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    TiixrnirioiNrT 1906
by mrs. HErnr
I I it , ii i wiiti ii n 1 1 in ii i t " ..... i -- j - .ir... -r--r M
II I - - :.-' .. iv' " . ' " J '
. ji i i,. J,ii ". 1 ill,
... .-' -ITT 1 r SjfTr I
OF AUj th muscles of th body,
thoao of the back Are, perhaps,
- the moat Important. In almost
all of our movements, from the sim
plest to the most complicated, these
- muscles are used. Walking, standing,
bending, going upstairs, lifting a
chair, boarding a car and In a hun
dred other everyday acta the musclea
of the back are brought Into action.
" How shall we best develop these mus-.
cles and keep them in good condition
is the question. ' ' , . . .
ZZ I believe that the easiest and best
:way to accomplish this is by a few
minutes' regular dally exercise, and
the following movements are, to my
mind, excellent for the purpose: Raise
and lower the weight slowly ' and
. rhythmically on the toes. This will
-'..not only develop the muscles of -the
' back, but those at the calf o the leg
as well. It makes the ankles flexible
and brings the body Into poise.
It is well when practicing thls exer-
clse to keep the eyes fixed on some
" point straight ahead. Now, seat your
self easily In a low chair, placing the
feet upon a hassock orfootstool. Kx-
hale the breath, and, as ypu Opto, lean
forward, stretching the hands toward
the toes. Hold the position for twenty
"" to thirty seconds. -7 - -
This exercise Is Peculiarly valuable
- for the correction of a hollow back, and
will often relieve7 a' severe backache.
, jet any one, for Instance, after several -.
hours ofhard work, writing, sewing.
etc., try the above exercise, and shsJ
will soon discover that It Is a perfect
"cure for discomfort in ths region of tnr
. back. . :.' ' .
Beautf Hints by Mrs.
-: Henry-Symes
your omplexlon take a good blood
purifier, go In for hyglenlo llv-
tn. abstain from rich, highly-seasoned
" food.' get plenty of outdoor air and drink
ouantltles of . fresh water. Apply the
Fossati cream to the pimples as directed.
:;- - Fossatt Cream f or-Pimpl.-
Lanolin. I grama: sweet almond ' oil, i
arams: sulplur preclpltste. i grams:-oslde -
i of sine, I'm grams; ztract of violet. 19
, AoIly a very '.lttle of the enam to eaeh
- pimple; wslt until the pimples are cured
before uln the face brush, which would
Irritate tbem." , -
-' Mrs. A. D. X advise you to consult a
skin specialist. It would be Impossible
for me to prescribe satisfactory treat
merit tn yout case.
except the-one -for prematura wrinkles,
SXCePl. :in- una ur, yisiu.uo w.mimovt
...Ul.luJ .Inn. ,.n.ln M
Hyaj porn jiuyitwireu v.'.w .
your letter. I repeat that , with pleas
ure.. . ' - ..; ' -
Lotion for Prmatnro wrinkles.
Alum. 10 sralna; almond ndk (thick). 1H
ounces: nsewaur, ounces. I ...
ntuolve the alum In -the roeswater, then
ncur saatly Into the almond milk, with
constant saltation. Apply with a soU linen
, cloth every night cetore miring
- -
n...i --V .j
rs. F. E. B. Tying one curl topnot .
lion. With, a large ribbon bow, and '
ns? the reat hang loose la a becom-
o 1 v.r
f ashlosv
letting in rv
Ins style for most children of 4 years.
wlll produce natural-looking, curls.
' M H. Head rotation is an excellent
exercise for preventing and removing
. a double chin. Do this regularly morn--.lng-and
evening.. Massage with a
- firm, bard rriovement, and make fre
' nuent applications of cold water. Tha
Vaucalre remedy Is excellent for bust
development. . v, . " -
nt eolef water, followed by brisk rub-
' hing wTtgraPgtr-tOWel;" Will 10
' I-Iff-. h. huat firmer. Tha aulnlna
; "'nilh.1 excellent for Drornot-
' Ing the growth of your hair, and yotj
' will find the cream tor hands referred -
to beneflolat .
inff th growth of your hair, and you
be beneficial In your case. It Is for
anlarglng tne oust omy, u wu
develop any other part of the body.
