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    3 cr.rcc:i paily joumr.i; rcTLAra rr.iDAY zvz::i::o. august it. ltzs.
t::a -;-07--: EcnsnTieraLcouTEStia
Ambitious Young Men and Women Making Last Efforts to Secure
!. y . ' ; Valuable Scholarships Offered bV The Journal's ' ,
' . v - - Circulation
:V S'" - v.'v", .' . y. ' .
. : .-i rusho or oobttsstastts ht yotbs. ' - o
, ' Horace A. 'Wilson. IS5 Halsey BU PortUnd. Or. ................ .iM.&IO
e Nlll Mar Shannon. f Ttntno, Portland. Or. ....... .1.66
Lillian MoVIcker, St. Johns. Or. . ... .U.'... ...'..V. .1 .61.T66 .
,'s Rhode U fitalnaker, Albany. Or.............. v. .. .4,4J8, '
;., ' Guy Graham. Troutdala, Or. .... I .7.fl4 -0
r: Mildred L. Clemens. University Pwk.
r Charles Gross, Y. M. C A Portland.
;, ',' , Carl Bhelton, Forty-eighth St. Mount
Mac Pendergraas, 121 North Seventeenth St., PortIarid,"br. .18.011
Roy Johnaon, T4 Division Bt, Portland, Or. , v12,810
Bertie Q. Chan. J -Clay Bt, Portland, Or, ."..'.. ....I........... .11.110
Clay Jonea, 40 East Twelfth Bt;, Portland; dr. .,;.';..,,;...., ..10,616
Edith M. Harris, .41 Oxford Bt., Portland, Or . ; . . . , .. .16.676
John. Benson, Cheraawe, Or. ...v.,.........,,..;....,'....,...... .16.H6
'L; a Mary E. Powell, 41T Balmon St.. Portland. Or, .................. .1I,&0
y 4 Paul Nyrren, 186 East Third Bt, Portland, Or, . . ll,60
4) Dorcas Van 8ohoonhovn, Coya, Qr. ......... ......10.406
Mabel Macneaa, Amity, Or......,..,........:... .".,." .40
Harry Brant, The Morton, Twelfth and Morrison. Portland, Or.'. .. S. 036
p Ruth. Turner, tot Kerby Bt, Portland,. Or. 1,760
;' 4 Lloyd Riches. Bllverton, Or..................... ..1
Dean Knox. Corvillla. Or ..."..
. y ' - ew(l '
f ' 4 Clay Cary, Salem. Or.",
t : Maine iruonnelj, Buxton, or..-rt
31enn Patlllo, Grants Pass, Or. ......... . , . . . .
Alleen Hackman. Myrtle Park. Portland, Or,.... .............. .
Guy Johnson 106 Grant Bt., Portland. Or...........';....,....
Louis Soott. Central addition, Portland, Or.;..................
R. W. Cyrus, Bclo. Or......................... ,.........,.' Mi
Ivy Owens Cedar Mills, Or.........,..-.,.;.,. ., 1,715
4Edw.ard L. Kinsman. Llnnton, Or..,...f.,.....',;.-
. Acnes Evans, Latourell, Or. .................. ..i..,,,,LJv
W. E. Gwynn. 641 East Thirty-seventh St., Portland, Or.....;... ' 600
Richard W. Gilvln, Rosebur. Or., . . . . 416
Gerv D. Kins', Kingston. Or....,...
'. The tint Is arowins; short for! the
t ; Catherine; of rotes in the educational
f contest. The boys and trlrls down near
tb foot of the clasa would better hurry
, 1 up to make records.
- ' Thar are a treat many youns; people
... who want scholarships - in the .' good
r schools In The Journal's Hat of prises.
; , They will not stand by and see th val
it t uable scholarship prises go for small
blocks of votes. f -.
The A lbany tee.-
; . . Rhoda L. Btalnacker of Albany gath
' . red subscriptions that gave , her a
- credit of (.411 votes th first day that
: sh - decided to . go -, Into th contest.
" During th next 11 days sh ran har
' ecore up to 15.645 votes and took sixth
plao In th contest From July SO to
, August 1. a period of 'eight working
? i days, sh polled 1.(96 votes,---And she
' .' has kept up thes high averages and
'. ' now stands for a cash prise as well as
tor a scnolarabiD. .
Taa (Mrtruk lassU." '.
