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STEED' -OF Fill 0
Ambitious Young Men and Woman Working Vary Hard to Sscurt
; , .( Scholarships Offered by The Journals Circular '
J tlon Department to He Readers. - ' ;
" trxnna or oQwtmnxAMTt xm "worn. ' , s
e Bene A. Wilson, Halsejr Bt, Portland. Or...., 11,111
Nellie May Shannon, Iff Tonlao, Portland. Or.... ..11.111
- Ulltan lfcVlokar, St Johns. Or.. ,.;!...,....'. BX.TI
4' Rhode lm Stalnaaar, Albany. Or. ...,..;.,,.. ..... .,. ........ .4I.41
' Ouy Graham. Troutdale. Or.'....'............... ........ 47,ol
.4 Mildred X Clemens, UniversityPark. 'Portland; Or... ....... .....ll.JIO
e CharleS Gross, T. M. C A. Portland. ...... ..".. ...... ItMO
4 Carl Shelton, Forty-eighth Bt, Mount Tabor,' Or.................Il.l0
e Mee Feodergrasa, 111 North Seventeenth St, Portland, Or.. 11,011
) Bertie, a Chaa, tit Clay Bt, PprtUnd. Or............. ......... '..I4.l
Bdlth M. Harris, ll Oxford St Portland. Or....'. .V......1. 14,444
4V Roy Johnaon. T4 Division S& Portland. Or.....................!!,!)
4 Clay Jones,sO East Twelfth Bt, Portland, Or.. i.'iU. ..1X.OO0
4 John Benson, Che maws. Or,.......;,..,....... ....11,441
Mary ML Powell, 411 Salmon St, Portland," Or.,. ............ .... .14,1(4 4
aisle O'Donnall. Boston. Or.................. ........14,410. 4
Paul .Nygren, III Seat Third St. Vortiaad, Or............ .ll.lo df
Dorcas Vaa Sehoonhoven, Cora, Or,
Harry. Brent; -The. Norton, Twelfth
nuu turner, mum urer s-wrunuo,
'Lloyd Riches, Sllverton. Or..... ....... ................
; Dean Knox, Corrallle, Or......,...........
Clay Cary. Salem, Or....... ..........
Slenn Patlllo, Grants Pass, Or...-.............. ............. i...
Alleen Hackman. Myrtla Park, Portland. Or....
Guy ; Johnson, 101 Grant' St, Portland, . Or . . , . .......... .. .. . . .
Louise Scott, Cantral addition, Portland. Or,.. ...........
R. W. Cyras, Solo, Or......................... ..................
Ivy Owens Cedar, Mills, Or
- Edward X Kinsman, Xlnnton, Or..
.Agnes Br ana, Latourell, Or. .....I'.. ..... ...........
WBLOwyna, fed Eaat Thirty-seventh. St, Portland, Or....
Menard W. Ollrln. Roaabarg, Or...
unrp v. MIIi aiaiD vr. ......
' Carl flhalton, tha Mount Tabor orphan
boy Jn" itha aduoatlonal oonteat. had
' ,,. vr Vona to school a day until ho waa
v'Vllfaara .old. Ha than antarad th Mount
tCTabor, school and want through It la
four 'yaara. Ha Is anxious to eoatlnua
' his aduoatloa and that Is th reason ha
' la In this contest. . -
Carl makes his home with W. Bl, Pot
. ter, whose residence telephone Is East
- 177. He wll he clad to hear from peo
; pie who will take an Intereet In him
' and advance their ubscrlptlons In his
': behalf. He will answer calls and wait
upon auch prospects. " .
Carl started ouy at ninth position In
the contest. He waa crowded down to
"number 11 and then worked hla way
I back up to ninth and ola-hth. He is with
' in two points of the cash prises and he
Is working hard to et up In tha money.
But those above him have so many in
fluentlal friends that ha finds It diffi
cult to go above them, ' ,
- Ooot Proa BnreHoa. : ' . :
Lloyd Riches, the well-known suh
serlptlon hustler at Bllverton. beran hla
1 , oonteat career about August I, after the
-inaloriry of tha contestants had - been
; a-jthf-tne; ,vete , f or :fou. weeks. Jils
ii ret report was s.soo votes, ana tnts
. put hint as number II la th soore list
By dint a, hard, work and Of a well-
W. E. Owynn, - Student ; bt Poreit
Oroya Univermity, Who Soon May
Go to tha Front. :
earned popularity - he has. now 4,600
votes to his credit and he Is 16 places
above tha foot of th. class.
