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MORNING, JUNE 3. 1806.
Gfritcst orAll
The silk items mentioned here are by far thejbest
silk, offers ever made to our patrons. Come and see. . ,
Dress in Silks. Be in Fashion 79c for
Best $1.25 Qualities
" Look what's in store for you. We are determined
to make this the greatest silk sale of the season bound
to do it Look at the offer:
Shirtwaist and Suitine Silks in abundance hundreds of ' ;
7y?tayyi?ltlu?JitC3 and newness not to
be questioned; the best coiIecti6fln3f-newr-fancy-silk5l
ever shown by far at thepnce. Lousiennes and Messa-Jineiinished-Taffeta
Silks n all the ncwologings.JgonVj
pay $1.25 a yard before . you see this grand array of
"beautiful silks on sale M6nday arid Tuesday ,
only at. .. ,.. ..f ,, ,..y, , i, . . . w
Fancy Suiting Silks 60o
y ' For Best $1.00 Quality. v- -l. -'-Here
is without doubt one of the best silk offers you ever
saw; unapproachable for the money, the quality of the -:
silk at the price will surprise you; all silk-buyers will
stretch the limit. of their.purse and lay in a supply for a ".
'long time to come;' In the assortment you will find.'a ''
great variety.of shepherd checks.'neat small figures, new .
shadow plaid in all the new gra eHect? best, '
quality on-sale Monday and Tuesday - fQc:
i rovers i i . f zsr
of the rii sr:
I Values ; NVslJJfiM
w ........ -
ruff .
of the .
- only at, .'
T5o Changeable Taffetas 49o
Thousands of yards Beautiful Changeable Taffeta bilks "
warranted all pure silk, full 19 inches wide, comes in
all the,4best - colors blues, greens, reds, browns, etc ; ,
best 75e quality. On sale Monday and Tuesday
n 75o Suiting Silks 50o
'A big yariet of .Waist and Suiting Silks in all the new- -
summer shades; neat checks, dots, stripes and broken
plaids; strictly allpure silk, soft and durable; best
-ySc-qualityQn-ftale-Monday and.Tiicadayjjnjygt
50c, 65o Fancy Suiting Silks 30o
A. jaost-attractive assortmentof pretty-Suiting Silksi-soft-:
Messaline finished taffeta, all pure silk, colors and pat-'.
65c grades. On sale Monday and Tuesday only at.OVC
(Grigantic SMoe Sale
at Dull Season's Cut Prices
4. You "will want inexpensive Shoes for yourself and family fqr.sunv
mer and vacation wear 36,000 pairs on sale tomorrow, purchased
from eastern manufacturers and jobbers for. our July Sale. They are
early. They are this season's factory cleanups with which we have
been making shoe history in Portland. In this sale we give you, our
regular July prices. They are at half price and better and from
famous makers that will, insure absolute satisfaction. Our usual
guarantee goes with every pair.' You will save more than half on
every pair you purchase at this time, besides getting a full month's
before our regular July Sale starts. . ; . ,N
TABLE-1 In -the -Basement: Shoe' Department -Annex,
women's $2 and $2.50 chocolate vici lace Oxfords, with
single sole, Cuban heel and stylish last: solid AA.
throughout. .yj? C
TABLE A In the Base
tnent' Shoe Department;
misses' Oxfords, Slippers
and Barefoot Sandals,
worth $175, in all leathers
and light and QQr
hearjr soles........ ss
TABLE 2 In the Basement fw npaw.
mcnt Annex, women's $2.50 and $2.75 black
vici kid lace-Oxfords, with light and heavy
soles ; Cuban, concave and low heels and
patent leather . tips ;
per pair,
TABLE 4 In the Basement ; Shoe Department
Annex, 6,000 pairs misses'-kid lace Shoes with pat
ent leather tips, low heels and good oak soles made
bjf a manufacturer with a national reputation for V,CI nar
and boys ; the entire lot the product of the C. & E.
Shoe Co.
of Columbus, Ohio; worth $1.50, QQ.pnnexJ
"$2D0TTor tHislale. 77 S ITpShoes, si
leather. tips; . '
TABLE 3 In the Basement Shoe-Department
Annex," women's $3.00 and $3.50 Blucher and lace
Oxfords in chocblate vici, Russiacalf-Mand black
Vict' hand madelin .'alOhe Very "latest C 1 - CH
TABLE 6 In the Basement Shoe Denartment
JnnexjJ?ays-$2 and $2.25 sblidrtylislv-l-t ft
sizes zy2 to &y2 iTr. . . r. . , . . . . . . J) 1 1 y
A Great Gale of
Vlt's the season of the year when Wash Goods buying
is the strongest. You'd naturally expect prices to remain
firm, but we will place on' sale three great lots at ex-,
tremely low prices. The price concessions we hive made
should make you think of your needs for months to come.
