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Petition For Injunction Against the Northern
f ;
; 5:30 P. LI. to 9:00 P. LI.
' ; Positively None Sold Before This Tims V)
Pacific Terminal Company Discloses
Grounds on Which HiNr Will Fight v
. : aim wla In lha United
,4 -rtpt
a..... ri n unnMla aaklne-
xer an injunction repninii
' rn Faclno Terminal company from
. tirareedlng with condemnation and pur
chase of the terminal land now owned
fey the rortland Seatfl railroad In
North Portland.
v Judge Charlea H. Carejr. local counsel
? for the Hill lines, went to Rldgefleld.
.. - . - ...I H.t.narf -itftriihArmrv re-
straining order from Judge Gilbert,
which will continue In force vntH the
J cum In the state court la heard, unlesa
i-lhe defendsnts appear In court Monday
morning ana snow cmh wj m
' shall not remain In force. The order la
directed against th terminal company
and lta president. C. A. Dolph. ':
- a The contention of . the Hill people la
' that thev have held within their rights
' ' In the purchase of the terminal property
- in Portland and that the terminal com
v pany hss exceeded the privileges accord
ed to 11 wnen xirst innnw. im v
:! visions of the company's charter aute
that no Indebtednesa can be Incurred
- atockholdera of the company, which are
the Northern Pacific owning 4 per
" ' - - k ana ana atnok; n R a, K
. owning 4 per cent and the Southern pay
I clfle, owning I per cent Of eourae the
- iNartiiani Paaina aid not ae-ree to vn.
autt broua-ht aa-atnat the Portland and
;.' Seattle, nor will It consent to the pur
. fhaaa of the terminal nroDert of the
HMMhkBa hA WAi4hm XmMt Ia TAnill-
basis for the Injunction. t
;',-r'. ' oa4 Unit aT.p. Soxe.
. TTirthermere..when the terminal cora-
V tanv waa omnia It wee rrantad the
' privilege of Issuing bonds to the amount
of f I.OOO.tOO and ao nor,- J At present
the terminal ' company , haa bonds out-
. standing to the amount or si.zzs.niiv.
Three million dollars were Issued for the
purchase of terminal property, ll.000.Ooo
Tor tne aepot ana tne remaining- oonai
for the erection of cr sheds and other
necessary property. The Northern Pa-
muu cunilMinf i. mini m ipucvubb-
the' terminal line property of the Port
land Seattle it would b necessary te
k exceed the provisions allowed by the
! terminal company's charter. The price
of the property the terw'nal company Is
seeking is - piacea at i.uuu.voo. - i nis
. ststement on the part of Hill men re-i
' veala the fact that they paid 11.400.000
for the property In dispute and have
planned to apend 1400,000 te place It la
- The mutual agreement clause Is -the
one upon which the Mill people are do-
'(Continued From Pag On.)
Valparaiso, . nowever, ana tnrougn en
the inland districts there is not a wire
tin.' No word haa yet been received from
Santiago, Latserena or, Concepclon. We
cannot ten waai in extent or tne oertn
auas is, nor at wnat time we win De
able to restor communication with ths
interior.: v - f, .;
' ' atlmllay ea Maao. ,
A London dispatch states thst private
nitrate ground. escaped damage. Thev
had been reported greatly harmed. The
towns of Coplapo and AntonogastA are
graph company this afternoon reports
that the situation. in Valparaiso Is sim
ilar to that in San Francisco during the
disaster. The city is still burning. The
manager report all places of business
closed and that many people have left
the city. -
'The manager ef the Cable company at
Oalveston reports that the cable ia
working to Valparaiso this morning.
out there is no communication via land
lines to 8antiago or Buenos Ayres.
. The Kosmos line, which runs steam
ers between San Francisco snd Val-
ralso at the time of - the earthquake.
No word haa been received whether the
WtthOBt aOlfhteet WarnUf,
As Killed In BnUoings.
