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:' ' i TH& WEATHER."' ?' ' ."'
Fair'' tonight and ThurtJay; north
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' west wind. . ' ' " ' -' '
VOL. V: NO. 189.
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7 vS.', T i ! k ' l I i i-"S ,'i , U r ;
lllo) vv u
Rebate Checks Given
-.-to .Be Cashed in'Case
, Courts Decide Against
, the Cpmpany ,
Nineteen Cars Are Smashed by
Mob Which Indignantly Resist
. Attempts at Ejectment Many
Arrests Made and Police Now
In Control of Situation. PP-
" - .. ,. ; ,
' (loot ami Bp-cul lr-te, '
Kew Tork, Au. Th troiibl ovt
th charytnc of a doubl far to Coney
. Illand hv th Brooklyn Ranld Transit
company culminated thla morntnc in
,-rlota by paasencara In which many ware
Injured, 1 cara wrecked, a number of
persons placed-under arrest, while , the
superintendent barely escaped lynching
t the hands of the infuriated mob. As a
result all traffio haa been suspended.
Application has been made at Albany for
1 revocation of the company's charter on
the r round that It had violated Its pro-
talons. The s truffle is Important, a
Jt is tn onenlnf skirmish In the .baUle
or lower tares, aDout, o m erased nure,
Brooklyn Rapid Transit and city off!
:. elals this afternoon screed upon aV 10
rebate check which will be-cood1 It the
' MUlHa nnaTI.. 'AtlfT. Ih. Anm.
pany. the company proml-lng- to bring
suit to test the case immediately. - '
- The riot this morning was caused by
assaults o passengers, who refused ' to
pay a second fare to . Coney - Island.
Zelgf rled Guggenheim, a passenger, re
fused to pay . and Inspector Lewis
started to thr6w him off. Guggenheim
; threatened to "blow his head off." Cap
tain Evans ordered the passenger at
rested and others took a handr-Before
the riot was quelled one man was dan
gerously wounded and several ar
rested and the car sidetracked because
a number of paaaengers refused to pay.
General Superintendent Smith learned
that three women were aboard the car
who had paid a second fare. He went
to the car Jn an automobile and. took
them off, headed off a train for New
Tork to put them aboard. The crowd
learned Smith's ' Identity and nearly
killed him . before the police . rescued
' him. v-- .
; Nineteen cars were sidetracked, loaded
with paaaengers who refused to pay a
second fare and who at once proceeded
to wreck them gleefully, smashing the
ears to pieces.
The company has "given no tndfca
tlon when it will resume its surface
. ear service to Coney Island over the
even lines that follow the Culver route
If there Is any Indication that 'there
will be mor trouble the service will
be annulled. ,
Police Inspector Adam A. Cross and
a hundred police bops to have the situ--ation
so well In hand today that there
will be no repetition or violent scenes.
The attitude of the polios Is that they
will not Interfere with the ejectment
of passengers by the company's em
ployes, unless more force than Is nec
essary Is used in getting the pasaen-
Thousands' of . persons 1' have been
ejected from the cars during the past
ihMa.ifiva end hlnnrfahed la feeFed.
- " . ,- '
- Mebrask Semoerata Baek jkryam. ,
iJmrnal gperlal Service.)
Lincoln, Neb, Aug. It. The temo
cratlc state convention opened - -today.
Enthusiasm for Bryan ' waa the most
prominent feature of the convention.
I I .! al i SSJS II 11 .. -,
Saves Her Stocking Full of Gold
LHas Smoked Since She Was'
Seven Years Old.
- Onrnil Spwlat arrrlet.)
BrockporV N. , T Aug. , II A bur
glary case in the courts here haa devel
oned the fact that Mrs. Mary-Dean. 104
years old, la probably the most active
Independent centenarian In' the .world.
