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llnscct-Arohitccts-Whosc-Wcll Buat-Com-.
l fortable Homes fecifc- Ihe-Intcrest-of-Scientiste-The
Ant, Seen at Close
Range, Offers Many Valuable
Suggestions to Man
The. Sentry on the Ltook
THE most wonderful.' the smallest,
1 and yet ' the moat populated eit
'les In the world are thoe built
, , ' by . million and .million of
', anta.v Forests rarely trodden upon by
'" the foot of man are the a pot in which
thee tiny, ' Intelligent Inaeota love to
' rear their eltle and palaeea. Jfo such
undisturbed., plaoea they flock la mil
lions. An ant city constat of doiena of
mounda of earth reeching-to a height of
four or five feet, and having a clrcum
i .Terence ef fromi0to to feet Theee
are the' palaces, the akyacraper build-..ngs.-tw
which -the ante-dwelt I aside
are aa many a a doaen floor connected
Any atalrcaaea and upon theae floora
the various grade of ant civilisation
live and work and die. ', .
"c"ThiWrT!'tl-' gveij InliaM
tant haa fta dally work to do; eome are
the royalty, other are the soldier, po
lice, dairymaid, nuraemaida and work
ing civilians. - There ! net a shirker
-among- them. The Instant any ant be
, cornea too tired or too lasy to work he
la either driven out of the house or hi
bead I nipped off by the Immense jaw
m or a policeman.
T -p,!- a- ajg'C' r - y -Oy--- "-" 1. .
""Three Grades of CWxens." 1 -
,. . ..
' people the king and aueen; the arl-
loerata at wfaflsa -bidding ars.arrolfis of
well-trained soldiers and. police,
equipped with moat powerful Jaws; and
the worker, the real builder of the
bouBg.-th- fond supplier, and -menial.
Beside soldier there are sentries,
who atand from morning till night and
from then to daybreak ever keeping . a
watchful guard. . At duak the door at
the top Of the mound la locked and after
"' this no one, friend or foe, I allowed to
enter the citadel. Should ah enemy seek
to atorm the house under cover of the
darkness, the sentries give the alarm,
the Bleeping army 1 roused and mobil
ised, and Instantly they rush out and
- .-fall upon the- Invaders. . ,
Entering by the front door a passage
ef about a quarter ef an inch In dlame-,
' ter lead downward Into the house.
i ::" ?
: ... :
. a- -'e - -V.Lil . ' . -J
r ' 3 - r e - ' ? , . j
r-x7t tr.; ,l .-. f'- !- - J 'V-;:(,; "rT.
' t2-z '' i:-1 LZr 9mmcr"rr . - 52
I -J. a - . ... -. .A'l. -...J. .... . ...... - v .o. . .' il ...- ,i ....... ..... .... . . w. j - i. .... ... .- , ... .'f-"-'-.-'iJ
Corey and Cook's Auto Garage, the Largest West of Chicago.
The Corey 4 Cook Motor Car company are now housed in their new garage. Fifteenth and' Washington street.
This Institution Is the largest of It kind west of Chicago and can accommodate -125 machines. The garage Is a
model In modern convenience and equipment and haa been arranged specially for the handling of the Immense busi
ness worked up by this popular firm. - -
. . nn
.( , ft v .-v . ,, :.
By .Rev.- Thomas B. Gregory.
,T "AWI . authorising the use of
I : atampa for ralalng revenue wervJ
1 J Introdueed Into England rrom
: Holland In the. reign of William
and Mary. .
I In 1722 it waa propead to Walpol
that he Impose the stamp law upon the
' colonies, but the great minister replied,
11 will leave the taxation of America to
Worn of my successors who shall have
' more courage than I 'have," and when In
riTIT th like proposition was made to
Tltt he replied: "I will never burn my
fingers with an American stamp tax."
. ' y But eight years later. Qrenvllle, Pitt's
Jterother-in-law. waa courageous' enough
- Xo attempt what the others were sfrald
of, and by the parliament or n tne
The Americana declared that -"taxation
without representation Is tyranny," and
ihat they would not submit to It.
"l rrom New Hampshire to Georgia the
-voice of ths people waa unanimous In
'echoing the sentiment of the resolution
4 hat "Ths Imposition of duties and taxes
by the parliament of Great Britain upon
people not represented In the house of
commons Is absolutely irreconcilable
with their rights."
- No sooner waa th stamp act passed
than the popular Indignation began to
manifest Itself. The pulpits dsnounoed
It The pre, then beginning to be 'a
power, thundered against It. Th "Sons
of liberty. In Massachusetts. New York,
Pennsylvania and - other' .colonies de
nounced the scheme and threatened the
direst consequence to those who should
attempt to carry the obnoxious law Into
I October. 17, a general congress of
th eoionlea met In New York and sent
nut broadcast document denouncing th
law and asserting the right ef th peo
- Out.
Nine Inches or. so from the main en
trance galleries branch off In every di
rection, and lead '-to rooma of different
Btses, according to the purpose for
which they were constructed. Some
rooms are two Inches long, three quar
ters of an Inch high, and an Inch or
more In width. - - , ,
The Dairy and the Milkmaids.