(Jeeraal Ipeelal BarvtoM
KW Trtrk ill 1SA anoclal tit ha
Herald from Valparaiso, Chile, says:
witnout the slightest tremor of warn
rng an earthquake visited this city at
o'clock Thursday night, bringing instant
death to hundreds of persons and leav
ing many hundreds more Imprisoned In
the ruins, many of whom were burned
to death before aid reached them.
Fire started Immediately after the
. raviM, .Til UIMJUn Ul U1V
- city's service was paralysed. Panle and
' consternation Indescribable followed,
' those who escaped death and Injury be-
wae xrvnxiea wild jear ana couia ren
' der hut little aeslsunc to the victims.
" The business section of the city is
almost entirely destroyed, and the fires
re still rafting. The city la suffering
a repetition of the horror of San Fran
cisco. Aa night comes on the city la
vrywhre aglow with unobstructed
tires, and clouds of choking smoke and
A severe headache, coated
tongue, ; bad taste or poor
appetite are indications of a
disordered ' stomach which
can be quickly cured by
the Bitters. Get it today.
It also cures Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Const! pation,
Biliousn ess. Heartburn,
Cramps, Diarrhoea, Female
Ills or Malaria, Fever and
Ague.,, ; , .. j
pending te win their fight .against the
terminal company. - They own 40 per
cent of the stork and by previous agree
ment claim that they are entitled to a
vote In all proceedings. If this claim
can be upheld in the courta it la ex
pected that the attempted purchase or
claim to the property for which the
terminal company Is suing will be
dropped. " ; , - ,- '
-U IJtlatJo Is-Three,tened.
Hill represenutlves claim that if the
Northern Paelfle Terminal company pur
sues its course and floats another bond
Issue litigation will follow, not alone on
the part of - the atockholdera, which
would be the Northern Paciflo company,
but by the bondholders, and would prob
ably have the effect of creating an order
of default In the terminal company's
business by the courts. Such a state of
affairs, they claim, would 'have the ten
dency to disrupt all terminal facilities
In Portland and cause chaos In railroad
work, especially In the matter of han
dling freight on the coast.
Ths HU1 people claim that all offers
they have made to the terminal com
pany have been rejected. Offers of land
for the extension of terminal services
have been put by, and attempta to take
up the Front street tracks of the ter
minal company by .the Northern Paciflo
have also been turned down. The Hill
people say -that It will be war to the
knife from now on; that they are tired
with temporising with the Harriman
people when they are so clearly within
their rights. .
', riaish right Sxpected.
Railroad men say that the prettiest
kind, of a fight can be looked for be
tween the two railroad -Interests.-because
It Is believed that . the Northern
Paciflo is tired of the blocking system
started by the Harriman people two
yeara ago when the matter of the North
Bank road was broacnaa. , At that time
the Harriman people set up a claim that
they were entitled to the line of the new
road . because of surveys they mad
there eight year ago. Sine that time
the strife between the two large com
panies has been keen and a blocking
game haa been played by both at all
stages. , -
The Injunction proceedings will be
heard - in Judge Gilbert's court Mon
day morning. Unless President Dolnh
and : the terminal company can show
eause why the temporary restraining
order should not remain In- force until
after the trial of the condemnation pro
ceedings Instituted in the state court,
a temporary injunction order wUl be
vapor settle into the streets and houses,
wher throngs of homeless ones are
wandering about erased by the awful
- It Is Impossible to ascertain how wide
an area of country this vtstutlon laid
wast. Nothing has been heard from
Santiago, the capital city of Chile, and
It la feared the fete of that city la as
bad or worse than Valparaiso.
; Thar war two distinct and terrific
hacks, the second . onfellowlng al
most, Instantly -after the first and com
pleting the work of destruction. Th
day before waa unusually calm and
pleasant At I o'clock the whole city
seemed suddenly to swing backward
and forward and then came a sudden
Jolt with such, mighty-fore that rows
of buildings toppled to the earth as If
made of plaster. Whole rows of build
ings went down In a few seconds. Boon.
after the aecond shock had subsided It
became known that th business part of
town waa doomed.