, Berauee of the success of Riches aa a
hewa agent at Bllverton. much will be
eapected of him In this contest He Is
. familiar with every detail of canvassing
and collecting for a newspaper. - For
several years he has been considered
' one of the vest news airents in the Wll
. lamette valley. The people of Bllverton
were surprised when he sold his news
agency a -month ago, aa he waa doing
so well. But they understood his move
when they learned that be waa prepar
Ing to go away to college. He haa ad
vanced as far as the Bllverton schools
will carry him.
The ambition of Lloyd Riches Is com
mendable. Th people of Bllverton
should aid him In th carrying out of
.'. his desires. . 1 .
Verily good things' com Out of 811
ver.ton. Vide Homer Davenport I And
bow see Contestant .Lloyd Richest.
v!-;':-',, Bttn CKHag v.
. Dean Knox at Corvallls entered the
contest on August and his first har
vest resulted in 1,410 votes which gave
him 21th position In the contest In
one day he paased by contestants who
had been, before the publio for a eVeek
or more, such as Quy Johnson, Ruth
'Turner, W. E. Owynn, Georg D. King
and Agnes Evans. t
Tha Corvallls boy kept on gathering
'votea and working himself up the soore
line uhtll he has become J 2d. He Is now
among the scholarships. And he is still
' going! 1
Aa OrerwhelaUag Amhitlon. ; .
Seneca Smith, the well-known attor-
' aey of Portland, Is acquainted with Con
testant Edith Harris and with har his
tory. He contributes a letter In favor
of the girl who lost her health In. the
Ban Francisco earthquake. It Is aa fol
lows: - r
Tha Journal Publishing Co..
., . S "Portland, Oregon. '
"X desire to say that I know Miss
Edith Harris, on of ths contestants for
a scholarship under The Journal's offer,
and have known her father for a long
"time. Her mother Is not living.
- "MTtsa Edith la hrlaht. haa an over
whelming ambition for an educe tlon that
will fit her for earning an Independent
vellhood. and I believe shs is entirely
worthy of any prise she may win In this
contest . Very respectfully.
va PaoUle University stadeat, .
Vf. E. Owynn, 141 East Thirty-seventh
street. Portland, is a student of the Pa
clfla university of Forest GQrove. HIS
work at tha college Is well spoken -of by
faculty and students. He has not much
..... ...,.
'...., . iV . . . .'. ..... . .. rTl.fttdj f
and Morrison. Portland, Or.,., .oil
ws-. .......
I.HO i4)
1.TH 4)
1.41 4
; 411"' 4
' lOO 4'
.........r. ........
of an acquaintance In Portland and that
Is tha reason he has . been getting on
slowly In the conteet work. Something
may develop In a 'few daya which will
send him up (ha score Una.
KeXlaavUl OoUag Mote.
The folowlng newa no'tea about Mo
MlnnviUa college will Interest those
who are trying to make up their minds
what scholarships to select from the at
tractive Hat In The Journal's prises:
Prof. Emanuel Northrup has com
pleted II years of work with McMlna
vllls college, thus manifesting his faith
In th institution and its future. He Is
a graduate of -Colgate university snd
of the Morgan Park Theological semi
nary, now tha Chicago Divinity school.
He has - proved himself a thorough
teacher, a good administrator, having
served as dean for many years past, and
Is much beloved by the ajumnl and tha
entire atudent body of the college. The
town Of McMlnnvllle has Indicated it
confidence in him by twice electing him
its mayor. He is also vice-president of
the, Oregon Fire Relief association.
whose headquarters are at McMlnnvllle.
Studenta of expression cannot do bet
ter than avail thara solves of the ODDor-
tunlty. of fered by McMlnnvllle college of
studying, under -Mrs.. Mettle Hardwlcke
Jones, a reader of exceptional talent and
experience. As a teacher of elocution
and physical culture,-she hss proven
herself among the first of the land:' She
possesses those qualities of mind and
heart which make her tha Impressive,
entertaining and effective interpreter of
that which is truest and beet In literary
art.-- ,
"Tls ths glance, th expression. . the
well-spoken word, .