Mrs. j. B. V. Your case seems to be ;
a stubborn one, and I think massage
1 with a good skin food would be help-f
ful. A good skin food may be used on
' any part of the body. '.
EL M A good exercise for reducing
tha hips and abdomen is to lie fiat on
ihe back with the feet under pome
- object which Will hold them firmly to
the floor, then. Without bending the
knees, raise the body to a-.sittlng po-
- aitlon! Repeat this as many times as
vou can without becoming overtired.'.
. . vnvof anv method of mak-e
1 u yj nw. " v - - - . '
..wing the nanos amaucr..
IAN. r 'erexino ot nyuroacii wm
bleaoh the superfluous hair on Tour',
t ind Lower
face so It will be less noticeable,' but
will not remove It. The following de
pilatories have been used with success
and there are also satisfactory liquid
depilatories on the market.
One of the oldest depilatories manufac
tured, and, which has a very large sale, is
as follow": t ,
SulphyUrate of sods, I0 grains; chalk. IM
""Jl Ik thoroughly and keep dry In wall
eorked eotUes until wanted for uaa. Take
enough to make a paate and add warm
water to It until the proper eoneieteney Is
aeoured. Hpread'over the hairy aurfaoa and
allow to remain for from one to flva min
utes, according to the nature o( the growth
and tha suaceptiniuty ot me sum, tn.n
scrape off with a blunt blade a paper knire.
or ample. It should be removed, aa In
every caae with a depilatory, when ths
burning Mnaatlon Is produced. Too long con-
tact with the akin should be avolde1. and
- immediately atter the hair hue been re-
waaneo Wlin wimi wr an v.mii
or a bland oil applied to prevent Irritation.
AA.taU .4 S tkliatiM-w I mad . fnl.
waahed with warm water and a cold cream
Iowa: 1
Rulphlde of soda. 1M grains: slaked lime. TJ.
t gralna; starch. M sralna; lime water, 4
guld drama Apply as, the preceding. r ...
Harlum aulphlde la also used aa a paste
for depllatoiiaa. The standard formula la:
ii.-. im etilnhMa. - aa a-r&lnai rjowdered ....
. . Wltn water. ... uMi.u.ii -" 1 1 ' -
mut be ahaolutely dry tq,he effective whea
It' Ii fnlKU wrm lh rtilfc: -a.wil.t, ,.i-r
ahould be afterward added to' make a thin
P"at Bulphlde of strontium m.k.l. a
sulphide of trontium, - drm; oid of
sulphide of strontium, I drams; oxld
, ,nc. j drams;,powdrd ataruh. I drams,
Very high on the head makes the face
appear longer, and, consequently, nar-
red spots yon describe are, I think,
a species of moles, in which case they
should only be treated by a skin spe
cialist. I advise you to be careful not
to Irritate them until they bleed, as
trouDireome rmuita iiiia"' iv.'w".
Commercial addresses are not given
in this department, so. I cartnot rec-
ommsnd a wig maker. . , .r-. .....
A V. nAnnlv the tntlnn for nllV
hair to ihe scalp Just as you Would a
'tonic. A small brush Is convenient for
ins purpose.
.. R. D. The' lotion tor enlarged pores
will not promote growth of superfluous
Relieve Backache
; On Care of Hair
GRATEFUL. A food brllllantln will
add a temporary liwtra to the hair and
"i1ainfantJ hair BruaW; hlctowU-'
dtatrlbuu it vniy or tb bair. w
M. E Try the t olid wlwr Honro-for
your falling hair: .-. ...
Formula for railing Hair.