Dorcas Van. Bchoonhoven. , th Sag
brush laaal of eaatern Oregon." bounded
V Mto ths contest arena and went up the
aa antelope going over the divide. Her
first score was 1,746 votes and h now
ha to bar credit 10.406 votes. If the
rnntMl ahAitM mrA mri t K tlila tifiH-Jtiil
', ' It does not sh probably would get her
j choice of scholarshlpe. It Js entirely
valley will put her up among th six
-'rcaah prises aa well as to civ her-a
,; 'scholarship. ;'-.. ' ;. "
, Miss Van Schoonhoven has mad this
'. headway and now occupies seventeenth
f . place, although alno entering th con-
tost sh ha lost an entire week on
aooount of sickness, t
t ; h will be able to make up - for th
' delay for a lot of people at La Grande
; Union, Island City, Elgin, Summervllle
( and Cove are saving subscriptions for'
. her. Teey want her to call for thes
' How much thes good friends might
1 , help her If they would remit th money
. .direct to Th Journal, aaking that th
t money b credited, at th earn time
' notifying her by letter or poetal, or
send the subscription money direct to
herl ( That would enable "th 8aga
brush girl"-to spend her tlm soliciting
for subscriptions which do not com so
V asy. - ... :.-..-.,.-..-. J
J Friends. of other candidates may act
..upon this suggestion in helping their
. own candidates. -- '.
s . v ha Baztoa OlxL "
h.; Malale O'Donnell of Buxton.' Washiqg-
' tos county, did not enter the educational
3Xs? Crohit 6? Knapp Co. a
New Creation
v , Introducer anil Den'tfnsr
I I C ft 'at n r f-s-m
r.v ,
Portlsndi Or.; t;,...jt.A;Hj
Tabor,: Or. ,
...... .....S.iw
. 1 . .
contest until August S. and she already
has 4,710 votes toward a scholarship,
with thousands mors In prospect , She
has passed by 10 contestants who had
been in the contest for three or four
weeks before sh entered. -
If the contest were to and today sh
would win a scholarship.' But sh has
not yet con, high enough to win th
on sh wants. But sh has demon
strated Jer ability .to go to th front
and her admirers have confidence,, in
her finish. ," '
It is something of an honor to enter
th contest lata and to win a prtsa It
shows superior ability and popularity.
Where there's a will there's a way. v
O rants fut Oaadldava. -
Glenn Patlllo,a bright lad of 14 years
t Grants Pase. is an Illustration of th
courageous contestant , ;
He entered the educational contest on
Auguat II and will run to th finish.
j His first report was S.600 votes. Judge
W. C Hale of Grants Pass noticed th
merits of th contest and took an In
terest In young Patlllo. He started him
out .-with 1.60 votes, his own yearly
subscription to Th Journal, and helped
Mm to get several subscriptions from
others. Dr. Flannagan Joined- In th
good cause and In a short while Glenn
Patillo's candidacy was fairly launched
ana wun excellent prospects. 7 "
staown as Vews Ag-emt,
business community of Grants Pass as
a new scent He sells an Illustrated
weekly and by 'hustling constantly has
nuut up a coasmeraDie net or patrons.
His sincerity and manliness havs mads
hire popular. Now that hs has launched
Into th subscription business In order
to earn a scholarship In a good school
th -old -. friends 'and th new will
patronise him mor liberally than aver.
Glenn Patlllo Is th son of Mr. and
Mr. W. H. Patlllo. Hs has an older
sister who( will help him aa much as
sh csn to make calls. After canvassing
u rants ra ne may go to Medford.
Ashland and . Jacksonville, representing
soutnern Oregon in in contest -
Opportunity for otfcsxs.'
' As the contest stands today nearly
aa many scnoiarsnips ar being offered
as there are contestants. AH but th
lowest five would be awarded scholar
ships If the contest were to clos on
this tdste. Not all would be able to
select . th . schools they want as th
cnoic or scnoiarsnips is to De mad In
the order the contestants stand In th
scor iln. -
But there Is- now ' abundant oppor
tunity for nsw contestants to enter th
rac and win scholarships, i Inquiries In
this Irne will be promptly answered by
oT Stylisk Hats lor Mil
,'.. M . ej ,1 - ,
i. . WlV.. t,a IV...V.I
- rs '
Kea's COothiag, f2as u TanliUif
Crooda, Plrso From Vew Terk and
Ja Maaaf aotnrT, (aa sTUrtert Fro
' daetleaa of (ha xaksrg SklU, WiU
B ZUVerally Displayed. .