Below the first floor are a dosen oth
ers, all connected by slanting "passages
ttkeatalrcas, and on every floor, again.
arxnny.irooms bedrooms, dining
rooms, . playrooms,' toreroom,ndon
one floor even a graveyard, peep down
in the -earth are the stables of the cat
tlethe aphid or milch cowa, and the
rrwn, whlffa fr. certain tiny In
sects. .
The dairymen look after the cow
with the greatest ear. In the spring
L the aphid are placed .on tender blades
of grass, and the honey cows are driven
up the trees In" searcn of young
and nourishing leaves. Every day
finds the cows In new pastures. At
mttk tlme-other-anto the-mllkmaldi
a WBJTTm- tros-thatiny-aphldr with
their feet until they give up a drop of
k. ' With this th milkmaids hurry
rnTo thebaby ante playroom, where
the nursemaid anta take It from them
and. give it la turn..toh9ixjumeroqs
So that the stock of cows shall not
diminish, the ants occasionally make a
raid u po stray aphlda, and convey their
unwilling prisoners to their stables.
Here they arc encouraged to breed, and
their young are watched and tended
with the greatest care. There la a sig
nificant reason for thla attention, be
cause a the -queen ant lay. thousands
of egg" every day, which are takon
away to be hatched-by. other ants a
process tasting from IS to JO days-'
there are always millions of baby ants
in the nurseries continually crying for
To watch -over theae million of In
fests la a. very trying duty for the
nursemaid,. who are constantly curry
ple aa against King George, end bt of
ficers. . ....
In th meantlm something else hap
pened that had great Influence for good
at the time, but that has somehow been
strangely overlooked by the historian
I refer to th stamp party in Wilming
ton. North Carolina, which came oft In
November, 17t en event that has wen
been 'called "the flrat evert act against
the authority of Great Britain, the first
triumph over Its officers, -th flrat; to
compel royal official to sign an act of
disobedience to the soverlgn authority
of England' king."
Houston, th stamp master of the Brit
ish glvernment, reached Wilmington
about the middle of November. General
Ashe, backed by the - people, went to
Houston's lodging place and took him
Q ta eiirthrtpf yher he Wlff fee
the people of North
Carolina., to sign a resignation of hi of
fice. '. ( ! i -. '
When, a few day later, the atampa ar
rived In the aloop-of-wr Diligence ther
waa no atamp master to receive them,
and they remained boxed up on board
a uaeleas ss though they had) been at
the bottom of the ocean. -
In th meantime two merchant vessel
coming 'Into port were seised by a Brit
ish warship because their paper were
not stamped. Calling out the New Han
over mllltla. General Aahe.made a vlelt
to Tryon,- the royal governor, and In
formed him that he had come for a fo
ri reae ef the people's grievance and that
the merchant ships must, be given up. '
Th governor waa stubborn;. Captain
Ijobb, of H. M. . Dlllgenoe, was also
stubborn, and General Ashe, with his
militiamen who were sailor well as
sold ler boarded the warship and de
manded that the captain should give up
the merchant vessels.
Within three hours the patriots had
th vessel 1b their possession. .
A Section f an Anl-HUCShowinjr How-It-1 Divided.
- The Black Part Shown Is Above Ground Level and
: the Shaded Part Below. ; r - r -
ing round putting .the bablea'oh their
feet, giving them milk, protecting -them
from danger,, and eo on, Just a anxlou
human mother do. . , ,
When they reach the age of three or'
four week the Infant ant spin aoft,
warm blankets around themselves pre
paratory to going fast aslsep for sev
eral days. Ths nursemaids have a je
rlod of comparative rest and quietness
then, but as soon as the ants awake
there, is a time of hustle and bustle.
The youngsters have to be hepedr out
of their blankets and given baths, and
eventually they look Just ilka grown-up
ntav akcept.tliat.lhey. have wings.
Responsibility Begins. '
tied by the queen and their, consorts,
l&eI0Jjns' ants leave their palace In a
great swarm, ana ny nign in ine air
That marks the point, where responsi
bility enters their life. For after thla
aerial, flight the queens jt ear off : their
wings snd settle down to housekeeping
and raising a family. It any queens are
wanted In the palaces already built,
they take up realdence there, otherwise
theymplny crowd of worker ants to
J bimoTK ' 'paTe"-TlirTrTrf
Whlle the home of the oueens is' be-
,, .imvh i r.,j nt nl.
Idlers. and attendant surround the fair
ladles to protect them from marauder,
m. ih noniil.Ho. of the najan
stows, so the number of soldiers, police
and other attendants Is Increased. . The
dairymen, nursemaids and forager are
soon everlastingly busy, for they have
not only to supply, their friends with
food ' in the- summer. -but-have also to
tore a quantity sufficient to feed the
palace's millions throughout the. winter,
when the. outside world Is cold and
barren. - v---- ;
These ant are a marveloue - people.
They do not know what failure mesne.
If a pebble or a stick stands In their
way, an' ant will run Tor help, and re
turn with an army that never rests un
til the obstacle Is removed. Their lm-
mensely: strong Jaws do all the work,
for a single ant is capable of lifting a
weight 1.000 times Its own.
