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'.r ' v',;' . THE WEATHER.' 'TY'VY'"
Journal Circulation
Showers tonight ' - nfs'
south to west wjnds. .
VOL. V. ' NO. 57.
Portland Ncnreatestoting and Manufactur
ing Center and It Lies With Her Merchants
f3j! to M Must ;
I I- M Ports. i-
-teas ppncUinUy.,Iiala
1 op'nea to vomana meri'iinui. u 1
- uld, as a result of the destruction of
y San FranclscoY The Held In which Pffrt
.:Md Is left practically paramount -e--yWida
th "length of the" Pacine coast
- Un of -the L'niled States. Canada- and
Alaska. s-In this entire Held San Fran
trclseo "waa" a Towrf ul 1 business - factor.
- and today its influence Is practically
. eliminated.' leaving the field temporarily
to Portland and Seattle. ;-'-' v ' .' .
The outcome depends, it is said. Upon
' the manner in which Portland's uslnes
men attack the situation. The commer--nV-aTm-taTr-TwmawTT
! Into southern Oregon and controlled the
' trade of the Klamath country, and at-
- the whole of eastern Oregon and weat
Larn . Idaho, the-' flan Franciscans wer
projecting a railroad from that Tflty -to
BolsVanairar-TrttoTOe ISOTtn. . TheTVtprocWMo ' and
'commercial actlvtlea stretched " tiorthf
Wara'aiona tae -coast -ana aosoroea
Fifteen Hundred Letters Exposing" IVIethocIs
of. Trust in Possession of former Agents -r-tTT-Baiirbiad
i Men ArejYepry ; FoLetful.-
.letters rereallnr -the secrets
of . the
Standard Oil company are admitted to
e n Theloasesslon;''bf -M."Maxo,' a
former agent of the trust in Illinois.
He stated that the Standard had tried
tn nuv he-letters buthe-had--refased
to feil them.;- He admitted notifying
the Standard that he had been aub-
. pocnaed By Corporation Commissioner
rzHcnXJlujaarfieid in theJederaLinYealU
. garlon"telngmade into the-eondnet-of
the oil" company.
Maxon was cross-examined In the Oil
hearinr -today- by-the -board -of - inter
rtata commerce - commission. He ex
plained bow the Standard .Oil company,
through subsidiary-companies, -Teduced
-rates in the territories In which there
- were Independent dealers,- although the
reductions were not made In the name
of the parent company, but It was really
""that concern, that made them. . He ad-
- mined tht oil Inspection was a farce
and that the state oil Inspectors rarely
1npccted-"-'shlpments. many , of them
. . leaving their stencils In the hands of
" the Stnndard Oil employee. "
' President Davidson of the San Fran
cisco road promised the commission
.., that he would supply them a list of the
rontrarts between the. tank . lines and
his railroad and a list of the passes
Y. given shippers byhls road.i '-' "" ' ':
Joseph Tu-cke.r of the Central Freight
association could not remember details
questioned about and was. accused by
-memberafof the commission of forget
; fulness. ,, He "waa given a few hours to
refresh hi memory and advised to
answer later In the' day.
H. O. Hucklll. purchasing agent or the
. pennaylvsnlursllroad. snld that -. thr
Standard Oil lubricating oll was bought
exclusively by his rosd and fhate bldi
: from other companies were never con
. sldered. ,-n.'. ' ' --
vt- Further; details of -the corruption of
' railroad employes and Independent oil
: company employes and dishonest meth-
v vY..-. ::;.'.Y.v-ru.
;: The Sunday Journal Best and Brightesf
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pictures for the children and also the story of Pete, the 'rogue bear st-the-City Park oo. '.-Y
For -the women afe. the fashion, page and Mrs. Sytnes' special article qn health and beauty
. The p4ndors of" the American -emba;es in Europe srei the wonder of the world.' 'Tile represen
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WillTam Jenningt'Bryan in his tourof the ,wdrld writes a most entertaining letter from Java.