Th new clothing store of 8. Brora
berger A Co., 641 .Washington street
first door west of Seventh, will open its
doors tomorrow morning st ( o'clock.
Upon Its shelves and counters will b
displayed the lateet creations of the
skllfull manufacturers of th east 'and
all that la faahlonable in men's apparel
will be there for Inspection. Th ateck
is entirely new, every garment up-to-date,'
and, .of course, representative of
all that is timely In both material and
cut i Indeed, visitors will find . It a
clean-cut establishment, new, trim and
sparkling and .everything marked, in
( n
figures so that th customer may know
at a glanc the cost of anything that
may meet his fancy., Purchased very
close for cash, prices will boar favoi.
able comparison with any concern of its
kind on the coast, and It Is certain that
those becoming Its patrons - will b
plessed with their purchases. c
Mr. Bromberger, head of th hous.
S'as for 14 years In th clothing bust
ess - in. this . city, but sold - out more
than a year ago. He could not remain
in Idleness, however, and hence secured
a long loss on his present 1 premises
and is again actively before the publlo.
Those who dealt with him before will
be glad to know that they may renew
their business friendships.
th Contest Editor of Th Journal, Port
land, Orsgon. , -i. . . ,.
v - Whit Temple Indnrssinsn.
Horao A. Wilson, ths tndomltahl
leader of th contest Is fortuaat la
having an excellent letter to aid him
in hla canvassing. - Th letter is as fol
lows: ,, v.'- f-, .
, "Th Journal ' Publishing Company,
Portland, Oregon Gentlemen: W ar
very happy to see th good work don
by Horac A. Wilson In your educa
tional contest He Is a member of our
church and also of th Alert Bible club
In our Blbl school and w wish him
continued success In th struggle for
prise Not 1 or I. He la a splendid young
man and worthy , th highest support
given him. . 7 '
, "With th highest approval of his
oandldscy, and -of th admirable enter
prise of Th Journal, ws remain,
"Tours very truly, -'
. .. .. ' .."Pastor.."-,.
. : h .. . "Assistant
In gold and cash oommtsslons.
Following Is th list of scholarships,
with annroxlmat cash . value of each.
offered aa prises. Detailed Information
concerning them will be published from
tlm to tlm, or furnished on applica
tion to th contest aspartmsnti
Academy of th Holy Names, As
toria, valu I60
Albany College, Albany, valu. ; ... 100
Behake-Walker - Business - College.
Portland, valu. 101
Capital . Business College, . Salem.
valu 100
Columbia - University, . Portland,
value 100
Dallas College. Dallsa, valu....... 101
Ollleapl School .. of . Expression.
: Portland, value 116
Hill Military Academy. Portland,
valu ; 100
Holmes Business College, Portland,
value 100
Holmes-Flanders Private - School,
Portland, value ................. 160
International Correspondence .
Schools. Be ran ton. Pav value.'..'. 110
McMlnnvlUe College, McMinnvQle,
value 44
Oregon " Conservatory of Musis,
, Portland .
v One Pianoforte Scholarship,' value 100
One Violin Scholarship, value.'.. 116
. One Guitar and Mandolin Scholar
- ship, vslue 100
Pacific College. Newberg, valua. . . .. 16
Paclflo Telegraph Institute! Port
land, valu ;...l!6
Portland School of Domestlo Sol-
enoe. . Portland (T.. W. C. AO,
value 1. .ltl
Sacred' Heart Academy, Salem.
value 144
St ' Mary's Academy, . Portland,
value 100
Besides th cash, commissions which
tb students receive when they secure
new subscriptions,- cash purses to tjh
totsl sum 'Of (160 will be awarded aa
follow! .
1. A purse of (100 for the gansral ox-
pans of th winner whll attending any
publlo or prlvot Institution providing
irs tuition.
I. A purssxf (100 to be used In ths
same manner as th above. '
t. A purs of (100 for Incidental ex
penses to supplant -.a scholarship se
lected from the. foregoing list. -
4. A purs of (76 In addition to ea
Of th foregoing scholarships.
6. ..A purs of (60 In addition to on
of th foregoing scholarships. ,
(. A purss ef (26 In addition to en
of th foregoing scholarships, - , y :.