But ths Tar Heels were not through
yet. Their blood waa up and while "they
were about it they were going to make
a clean a weep. -
Colonel Pennington, his majesty's col
lector of customs, and Mr. Day7hli
majesty's collector of the port, were In
the governor's mansion, protected by the
governor's guard, but Ashe and his mili
tiamen wanted to see them, and they
did see them.
Surrounding the mansion with his
patriot force. General . Ashs asked
Messrs. Pennington and Day to step otft
onto the lawn, and they were there made
to solemnly swesr that they would .never
issue or us any " stamp paper la the
province of North Carolina.
' artto.alty of rouBtaln 2en.
' From the New York Times.
. "A new Idea In a fountain pen," said
the antiquary. "A self-filler, without
bothering with a glass dropper, you Just
flip the pen itself in an inkstand, ptas
"this smaii spring, ana, in a jury, tne pen
contain enough Ink to last a Week.
"We are accustomed, by the way," the
4ld man continued, "to think the foun
tain pen a comparatively new Invention.
I discovered today that It .is HO years
old at least 119 years old."
He took down an old book from the
mahogany shelf, Samuel Taylor's "Uni
versal System of Shorthand Writing."
published In !?((, and from th work
he read the following proof, pf the foun
tain pen's great age:
"I have nothing more to add." wrote
Samuel Taylor, "for the us or inscrtp-
tlon of th practitioner, except a few ;
word concerning th kind of pen proper i
to be used for writing shorthand. For i
expeditious writing, some use what are
called fountain pens. Into which your
Ink Is put, which gradually flows' when
writing, from thence Into a smaller pen
Cut short to At the entailer end of thla
Instrument; but It 1 a hard matter to
meet with a good, etoe ef this kind." I
t . I
C H U R C fcl
i" Mrmrr " 1 "-
lanMavel-eeeoid and Meade streets; Kev.
. - W.. Urlfln. it 10:80 a. an. an T:BO h
at., preaching; Bible actual, IS at-l Xoeag Pee
ple's serrlcw. I w p. a
Mount OUts fttnnta sn4 Irentt streets.
Prearhlng. fe p. ai,
IJulTeriltr I'ark-Rev. Johs Bentslea. Sun-
4y rhool. 10 a. at.; 11 a. al"., "Bho Tnm
Our Ksiluual Cearcntloa"; T;30 p. at., "Lost
a Maur-
8t. John's Bevl K. A. Leonard. Bandar
scbool, 10 s. m.-;. preaching, 11 a. at. i 1:B0
p. n., prvscnin.
. BYllwooe tWwntli aad Tnattlla arreeta: Rev.
8n A. Isra. Sundar srbool. 10 a. a.i
prrarfalng. 11 a.- m. and T:0 p. m.
Klrsl The White Tsniplo Twelfih and
Taylor streets: Her. J. Whllromb Rrougber,
l. l. (M seeord prsrer BMCtlnf, lo a. m
10:30 a. m.. "Deuteroaoau' : - Rememher. Re
hearse. Renew and Obey"; BIMe erbuel, 12:10
. m.i B. Y. p. v., 8 p. at.; 1:30 p. ai.,"Three
tr.lsht Soots."'.
Arlets Laurelwood Ball. Bandar aebool, 10
a. m.i preaehlog, 11 a. si., by B. . W.
lfilrd vaacoaver avenue and Knett: Rev.
C M. Bltos. At lt a. Sunday school;
11 a. Si. and T:30 p. BL.. pruchluc; X.
P. V.. 6:4A p. en.
mrt (lrmfrnnrlh and Mill )(! .
I., Kratf. 1'reaehlac. 10:48 a. m. and T 30
p. m.i Bible school, 10:46 a. m.; B. X P. U.,
t p. a.
fleraisa Rodney , aesnee and -Morris
street; Bar. f. Bueerman. Preschlas. 1 u.
. snd 7:80 p. nt. Sunday achool, 8:iS a.
J Young people's meeting. 6:49 p. m. .
Hwedlah Hnrt and riftoanth .afro Rav.
Rrle Mcherstmia. i Praaehlna-. 10:4B a. am., and
T:30 w. m.; Sunday scbool, 12 m.
RuaaeUTllleSehooUMMwe. Sunday" acbool,
2:v p. m. .
norwegiaa-nannh Berriee - at tnta, 8 p,
. and at Artisans' hall, fta-tar attear. aaar
HlaThUnd Alberta and Sixth arreeta. PrMch.
na. a:su p. m.
m. by Bar. R. M. Bllaa; Sunday
acbool. S:SO p.
Ceetral Eaat Ankaav and TmhIMi atMa
RT. W. T. Jordan. At 10:110 a a... nrai-h.
Ins. 'Pnraottea Vows"! S . m. sermon, ana
elal praise serrlee; Sunday school, 12 -m.
lairary East Elrhth snd (Iraat streets;
Her. A Lawrence Black. At 10 a. m.. Rlhut
school: II a. .. preaching; 6:30 p. m., Bible
rlasa for yoanf mea: S:80 p. m.. Young Peo
ple's service; 7:30 p. m., nreschlnf.