Hawait-is-oneof the moot advanced countries-fledwelton Mtss
-ilawaiLli member of The Journal's party, made aiaiudyo.f education
I X an interesting and entertaining
' Saturday 5
- -7: J;"'-
4 ! i "-1
Prqstration of San
ncatjy- 11 nf I ha..dejBven-j:tenaipt
uy mm urn yuna or Ouus
counties,', directly under the 'noses of
Portland's wholesalers and manufacture
era. ' Nearly all of the . coal and lumber
of Coos county has been coins; to Ban
Francisco" "In exchange ' for ; cirjo'es " of
manufactured prodocla"rT"r'Z "T"
San Francisco did not stop, at Oregon.
Its cargoes went to. Alaska, and there
was hardly a port on British or Ameri
can soil that did not yield rich reve
nues to' San Francisco's great mercan
tile houses. ' - - ?. 1 r" ' '
-TjjL-f: . WTtUdOirttaX'enter. '7-"
- Portland la now the greatest Jobbing
and .manufacturing center on the Pa-
ttu eyea unfcfflc1mpi will for-many -- years
occupy this prbad. position' If- her mer
chants, so will it. They can. with ' a
giant stride, .lead otl. atthe nead toi -tne
AUsM tradetfr they-can heiltata and
lag TT)ehTffrajndrnE:Batne--talw-llrst
sphrtaraystew of -esplonagB was
brought out In the examination of wit
nesses. and It was shown that tha Frisco
road charges -competitors of the-Standard
Oil company io cents for a haul
that it chargea the truat 3 cents for.
-The government attorneys have.Jet
T?r -Signed T)y' prominent ministers of
Toungmown, Ohio, in -which they advise
their congregations to - purchase oil
from - the Standard Oil agents, signed
by Rev. Edward Starof -the Swedish
Evangelical,- Bethel; -Rev. E. Cr Paagh
of the M. E. church. Rev. 'William O.
White of fhe Westminster church, Rev,
K. ft, Porter of the Baptist church.
BJ. M- Lines,, a former Toungstowh
agent, . Is ready to testify that he re
ceived letters from the ministers." He
had another letter signed by a Cathode
prlcat, which he used, but afterward re
turned to the priest at his request.
-- S" Frnolco, May - 11. Tlie com
mittee on permanent location of China
town reported this ' morning , that the
Six . Companies 'and Chinese property
holders refuse te accept Hunter's point
a a permanent location,, and the loca
tion now chosen by- the committee to
be submitted to the Chinese is bounded
by Sansome,' Front, Pacific and Bay.
Chairman Phelan of the finance, com
mittee stated 'the amount of money now
on hand Is t2.SS5,0OO. ., , .
. ....
- Petersburg. Ind.. May 11 Two earth
quake Shocks were felt- here at . 1
o'clock this . mosnlrfg..- . The - buildings
shook and people lumped' from their
beds. No serious damage followed, v
article. ' Y , -.- ; '' . . - i'--c .
.. - - . -.. .- -,.r.il0. .. "ygv -iq . ;!T17. ( n
Francisco" Gives Local Merchants Long-Desired Chance.
place. The advantage today la with
-I'M Hans, swing. i li wastsaas nf tka
territory that- is absolutely - tributary
to this city for wholesale trade. The
question ' Is now under serious consider
atlon- by men -who-ara looked- upon-a
leaders in Portland's Commercial world.
" Th trade must be taken care of. Ban
Francisco cannot do her part. Stripped
of . all sntlmental consideration, it is
simply a question bfTwhetlierTbrtland
will, take her place at the front or let
Seattle, Tacoma and other trade can
ters compete for the position. Today,
after losing' thrsst amount of 1 com
modifles thaOiava" been shipped to San
Francisco, it IS ' said Portland's great
wholesale steckf .arestlll sufficient .to
replenish those, off Seattle.: Tacoma and:
Spokane, should The .fat -of - San. Fran
cisco suddenly overtake all those cities.
Portland has the goods. Will her mer-
chants- rench out now., without a day's
delay, and cover the field?, la the quea-T
tiontthat" irtany-avre asktng
:- ' ' 1
Big Building Cbrporation Formed
-r-AII Clearing House Banks to
Y: Open May Twenty-Onev
t . -.'
(Jonrsal Special Servlet.)