Cologne, ounceaj tincture of cantharld-a, ;
1 ounce; oil of Engl lab laysader, oil of
rosemary,' y, dram each. . -
ADPly to -he room of the hair once or
twice g day. It Is poarflrely neceaaary that
the soilp ahould bikapt clesn. Bhameoe r.
at least ones a weak, i.. r
" - K. M. C Persevere with: the treat-
tnent a little while longer. . vr ,
ANXIOtTS READER. I ao not re
member the powder to which ypu refer,
. but the one 1 am giving you is excel
lent for perspiring feet. Bathing thefeet
night and mornlug with a saturated so-
- lutlon of boraclo acid In. alcohol, Wlll
also prova most beneficial.
, Foot Powder. : " :
- Burnt alum, t grama; sallcylle scld, i
grama; starch; U grams; violet Ulcum pow
Ddat SrairVraplrinc feet. Which should -be
bathed at least onoe dally.
The Reduction of Flesh
JANE. .You will find some helpful
hints In the little set of rulee I am giv
ing you: , - -V
Avoid all stsrchy and sweetened food, all
eeresla, vegetables containing sugar or ,
starch, such sa peaa ben cp ra. Pp""toea,
etc. Have your bread toaate.1; aprlnkle It
with salt Instead of butter. M lk. I regret
- to eey. tt it be pure end good. l fattening.
Skimmed milk may be drunk. Hot water la .
an excellent substitute for other llqulda
Add a little of the juice of limes or lemons
to It" If yoe choose, Limit your sleeping
hours to seven at ths ouutde. No pupa.
Tou must take exercise. '
- If &u cannot w.ik at lesat n-e mi to. a
dav. and do not wheel, go to one of tn Inati-
t,yorrwh.r.m harllfal m." Is rvJ.
,, Deverat of my eorreapondents report exeel
, lent results from this method of .fating the
' vlgoroua cxerolae they require. The aye em.
la thoroughly wholesome end not expensive.
: In reducing fleah the one fact to teoojlert Is-
thstfat la carbon: oxygen oatroy. or burns
out oarnon. iw mu.v ' u .T- TT.r,
by the f.rej. "'iiSii
The more rm I""---7-- --.-.,h.
aequent destruction oi - " .
ful method of curing obesity. h
- The more starch and sugar you eat the
" more carbon to bum away. ,
BI7BSCRIBER. Since receipt ot you"
" ' lettef the Vaticalra remedy has ; been
nubllshedV I cannot advise you In re
g"e" tn the ecema-lt requires speclflo
( treatment.
7 ntinn for Enlarged Pores
EDITH MAT. Continue using tha
almond meal as a substitute for soap
and apply the following lotion:
Borie acid, one- eremi witch haseldU-
- .n' fJur ounces. Apply with a piece of
old linen or bit ot absorbent cotton. ,
Pimples Leave Marks :
I am a consUnt reader of your dvpsrt
int and wouid greatlv appreciate your
2J-v.Tn TLTK.
rrrorllVmPlee; ah a-
The witch hasel cream will bo bene
eiJl.i in removing the marks left f rqm
pltpl. rRb in gently a
i day. . ' ;
Hair Split at Ends
t ,m a .readir o' our 1..
,lk5 5?? KlT oV a brown color) splits st
ra ttU-. d jgjw. and
Sk sin". ..KWr .
'liVvs the end. of your hair c'""
singed once In six weeks until all
. SplU ends hava disappeared. .
Hair Falls After Fever -
rr would It V".. -J..;...- will
irevent It, falling out r " -y
t-?Itv. following lotion to prevent
- xrtrVllls. saavfeSJll Ssl awaaaaaagaiaaiaa iaawa-gaaaws-a.
the hair from falling. In addition to,
this Vub a little vaseline Into the root
of the hair at frequent Intervals. -
failing OI lus nai. ,
us vemtaa! sas aiBMUpiriia-
ef roaamary. two .ounoesf -aicono.- two
CAppTy several times a week to the roots
af the hair. .
Harmless Liquid Powder ' .
Will you kindly publlah a rerlp for. a
harmlea liquid face wash, to use In place
of powder? Also If it Is not too much
trouble to print It over again, I would Ilk
a good cold cream recipe something that
WIU not incrasao in iiu.i, v.
