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He who Is taught to live on. "
little owes more to hU fath
er's wisdom thaa ha that has
a (rest deal left him does to
his father's' eaw, William
Penn, ;.,-'-.';-v .V.' ,,
HE CLACKAMAS county at-
sessor has chosen not to con
form to the new plan adopted
rby most of the assessors of Oregon in
raising assessments - to cash valua
tions, or nearly so, and consequently
the assessable property ,of Clackamas
county toUls officially only $10,559,
CQO, while thst of Marion county,
- whose assessor fcllrr Imewrththe
new system of valuations, shows up
with taxable property amounting to
$28755,000; a difference of nearly 18,
200,000. .V' Marion county's wealth is
amas, but such a discrepancy is ab
surd unless one understands the dif
ferent methods of the two assessors
in valuing property. J A stranger in
'looking over the assessment totals of
different counties would suppose thst
Marion county had nearly three times
as much . property ' as Clackamas,
whereas in fact the ' difference be
tween them is smalli One assessor
puts down property at nearly its full
Jcash value, as 'the law1 requires;" the
.other clings to the old antiquated sys
tem of assessing property at one third
. or 40 per cent of its true value, on the
theory thata low assessment means
light taxation, a notion as absurd as
that of the ostrich that when it hides
its head its whole body .also disap-
, 'pears -from view., rv, r-.v
7 - With competent; honest, watchful
jgjgnirpifinsls no more tsxes wilt-be
paid under a high than under a low
assessment. So much money has to
be raised, whatever the valuation of
property; as the valuation is , raised
the rate decreases; the tax paid by
each property owner is the same. But
it looks a great deal better, and is a
good deal better, for a county to show
forth to the world its property in full,
and not to appear as possessing but a
little, hi a vain attempt thereby to re-
, duce its taxation. 1 - .Under the old
law there was a strong tempution to
do this; and some reason for doing
it, for the stste tax paid l?y the several
xounties . was apportioned according
to tneir assessment rolls, hut this is
fao longer the Isw, and Marion county
Will now pay no more nor Clackamas
frnnnty "any 1aa tha .. rff s...
jcaust .of the .wide variance in the to
tals of their assessments. ..And as to
- the state tax, it will not be" many
'years, if the legislatures do their duty,
until there will be little or no demand
upon the counties for a contribution
of their direct taxes; Jhe.state tax will
be largely if not wholly paid hL other
, ways.'. - ; '? --'J' ' :;
; v bimilar '. comparisons ; or contrast
might be made between , some other
counties Polk and Yamhill, for ex
ample but most of them, we are
pleased to notice, hve assessors who
, recognize and realize the benefits, not
to mention the sworn official oblige
tion of assessing property at its full
value. This is the only right system,
- though along with it care should be
exercised in the selection' of the men
- who. hsve the spending of the money.
-OU CANT GO bsck and nndo
wrong things , done,- or do
things nunc pro tunc . The
., only way to do m to start from where
yo.,are, profit as much ss possible
: bjr costly and disagreeable experience,
arid do better,' the best you can, in
the future. , .V:, ' . . ' ' : ,
TWs-4sotnrmTraTTecture: the
above', statements apply at well in the
practical business affairs of life.'Whst
've had in mind particularly was the
purchase by wage-earners, people of
i .Tiall means, of a home, or ground
therefor. The advantage and benefit
of this we hsve spoken of befire) and
will speak of sgsin, but whst mis
take hundreds, thousands, made in not
buying ia little piece, of land, not far
out, yesrs ago, when it 'could h'aVe
been bought for , one, i third r one
quarter what it -would cost" now.
r-.ill. by 'going alitUe farthefout
- ate good ' cpportuclties t yet, ,
many of them, in various directions,
for securing at a moderate price a lot
or two or more for a future if not a
present home. , . j :; , 77. k-V-T.'
Jf you made a mistake by not Auy
ins; ten or five or two years ago, when
property WM Inwf than r.flW
don't make the same mistake by Teg
lecting to buy now," for the advance
will continue . right along. , If you
have to go a mile or two farther out
now than you did a year or two ago,
remember that this will be the case
right along.. The sooneryou get
your little plot of ground for a home
place-the-better, Prices-wilt-go. op
continuously;' and with only so much
money to buy with you will be forced
f "go"' Urtnerahd farther out every
year,.-; y v; , .. tXi.if?;'Sr:M '-
Every man who hasn't ; a home
ought to get one.or the foundation for
One, the start of one, ufa piece of
ground.' It won't run awsyWith
fair judgment exercised in the. buying
It'will increase in value far more than
the Interest you hare to, pay if you
go in debt for it ':,.. " ,
Because you made a mistake last
year or before, don't make the same
mistake now. Don't look back; look
ahead. Ret l linm. ' ,
HETHER another term
-.for' Mr. Roosevelt as
president would ' , be a
third term, a question ' now being
much discussed, from a broad point
oLview.catti) .answered Jjothways.
