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    Tins q-zz2:i daily jOLriAi; fohtlaiid. rrjDAY :;tz:::::o. aucu:t 17. I
luiTY SE
Term of Fifteen Democrat and
-v . t f FlftMit RepubHcan Ex
J;'i ; plrt In March
ReauW in Montana, Idaho, Colorado
DoubtfulChances Faror. Repub
licana in Delaw, Kanaaa, Watt
yjrflnla' knd Rhode Island. '
. -'i. lml M4al Servlca.!
3" i Washington, Aua. 1. Ths Wral at
' II Democrats and II Republicans whs
'. hava seats In the United states senate
entire on March I nest. The Demo-
: enli are: Bacon. Georgia; ' Bailer.
Tesaa; Berry. Arkansas; Blackburn,
-Kentucky; Carmack. Tennessee; Clark,
Montana: Dubois, Idaho; Foster, Uuisi
ana i reelected): Oearln. Oregon; Me
Iurln. MIealealml (reelected); Martin,
: Virginia: Morgan. Alabama; Patterson,
Colorado; Simmons, norm , vtrouwi
Tillman, South Carolina. v f, ,., f
The Reoublleans are: Alger, Mtoht-
' tu: Alleo.-Delaware; Benson, Kansas;
Burnham, New Hampshire; Crane, Mas-
saohusstts; Cullon. Illinois; uoinver,
Iowa; Drydan; New Jersey; Elkins, West
Virginia: Ftvs. Mstne; Oamble, Boutin
Dakota; Millard, Nebraska; Nelson. Min
nesota; Warren, Wyoming; wet more,
. Rhode Island. . :':.' .
Boms of the Democrats have already
; been reelected and others nominated
by 1 popular -vote. Berry will be suc
ceeded by Davie, Blackburn by Paynter,
and Carmack by Taylor; Oearln will
, be succeeded by Jonathan Bourns, a Re
publican. The states jot Montana. Idabo
and Colorado are deebtful, so the Demo
crats haver lost one, and three are In
; doubt, v j .. - - .
' In the Republican Hat the stateex-ef
; Delaware; Kansas.. Illinois, West Vir
ginia and Rhode Island are .doubtful,
(Its in all. but the chances favor, the
, Republicans in most of these states. -,
The new stats of Oklahoma will sleet
' two senators, and the outlook there Is
' favorable to the Democrats.
If a Democratic tidal ' ways ' should
'overwhelm- the Republlcaaa this fan
three sr four other states now counted
as surely Republican would sleet Dem
ocrats. , .,:.. i
r F03TBI 13 TOMB
Notorious Wildcat Promoter of
Baker District la Doing Legit
imate Mining Business. -
Baker city,' Or.; Aua.' IT. Letsoo BaV-
t Ilet is making; money hi Tonopah, ac
4 cording to T.-C. Shea, -who Is In Baker
, Ctty.after having recently returned from
the Nevada country, and ths Whits Swan
i promoter Is now conducting legitimate
mining enterprises. Mr. Shea says that,
Ball let has a hold on some rood proper
. ties and Is making- them ' bring In re-
i turn . " '. i
The statements are 'of great - Interest
here, as Letaon Balllet has more than
otioe threatened to corns back to Baker
City and start a newspaper as soon as
- he could agalq' get on his financial feet
This Mr. Bhea says bo Is doing.
Balllet went to Tonopah In the early
v history of that camp and managed to
' get hold of soma good property which
he Is exploiting; but not In ths sams old
.1 . way. - Ha is conducting a business on
a isgitimato basis and is slowly refill-
. tng his puree. - -
L When yott have a Bad
Breathwaice upi
AKBUpl It's time lo take
a Ceeoarel. 1
' When ths Wand jra",
speak to turn hi iao
tba other way, :V ' : ' '"V W;
; Whan your tongue to coated, , '
Whan you have Heartburn, Baloh
taf. Acid Rudnra In throat. : .
' . When Plmpls begin to paep out,
Whee your Stomach Cnawa of
Burns, :., :- 'r . ;' v '.-! v':V
; That'a tha time to chock coming
Constipation. Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
. , One aingls Candy Cascaret win do It
tf taken at the right minute, Juit when
jrou first fool the need of it -
. Caacareta don't Purge, nor Weaken, ,
nor watte Digestive Juices In flooding
;uTthe Bowels, like SaTtaiastoTOnr
"physksa.' 'f:: ' ' r ' J ' '-., rf ;
But, they act like Enarolse pa tha
Muscles that shrink and expand the In
testines, thus psshlng the Food on Nat
urally to IU Finish.' ; r ' , .'