Oraos Moataeilla; Ree. Oilman farkar. At
U-a..m.;'Walkln -With God": erenlnf, "Wrt
or Dry In Mon ta til la Which
second Serenth and Raat Ankenr atreets;
Rt. Stanton C. Laoham. At 10 M) a. m..
preschli, "Ths Temple of Worship": BIMe
acbool st noon; Toudi People's I'nlna,
et the Nation.
rulton Rev. A. H. Burkholder. Sanleaa' at
p. m.
. Marahsntreet Marshal and Merth -Seven
teenth atreets: Re. C. W. Hare. Sunday
school, lo s. m. ; preaching, 11 s. m. "Build
ing I p a Church"; X:3U p m .. "Three. Tolata
V. .. f p.-
Mlapih Mar
ry and Powall aires ta:
Rev. J a-
.- Mdtlade, !.-.- At 10:30 a.
preaching, "Burden Bearing": 7:30 p. m., an
niversary serrlee. subject, "The Preebyterlaa
inurcn rait ana rreeeni -; it m.. suoaay
Third Kaat Thirteenth snd Pine streets:
fler. Andrew J. . Moptsomery. Preaching at
f):S0 a. m.i .sermon st 7.40 p, m. py Rev.
Robert McLeaa vt Porto Rico.
Calvary Eleven lb and flay streets; e Rev.
Ren-Kirs Stiles JEly Jr.. t. D. At 10:30 a.
ami T:4S p. ui., prearhln.
Pourth First snd 4ilhbs streets; Rev.' John
Rayea Welch. Preaching at 10:30 a. a.; 7:30
p. m.. oreacbfnr. -l -
A Church et the Straturera Wseco street and
nrand avenue; Rev, 8. Karl ln B4t. Preach
liK, 10:46 s. in.; Sunday school at' noo"i;
Cbrlatlaa - RndeaTorf: p. a.; se- evening
serrlre. ... - .
Mount .Tabor Belmont street aad Prettyman
avenue; Rev. B. M. Sharp. Bervlcea at 11 a, m.
and 7:48 p. in.
. Raat Side Millard a-renoe; Rev. Mr. Perga
aoB., Sunday acbool, t p. m.; preachuig, 4
p. m. - ...
Pint - Curaberlind TCaat Twrirtb and Raat
Taylor atreets; Rev. B. Nelsoa Allen. At 10:S0
a. m.( prearblnK: 12 m., . Sunday- achooj; 3:90
p. m., JuDlur Kadeavor: T .. bl, Benkir So
desvor; 8 p. m., preerblng. - .... . .
Flrat Twelfth and Alder street: Rev. Rdcar
P. Illll. Services, 10:30 a. ., illldren a day
service; T:4S a. m sermon, Talse Ctxlata. '
- Pledmoot Cleveland avenue , aad . J arret t
street; Rev. I,. Myron Bonner, Preachlac at
11 a. m. and 7;6 p. am.; Baoday school, if : 15
p. m.
Arbor Txdf Bryant and Curtis streets. Baa
day acbool at S p. m.
CentralItassell and kerbv-streets; Rev.
J. T. Abbott. Class meeting, a. m.; loiSO
a. m., preaehlog; Siindav, 12 aa.: Epworth
League, 6:46 p. m. ; 7:46 p. to., serston.
Suanyslde Yamhill etreet between Tblrtv
Sfta and Tblrtr-slitb atreets; Rev. X. B. ForS.
At JO a. m.. Similar scbool; 11 a. ., seraHm;
IS St., elaaa meetluc; J:SO p. as., chlldreo's
elass sod Junior Leaaoe; S:16 p. m.. Rpwortb a ; 8 p. m., servlee by Kpworth League.
Taylor -Street Dr. Kraneie Rorgette Short.
At S:B0 a. m.t claaiea; 10:SO s. m.. uRlht
eoos Judsment1': U:1S p. mi. Bandar school;
S:S0 p. m.. Epworth Lesgue''; T:S0 p. Bi.,
"Orefoej Beautiful and Frodurtlve." Illus
trated aervlre.
Bpirorth Tweatr-tblrd and" Irving streets;
Rev. Henrr T. Atkinson. Blbls school. 10 a.
m.; morning aervlee, 11 e" dock, "Hod's Ra
membrsnce"; Junior Lea rue, 8 p. m. ; S:4S p.
m., rpworth Leatua; 7:46 p. n., sermon. .
Pat ton Michigan avenue aad Carpenter
atreets: Rev. Melville T. Wire. Preaching st
11 a. as. and 7:46 p. at.; Sundar. acboaC 10
a. m. t EpeorUi Lesgue, S:4B p. m.
frae Bast Ninth sud Mill streets; Rev. 1.
Olen. Preactalng st 11 a. m., fallowed by testi
mony meetmr: esnnatn scoooi, iu a
lanarr aat Pine and Mnth strsets: Rrv.
William 11. Heppe, D.TJ. Prescbtng at 10:80
a. m. and: 7:46 .p. ,d.; morning class, S:S0
e'ekx-k; Snndaj acbvol, 12:15 p. m.: Juniors sad
Intermedlatea, 6 p. m. Kpworth Leasua, S:19
p. m.
