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    THE CLAGSIFIED Dv'Eaflc:. :j Hi; Tuo: jOURI JAL 15 er.Ovir.'Q
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Journal Circu!llc:i
' Fair tonight anj WcJuetajr t north,
west winda. -.'' .":'v . ;."
ow nam avs r .
TAXI, mi CjuiJ
-asmi .-if nun ! ni A it-t-i 'Aiiirn''r a-1-'
a a ii.ii in a a u a a - a a a , aaaasB-aa - i-
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i nrn rnviirn? niinrrinr irii n r
15 i-HMILIi tV Ut ktllJ f J
i li d ' cuse
J. F. Sloane a Pioneer
Merchant of Spokane
Is filurdered' by: His
; Heartless Son M v
Youth Hacks . Victim to Pc
' With Ax, Then Loading Corps
, in Wheelbarrow Dumps It on
" Rocks ;ih;NAlisyHas Con-
' nwtal OlnaUa la la Jamal.) K.
Bpokana. Auk. II. Bpokana wa
' ahoekad by tba ravoltlns murdar of
Jamca F. Sloan, a plonaar marehant
" and formar raambar of tha Sloana-Patna
Orooary company. Bldnay Sloana. hla
17-yaar-old aon, la bald at tha pollca
atatfon. Tba body was found In an
aJ)y ar tha sioana bona oh Sixth
anno about o'clock thla moralna; by
a woman, who telephoned to the pottca.
-Tba body ahowed. that a cowardly
. murder ' had been eotnmlttad. Thara
were nnmberleoa' caobaa - on ; the head
which appeared to have bean Inflicted
with a hatchet. 'One cmah ezUnded
nearly from ear to Mr tad there ware
a number of three-cornered wounda on
; tho Bkuii. v. 4.
. The murderer evidently atruck doaeft
; or more blowa and after kllllne; tha mer-
chant- 'the aiardarer placed hia body hv
. a wheelbarrow and took tt thrbuth the
. etret tf an alley at the rear of the
hooaa. A trail of blood plainly- ebawad
tha path of jhajhus and hla' victim.
The body wa thrown aaalnat a pita of
", rocka, --..v v . :''''::'"
Shortly attar the body waa found the
police too ' S.dney Sloane Into euatody.
; He appearod to be unaware of the crime
until 7 o'clock and when Informed aeemad
completely UeeL He bald ha would go
Immediately to a ranch 1 mllee from
.. . (Continued oa Pae Two.) ; , ,
Mrs. Mattie Gamble
''a ''''''''' j y''' '''j S"aS'av
clares Shef Thinks Divorced Husband Was
: Sii Assailant and; Did
' - Myatery - aurrounding a aenaational
. aaaault upon Mrs. Mattie Gamble at
Arleta .yesterday afternoon baa thrown
tha. little auburb into a turmoil of ex
citement. The woman waa eel sad .by
- an unknown man. atruck upon tha head.
bound and gagged, then locked In s a
, room of her home, wnere ana waa jer
for eeveral houra. -.,. r- .- '
The motive for the' crime waa ra-
: venge. Mm. Oarable aaya, and aba be
lieves that It waa committed by a for-
- mer husband, her Nemesis, aha avowa,
who haa followed her for yeara threat
ening to wreak hla vengeance on her.
Though deputtea from the abertfra of
floe have Investigated tha affair and
proffered the woman assistance In pun
Ishfng her asaallant, ? ahe . refuses to
pfoWute. .' '. ''
' Mra Gamble, formerly Mr. K. Klght
linger of Salem, la housekeeper for J.
XI. Davis at Arleta. She went Into the
city yesterday afternoon and returned
ahortly ' after-1 o'clock. -; She . declares
that abe waa followed by a man, .but
thought little of It at the time, and
, paid no attention to him. - -
' Setaaa ay laaallaat. ' i -Soon
after reaching torn ahe started
' through a rear Moor Into the yard.' She
ircAljr.amerged.Irotn.toe. floor be
fore ahe waa auddenly aelsed and a hand
waa- roughly placed -over her mouth.
She waa quickly dragged into the house
by her assailant - -- "
Dragging bar Into a front room de
.- ...-;- : . !- ,v. .; .