By whoee magio the depths of the spirit
ere stirred.
McMlnnvllle college has been very for
tunate In securing the services of Prof.
F. O. Boughton for Its department of
philosophy and modern languages. ? H
Is a graduate of Denlson university and
of tha Rochester seminary, and haa held
two prominent pastoratea In Cambridge
and warren, Ohio. He is a leader of ex
ceptional ability, taot and wlnsomeness
whose presence In McMlnnvllle will be a
marked drawing card. . . ,
-,.,..i Prises at Stake.-.'.-' j
Tuition In best Oregon schools,' 1760
in gold and cesh commissions.
- Following is the list or scholarships
with approximate cash value of each.
offered as prises. Deteiled information
ooaoernlng them will be published from
time to time, or furnished on applica
tion to the contest department: .
Academy of the Huiy Names, As-
torls. valus 260
Albany College, Albany, value..... 100
Behnke-Walker Business College,
Portland, value .. 100
Capital , Business College, - Beletn,
value ..w -. .100
Columbia ; - University, Portland,
valus 100
Dsllaa College, .Dallas,, valus 100
Olllesple School . of Expression. -
Portland, value 120
Hill . Military Academy. Portland. -
value 100
Holmea Bualness Callege, Portland, -
value 4. .. 101
Holmes-Flanders , Private . School,
Portland, value'..... ,....160
International Correspondence -'
Schools, Scranton, Pa., value.... 110
MoMlnnvlUe : College, McMlnnvllle, ,
value 40
Oregon Conservatory ; of Muslo,
Portlsnd- -- - - "
? On Pianoforte Scholarship, Talus too
On Violin Scholarship, value.'... 116
7 On Quite! and Mandolin Scholar
ship, vslo ...100
Paclfra College, Newberg, value..... 100
Paelao Telegraph Institute, Port
land, value Ill
Portland School of. Domestlo Sol'
ence. Portland (T. W. C. A.).
value. ., 104
Sacred Heart . Academy, Salem,
value ; 144
St Mary'a ;: Academy,. Portland,
-value too
- Beeldes the cash commissions which
the students receive when they secure
new subscriptions, cash purses to the
total sum of 1760 will be awarded as
followa: . . -. .
1. A purs of 1100 for th general ex
pense of the winner while attending any
public or private Institution providing
free tuition.
1. A purs of tt00 to be used la the
same manner as the above.
s. A purse of 1100 for Incidental ex
penses to supplant a scholarship se
lected from the foregoing list. -
4. A purs ef 176 In sddlUon to one
of the foregoing scholarships.
6. A purs of 160 In addition to one
of the foregoing scholarships.
' 4, A puree of $16 In addition to one
of the foregoing scholarships.
'v Y'N v at Batti
-. R.H. E.
Butte . . .......00 1 1 00100 I . 4 J
Spokane .. .,..00000 1000 1 11 I
Batteries Bandelln and Swindells;
Rush and Altman, w .
flsto i;;;:ii;g3
The. Giants Emerge Triumphant
' After Four Chapters of Ex-
v'i"' r:i tra labor
The - Locals With .Defeat Surbif
Them in Ninth Inning, Take Brace
and Tie the Score McHale's Hit
Decides the Match.
Portland I, Oakland I. II Innings.
' Batteries, Calif f, Henderson and Don
ahue; Reldy and Bliss. '
The fair fana and the fans fair got
their money's worth yesterday. It waa
a great struggle, but lacked the snap
and accuracy that generally attend
well-played game. Of the many features
the principal one waa the work of young
Calif f In the box for Portland. He had
wonderful speed. During tnsnn In
nings that he pitched, eight Commuters
strock out, and only three men on .the
enemy's team were able to connect safe
ly. . These were Devereaux, Halley and
Vaa Haltren, and among them tbey se
cured th six hits credited to Oakland.
Calif f got off on the wrong foot In
the first Inning. Three safe drives and
an error gave Oakland three runs.
Oiaats Begin.. '
In the third the Giants ' got hungry,
and after an effort aent one run home.
