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lilll GIRL TwET
,i After Remaining in Depot Alone
j ' All Day She is Found by
' Her Relatjve.'
Story, to The Journal' Meet Father's
.1"; .1 EyeH Qoci jQuteklyto J5cpot
' and Find His Daughter Did Not
v . Know She Was Coming. '
. , .;, ;'
' Itf after Hood; th -y'er'-old.'Indlai-Irl
wno- traveled across the continent- alone
and sat In alienee' at the" union, depot
nre an nay- yesteraay,. refusing ;to eat
; or talk-to-white people, waa mad happy
'laat night by the appearance 'at' the
J deiKt,or hor father, Charles Hood. The
latter did not know that hla daughter
waa coming, but happening . to' be tin
1 a.
BaaMaMiHMaMa 4
Port of Portland Votes Them In.
' , crease Jin . Wages From
-' . First of May.
Formal Acceptance of Port's Fran
chiae for. Bridge to Be Constructed
'; Across Willamette by Seattle ft
Portland Railway Company.' '
i , ... 7 ;y '-.
'iAH To "the" employe of "thedredga
Columbia, and'f ortlind are to reyely a
raJaef- In" watef 7 dating; 'txom2JiiXZ i:
This action waa" taken at the regular
meeting of the Port of Portland ' com
fnlaalonheld yesterday. ;t Cabtatn'A.' "I
Pease' recommended that the request of
the .employes 'for wore pay be aranfed,
and It. waa ao ordered without any. dis
cussion. Superintendent Oroyes receives
an Increase of $21 per month and the
foreman of the dredge Columbia has
tit added to his .-salary. J. H. Reeve,
captain, of the tua.McCracken. will draw
$10 Instead of 0 and the 8 rents n of
the dredge Portland la to have tit more.
The pay of the mate waa likewise In.
creased tit and an additional oiler at
$60. waa . provided for.' 'Each of ' the
firemen, deckhands and wood passers Is
to receive" IS morena monthv
A- formal acceptance of -the Port of
Portland's franchise for the bridge to
be constructed ' across the Willamette
near St. . Johne wee-Sled by the Seattle
Portland .. Railway company. Secre
tary Mahrr was Instructed -to secure
bids for fnrshrnrueT7oTlirTlredgre
J at the explrition of . the jcontract-with
the Banneld-veysey Kuel company.
Owing to delay of two days In the
dredging operations at -the- Portland
Flour mills a reduction on the bill for
the use 'Of the dredge Columbia- waa
ardi ed made te that eoeporsttlowi
RTdirwtmrlf rtW'T
ITT Till
iiiBfimg z.nuv
ft rtt shore nine for the dredce Co-
. , PortUndnd "eeelng the atory bf herTTumTapbn'e"1rqUesTor ""Engineer
Loctvood. renniuion vii graniea.-io
the Home Telephone company to lay a
submarine cable across the river and
for the use of-one of the dredges in
thia work. No' action was taken on the
application' of ..Captain Conway .of ; the
Oregon' Raflrxd Navigation com
pany for ft. 50 damages allsged to have
been, sustained by tbe schooner Crescent
while , belaxljLpwed down .... the r!verJy
the tug Harvest Queen. Superintendent
(JfOVei lias alieady pressilsrt s hill In
plight , In. The Journal; , he -immediately
' .rushed to the depot and found her. ;'.
When the. father stepped in the door
, ,', . I of , the .-waiting-room .tbe - little- girl'e
, bright eyes spied him Instantly. For
ii the first time during the day aha' broke
rlier-stotiar. silence -"winr 9r exclamation
Vof delight uttered In her own native
language, rushed to Jier father. wrapped
Ct arms about hta ..neck and .cried. In
childish "Tispp'lriess. She loosed her
tongue and poured a torrent oi warns
7; Into the father'e ears, telling of her
. long and lonely trip -across the country
- T- from s- the -Carlisle Indian school . in
Pennsylvania,' Thla morning the happy
chIldhdrTher took the earry train
Tor the father's rnch.near-Klamatb
:r rails.
- H--waato'in -the- evenfnsr before the
,. father discovered his. daughter.' - The
little girl had sat - about the. wsttlng'-
-room all dsy refusing to touch -a mouth
ful of food and' declining all aaslstance
: ofTwtwrher by the women Of the
Travelers' f id. Night came and .atjll
;ito father appeared. Sleep made her eye-
2W Javjc, Jpirf jiha.aeeoiedles feel,.uJt.e
mat some one would come and ahe re-
tnalned swske. ' Just'Ss the 'Travelers'
Aid waa about to take. her. to a place
Jof shelter, for. the night her fthi ap-
yearea. - .- , . 1 .
Mr. Hood, who Is a well educated and
.i ."Wealthy Indian. left , hla home In
-Klamath Falls before the message tell-
. "ling, him that hie daughter, waa coming
'---t-eached -there. - He came to Portland Jan
- business and knew- nothing about the
'arrival of the child until he bought an
v 'Kventng Journal and saw . the story of
her predicament. , .