Orace Twelfth snd Taylor llieels) Ree.
Clarence True Wllsoa. Preaching st 10:80
s. m. oq "The Men for the Twentieth Century";
m. on me crisis ; cisas soeecing,
m.i Sundar school. 12:90 B. m. : o-
wortb Lesirua sarvlee, S:A0 p. m.
Trinity kaat Tenth snd Grsnt streets; Jev.
Harold Oberg. Servlc at 11 a. m., with' aer-
moa by rroressoe w. 11. jtsnarse; s p.
acbool, 10 a. m
Trinity Nineteenth sod Everett streets; Rev.
A. A. Morrlaoa, rector. Holy communion, S
a. m.i Sunday acbool. S:So a. a.; morning
prayer, 11 e'tlock ; song service, S "o'clock
p. m.
St. Stepbea's Thirteenth aad Clay atreets;
Rev. H. M. Ramaay. Holy communion, 7:80
a. m.; Sunday school, 9:45 s. m.: aanrnlng
service, it e'eluck; eventng service, 7:30 o'clock.
St. Paul's Wood mere; C. L. Parker, lay
reader. Service and sermon at 11 a. m.. and
S P. m.; Sunday achool. S p. at.
St. Matthew a rirat and ('Brothers streets;
Raw. W. . M. Breck. Holy communion, 11
s. m. ; Sunday achool, 8:5 a. n.T sarvlc., T:4S
p. m. -
All Saints' 4QS North Twenty earned street;
Rev. Robert Hope. Ph. D., D. D. Suadar
aervlee, 11 a. m. and S p. m. ; Bandar achool,
10 a. m.
St. DavM's Kast Twelfth and Belmont
streets; Rev. George R. Vaa Waters, D. D.
Holy communion, 8 a. m . ; morning prayer and
sermoa;. 11 o'clock; evening prayer and aer.
men; 7:S0 o'clock 1 Sunday acbool, S:46 a, m.
St. Mark's Ninth snd Qulmby streets; Rev.
J. K. U. Slmpsoa. At 8 a. as., holy com
mnaloa; 10' a. m., Sunday school; 11 o'clock,
holy communion aad eoe&rsiation j $ o'clock,
evening prayer.
Good Shepherd Re II wood street and Tan
enuver a venue, AlMns; Rev. Jobs Pswaoa.
Sunday acbool. lo a. m.; bily eemmnnlon and
(wiU not be sluggish and you wfll
not "be bilious or constipated if you
Seltzer Aperient
(Tiaita aalak Sayl J)
A pleasant, effervescent drink,
which keeps the liver active and the
bowels regular. , , .
. Sixty yetrt of
A rtr vTraggiaU Of
oy Basil iioai
Tarrant Co.
aa MeSsosi Btrso
Bow Vera
Take Tarrant
I (l II II ' I J
Dont take scoop coffee when you want
Arbucklea'. ARIOSA Coffee, which is
sold only in sealed packages and never
loose out of a scoop.
A grocer may recommend a loose cof.
fee at so much a pound. He is all right
He means well. - If be handled the coffee
himself from the tree to you, you might
weu trust rum implicitly.. .
But he does not I
He may know something about coffee.
He may think he does,, but let that pass-
He buys it loose f Front whom r You
don't know If you did it would not
mean anything. .He. trusts the man he
buys it from may be a salesman, maybe
a wholesaler, maybe a little local roaster.
It does not matter. ..What do they know
about coffee I More--than t,he grocer?
Perhaps. -
Where do they get their coffee t ' "
. Where does it come from ?
Whose hands touched it last ?
Where had they been 1
""They can't tell Java from Brazilian by
the looks after it is roasted, and it takes
a man, expert by years of practical ex
perience, to select sound, sweet green
coffee-of high cup merit; and another!
man with the knowledge and experience J
sermon. 11 a. a.; evening prayer aad sermon,
1:80 e ekieh.
St. John'a Memorial Belhrond; Rev. W. R.
Powall. Sunday school, 11 a. si.; aervlee aad
sermoa, S pt aa. '.j..
St. James'- English West Park and Jef fereoa
streets; Rev. J. A. Lose. Services st II s.
m.; sermon; S p. aa., special aervlee el Latner
Lesgue; Sunday achool. It) a. m. ; , LulS-ie
Leecuo, 1 p. m.
Betsala Danlah t'nloe aveane aad Morrla
street; Rev. Oudmuod Grill. "Sunday aervlre,
11 a. m. and S p. '.; Sunday acbool, 11:18
p. m. t ... ...
!orweaea pysoq . aa .ante h vnni
atreets; Roe. O. Hagoea. Sunday achool. :S0
a. at.; servloea at 11 a. m. aud p. m.
St Paul's Germsa Lutheran Kaat Twelfth
and Clinton etreete; Rev. A. Krauae. paator.
Mornln aervlee, 100 o'clock; evening sermoa,
8 o'clock; 8aaday acbool, S:80 a.m.
Rorwealan 46 Neeth fourteenth street ;i Re.
