The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 03, 1906, SECTION TWO, Page 27, Image 27

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Make hay while the tun.
Jjreen Slabwood. pet
..load"...... ?1.7S;
Dry Slabwood, per
load ?3.25
-Inside-Slabwood, per--'''1-';
- load .82.25
9 Green SpruceSlabwood, per
5 loadT,. . . . 81.00
And special prices on all
green 10-load orders.
These - prices - for .. South
rorfland only. . "
Phone, PA
Who thlnki for him
mtUt demands sbso-
lute security and safety for hla hard
earned dollars. At tha an me time ne
'should require the full earning power
tir nia money. nta company nana lea
only (he beat class of Flrat Fort sags
. Mew url ilea, :The original , miui Igafy II
aiviuca , .- .
'." Into Units Paying S Per Cent
thereby securing to each individual In
veetnr, either Urge or small, the aame
dement of security. We ask you to
imna mis matter over.
iXwJim. Bicnr aidr.. IMaaeuLJtlasil
it ' M " . a
neLomiaentai company
for Bargain! In Real EataU of All Kinds
243 Stark St.
Kear two slectrlo lines, cheap and on
- easy terns. :
114 Commercial Block,- Second and
: - Washington St rests... . . -
There Is Wealth
'. In Timber
.; .- . - '.':
- I,et uo ahow you' Tiow to secure an
interest In timber and lumber manu
facturing; enterprise. The investment Is
sectire. I per tent Interest guaranteed
i- bank. Larce additional proflta- In-
'vestments $160 snd up, small monthly
faymonta I-et us talk It over with you.
all. write or phone. BtUlsy, CIS Cora
. merolai Bldf. Kla 1S40.
TOn Grand - Ave.,- near- Market
83,000. B. 82, Care Journal.
1-4 Block
Sixth and East Clay Streets
84,500. B 81, Care Journal.
-If you have jmy real estate to sell
-The Dunn - Lawrence
':. Company""!
Make more salesthan any other
ffncy inthejcit.Forjquick
;sales and square business you
never can do any better than to
list your property at Room 8,
First Street
The Way to
I Make Money
)tuy Hond River or Mosler fruit lands
and hold for an Increase. The demand
for thee land la crowing. Buy now
snd realise a handsome profit. For
lands In this diatrlct see ,
SIS-SIS lumber Bxchange Building,
, B. B. Cor. Beoond ft Stark Bta
raois skaxst 443a.
ITaTTnTi. Frit! ' '
"ll.lloh, Aiuruet' Where yea Is coming treat
. I kom from Mlneaotla and here 1 kit a
lnlrt from my friend rot la bora eat
summer, and ku keut a gat firm from dot
I et me are 4nt leder. Ant ant.
Ok, yea pfjr life, f know hlaT veTt sad
at yec want a gut farm. Ilddte er bk-k, ead
a deal, you g den; a bee a bios
selection and ke teht nlrlte. lie fcht ae-ahtak-a.
soil M. aim MM
f, TUCKS, 1481. Tlrsht ttaMt...
Water Front
For Bale Snd feet .of choice water,
front. In. city limits, cnntalna ahoJut Ave
acres, railroad through It: a fine mill
' proposition: ev terms. Call on J. B.
TAI LOit, (16 Marquam Bide . -
S First
Mortgage Security
: A Fine Lot
JrllrlleilkonneM Co. -water-front-
onar inniM, ,-
- (XH0O1F0BATXS) "
C.olt.l. 200.nno Tally
. U.mlvM vt tb ivortlmna Stock Earkaaae.
Mining larMtmvata .ad Ual ' Estate.
' f ornAst
Fertlaad. PblU4.1bl. Plttasarg, Bostsa,
N.w York, Waablsatea. V. C.
CORNER BmiNEfta PROPERTY, paying en
ju nr tni;v,u,iim iocaiwa ror isciim.
"la- value: lotV)i!00: S atorM. I liu
. -and ouxlera, 'and k-runia cott.s; ealy S.OOo:
If ,ou ..want gUedge lareatawat do set
ererlook tbla. " 1
ritNINa-MILL MKK will be tabreeted Is
s AiUy eeulpfMd ylsst la St. Johns, whtrh
- bare im aale at a aauat attraeUre (rlcet
anaeual nppnrtaalty la tbia Uae lot yea;
- prli-. only IIO.uoo.
MKAT-PA4KINO PLANT t are ea river
front, arlrk balldlns Slit too, Sne eoMtorat
plant, corrals. ab.tU, ate. tbl I. aa eatra
ordlnary cbanre fur people latweated la tbia
- Ha! only (20.on0: eaar teran.
IKiO.OOO 1 roHNKRS. Itark at., property ac
tually verth l),000. and will e.11 tor awre
wlthla S BMMitb.; If re want real estate
. lavMtnwt. J raa't Imprme ea thla; .null
' iiuniri will handle thtsj qalck derlaloa aee
cwnryt prlnctp.1. nnly. tick b 441.
BEATTT.B PROI'ERTT Let etWHO. good aeaae,
air lawn, only 10 mlsutae to bualnea crater;
alll-erlt nr esdiaBge for Portland property;
rr $3,500. terma. '
o. umD tot property ea Vsiea sve,
ftOiloOi Ukobm 1.900 aaaually.
' .'k-a. . HOMES ...
BEAUTIFUL LITTLR BOMB, f rooma,' furnan.,
as, hath, elestriclty. lawa. fruit and la fact
' emytblng that makes a dearrable plaw- te
llro located la Hoileday Park Adoitine:
thl. la oae ef tk keat baya ea the east
id; only IB. 000.
OOOO linul la Pattok Traet. ealy half block
from North AHilna statlosi lot 50x100, good
. teoce, T-roon boiiae; tbla place rests for I7,
If roa de set waat te lire there; ealy ft.MO,
terms. .'
BEST CORNER Is City for tbs price; North
. IStb at., lot ftOilOO, doable boas. IS reoma,
. modern, exelloat eeodltloa: apMBdld loca
tion for rapid tecreaae la rain..
5,Ono LOVELT earner lot, tolCV -room
eotuge, awdere; frslt, flowera, ste.; wsat
$3.000 NICB bonu. aaoders -roowl beaae, near
car line; fruit, flowers, lawa. ate.
