200 dozen -
of best 50c quality on sale tomorrow only, at OOv
Women's Winter Hosiery
100 dozen Women's extra fine light weight all wool cashmere Stock
ings, made with gray heel and toe ; best 35c quality. On sale O
tomorrow at, the pair IOC
200 dozen all wool ribbed Stockings, in black, blue, Oxford or OC
natural gray, heavy weights. Tomorrow Ljt
80 dozen Women's silk fleeced Stockings, ordinary or extra large sizes,
all black or black with white soles ; 35c and 40c grades at, the OC
Pir Ldt
Best 50c quality alJ wool imported Cashmere Hose, full regu- QQp
lar made, double soles;-best 50c quality. Tomocrow only Out
The "Armor Clad" Stocking for Boys
Heavy weight ; they stand the racket, heavy corduroy rib, elastic C
legs snd double feet; best 25c grade. Tomorrow, all sizes 1DL
Dainty Neckwear at Moderate Prices
On Monday and Tuesday we will have a special display of
Women's Neckwear at substantially reduced prices. The line will em
brace Embroidered Collar and Cuff Sets, Embroidered Silk Stocks in
solid colors and Persian effects. Revere Sets m lace and embroidered
lawn and Lace Chemisettes in endless variety.
Unequaled Values in New
Fall Wash Goods
10 A YARD For Flannelettes; full width, large line of colors. A
Our price, per yard 1 UC
15et A YARD For Cashmere Flannelettes, full 34 inches, light me
dium, and dark colors, great f r,
assortment of patterns, good quality, per yard .IOC
12lat A YARD For velour Flannelettes, assortment of O'
pretty, medium and dark shades, per yard. l3v
18 A YARD For Velour Flannel, very .pretty for long kimonos and
wrappers, neat designs and colors, good quality. Price, per O
yard IOC
15 A YARD Large assortment of pretty designs in wool-fin- P
ished Suitings, checks and plaid effects. Price, per yard IOC
20f A YARD Beige Suitings, full 34 inches wide, colors, gray, red,
navy, green, brown, exact imitation of new woolen goods, ex- "4p
tra good values, per yard .AfUC
10e A YARD Challies. 30 inches wide, assortment of pretty Persian
designs, light, medium and dark colors. Price, per 1 A
yard IvC
5 A YARD Outing Flannel, about 5,000 yards of dark colored Q
Outing Flannel, good quality. Special, per yard OC
Qy2f A YARD Outing Flannel, in medium and dark shades, dCl
stripes and checks. Special, per yard U?C
&yt A YARD Outing Flannel, large assortment of colors, Ql
stripes, checks, plaids and plain effects. Price, per yard 03v
Shoe Conscience
Adds Fifty Per Cent to Every Shoe Purchase
OTJSJBJfy Are you sure your shoe man has what is known as a
a man only thinks of one wing and that is to get your
money regardless of the sort of fit he gives yon. Your
child is ss safe in our care as the oldest and most experi-
enced shopper. Every pair is sold with a conscience.
M You'll come back because we give you the perfect
m a fit every time.
We've 113 lines of $8 and $3.50 Shoes we would
Wk like to show you. It will be a guide for you to
go dv ii you want to duy snoes eiscwners.
They're in every leather. We can tell you more
face to face.
17 lines of Women's $3.00 Hand Made
Shoes, patent leather, gunmeta! tgt
calf and vici kid
Our Shoe Basement is a Mecca for money savers, it'a a he
than loaning money you get the interest and then compounded i
you don't have to wait,
Women's Fine Shoes S1.60 Girls' Fine h -
Men's Fine Shoes $2.48 I Bo