When his present term expires he
will have served nearly two terms.
one term and about seven eighths of
another, so it is not very much out
of the way to ssy that he. has served
two terms, and another one would be
his third. ' But technically there is no
room for discussion; he - has not
served two full terms; he has been
nominated 'for and, elected president
only once; and his election 1. 1908
wouia te tor a second and not a third
term. Mr. Roosevelt himself, how
ever, has chosen' to regard his admin
istration of the office for the greater
part of McKinley's second term as a
term for himself, and this as his sec
ond term, and on that ground, at least
in part, he positively announced immediately-
after his election that he
would not be a candidate for reelec
tion." That resolution he has adhered
to, though what he might do if the
convention should nominate him in
spite of his protests and refuse to
nominate any , one else,' 5 is prob-
I lematical. - This, however, is not
likely to Occur. Hia wishes will prob-
ably be respected.
A professed ssvant of Washington,
D. C'ssys the earth Hipped around
out of its' upright position after the
Noachian flood, and earthquakes are
caused by its effort to right itself
so that the north pole will be directly
beneath the north star, we suppose,
instead of where Wellman- will look
for it; and that in 1982, the earth will
make so tremendous an effort to get
straight that all the cities df the world
will be destroyed.' As he finds the
foundation for all this in the Bible,
where nobody else ever discovered it;
he msy be checked off as a Bible
crank. Anyway, few of us will be
here in 1982 to let
It is one of the easiest and most
natural thing in the world for some
routine officialsclothed with a little
brief authority, . to make ; assef of
themselves.?, Forty Jewish children.
orphaned bv the massacres in- Russia.
Were brought over to this country bv
Berlin woman, after homes had
beejv definitely, prqvided for, them
among wealthy or well-to-do Jewish
families, but though this fact wss not
disputed the 40 waifs were all ordered
sent back, though they have no par
ents or homes to be sent to, on the
ground thst they might become : a
public charge. This asinine decision
ought to be, set aside."; ; : : vr
'v?" : . .. ";-"V-:,
Very different from-that which had
been planned and prepared for will be
Secretary Root's reception at Val
paraiso and Santiago de Chile.' In
stkjj of gay, prosperous, illuminated
and bedecked cities, he will find hesps
of ruins andil! the evidences of dis
tress due to a j' great dissster. The
original itinerary will be carried out,
but it will be for the most part a
visit of condolence and sympathy. .
J ' ' ' ,a '
' Elder Pettermsn's asgeftlOn ' that
the members oFali churches but his
sre doomed 'to eternal , perdition
shares interest with that other extra
ordinary'statement of Mayor Lsne to
the effect that detectives are supposed
to workv-V---:---:--,---- - -
1 . . u
The newspspers iof Nebraska are
demanding an answer to the question:
"Shall our girls wear, pejus?" Why
not wait until the girls 'get married,
and then they will decide the' mstter
for themselves? ? , "
: The courts of Chicago have' saved
Mr, Rockefeller a vast deal of trouble
A Little4 Out
How Fabrics Were Named.
All th world la rprMantd In the
common names by which w ask for
bo Miti-iiia from -whtoHTuf clothes
ar mad. Hardly a fa. brio but de
rives Its nam from some city or ooun
trjr, and all a gee as-well a all the four
quarters of the rlobe are lnaluded.
aye me uirveiana Kews.
Muslin 1 'named from Mosul a city
on the nana or the Tiirii in Asia. -
Cambria is from Cambria, a city u
France. : . . v
t Qsuse U srobabl from - Oaasw In
Sjrrla, thouah possibly from. the. Hindoo
ml Biunlnf thlM lnfh.
alsrr1rhlcn-W oomm6nIjrUiink of
as areen, was named from Its orl(lna4
color, ev reddish-brown. The word Is
reallr the plural of way. and the oolor
Is that of a horse which la known by
that name. A form of the word Is
common to many toncues.
Damask la readily seen to be from the
elty Of Damascus. In Sjrrla. ;
Bilk and serae are both from the
Latin Seres, meaning the Chines. These
fabrics, first cam from that portion
of Asia whloh Is now Northern Chins.
el vet la from th Italian velutto,
meaning woolly, this from th Latin
vellus, a fleece. Vellum is a derivation
of th earn root a pelt or hid.
Death Rather Than ! Work.
Prom th Ww Turk tribune.
Thar Is reported from th If or
district of Switzerland a case of mule
suicide. .Th beast had received rouah
near and wa betnr driven dally'with
a heavy load back and forth from Bins
valley to Morel. . ; .'.-.