'...:'. Little Mabol has been In- ill health
: . for some time past and ahe waa sent to
' Oregon in hope thst the climate would
'Improve her condition. Mr. Hood told
the women' of he Travelers' Aid that as
" '? 'aoonr 'as he reached home he proposed
' to take a'jteam and wagon and take his
" r daughter on" an overland 'trio' through
southern California and return home in'
. the fall. - Ho believee an outing of thla
eortMrtll do more-than anything else to
7eator3 nerTfaitn. . 7 777. 7 . Z
1 Lota of rattlesnakes along the Dea-
, chutes.
Caotatn Conway of $ for the sink
Ing of a pennant buoy by the schooner.
r Per "
SoM Wtilto
' A aeUel.s csmMnalen ef " lWWejia"
taa aad pare wM TeUat kf k"
- ke4 pradoM s beoy UeataTe Jeii M
- s4iea,Usaf the skis tnedle- wtifelA.
. ; parting e5igbtfall see; aa , ssmM. .
EafMokaKy )atoMa1 tor aWiay' eta.
klit akaluly pare T
All dealers, tt eawlao Fyja sssaals ay W
' ef ene-eevad eerwn ,a-MuW-Tw- Waa
, and sealef iwm n4 aw IHssttaJH beak
otol "Vsfaa. aa.eaaassgie.!J-
Aadreu I'lHUf Ciit rnmpitj, Bases
Building, Oakland t'allforsla.
Jape Mea to eaJlse.atoaey to Aid U
' ' ' ' ."PajrUMr War Xoaae. ;.
" Local ahbppera aay that the increase
ef ! cents a barrel en the duty of flour
to be levied by the Japanese govern.
raent wilf wot mateWally affect the local
situation. The present rate, Is 88 cents
per barrel and the new schedule goes
into. affect on. October .1. The,, wheat
tuppty has been exhausted here and eon'
aequently there fa no -flour -on- hand for
export, even If It were desired to rush
several shipments to Japan before, the
Inauguration of the new rate The in
crease Is to oe made to raise additional
revenue for the purpose - of. paying off,
some of the Indebtedness contracted
durlnr the.wsr with Russia.".,'. t ,
rosaerey leaves TTa sport tlon Work
.... .. to Boa fo Sierlff.
"Owing fo the' fact that. M. R7Pom
eroy, agent of the Vancouver Transpor
tation company at Astoria, haa received
the Republican nomination for .sheriff
of Clataop county, he haa aevered his
connection with the ateamahlp com
pany and C. M. Fowler, purser of the
steamer Lurllne, haa been appointed to
succeed him. John Moran. freight clerk,
baa been promoted to the- position va
cated by FOwler and - Paul McCann- of
the Oregon Railroad Navigation com
pany and formerly clerk at the Arling
ton club, takea Moran a place.
Steamer Beparts Jfe aToag-kOBr .With
Tory otaablo -Oaryor
The steamer Nleomedl-?-sailed thla
morning -f 01 Heneltng-V4 TeHohamw
with, a cargo -valued. at--tlt2.tlt.con-alatlng
of I0.0J barrels of flour, cot
tort, nslls, lumber and general march n-
dlse. - CaptalitMslsner, who succeededi
Captain wagemann owing to the Ut
ters Illness, went In command of the
veasel. The Numantla left Yokohama
It days ago and la due here next week.
The schooner-Alvlna has been towed
Mm St Helena to the Tongue Point
mills by the Harvest Queen to finish
loading a cargo of ties. .
Inf ormatlon wae received" from
Keeper P. V. Harrison this morning,
that the post light on St. Helena Jetty
la not In service on aeoount of the bigh
water. The water waa within two feet
of the post and the light waa In danger
of being a wept away by a mass ft
wreckage which had accumulated Juit
above... i.' . .
United ' States Inspectors "Bdwarda
and Fuller leave for Taqulna bar to
morrow morning to inspect the steamer
T. M. Richardson. . They returned from
Astoria laat evening and will .Inspect
the Nestor today. - r
The ateamer Aurella aalled yesterday
for San Francisco with t2t,000 feet of
lumber. -. ------ -
The ateamer Roanoke will eatl to
night at - o'clock for San Francisco,
San Pedro and way porta. Over 60
reaervatlona for pasaage have been made
and 1.000 -tone of .general mercbandlae
will constitute the cargo.
- The rate quoted for charters of ves
sels In the vicinity of thla port la 2ta
-Id with no demand for carriera at pres
ent. . - , . x,
Wallace & Beech 1
Real Comedy , Acrobatic
Fiechtl's Tyrolean
"rlrr Opera ? Scene,
-. -4From sTyrol.l i , .
" '' ' '-. ;7' "77 '
; Blanchd Levfii.e" j
- - In Specialty --fv;,-"'
Dorothy Elrae
" ' Operatic Vocalist.
Belle' Lawrence
First Appearanc Since Her
, Return" From the East
-Special DailyrMatinees-frorrr
7 .- ..:.2 to 5 o'clock., .4
Program Changed Daily. '
UEntrancea at 21 North Third
street, 21, 23 and 25 North Sec
ond street, and 243, 245 and 247
Bin-nude gtreet. . - .