Thia waa repeated In the following In
ning, and left the score I to 1 In Oak
land's favor, with both pitchers working
like Trojans. ' : The sixth inning oame
and brought luck for Portland in ths
shape of a tally, whloh put a Patrick
Bruin knot in the soore. But the
score refused to stay tied, aa several
Olants began playing the revised foot
ball game and .made a few on-slde
punts, which, with a safe alug, netted
Oakland two gross runs. Now it was s
to I "agin" the Giants.
.'The fana didn't aeem to ear. They
sat back and calmly awaited for the
ninth Inning. In dua seaaon th ninth
loomed along with its customary poaal
bllltles and .usual hopes. - The expected
happened. ; Lister, who Is getting to be
a bad boy with the stick, hit ons Into
saxe territory., . , '
e Meaderaoa Appears.
Henderson, who succeeded Calif f In
this chapter, whlxsed one In the direc
tion of Heltmuller that was a trifle too
speedy for the ex-Berkeleylte to handle.
Jamea O'Donnell McHale delivered the
goods In ths form of a sacrlf toe, moving
the baserunners . slong to second and
third. Sweeney thet la. Bill went at
the starting point snd -one smsrt crack
on the eyebrowof the ball sent it spin
ning to township 0-14-21, and Lister and
Henderson romped home. Again the
festive score was tied up. This time it
was tighter than a patron of a Chinese
gin mill, but th situation didn't appear
so dangerous.
Henderson The Oreat was hsndlng
out shoots for Portland. Hs pitched the
four remaining innings, and dldn t allow
,the slightest sort' of a hit On the other
hand, when th twelfth chapter was
reached, it. looked as If , Reldy was ie-
comlng a trifle tired. In the . lucky
imrteenui the goods were, del re red and
'paid for. Franck'a bad throw gave Don
ahue life. . Llater-popped-up one that
was good for a aee. Henderson per
ished .at the plate. McHale whacked a
single to left field, and Donahue waltsed
home with the deciding score.
1 The game waa full of errors, each side
contributing five to th column. The
soore: , ;
' . . ' AB. R. H. PO. A.
Mcinue, cr.: 6 1 - t 4
Sweeney, ss. .. 4 Oil
Mitchell, ir.
MoCredie, rf.
Hmlth. 8b.
Moore, tb.
Donohue, o.
Lister, lb.
t'allff, p. ..
Totala . .
'V I
j. Smith, rf. . .
Van Haltren, cf.
Kruker. lf.-Jb. ;
Heltmuller, lb. ......
Biles, e.
Devereaux, lb.
Halley, 2b. .........
XTBnuKB, mm, .....
P- '
f.-lb. .
Catea, 1
e 0
Hopkins, if.
. ...........44 ,6 , l!T II I
' 'One out when winning run scored.'''
Portland ..... .001101001001 1
Hits ..OlttOllOIOOlt It
Oakland . I 000001000000 6
Hits . 10000 1141000
. Struck out By'Califf, I Thy Reldy, fj
by Henderson, f. Usees on balls Off
Callff. 2: off Reldy. 1: off Henderson. 1.
Two-base hits McHale, Donohue. Sac
rifice ' hits Kruger, Moore I, McHale.
Stolen bsees Kruger, Devereaux, Hal
ley 2, McHale 2, Smith I, Vaa Haltren,
Cates. First has on errors Portland,
I; Oakland, I. Left on bases Portland,
12: Oakland, 7. Innings pitched By
Callff, ; by Henderson, 4. Base hits
Off Callff. 4. Time or game Two hours
snd 40 minutes.. . Umpires Keith and
Rankin. . .
Portland may lose th services of
Pitcher Essiclc .and Catcher McLean.
Essick's trouble dates back to last
spring, when he decided to return and
play this year with Portland." Walter
MoCredie promised him a contract for
11,40. whloh was 100 less than last
yeer, transportation and half of any
purchase or draft money, should he be
sold. MoCredie also promised Esslck,
so th latter asserts, that ahould Port-
Open Bay and Bright,
Pried Baser Clam .t... ........ .15
Med Kallbat Steaks... lfe
Fried Salmon Steaks mg
Fried Columbia Blveg Smelts, ijg
Komi Made Sausage ifcg
Bcetton Chop 1... 15e
Fork Chops ....ZO
Veal Outlets A.20
Fried Heat .1S
Fried Uver and Oaloss. .......... .15
Fried Baoa .15
Ftskled Umk Tonga, ,
Potato Salad ........ZO
Ftokled Figs' Fee,. FoOat SaM..;SOf)
Ooraed Beef Mash, Foaehed Bfg...lft
Bread, Batter, ' Fotatoea aad Ooffe
wita all orders.