Th other evenlna-. as the mnlateer
had added, as usual his own weight to
me iirea mule's already heavy load, the
bat plunaed and reared so violently
that th man was thrown with violence.
breaking Uile- arm. while th pack was
also flunr off.--- .. - r
Boltina then along th torrent side.
th mule was neartns; th bridg of
Schert at full gallop, when a partx. of
men larreorth way. , r
eelna escape thuc blocked and re-
! Cinkelflpiel :
(Otplrtcat, ISO, by W. . aeuet) '
. ,.'' Saratoga, Today.' .:
Meln Lleber Looey I haf left your
mother at home to nehoy a veil-earned
waeatloa vfl X am up her Saratogolng
myself., as far as dar law vlll allow
ance. "
Beauty und fashion und all of us round
boys dot make life vot It is in der grant
matyollopus vas here at der races.
I vas baring der time of my life. At
night v - drink highballs to make us
sick so In der morning v can drink
Saratoga vater to make - us V1L
Die Is vot Is called reciprocity In dls
country, becauae it- vork both vays
against der middle. -
Nefer, Loey. nefer before did I see In
vun buheh such a crowd of sports und
sponges); of pldnchsrs und pluggsrst of
shrimps und lopaters; of canary .birds
und hen hawks; of hotel valters, , bell
Tkfynnd iilaln lubbsrsi sf hackdrtTsra
und second-story men.
Her at Saratoga it costs money t
draw a deep breath, und der low. boars
wolc of th cash rechlster follows m all
der das und haunts my. dreams by dar
night' In! ' ' ' , . , J
Society Is ould In fores, eggepldally
at night, van der full dress Idea lets
dsns ould a leedl more den. der law
allows. .
Nefer before In der 'history of Sara
toga haf so .many peoplesj ruihed her
mlt vlde-open pocket-books 'und mlt delr
bank aoeounts frothing at der mouth.
Hall bedrooms In boarding-houses vleh
hldderto vas used only as an envelope
for der broken furniture vas now selling
rapidly at 10S a front foot
At som of der hotel dining-rooms It
costs slgs dollars to peep In, eight dollars
in pointing a way for him to spend
his money without making the recip
ient feel like a charity patient They
have indicted Standard Oil for 6,428
separate cfirflel Sgsiust the peaee and! hs wlU Inaugurate a system of street
dignity of the state of lllmoU, T andfe
when Mr- Rockefeller pays the fines
which may be assessed against , him
the public sympathy for the' sorrows
of the unfortunate rich' will be re
duced about $128,560,000 worth.
The officers of the Russian army
cannot complain that , promotion is
slow. - The exigencies of the esse
which include the accurate aim of the
terrorists,- require thst at least four
new generals shall 7Te named each
Again the fsct is forced on us that
the only detectives, who . detect . arc
those we meet in fiction. ;
The rebel general of Cuba deserved
defeat. He pad not a single war cor
respondent in camp,
x' Go West, Young Woman. ;
' ' From ths Boston Herald
Th stat superintendent oi schools In
Kansas Issued on August 1 his third
bulletin showing ths number of schools
that hav not teachers and th number
Of teachers who hav not school. Th
bulletin shows a greater' shorter of
teachers than th on Issued on July 1.
There are 2S schools, .-mostly In th
western part of th state that ar with
out teachers, and the number of UacTiers
who are Unemployed, or unengaged for
school employment. Is but 171. Ons
Inference that may be mad from such
statement Is . that young - woman In
Kansas are not permitted to grow old
In school teaching. W can understand
that some ohools. may b consldsred
undesirable by som teachers, but we
do not well understand how Kansss can
not raise teachers enough of som sort
for all her schools. Chautauqua county
appears to be In a bad way with a de
flolency of 4S teachers, and Rawlins
county wants 40. In all there ar II
counties which require 10 or mors teach
ers each. This Is a different condition
from that prevailing In this state, where
very elty snd distrlot superintendent
ha a long waiting list to choose from.
W hav teachers here who have been
steadily ompioyed sine Kansas was very i Help make ths state (air a big suo
young, ; . , ' : i ' ' ' isesa, . ,. -
of tt'c C omxnon
oapture inevitable, with a return to the
eld niitieaiable erusuy; Th animal
stopped, turned to th torrent flowing
a. areat dapta. blow, and with a side
leap plunged headlong Into th abyss.
; ' The Color of .Water. " i
' From th Relent I flo' American.
It -was long ago discovered that the
natural oolor of pur water is blue, and
not white,' as most of us usually sup
posed. Opinions hav not agreed on the
cause of th green and yellow tints;
tneae it has been i discovered by W.
Spring, are due .to ztraneous sub.
s taaoeev -Dlaeolved ealolum-salts-thoagh
apparently giving a-green tint, due to
a fin Invisible suspsnslon, have 'no ef
fect on th eolor of th water when ade
quate precautions are taken. Th brown
or yellow color due to iron salt la not
seen when oalolum la present. . Th
green tint la often due to a condition
of equilibrium between the oolor effect
of th Iron salts and th precipitating
action or tn calcium salt..