04MD S-rotm anaee. t atery, moora; lot IHni
liiO; ea ghermaa betwaa 14th and Seta.
This Is a bargala at $4.2M.
LOT- : : :
lots, front oa eoalerard; thla la aa excel,
lent epportentty te lareet 1,000 to good ad
fSS.eou RPLENDID maaafactarlag or ware
hooM alte; jamaOO, , betweea I railroad.;
rir terma.
$oo riNR corner let Mxltt. ea Alasworth
are., only block, from car.
$8,600 IS LOTS, Oak UroT., ea O. W. P.
lino sear Mllwaukle. Tbla Is exeellcBt
. bur baa preperty.
$5.000 TRACT of t'i
Tadd ad-
HI Hon Thlali..AS-rxcelMiBt Piece of prep-
$8.000 t ACRES, Oiesweod Park addition: too
fruit trees. Tbie Is e heraala la arrears.
$T.6on II l-t acres, eonndary Use aortbaast
Portland. This bj s fine piece of preperty,
sad will Increase rapidly la value.
KICK LITTLE RANCH, S4 -aUla fros -Oreaea
ttry? St-eerea." 4 toon, boa... earns-eretv ejood
well, spring and creek, aboat 1.000 atrawberry
. Tinea, apples, peare, plojaa, etc; tbls Is a
snap at $3,000: terms. .
FINE FRUIT FARM of 40 acres; spples.
peaches, walnnt. sad praaee oa acrt
. timber oa 15 acre.; large fnrltdryr,.eepaerrr
$00 bushels dally; oa eoaaty. road aad bas
R. C, It.; It yon waat s psylsg farm bay
tbla for only gfl.OOO.
west of The Dallee, ealy $1100) terms te suit.
$r)0O-,l0 ACRES sear Gable; 00 acres
cleered. S ereeka, 4 springs.
$7.000 040 ACRES 6 miles from Bedstead.
Bear raual of Iteerhatea I. Co.
$$.500 20 ACRES sUarary .eoaaty. g Billes
north Burs. . .
$3,000100 ACRKS Tamklll eoaaty, IS mil.
wost McMiBBTiUe; fine wauiat'Issd.
The J. C. Lee Coinpaay
Sultea . 10. It. IS, 1 sad SO Lafayette bUg.,
- . Blltk and Waahlastoa sts. , ,
-- ,jK,jiTnrios...i;i.':
Room II, 145. First Street
Two lots 100xl8 feet, with l-room cot
tage, near Bell wood and Brooklyn car
lines. Thla is a good little homo near
In and very ehesp. . j
(Sxiee feet of ground, with S-room old
house, bringing $11.1 per month, with
plenty room for good flat, -centrally lo
cated and close In on east side of river;
very cheap In value with adjacent prop
erty. .
SSOO ISxlOO. East Davis and tld ota
rfisoo Two Una tots and S-room resi
dence, near car tinea, am. aoor; easy
91300-I4SS&0, San Kafael and East 7th
laoalOO Hoyt. between Slot and Sid
sta; a flrst-clsss residence property. ..
, WAmaxotrni nornrr.
Wo have choice warehouse sites for
sale on Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fif
teenth and East Wstsr streeta
' TABICS " ,
Wo have choice farms for sale In all
parts of tha state.
Sinnott & Sinnott
S3 cma:
or 0'
First Street
$0x100 with S-atory biick, all for
The llealy Investment Co.
110-114 AMngton, issh Third Bt.
- 300 . feet, . t acres or mora,' running
bark to and across railroad track, A
Srst-rato location - for mamifacrurtng
ptafrt-mntf gdjomhtg one now being la-:
staUsd, , .-
lie nooas imiT.
Seventh Street
Fins corner. Improved, with . brick
building; Income 1110 xssnth; f40,0M.
The Heafy Investment Co.
iio-iit Abingtoa. lairti mi.
tt7Ei 10010O. on the corner, with
Vwrrl a anlandld l-room modern
e v a v wjiousev Tbla -pr operty la - In
irvington and one of tne moei magnm
cent homes In that district. If you
need a magnificent homo do not.tnlss
seeing this. i ' "'
fCC A A JOOxlOO. on the northwest
nniiJ corner. of East Sixth and
WvV Holladay avenue. iThla Is
really tha choiesst location on the east
aide of the river. . Megniflcsnt homes all
around It, -
tiP(( BOxlSO f set, with good S-room
JalRlllJ bouse, on Eugene street, bet.
eyvvv v Jiodney and Union avenuea, ;
JH - acrea on -Belmont street
and' Pettygrove avenue. This
Is hlsh and slahtlv snd a tins
view of ths rHy. As well located as
anv property In Mount Tabor for a mag
nlflcent boms.
fTCAft SOxlOO feet,-orr tbg-mar,
J nlJll wMh double house with 1
wswvw room, n aarh apartment,
bringing In good rent. Cloas in on the
wsst side.
(0x100, with douWa house,
bringing In $t a month rant,
on Mill street, near lath.
50x100, with new, modern T
room house, on Tillamook at
between 14th and 16th. -100xlOO.on
tha-- corner" of
Eleventh and Broadway, Hol
laday Addition,
100x100, n the corner of
Nineteenth and Multnomah,
Holladay Park. .
Oaaxaaer of Oommeroe. 7faoae
. the I
flae borne
rty ea
u r.k-.
West are. Beautiful t-room
-, bouao surrouaded by laws,
TOahrubs, running Tinea;
(round. . lOOxlttO. with 18
, . choice bearing fruit treee aad
mwrv v - g'd gardea; large atablo.
YUU Tbla property la t borough ly
. modrra, ebvtria Hghta, conv
manda excalteat view and Is
-AArgT suieouBScd lir smBSlff Port"
land's flneat homes. Te eae
Inoking for the com fort, of
AM- Ufa without the aolae and
. ' crowded oondltloe of the etty,
this will be particslarly at
TriTTAT trartlTe. Our prtre la $1,000
lLJSiiti-l lea. than actaal coat, and we
ran eell for part eaeb and
TJAl at'i balance In tw yaara at S per
HUME? cent Intereat.
. S. B. Oar. Sd aad Oak Sts.
f a.OOO H block on th and E. Madl-
SOu. r
$l,OT5 For very choice corner lot In
. Holladay add.,, southwest corner
llth and Hancock sta Oo today
and this lot; It Is a bargain.