Democrats to Decide Whether to
V Return Carack7or Foirner
T - ' rnvarnnr Ta wlnr. --- --- --
' - Uonmil Special Service.) -
Nashville, Tenn.. May 11. The, first
senatorial primary.. 1n. thf hlatory, of
OT. - ... , i.., , . .r .M.t
IcnneBBOB -will im new ivmvuvn,
the Democrataw.Hl decide ..whether to
return Kdward Mt. Carmack to the sen.
ate. or to displace him with ex-Governor
Robert1!-Taylor. - The outcome of-the
race la doubtful In the extreme. Both
aldea apparentljrare confident of vic
tory. . . . . . ? .7
Ex-Governor .Taylor ; la - one -of i tho
moot prominent' Democratic leedera of
Tenneaaee. and ' Is the only man 'who
haa been honored with the governorship
three times since the war. . He has been
a candidate for. the senate three times
before, but always - before the legisla
tive general assembly. Thla time heyl
haa been . awarded 7a primary and his
importers believe - thla ' will help him
along to victory.''. (..-.: ..
. But despite the fact that ex-uovernor
Foi' tomorrow, Saturday, our weekly cleaning up day, many special opportunities for money saving are offered.7 Fol ,
lowing are only a few of the many particularly attractive articles at errtraordiharily low prices. Come and be convinced
OS- ..-r-.T-rZ-iSra ai. I 1-hiimii i aiisai n
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Ttrese atiita, which we are to sell
tomorrow at $11.95, were made to
unusually large - business in this
tldivisioiuihis . apring-baa neceasi.
tated the repurchase of many lines,
with ' the retult - that we muat
move these suits. They are all
bench tailored goods, made of the
best quality o woolens in Wor-
' at?5a., Tweeils, Cheyinta and f-
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assortment .of .,.hlue . and ?.. black n
Serges, unfinished Worsted Che
viots and Vicunas to ftf at ; v
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SO hours after the edition of the paper.- We give all out-of-town
orders the most careful attention. . t J. 'r;- " -
Taylor haa drawn crowds of 10.090 or
more In oneasaemblage, ha undoubtedly
has rtheTTightcofThia llf erto- overthrow
Senator Carmack, who la the absolute
roaster of the Pemocratio machine, a
brilliant atump orator and one ot-the
moat bitter, editorial vt rltera -- In -. the
south.- Democrats generally consider It
especially unfortunate for the party
that the two leaders should clash, and
tt means "the survival of. the fittest,"
for the result of the primary-will rule
one or the other off the Democratlo
chessboard forever.
'-- Oet Xla Oold XedaJ.
(Sr1il niapalch to The JSoraal.) -
Athrna. Or., May 11. Henry Barrett
An Uncqualcd Offer -
w-A'-wet"wf oor faroona $1 False TEETH for S10
Painless extracting free . with thla offer. Exam
ination and consultation free. Crown and Bridge
work a specialty. - Extracting, SO cents .
-. WISE BROS., Dentists
- Opea JtvealBg-a aad aaadaya.
seals soa.
he-. ).
of thla city haa Just receited from the
committee of awards of - the Lewis and
Clark exposition a gold medal ' for the
beat exhibit of hulless oatr seen at the
fair,- Tbia oats waa raised on Mr. Bar
rett's Pine ereek ranch, north of town.
,-Wm sTe Blp Sbeop. V . ,
(ftpeelal Dispatch ta The Journal.)
Pendleton, Or., May 11. Sheep tEat
are to be ranged In the Blue, mountain
reserve this summer will not have to
be dipped btfore going ..upon the range
la. the news- received here from Forest
Superintendent D B. Shelter. t . - j
I Fourteen hundred carloads of atock',
were ahipped from Klamath county, laat t
year. ..-.: , -i ;
-1 l J
20- r.:!3 TC0.T1 Ccrax
-Claaaa wtthawt Inkier the meet delicate fca-.
. vtea, as well aa aitelMsj irteaaMs, weed wevk.
a41ver,chla.slaeawre, Mnea ftabta, ked mm
Kriotial). ilanketa, weeleaa, allka, aad H
- an the tetlM. kata aae aareary, aae is a
dtaiotsstaat. AU dealers,
tXatorla, May 11. Arrived down at 1
and Bailed at 4:10 a. m. Steamer Aure
lla. tor San Francisco. Arrived at 4:10
and left up at 0 a. m. Gasoline choon-
er uerwicn, irora uan r ranniaco. --
San Franclaco. May If Sailed yes
terday Schooner Virginia, for Portland.
-Astoria. May 10. Arrived at 11:10 p.
m.- Steamer Francia H. ltggett.
Sailed at 1:10 p. m. Steamer Cxarlna,
for San Franclaco. -) -
Astoria Maya 11. Cnndltlonpfthe
bar it I i. m.. smooth; wind, eoulh
eaet; weather, light rain.
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