Dialog -room for ladle.
6 0 0 1 0 0
4 0 0 1 0 0
6-1.4 I I 0
4 6 0 t I I
6 1 1 11 1 0
.......... I 1 t 16 11
1 0 0 0 6 1
p. ....... 1 1 0 0 0
...44 . 4 It II 16 6
. . AB. R. H. PO. A. B.
..... 4 4 0 0 0 1
0 11 10 4
6 0 0 100 1
6 10 4 10
...... 5 0 11 t 1
6 1.11 I 0
...4i-o it e
land, have a chance to sell him he
would net be sent t a club without his
consent. Now Esslck says that Judge
MoCredie has sold blra to Cincinnati,
and told him to pack up and go, and re
fuses to giv4ura his share of the pur
chase moneyi Manager MoCredie says
that hs promised these things to Esslck.
hut Judge MoCredie, as president of the
club, will not countenance tb deal.
How the affair will be settled Is prob
lematical, but Esslck says be will not
pitch any more ball until he receives
what his agreement with Manager Me-
Credl ceiled for. Esalok was not In
uniform yesterday, but will be on hand
today. . .'.., ., ,
... ' , '
McLean seems to be la th same boat
aa Esslok. Tb big catcher says his
contract calls . for half of any purchase
or draft money, and that he will not
play untU th earns Is paid, provimg
hs is foroed to go to Cincinnati The
probability la that th affair will be
brought before the National association.
' i . . - e ,' .: .-. -
McHale's timely drive la th thir
teenth Inning aad Sweeney's hit la tb
ninth were th sort that mak ths fans
stand up aad yell., t . - ., , -.- '., .
:. e e. ,'-' ' : '. -, ..
"' CaHft pitched a remarkable "game and
got stronger aa ths contest preoeeded.
This young t wirier Is composed of big
leagu timber.- ..
,u. .v e e . .. :, . ',
Only three ef the visitors war -able
to oonneat with - Callff. - That sounds
pretty good for any pitoher. . ..
.h . . .a e . ': ..
'Henderson went In to bat for Callff
In the ninth and hlsjirack helped Port
land to tie the soore. He did nvt allow
a hit la the four Innings that hs pitched.
. .-, e. e -. ..'',,!
Jud Smith hit with telling effect yes
terday. . Out of flv times -up- th ex
Angel connected safely four - times.
Sweeney too, was there with the wal
lop, on of his hits bringing In ths two
runs that tied up affaire in the ninth.- .
.."''. : e e - ,
Ed Rankin and Buck Keith acted aa
umpires, ' In fairness to all. It may be
said that their work was very poor.
Rankin called out Kruger In th eighth,
although that runner had been on the
bag fully -10 seconds before ths ball
got there. A the Ladles' Lone Journal,
in Its last Issue, stated that It Is not
fair to kill the empire. It Is safe to as
sume that Keith and Rankin will live
a " few days longer. Oh,well; - what
evsrs ths rule.
' '' , Won.
Chlcsge .';,.........Tt
New TorltA,,...i Tl ;
Pittsburg A, ....... ...It
Philadelphia 60
Cincinnati) . '.........47
Brooklyn,? - ....;..... 41
St Loula .- .'. II .
Boston.'. .17
At Olaolnaatl.
First game . R H. B.
Cincinnati ......t T 1
Philadelphia . . 4 It I
Batteries Fraser and Bchlei; Hparxs,
Dus-gleby and Dooln.
id gam -
R. H. E.
....I II
Phlladelohla. -. .
l o
Batteries Warmer and Bohlel; Klcnie,
Duggleby and Donovan.
., .-: ' a-
k& -.1 ......
"';'f,I . . R. H. E.
Chicago -,; ?' ....,,. ...... .6 0
Brooklyn .'. .... t 0
Ratterlee Renlbach. Overall and
Kllng; Scaalon and Rltter. Umpires
Carpenter- ana Kiem. ' '
At Fltrtshmrg. . ..
. . R.H. E.