The-testimony given today shows that
'' when ' three men entered . her home in
an attempt to rob her of a stocking full
' of gold, she threw a lighted lamp at
them and than rushed to the home of a
neighbor and summoned aid. The men
fled after a quick search for the money,
but secured nothing. ,
Two of the men have sine 1een ar
rested. When asked 'what was the
cause of her fine health, Mrs. Dean re
plied: '
"1 think It Is due- to th fact that I
have spent much of my time out of
doors. Borne persons 'would say that
this would Hurt: me," she oantlnued.
as she held up her black clay pipe, '"but
I. have smoked ever lines X was 1
years od."-i . . , -" t
MLvt Dorothy Stephens Elected . to
t ' fteign-'purinti the Carnival at Til-
Miss Dorothy Stephens, Honored
by People' "of HerfCityComes
to Portland to Procure C Her
Royal Robes in Which to Reign
In Regal Splendor. . ;
ptelI Dtapatch to The Jooml. )
Tillamook. Or., Aug. IS. Miss Dor
othy Stephens,, the young woman Just
elected "by a ' large majority as . queen
of the carnival to be held here August
33, 24 and 25, is on of the most beau
tiful and Intelligent young women . in
Oregon. , She is the daughter of J. 8.
Stephens of this city, where she was
reared.- However, she. is not ' a 'native
of Tillamook county, having been born
near Booster Rock, Multnomah county,
II years ago. ;
Miss Stephens has left for Portland,
where arrangements will; bar made to
procure her royal costumes, which will
be superb. v: ... ' ' "'
Miss Stephens by virtue of her posi
tion as queen,' will occupy the central
place of entertainment during' the car
nival. ' ''l''-."--; ' . :
Mrs. Mahon Travels; From' Port
land to Insure" Faithless
; I. Spouse : Decent Burial.. , '
Oakland. Aua. II. Ignorant of the
fact that -the. parents', of. her murdered
husband had' already arranged for the
dlapoaa of his body, and wishing to be
sure that hie remains" would not be con
signed to- a'pa-Upers grave, Mra Anna
Mahon, wife of the man who was slain
by Mre.-Xole Reed In the. office of Dr.
Liueila Cool Walker a .week ago, arrived
in the city this morning from Portland,
Or., to arrange fori the funeral of her
husband. .Although cruelly deceived, and
flnally'deaerted by Mahon, the faithful
wife stlH-meUitalne enouah-of love for
him to journey hundreds, of railea, and If
necessary-furnish funds that he might
be properly'lald to rest. Mahon practiced
hypnotism.'.-' l i v ' -.' -', ' ::..'
Mrs. Mahon. like the parent of. the
dead man tid- relatrvea of the slayer. Is
nable to throw any. light on. the cause
of the terrible, trafedy which ended two
lives, ' - She -Informed the coroner that
she had 'twtca 'been married Mahon,
the first time two years ago. After liv
ing together for' less than a- year the
eouple were divorced, but were afterward
reconciled,' and. a. year ago onoe more
united In marriage. ' Mahon lived with
his wife- until a few days 'before the
earthquake of 'April It, when he sudden
ly deserted her a seoend tlma . '
,. , s ., i ':
. led iraeoial Death.
London, Aug. 15,-At Mrs. Cralgla's
inquest today a verdict of natural death
was returned. Tka coroner found evi
dences of weakness of the heart, other
wise ail was 'normal. -,
County Records Reveal
Truth About Conduct
of . the Office of
'-Coroner. Finley
Office Pays Flat Salary and Not
' Fees, and Cost of Conducting
Inquest Is Small Statute Re
quires Coroner to Examine
' Into Suicides. " ,
Records on file In the of flea of the
county auditor . reveal the. fact , that,
during the year ending June 10, 1101,
though 108 violent or. mysterious deaths
were brought to the. notice of Coroner
rinley, only it Inquest were held In
that time. ;.. . .: "(. ;', ...