, When your Bowel-Muscles grow flabby ;
mey.neod Etsrcise to strengthen them
potPhyato' to pamper them, v
' Caacareta provide the bracing tone
that la needed specifically by the Bower'
misyrles. ' :'"' 1
:' -! .,: i'
Then carry tha Uttle ton-cent "Vest
Pocket' box constantly with you, and
: take a Cascaret whenever you suspect
you need Ik . ;
. One Cascaret at a time win promptly
claanae a foul Breath, or Coated Ton
gue. ' thus proving clearly its ready,
steady, rare, but mild and effective ao
v. Have the little lOo Emergency box of :
Caacareta constantly near you I --r-'
' All Druggists sell them over ten mU
Uon boxes a year, for six years past
I B vary careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold In bulk. Every
tablet lumped "CCC." , ; .
Australian Predict That
Continent Will Be Mecca
; 'l y for Miner. ; i -Is -v
PU RE; ':
Babyo Bath
Daby'o Clothoo
.' Pw an Ere Wuh, Month WmIl SterOUll
, She Bottle and Washing NssUae. .
ABSourrtxv pure '
Bewre ef snbetKutss sad bv.lh beraa. Tata
' aaly eS-Mele-Team. An seatars. Bend Je
I aawde ead iUaetreted beeklet ea steraa tm
ehaNaesersv Address -
Bfeea BelMlns. OakleeS. Ctllfwla.
Cave Hands, Clothe and Labor.
, ,,:
....... ... '.-'v. ."-::!
ttosrsal BeelI Semee.V
. Ban v Tranclseo, ,' Aug. i 17. Rlchara
tevens, a newspaper man from Aus
tralia, who la at the Baltimore hotel, ta
on a abort -pleasure trip and intends
while In this country to. visit doldfleld
to See tha fight. Speaking of Australia.
he-said;-' !:, t ; . i n,,ei, . i
"Australia today Is ona of ths richest
geld mining countries in the world. It
is safs to say ths mines In Australia
have richer and larger yields than ths
mines In South Africa, with thalr nut
prosperous times. Pew people have ever
neara or the great gold finds In Aus
tralia. There never has been a world
rush to ths Island for the yellow metal.
Ths gold there is easy to obtain, as
there are . large number of . placer
mines. Ths majority of metal comes
In quarts, which has to be crushed.
' "One little town, not far from Mel
bourn, of which ths average person In
America has probably never beard, has
a population of about te.Ooe, and sines
It was rounded has produced ft60.eeO.eO4
worth of gold. The whole of Australia
arrords a rich field for ths aoldseeker.
"1 predict that before another decade
bee run out there will be a rush to Aus
tralia by ths gold hunters of the world
and Its rich -fields will be appreciated.
South . Africa, Klondike . and Ooldfield
have each had a chaoos,- and ths next
country ta serve as. ths cynosure of all
eyee wm probably be Australia.
Lai lc:;;3.
i.i ir--' t yinea I '' taethew
L e t f
,i t taii.4aMSh""
i aTTiva ftsta a pai'TiA.
.hi r ii-1 1 i H e.n i. inan Miasiianrsnnnrsi
SenatorAccuted of Speeding In
Mountains of Westchester
'A'-J.i J County. 'O. "j;, .
Cloerwl Sstelal BerTice.1i ', '
WMts-Plains, N. Ti Aug. IT. A bl
red automobile, .In which. United States
Senator JDspsw spends his time touring
Westohestsr county, wse held up today
la . Hartsdale . and -the chauffeur sr
rested for speeding. . Senator Depew,
with Mrs. Depew and' a woman ' friend.'
was In the machine at the time. The
party had been to Oliver Harrlman'e
country place. .
Deputy B her Iff Toanssnd. who la eon
ducting a crusaje against automoblls
speeders, saw ths car approaching and.
stepping out Into the middle of the road,
he waved a red nag. When the chauf
feur brought the car to a stop tha dep
uty told blm he was under arrest. Sen
ator Depew, who waa In the tonneau.
swstbed In a long linen duster, put up
tltS cash ball for ths appearance of
the cheauffeur and the party waa al
lowed to proceed. .' ...i-.--.
