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    daily journal; rouTLAi.j, Thursday Ev::L;a aucuzt 'i:.
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Timnnr nr nmi inn mini in inni
' i iiiriiiir r iiiif fi iiiu sriirti 11 nun
TnncDiND inn inmiT in cii i
in i ii it i ii n 1 1 in n in i in i hi i
' ' , r.,.v. '..-.: . . . ., . - :
Women Assert That Judge Frazar In Hit Eagerness to Save Boys
. , Neglect Unfortunate Girls and Leaves Them
to Their Ow n Resources.
ludge Arthur JL Fraser, the cynosure
nr nfliinnvieiH .TM luim nr miHn,n
of ,hopeleaa boys,- the hero of re
formed yoetha. the idol of philanthrope
ioally. inclined women.- the terror of the
Phlllatlne famea. has held his pedeatal
unchal)en(ed for, a Ions time. But now
it eeema to shake ellghtlr and totter
beneath him, and those who eommand
the disturbing forces are the very
women who have lauded him so highly.
A smoldering ' fire that, has been
threatening the atructure for several
montns nas tteen suddenly fanned Into
blase and threatens to- bring the Judge
to the level of mere, ordinary, fallible
man. . .-
Judge Fraser was asked last March
1 y
JauvenUe Court Boys -Ready to Start for an Outing at Gearhart Park.
This' Crowd Is jhc Third to Enjoy a Vacation by W Sea. ',' The' Boys
Left This Uornb
to addreaa the Woman's club on the
subject of bis work In the Juvenile
court. The consternation of the women
knew no bounds, however, when he ap
peared and talked only of Instances of
young boys and glrla going astray and
launched forth into a strong argument
against the eareleaaness of mothers In
the rearing of their children. Borne of
the women arose ' In the midst of his
address and made remonatranae, asking
If the blame were In no way the
father's, and others left the room open
ly In the midst of the speech. A mo
tion for adjournment waa made by one
woman Immediately upon the eonclualon
of the address, leaving no time for re
marks or thanka. and then ahe left the
room without waiting for the' motion
to be put. It was said that the address
was Immodest, and directed cruelly and
unjustly against womankind. -
The Indignation felt then was great,
but the women whose eheeks burned
with shame refused te - discuss the
things that had been said. , One state
mentthat 10 boys gone wrong were
easier to save than one - girl seemed
the center of Indignant comment, and
the hearers thought It carried with It
a question of the worth of saving the
one girt. '
. Say Xe Favors Boys. '
' The matter was given - no further
consideration at the time, but recently
there came a. statement that the little
boys were to be given an outing by
the -Juvenile court and there would be
three companies of -them- at different
times; that after they had been "holi
dayed'', some of the little glrla would
be taken, if there were any funds left.
One lot has been to the aeashore and
another Is there now. The - Forestry
club met In the City park and had an
Indignation meeting and protested
agalnat the . Judge'e dlacrlmlnatlon In
the ease of boys.
, - Mrs. Mary Alice Ogden, a prominent
member of both the.Woman's club and
the Foreatry club, led the attack and
openly pronounced 'her opinions and
found moat of the women agreed, be
came they were still smarting from
Judge Frasere direct talk before the
club last spring. Mrs. Ogden was the
woman who had ' Invited the Judge to
speak on the court work, and ahe felt
responsible for the program. She had
been as lenient as posalble, she aald,
In her Judgment of bis speech, trying
to give It the right construction and
trying to persuade the other that they
had been too ready te misunderstand
and take offense. But now she muat
decide against his ' generosity with
which she had always accredited him
and adopt the conclusion which she bad
been long In reaching and had tried
te stare off, that he was unfair and
narrow. . "He cares nothing for girls.
she declared, "and, doesn't think them
worth the saving; all bla attention' la
given to boys, because In seven years
or so they will be voters and they are
worth buying up now. The - girls will
grow up into women and will have no
vote, especially If the Judge has his
wish, for he Is openly opposed ' to
woman suffrage; Ira fact, to go a atep
farther he seems to think women most
Inferior-, and not worth the trouble of
bothering about,' either' as L. girls er
grown women." ,
They Indignantly Frotewt. , i -"
All ' this and much more' the' women
claim . and Indignantly protest' against
It . Is time, they say, ' to ; awaken . the
Judge to a, better sense of fairness and
Justice, and if he cannot be -corrected
In hie' waye another man who ratee
boys and girls alike should be put In
his place. ' The Judge, they say, has
even expressed . his . Impatience . - with
women who are connected with him In
the work of the Juvenile . court, and
openly wished there were none there.' -
Judge Fraser has been approached on
the matter of. giving the summer out
ings to boys alone, and he defende him
self thus: '. ..-.
"The question of taking glrla for a
free outing has been given careful
consideration, .and while there are
many little girls In the city who i would
be greatly benefited by such an outing,
we . have been advised by ' thinking
women who are deeply Interested . In
our work. A general Impression exists
that children who are taken on these
vacations sre selected' from those, .who
have been before the Juvenile court on
charges of delinquency. There may yet
be a camp of girls taken, and If we
should do so we would be careful to
select girls who have not been before
the court on charges of that sort, so
that there could be no possibility of
easting any reflection on any of' the
little girls who might be taken.
Careful area Wlta Beys.