Fraulein. Krupp's Trousseau.
Th 1st head of th world-faraoas
Krupp gun Industry was a utilitarian of
whom John Btuart Kill might hav been
proud. Every member of th Krupp
family, Including th . two sisters, ha
been mad to learn' a trad. Bertha
Is an accompl lahed dressmaker and It Is I
said that much reeling waa eaused In
th Essen district becauae. Instead of
buying har wedding trousseau from Oer.
man dealers, sh ha mad moat of it
hsrsslf. I
J. .From the Cap to Cairo.
Th Cap to Cairo railway has reached
a point in Africa 174 miles north of
Victoria falls and J.01S miles from Cap
Th til miles from Kolomo to' Broken
Hill were constructed in 14 days. On
SI days, however, no work was. don,
so that th rails were actually laid at
ths rat of over a mil a day.
From S.00S to 1,000 natives ar eon
stantly smployed and xut 180 whltea
At Saratoga
to valk in, und tventy dollars to shovel
In enough French cooking to start vun
attack of dyspepsomanla.
Many rich peoples may be Seen la dese
dining-rooms who vas now using a fork
tn public for der .faint time.
Der result Is alvaya plctursquful.
but not mltould surprises for delr shirt
booaums. . .-
Tou, haf read It In der papers. Looey,
ar gambling In Saratoga has been
gtfen a knock-ould blow In der solo apo
plexua, but doan'd belief your listener.
Looey, doan'd belief It.
Any man dot comes to Saratoga mlt
nine dollars spending money und says he
could find no place to play faro, or loos
ette ain'd a gambler he is yust a plain
liar. -.1. - .
EHok Can field's betting bungalow ain'd
open: as. usual, but It la usually -otmbv
Der difference between dls year und
last year at cannaid's vaa a door mlt
faney knob on It, ' s .
Last year. der door vas vide pen.,
Die year der door Is closed und yoa
nair to turn der knob - before enterlmr.
Dls Is der up-to-date Idea of dot olt
choke. vies, says, ."Yen Is a door not
doorr ; ,---
In Saratoga der answer Is, Ven If s
at Canfleld'a" ;..
X valked In dar last atoning and der
maknlflcenc of der brilliant picture
spreaa neror- my eyee is something
shan nefer forget becaus I lost nine
dollars und my sleeplng-oar tlgget.
As der poet says It. "Wloe is der
monster parent of a t'ousand sins un
loss v put our money on der card dot
VlnSI" . - ,;! ;
Tours, mlt luff. ' s
Psr George V. Hobart
Aod. Street Cleaning.
Portland. Aug. tt. To th Editor of
Th journal Mayor Lan has begun a
good work In enoouraglng th mployes
of th elty to, earn their pay. ' Now if
by th wretched system now In vogue
ol-wetting down the soil and filth In
stead of removing what is left, h will
deserve and no doubt receive th ap
proval of a large portion of th suffer
ing public A WALKER
Thievea Rob .yiaitbrv
- From th London Exnrss
Visitors to 8witsrland ar almost tsr.
rprlsed by a daring gang of International
thieves, whose operations ar so cleverly
conducted and whose schemes ar s
carefully planned that nothing Is safe
rrom inem.
Jewel-cases hav been ahatrantiul ewm
looked bedrooms and valuables taken out
or notei strong rooms, without any traoes
being left that would lead to th arrest
of th actual offender. r
An Englishman forgot his pocket-book
containing over 10 in his room at a
hotsl in Baal, and on hi return a
few minutes tour It had disappeared.
An English lady who arrived at Baal
from Paris was robbed of her Jewels and
purs whloh sh bad looked up la a
Jswsl-cas. ." r
Several thefts from visitors staying at
Montreux hotels bars occurred recently,
and much property has been lost on ths
trains from Lucerne .to Milan. Th
thieves ar women as wall as men. All
ar Wall dressed and speak several
languages. ' ... j..
; Beautifying the-City. V
, Prom the Boston GAobe.
Maliy'of ths German cities are en
gaged in a work that ouehr t Mm.
mend Itself to American municipalities.
Consul Joseph I. Brit tain reports from
Kit-tftat ths Germans ar ' organisms'
competitions In floral decorations for
windows snd balconies.' with a view to
beautifying' the cities and cultivating
th tastes of th people.
Strasburg lately bold a competition In
in aecorstion of Show windows In mer.
eantll houses, and ths prises were
awarded by th sUdtholder; th imperial
goveraest who mad a personal tour of
Inspection. It la believed that th sens
of beauty, one, aroused In th people,
will not soon be lost
An effort tn another direction is belne
mads to make ths towns and cltlee more
attractive. This eonslsta of th sncour
sgement to keep th roads and streets
In good ' repair and to construct parks
and flower gardens at street Intersec
tions. ,i" I,',...