From th Bellavista section little waa
heard, but before midnight fires were
een burning thore, and it was learned
that section of th city was also
doomed. Before th stunned people
were given time to realise th magni
tude of th calamity again th city was
ahaken with violence greater than be
fore. The earth In placea , lifted and
pitched bulldinga forward. In other
place there was a terrible tremor,
which shook every structure to the
ground. This shock continued longer
than th first - When It had subsided
fires were biasing up and thousands of
terrified people wer praying, and panic
wept the city.
Many landslides have occurred around
th city, and scores of live have bees
lost there.
Oaeet at Portland Hovel Porvteld aazta
tuki in Talparaiao.
Jam Wlnslow Ames, . who waa a
guest at th Portland hotel aeversl
weeks ago, predicted that his home city,
Valparaiso. Chile, would probably be th
next city after San Francisco to Buffer
from an earthquake.
"It has been known to scientists for
years," said Mr.aAmes In talking to
friends, 'that the western coast of th
new world Is still In process of forma
tion, and for nearly 40 yeara the United
States has been conducting a series of
surveys to determine the amount of
rise of land produced br the Dreasura or
the earth's crust Those extierlmenta
how that for each year of observation
the land haa risen one foot. With suoh
s condition existing there is nothing
strsng in th occurrence of esrth-
quakes. There are bound to be times
when the pressure will exert upon for
mations of different strength, which Is
bound to be followed by sharp rises or
falls as th land adjusts Itself.
"Another fact .that makes an earth.
quake extremely likely on the Chilean
coast Is that this stretch or belt of new
land formation lies In a direct line from
a point In southern Alaska through San
Francisco. Continuing the line it passes
through Valparaiso. Scientists . have
known this fsct for many years, and
one prominent geologist made th re
mark after an exhaustive study of con
ditions In Alsska that Ood has not fin
ished making that country.
t.-ouid we but see the formations fust
below the Pacific ocean a short distance
off th coast line we would undoubtedly
be able to find formations in even
more chaotic state than above sea level-
but w will have to wait several thou
sand years and let posterity make stud
ies or tnose formations. Suffice It te
say thst earthquakes can be expected all
along the - coast wherever that line
touches." .- :
- ..He . ' I
flame Break On ia Swore ef Plaeeew
Bssiaess Standstill . ,
I Jeorasl gpeetsl Service.) -New
Tors, Aug. IS. A special to the
Times from Valparaiso ssys: About
I o'clock on Thursday evening there
was a tremendous earthquake at Val
paraiso. Aa at San Franclsc. the shock
was followed by th starting of msny
fires..- Th flames extend from Jh
Ptasa Orden toward the north and have
not been extinguished. v. '
Msny houses. hav beea .destroyed and
iLu.. .v. JUtat n atn ifccS , aiiB, , , ylr.vrV V.- v.
Th Burned Half Block, From the
' . l.
nearly all of those In th city are more
or less damaged, either by th earth
quake or th fir.
Business Is at a complete standstill.
Ths banks ar closed. Th gas supply
is unavailable and th electric lighting
system is completely knocked out. The
greatest panlo prevaua among tne in
habitants. Many families ar fleeing
from th city. The weather la fair and
th sea. calm. .s
Communication with Santiago de
Chile la Interrupted, and It Is Impossible
to learn what haa happened there.
Many persona wer killed and injured
In Valparaiso.
The shocks oontlnu but ar milder.
Th ahlDDlns- In th port was not in
jured. The streets which suffered most
were CaUes Blanco, conaeu ana aime
relda. and those In th Dellclaa district.
wher th best residences ere.
Disaster Bxieaded Aa V ad Bows
Bonkfe' Mtt tcan, .. -.
. fjflarasl Imrlil Batrles.l
New Tork, Aug. II. A special to the
Sun from Buenos Ayres saya: Acoora
ing to information received here a large
number of buildings nave oeen aeairoyea
In Valparaiso and th loss of Uf is said
to hav been large. Th disturbance
waa general throughout Chile and felt
at some point In Argentina Republic.