San Francisco. May 11. A careful
canvass' by the Daily News shows that
StS concerns have reestablished. quarters
1ri I temporary frame the
burned district.. --- - - .'" " '
To engage In building operatlona on a
large scale the $1,000,000 Loaa-Leonardt-Deneen
-corporation haa ' been formed.
wlth-liOs-Angeles.-New-York-and Ban
FranclBca capltal.The corporation will
take contracts for buildings of every
character." Th-announcement -that all
htna-'aayc'beforamxpactea.'ris further
evidence of the confidence in financial
circles. -There Is every -Indication thst
8a 4 Francisco will have all the money
she needs to carry on business.
at- Ssesl sVlo.)
1 Paul. May 11. Threa Minnesota
directors of the paper- trust todsy psld
$100 fines In the federal court and with
drew their answer, filed, in the govern
ment's suit to have the General Paper
company declared a trust. They'will
reorganise to avoid conflict WltR the
Sherman anti-trust law. - The fines
were sustained In the federal supreme
court and assessed on account of the
refusal of the directors to answer ques
tions during the proceedings. wenty-J
one paprr mms in ine mmuw w?.n
codefendants.. '. " ..
.. w. (Jasroal SDial -Service.)
Dayton, Ohio, May 11,. Dr. Oliver C
Haugh'a motion for a new trial waa to
day overruledr He was sentenced to-be
electrocuted on August S. He was
convicted of 'the murder of his parenta
and. .brother..,..;
YT (Jnernal Special Serrtre I
Berlin. May 11. Bertha Krupp, the
world'a wealthleat woman, ' Is engaged.
Her fiances name Is a secret. It Is
thought to be either a princa or a poor
physician. . . -
- MollieProebsterr - wh yetit-
in the Jsland and she has... witten
Y;-y , Y. .Y'' ' ,: '
Wtttf ft ttt t ft
i innn
DAY.1 would: IMPEACH y:
ST-i Journal - Special
- Syracuse, N. -Y.,: May -11.- Stung by criti
cism of his attack on President Roosevelt for
jv pursuit of the Standard Oil
. .olies, Dr. Jamea Dayrxhancellor-ofSyraJ
i cuse university, T has ;issued another philippic
7 in which he ' insists that neither .President
. Roosevelt nor : the muck rake judges sliould
;- attach private.or- commercial
'. causing loss in. stock and
in the business -world,
iaaid t.Jiai.iuij.iji.1 a ry , as in the
the" president Js guilty 671iHa7cTiyri
Y defying the laws. He declares: Y -,-YYZl
S;if e-prtsident's!iW
' realms is alarming. It is scarcely, across the
X V border of possible impeachment, and should
x. be -rebuked as its merit's demand.. It is an-
archy.Y lie ; has. pot the right - to attack , fey
W - A A A a ' A A A A A A A A A A A A
Women, and Girls of
itan Will Forbid Intrusion
zr0f ForeignersYYY
; (Jooraal Sperlil Service.) ;
" COhitantlnopIe, May 11. Consterna-ltanlgnJuiortejtr5Jr-tiia
anti-harem epldamlo which seems to
have broken out among Turkish women
and girls of the better classes-Within
the last few months many of the most
prominent women Of ths capital ' have
fled from harems . snd Y escaped , to
Europesn cities.
Several months ago two daughters of
Nourl Dey, - secretary-general of the
minister of 1 foreign... affairs, escaped
from a harem and went to Paris. A
little -later the daughter, of Revln
Pasha. ..the city prefect of Constanti
nople who was -recently - assassinated,
fled from a harem la Urouasa. :
- Today It became known that the
daughters of Membosh Pasha, minister
of the interior, and of Turkhsha Pasha,
minister of . pious foundations, hate
fled from the' country in order to es
cape the deadly dullness of harem life.
.Similar, cases are -reported tr- other
families of good standing. The sultan
Is.uncsay over the matter and In con
sequence he is likely to sanction a law
forbidding the Intrusion of . foreign
ladles In - harems,- Inasmuch as they
"constitute a grave danger to the peace
of souls of Turkish women," who fre
quently . ara , too weak to' resist , the
glowing deacrlptlona of - th life of
European women In contrsst to thadls-I
msi narem nro. . .. . I
. ...
fSpeelal Planatefe to The Jmrl.l - 1
Centralis, -Wash., May 11. The On
tralla creamery was burglsrfsed here
last night. The safe waa blown open
and about 149 sefiired. It Is thought
to have been the work of professionals.
There Is no clue to the perpetrator.