LA Little Nonsense
i: Lft Behind.
Mrs. Maud Miller Hippie, whoa ad
vocacy of a course In motherhood" for
young matrons has already begun ' to
hess goed fiulL was talking' of Th
duties of young mothers.
TAna no young mother,- sh said, -no l Now watch th fonetlkers nt. '
matter how many her minions, nor nowtr'7 r - - , -
in so or euiiiDn. snouia .trust per nine
one entirely to a nurse's ear. A nurse
may be most Intelligent, moat conscien
tious; but to rear a baby 'properly Is a
difficult -'task, and only on person Is
sufficiently Interested in this task to
perform It well. .. That parson la the
baby's mother." . .n ' ,
Mrs. Hippie smUsd. . " ,
"A- young- mother," she said, "was
walking with bar husband on the Atlan
tic City board walk.- Suddenly shs gave
arMtfls' cry of-pl,ur)--:-----r
Oh.' sh said, tbr la nurse curse
wheeling baby.' . -:
-Ana she j-an lightly to th luxurious
eosca oi lemuter, wiin lis awan-snapMi
oarrlage - and Its rubber-tired wheels,!
and she ' pushed back th parasol that
snaoea tn occupant xrom th sun.
"Then sh gave a great start.
- "Whr. nurse.'- aha rtA lim'i
bapyr -,. . . .
. . - - - . .. .,
tm nurss gaeped. Ooodnees gra-
oious, ma ami i forgot to put him In."
r Or Jim and Jirnjam. . v ; "'.
Race sulold. was th subject under
eonaideratlon at oonferenoa of trav
elers in th foyer of th St. Xranola
"Roossvelt may be rla-ht about It."
saiq one
cigar, "but . wher. I come from - the
young ones ar so plentiful that w
hav a hard tlm naming them. . Al
though we de not consider them troui
bles, they resemble them In that they'
never com sjon. says tn Baa Fran
cisco Chronicle. . , . . . .
"There was on woman who bad twin
girls. - . .
r 'What shall we nam thenar ah
asked her husband. - , ' , . ...
"One must be Kate,' he dictated. i
Duplicate for th other.' was the
reply. ., ., ..... ,-, .. , , .
Th second pair were boys, and earns
to th altar as Pete and Repeat
'At th third christening both parents
wer Out of names, and as twins earn
again it was decided to nam them Max
ana Climax. ,. .....,.,. ,, .t.,:r .-.
"Simply Indescribable." , )J:
"t Is impossible to convey to th
reaer any adequate Idea of the beautle
oft th Bosporus . at ' Constantlnonle,"
says William Jennings Bryan, la on of I
ms synaicats letters In th Indian.
apolls Star. , , -
imposaiDier-. i am raminded of a
tru story. There waa a country editor
down south who wsnt to New Tork and
got a jod on a real nswspaper. On day
ther was a big storm on th bay, and
than new man. waa ni out to -cover"
ths descrlptlv aid of It : '
"Th daahing and the, fury of th
waves" he wrote, "was slmnlv Inde
scribable." .;' , ..'.
Th city editor called htm In. .
-What do you mean." he asked, -bv
this expression, 'simply Indescribable r "
I mean." replied tha new man. 'that
it was simply indescribable on a salary
of SIS a week." . . . . j
So It waa with William J. B. Ri
might hot hav found th task so dlfft-j
cuii iz. n una been paid mor.
.' yj r Under Soapidon. v.';' '.;.;'
Ther srs 1n th world's good many
man Ilk Jonathan Scarborough of Hannibal.-
said Mark Twain, , at a banquet
in kisw xorx. . i - . .
"Scarborough was on of thos men.
with nothing vll absolutely known
against thsm, who ar yet looked on.
ana no aouoi jusuy, Wltn suspicion.
"It was thought of Scarborough that
for a poor man, hs ate too much ohtcken.
Ana on any th blow fell. He was ar
rested for chicken stealing. -
A witness was call ad to testify about I
Scarborough's character. . I
"Did you over know this man' to I
stsai poultry r ssld the lawysr for tha I
defense. - i I Bh had Spoken thus of her trouble
"'No.' I never' did,' said th witness. I to m a full minute before shs dls
"But this la what I do know: If I was I covered I wss a stranger, who had taken
a cnicaen'and Jonathan Scarborough I
was about I'a roost high.'" . , I
Yea, What?
it happened In th hlstorr class- Viae I
Ros Goldsmith, principal of tha Fre-1
mont school, was talking to th young
sters on tn superiority of 'th Ameri
can government to that of England,
says u Bin jrranciseo cnroMoie. .
"In th United States w elect our
rulers, whlls in poor England thev mm a I
by aooldent of birth. Ths nsoola have
no vole as to who shall be their ruler, I
but must Isk th oldest son of the I
king." ' 1 . V ' .; , I
Thar was silence, and then small I
hand wsnt up. - It was llttl , Willi
Garrea. .-
"What ma'am." Dined his small vnlne
If ths king had twin for eldest sons T" I
The Dalles Military Road.