New , of .th dlssster is extremely
meager owing to th fact that tele
grsphie communication is cut off. shocks
having thrown down the telegraph
lines. From the few details obtainable
here. It appears that there were five
shocks, the disturbance passing south
along the Pacific coaat and croaalng the
Andes.- Th shocks were very- severe.
according to th registration or tne
aelsmosraph Instruments here and al
Santa. Rosa and Andes City. The prop
erty loss Is enormous. Many housea
were thrown down, including th gov
arnment house.
. During the night the volcano of
1 Tomingato on the Chile-Argentina- bor
der, wee- heard roaring and the people
fled to the churches to pray ior ssieiy.
At San Juan, In the Andes, high winds
accompanied the shocks, Ths shock at
Andea Cltv waa very severe. The
towns of Rosarlo. Arenas, Rio J a. Ban
Luis And Tucuman were . seriously af
fected by the -shock. :- ,
anxious7bout family.
Captain Beokwtth of Talparaiao X Slow
. la Victoria Karbor. '
Victoria, B.-' C" Aug. Captain
Beckwtth of the Chilean ship Curson Is
now herP H-- cam direct from ValT
paralso.' H0ts very anxious about his
wife and daughter, who ar now living
there, but can get no word. He 1 of
th oplrfjsn that th disaster will, ss In
Frisco be wore felt on the waterfront
where there is reclaimed land. There
are four streets parallel with the water
front so reclaimed. ' These extend for
two miles, snd are business blocks. -
The English population of about S.000
la domiciled largely on th bluff back of
On July 20, th day th Curson left,
an earthquake waa felt it was ao se
ver that Captain Beckwlth could not
put on his clothes, being In th act of
dressing at the time.
Captain Young of th Arlstomene also
knows Valparaiso well and recalla th
tidal wave following the earthquake in
HIS, which carried an American man of
war Inland three miles, in 1ITT an
other tidal wave washsd it to within
half a mil of th water again. . V .
Twelve-Toot Wall f Water Sweep
V Shores of Island.
.Honolulu. Aug. JS. Wireless reports
from th islands of Hawaii, Maul and
Hlla report a tidal wave, the general
height of which waa five feet
In th Inclosed bay of Maalaaa Its
height was estimated to be 11 feet
wher It carried away a wharf and Its
superstructure. The phenomenon was
manifested by an unprecedentedly heavy
.Th tidal wave Is attributed to the
earthquake at Valparaiso. Thirty-five
years ago an earthquake In South Amer
ica produced slmllsr effects her. '
Portland Man Says Two Destroyed
Cities Bssembled Bach Other.
Frlti Englehsrdt to' whom The Jour
nal la indebted for Its magnificent pie
tuH. of Valparaiso, is employed in the
drapery department of Tull at Olbba,
Mr. Englehardt stopped st th South
American metropolis - five' years ago,
whils on a trip from San Francisco to
Hamburg. To his eyes Valparaiso
looked to be very nearly aa large as
Ban Francisco, though the bulldinga
were built lower In anticipation of
earthquakea. The buildings ar of stone
and plaster. ...-.
- Palls Prom Scaffolding. ' -Baker
City. Or., Aug. H Harry Ben
nett waa severely . Injured ' yesterday
morning while at work on the Rand
building by falling from a scaffolding
about 14 feet high and striking one a
piece of timber on hi hack. -He was
picked up unconscious snd tsken to hie
home and a physician waa called. This
afternoon he Is resting as easy a could
be expected.
t i i a
la Self-Defease
Major If mm, ndltor snd manager of
the Constitutionalist, Eminence, Ky.,
when lie waa fiercely attacked, four
years ago, by -Piles, bought a box of
Burklen s Arnica Halve, of which he
saya: "it cured me In ten days and no
trouble since." Quickest healer of
Burns.l Korea, Cuts and W euHda. Ho t
Skidnor Drua ....