Senator Dspsw said he did not believe
the machine waa traveling so fast, but
admitted that the policeman might be
right. He appeared to be In good hu
mor, and as ths car pulled away waved
his hand to a crowd that had collected
at the roadside, and smiled. .- . :
.'' ' ..'Btvoas etMa .
raseelal NseetsB to ne rearaaU
Baker City. Or.. Aua. IT. Mrs. W. Y.
Kennedy of Pendleton was granted a
divorce fey Judge Smith, this morning
upon mi snowing rosoe ny ner wnen
the esse was heard. The defendant en
tered no appearance, and the complain
ing wife was represented by Judgs
Whits and I. J. Hsllner. The degree
granta a restoration of the tody's maiden
name. Mauds M. Taylor. She lives In
when peine or irritation exist on any
part of ths body, the application of
Ballard S Snow Liniment gives prompt
relief. B. W. Sullivan, Prop. Siilllvan
House, El Reno, O. T., writes, June ,
ltl: "I taks pleasurs In recommend
ing BaTtsrd's Snow Liniment to all who
are afflicted with rheumatism. It is
the only remedy I have found that gives
Immediate relief lio, tOS and ILtO.
Wsodard, Clarke Co t , .
V ' ; - ; t
Corner First and Salmon Streets
' Tomorrow we offer the bankrupt early fall itock of the Burgee Co, ttd of Yonkera, N. Yi conaigned to The.Boeton by Ullroan, Parnets 8c Co commiasion. '
broker and auctioneer, 407-409 Houston SU New York. The most choice and elegant lot of men,', women', boy', misse and children' clothing, dresses, ' .
riaUs aVirf sJimb. hata and nneral stock of dry foods, etc", ever offered at retail sacrifice. Over $50,000 worth must be sold at once at whatever it will
kWnr at tArreri enl Tha haroina offered at this store are guaranteed to be from One Third to One Half lower in price than, the same . qualities ' can be
bought for anywhere in the United State. We are the only concern in Oregon having direct'New York headquarter, buying for pot cash bankrupt and
distre stock of Clothing, Hat, Shoes, Furnishing and Ladieaand Children wear of all kind, and dealer m general J.dry , good. Come tomorrow. .
i 3000 Men's i Suits ;
40 pun. czm 07 vaivuii
153.95 For Dark and Medium, Color $9 and' ,
$10 Suits. ;.,;, ( i-'-'':'':
; 7.45 For all styles of pure wool and wor
sted black, blue, gray and fancy, up to ?20
Suits. '; : ' ' f ? ";'..",''
" f 9.95 For Imported Materials, all hand tail
ored, serges, Thibet, plain and faacy wor--steds
; worth up to $25. ;' v ?v ; '' ;
2500 Pain WctfsjPants-
05a.. ...... .For Men's up to $2.00 Pant;!
$1.45. . . . ; .. . .For Men's up to $3.00 Pants 1
S1.95.. For Men's up to $4.00 Pants
65 For choice of cktra fine lot up tP $4.00-.;
Men's and Doys
Odd Vests. .V,-1-' - ;-;;'
?1.29 For Men's All Leather $2.00 Shoes
1.95 For Patent Colt stnd Tan up to $3.00
?25 For Fall Styles vici, etc, $3.00 and
; $3.50 Shoes. v . . ?-v" ' . :-: ' " ,
f 1.25 For extra quality Fall Styles $1.75.
Boys' Shoes:' . '
$1 .48 For sizes 2 to 6 Youths' Fall $2.25
j r - shoes.
i Burgess Fall Stock Correct New York Fall ;
.-. - ;' "Style at 'Great Bargains. ?i -.
" $1.35 For Soft and Stiff up to $2.50 Hat
fl'85 For Soft and Stiff up to $3.50 Hat
. 2a For Best 5c Handkerchiefs. .
&4 For 20c Suspenders. ,
lityif For all kinds up to 35c Suspenders.
19a For all kinds Police, etc.. up to 50c Sus-.-'
periders. ".';. ' '-'
8e For 15c Sox; 12j4 for 25c Sox; 19a for
" ' : ijg Sox. ' - . '' ' K ' : ''
19a Odd Men' 50c Underwear..'' -
t 29 For Men' 65c Underwear.