From th Blue MounUln Eagla ' I
It is said Of tha United Rtetea .n.. I
rnmsiit that It Is most particular. This I
may d tru in small things and wher
certain Individuals ar concerned, but
when it comes to a big steal th United
state government is a howling Infant-I
On of th most glaring examples of I
this is th pseudo military road con
structed from Th Dallas to Boise City.
Th company constructing this biased
trail received rrom th government the
most valuable timber and grasing lands
in that section of the state of Oregon.
And thay gave absolutely nothing In
return. '. Not vn a road. Ther Is no
Dalles military road. It was never
built and never will be, but th com
pany has th deed to th lands.
Th road la on of th humorous
thing of theee government contracts.
It runs from th summits of th John
Day pass directly across th mountains,
along a rout that a packhors cannot
travel. Ther .Is no semblance of , a
road. The trees ar not svsn cut be
ing merely i biased. Th road used by
th oompaay "building" this military
road le a county road and is todav tha I
only road through that section of ths I
country. The uaiies military road la
marked by biased trees, and that is alL.
Hut-tha-rwmpany-got every odd amo
tion ror a aistanc of three mile en
lther slds of this road, and wher there
was land already settled upon th eom
pany got lieu land serin and took uo
au tn gooa lanes in th Logan valley.
summit valley, - eras valley and In
numerable other rioh sections.
And now . this company owns this
und absolutely and vn charges sheep
men and cattlemen for crossing it to get
to the pasture land In th foreet re
serves. . . ' . . ..
There ar two absolute Idiots In ths
United States government administra
tion. One Is the man who accepted this
Dalles military road and th other I th
man who is responsml for this forest
reserve policy. Th first belongs in th
pen) tent lsry and the other should .bs In
sn, lnssns asylum. .. , .
gom hopgrowrs expect K cents.'
f No rain wanted yet by th bop men.
, c - e i,-..
"They invariably x'braak down- befor
wy coniess. -. ....'!.,, .
' It Is only th worker who knew th
aeugni or resc .
- '- - ...... :
It Is rumored that Jo Day can afford
io iaa a vaoauoa. i .
New-a laborer can-tak- blg-ehotee af
several ainas or jobs. . f
Oood streets and sidewalks are a monA
mvesiment w any-(own. - .
Bryan ha toe muoh brains lnsld his
naq to allow it to swell. . -
: v :'- '. . .. e r-e r- '
Astoria regatta this week; Portland
snouia ne mere numerously. ,,
r ; !' . ' ' ;
Plum trees near Band hav mad
growth of six feet this year. i , : ...
There ar an unusual number of "star
witnesses" In th land fraud; oases. - .
It will b Labor day sur nough next
or moit or us. . same as other
days. ' '.,- . -. , .
.. ; v: . , . .
; Whan you read th news from Cuba
you don't know whsther muoh of It la so
or not. ' ,'.' ' '. :,' ' -.
a. i...'! '-
If now th eaar would only follow
Teddy's example and reform th Russian
language. -'.. ., , . , ;-
Several people hav been killed in th
Cuban revolution already most of them
general... . .---.
, ; e s - -V" -. -'.. v .r .
' ' Maybe th erssv man whs Imislnss
h has million la happier thaa th man
who has them.
' ;:.'.,' ' ," "'
''What to do with Roosevelt after his
term is out Is setUed; h will get up a
fonetlo dictionary. " (.
Alfalfa does well on the Luoklamute,
on man securing S4 tana per aore
from land planted last year, t
;, e e. I ,;. s,.'... V '
If hunter would kin a cougar for
every dear they kill they would be ren
dering th stat som service. a ,
A tnsa nearly. thre-scor years old
may be a good swimmer . yet. but be
mustn't sxpect to beat an expert half
his sg or less. ,
' -, e e ; . . ' . (
Parsons' In Russia carrying bombs
with which to kill somebody should be
trained so ss to carry thsm until th
right tlm to throw them, and not drop
thm Inopportunely. , . , t. . r
'.-r ,.'-' v -a;..',:'.",.''. -.''v-';
It hasn't rained so much fn Oregon
during th past decade as ft did in for
tner decades, and so - som people pre
dlot that this region In a century or so
will "go dry sntlrely. But don't worry;'
probably .the fear , , is unfounded, but
whatever happen can't, be helped or
hindered. , . .. ... V-.-. '.r'.':.., ' t",
A - Literary Froj
' I paussd in what thay call th "Classi
cal alcovo In - a' Twenty-third street
book store, to read the - book backs,
when some on, mistaking me, said: "I
really' think . you might coma and help
mo, Sadie, for you know what en awful
bother It is to choose, a novel for Jane."
th place -or her companion. Apologias
wer wslvsd aside in friendly spirit .,
Bh proved a hope nil, laughing, trust,
ina- rlrl nrattv as a flower and frank
I ss a bo v., who Was nndertakinc th 1 ra
nosslbla: trvlna to select boost to
amus .th unamusabls. Suddenly sh
burst forth: "Now what would you do
In my place, I wonder . -Tou see, my
cousin Is quit spoiled, and "r sh
likes just to glance at a. new book and
sum It up la a smgls word.''