..';.;........ ....4 10 I
Boston . . i s
Rsfterles PhllllDD and Oibson: Lind
amen and Needham. . Umpires John-
itone ana lonwey. : ;
. At St. ivoala.
. R.H. B.
St. Louis V., , .".......4 I 6
New York..:,. ........... 4
Batterlee Rhoedes and" Marshall;
Ames, Wlltse and Bresnahan. - Umpire
O Day. . . - ,
5S 4
Chicago . . .
New York .
St. Loula . 61
Detroit J
Waahlngtoa . . .......41
Boston , . , tl
At Washington.
First game
R.H. E.
Washington .
I . 6' I
St. Lours . - I I I
Batteries Hughes aad Warner Pow
ell ana epencer. t - -.
Second came . i - R. H. E.
Washington . .' ....I 10 4
at. Loula 4 6
Batterlee Kltson, Falkenberg. Patten
and Wakefield; Howell and Rickey.
At Philadelphia.
First game R. H. B.
Cleveland . . 10 1
Philadelphia 4 I
Batterlee Moore, Rhoades and Be
rn In; Coombs and Powers.
- Second srame R. H. B.
Cleveland I 7 I
Philadelphia , .- 4 1
Batterlee Hess and Buelowj Coak-
ley and powers.
At Boston.
Bnston . ..........
vmcago .- ...
R.ii.rl.i Tonus and (
...... m
CrtgSr; Carrl-
gan, Owen, White and Sullivan.
: ' ..At Mew York.
R.H. B.
Detroit . . .l 7 t
New York . 0 6 4
Batteries Donohue and Payne;' Hogg
and McQulre and Thomas.
. Won.
Portland '. . 46
Ban Francisco .11 .
Los Angeles ..........66
Seattle . 44
Oakland . . 41
Fresns . . ., 41 $
41 -
; Seals. Beat Seattl. . ..
(Joerasl Spsdsl trvke.)
Oakland, Cel., Aug. II. The Seals hsd
a slight advantage over the Slwashes
yesterday In the bunching of hits. Ths
score: ;..."--'.'.. .
' R.H. B.
Seattle 00 0000112 I 3
San Francisco ..0 001020 4 1
Batteries Garvin and Blankenshlp;
Hltt and Spies. Umpire Hodson.
Fresno Is Bestaa. ..
Los Angeles, Aug. 11. The locals beat
th Tigers yesterday In the first two
Innings. Score: .,
R. H. B.
Los Angeles ...14 0 000 10 7 8 1
Fresno 10 14 00 11 6 I
Batteries Randolph and Man serine;
Hall and Hogan. . Umpire Perrlne.
, . ''' .
Th challenge regatta scheduled for
this afternoon by the members of the
Oregon Yacht club has been postponed
until next Saturday This was made
necessary by ths fact that several of
the boots are out of condition. Commo
dore Knight said this morning that
very thing would ne la fine order for
line races next week,
Colored Boxer Declares It Will Be
Easy for Him to Make
Indications Point to the Contest
Drawing One of -the , ;'. Biggest
Crowd in the History of Pugilism
How Men Are Spending the Time
(JMrnal BseeUl tarrke l
Goldfleld. Nov., Aug. II. "Easy from
now on. . rll train down to no pounds
by degrees, oans said, "and about four
days before the fight start to come up.
Why, this country is the beet plac for
training I over struck. You may say
for me that It will be so easy for me
at lit pounds that I've ceased to think
about it. I'm nut svcnmioting to spean
of. Meat Is not specially good for a
maa In this oountry. so I've cut that
out, and that's all." Mrs. Oans Is with
her husband, and the negro, from, the
viewpoint of oomfort, has easily, the
long end of the training situation. . Un
der the car of Frank McDonald, hla
trainer,, he runs for an hour every morn
ing at t o'clock, Immediately after a
light breakfast Returning, he dons
khaki trousers and jersey and does bag
Dunchlna snd rope-sklpplng. all out of
doors, in the enaae. He men taxes
thinks easy until. 4 o'clock, when he
goes through a little light sparring with
"Kid" Sims. iarry auuivan or me
Sullivan Trust company and "Tex'
Rlckard are 111 as the result of their
strenuous labors in connection with the
n.lln,n.,l.. '
indications of attendance, judging oy
falamma. are that It will be large rrom
all parts of th country. Nearly two
score real or aiiegea toreaaors nave
wired their wishes to exhibit her on
Labor day. ; The referee haa not yet
been selected by th club nor he the
wager between Oans and Nelson In re
sard to McOulgan's tactics aa referee
in the McQovern-Nelson fight been de
After a day spent In automoblllng all
over the country near uoiaueia dii
tllng Nelson finally selected quarters at
the brewery near here.