'.' '(iearasl gpeelet gerrle. X X i
Cleveland, , Aug. . Jl. Superintendent
Elaon . and - Assistant Suoerlntendant
- Hlrka have planned a technical high
echool at which girla will be prepared
to become wives. The Instruction will
be thoroagh and In charge of women
who have been auccesaful aa wives and
mothers. The pupils will be tauirht to
weep, cook, economise household ex
penditures, mske their own clothes, take
care of bablea and nurse their husbands
when , they come home aick from the
of fire. There will be real bablea i to
practice on. " ' . i
"We are going to fit our girla to-be
evvea, not servants, and cooking la .only
Attorney for Defense Is
Put on Witness Stand
: tollTestify ? fori v- the
Explains Signing of -Petition Ad
1 dressed ,to (Binger Kermann
Recommejiding Proposed Cas
cade Addition to Blue Moun
tain Rsssrvs. ' :-'-':'
The calling of an" attorney ae a wit
neaa aralnat hla. own client waa the fea
ture of 4hla morninfa proceedinga in the
federal, court, where, .State. .Senator
Franklin Pierce Maya, George Sorenaon
and Wlllard N.Jonea are on trial for
complicity In the alleged Blue mountain
reserve . conspiracy. , tfz-judge- Alex
Sweck, who repreaanta Sorenaon. waa
put on the atand by tha prosecution-to
taatlfy ae- to a petition lor an addition
to the Caacada reserve
Sweek. while a member 'of the' uprer
nouae ox tne legislature in .isvi, aignaa
a Paper addressed to Binger narmana
commissioner of the ' ganawr land 6f lice,
recommending the proposed Caaeade- ad-
dlttoa, .Ten other toembefs of the legla
lature '' front . Multnomah ' county also
algned. Besides; Sweek, tba atgnara were
Dr. Andrew- IV amttn, Jafca isrlaooll. w.
r. Inman,v C. W. Nottingham. D. II.
Watah.. H. A. Smith, Otta Schumann.
it. n. urton, MX. a, inwpwn ana r i.iv
BAHeltkemper. The theory of: the
'prosecution, aa'made known by Special
Assistant Attorney-Oeneral Henay. waa
that Sweek algned the paper at the re
quest of Sorenaon and pa seed It, around
for -tha other Multnomah leglalatora to
eign." -.-, - ' . i
4 When called aa a witness thla morn
ing Sweek admitted hla elgnature, but
denied : having - asked anyone alae to
. (Continued on Page Two.) ..
Brutally rTreatedDe
It for Revenge
spite her efforta at resistance, the man
atruck her a heavy bloW on the head,
rendering" har partly unconecloua. With
ropes which he found In another, room
he bound her handa and feat tightly,
then with a towel and apron placed a
gag In her mouth. The apron waa bound
over her head, eecurtng the gag.
She was then placed In a corner of
the room, where ahe remained, unable
to call for assistance, until the arrival
of Davie at 1 - o'clock. The door waa
carefully locked by the man In leaving.
The affair waa . reported to tha epeotal
officer at "Arleta and thla morning an
Inveetlgatlon waa begun by the sher
iffs office. ' .-. '.......- . ;.',-.,.,(
' STo Atteanm) gil Bobaety. . :-
No attempt was made to rob the place,
and according to the offloera who In
vestigated, revenge waa the only mo
tive that, prompted the woman'a assail
ant to commit the deed; She waa reluc
tant In telling of the affair, though ahe
expreeaed Una belief that tha assault
waa -committed by Kightllnger, from
whom ahe aaya ahe waa divorced two
yeara, ago. . ,"
She declares that ha haa puraued her
contlnaully el nee that time, endeavor
ing to locate her, and threatening pun
ishment In case he succeeded. :
' T7wae"uhabl"to get a goodT6o?at
htm. but I beltev It waa my former
huaband, and I have heard from various
sources what ho haa threatened to do in
caae he found me." i i i - ,
If t
one of the features 'of the course," aald
Hicks today. ' "A partial outline of the
course would be this: Firet year, ap
plied arte and elementary sawing; sec
ond year, elementary chemistry la tta
relation to household duties and con
tinuation of arte and sewing, and In
the third and fourth yeara cooking will
be taken up. - . ,
"The average girl who marriea now
adaya la pitiably Ignorant of the dutlea
a man expects her-to perform 'aa hla
wife. We shall taeh har to cook,' how
to rare for Invalids, how to rare or
little bablea, how to do marketing eco
nomically and other thlnga wlvea ahould
know." . :-.:'..: - . r;'1.: .'- i
:';'':--y'-; x';.;v-.V-
' Mias Matilda Kuhn Who
Ingenious.. Folsorh Convicts In
vent and Secrets Waterproof
Clothes Which Would Do
Honor to Paul Boynton in
tended to Float Down River.