' "Pleasant for th author," I observed.
And for th crushed giver, rocs' shs
answered. "Why, Just let m show you
what It's Ilka4 Sh caught up a book
to Illustrate with. - "If cousin opens
hsr new book snd finds th scene laid
at th seashore, sh claps It shut twists
her lips, and says 'Humphl Shipwreck
lor llfeesvlnsr!' If mills are-aantloned.
lap soes th. book to th on word.
'Btrlker ir mine ' ar mentioned,
Cave-In or exploelonT While if the
book ODena with a S o'clock tea.- shs
fairly snorts, Dlvorcsr" ,
I laua-had. and aa did aha. ut rathar
ruefully. '"Then does sh never really
read DOOkT" I asked.
"On, sh ussd to, but now sh says
they ar ail repetitions; and sh Just
jumps rrom rront to nacx, tnan onoa m
the middle; it's all Jump, Jump, Jump,
- "A sort of literary Jumping frog," 1
suggested. .'
"Oh I" sh exclaimed, "I don't want to
b mean to cousin, but I'll have to tell
papa that Just to hsar the windows
shake at Tola laugh. . Ton see, cousin.
; Joaquin In tha Seat, . '
From th St..Joseph Newf-Preas.
' Joaquin MUlery "th poet of th Bier
ras," arrived 1 Kansss City some days
ago from Oakland, California, bis horn,
on his way to Philadelphia to visit his
children and other relative whom h
has not seen fof soms years.
"Why don't you dig out your river and
hav boats," h said, "so on esq travel
in comfort cn the waterf I came an the
way from California to Kansas City so
ourl I
lot w :
Louis end then go -up the Pitts
burg. ,' . '."
"I've Just written a' poem entitled
Missouri," he continued,' "which. wilV
sppear soon and In which' I hav eulo
gised th great Missouri river whloh
plows majestically from, th mountains
of ths greet northwest ; t the ' sunny
southland. . -
"I am sorry th Missouri river' I no
loiger used for trafflo, but I hop th
next tlm I com here - I can tak a
steamsr and. trsvel at my lelsurs, as I
like.", ' -i
Mr. Miller, with his heavy white
beard and mustache and hia high whit
forehead, resembles to a great extent th
late William CnHe Bryant TJreaaed In
a long black Prlnc Albert cost but
toned closely about his tall ' form, his
trousers tucked Into th tops of hi high
black boot and bis masslvs gray head
crowned by a large wide slouch bat, hs
wss aa unusual figure ss hs stalked be-
.. Rousekeepari in great demaad ,lfl 111-.
boro. . i '
.-, ... '?y e - ; : .
Ail-lnr-aU, th blggMt crops ever, prob
ably. ... r !v,' t f. .
Medford box faotorj doing as immense
ousinsss. . ; .'.., - .,
s : v .': ... . . ;
.Som Sluslaw property has doubled u"
valu in six . months. . '. . . .. ' .
& t . M . i - .
- . , . ..: .. .,- . t '
Pruasploksrs and packer are muoh' tn -demaad
rn trtmgias countrr"" ' '. ',
,;.';; ; T' ; ';
Dallas college expects 'a , greatly la-
creased . attendance this year. ; ...
;- .. f-.e. ,,-,.. v
Looking Glass man baa a frultdrter
with a capacity of 460 bushels a day.,.
About t carloads of Una 3artlett eeara
WU1 hav been shipped from Medford.
Independenos has a lady barber, sara '
th enterprise. Sh. Is also a woman.. ,
,''7;..''' e s . w
stray shot 'fired by' som careless.
Idle youth, killed a valuable cow pear
Drain. . .;, '
Onlv one bonrard In Waaco countv In
Tygh viJIeybut It .wUJ rqulr TO ,
pickers. 1 : ' ;''';
.. , e ..- v. .. v . t.
Th Lettr-Dy - SainU' 160.000 ' Uber.
naole la La Grands will . b . opened ' '
Sptmbr U. ,('; v, '
'Bom scond-erop Tolsdo strawberries '
are better tbaa th first .crop, and sell -for
M cents a box. . ,. ..