J. B.
For Wbitinlno; the Skin A Liquid
Pure' oxide of sloe, t ounce ; glrearia.
t dram; roaewatsr,. ounces; esaenc, 0f
mae. 15 dropa.
Blft th sine dlaaolvlng tf In Juet anough
of th rosewster to cover It, then add the
glycerin., next the remainder of th res-:
Shake' well snd .rmlr.w'th a soft sponge
aa? en antiseptic gauze. : Zhs face must be
rfe ' . hmrz- '
. "9 - L. Si. -
well wiped off before the .Uquld dries or it
will be streaked. ; ,v .
Witch Easel Cold Cream. '
-mati ' te-eint tit AnM almond.
, Malt; nour into a mortar which has been
heated by being Immersed eorae time hi
lu.ilin miAtmr Varv aradu.llv add three
"ounoes or roaewwrer and o wltoh .'m,.
hasaU sad asalduqualy atlr ths mixture
until an emulaton Is formed, atiil afterward ' -antll
ths mixture la nearly cold.
This cream la particularly asefuij to heal
sore or stretched skin. . . 'I . '
To Fill Outliollow Necks
Wilt you plesas publlah a remedy that -will
fill out the hollows In ths neck: also
en for enlarging th bust T M. P. '
. ' Massage with a good 'skin ' food Will
fill out tha hollow places lu your neck.
Dr. Vaucalre'e-remedy is excellent fur
developing tne bust, and massage with
akin food will also, prova beneficial. -Dr.
Vaucalrg'g Remedy tor the .Suat.-
Uquld extract of galega (roatsrue), 1
, grama; lac to phosphate of lUn. 10 grama;
- tincture of fennel, 1 grams; simple ajrrvip, .
SOS grains. --- - '
' . The doa Is two soupspoonfuis with water
i before each meal. - '
-Dr. Yaucalr also adtrlae. ths drinking
of matt extra during meals. -
Itching Scalp i
I sm a young girt, is years old, and wlsit
' to aak your advice In regard to a certain
. matter. My hair la long and thick and as
black and gloaay aa jet, out l navs a wtis
dandruff, and at times my scalp Itches tar-
- ribly. - But th worst of all Is that my hair -la
ao straight that i cannot drees It be- .
- comlngly. It flattens right down to my i
head. In damp weather especially. I dread
to wssh It. for, wben X do. very month. -I
am not able to do anything with It at all.
Will ou kindly publlah a formula to make
th hair fluffy, and tell m what I can do to
-eese my scalp when t Irritates sot T '
Remove tha dandruff from your scalp
by using the following mixture. I think
this win atop the itching. 1 advise you -to
do your hair up in curlers two or
three-times a week, using a harmless
"curllne, which will make the wave last ;
longer. You should then be able to ar--rang
your hair becomingly. ...
To Eemove Dandruff.
: Tincture of oantharldea 1 ounce: liquid
ammonia. 1 dram; glycerine. U ounce; oil of
-thyme. Mi dram; rusemary oil. H dram.
itl.-4Ut togetaes WW- S4K- ounce oi roae
water. Rub th scalp thoroughly with this -
preparation until no further evidence of
danuruff Is noticed.
Borax in the Shampoo Water
I have seen where you have helped others-'"'
very much by your ready sdvlc, snd now
I writ e sag you about ths hslr. Do you -
-thlnkthaL t .0 much tyfsat.conatgntly T
tends to make th hair turn grayf
1 have beard that both ammonia and -
Wirav lend to max tne hair gray. And do
vou think that after, a time borax lone Its
effect T TROUBLE.
Ammonia and borax should each be
Used with moderation and Judgment;
and their excessive use will prove in
jurious to the hair. A teaspoonful of
either In the shampoo water la enough
for ordinary purposes, and, used in this
proportion, they are harmless.
Oily Skin
I sm a constant reader of your paper,
and would Ilk to know if joucuuld iu ma
of something to keep my face from being
shiny after waahlng. and also something
. t msks my. hair grow; it M vary thick, but
short. . . .. UKM8IE 8.