We are compelled to make this sacrifice to make room
for other goods. r " .
- , 18o, 20o and 25o h a
Wash Goods at.. ItiO
LOT 1 A great assortment of this season's most want
ed goods Wool Finished -rSuitinffs, Japanese Crepes,
pretty Voiles and Zephyr Ginghams patterns and color- '
ings all that fotyldjy 'reii, all hriglit nw grinds wellL
.i . t . i - i r .i .
, wurui rtguiar prices. ' specially pncea ior mis Ar
sale at, only.1. ..... ... . ... , , ;, , . ... . t .. .,. 1tL"L
Scotch Ginghams
Best 25c Quality
LOT 2 10Q pieces only at this price Scotch Zephyr
Ginghams in a splendid assortment of patterns, stripes,
" checks, plaids and'flaked effects; light, medium and dark
. cplors; best standard quality; never before sold for less
'than 25c a yard. Specially priced for this Q
sale at. . . IOC
i Cotton Taffetas -g i '-,1
J Best 15c Quality 1UC
LOT 33,000 yards Cotton Taffeta Suitingslpretty as
silk, a great assortment of patterns and colors to choose
from, beautiful silk finish, washes perfectly ; best A I
15c quality. Specially priced for tnis sale at. .... lUt I
liyic Dress Ginghams 10c More new Dress Ginghams
just received in a big assortment of fancy styles in light,
medium and dark colors; also the wanted plain colors in
all the best shades; best 12$c quality. Specially
j)riced at. ...... ,', , . .-r. . ........ .'. ....... .... . . ..lUw
15c Percales 12Jc Best quality Percales, full 36 inches
wide, light, medium and dark colors, 150 patterns to
choose from ; sold 'everywhere at lac a yarL-l Our
ISTlcia lTricefor1hioal
gQQJPozenJrgonien SttT
Sleeveless Vests Tomorrow O v
To II awl uTciyI a Sn if .a
"BurSOn" Hosiery Sale Two Notable Bargain,
Tomorrow As Many--Qj "Pw ' . 1 :
as You Wish at . . ... leC JTr Q12.50 .'for Suits Worth $16.50
"Trr ;;;: "ir;t r : Strictly Tailor-Made Suits of .women and - misscsr
SS -Sfi -m L&-'oi Utest light or dark mixtures; eton" and pohyl
com yml . paranteed blk. ;,., vnrimme(1 With fancv braids, elbow or
l X V
This is the only stocking
manufactured that is
made absolutely without
- a seam. -"--;-t
A boon to women with tender feet ;
' no seam in the foot, no seam across
the toe; no seam pn th' leg, and
still has all the good features of an
Imported stocking. Full fashioned
throughout, made with widened leg,
narrowed ankle and shaped foot, all
'first quality; we allow no "seconds"
in this Hosiery stock ; when you
purchase here you are assured of
getting the best 100 dozen of these
stockinwul be at
- long sleeves skirts-in newest ctrcu
i- o a:. '1.
iar styir. special vins .
$16.50 for Suits Worth $20 to $25
'About 30 of these exceptionally clever grayr navy and
black Suits to go this week at $16.50. - Choicest sum
mer weaves in stvlish mixtures and Panamas, . pony
and eton effects, lined with pretty shades, of taffeta
silk ; skirts are circular or pleated styles
and are cut extra full." Special this week.
Sale of Women's
Every skirt want can be filled here. We can
fit every figure, from the smallest miss or woman
t the extra. large sizes. '. .-.'.".-. .'. . .'..:. "..1
Special This Week ,Valking and Dress Skirts in
desirable mixtures, neat checks, plain grays, plaids,
also -chiffon Panamasandiinemohairs in black,
naw and - grays Correct styl
$0.50 to $8.50 values ...
Warmer weather at hand. Prepare
yourself tomorrow by taking advan
tage of the most liberal offering ever
made at any time or place in this line.