"Pretty tough on a man who does not
drink training at a brewery. Isn't Itr
said Nelson on announcing his selection.
The brewery Is situated about, a hall
mile due south from Goldfleld. It is
entirely exposed to the hot sun at mid
dav. vet within it Is very cool and com
fortable. There is a large aanoe naii
connected with It, and In this a fores of
carpenters are at work setting up the
paraphernalia necessary to the Dane's
exeroises. He started on hard work
Oana spent ths hours from t to 4 Fri
day lounging In the shade of the large
UDoer claasa whloh surrounds his train
ing quarters. Having succeeded In bring-
ins his weight down to lie pounas our
Ing his morning's work, a reduction of
two pounas over yesieraay, uie voiorsa
fellow felt very well pieaaea.witn nim
sell-. --.'. '-;...' .-C ,.,..' ....
The Porttana cricket 'team, will leave
this afternoon for Victoria, B. C. where
they will engage In -a Ave days' pUy.
The teams that Portland will meet are
Old Kooteney of , Viotorla, Burrards of
Vancouver, B. C, and New Weatmlnster
of Washington. These teams are the
crack cricket performers on the Paeifio
northwest. The local aggregation has
been practicing for some time, play a
corking good game and expect to re
turn with a few scalps. The following
Portlanders compose the team! O. W.
Smith, captain; R. Bylands, S. Mills. A.
Slshey, J. Atkinson, C. W. Lawrence, A.
Fenwlck. 3. Mallett, H. Cummlags, P.
Henderson. C W. King and H. Shipley.
Portland's first game will be with tho
Old Kootenay team on Monday. -
The many admirers of the Cleveland
club are hoping that the Naps will take
a brace soon and climb toward the top.
Whr they should take suoh a slump
each season is one of the Inexplicable
things in baseball. .
......... e e , . . r '
'injuries and umpires keep "Kid" El
be rfeld out of the game pretty much all
ths time. '
e e , .
XMnny thing that the Philadelphia
havs won but one game from the Whit
Sox la the Windy-City this season.
; . e ' -
Brooklyn fans have been turning out
In good number of late to see the Su
per baa perform. ' .
Clarence (Pop) Foster has quit the
Newark club and Joined the Lancaster
team In the Trl-State league. Foster
haa been the leading batter In the East
ern league nearly all season.
e , e
Word Is passing around In the south
that Atlanta and Birmingham will per
haps be In the South Atlantic league next
season. - It Is said that Richmond. Vir
ginia, will make aa effort to get In the
Eastern league. -
The Vlncennea (Indiana) club looks
like a sure winner la the K. I. T. league.
, , e j e ' v ,
The Bteubenvllle (Ohio) club has been
doing great work In the P. O. M. league
of late, working up from last to rourtn
position In a short time. .
. e, '...-
Who says ths old-timers are all In and
the yonugaters are the only ones play
ing ths gameT The Dea Moines club
with Jack Doyle, Hogrever, O1 Leery,
Dexter and Magoon, has a cinch for the
Western ' league pennant, being 200
points ahead of the second team.
.--v - y. e . e -Clyde
Ooodwln recently pitched and
won tor Milwaukee doio enaa ox a
double-header with Indianapolis. An
other case of a cast-off getting back at
his former team mates.
-'"- e
The Columbus team Is at th top of
the American essoclatlon column and
, Tha Bad of tha World
of troubles that robbed E. H. Wolfe, of
Bear Orove, la., or an useruinese, came
when he began taking Electrlo Blttera
He writes: "Two years ago Kidney
trouble caused me great suffering, which
I would never have survived had I not
taken Electrlo Blttera. They also cured
me of General Debility. Sure cure for
ell Stomach, Liver and Kidney com
plaints. Blood diseases, Hesdacher Dls
slnsss snd Weakness or bodily decline.