(ioarsal Special Orvlee.t
San Francisco, Aug. 17. Fred Peter
son. William Meares. Walter West wood
and Frank MoAuliff. four' youths still
In thslr teens, last night confessed that
they committed th aerie of hold-ups
which culminated In th killing of Fred
Mulllneaux on th Ooean boulevard last
Sunday night'
Peterson, aged 'IT, admitted that h
fired th ehet which kilted Mulllneaux
when th latter resisted robbery. .
. McAullfte, aged 14, broke down and
gave the name of the other three.
Peterson told In detail of the robbery
et four persons in one hour before ths
murder of Mulllneaux, and a hold-np on
th boulevard the night prevloua
Westw6od the leader of th gang, la
about 1 years of sg. Hs admitted
that' he was ths gnnholder In th other
robberies and was Peterson's
torn when MuUlaoaus - was held up.
IfsaM la 14
j - :" I ' j- "
f i r- ' i ft
I ' 7 ' I ' . "
iii u . ..
Cranci Qkmil
Tomorrov Night Winds It lp !
: All pianos unsold Saturday night will be turned over to ths Sher-.
man, Clay dV Co., who recently bought th entire rnterett of tha
Allen ft Gilbert-Ramaker Co. of the Pacific northwest. We prefer
to retail the few pianos on land
gale pries to turning them over to the Sherman, Clay Co. at actual
selling.prica. " ;r " , " ' i"77- . : "'
Mr. Dundore will be permanently associated with the 8herman,
Clay ft Co. and can bo seen at hie office on the second floor of ths.
Allen ft Gilbert-Ramaker store at Sixth and Morrison. ' .
Wt appreciate ths liberal patronage that has been extended to
ths Dundore Piano Co. and Mr. Dundore personally will gladly,
greet his friends and patrons st Sixth snd Morrison streets. Do not
miss the bargains offered tomorrow our last day. Corns in and sea -
r bow easy it is to buy. s first-class piano at s pries that will fully '
satisfy you. You can practically make your own terms. ' ..
The Diindore Piano Co.
sixth and Alder Street!
. - P. Sv Pianos range In pries ths last day from $125 up. Why
. not investigate? v.-..,:.,. .;,; ,
Southern Psolflo ' Will Not Re
ceive 8upplis for Shipment'
, -to the Bay City.
The lumber embargo - against San
Francisco and Oakland has not been
rslsed. Ths Southern Psciflo company
j '- ,.' ...'. 1 ''" .11'
Summer - ! Beit . Season - to Cure
CaUrrh. Hyomci Sold Under ,
'.;' V . Guarantee. .fr . '
' . -. ''
Summer 1 the best time In the whole
yWr for the treatment of catarrhal
troubles, and Woodard, Clark St Co.
urge vry reader ef The Journal to
nse Hyomel now and be permanently
Unlike , the . ordinary treatment for
catarrh, there is .no- stomach dosing
when using HyomsL Th remedy. Is
breathed through a neat pocket, inhaler
that cornea In every outfit, and It bal
samlo healing air penatrates to th most
remote parte ef the nose. ; throat and
lung, searches out and kills the catarrh
germs In all parts -of the respiratory
organs and soothes and hesls any Irri
tation there may Be in tns mucous mem-
Hyomel la not aion in oniy natural
eatment for catarrh, but It la th only
on sold under an absolute guarantee to
refund th money unless- it gives satis
faction. It kills all dlaesss germs and
reetoresths mucous membrane of th
throat. noss and. lungs to perfectly
health? condition. - -
Th complete uyornei mm coeis mil
11.00. . sstra bottles 6O0.. Woodard,
Clarke V Co. sell Hyomel under an abso
lute guarantee to refund the, money If
It does not glv setlafaetlon. Tou run
no risk at all in buying UO. guaranteed
Our . entire line of Young Men's Outing Suits and
all our Young Men's Regulars in Odds and Ends
One-Half Price
An extraordinary offering of Odds and Ends and
broken lines of Boys' and Children's ;
- Knee Pants Suits - ,
One-Half Price
st s smsilmargln above the whole-1-!
has Issued orders that lumber shipments
from - Oregon oan be accepted for all
California points outslds of Ban Fran-
claco and Oakland, conditioned) on un
loading of 'the lumber at deatlnation.
and not aubleot to dlveraion.
There are still thousands of carloads
of freight m th - San Francisco and
Oakland terminals and other thousands
cf 1 carloads sidetracked at points be
tween there and Portland, awaiting
movement . Into th San Franclsoo ter
minals. Th larger part of this tonnage
Is lumbar. ' A fast as ears ar un
loaded In San Fra'hclsco ths mptla ar
moved out and mor load are moved In.