. In the -county of Multnomah no fees
are attached to . the office of coroner,
that official receiving a flat salary of
tl.000r' whether he work or not.
jDeputy Coroner Arthur Finley still
refuses to hold an inquest . over the
body of Wallace Sherrod, Who-' waa
killed last Monday while at work on a
polo of the- Portland Railway. Light
it -Power company, Ha claims that the
death - waaw plainly, an : accidental, .one
ano that no' DUune - could possibly -be
fixed upon .any, person .r corporation.
Nevertheless,; there ar many eitlaens
who belie vo that an Inquest In this
and similar cases might show criminal
negligence on the part of the Portland
General Electrio company;'' and who
would like to have the facts at least
presented to a Jury. .They believe that
the facts are such agio .warrant their
being given over to . the deliberations
of a Jury and that they should not be
passed upon offhand by the coroner. ,
. Waal the SUtate Bays. ;.
Section 1041 of the Bellinger and Cot
ton Annotated Statutes of Oregon reads
rOUOWS:,... . -,.'. .. ... . !
"A coroner has cower and It la.hla
duty::'.: ,r ,
'1. when he Is Informed that a per
son has '- been - killed ; or dangerously
wounded by another, . or has suddenly
died under- such circumstances aa to
afford a reasonable ground to suspect
that his death has been occasioned by
criminal means, or haa committed sui
cide, to Inquire, by the intervention of
a Jury, Into the cause of the death," ate.
According to thla statute, the coroner
does not need to hold an Inquest In
cases where there Is no reasonable
ground to suspect that death haa been
occasioned by criminal means.. Evident
ly he could not be compelled to. hold an
inquast over the remains of Wallace
Sherrod. as he claims that there are no
suoh reasonable grounds. Nevertheless,
his Judgment as to this point Is called
Into question, there remains a doubt and
It would, seem that 'to be on the safs
side . he should hold an Inquest. The
coroner evidently uses his snap Judg
ment very often, as Is seen by the dla
parity between the number of violent
deaths' and the number of lnqueata As
will be seen by a careful reading, of
the law the coroner is given no discre
tion ln the matter of suicides. He Is
required to hold sn Inquest In all cases
of sulolde. " The deputy, coroner stated
today, however, that he does not -make
a practice of holding Inquests over sui
cides, and what is more, that he does
not. Intend to do It. ; ,
" ! JJepnty Coroner Talks.
' "I ,iwsnt my position, to be j plainly
understood,", said Deputy Coroner Ar
thur Finley ' today. "I - hold Inquests
only In cases where'', there are -suspl-
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' (Joeraal pectsl lervlae.
Washington. Aug. II. To "Red"
McLane, the only living pirate, is
attributed the recent raid on the
seal Islands near St. Paul, In
'Which Ave Japanese poachers were
killed and many wounded by na
tives under orders from the de
partment of commerce and labor.
.. . Dispatches from Dutch Harbor
- state that the raid was planned
and led by McLane, who Is t he
original of Jack London's "Sea
Wolf." Ha . has been operating
with skill and daring oa the seal
grounds almost since the passage
of the laws to save, the seals from
extinction., v
, McLane made his escape and Is
stilt at liberty.: Warranta are out
for his arrest and have been Tor
over a year. ' He has sailed alters
nately-under : Mexican, British,
American and Japanese flags. .
Preparing to Skin, Seals on St Paul
, '' Island. ,
Group of, Seals Such as Japanese Raiders Killed at Fur Rookeries on St
, r - -:v..,'
r Interested in
p p:ypp-"" ' prp:
Girl Who Joked at Army Ir Seized
j and Threshed t Until Cjothes
Are ' Torn ; and Great Welts
Raised--Emperor ' Cheered ' as
le Inspects His Troops.- .
. IJooraal Special Ssrrtet.)