.Jw. ;.,...yiMa'aV.,W......A - , Wa,
Corner of -Fourth and Burniide. The
Shows in the Backfroand.
(Continued from. Page On-)
did Oadaby and man named Rum ford,
an employ of th yeast company. Ths
Qulmby hotel lost two horses. '
Talnabl Dog Bmmed.'
On of th four dog burned, a fox
terrier belonging to Charles E. Lytle,
waa tied to th leg of a table. The
cries of th poor animal could, b beard
for many minute after the fir had
surrounded It and aeveral fforta were
made to rescue It, but without avail. -
Th total damag don la variously
estimated at from 110.000 to 160.000
All th bulldinga- war wooden, many of
them being pne-etory wooden shacks.
Th whole block I owned by the Wil
son estate, the building being Insured
at nearly. If not all, of their full value.
Th different place either totally or
nearly entirely destroyed ar: A restau
rs. A. E. Owens, proprietor; two em
ployment offices; barber shop, H. M.
Harndin; blcycl shop, J. H. Richard
son) bat innovatory; cleaning ahop;
veterinary office. Dr. C, K. Brown; Fish
beck's carpenter ahop; Hart's livery
barn; U. 8. Bakery; flgar store, X). B,
Shoen. - ;: . - -
' Origin of Tire Unknown.
' Ths origin of ' th fire 1 not known.
Firemen and other who were on the
spot early say that It started in th rear
of th baker shop. . Th bakers aay that
It started in a shed next door. Th wind
wss from th northwest and to this faet
la due th saving of th remainder of
the block, on which is situated the mors
valuable buildings. Four alarms were
turned In, two of them promptly, the
general alarm being turned in about 10
minute later. After two hours' work
th bias eras annihilated.
(Continued from Page One.) m
with a big chair all -to.. himself.. .Mrs.
Zschary sat With her husband and their
4-year-old boy, near on of th court
room window.' Beaida and in front of
them were a group . of women, several
of them old nelghbora of th Zacharys
and the Bamarda. . The wife and chil
dren of BarnaH stayed at home, but he
had jnany f inda present Watson,
alone, waa without frlenda from the
Fossil country. He had turned agalnat
his fellow-conspirators and they oared
not what became of him. .. ... .
.Sentence Postponed.
When Judge Hunt announced that th
time had arrived for imposing sentence
on the eonvlcted defendants summoned
to appear before him.. Special Assistant
Attnrnev-Oenaral . Francla J. Hanev
ashed tha sentence against Hendricks
snd Zachary. be postponed until after
fthe trial of th illegal fencing caae in
which both ar defendants. Thla re
quest waa made In th belief that fair
ness demanded that they be given an
opportunity to testify In their own be
half, if they ao desired. - If they were
sentenced prior to the hearing of the
fencing caae they would be barred from
testifying, th penalty for perjury car
rying with It prohibition from giving
evldenc In any court of th United
States. Judge Hunt granted th order
requested and the wrinkles that had
gathered on th forehead of Hendricks
began to disappear.
Watson Oeta Off Saay.
Watson wss next Prosecutor Heney
explained that It had been the policy of
the government pot to prosecute entry
men provided they told the truth. Wat
son, had not been given the opportunity
to go before the grand Jury, like other
entry-men, because he could not be
found at the time his case waa under
consideration. - Laat Thursday he had
been asked if he . desired to tell the
truth, he bad consented, hsd made a
statement to Irvln Rlttenhousa, secre
tary to counsel for th government, snd
hsd gon upon th stand and told of his
connection with th fraud.
Prosecutor Heney therefor asked
thst sentence be Indefinitely postponed
and that Wat eon be released on his own
recognisance, with the understanding
thst If he aloes not behave himself he
will be brought Into court . and ' sen
tenced. In conclusion, it was pointed
out that Watson waa poor and in bad
health, and that he had been induced to
break th law by people wiser than he
and possessing more means. v
Judge Hunt called Watson before hint
and. said: t ...u
"I believe th suggestion made by Mr.