Th clearing up of . th blockade 1
slow work and hss not, yet reached a
stag where mor lumber can b ac
cepted from Oregon mill for ahlpment
to San Francisco.' It is probable' that
weeks will '' elapee before a normal
movement of lumber and other unperlah
able freight Into San Francisco will be
resumed. Meantime th lumbar mills
may ship thslr . products to an? other
point In California as usual.
(Contlnusd from Page Ona)
petition' aaking that h b authorised to
sell the real estate at private sale, stat-
: Restaurant
Opea Bay and Wight,
FrUS Besot dasas .15
Fried HaUbat, Steak..
Fried SaJmea Steak 154.
Fries Ootambla BUve Smelts. ..... 154
Stom Stada asaag t.C-. ...... ..IK
atntton Ohopa ..ICS
Fork Cnope .....20
Teal Outlet .......SO
Fried ataaa ....15
Fried Uvea and Oaloaa.. .IB
Fried Bassm 1S
Ftsktod tasik Ceifftft.
Fotato Salad ........20
Floktod Flge Feet, Fotato SakU..,20
Ooraed Bf SlaeSv FDaeked Srg...lB
Bread, Batter, Fetateee and Oeffee
Wth all order.
Blalasseot- fee leelea, v
Your choice of our entire line , of Children's
. v " Wash Suits
One-Half Price
Saturday Specials
.5:30 P. M. to 9:00 P. M.
Positively None Solo Before 1is Time
Regular Regular
'Value 65c-'-". Value 65c
6-Quart Berlin Kcttlo
; A; ";; Royal Enamel .Ware
W. V
log that th property . can b sold for
more mono?' at piivat sal than at a
publlo sal. Th real estate la located
largely In Holladay's addition, and was
appraised at 64, 116. ' Personal, property
snd cash In ths handa of ths adminis
trator amount to 61.66.
Ths heirs of th estate are: ' Mattl
B. Mitchell, widow, residence II Rue
de Constantino, Paris, France; John H.
Mitchell, eon, St Paul, Mlnneaota; Jen
nie M. Fawcett, daughter, Canton. Ohio;
Hiram K. Mitchell, son. Fort Hancock,
New Jersey; Mattl, Marquis d Roche
foucauld, daughter, tl Rue da Conatan
tlne, Paris, France; Allc Chapman,
granddaughter, . .Tacoma, Washington;
Mildred Chapman, granddaughter, Ta-
coma, Waahlngton; Jorat Mitchell Han
dy, grandson. NwN Tork City, and Ho
bart Chatfleld-Teylor Handy, New Tork
city. . , , i .....
(Continued from Pag Ona)
waiting to remove- hla clothing hs
plunged into th .water, and, diving, suc
ceeded in finding tho body of th smaller
boy. which wss st ths bottom of the
river. H brought- him ' s shore, where
th lad was Anally resuscitated.
Lin sos' fsat . was witnessed by a
number of others, who applauded him
heartily. He didn't se anything very
rem ark able about K, and so expressed
himself. He wss asked to tell how he
did It, and replied that there was noth
ing to tell. He wss also asked for bis
aliotograph. 1
ain i never naa none laaen. ne re-
Plied. 'east a tamUz (roup. Tou kin
mi; v
r 1
..Ul;-;;'; ..U Regular Value 25c
. 3 Steel Fry Pan
1 ) i
have that If you want It There' nln
or tan In tb family, I believe but- I
ain't Quite' sure."
Admirers of th lad's herolim who
wltnased his bravery ar preparing to
send hla name and the details ef hla
dead to the committee tn charge ef the
Carnegie hero fund. Lingo live with
hla parents at lit Grand avenue..
' (Joaraal flpeHal tervtre.) "
Chicago, Aug. 17. The Oarfleld Park
bank. an. Institution on West Madison
street.' wae placed In ths hands ef a re
ceiver 1st yesterday afternoon by Judge
Beathe In ths United State district
court. Three creditors "led ths pet Ulna
snd also asked that Fills E. Prsks,
president of th bank, be declared fcf
solvent. '
Th collapse ef th Milwaukee Aw-
state bank Is ld to hsv c"- :
eloatng of th smaller tnetttv .
statement of assets er lisbi.... )
preeented In court.
1 ! 1 . L '-.J-i... ----- .
Ttj TjJ Y;3 C::3
. Bears ths