J. M. Kerrtg. Bervlcea, 11 s. ,m sad T:80
p. m. i . :
Swedish Immsnael Nrneteenth aad Irving
strsets; Rev, 0. J. Reahard. .Bervlcea at 10:80
a. bv and S p. m. Sunday school. 13:16 p. m.
Highland Preerott snd Bast Sixth street.
Berth; Rev. Arden U. Rockwood. ' At 11 a. m.,
preaching, "A Kew Way to Get Rid of Evil":
7:48 n. m. aermon. "Reesliur A war Our
Hope ; Sunday acbool. lo a. aa.; Junior En
deavor, S p. m. : Senior Endeavor, 8:46 B. m.
University Park Artisans' temple. Ports
mouth: Rev. D. B. Gray. At 11 s. as., preach
ing, -'Angel Ministration"; Suaday acbool, 10
a. m.-
Laaralwood Arleta hall: Rev. D. R. Gray.
At S a. m., nreschlng, '-What Thinking Haa
to Do With Character"; Buaday achool, 10 a.
m.f TTP. S C. E., 8:80 p. si.
first Madlsoa and Park streets; Rev. B.
L. Honso, D. D. At 10:80 a. m., preaching
by Rev. A. B. Col ton of Boat on; 7:80 p. m.,
Mendelaaooji moalcsl service with sddress, '"Ths
Gealua ot Maadelssofan"; Bandar school. It as.;
X. P. & a J... :S0 p. a.
Sunny aide Kaat Taylor and Kaat -Thirty-fourth
atreets; Rev. J. J. Smith. At 11 s. St.,
sermoa, "The Inheritance of th Saints"; S
sermoa, "One Solution of Life's .Pmh-
m"; Snnday achool, 10 a. m.; Junior Chrlstlsa
Endeavor, I . a.; Senior Cbrlatlaa Endeavor,
8:18 B. m.
MtoalaslpDi-ATCttas Mlsstsslp!
alppl ' avenno aad
m L. 1'pabaw, pea
m. : aerate. If a.
Fremont street; see. wuiism
tor. Sunder acbool. 10 a. m
as..' "What ta Seek '; 7:46 p. aermoovTbe
ILneal UnmA a II.npJuM1'
Haasam-Street Eaat Seveath and Baasalo
streete: Rev. R. . Ham. At 10:80 a. m.,
Cichlng, "The I -oat Christ"; IS o'clock,
day school; 8:80 p. m., Kndeevnr; 7:45
p. St., sermoa, "Why Units With the Caere T"
Flrat Park red Ootambla etreeta; Rev, I. B.
Mncklry. At 10:80 a. m.. "The raactloa of
the Bible"; T:4S n. m., "How to Be Happy'
Binia scBool
8:80 p. m
m.; Ckriatiaa Endeavor,
Central East Twentieth a no Salmon streets:
Rev. J. r. Ubormley, D. I). At 10:48 a. at.,
sermon, "The Supreme Test of Oreatness";
7:46 p. m., preaching, "The Ballot and ths
Home." ,
Rodnev.Avenee Rodney avenue and Knott
stt-eet; Ree. t. Elaao Roblaeon. At 8:49 a. B
Hlhle school 11 a. BL, "The Desire si All
Ages"; 8:30 p. m., T. P. B. C. E. T:80
p. as., ."No Com prom lae With th Devil."
Meraerlal Rev. R. P. StreyfSer. At 10
a. m., Sunday achool: II a. a., preaching;
8:80 p. m., youn people's service; TUW p. m.,
evangellatle aervlee.
First English Kaat Sixth snd Market streets;
Rev a 8, i. Stewart. Preaching, II i. m.,
"What la Man That Thoa Art Mindful of
Hlmt"; 8 p. m.. "Cities of Reruse"; Sunday
school, 10 a. Ski Xoung People's AlUaars,
8:46 p. m.
-Uraes Leets; Rev. H. O. Hendersoa. Presrh
Ins. 11 s. as. aad So. a.: Youns People's Al-
41a nee. 7 p. m.; Snnday school, 10 a. m.
! rirat German Tenth sad Clay streets; San
aa y acoooi. b:sv s. si.; eermos, i:ee s. m.
aermon. I f a
Charch of Jesoa Christ of letter-Day Saints .
Hall 400 Allaky hulldlnjr. Third aad Morrlaoa
atreets. Service st 11:80 a. as. aad T p. B.J
Sunday- achool, 10 a. m.
Reorganlaed rhurcb ef Jeaos Chrlat of Latler
fay Salnta Woodward hall, MonUvKIa; W.
B. render, paator. annoey acaooi, iu a. m.
ereechlns. 11 a. as. hd T:S0 p. as, by Elder
W: S. PeBder.
First Rast Tenth anal Sherman alraetat Ree.
A. A. Wittier. At 10 a. u.. Stia4y school; 11
. . ajasaaeraMfhi, M
T , DR.' B. E. WRIGHT,
TVTV T" " v A 7-Tj Tfr THD.
, 1 j rv nnrr mm -r t -r n i
to proportion and blend for uniform re.
suits in the cup. First they muat have
tne supply to preserve uniform ouaiity. '
Arbucklea buy more coffee than any
four other concerns in the world com
bined, and their coffee is the most uni
form. Then the roaatrns.