5.500-t-Twq. XlsU and ll-roomcoul
buj.j. tags- on- sax i auooV4ot-o- th
at. Oood, Investment. ,! - - -.
a,650 4-room fnodern house, lot 4ta
118, on one of tha best Improved
. i streeta on. the east sidsv Can ar
range terms to suit. . ..
$20.000 H - block on Flsndsra st.j
olose In. r.-i7
a,7SO Qood- l-room houss on Clay
at. wsst aide. Will lake automobile
In exchange - or vacant property on
- east side. - '- - . - .-
K260 Each buys fins ' . building lota
V on 44th and 45th. on block south
of Hawthorns ave. car line; 10 per
. cent cash, 'balance $10 per month'.
- . These lota are bound to Increase in
value very feat, aa Hawthorne ave.
"7 Is to be macadamised thla Bummer.
- Oo and see. them today.
Member Portlaad Beelty Board.
t. . nosni Memo b.
Payne, Pettey & Co.
Has lota 50x100 feet oa eaat aide, near twu
carllnea. $325. Bn.lneea property k hi Weaton
te exchange for a good farm la valley. Bual
eea. aad reatdeece property la Salem for Port
land property. A T3S-acre bottom farm, wltb
M acres of sops, Imprevemente plenty, la
Martua eoaaty, $30 per acrei a bargain.
A Few Choice Buys
Beautiful lota In Ivanhoe
5 down and IS per month.
A few vacant lots left on E
SSd. and - Clinton. . beautiful
view and beat of car service.
Lot on East Seventh, facing
San Rafael at. This Is a de
sirable location and priced
IS lota. In Peninsula Addi
tion No. 1, in vicinity of nsw
Packing houses; a snap ofre
ed by non-resident owner.
New S-room new Colonial
style house, fractional corner
tot, ciose in, on xiroaaway;
Member Portlaad Stearty
Corner-on- FonAh-at. 1n pustnasr dis
trict, very liberal terms.,
Tamhlll street corner, close In. good for
Corner lot on Park street, deslrsble aa
an Inveatment. -
Western Oregon Trust Co.
e16,000 block close In on Third
street. . i.
910,000 Corner on Fourth stfast
close In.
Otto & Crockett
SeSVb WASinStdf.
New S-rneea boaae, R 14th and Mats. Car
Bee lot: laatalhaears $211 or aaere .per saootk.
Old Feabra pMg. M.
Will buy $0x10 feat within (0 feat of
Bumside street, that la now oatho mar
ket for tha first tlma In 41 yeara. Tbla
figure le Just $M00 below tha prevail''
Ing market price. , - - ,
Holmes &rtienefee
1 ... BtAUT 1B14V
Kambe rartlas4 Skealty aear.
IV ' ;, '
- ' -. --u .
Tbe Bits who pays rent for tea yeere seye
nearly Ue original enat of tbe property and
la moat raaae tba appreciation Is uurs tbas
tb. Internal oa the tne.etment.
Tbe EAST S!TH baa tba meat rWMRH.
has tbe URBATCHT populatios. le OROW1NO
the moat BAPIULY. and tbe GREATER
PORTLAND M18T aad WILL be there.
IS 'the geographical canter , ef the city, end
le tbe BMMt UKrllRABI.B realdeace dlatrlpt,
and much of IbU will kaaume BL'MINEMS
propartj. IX not eeerloufc heae PACTS
when making rneeetmenta and call and la
apect tbe- property, for eea ing Is believing.
Tbe Oregon Real Estate Cocpsay
$V Third -St., Boors 4. Portland, Ortgoa.
Tract 16
5 Acre Tracts
Facing on Barrroadaf Monta
villa railroad station." : -
Terms $100 cash, balance $15
per month.
' 514 Chamber of Commerce.
Taere bas bora a marked fall fat preavare In
the north Pacific aiataa diirtns the laat II
bouts and-Ttoodrntmr BaS TWPreaea7"ToT"hS"Tta-
baa yet fallea. It la warmer la the eoond eoiiii
try and hi naatara Oregoa. eaatera Waahlngtna
and Idaho, and decidedly cooler la weetera Ore
goe aad northern California.
The Indication, are for. .bower. Rnnday tn
we. tern Oregoa aad wasters Waablagtoa and
for laereealng eloodlnaaa aad threaten Ins weath
er la eaatera Waealnstoa and northern Idaho.
It will be cooler la western Oregoa and welters
wa.nincioa ana eoatmue warm eaai
Cascade mountains.
ef the
Elmer J. Kamrar, SOS Grant street, 80; Orace
E. Lowry, 10.
C. B. Holt, Commercial street, 11; UU
dred O. Iotj. SI.
' Jobs P. Myers, 383U First etroet, 41 1 Emms
H. Maxwell, 41.
C. B. Trnvene. SOS North Xlaeteenth street,
S3: Rnae Van Float, SI. ' -
Cbarlee Walter" Wheeler, SftS Bast Couch
street, ZO; Ethel rmnaoa. iv.
Wedding lnri tat lone, claas .nnooacements,
calling carda, ate I proper forma and la teat
striae. Alrla S. Hawk Co., 146 ya Third st.
Wadding Cards, W. Q, gmltb A Co., Waab
lagtoa blag., cor. Fourth and Waablagtoa ate.
Wedding and calling carda engraved -or
printed. E. T. Raabtoa, SMVa-WanaJagtoa St.
Mies Bertbe Martin, roam 111 AtUky bldg.
Stamping aad flue aeedlework; Jaaaoaa gtvea.
MEI.DRUM la Orofon City, Oregoa, Jnne X.
100. D. Meld rum, mother ef J oh a and
- Henry Meldram, Mrs. W. S. Mnore, Mrs. P.
O. McCowa and Mm. D. P. Thooipaoe. Fu
. . neral at. her htte raaldaace, Moaday, Jane 4,
at 10 e. m. Prleade rnrlted.
, , , a.
BBCKRhc FrleBds sad acqnarntancee -arerer
- anectfally Invited to ettend tbe funeral anrv
Ices ef tbe lata Rudolph Becker, which will
be held st the family realdencs, 103 22d St..
N.. today, Joae at 3 p. au -Intermect
Oreenwood cemetery.