Heney is proper, and that It Is prompted
by the correct spirit. I don't believe
you ar a bad man, Watson. On th
contrary. I think you hav th makings
of a good man. Th thing for you to do
I to take car of your body and your
conscience. , I believe yon have been
th victim of elrcumstancea, and It Is to
yonr credit that yon did not go on the
stand in your - own case and perjure
yourself." . ,
Th court then informed watson that
bla sentence would be indefinitely post
poned .and Instructed htm to keep the
United States attorney's office posted
ss to his whereabouts. The bondsmen
were exonerated and Watson dropped
back Into th crowd. . ,
. Barnard Is Sentenced.
Before Coe Barnard wss sentenced
Judge Bennett Interposed a motion In
srrest of Judgment and read decisions
bearing on his contention, thst the In
dictment In the esse deprived th de
fendant ef sights guaranteed to him by
the sixth smendment of th constitution
of th United States. Judge Hunt over
ruled the motion st Issue and informed
counsel that he could argue bis constitu
tional point on a motion for a new trial.
Co Barnard stood up snd waa asked
the formsl question of whether he had
anything to aay. "I haven't," he an
swered, but Judge Bennett pnk in his
behalf, calling attention to the terrible
punishment of making man Ineligible
! testify . la , court; If b wlf and
! lX ? .0UJnitrv ' 1" r iWr 1i TsWl-tlTTr I V L' -1 - ftril
Blackened Side of the Quimfejt Hottt
' ' " ; 1 i
two Children who look to htm for sup
port, and to th aged mother for whom
h ha eared for many year.'' -
Judge Hunt began by saying; "It la
not very often there Is a conviction of
th erim of. perjury. It is aa abhor
rent offense, and when committed by a
man of Intelligence and standing. In th
community in which he Uvea It becomes
a menace to society." . r. I
Th court -predicted that In a few
yearn people would awake to a realisa
tion of th solemnity of an oath, and a
better era would suoceed th age of
commercialism In which man striving
for th accretion of material fortune ar
prone to forget th duty they owe to
their fallow and their government
If the truth prevail in court" he
aid, "society will be benefited, and It
will prevail , mor and-Jttor out Of
COUrt" , - '.-'"- V. h '
' Beclajres Tsrdlot fust,
Judge Hunt declared th verdict was
a Just one, spoke of th sealous way In
which th rights of the defendant had
been protected by hi counael, and said
that If any error had been committed
by th court th defendant would get
the full benefit of it on appeal. .
A few more word and then cam th
sentence: "It Is th Judgment of this
court that you be confined in prison.
on McNil'a Island for two yeara and
that you pay a fin of 12,000."
Barnard winced. On and only on of
his sympathisers shed tear. . That was
llttl Miss Hendricks. . Barnard had
been good to her. ao sh cried and re
fused to be comforted.
Prosecutor Heney asked that th bond
of Zachary be raised to $10,000. Judge
Hunt decided that 18,000 would be suf
ficient Barnard's bond on appeal waa
fixed at the same figure. Both Zachary
and Barnard' war permitted to so on
their old bonds pending th filing of new
security. ,
Twelve-Year-Old Girl Gaggd
and Beaten With Leather
. Strap by Insane Man.
(Jesrnal Special Service.)
a. n.,..rlnrt Hal.. Auar. 1 1 Olive
Peters, th ii-year-old daughter of 3.
M, Peters, painter, was found lashed
... ru in th. hflr vard at har Bar
ents' horn In tb suburbs of ColtOn to
day, having been captured oy a man
supposed to b Insane, who, after tying
and gagging hor with a leather strap,
took another strap and whipped her se
verely. - " 1
1 will com back -with wood to sacri
fice you." was the Insane man's decla
ration a h left th child and stol
away into th bruah. But b haa not
returned, and officer ar on th look
out through this county and Riverside
for him.- ' k
Th child's Injuries are. not sever.
k. - h. waa alttlna- alone In
th hous when She saw a man pass
th window and, believing It . was her
father, sn went .to meci mm ana was
mImjI SIKa 4mm4Ii.4 hav mm mm 1 1 f aa
a man of wtld appearance and continu
ally tremonng, a inousn-wiin, asuo. ;
McLean's Famous Schooner, the
Carmencita, Turned Into
Respectable Craft.