"The Brazilian Ambassador tells me
that coffee-roasting is an art.','' was the
court testimony ol a world famous chem
ist. Where are artists more likely to find
employment TOnnrrralatiti jr a little roast
er or in the Arbuckle mille. where the
yearly roast amounts to the hundred
million pounds t
Aon t take scoop cottoe, rmt buy a
package of Ar Duckies' ARIOSA. Take
ft Home and. keep the bean intact until
ready to use. We hermetically seal each
bean after roasting- with a coating of
fresh eras and fiTanulated auirar to close
the pores and preserve the flavor. .-A lit
tle warming makes it easy to grind and
develops the flavor. Coffee deteriorates
if exposed to the air it also collect
dust and absorbs impurities. That is
why you should "BEWARE OP THE
SCOOP." lT ' - -
If your grocer will not sell yon the
genuine Arbuckles' ARIOSA Coffee) it
will be greatly to your advantage to buy
Decayed Tecthare-tmnat
1 1 i
; We design, -carefully plan, build up, tear down and rebuild
WRIGHT IS RIGHT when he Bays: "Dental -work ia
little investment for a big investment - - . " ' r"
oreaehlna. ' T:S0 n. n
St. John' John sad Ivan hoe etreeta. St.
Johna; liev. E. E. McVlcke. Suadar achool, IS
a. m.; 11 a. m., preaching: J. K. L. C E.,
2:30 B. eaa.1 S. K. U C. i., S:80 p. m.; i
p. .. preschlitg.
Seeond Fargo and Kerby streets; Rev. J.
Bowersox. . Preaching. 11 s. as.,- by Rev. H.
L. Pratt, followed by eoesmonloB aervlee;
preaching at g p. m.; Sunday achool, 10 a. m.j
fc. IU C E., 1:16 p. m.
First Church of Christ, Sciential Seottlah
Rita cathedral, Morrlaoa aad Lownadale streets.
At 11 a. m. and S p. m., subject, "Ood, tbe
Preeerver of Man " ; Sunday acaooi at close of
BMrnln aervlee.
Second Church ef Chrlat. Scleatlat Elks-
temple, stark and Seventh atreets. At 11 a. m.
and S p. m., "Ood, ths Preaerrer ef Mas";
Sunday . school, 11 a. m. '
" ' ' sriamrAUST. " '
First Society Third street near Washington.
Conference at 11 a. m. ; I 80 p. m., lecture by
bavld A. LeUk, "The Poata and Spirit Re
turn." ,
Bible" Boelety Drew halt 13 Second street.
At 11 a. aa.. Children's Projrreealve lyeenm and
con fere oca- 8 p. m., Mrs. Laura F. Share wlU
eondae tbe aaevlcea, aeeiated by Mrs. Lsdd
Flaalcaa. MTBgXOsrS.
Beacon Light Mleeloa 11 Fourth street, aorth.
Preechlng every Bight and Sunday at S p. m.
Olive Branch Mlaaton SS First street aeer
Columbia. Preaching every night at 7:S0, Ban
dore 8 p. m. ; Sunday achool, 1:80 p. m.
St. John'a Holiness MkMloa 82B Second etreet
Bear Main; Rev. Jobs F. Olaseo. Services
aver night and Suaday at S aad 7:80 p. m.
C. C. A. C. E. Allaky hall, second Soar,
Third aad Morrison; Rev. Charles A. Hoy. At
p. a., Bible atndy aad ehlldren'a meeting:
S p. as., "The Full 601 pel ot Salvation and
Divine Healing as Taught by aa L'Bchaagiug
Chrlat ef All Time." .
0. AVO ST. A.
Cbrlatlaa and Mlaakmary Alliance Birth and
Mela streets; Rev. C. D. Sswtelle. Preach
ing. 10:80 a. m.; Sunday acbool, 11:18 p. m. ;
toung people's meeting, 8.80 p. m. evangal
lUe eervlce, 7:80 p. as. 7.
Chare eg ftur Father Seveath and Timhlll;
Rev. W U. Ertot Jr.: Rev. T. U Eliot, D. P.,
mlnlater emeritus. Servlr at It a. m.,
"Science aad Prayer"; Suaday school at 13
TyrrEs BRZTsaur nr okrist.
First East Fifteenth and Morrwon atreetai
Ree. II. C. Shaffer. Rtble acbool, 10 a. m.;
preechlng, 11 a. m. by Elder J. S. Rhodes,
eommanton; T. P. B. C. E., T P. m. aermon,
S p. m. by the elder.
Swadeaborglaa Kalghta of Pythias -hall,
Eleveath end Alder strsets; Rev, Hiram Vroo
man of Bostoa will speak at 11 a. m. and S
p. , m. - .... "'
AdventrJeeond atreet be twees Hall aad Un
.in; Hev
Charles lleffanden. Sunday school.
fo ao -
1 nrsarnms. 11. BU s- m-: ervicesr
1 9-
First East Coach snd Eaat Eighth streets:
Rev. W. F. Small. At 11 a. bl, "(Mr Thought
and Cod's Tboaghts"; 10 a. m., Sunday achool.