St.-Petersburg, ; Aug. If.-Mademol
sella Smirnoff,. a refined young woman,
while walking -the street " with ; com
panions..' remarked ' as . ' a. .' aquadron of
crack Chevalier Guards; rode by: '
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Sensational 'Story - of
Family Difficulties; Is
Ended : in Reconcilia
tion at North Bend
' After violent quarrels and sensational
charges Ind - counter-charges ' against
each ' other,' K. 8. Gordon, a wealthy
timber dealer of Coos county, and Ber
tha X. Gordon, whose sensational arrest
at the Portland hotel on forgery charges
led to an exposure 'of her complicated
marriage- experiences, have been recon
ciled and are said to. be happy in each
other's ;iove at ..North., Bend, Coos
county," . '''
It was' immediately after the. great
disaster at Ban. Francisco that the ven
erable but ardent wooer met the woman
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Captain Alexander McLane, the Noto
i l p. : Have Led the Japanese Ra
the Seal Industry, and the Revenue
Shortage of One, Two and(Five
- Dollar Certificates Reported
and No Way to Increase Vol-
ume Only Six ' Millions" Now
Available in Treasury.
;''.'" ,'1,. ,..;;'.,.,;:;J,
(Joaroal Spedsl Serrlee.)
Washington, Aug 15. The New Tork
Natlonali bank last week applied to the
treasury for 110.000 -in $1 and IS cer
tlflcates, and offered in exchange three goM ertlnfates. The bank did
aot ' get the small notes because the
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7 " ' i
Berths E.. Gordon.. .
'' si J I
" 1
rioua Seal' Pirate, Who ' It Said to
id on the St Paul Rookeries. ; pp.
Paul Island,' Darius O. Mills, Who Is
Cutter McCullough. .
Produces Everlasting ; Flowers
- From Australian Star, Enlarges
and ' Beautifies Several Va
rietiesiof Poppies,? a Foliage
": Plant and a Squash ;
(Joernsl Bpedal Service.)
. San' Francisco, Aug. II. Five new
creations of the work of Luther "Bur
Dank 1 have been prepared for market,
and according to a bulletin received by
Professor E. J. Wlckson of the depart
ment of agriculture at the state univer
sity, 'Will be commonly grown within a
year. - The new plants are listed In the
catalogue just ; Issued by.. Burbank and
his experiments have been carried' on on
such large, plans that a stock or seeds
of the new creations haa been prepared
and will-be at once placed on the mar
ket.".., ,' ' . -,v ; j. -. .. .,
First and moat wonderful Is the new
oreatlon of the Improved Australian star
flower. The -variety - Just perfected by
Burbank la. of unusual beauty and color
and Is of the nature of the : old-fashioned
.everlasting flowers. .
. The, Shtrley, poppy,- which la com
monly grown in California gardens. Is
made larger .and more- beautiful than
anything' which , has ever, been offered,
and the -colors,-particularly, are blended
in a . hew manner.'.' '..,.,. ; , . , , . ;
The California wind poppy Is another
variety- of ; the common - cultivated
poppy, differing slightly from the Shir
ley poppy. ' The Heushera Christiana la
a new foliage plant, which- Is considered
by Burbank one of the most wonderful
of his creations, i It haa large leaves of
peculiar shape and brilliancy and Is one
of the most striking foliage plants
known. ' v., '-v " . r ''.
The Patagonia' vegetable squssh Is a
variety of garden vegetable which has
been imported -from Chile by Burbank
and greatly Improved. It ts an apple
shaped squsah. very sweet to the taate,
and la expected to be. a favorite garden
squash.- ' '-. ,
, .". Bryaa tea te Spain,
, (Joerest Spe-1sl Sarnee.) '
Paris, Aug. 15. W. Jf. Bryaa left for
Madrid today. ' , ". r .
- .- ,-, i- t ' '"'; i, v
a ...
Boss in Complete Con
trol of Party inTrisco.