They left part of their tools In their
hurry to .get away. ....
(Journal Special Service.)
Washington.- May. 1 l.-n-Beed-i.
dealers 1
front th principal cities were given- a
nn nnrmn nn ntr rm nir: k tsi i it . ri vtir xr
"( irfi'-rff 11 1 ; ;:tiy-;iiv -. -r. ;, j . , .,,t; rt itT-. t-r- ' - - -, v , .....
', ''''"'."' 11 " 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' ;t ('::,'.; ,i. '...'.'. ;Y .(" ; .'"'T-? -"""Y- v
VtfOlllEH FLEE Outlaw Evidently Unconscious From F
hearing today hy Secretary of Agricul
ture Wilson, II wss asked not in, dis
tribute common garden scads, but only
new varletiea. , -
1Y-..Y.Y''Y.Y" "T..'iv;,Y
and other monori-
been exposed.
-business-; thus!
general . uneasiness
received $500,000
cuse university
hrrf thist rag
3"It-is not denied
Standard Oil company, is "the chief patron of
the university.and. that-through Archbold the
institution has received large endowments. v
: TheSyxaciiSf
about 2,500 pupils.
Explosions Before
suersFault Found With Division of
Award for Slaying Bandit
Special-Dispatch- ta-Tha JcmrnaL)
tmbyr-Or. May 11,- Sensational
charges and disclosures are made aa a
result of the division of the reward oft
fered for th killing of Outlaw Frank
Smith. It Is charged that Smith" was
unconscious when killed from the dyna
mite that- had been thrown into -the
brush and lay prostrated when the shot
which ended his career was fired from
arrdlRtanre of -a- few- feet bv-Humane
Officer HajTyTDraperrttpokane. Par
ticipants in the man hunt claim that the
grossest injustice has been done to aome
of the men who1 exposed their lives
moat, when Smith was surrounded near
Hew - Era. - . - - - - .
section Foreman E. V. Hutchinson
of Canby, who with his crew was at th
scene, states that after the first charge
of dynamite had been thrown into the
brush where Smith: was hidden, groans
were heard which led him to believe
that the outlaw had been . Injured.
Hutchinson and his crew were - un
armed and when they first saw Smith
running ahroughrth brush threw 'rocks
at him. .. ' -i - '
George W. Dixon of Canby, who led a
party, of three men in. pursuit -of th
outlaw shortly after he left Mrs. Bat
ten's store and before the -authorities
irt Oregon City knew that Smith waa In
th country.. 1 one of the men whose
services wer " totally ignored. Mr.
Dixon States: - - - t;
Vnooasoloaa TTkea fchoS.' '
Jl .camiet conceive of public men de
scending to such methods In face of the
fact that I did aa much toward putting
an end to Smith's career aa. any! tother
man except Harry Draper.- 1 helped
break down the. barbed wire fence for
Draser and his dogs.i enter the lunsle
where Smith lay - prostrated by dyna
mite ehsrgea which- we had thrown Into
th brush before Draper arrived with
his bloodhounds. .
. ' '1 would hav entered the brush with
Drsper but -for the fact thnt Sheriff
Culver of Salem and Deputy , Morden of
Portland forbade any . member, of th
pVtsse from following Draper except
themselves. This wss ln-th hop that
they themselves would get all of the
reward money. '
. "I waa within 25 feet of Smith for
an hour before Draper and his blood
hounds and th Woodburn party arrived
and showed Drsper the exact spot where
Smith broke Into the brush. Hla dogs
did not foljow Smith's trail for mor
than 26 feet until they pounced onto
hla face.
Mad X Beslstaae.
. "Smith made sbsolutely no resistance.
1 was stsndlns over the outlaw's bod V
whenx-poty Morden took a revolver
fi"om Smith's clothlngf- Other articles
found In his pocket were two small fin
ger rings, a pocket mirror, a metal
badge or tag, a chisp wateh, a few
cartridges and four rasors. Everything
The chancellor severely condemns and ex-
coriates.the self-constituted judges who have
tried everything and everybody in the mag
azines.Y He" dwelt particularly upon loose and"
cnKatkmalrUle&eaUng-with-public-niciv ;
an d rmammot hcorporat ion s in wh ich Hhe'
methods pursued illegally are alleged to liave !