Price loo. -Guaranteed by Skldmore
Xrug Co, , v
Tuj Fcttcry Cc;t
Ffcc Flnno . .
IS i
'." -ji.: . '
Hay CePald
1 forJn-y
24 Payments.
The Reed-French Piano r.Ifg. Co.
Sixth snd Burnside Sts. r Commonwealth Bldg;
. It will be well to consider the facts detailed below cot
cernlng the Behnke-Walker Business College before de-'
tiding where you will get
Most expensive equipment west of Chicago, f
Highest salaried and most expert teachers on the
coast. ) .
; Graduates all employed. ' .?
Largest enrollment of any private school in, Oregon.
Pupils enrolled from
IfiOft fiR2
- Pupils placed into positions from September 1, 1805,
to Aueust 18. 1908. 311. - :
Applications from Dusiness men dunng same period,
653. ,; ,; J a
' Call or Write for Catalogue.,; Day.or Eveningj rA
are constant And nnmerons;
We receive many more calls
people who will attend our
may feel certain of profitable
pared for work. There is always , an over-snpply of thosas
who can do fairly well, but there will never be too maaj
who can render first-clcus servict; Learn what and'feev wj
teach, and. what it costs it will pay. CalI,lphont! orwxitd
for our new catalogue free for the asking. Do it nw
r ' OPEN ALL THE YEAR v.. . '-
'. .,' .' ;' .'-v ''-'
Park aad Waihtartoa'Streets A. P, ArnstrMf , LL. B., PrisMtpa.
A Boarding and Day1 School for Boya,
anual Training. Mlllti
S Military Discipline,
on. Boys ef any age
College Preparation. Boyi
admitted at any time. Write for Illus
trated catalogue.
Dr. J. W. mm Prop, and Principal
rau term win open aept. is, jibs.
roanAjra, oaaeosr.
drawing? away from the hunch. 1 The
Clymer outfit are climbers for sura,
- ; . ' - -
' ' IJoerasI Rental Berrfee.t 4
Quarantine. I t, Aug. ll.Mlss May
Sutton arrtTed on the Cedrio today. .She
said she lost the championship by a pea
and would like to try again next year.
(perisl W. petes to Tie JesrseL)
John Day. Or., Ang. II. A band has
been organised for John Day, anAlt was
decided that in the future the hand will
Include girls, snd several names were
enrolled accordingly. Miss alsud Bnyee
Was elected president. and Paul Griffith
secretary, . . . i
It Do-;:rr t.v-
piiiLAC-Lr::: l.- . . .
long to ncjr .
KIND; If it coats tZZ3 tl
build a pUmo and you est It
directly from the maker, ws
would ssy (337 were a tsir
price, for hs but if this same
piano be sold by a factory
, agent to a retailer and from a
retailer to a commission man
(with a possible teacher's "rake
off thrown in), and from this
commission man to ths user,
we would ssy it were only fair
to these several people for you .
to pay $350 for the same pifno .
. 7-they ' really , couldn't make .
any money unless you ' DID
pay this sinount,' . -More-'
pianos' than you think travel
this old-fashioned road. ..,"rv..;.
. Oet our propositlon--4t la
later-day piano dealing; by this
we 'mean all'' expensive - et
cetera are rubbed off and
get right down; to first prin
ciples hist maker and player
doing" the. talking.; ,
' We would like to see you
Monday. - - -y ' - '
your business training :
August 1, 1U0, to August I,
-i -
in person, by phone, by lettai'.
than we can meet. Yonn
school, and btcortu thororjkA
employment as soon as i pre
Portland Oregon . v
Fits boys and girls far Bastera aa4
Western colleges,
Includes primary and v a-raauaas
school. ,
Boarding hall for girls affording the)
comforts and ears of a reSned home. '
Offloe hoors during the Bummer frons
I a. m. te II m.
For catalogue writ to tha address
given above.'. --, , . r- -
Medical Department
-or the--
University of Qko
0U limit
aVchal Sept. ' IT.
Aedress S. a. ieMntal. at l , Pm.
li&C.. pnrtUsa.
SIO Pessst lu
Colum!:!: U:
University Park. Portia
Gasiical scientific, com..
grsmmar grids couris.
eaulogTi. ... ..
Tea as aes reperv 1
Fe. 1 maless yea
waaS Ada, - , ,