Hearst Forces Defeat
- Gavin McNab
Contest on for Governorship
Ruef Pledged to HayesHer
rin 'Supports Porter of Santa
Cruz but Congressman Gillet
or Pardee May Win.
(Joaraal Spedsl Serrtee.)
' San Francisco, Aug. 16. The . ex
pected happened in yesterday's primary
election. Abe Ruef, Republican political
boss and adviser of Eugene Q Bchmlta,
the Union Labor mayor, won a sweeping
victory. Of the II assembly -districts
In this city Ruef carried IT. The lone
distrlot that went the other-way waa
the thirty-sixth, where Ex-Supervisor
Fred Eggers scratched out a victory.
Rnef had the aid of William r. Berrtn.
political ' director of the Southern Pa
cifia, and the combination had praotl.
oally . a walkover in most of the dis
tricts. In the thirty-seventh Postmaster
Arthur O. Flak, who has been making
deliveries to Herrin for some years, ob
jected . to Ruef robbing him of that
pleasure end put np an opposition ticket,
but the combine ran- ever him and flat
tened him out .;
' Herrin and Ruef made their plana
long ago. In fact Just after the fire.
The burned district was Industriously
colonised and by establishing the regis
tration bureau in a remote section the
vote was neaviiy reauoea. xnis maae
ifeagy (or the combine to control the
situation. , i' .
- Sane Yetty- Also.
Mayor Schmlts and Ruef ran Union
Labor tickets for delegates la all the
districts and will have every man la
the convention of that party. Thla
meana that Ruef now haa a handful of
legislative Inducements to give to faith
ful followers and allies.
The Democratic fight resulted In what
will soon develop Into a victory for
William R. Hearst. Gavin McNab, who
has kept an Iron grip on the Demooratlo
organisation for 10 years, was beaten
yesterday In II out ef the II districts..
Several times in previous years Hearst
haa made an opea fight against McNab
and failed. Thla time he Induced 3. J.
Dwyer, the shrewdest politician In San
Francisco, to wage a quiet campaign
against the boss. Dwyer. who won his
spurs years ago by organising the fight
tnat laid Boss Buckley low, did Ms
work well, and now Hearst haa the
upper hand on his old-time enemy.
Mayes fog Oovernor.
Ruefs victory In the Republican prl
maries will give him a bla swliur In the
state convention of that party. On the
governorship he le pledged to J. O.
Hayes of San Jose, known aa "Black
Hayes, brother of "Red" Hayes, eon
aressman from the Triftti tt.fH.f TTm a .
will also have the Santa Clara delega
tlon, but his chances for nomination are
not bright. Herrin la standing In with,
Ruef, not because of any common Inter-.
cannot afford to help Hayes because the
nomination of the dark San Josean would
be looked upon by publlo and politicians
aa a great Ruef victory and reduce Her
rin to a second-rate political power.
. Herrln's favorite candidate is Warren
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Faithless Lover Ran Away Day
Set for Ceremony, but Woman
; Finally Caught Him.
(Journal Special Settles.) '
Meriden. Conn., Aug. II. Pauline
Croaka, who followed Frank Sumbrnka
almost around the world to make him
marry her, after he had backed out of
the ceremony . that wss arranged for
them In Chicago,' secured the aeoent
pllshment of her desires when the eou
ple were married by a Judge In the city
court here today. .
Frank ran away just before the cere
mony in Chicago and went to California
The girl, who waa greatly humlll."'!
by the desertion, followed him. 1 '
man kept on serosa the Pacific, and t
girl - stayed close on his track. a .
Trleate, Austria, where both were I
she was only a few days b'hltij, k ..
he had started for the wester t
of Europe and soon sailed I ' )
country again, coming by way t. .
The girl kept on and ton r
New Tork learned that Frr x f
te Meriden, and she aoon I
She quietly1 procured a mi""
and hunting the police, t.
They brought the man t i
room aa the fceot V (
, ' ."..' v - ..& Gordon, .