Saa Franclaco, Aug. il. One' of the
most daring and Ingeniua attempta at
prison escape that - ever came from a
convict's mind waa discovered and frus
trated at Ban Quentln prison yesterday.
Four convicts were leagued together In
a plot to awlm away from the prlaon In
aulta that would do credit to tha ward
robe of the famoua Paul Boynton. They
made . the aulta themselves atlteh by
stitch and hid them on the rocky shores.
The prisoners are . William . Brown,
burglar, serving three years) Rupert
Downs, it yeara, burglary; Parry Hale,
1 -yeara, robbery; William Blackwall,
ie yeara, burglary. '
The aulta In which the men hoped to
aavigate to freedota were made of can
ton flannel undershirts stolen from pris
oners. Over the. end of . each aleeve
were crude mlta made oat of the same
material ; to protect - the handa of the
awlmmer. A great hood, large enough
for two heads, waa than fashioned. - In
fjont of t! e.eyes a email frame whittled
out at a box cover, held a aquare piece
of glass, s Thla window waa aat In the
hood -with a score st tacfca. Over the
mouth a tube of eaveral thicknesses of
flannel protruded outward about eight
inchea. '-.The lower edge of the shirt
waa turned up, and on the . outer aide
It had half a doaen stays to bold a bolt
In place. .-...-,. , ,
The whole affair . waa thoroughly
soaked In a heavy preparation of bees
wax, roaln and tallow from candles, all
of which had been carefully melted and
poured over tha garment.
Attached was a sman woooen Plug or
faucet, which fitted anugly Into '. tha
mouthpiece. . The aulta ware water
proof. , It' was tha evident intention of
the maker to create a aubmarlna awlm
mlng suit In which he could start from
the ehora of aa obscured cove and awlm
en and below the surface of the water,
the hood or . headpiece being large
enough to hold considerable Ir. .
The men had evidently worked for
some weeks on the outfit. They were
all employed In making a cut or tunnel
through the crest of a hill. They were
working alone, and, though they uaed
to . Jotn the other, prisoners at lunch,
they always managed to eat In a few
minutes and get, bark to their, own
work.. The mea . were , ail . sent le a
SungeoK . , .-v.. "''... I..
Sayg That Good Nature Wina More
Portland Machinist Finally-Wins
- Heart and Hand of This Much
'Lovsd ; ,Cirl-l-Shs Tells ' tki
.Reason Why So' Many Men
" Love Her. . .
4 ' tralgm Sop" for Olrla.
Nona who has -not been In love
' . can understand the feeling.
Iovewlll make you do.almoat
S-: Love, will make you do.almoat d
4 - . anything crasy .
4 : Moat love letters are awfully allly.
Moat love letters are awfully allly.
1 Good nature brings more propo
, f sals than beauty. ,
' Forty-nine men made love to Matilda
Kuhn. and each of the 41 made her. a
proposal .'of marriage. - Mlaa Kuhn,
while comely, la not beautiful, and aha
aaya that good nature rather than good
looke attracta men.', -. . .
Miss Kuhn refused the first 4 who
proposed. She win (be married to the
forty-ninth In an eaat -aide cathedral
next Saturday morning. The fortunate
man la Henry Hendricks, a machinist,
who is caretaker-of the grounda about
Bt,-Vlncent'e hoapitaV-r C.
Whether the monotony or her answer
began' auddenly to cloy on her, Or
whether-aha- found the right one away
up In the forties can be determined only
Dy ner own woraa:
Borne way l reit airierent coward him
and ao I aald yea. It la oomethlng that
you can't explain, but you feel the dif
ference right away."
Mtsa Matilda Kuhn'e home la In Kuhn,
Washington, Just serosa the river from
Arlington. Oregon. It la a small plaoa,
named for her father, who la a substan
tial landowner, and there ahe spent her
early )lfe. Her father's prominence and
the acarclty of girla - In that neighbor
hood made her the belle of the village,
and when ahe waa only II aha received
her first proposal of marriage. ' So sur
prised waa aha that abe hardly knew
what to do. but ahe easily got her. hand
In for what waa to follow by- giving a
decisive "No." . Shortly after this, aa
the attentions paid her by men. r raw
aaelduoua,: aha waa eeat to the Walla
Walla convent for girla, where ehe waa
kept out of the eight of the maeculine
world for some time. - When aha came
out she waa still batter able to dispense
with , their company, and want on her
way paring little - attention to ..their
court .. . y.- ..-'. ,- - : i
.(Continued en Pago Threap
Hearts Than Beauty.