CHAMBERS la thU city, Jnna 1, 1(0. Wil
liam N. Cbambera, aged 60 reara. Prlenda
and acqaalatanroe sre reapectnillr tsvtted te
attend the funeral aervtree, which will be
held at Elk.' temple, today at 8 p. B.
CLUNIS Prlenda aad aoqoalataaco are re
enectfally laelted to attend the funeral eerr
Icea ef J.mea W. Clonla. which will be held
at Ms late residence, M4 Williams are., at
I SO p. m. today (Sunday). Interment River
Edward Hetsjea A Oo,. the leading funeral
dlrertora, tbe flneat eatablubmeat, the
flneat roods, tbe gaaet vehicle, and the stoat
reasonable price. Fine broadclotb severed
caak.ts, $2S and $SO. The Sneat wood goods
made, from 111 to $20. Parlors tao snd
XH3 Third street. ticsat - SalaMa, Portlaad.
1- P.- Plnley A Son. fo neral dlrertora .eg
.ainelmers, earner Third ssd M.dleoa atraete.
Officer ef eoaaty tor o ear. - TeMpboae Mala t.
- Donnlns. -. McEatee - A Ollbaagh. - undertaker,
aad embainrere: saodera In eveev detail. Seveath
aad Flee. Mala 4 Ml Lady aasletaat.
A. B. Remeteek. andertaker ssd embelmer,
Baat Thtrteentb sad UmattUa ave. Pboae Sou-
nale era Tea S10. pamllr Iota ITS fa 11.000.
Tbe only cemetery le Portlaad which par.
pernalle maletalna aad earee for lets, far full
Inforasattoo apply te W. R. M.ckeaale. War
crater block, city. W. M. Ladd, neealdewC- -
Oet year Ineursace sad abatrects te reel aetata
from tbe Title Guarantee A Treat company,
S40 Waablngtoa etroet, earner Soeoag.
Follewbtf sre the tnrartone ef polling places
ef 4be- pn.lntta of Molrnmnab eoenty for tbe
xe neral electloa te be k.ld Jane 4, laoa.
, Preclact No. 1 soo Thermas street. .
Preflnrt No. 8 Carpeatorhop Berth Twenty
Snt snd Wlletm .treat..
Preciact Ba IWS Savler street
. WARD RO. 1
Prerlnrt Mo. 4830 Flasdere atreer. '
Prec1net No, 8 84 Fourteenth .tree,, north.
Preelnct No. g ISO Fourteenth atreet. aortb.
Precinct No. t Tent, eoatbeeet Comer Nlse
teenth end Hoyt etreeta.
- Precinct Re. 8381 Nlaeteeata street, aortb.
WARD NO. 8.- j:. u.
Preelect No. S Sixth atreet. north. .
Precinct Ne. 10 8SI Ankeny atreet.
Precinct Ne. 11 Merrill s building. Seventh
snd Oak streeta.
Precinct No. 13 eflTU Borne Me etreet.
Preclact No. 1888 Nineteenth street, porta.
Prerrnrt Ne. 14 84 Alder etreet.
Precinct No. 18 Knlgkte ef Pythias Belt.
Eleventh and Aider streeta.
. Precinct No. 1 2H5 Tamhlll street.
Prorfnct Na IT 4T Tamhlll atreet.
TTTtttaerTfiK-miinu ausi:
Pr eel art Ne, IS TIO SI I teen th street.
Prod net Be. 3u Waat mat BxneelUea build-
'"T'reclsct No. 11 Tent. aertbwaet earaar
Third and Madleen atreet. '"
PrerJnrt No. 33 Teat, asstbeaat comer West
Park aad Madleon etreeta.
Prectsct No. S3 l Fwet rtreet.
Preetact Hex 94 SM Second efre-t.-Preclnot
No. 38 Teat. sorthweat
Seveath end Mill streets,
Prnctaet No. S" Teat. southwest
Tenth and Columbia etreeta.
Prod net Ne. 3T-8tS Jefferson etreet. r- r-
Preclact No. 38 4'S Third street,
Prectae. No. 3 418 glltb street.
Proeraet No. 80 Hee.keaee. Cbapeaaa See
Elm atreet.
Preetast, Ke. -t Ftret street.
PreetwH No. Meaa Ptrat street. '
Prertnrt No. g T!t8 Fleet atreet.
Preclxart Be. 84 SOI Frost street, ansae
prertort Ne, 88 gag Corbet! etreet.
Preclact Ne. 88 leeg Macadam street,
' BART SIDE. ,. , '
WARB NO. T. ''
rreebMt Bej ST Fu-isaia S sell. SsUwssS.
Prerlnct No.'s ban, Midway.
Pnclnct He. iM (WIT Powell .treat.
Preeln. No. 40 V4 Eaat Ciar treat.
f PreuuwA Mu-AlwJ;a km H.eatiib elraat-.
Pre-Itu.t No. 43 Tent. Eaat 1 wentT-elltb aad
Franklla streeta.
Preclact No. 48 Baat Forty-alath street sad
SeeUoa line rood. , .
- WARtr NO. A
Precinct Ne. 44188 , Grand steBSS, sorsar
Morrlaon street.
Precinct No. eS Tent, earner Elfbtesatk and
East Morrkwa street.. -
Precinct No. 44 Tent, .eutbweet our net Best
Twentreventb snd Belmont streets.
Precinct No, 47174 East Tklrty-foartb
Street. . . . ,
ITeclsct Ra 48 W. O, W. ball. Wsst ss-
Preclact No, 4 (tea But Pin. (treat, be
tween I'nlon and Orand areanea.
Precinct No. Ml An Eaat Parnate atreet.
' Preelnct Ne. SITcnt. enrtneaat comer East
Elrhleenth and Ea.t A ah atreet..
Preektet No. (13 Tent, East Twenty-eighth
aad Baal Buraalde etreeta.
J. - WARD NO. 8. -r . '
Precinct Ne. 83 878 Holladay .venue.
Precinct No. 84841 Williams svesue. '
. Precinct No. 68 T8 Rueaell .t.
Preclact No. 80 ITS Ruaaeri atreet.',
Preelnct No. AT 300 Buaaall etreet,
Preelnct No. 88 418 Vnlon .eenue. ,
Precinct No. 80 Rear Dreaaer's stars. East
Fifteenth and Broadway etrerts. .
WARD NO. 10. - . .