We shall place on sale forone day
only Monday--over 200 dozen of an
excellent 20c grade Sleeveless Vests of
fine bleached yarn, silkene taped at the
neck and shoulders, full sizedrettily
trimmed ; all firsts,; no " damaged ; or
soiled ones in the lot. On. sale O
tomorrow only at this price Ov
Linen Suits s Skirts
A great range of styles and
prices to choose from. Every
. - m. -e
l moaei inai is new or oui oi
T the common in style is here
Savings in JNTotions
Some"-strictly plain a
vere, others fancy, tailored
Styles with a little touch here
American Spool Cotton-Hand or machine. Special f.and new
nrtce. T spools tor. . . . . . , ..- ' . . . ... . ... .
-&w.lnr...-RhiMiremilar valuelOcSoecial vn ""V'v"
uiwvauiv -r " o . ' sifftfff-iifwn
Children's Hose Supporters
cial price. Monday, at..
-PearVButtons One-doset
"White LinenJacket-Suit
' Women's Belts
A' magnificent collection of Gold and Silver Belts in all
sizes at ....48
y iiiO dozen iuiki mjh-b wu wvw- . J
iiHaintv.' At half regular price....... i..... .18
200 dozen very richly Embroidered Wash Belts Excep
tional values at 25c. L Special I at .v........ 10
June" iSale of Iluslitt Underwear
QUALITY VALUE These are the
watchwords of this great sale. This, is
the greatest . sale of Undermuslins we
- have ever announced, hundreds and hun
dreds of White Undergarments of sur-
!assing beauty and irreproachable qual
ty in amazing variety are here to delight
and please our many friends. No skimp
ing oi quality, or material here, every
garment just what it-ought to be, t
- . lowest possible prices. Read our list of
"specials for the last week of this gjeat
le AT 48 CENTS ,-
Drawers Made of the best-muslin-nd
cambric,-all sizes as well as outsizes;
tfurilerous styles to choose from;bcst-of
iiiinminrn' fi6e and Tfic values.' t.1.1-"
Corset' Covers Made of fine nainsoolc and Cambric,
; trimmed in finest wash races," embroidery and insertions ;
excellent values at 65c and 75c. ....-
- AT 69 CENTS '
- Petticoats Made of very fine quality muslin, long and,
" short styles, deep cambric flounces, trimmed with lace"
" insertion and embroidery; 75c and 85c-values
Gowns Made of extra quality muslin, square and high
necks, good wide skirts, neatly trimmed with laces and
embroideries ; best 85c values . .
Gowns Made of best quality muslin and cambric, slip
over styles, low and V-neck, trimmed with laces, hem
stitched tucks, embroidery and ribbons ; .regular $1.25
Value. . - - , '- 1 .
N in ' Made of excellent quality ma-
S . m
sxyiesTTPii pieateq anu-ci:
" Alt
'I Hi1 1 1
rcu - 0'r a . i -
1 Skirtsiaf every description for all occasions. A most
complete stock awaits your select ion. $3.50 to $5
far skirts.' Un- 0 (
usual values at....4)0U
White Linen Eton
Suits-One of the
most popular new
styles, Skirt and waist
cut full size and per
fectly, .finished
throughout, full pleat
ed skirts. . SpeciaP
:'..T."!t.-$S.90 -
White Linen Shirtwaist Suits Dainty, cool and styl
ish, waist and skirt cut extra full, neatly trimmed
with pleats and embroidery.'" Specially : A
priced at
White Skirts Handsome pique "and Indian head
Skirts in a dozen of the best styles, strictly man tail
ored and perfectly finished. Specially tff fif
priced for week at S4.50, $3.50, 82.25. . $1 .UU
Colored Wash Skirts Black and white polka dot
duck,- fancy . pique suiting1, coverts and other dark
wash. fabrics ; these skirts are all well tailored and very
Circular Skirts
Another pretty style in a circular Skirt is made of
the choicest of the new shadow plaids and broken
checks, also in the fine imported Sicilian and Pan
ama materials in all colors and black. 7 f A
These are $10.00 values for ............. $ .OUL
Reductions in Laces
. For Monday and Tuesday. : .
15c Point de Paris and Normandy' Valenciennes Wash
Lace From 2 to 6 inches wide ; regular 15c grade. Spe
cial sale, Monday and Tuesday, at.. .. .... . . v . .5 -
Allover Laces Magnificent collection oi MPointdeGaetl
Baby Irish and VeniseAllovers--AlFgreatly reduced.