"Even emong our boys we do not
chooae those who are morally degener
ate and likely to have bad influence or
eauaa reflections to be cast on the boys
who go. We do not discriminate be
tween boye who have been wards of the
Juvenile court and those who have not
been. - Many boys have been taken who
have never been wards of the court or
complained about In any way."
The Judge, quite unconsolous of the
storm of modesty aroused against him
when gave his address before ' the
Woman's club last spring, tails that he
did speak strongly and intended to, for
then he' had 'an audience of women,
mostly mothers, and so strongly does he
feel on the subject bf litUe irls that he
could not Impress too - strongly upon
these women tbe Importance of their
care. So far from neglecting the little
girls his heart is so torn by their sad
eases that he grasped that opportunity
to tell the state of things as plainly and
as strongly as possible. Ha refused to
say. anything for publication about his
work with the little glrla In Justification
of himself, but hoped and wished the
women would come to the court to eee
for themselves the work being done for
the little glrla and the difficulty of get
ting at a girl who la morally delinquent
, "They are more than welcome to come
end aee what they can do," said Judge
Fraser this morning. ',8o far 'from not
wanting women in the court, I wish
they would come and take some of these
little girls off our. haada and do what
they can do. My heart Is torn with the
pltifulness of their oases, for they are
so hard to- deal with and I would do
anything to help them. But the women
do not seem to be willing to take theae
little charges to work with. -1 want
their helpr have always asked for It; and
have continually pointed forth the ne
cessity of having a paid woman workor
here If I must be criticised and con
demned because I am not In favor of
woman suffrage It Is a misfortune that
eannot be helped, but I wish these worn-'
en would eorae and see for themselves."!
8tate Official Claims That the
Prosperous Community Does
r Not Face Bankruptcy.';"
A dispatch published recently In The
Journal atatlng that Kansas City, Kan
sas, was .drifting into bankruptcy on
account of prohibition brings the fol
lowing response from Assistant Attorney-General
Q. W. ,Trlckett of Kansas
City: .-..,'..;v : ,7-" . ..;'.'.
"There Is very little truth in the ar
ticle. This city has a population of
80,000 Instead of SS.000; It hae a bonded
Indebtedness of only 1 3,t00,000, Instead
of - 14,760,000. Of the S3.SOO.000 the
city la . only guarantor upon ' S1.7S0.00O,
leaving something like SI00, 000 of actual
bonded indebtedness of this city. -Dur
ing the past year the city paid off somet
thing like S200.000 of Its bonded debt.
T-: ' ' You Always Can TeU :r-r';t
THE By the Sign On Its Smokestack -That Appears
.. ' in This A4. The
Steahter LurJIne
Plies Daily.' Except Sunday, Between '
LINE Portland, Astoria ana way Forts
Affording Unsurpassed ' Freight "and Passenger Ac- , ;
commodations to Shippers and Travelers to Colum-
bla River Landings. Low Rates, Excellent Service. .
Departs from. the Taylor Street Dock at 7 A. M.
- Telephone Main 613 . ' v ; V r ;
and will pay an equal aum this year.
"The revenues of the city will be de
creased aomewhat thia year by reason
of the- fact that we have a Democratic
administration,.' and In 'thelf desire to '
please the taxpayers they have- reduced
tbe assessed valuation of all property
to such an Extent , that the levy will
not . raise -the-sum' that was raised last
year. .:.'::'''-'' v;'.,
."The closing of -the' 'Joints' of thle
city, which Is an accomplished fact has
notnlng to do with the revenuee of the
city. eThere -was a Judgment rendered
by the supreme court of this state sev
eral months ago enjoining the city from
receiving, directly or Indirectly, any
revenue from the illicit sale of llquorr
and. disobedience of this order would
forfeit the city charter. Therefore. If
there were a million 'Joints' running
in this city it would, not increaae the
revenue one dollar. " '
The -price of residence real estate
has advanced by reason of the closing
of the 'Joints' and ibs driving out of ,
the gambling dens and houses of ill
fame. - -" ' " : f
City Improved Oreatly. .
"I have talked with many merchants
of this city and but oneMoutslde of the
lea dealer) renorts the cloning of the ,.
r'Jolnts' as having a bad effect upon him.
That one was a cigar manufacturer, wno
aold almost exclusively to the 'Joints';
In addition, he signed their bonds and
suits are now pending te collect same
from him.. . ' '"- ' ' ''
"In the psst t hare not been an ardent
prohibitionist, and the work that I have
been doing wss simply that called fdr
by the oath of office which I took, but .
I am satisfied from the changed eondi- '
tlnna In this city thst the enforcement
of the law and the driving out of these .
pests la a great thing for this city." ;
hOmtington case IS ' : '
' - . " "" v
tapeetal Dlspatek te Tke fmmaLt -Pendleton.
Or., Aug. IS. -The famous
Huntington bond esse from Baker eoun v
tv will be . carried to the supreme court
once mors, aocording to J. H. Raley, one '
of the attorneys lor the bondsmen. At ''
the Isst trial before Judge Kills the Jury
awarded' Baker oounty .a Judgment for
the entire amount ot .tne Huntington
shortage, together with Interest, a aunt
close to 111,000. The . basis of tlia ap
peal will be that the bond of the at.
sheriff was not legally delivered anl'
consequently the bondsmen , are eet -
liable, ' '. , .... ;
L 1 . ' i.-.. -i:, ';)... ; ' '