39 For Men' 75c Underwear.' - i -
Sldrts' .- r
. 29 For choice of Soft or Stiff Bosom Odd
and Broken Lots, worth 75c and $1.00. V
48e For Golf or Negligee, latest styles and
; extra quality sateens, easily 75c values. '
69e For styles and grades of Golf, Negligee
and Sateen Shirts, values from $1 to $1.25.
39f.For Men's 65c Bib Overalls.
Boys' and Children's Dept.
1 Oa For a lot of S5c Boys" Caps. ' -
19 For extra fine Jot o 50c Boys' and , ";
Youths Caps.-. : r -- '-v
. 25 For Blue 50c Boys' Overalls. - ,
fl.48 For All Wool Boys' Suits to 10-year
size, sailor, etc. styles; worth $3 and $3.50
81.85 For Knee Pants Suits, dark and me- ;
dium colors, worth to $4.00. - . !
19a..,... ...... ....For 35c Odd Knee Pants
29..,..;..,......,.,.For 50c Odd'Pants
fc 39e. . ;:t .U , . .-. . , For. 75c Odd Pants
The Beat Crow Black 'ironclads, etc.
127 For 20c' quality ; 19f for 35c quality ;
25 ...........For 40c Corset Covers-;.-
65a. .. Fbt $1.00 Muslin Underwear J
75e. . .For $1.00 Muslin Underwear .
. 81.00, ; . .T. r. ; For $1.50 Muslin Underwear ' -fl.25.
. . ...... .For $2.00 Muslin Underwear ;
f Undcrsliirts -
' 48e For odd lot Blatk Sateen Skirts. J
i 98 For splendid quality $1.50 Black Sateen
81.45 For Real Russelion $2.50 Black Skirts ,
f Ladies' ICnit Undcnvear : 1
25a For all 40c grades. ; " .
50a For-all 75c gradesrt-fallv ;
89 For -atl $1.25 gradeah-worsterL
; lZf For best .Black zuc Hose. ; . :J: ;,.
; Sill: Petticoats v ?
"84.95 Will take choice of Burgess &Co?
elegant'Ne'w' York styles, worth up to $12 .
Cotton 'Gloves U3-ti
15 a................ For 25c Black or .White
25 ..........For 40c Black or White
v. :
. too
Wool Skirts
Latest , Fall Styles, Tailor-Made, From
81.75 For choice of 100 worth to $4.00. ;
$2.85 For Pure , Wool Tailor-Made Gray, ;
Black and Fancy, worth to $7.50.
84.85 Very select fall styles, all hand tailored,
regular $10 to $12.50 value - v -
Fell Jackets
drab and tan Fait G
7.50 value. ' ?
Ladies9 Cravcnettcs
83.45 For drab and tan Fait Covert Cloth,.-
.regular $7.50 value. ' ?v'.-,; ;j:'yr-x'- .-X"
83.95 For Gray Mixed Full Ungth . $7.50 ;
Cravenettes.' iy-y :'' .i-.v,.. , -y.::
85.95 For Select AH -Wool $10,00 and $12.00
Cravenettes. ' :,.''.:.:, . V.c
88.45 For all Hand-Tailored $15 Cravenettes.
912.50 For black, tan, blue and fancy I m- '
ported Materials, hand tailored,;to $25.00 g
. ' Cravenettes. " ' - ' - ; ' ' '"' '
v- ;
' U 't.
85e For select quality $1.50 Blankets. . ; r" -81.45
For best $2 Gray, large $2 Blanket?
81.95 Velvet Fleece, large size, $3 Blankets ; "
Ladies' ihd
: 29. . .'. Fpr up to $1.00 values ! '
69. ......... ;v. . . . . . For up to $2.00 value 1
- 48a) For fall styles 85c Wrapbers. : , . v
98a Elegant $1.50 fall style Wrappers. - : f
69a For choice of a big lot light and dark '
r color, including sateens, wortn to $3.00.