First Rev. T-mery H.-Mnwre. Sunday achool,
10 a. m.j preechlng, 11 a. m. Epworth leagas,
f p. .; preaching, S p. m.
. t
Spirit of Truth Sty Auditorium hall,
SmtH Third street; Sophia R. Selp, paator.
At S:1S p. m. Johs Slater ef Baa Frasclsee ea
nixvoa. '
Friends' Church Esst Mala aad Thlrty-flfth
Itreeta; Bee. Jwb) I. Hadley. Snnday achool,
10 a. Sa; .preaefclag, 11 a. a, aad 6 p. aa.
nixihrirut oawaT.
Millennial Iawa O. A. R. ball. Second and
Morrlaoa afreets Service aj S.SO p. aa.
it'i. . chitroh or aoo.
,,surcs M aos so asawiaewas svesaei aiaar
from us direct. Send us tt.Bo, postal ot
express money order, aud we will gend
lODOunda of Arburlrlma1 AD Tne A I
strong wooden box, transportation Paid
w y 'wuvd, . srice nuctuatet
and cannot be guaranteed for any period.
You cannot buy as good coffee forth!
money under any other name or loos
bv the nonnd. ' . Wnra .Via .f .m
come In the original packages bearioa
the signature of Arbuckle Bros., which
entitles you to free presents 10 poundf
IO siraaturea... Naur twifa mrU k ffllASJ
pictures, of 97 beautiful useful, presents
v4 un ecu I irep-u yon wmej X OU 'can
write first and see the book before you
order the coffee." " , -v , .'llV-, .'.
The present department is an old in.
stitution with us to. add a little Bentil ,
ment to the business. , .
QUALITY! . ARIOSA is fust as lilrelv tn anlt vrsne
taste aa coffea that coats sa nr 11 r.nt.
a Sound. It aida dlortwtlnn ami tnrr...
the power and ambition to work.
Aaoress our nearest omce box. Dept.
Ti Water Street, New York City." ' .
e " , -.mi. .!
IJhertv Avma, at A WmJ M.elH,Mfe ' We.
'"ecnigan aveut, vnicaeo, 111.
4S1 Sooth Seventh Street, Bu Louis. Mo.
is KDGIiuT
I M Bs D. yor Werk
(Fomerty Faraaera
Bil. SSS, SSS Third St., ear. Jeftersc.
Bis Store of Uttla Prices'
w aim. per IB... , ....St
8 pars Magnolia cleaned earranta .... 28e '
S pkgs sew 8-ernwB aeeded ralalna ,...,t..Sfto
f lbe.aew S-erowa loose Museatela 86
1 -lb can Royal baking powder ..4oe "
pmsee a BisrkweH's olive oil. qt bottles. .ec -
1-lb pkg Arm A Hammer eoda 6e
1-gal caa laaey uble syrup 40o
H-gal can fancy tabls syrup... ...SKCrte
Shredded Whest biscuit, per pkg .......... le
loa Louisiana rice ..,.-,-.. .........;... Jfto "'
Fancy Early Jnn Peaa. per doa.....-...-i.,.e"e '
IS bare Royal Savon soap SAe
7 eens best ty aardlnealn oil .....SAc
Cove ova ten 1-lh cans, solid, per doe... sue
H-O oats. 2 lb pkgs, per pkg 10
Beat olcnle heme, per lbt , lie
Shredded cocoanut, per lb ................ ,.13o .
Hard-wheat Soar, per each S1.00
Scotch ests, per pkg '..10
Pnatum cereal, per pkg Se
Fell's Napfha
neat aoft-wbeat flour, per sack ......$1.00
Java a Mocha eoffe (regular IWc) .......Je
H box aoda crackers (about 10 lbs) ,...r..SO
English Breakfast tea, per Ih ............. loe
rancy Gunpowder tea (regular BSe) 18e
Broken Java Coffee.. per lb. lOe
TJneeda Biscuit, per pkg ;, 6
Esst Bid Deliveries Tuesday aad Fridays.
raomun f
- Rsndeomely farnlehed, elegantly eon I pood,
greproof, Sve mlnutee' walk from heart of
shopping snd business district, all large,
airy, outalds rooms, steam heated, electric
Itahrs, telephone In each apartment, ete.
Large offlces, lounging, smoking, writing,
ladles' reception parlors. Booms reserved
by mail or telephone.
Private omnleua meats train aad gtaemaia.
Room fl.OO to fS.OO a Pay
, pedal Rata to Com mere Ul Jte.
(Formerly ef Hotel ttdpatb. Spokane.) '
All work guaranteed (or tan years. .
Lady attendant always present All
work done absolutely without pln by
specialists of from, It to 10 years' x.
Oold ruling, Brlrlg Work, Gold
Crown, Artificial Teeth.
ItlH Morrleon Bt, Opp. Maier rrmnlt
and Postofflo. - -
Q. T. Keel In eharga. Rervlcee, J:30 aad T:J0
p. a.; Snnday school, 1 s. m.
' '-, ' (HEW THOUOHT. ' 4 . . -
Church of Freedom itraw hall, 183 Second,
street sear Morrlaoa. At ll a. m., "Over. '
sasilAg s4 Iaaarnauca.'.' -