Prices.. from 32.50 down to.Tr .7TTrrrr..45
Lace Bands' and Medallions Superb assortment of Lace
Bands and Medallions in straight or irregular edges and
medallion effects. Exceptional values at prices ranging
jrorn81.50 !jerarddowTito. ....... . .25
French Valenciennes Laces
Italian niesh
Sale of Silk Betti-
coats -
Valenciennes Laces, with insertions to match ; exception
al' rvalues. Prices range from, per dozen yards; 50
up to ...81.00.
. ..
Silk Taffeta Eibbons 18c
JPetticoats xiJinesLlafietaJnblack.anLa jyarlctyiof.
colors, with deep accordion ruffle, attached tucked
ruffle and all-silk underlay. Special - ftfi
this week. U
"fihishrinallhadeyr4j and 5 inches wide; regular-price
J25c and 35c yard. Magnificent offering at, yard. . . .18
-50o Print-Warp Eibbon 23o
Sale of Covert
These Coats are of the double 'twist 'tan covert,
front and back finished "With self straps, notched
collar, loose or fitted styles, lined or un
.lined. Special this weelrrr;
3,000 yards of Warp Print Ribbon, fancy checks and
stripes; now used so much in fancy millinery; regular
selling prices from 35c to .50cOnsaIeMonday and
Tuesday at, per yard..,.. .r.23
d or un- P flA W win. . oner some astonisning values in tuztDroia-
77rrT7lT.miD ty$ r -nes, Monday and Tuesday.
Sale of Silk Etons
Made in the most sought for tight-fitting models,
the very newest styles, made from extra quality
chiffon finish taffeta silk; usual $12.50 flQ PA
values. Special this week at 0U
Gingham Petticoats
Plain Chambray blue and white and gray and
white stripes, excellent quality, with deep flounce,
ample in size and superior in every detail. Priced
at 50, 75; and .... ...
eTinie SstleofWsiist
Tomorrow we begin our first Jurie Sale of Shirtwaists, which we propose "to
make an annual affair. .This has been the most wjanderfuljhijawaistjeaso.nna
.great many years. It has been almost impossible for us to get sufficient stock, but
our arrangements were so'well planned that we have been able to supply the demand.
All the waists in this sale will be of the very latest types and patterns and the best
'of fabrics.-- - - - -'--
At Q1.00
WhTte .Waists
dainty style, the
materials and
making' of the
best and trimmed
attrctively. ,
At Q1.25
Waists in white
lawn and chambray,
daintily .finished
with Jtucks, others
with lace ( and in
sertion. . '
At 01.50
An . exceptionally
strong line. These
are white lingerie
Waists, well
tucked and trimmed.
At 01.00
This is possibly the
best offer of the
sale. Waists of
"sheer materials, un
usually well made.
Four Great Lots as Follows t
LOT NO. 13,000 cards of Cambric and Swiss Em
broideries, with insertions to match, from 2 to 5 inches
wide; good 20c values. To close, Monday and Tuc.v
day, at .. .' ..i.t , . . . . .10
LOT NO. 2 1,000 cards of beautiful Nainsook and
Swiss Embroideries, from 4 to 12 inches wide. At the
temptingly, low price, per yard...,,.,....... .....15
LOT NO. 3 500 cards of 18-inch Corset Cover and
Flouncing Embroidery, best quality-Swiss- and Nain-:
sook; values up to $1.00. Monday and Tuesday, at the.
extremely low price, per yard..; ...25
LOT NO. 42,000 cards of AUover Embroidery Beau
tiful designs in Swiss," NainsookT and Cambric; well
worth $2 per yard-. Monday and Tuesday, yard. v85p
810.50 Swiss Embroidered JZobes 05.95
200 Swiss Embroidered Robes in beautiful designs;. have
been selling at $10.50. ..On special sale, Monday and
Tuesday "onlyr at ...... I ......... ;tt. r. . . . . .f 5.05
3 Exceptional Values In Men's UnderwV
NEW GOLF SHIRTS $1.00 Men's new Monarch
Golf Shirts in a large variety of neatest summer patterns,
iri light and dark colors; well worth $1.50. "Our spe
cial price l.OO
MEN'S NEGLIGEE SHIRTS $1.50 Men's Negligee
Shirts, made of fine soisette and soft mercerized cotton,
in tan, gray, blue; these shirts have neat soft collars at
tached and are exceptional values at...... l.CO
MEN'S WORK SHIRTS 60 Men's Work Shirts h
a large variety.of dark and light patterns; every 1
double stitched. Good values at ..I