As your skin Is oily, I advise you to
. wash your face twice a week at night '
- before retiring with a flannel first dip
ped In hot water and then In a beaten
up white of egg, in which a little lemon
Juice baa been dissolved. At other
times, after washing your face, dust It
- over with a little boraclo powder. Qui
nine hair tonlo Is excellent for promote
Ing the- growth of the hair. -
Gaining Hair Tonic. :
Sulphate of quinine. 1 dram: rnsewater. I
ounce; diluted aulphurlo acid. U minims;
.. rectified spirits, a ounces. -Mix. than fur
ther sdd glycerine, ounce: easenc of roy
al, or aaaenc of musk. I or I minima. Agi
tate until solution Is complete. Apply to the
roots every day.
Pimples and Blackheads
Will you kindly recommend through your
column a good car for persietent pimples
Tinir 6 lack heads whrrh appear on face and
neckT I have heard that you named foa-
fur i
iwi in nil i M 1
ing me the recipe and sdvlas how to uaa
th aariMT is vasann or campDor lea bad
fur th akin? I hsv ue th earn, and
tar face appear oily and at tlmea ehlny.
Pimples usually indicate some Internal
dl.tUIDance,. anl snouta oe wraieoj n
ternallv. The Fossati cream Is excel
-. . , . . . . .
lent for external use, but-wlll not effect
a permanent euro if the trouble ie from
within. You will fin- the lotion for
blackheads very satisfactory. I do not
advise ths use of either vaseline or
Jam poor Ice ae a face cream or skin
bod. They ere good for many ills, as
In case of inflamed skin, chapped Hps,
. cold sores, etc., but for general' use a
regular face cream Is better; -
FosiaU Cream for Pimplee,
!.anolln, f grams; sweat almond ell,' I
grama: aulphur precipitate, I grama; oxld
of sine. t grams; extract of violet, 14
Apply a very little of the cream to each
plmpl. '( . T.
Lotion for Blackhead.
Fur brandy, 1 ounce: cologne, I ounce
ii,,.7. niint u iiaM -i
JiaVWHaftlTw.ta,g the fail
tboroui-bly with soap and yAfeg.
. LV WV- 1 VI . K a.Wt. 9 - 1- f . V.
f cr"
l . r a . b - z v u : :
A Short Best & meHcal:cfjhe:lag-
BY paying proper attention to diet
and clothing we can more fully
enlov the summer weather and
avoid many of Its discomforts.
Our digestion Is sluggish during the
summer, which Is nature's way of tell
ing us to eat less concentrated solids.
. It's a good plan to cast off ail fatty
meats and use a small quantity of lean
meat, beef, iamb, young chickens, dell-,,
cate fish, etc. - Oreen, watery vegetables,
such as cucumbers, tomatoes, green
peas, lettuce, cress and young cabbage, '
" re whflegfmernoor1ghing-attd eooilng
. to the blood.
Buttermilk, If clean and pure, le ex
' cellent summer food. With buttered
-brown bread and a small dish of cress
It makea a delightful and hyglenlo
- Ice cream cools for the moment, but
keeps you fanning later. Water Ices
and sherberts. If taken slowly between
meals, are far more cooling.
That fruit la meant to form a large
part of our diet in aummer Is beyond '
. all doubt a fact. Every Inducement la
offered us by nature to partake of It
Fruit Juices quench thirst In the most -
; wholesome manner, and at the same
time delight ths palate. "They do more
than this; they keep the blood pure and
cool, neutralizing injurious acidity and
- aiding digestion.- .