Precinct No. 00 .AO Mlealaalppl areniia.
Precinct No. si S114 Vsncoueer avaeue.
- rrectnet -No. tn Barn, Eaat 8e?enth sad
Sktdntfire arreeta. - - , - -
Peeclnct No. 88 East Eighth ssd Dekua
arenae: arocery etore.
Preclact Ne. 84 Carter's kail, Penlasolsr
Precinct No. 08 403 Daweoa street, UsJver.
alty etattoa. . ,. -
Precinct tip. 00 Northers Hilt statins, gro
cery .tore,
Precinct No. 8T (Xt. Jnhne) Hcnoolbooee. '
- Precinct Ner 88 (Columbia -Scboomoaae. 1
Preclact Ne. as (Mount Inbor) Store build
ing. Bane Line aad Went eeenne.
Preclact bo. 10 8outk Mount Tabsrl Arteta
Precinct No. Tt (Woodetork) Wocdstecfc hall.
Precinct No. T3 dental Davis ball.
Preelnct No. 78 (Kllfaveri Rllsaver ban.
Precinct No. 74 (Montaellla) Maotavllla hall
Preclact No. 79 IRaeeeUville) . RosmIItUI.
Star.. .
Precinct Vo. Tn (Rock wood) Rock wood ball .
Precinct No. 77 iyalrrlewi Fairview ball.
. Precinct No. 78 (Troutdale) In Ion ball.
Preolnet No. 78 Oreabam - Odd Fellows'
Preclr.rt No. 80 rPow.ll v.tleyV Elliott ba",
' Precinct Ne. 81 (Hurltmrt) Hurlhurt a ball.
Precinct Ne. 83 (Bridal Tell I Bcboollionae.
Paaelant als, kl 1 tllalllla's l.l.sdl alllllbss's
Precinct Na 84 (Plothrook) Rolbrook kaU.
- Precinct No. 8s (l.lnnton) Unntoa hotel.
' Precinct No. as (Hylran) Blackainltb auop.
Preolnet No. ST (Mount - Eioa) Mount tioa
Precinct No. M (Bertha) Bcbonlhonae.
Preolnet No. SB (Rlverdale) Hrhonlbooae. -
Precmat No. 80 (Vf est Portland) . Bcboel
booae. I hereby certify that the a bore locations bars
been selected by order of the county court ee
voting place, for tbs general electloa te be
keid June a, isun.
- - Waiiilng KctlctLtfttte
PubUc :
Tba safety gas burner exhibited by S. H.
I'r at Baa Iandre--Cal.. who elelme-4e be
the patentee thereof, and Is trying to sell
bla stock la same, le a direct Infrtarement
-trpoar-aut let tors -patent;-', aad " alf Tarctiai.'
er. ef such stock or barnera will be made
parties to tbe euit end held roreaponalbbl.
- Mala Office 37$ Fifth St., PortlaaA Or." "
Igned baa eaoeed to be filed la the county
. mart of. Oregoa far Multnomah comity bar
' final account aa execatrlx ef tbe laat will
cf R. H, rV-hwab, deceaaed. and Wednetday,
June 37, .'lwoa, at tbe hour of 8:80 o'clock
a. m, of said day. Is the above-named court,
has been aet for tbe hearing of tbe aame end
- tbe - setttlng ef objections to tbe aame. If
there aay be knarte. . Alt person. Intereeted
therein are hereby notified to make their
ob lection thereto on or before said date.
Dated snd flrat pabllahed Mar 28. IM08.
JENNIE Lv ROHWAR, Bieeutrlx.
JAMES OLBA8ON. Attorney for Executrix.
PORTLAND, OR., June 3, ' 1 won. Notice la
hereby given that tbe firm of T. J. Cetterlln
' A Co., heretofore eeadacted by F. t. Cetter
lln sad H. W. Donahue, baa thla day been
" dleaolved by mntual concent. Mr. Cetterlln
will continue the buslneee sad will pay aU
bills and eolleet all acoeunts outatanmng.
CAMP, No. 77. Woodmea ef tbe
World, end Mount Hood aad
JOTTg Nomah circles are requeated to
' . ' ' f attend ear regular memorial
aerrlcea, which will be held la
our hall. Ea.t Sixth aad Alder
eta, Sunday, Jan. 3, at 8 p. m.
Orand Guardian C. C. Tan Oradall win de
- liver the address. Seeds! swale. By order
tbe committee.
3. C. JONES, Chair maa.
F. A A. M. Special coenmonlca
tloo today st 1 p. m. at Burkhard
hall for tb. purpose of attendlag
' tbe funeral of oar late brother, Master George Wlgg. Serv
ice, at F. S. Dunning a ebepel.
Eaat Alder sad Eaat Sixth streeta. All
Maater Ma eon. tnrlted te ettend. By order
of tbe W. M. C. E. MILLER. See.
V. W. A. " Ever green - Casrp.- 8,40, - meets
Wednesday evening, Ailaky bldg Third aad
Morrlaon sts.
FACSIMILE typewritten let term. . addraaelag.
malUng. etc. Circular Letter Co.. S1M Stark
at. hTala 3384.
M. W. A., Oregoa Grape Camp. Ne. 8.8TS, Mea-
eaya nta ana Hansen; vuuters wai
Aerie, Ne. 4 All brother Eaglea are in-
fharlee Norcreaa ea Rnnday, June S. As-
eemoie at 1 P. m. snarn.
ORROON CIRCLB. Ma 171. W. O. W aveets
Monday Bight la Uoae' hsU, eoraer Wil
liams svs. ssd Bamell at., at S e'elocfc,
WOODMEN OF THE WORLD: All aoembeni of
all ram pa are Invited to ettend tbe funeral
aei of our bite neighbor. Harry W. Scott,
today at I SO, from late residence. 137 North
Twaaty-eecoad etreet, thence to erematerlaie.
U. B. TNI RAM, Conaul Commander. '
J. M. WOOD WORTH. Clerk Cemp No. 77.
ORRGON AgRRMRLT NO. 1.- United Art tea ne.
will elect officer. Taeaday evening, Jane 8.
A good attendance te dealred.
E. E VAN AIATTN. Beeretary.'9
pvt. I A E. MURRAY, M. A.
LORT A pair ef gold smoked evee-laaaee la tbe
nelrbnorbond ef Third and Waahlngtna ate.