Bids for Feeding County Prison-
-; ers Opened Lowest Is Eleven
arid One Half Cents Per Meal
7 Offered by Louis : Eberling
: Sheriff Not Bidding.1
', Eleven and one half centa a meal for
feeding ) the county prisoners waa the
loweat . bid aubmitted to the county
court. ; The offer waa made by Louie
Ebellng, proprietor of a restaurant at
til Fourth street, less than half a block
from tha courthouse. ,;.
Other bids. were 11. centa a meal br
C. B. -Martin 'of the University club:
II centa a rneaj by George R. Walton
of )i Sixth street, who offered to give
the prisoners good home cooking at that
figure; IS centa a meal by A. Oeorge of
130 Seventh street, and 1 oents a meal
when there are 10 priaonera or leaa. - II
cents when there are more than it pria
onera. offered by H. H. Hlgley.
The blda were opened promptly at T1
o'clock by County - Clerk Fielda In the
oouaty courtroom, before tho commis
sioners' court. Judge Webster and Conf
misaloner Llghtner being present. Five
bids had baen aubmitted. Thoee -whoJ
expected a . bid from Sheriff Stereno
were dlaappolntad, aa thaaherUrf made
no offer and waa not present In the
courtroom when the bids were opened. -
- Held VatU Tomorrow.
Judge Webster announced that the
blda would be. held under consideration
until tomorrow. Judge Webater aald It
waa probable- that the contract for
boarding the prisoners for the coming
year would he let tomorrow. The suc
cessful ftldder la to begin feeding the
priaonera September 1, next Saturday.
Tha fare that Enellng believes he
can provide the county priaonera at 11 H
centa a meal and make money followe:
Breakfast, served between the hours
of 7:10 and 1:10 a. m, to conalat of one
order of meat and potatoea, coffee with
augar, and one half -loaf , of bread for
each prleoner, . ' '
Dinner, to be served between the
houra of 4 and a p. m., to consist of
one order of soup, meat, potatoea and
one ether vegetable, tea or coffee with
sugar, and one half loaf fit bread for
each prleoner..;
;Baaea, stuck SVewev. '. " '.
- It will be asen that all the blda aub
mitted are lower by considerable' than
the rate of 4t -centa a day demanded
by Sheriff Ate vena. All of them . are
lower even than the rate of II rente a
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mm mi
;:. aV .' p: M-r
Municipal 3 Guillotine
May Next F3til Upon
Necks of Employes
ofThis BranclTT7-
Complaints Have Been Frequent
and Mayor Lane In Effort to
; Drive Drones Off Pay. Roll May
Take pecisive Action at Early
... Date.
- The water department - may be the
next to receive a swing of tba axe now
being .wielded by Mayor Lane.
Jit haa long been known, that the
executive believed a number of weak
spots existed in that department, and
now- that the six detectives have been
cat off, he haa let it be known that
every man under Superintendent Dodge
and Engineer Clarke who haa not baen
doing hla utmost for the city will soon
stand In danger of nummary auapenaloa.
It has been thought . that the axe
would fall upon the water department
before it reached tha detectlvea, hut the
mayor eonatdera the existence of the
Pourth street poolroom, . which, waa
never reported by the detectives, seri
ous evidence of their Incompetency or
woraa, ana something which needed lm
msdlate action. -
- "But those man haven't '-"been dis
missed; they have been auspended.' as
the mayor thla morning. "The chief haa
no right to dismiss a man' from the
servloe. My written jtrjgsre ' ware that
they be suspended."
Tha executive .board,' which holde tha
'litre and Are" authority, meeta a weak
from Friday. Tha police committee of
the board la liable to meet at the mem-
bare convenience, and It la probable that
when, the executive 'board convenes a
report approving the action of Chief
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Alleged That Typhoid Epidemic Rages Among!
U. S. Troops at American Lake Because ;
of Incompetent Mapping of Camp . ::
Typhoid fever la reported to hare be
come ao prevalent in the military camp
at i American lake that the government
haa taken radical maaaurea for. the sup
pression of the epidemic - Patlanta have
been secretly transported to tha hospital
at Vancouver barracks and a report from
there thla morning atated that aoldlera
Infected with the disease were "arriving
by tbe wholesale."
- Incidental with the epldemlo one of
the worst army scandal a that ever bad
lta inception on tha Pacific coast la
threatened between, the medical and
engineering departmenta of the military.
The medical department men claim that
the englneere went ahead . with laying
out the camp. without consulting them.