Several men ar figuring on putting tn
lumber plants In th near future, says .
ths Santiam Nwe. .. . v s . ,. . . ,
Th Oregon Stat Journal at Eugen ,
never ceases to boom Portland aa th
coming great city of th coast y
The 10 man at the Grant county poor
farm range In ags from Si, to S7, their .
average ag being over SO yara,. and
u seem wjmioriaois.. , , ,, ,
'-. . ..- V;',' 'v
Hundreds of tens ' of hay ar, being
shipped out of Tamhllt and ther will b
"millions" mor for feed, says th Mo- '
Mlnnvlll Nsws-Reporter. - . , , ,
:. a..;.- v ..v...-. '
A Seattle man picked up M cattle
along th John Day and tn Wheeler ;
county tn a few days SH for 1-year-olds
and SM for 1-year-olds. , ; : -
s s : '.,'.:; ' ,'
' With th inorsased' acreage around ;
Heppner, as much or mor wheat will
be ahlpped from ther than last year, and : '
with a bumpsr hay crop and good prlosa
for stock, mor money will be In circular '
tion than ever tin- Morrow county. ,
.'.-. e ; ' 4 k-.Tv--x ,.
Spelta is a cross between 'wheat and
barley. ? and " reeembles - barley, 1 srtd ley
grown successfully 'on dry land tn Mai''
heur county. It yields H or mor bushels
an acre, the grain being 'worth 114 to
ll-f cent a pvund and the straw1 makeVt '
fine feed tor- catU. ";o J"' - "''. ,
i , , ' ' '" -t to
therefore, cuts yoa down to such 'small
choice, Sh says a French book ' is 1m- '
moral.' a Scotoh on a sermon, and an
American on tame td SnnuL, See what
a plle'ot books I've been through I Bh .
can 'guess th f ormula, Of every book
extant!" , " .,. : ";. .-V'
Bh groaned..- v ,
' "No, sh can't". I "asserted. ". . "Lodk ,
hsr; what about a book that has nq
villain t (Her her ys widened.) A
book without s. crime of aay kind tq '
avenge? (Sh shook her head.) - With- '
out". I sternly added, 'without aa ad--''
ventures without change .of scene n -'
landscap. mahlar" - ., - , ' .
"Imposslblel - Impossible'" sh gasped..
Walt" I said. "Now don't screami'
a book without a dlvorc? .
"But" sh charged, "why. there's no
material to make a book of!" ,
"Yea ther Is."-' - . ' '
' "Well, bo on would car fa Tad it,
then.". - . ; - . .I ;
'"It holds you with a grin, of steel.
There's not a commandment broken, and '
yet it la strong enough to hold a man '
resder." . .:.
Sh cam closs to me, and. with danc
ing eyes, said: . "It is very wickeUo
tell -lies." - ' ' r
,"Very" I admitted, steadily.'4 V.
"And you know where ther Is a .truly .
tru book Ilk thatr L . . . : , - ,
."Tfc". ' . . - . .i .'. ;
. Sh took my hands an'd cuddled them
under her cheek: sh eootd aa If she had
been about .4. years old.
"Make m happy, happy!' ' Htp m t ,' '
play cna on th literary frog for she
could not guess that Pleass tell me has no name, either?" , ; '
. "But It .has, and a vary odd .on.'"
, "Oh. whatr ... : :
. I gav th' name. I saw her scribble' "
th' initials ' "P-M.- and then? shs'
clasped my hand Snd said: "On, ycfu are .
th dearest thing-that ties happened to "
ms this day)'' And w both Hushsd
and parted. , j , . v. '. . ft .
" ' '. 1 '.u 1
hind the guide wbo was showing hln
lm to
Joaquin Millers real name la Cinetn- '
natus Heine Miller, but hs is more wide-"
ly known by th former,, which is his'
nom de plum. He was born at Wabaalv
Indiana, on November 10lS41. and went '"
to Oregon with hi parent nln years'
later.. He became interested In mining
tn California, but In 1IS0 h returned to. ,
Oregon, studied law and later becasis aiv,
editor. In' 1I7S- he went to London.,
where he published his first book at
poems and afterwsrd returned to Wssh-.
Ington, wher he was a newspaper .rssn.
for several years. 7 Again, however, th
call of th 'Great Wast" brought bffli to
Oakland In HIT, whsrs he ha made Jll .
home since. . . , v .
Prince's Picture in Suit
. Th kalsers l-wseks-old grandson IS
already the oause of a lawsuit. A fW
hours after his birth th streets of Bsim
lin war flooded with postcards bearlne?
a graphic plotur of the kaiser -holdmj
the imperial baby, although his majesty'
was cruising in the north and had not
then seen th child, says th London
Mall. - ,., ,
Last week, when th court photogra. f4
ptier received permission to . make that ;
first photograph of th baby prince, a:
Potsdsm papsr referred to the postcard '
as a "forgsry." Ths firm which mad
th cards ha now sued th nsner for -
libel, alleging that th Cards war clr.
culated with th express permlssloa of
ia crown ynooe,
' ' .' ; : ' - ' iv,,'t:'rT :