10a, 15a, 29a, 39a, ZIOf, worth from 25c;; ;(
;:to $1.50 ' '! " .1', - 'i -j- a r"r nj
Millinery rA:vA
48 For choice of all Hats, worth' to $5; the
; windup of all Summer Hats. ? -
; Table Lincni EtclL.
la For Laces, worth to 25c' a yard. , 'v": J
'QlAB;FotxMl set bleached $1.75 Napkins,';
large size..' . .'-.'- t. ''- " -'
4a For Wash Cloths. :;','V'
.98 For Genuine Babies'. Bedspreads. , : - '
81.98 Marseilles $4.00 Bedspreads. , ; ' i i-.
.i -v-7- Ilrddies! . jShoM V;-;f
. 81.29 For $2.00 Common Sense. '.' '-4. -'.-j.1-
81T9 For Dongola, all shapes,' $2.50 Shoes
91.89 Fall Lasts, $3.00 shapes., . ., , ; ; , ' .
The Boston, the Cheapest Store in the United
'rl r , v : .. . ; Sute. ;:: ; ' . : "'.
at the BOSTON
, . j
Imitated by many and equaled by no other store In the Great West, The Boston is positively the only concern having direct New York connections,:
buying for spot cash Bankrupt or Distress stock of all kinds and selling them at retail and wholesale on their own premises. The Boston owns and
tells goods at least One Third Lower than any concern in Oregon, Washington or California, and many of the so-called great epecial. sale of distress
stocks of clothing, etc., have been bought at this store from us by smaller merchants. We offer you the goods at the same price that we sell to the small
merchant or fakers, as they are better known. ; So why pay them a profit? Come direct to headquarter The Boston Store, Corner First and Salmon.
Preacher Who Talked Agalnt
Remarriage of Divorced Per-
- eons Popped Question.
tfourea! Special an-riee.)
Chicago. Aug. 17. Mrs. C K. Me
Fsdden sst Oak Park tongues wagging
lodar br publicly announcing that Rev.
Sldner, Strong asksd her to be his wife.
and that she "threw him down." . Mrs.
McFsdden is a divorced woman,
Un to this time ehe has kept silent
as ta what was the basis of hsr state
ment, but In ths l'ght of the fact that
Dr. Strong, aa pastor of ths Second
Congregational church ef Oak Park, wse
formerly accustomed bitterly to con
demn the remarriage ef divorced wom
en she thought ths truth might be in
teresting. ...
Mrs. McFadden s categorical state
ment as to the ststus of the engage
ment wss ss. follows: . . t
"I am aot engsged te Dr. Strong and
sever was engaged te him. Four or flve
weeks agobs came to me and proposed,
t declined. My principal reason for re
jecting him -wss that mjr father and
mother objected."
. 1 1, ... . i ,
(Maecial Dtepates te TWe learMl.) '
Paker City, Or., Aug. IT. Mrs. Msrls
A. Hunsaken, wife ef B. Huneaker, a
rancher living nortlr-of Baker City, died
last night at St. Elisabeth's hospital,
where aba had been for l&a fast three
' crauBBrnro :
Leaves Alder Street Dock, Port
land .....I a. m.
Arrive at Astoria at. ...... .....1 p. m.
Ieave Astoria for home at,...l p. m.
Arrrvs la Portland at. ...... ...I p. m.
KeeJs Served a la Oaats, Carry Toar lVaaek U Tee Wis.
V ,' , . , . , .... : :;. -
A delightful Sunday trip a charming rids on ths grsateet river of
weetera America -the beet steamboat en the Pacifle eosst Pelite atten- -lon
te everyone. - . , .
See the City by the Sea at Little Cost
weeks. For Over a year Mrs. Hunsaksr
had suffsrsd from dropsy. The deceased
leaves two sons. Will Huneeker of
Baker City, and two daughters, Mrs.
Sarah Stewart of Portland and Mrs.
Anna .Klnsey of Halfway. The two
daughters and the eon, who are away
Xros Bakar, are soable ta be present
at the funeral, which will occur Friday
afternoon.. . . . ;,:
. Asaerloaas A Head SHuteraL ,
London, Aug. IT. The funeral of Mrs.
Cralgis was field today. Ambssssdor
Raid, hlf wife and a number ef other
Amerleaad .were preeeae . .
!!" '
When Vou have tired
of the ordinary baker o
bread you will find
Butter-Nut loaf a re
frcohinrj( change.
5c at Your Grocer's
x q f.xx ;
BaskaMaaBaasBsassasBt a
&ap sforyoevzLOfieo ovr cat '