Importance of Rest and Recreation
Copyright. Uot, by A. 8. Barnes Co. -
GIRL, wrote ms the other day
that she had both the time and
the opportunity for half an
hour's rest at noon after her
- .4t,wghtw, nJHmt-at,m aaneratlv took
- i""0"""'"? I! VT 1 . IT VV."
uuui . i rev oi , i v. v. i , .1 in , .
advantage of both bv throwing her
self Into a reclining chair and taking'
a nap for ten or-fHtcon-minutoa. 8om
one had told her that It was not
hygienic, and she was In a quandary,
for she was afraid that she would
develop Indigestion. i-
Although digestion la slower during
sleep, a few minutes' rest after a :
meal Is beneficial and will do no harrm-.
Just a word more about rest In the
" middle -of tha day. - If you have been
sitting all the morning, take a walk
In the open air.. If you have been
standing, recline for a few mlhutea
If you can. If you have been work-
" Ing hard with your hands, read a few .
, minutes. If you have been using yonr
brain., go for a little walk, or to
your punching bag. Do something to
stir up your siuggrsnncsa.
' Tou remember the little suggestion
about resting the eyes, by looking up
. ' - 'v '4.S.V T y
' In hot weather the whole body should
be washed at least once dally. It cold
morning tube are Indulged in, they
should be supplemented by hot evening
Bathing the wrists In cold water dur
ing the day will cool the whole body.
Don't overtlre yourself. You should
never tear along at winter's speed on a
hot day. Heat has the etfec: of relax
ing your physical power, and, conse
- auentlv, your system cannot stand the
r V. .. , ,,,, Vs. mil An It with
topuraty in cold weather
- Active spuria ,iiu urn mw, -
moderately on hot days. In summer
every woman will bs better for a short
rest In the heat of the day. Men can
seldom pursue this plan, but very many
women can. and those who are able
should make a point of this rest on hot
""member, too. that more sleep Is
required In summer than In winter to--make
up , for the waate or th body,
which is always going on.. Don t worry.
Never worry or grumble about
It la quite unavoiuniMT, v -' '
wll. :mak. jr.-. Wtrr wro
very much, there Is all the more rea
son for keeping calm, and, therefore,
cool on hot days.
from, i your woxlta,t)ll.,pff to thed?-.
tance efery halfhour or hour tlurlrnr
the day. Relax your mind In the same
way. Stop thlpktng ot your work now
mr,A h.e an.i sail ud the memory of.
some beautiful sunset that you have
.n of something broad. You have
- --T-"- --wia-r-OTTi wast vtin and'
no ideaTTiow thU 111 rs you
- rVIIVT U Ilea v w a a.-ew r
Stand Jn jfront of your mirror and
relax your eyes, your mouth and your
'Paln"glves ua warning of trouble In
the body, fto do restlessness, depres
sion and Irritability give us warning of
trouble with the nerves and mind.
The nervoue system needs various
changes. Monotony and overaltentlon
are both Important elements ot fatigue.
If ydu are- able to do so, take one aft
, ernoon In the middle of every week for
recreation. Or tnke a week-end holiday.
Take an hour In the middle of every
day. Take a minute out ot every hour
to think of your horlson and your sun
eet. -
. Change of work Is often as much rec
reation as plnev Take tip some wn'k
that Vou reali H. Thera I noth
ing like having a hobby la lile Ml
Interests you very "much, even If It H
a card Index. -It
Is said, and I believe with truth,
that no skilled workman can do- his
best work for more than eight hours)
-a-day for six days out of tha "nr,l
llav vou ever watched a skUlea
pianist er a drum beaterT You have no-
Ing. This is not affectation, nor Is it ,
,ui it n.a unit rolaxea the hanoa
in the midst of worg, and makes them -all
the more ready to proceed. .
In the matter of sleep you must Da)
your own Judge as to the amount necesji
sary. ' The general opinion, and l oe-- -lleve
the right one, Is that an adult re-
quires eight ,nours oi steep vu v.
In most cases, especially " you are)
regularly employed every day, nine '
hours will be better. Take eight at lght
and one in the mlddle of the afurnooa
i-lf you can. . It you are not able to -v
arrange It so, then take nine at night
and plan as much rest as possible some)
time after luncheon. . . .
Do not work up to the minute or
going to bed, but change the cusrent ot
your thoughts and relax the Unstoa fo
at least a few moments before yo
seek your nights rest. t--.