The medical men else claim that un
sanitary -locations ware aelected for the
men,! that the drainage system and ether
sanitary provisions wsre not la accord
ance Fwith "those of the past, when no
sickness appeared In the campa They
claim that It they had baen consulted
In the matter that the present condi
tions would have been avoided. -It
la known that four members of the
Twenty-second United Statea Infantry
arrived In Portland Sunday and were
taken directly to Vancouver. They are
said to have been afflicted with typhoid
fever. No denial or affirmation can be
obtained from the government officials.
who-are- doing all la their-power to. -keep
the matter a secret.
Ambulancee ware ordered to meet the
Northern Pacific train, due In Portland
at 7 o'clock this morning, but where
they met the train and what ambulances
$250,000 OFFERED
(Jearaal tpertel aarrlee.)
Pittsburg. Pa.. Aug. It. Tbe ' an
nouncement waa made here today that
the Hartje divorce caae wits about to
be Battled, and that Augustus Hartje,
the paper millionaire, who oued hie wife
for divorce, naming aa corespondents a
colored coachman and a white coach
man, baa made an offer to pay ttio.eoo
to hla wife to allow the matter to be
dropped without the court giving a decision.-
The rasa; to now In the hands
of Judge Robert- S. Fraeer. and It la
expected 'the denialon will be made about
October I. - ' "- ; -
Mra. Hartje 14 te retain poseeaeloai ef
Ousted; Detective -De-;
clares the Charges
Against the Men Re-l
TmdTAlDeserved r
Says Chief Executive Was Jus
tifisd in Dismissing Sleuths for;
Poor Work and Asserts III FseU
ing and Jealousy Ruined th
With the smoke hardly cleared away
after . Mayor Lane's terrific bombard-.
ment of the detective branch of. tha' -police
department in whlcfh, six aleutha 1
bit the dust, comes tba atartllng deola .
ration by on of the vietlma f tha .
onalaught that in hla opinion tha oltya
executive waa perfectly juatlfled la hla
action. '
Former ' Detective Lou . Hartmaa la
authority for tha statement that exist
ing conditions made it imperative for
tha mayor to pursue tha course he did '
and that the removal from office of
practically all of the aeeret aervtea op
eratives will have a decidedly baneftouk
effect In tha prevention of crime and
tho apprehension of criminals,
i Hartman. .by . hia remarkable state
ment haa hoisted the white flag of sur
render aa a token of hla Intention of
accepting the decision of the adminis
trative head of the municipality with--,
out a contest. - That 'his former brother '
detaetlvea will not be overjoyed by such
a declaration from one of their oompaa
lona la misery, there is no doubt and
the bonds of friendship exietlng be
tween them and Hartmaa! Will hot b
more strongly cemented.. : Sensational
developments can . be looked-- for when
the former hawks haws are, apprised -of
the matter. , .
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were aent la not known. That they dttj
go . and for tbe purpose of - ramovtnal i
typhoid Infected aoldlera from the traia i
to Vancouver la absolutely certain. The
alck mea are now at the hospital -
The Twenty-aeeond infantry want taj.
American lake from Saa Fraaelaoa. and
the engineers who tiave been attacked '
by the medical authorities claim that (
the aoldlera brought the disease from
the Bay City. The medical mea claim .
that thla la not true, and a man who la
familiar with the situation of tha camp
sites outlined the situation at Americas
lake aa followa: v
"The ground upon- which the epldemlo)
broke out haa been occupied alnee lit I
by the National Guard of Waahington
for lta annual military camp. 'Several
yeara ago the atate purchased the alto
because of Its Ideal situation and adapt
ability ae a camp. For yeara Major
Ebera laid out the camp, and hie theory
la regard to,. the sanitary regulatlona
were alwaya followed- by the state
troope. During all the time the soldiers
were in camp in yeara past there had
aever been en epldemlo of any kind; in
fact, no eontagloua dlaeaae appeared at
alL' - '.- , - " : v ,
"Thla year, with both federal and
atate aoldlera combining oa Uhets a a- ,
nual camp, the atate generously turned
over Us camping spot to the regulars.
Inatead of following the methoda em-
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her -children, and also to wlt)idrv
suit for divorce entered eeelnet h-r I
band and will not contest the t.
case to be enteted later against her, t
which Hartje will ask relcaee oa t
ground of dvaertlon.
Aealetant District Attorney Rohh .
Ptttsbure Is said to have ar)1 as '
between In .the settlement. J..
ser Is ssld to have expre4 r i
Ingneas to have the raae aetti, j
agreement Tietween the partUe.
let him out of a 1lre--that
of giving a derlemn l i
notorious ault la the or'.i '
'' ,,"- - . .'