' Finder pleas, return to 4r)S North Froat et
and receive reward. 1
LOUT One bill Die with black cover, wtth
' etatemeatB tn. betweea reservoir end Eaat
Portland. Finder phoae Eaat 8230. a call
838 East Dsns, ssd receive reward. -
LOST Leather pares containing araallar purse;
refelBt for rente real and aboat $1.38 la
email parse, Finder pleeee eend to C 8,
eare Jearaal.
FOVND Bay bona, ht Roatb Portland. Owner
ran have aame by proving property and pay
tne for thla ad. TtlepUme Moaday, Mala
iwiie. - - - - - -
1 000 railroad leNwera, tearestera, rork
nnen. axmea. rlgM-et-w.y clearer., tc. $3.38
te $8 a day ssd free fare. S rears work: log
Vnllway aea, tret a loader., burken. anlpen.
,i bhMM as. an ,A a. - 4.
aawmtti bsnds, .iei m.a; - ti ( ui lee, uia a.
. city laborer., $1.29, pay weekly; 1$ labor
er, rnr B racorr. no fip-nnrw nf-raeei. ea
sp: fosadry laboren. $3, S koara: 10 kcldg.
earpeater belpera, $180; laborer, far dam
.. 'chef.dioo te $128; second, JTB ; kltehea
help, waiters, ate.
Plamnev esd tinner, coenrry: Issters,
beery work. bUckamith, $ forearaa, rook,
ettn gang and eertlos.
18 North Seaoad 8t-- . BSO Beraald St.
MEN AMD WOMEN ta Mara barber trade te,
eight weeba; gradwatee ears from $1$ te 1-4
weekly! expert laerrarten cataloeM free.
. kaotsr gretem e Ceiwgaa, $8 hoc IS Fourth
at, PnrtiasA
SALEKMEN WANTED Pee eee ef tbe ! t
eeraerlea hi tbs w-et eeeb advneced ee,. t I
, good territory eee. Addreea, Waaaiaaa
Beresry Ca,
a, -. ..
. jyv.O.wJ
A BARB epaartaalty far a man with boom
. eapluli laeeatlgata aad yea wUI sure lavaet.
AttENTi WiSTED te il enperlor. lf grkdsl
snraery stock I comnlate
mai i mi m Hun. . , i
raak weekly; writ, today for .hole, ef ter
ritory. Capital City Bacaery Cempaay, galena,
Oregoa. i .
HARNESS end aaddiemaker. waatiag rood tebe
la the country, addreaa Chea. L. Maattrk A
Co whoioaale leather, Froat asd Oafe aUets.
. Portlssd. Oregoa. ... ' . - .
WANTED 8 men at Raodle A Klneej'. brick
yarA Phone Euboxbaa 2811. grlran, Oregoa.
WANTED T.rnlehere, machine ead beach
kanda Oregoa Faraltare Mfg. Oe, Macadam
road. . ,
WB sei'uie employment for members; apodal
membererlp one month ' tl - X. M. C. A.,
Foartb aad XamhllL ,
IF yes play pool, go te tbe Welllngtes Par.
lore, A Hear bldg.,, Third aad- Montana.
WANTED Oae granite-cutter, eee marble-cat,
tee and one Burhle-pollahar. Watts
Marble Works, The Delia., Oregoa.
WANTEO Maa te manage i SS.nOA-eepartty
sawmill; meat have $2.ooi) or more, which
will be eactired; .alary flllMI pey month; mill
- located 40 miles from Portland. Addreaa for
Interview, B 88, care Journal.' T
WANTED 4 men tn work la brick sad eewrtr-
pipe Tactnry. Apply -to officv Diamond Brick
- Co., -foot ef- Aekeey- St. - -
WANTKII Eaersetle. truatworthy maa te work
- la Oregoa, representing large manufacturing
company; aalary $40 te $00 per month, paid
weekly; expense, sdr.nced. Addreaa, with
- auaip, J. H. Moore, Portland. Cal.
EXPERIENCED solicitors for the Beat Port.
. land Clesnlng A Pre Worka: salary end ram.
" mlealoa attached to tbe position. 188 Oread
HOTCI, HKTJ Walters, conks Sad help ef all
klnda. dret-elaae hotel.' S47- North 12th. at,
near Marah.IL' Mr. Jamee, room 81.
I WANT a strictly flnt-elsss soUcltlag ageat.
U 10. cars journal.
WANTED Flrst-eUaa bench man; Portlaad
ash A Door Co., Eaat Taylor and Union ave
BEUABUE maa with $300 take half Interest
la boalacss paring from $ioo te gsug aet,
. ' 183 Morrleoa st, "C ..V TS'
with aret-claas borne prlvllegee. CaU 8V 14th
18. -
Baleemea ran easily make $10 a dsy selling
our gold window lettere. novelty signs ssd
changeable sissa: cataKMrae rree.
40$ West Vaa Barea et Chicago. 111.
88 TO 88 ner thooaand nald for distributing
samplss, ch-calars, eta. Be to 10c each f
racking signs. Man waniaa everrwaerv
Americas Union, Pent lac bldg., Chicago.
MAN and wife te work ea farm, st once; good
. a , 1
WANT S brick teens, alee brickyard man,
. Realdeace 483 Eaet 38tb at.; take W. B. car
ear, , H
SIGN painter erlth bualaees ability to taks
charge ef .bop doing fine baslneaa; Inrereet
la kuatoeaa lf 4eetred: no capital required.
.4., n eo T.,..K
WANTED A -eteeagr-rellable boy fee-driving
a delivery wagon. ' Apply SS7 Morrleoa St.,
AsdTew aaa m le.
WANTED Boy te learn the trade. Apply be
tween s so a no lusg Mesoay. si nan
Ingtoa et. .
WANTED Mas tor bo. twee; anlandld oppor.
tnaltr for right party; jermssent, Cal(208
coiamtna Bldg. ooaaara. e to is Moaaay.
WANTED Fteiaher In laltuie factory, a toady
work year rouaa. as rronr, corner uaru.
W ANTED hfsttress maker., 40 Froat, corner
imtis. .