Keep tne air of your bedroom pure.
Remember that you spend one-third ot
vour life there. The skin is very active
during the night and throws off muohj
waste matter. This, as well as the aia, .
' i - i i win tha lunaa. makes toe -
necessity of changing the atr from tlmav
to time very urgent. . .
Never cover your head with tne bea
clothes. Covers should bo light but
The temperature of the sleeping roons
Should not be too cold. From 5a to CQ
degrees Fahrenheit Is, about the right
temperature, '
IM) not till your bedroom with drap
eries and knickknacka, but have it a
plain, cluanly and dust-free as possible.
The bed aud bedding should be ex- ;
- posed to- the sun. every day. . Feetne
pilEpws ahould be excepted, satha sun ;
Is said to draw the oil out from the)
. feathers. They should be exposed to en
current of air, however.
Two light blankets are warmer thai,
one heavy one on account of the layeg .
of air that Is between them.
Bedclothing should be thorough!
dried and aired. Special precautions)
should be taken in traveling, and if yout
find the sheets damp and cold It la much)
better to slip them down and lie next tot
the blankets. Many a severe cold, with)
Us consequences, would thus be avoided. ,
Banish the f father bed, and sleep on a
- fairly hard' mattress. Never let tha
light of the moon of the sur) shine di
rectly on your face. Never wear any)
f arment at night that you have worn
a the daytime. Air the day clothes at
night and tha night, clothes during th ,.
day. .
It Is well not to lie In the same posli
tlon all night. Turn at least once irons
one tn the oUerTheghtslde
considered the preferable one. It is not
well to lie on the back very long at aj
Do not doze all the evening, but Ifl
you are tired and sleepy give up to it
ann ao tn bl.
It is not wise to go to sleep with at
sensation of hunger. You can take any;
light, simple food If you wish some-,
thing that you like and that agrees with)
you this is your problem to decide.
You will do well to let tea and coffee)
alone. Never lay plans at night for tha
next day's work.
SleeD tn the munlrv when vmt ears. -
Petting accustomed to city noises uses)
up stores of nervuus eneiity.
Insomnia is often due to cold feet.
Never go to bed until your feet are)
warm. Take some exercise to stir up)
the. circulation In them such as has been
given before.- Standing on the tip toea
la good. You can get them warm by aj
warm foot bath or by vigorous rubbing.
- Massage is very soothing to many
girls, and does more than anything else)
they can try to produce sound sleep.
A warm bath Is often soothing Just
before going to bed. People vary, how
ever, In this respect, aa well aa In regard)
to exercise lust before bedtime. Home
tr prepare, for sleep, while others are)
aisturoea oy it.
If you are troubled with sleeplessness.
?ou should not work -mora, than from
our to six hours out of every twenty
four, ' and you should do this work lit
the early part of the day.
If you are very seriously troubled with
, Insomnia and ere not able to overcome ,
, It, the beat thing you can do is to take
a little trip aim look at othr scene
1 and talk with otnor peonia for a tew
, ilay. It -111 chamra tll furrflnr g
your lift- and you wui come, back iiume
A natural consenuence of Insomnia
is increased sensitiveness. Sensitive"
ness Is a form of nervous tension.
Get rid of yourself.' Uo to Nature,
jour ryes ner.ti me, PtQaJMPanq .
ii n a.
the horlson. the yellow of the snn
the blue of the skies and sea, ths
green of the grass and leaves, the pure
pie of the hill.
When you have to hurry, hurry wltK
your muscles not with your nerves.
What good does It do to hurry
What are we- hurrying for? "While
we live, we die," and hurry doee not
prepare for death. ....
If you have contrarted the hb".
, you ran unloam it onlv by perslai i
. eflorL You muat exercise your i.
power to stop It. .....
We would do well to I -Orjental
calm. The
the Hhah of l"ci' i
to Join a pai l" ' "
He repllci: "It I
me that " " 1 ' '
another, 1 1 .
t. . t ... I ' .'" .