(Joorasl Special Service.)
San Diego, Cal., Aug. II. San Diego
Is shortly to become th horn port
of on of th most famook ships that
has sailed th waters of the Paciflo
In recant years. There is hardly a
reader of fiction that Is not -more or
less acquainted with the story of th
schooner Carmencita and ner former
commander. Captain Alexander McLean.
In his stories of "Th Bea wolf jack
London made both the pirate craft and
her commander famoua because of the
attempted raids on Copper lalands. Not
so msny weeks ago the Carmencita was
turned Into a respectable craft . .
During th course of her existence
sh has bean known by the customs au
thorities to hav sailed under three
r.smes. . How many names she has
sailed under without the knowledge of
the government offtolala Is not known.
Oeorg C. Deermaker, a San Dlagan, is
th nW owner of -th schooner, which
is now known as ths Acapuloo and is
to tie used In th guano business. He is
the owner of a Mexican concession to
tsks guano, from all Islands on the west
coast. - -v y
" (Imraal Special garrtce.l
Hpringfleld, 111.; Aug. IS. Examiner
Jones' report on th Milwaukee Avenue
bank shows at least S1.0Q0.00 wss lost
and that there Is unquestlonnblr forged
paper amounting to nearly half, and
that, on quarter Is doubtful.
.meval Mutineer Sxeonted.
fJearaal Bneclal BerrleaJ '
at. Petersburg, Aug. - II. Eighteen
mutineer at 11. wer executed this
moraine. .
Sew m$
. Regular
Value 65c ' ,
6-OjiQrt Berlin Kettle
. Royal Enamel Wartr
No. 3 Steel Fry Part
K e: crtt ef: r V cr
the Stomach
' Nothing! , will cure inditfestion that
;' detsn't ttlg0St th food, Itstlf, and dv
1 the ttomach a perfect rest. - :"
. . . You cant reasonably expect, tner
1 any weak stomach 4 win Tegain,'itf
' atrentfth and tfet well when it i
' compelled to da:the."tZ toor that a
sound stomach should do, k'
Vou wouldn't expect a sick horse
-to tfet well when it is compelled to do a
full day's work every day of the week,
Hour stomach must have ret:, .
. But it isn't necessary to stmroo your
self in order to rest your stomach.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a perfect
Attestant ' It will dltfest all of the food
you eat regardless of the condition of
your stomach. V..V..'-.'
Dyspepsia Cure
for Indigestion; Dyspepsia, Sour
Stomach. Flatulence, Headache Water
Brash. Belching of Gas, Nausea, Gastritis.
Heartburn , and all troubles arising
from inditfestion and non-isslmilition
of the food.; ; ;-- ; '
I had dytpeptU In tte worst formi wee re
duced In weight to 118 pound. After using two
and one-half bottle of Kodol. I wa eompletely
cured and restored to my usual weight of led
Att'y At Law. Cleburne. Tex.
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Sold by Stidmore Drag Co.
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Leave Alder Street Dock, Port.
. land ,
Arrive at Astoria at. ...1
Laav Astoria for horn at I
Arrlv la Portland at...,..r...l
. ' Keala Served a to Carte. . Carry Ten X.xk it Ten Wlsk.
.: ........ . si . : - ,. .. ' r
A delightful Sunday trip a charming rids on th greatest river of
western America th best steamboat on th Tactile coast Pollt attn.
.tion to averyon. f . . ,
See the City by the Sea at Little Cost
Regular ,
Value 65c
Regular-Value, 25c
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end Woodard, Clarke ft Co.
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