OOOD anertaltv aaleemaa wanted to retail
' trade: $8 per day to right maa. - Drrer-Moore
Co., room c, arm Morn eon.
taintj aoou, ao yvora f-c age . wot, in i.c
tory. Apply at ones. Amee-HsrravNsvllis
Co.L Fifth aad Da via sts. ,
S chambermaids, bases, aame place, $.),
board and , room, each: chambermaid, beach,
$20; S waltraeae., Shaalko. faree paid;
- w.ltreee. city, 88 a week; S hotel wait
reeaes, $20 asd found; T chambermaids, 420
snd found; . esoks. house girls, auras girls,
, $1$ te $00 a moath, wtth board aad room;
kltckea help.
For good el (nation, st good wages, see
S. today or tomorrow. A big Jlat.
Rlti Wssblngtns St,, Cor. Seventh.
L pa tain.
tne aL. cor. Beveatb, a pet airs. Paooe Mala
3083. Female help waateA
BXPERIRNCED OIRL wanted at, SeS Bverett
to attend .tare. Can 19 a. m.
Fssiate help furnlabed - free employer.
xtegieiniion rree.
' lSBti 4th at, n pa tain, room 38. Main Bg38.
WANTED Girls te aaaks
alls st TB First St.
WANTED Neat weltrceeee - st Hobart-Cavtla,
14th aad Jaffereoa.
COMPETENT girl for general boaeework; small
family, goea wagee. eas aaat uavia ax.
WANTED Sreaographer: state experleaes.
wages wasted ssd addreaa. B SB, Joorasl.
WANTED A girl for geaersl
Grand are., north. Phase
Eaat S387.
WANTED GIrat te work ta ready factory)
steady employment, good wagee. Apply at
Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.. lith ' sad Dsvls.
WANTED A ledy with $1T$ U take charge
of a roomlng-bonae. Pacific 77. H. H. Hlg
ley. room 80, 327 Waablngtoa at.
WANTED A woaiss second cook st Wataoa's
reataaraat. 63 S Sixth at.
WANTED Experwaeed second , girl.
Everett st. tell or phoae Mala 8071.
WANTED Girl for dtalng-mom work st 1084
Macadam at.. South Portlaad, $8 per week
eed up. Blveralde Hoeae.
WANTED A good girl for general boaae-wmk)
good wagee. Apply 428 East Sits St., Berth.
- nuavs- East 848. :
HOTEL HELP Chambermaids and belpef ell
klnda. flrat-rlsee hotel. 347 North 13th st,
near Marabsll. Mr. Jamas, room 81. - -
WANTED 80 weeaea end glrra w ell klnda
f pealttoea st tbs eoaat ssd ether Blacee:
reglatrstlon . free. The Home Ladle'
ageacy, 1401 H 4th st, upstslrs; Mala 882(1.
OIRLS wanted far cigar bos factory, girl,
wltb experience In paper box making pre
ferred. Call at Portlaad Cigar Box Mean
fact n ring Cev 38 L'Blea ave., turner B. Pins
GIRLS WANTED Open ton te work ea shirt.
.it (.. 1 1 a I-eeaona elwen re bi.,MrlMMe
t ivply At SUOUitS- tuttstf WS. Bread AaeirH'
led a larwe aa.
GIRL for gaaaral buaeaanik,
eve.. Moust Tabor ead Ma'
880 Marramrlte
WANTED A eeeaMtreea for 9 lata . sewing.
Apply 840 Mostgomery st.
"W a R TED-eJtrl aa
-fa Brtvatg
family svealags. 888 John
WANTED immediately, aeet experienced girl,
-family eeoood work end aealet with ehlldtea.
380H Tamhlll. Make $41 A
WANTED Respectable wwmsa. an ear 40, ss
bonaekeepev for w Mower' e faaiUe
380 YamallL Mam 841$.
WANTED Chambermaid la betel
son street.
304 Madt-
WANTRD S ehamtMBrmalda. $28.
board; 8 waitriaaia. 4 Al, room end board;
houeeieewar, $8; $ treltreesee, 88; lady eenk,
4 ta family, M. We bare ell klnde ef poal
ttone at pood weeea, Regtaler with aa free
end we wul Sacacs yog a Boelftonu Portland
tmploymeat Co., $V8 MouHaa at. Paeuie
B ta be'o v b
iaal Setursay mera.
lest le-a 84. . 4. .
iw. A.,y 1.4
01 KL WANTED For making sandy. Call fc
iweeu a sua e Sunday, ail Cuiumei. ,
WANTED Sunday J1 11 to soon, ek.mkerw.ids
waureeeea. ariu, e; $T, 4. tray. b"ci,
boarding boeaaa. rlvy. Hapooee. Vaaeeueeri
80 houaewnrk kelp, enoka. dlehwaebera, ait.
rled caw pie, ca boseehaeper, farm, eurptoret
today; donkey engineer, $Ai rigging ru.iier,
$2.7$; plumtier-tlnncf, eombined; dtebwa.hera,, cook.. R. 0. Drake, 3uW Vteati
kflgtoa. Pacific 18TA
WANTED AT D.tCB Aa experleaeed party
wiib iou to rua a paying laundry, yog
particuian call ldftt tsurth at., austaUa.
salts 3S. Main 82d,
HELP wasted snt eapplted. awls ec female. R.
u. Drake. xH Washington et, reetoe 1S7U,
WAMTElk Maa er womaa a. cashier and men.
sger tor reataaraat: cma make $IM a BMwik
' 20 seceaaary. Room Bruetfea bnlg.,
1 Third and Waablngtoa. '
$14 PER PAY csa'bs suds by lady ee gent
winng pnoie coupona tail st aaeerao
Photo Studio, Vancouver. Waablngtoa.
POSITION by all round once HT 13 yea
eiperlence; energetic, a ecu rat. aad rellab
a unreal U- a. caxa
WINDOW cleaning, dwellings snd flats a
specialty; contract sad job Work seuelted.
Pboae Mala 8583. - - .
BY MIDDLB-AOED, sneer, married mas. sit. .
nation as watebmaa or work la le
houae er ware house ; cas do cooper work ee
1 cbarcoaj burning. Addreea C 11, ran Journal
BY' snher reliable German mas. ss Jaattn ee
slghtwatchman. la city or euUlde, Addreaa
- 4J 2i care JoaraaL- -- -
YOL VO cospla, so children, would like te have
t care et bouse during au turner; good haaaa
..keeper; maa uaderatanda -gardening aad cars
of flowen. Addreea 0 88, care JouraaL '
ai ii 1 i aea i j i in raaaxaasaansmxsmga
COOKS! CO0KE1 " " COOK 8 1
S women, with experlaare, wish te take
charge ef kitchen ssd dlnlng-reem la cemp,
hotel er rcetaunnt : salary or perceetag .
rafer.ncaa. Addreaa location with partlcelara,
B 88, eare Journal.
A YOUNO lady staBograpbar daalrea a aosltloat
Sdilraaa B rarg.-jQurpal.
COMPETENT stenognpher deal re. poaltloa; all
yeara' experience; law work preferred. Bog
ess, city.
STENOGRAPHER, . several yeara' experlesoe,
desire, paaitioa; moderate salary..- B $0.
" care .Jearaal. " "" . -i. .
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN went, poaltloa te beta
with housework la small family. Phoae Mala
8524. .
WANTED Br a faebioaable dreeaaMker. a. fees
iZ. more ngagmata In - f aailllee) $1.80 see -
aay. noun s te s. a n. iu sr.
A MIDDLB-AOED lady would like roe
werk jpart of jjay. Call 33 N. 8tb et.
UOTHKKI.V Clll of children a
month. Mala 1STS. $04 WUllsms in, Eaat-
city. . .
YOtTNG colored women woultt like.
war w half day's work. 8ST 18th si
YOUNO womaa w.sts hooaccleanrng: 38 rent,
per hour; city rsfereaeee. TeL Main 4487;
EXPERIENCED mlddle-eged lady, nana, ref.
- erenree, - wtabee " ear. eemt-tavalld, et eoe,
p.nloa er rblldren; willing te travel. Phoug
Paririe 824. "
WANTED Agents: something sew) good saHer
big wages. 308 McKay bldg, . '
WANTED Special aaleemea for tbe Mg -Oreron
. Naraery company; liberal cornmlaaloii; outfit
free; choice territory. Write te tbe Oregoa
Naraery Ca, Salem, Oregoa.
agents: eataJogne ef specialties snd sample
lie. T. J. Hardy Co- Back. Bay etatvmr
" Boston. Msss. ?- - .
areata: rata Woe of eperlaltlee aad sample
10c. Bay City Mercantile Co., Bay Cli,
Wlch. -
EVERY ' WOMAN want, ft Thread eettrng
thimble: eell like hoteakeer gold mine fee
' tgenta; sample 10c. Vales Supply Houae.
Alaaka. Writ Virginia. .
JOHN SLATER of Saa Franc hro, platform te.1
medium, will hold s grand test seance to.-
. night. 8:18 a harp, Aadltorlam ball, VV
Third et., hetwea Taylor and Salmon. Bea
lng devoted entirely to teets end siasaagill
alee seeled written soeetiona aaewared.
THE PortUad Employ-neat Co.. 30814
at. Phoae Pacifle 230,
SS N. Second et. Pboae Mala 1828.
BIG FOUR BMP. AGENCY Hen supplied free.
Id North Sseoad at. Phase Mala 181aV. -
Oar . rental department baa been anuawgod
aad provided wltb additional staff.
Wa Invite Bating trees LANDLORDS!
I ef f ec po'seaal etteatloa ta and matlnaeaS
anpervukoa ever au naapeiiy lauremea a near
cure. . J--
S. B. ear. Sd aad Oak eta. Paooe Ex, TA
WANTED Te rent a hettss with S er mora
- lots, er email eereags, wltb good hers: mast
- be eloae la ead seer ear Una: will teeee or
curtaaae ii man, nee saiissie. annrees
87, cars JooraaV.
WANTED Prlvsts desk room; tolepknae eee
.emmadatjona. C $4, eare JoaraaL
WANTED Let. eaet lde etste incstloa sad
, artce; ami be ehesp. Address B T7. sard
WANTED Lot ta errnange Cor eoulty ta
ee T-roem hues.. Pboae East SB41.
WANTED House snd lot. from $3,008 te $$.0W
WANTED A saodern er 7 roeee beuss. sVe
yard: heaee moat be la good repair; have the
cash for place If deeinhlei price .boat $3.$00
te $3,800. Addreea B 88. cars Jeejmal.
WANTED Let ta North A three ee Highland to
build; atate locataaa aad pries. B 87, Journal.
WANTED Full let for cash: bee te be cVea
la: caa be la the bole, eaet er west side.
r -grjcttSj H FVst st,
WANTED Umeetons gssrvy. If yoa bar
-say 11 me. tone bade, er know f any lead fog
aale bevhuy 1 1 am ton depoatts en It. com.
maaleats with C. D. Charles, 227 Chamber
ef Coo, mere.
WB WILL eell your property, no matter what
It le or where Vacated. Rend deeorlptloa sw
ssd ws will So the reel. Addreaa the In.
veeton' Galde C, 811 M arose m bldg., Pert,
lead. Oregoa. - '
PROPERTY OWNERS If yon wsst te sell
year property qntrk end foe eaeb, Brlsg 18
la. F. Facba, 1481k Flrat at.
--eeto$ Send m-e-
find roa a barer
Tim B buyer (tbe- price mnet be ra.
sonable). i. B. B
$i Alieky bldg..
Portlaad. Or.
S TO 7 room bowee. not ever $l,8oO. eaet eMe
give bwattoa, price cad terms. Address v 10,
eaee Jaeeaal ,
A CORNBR lot ea Brand ave., with little eg
ae Imnrovesaeata between Balledar see.
ead Hawthorne eve., glee sctlsjr..ei
sad price: cash Is ready. Aodrees "tbl.
cage,'1 eare JoaraaL .
BAST MORRISON ST. proper 'V eeeeee- f
want either e ceraeg 80 by 10 er eaat'S
block, ImarovwL ea Bast Voryc ' , U.
eaed betweea I'ntoa are., and l-t 1 . e ,
abewlng felr revenue fur leee..
pay raah If price auita laai i . J
.n deeetlptiea ssd loensw. C. v. a. , .
Journal.' .
k'l fAVg boeon -c smioJ t 1
b- .a In 1 J. .
bid Ah.. .
gA!l- i 7 hv a b-
Pe. !, Woe-- re a
, f. il p--lc" a, ! i
aio. AdorM 1) U i
?: s?