' .-.: s.-y:
-Chancellor- Day-doesnot deny that he has
for the upbuilding of Syra- - :
i rom - the btandard Oil com
that John;:DArchbo1d; ytipe;.,rT
of the leading spirits of the X
nnivrmty -is a nonsectarianX
vrage-attendance-of X
Discovered by Pur
exceptJLhe jasorav-hick, were saturated
with blood. wr taken by Tom Ryan
of Oregon City before Detective Snow
arrived and Identified th man as Smith.
A photographer asked to be allowed
dying in th brush, t ntn. shown aa the
first tnsn on the "right side of the
corpse in th picture, I then helped
ran th handcar containing Smith's body
- , - - v m
fwn jthepointrwtera. h was killed toTTt-sH!leTy--bgna.- dlad-tatwhMrt-trigha
the carhousat: New Era, where
coroner was telephoned for.
Knew of Smith rirst
l ean prove that I was after Smith
and that I sent the information to Port
land or Smith's whereabouts before any
on In Oregon -City knew that he was
at New Kra. I started Immediately
with my gun and walked three and one
half miles to New Kra and arrived there
as the train icame up from Oregon City
with the posses from that place.
"Before- "Draper arrived with' the
bloodhounds District Fruit Inspector J,
Held and niyself -formed a plan to
call for volunteers and charge on Smith
In the bruah. This program would have
been carried out if Draper had not ar
rived with the dogs when he did.
"I do not oare for the measly pittance
of blood money that the authorities
have denied me, but I- beltev there Is
no atronger proof of brave man than
the willingness- to tender credit -. to
whom credit la due. Some of those who
wer allowed part of. the blood money
had etayed at -home. Those who ex
posed themselves In pursuit of th out
law should have received the recogni-
tloOj that wss dn them." ' , 7;
Bwi4 Division -....-.
As-agreed - terms nf th
division tr; flS follows1 ;- ' r "'
Ftrst One half, or 1760. to be
awarded Harry Draoer. who ' aw
Smith. - "" - . .
Second Fifty dollars each to nr
Morden. Andrew Vaughn and Sheriff W,
J. Culver, the thr officers who accom
panied Draper into the brush where
tne outlaw was concealed.
Third Th balance of 1609 to : r'
divided equally among th following
Mrs. Bratton of Canby. Harrr Minto r
Salem. Jo ha. Doe and H. U Smith of
Woodburn, Krank Snow, . Sam Downey
and John Cordano of Portland, J, K.
Oraham and J. 8. DeYoe of Canby,
Charles 14 Burns, Charles Kly, J. H.
Slattery, William May, J. K. Morris.
R. Fosberg. K. C. Hackett. R. Cross,
Jack Jones. Ed Rechnor, Oust Wlneaett,
Frank Hendricks. H. W. Trembath and
T. F. Ryan, all of Oregon City: J. H.
Read of Mtlwsukle, Dnvld MeArthur
Sr., David McArthur Jr., Paul M. Crlmij,
Bert Willis snd Ferguson of Nw
Local ornt-ers who partlrj
. I In ths
- (. '
CENTS. .fttf Ji"DcV
: v.
James W'rthycombe, Republican
Nominee for Governor, Re
mained an Alien for Seven
. teerTYeart. . Y Y"
When the Son Decided to Eater Poll
tics' His Attention Vas Directed to"
' the Law and He Then Became Nat
- uraliced Had Supposed Before
JrjThat HeWaj a Citixe
James nthycomb. Republican
nee for governor, takes exception to th
published statement, that Jie did not be
come an American. cltlsen-until 17 years
a ff erIiebecame a resHenf "ofOregotir'
Facts, however, are stubborn things and
In this Instance they Jo not afford much
comfort for Mr, Withy combe, in th
coura of a statement which he made
yesterday t Th Journal he swtd: -
"My father came to Oregon from
Devonshire, England. In 1871. I - wss
then 17 years of Jira. In 1871 Or 18TS
my father filed at Hills boro his declara-
(Continued on Pag Three.)
Young Society Woman Killed by
Ptomaine-Poioning : From
Eatirfg Spinach and Straw
IZ2 berry, Shortcake.
TJoataal SpecTaT ervlce.T "
-Richmond, Ind., May 11. Ml aa Clar4
Reckers. 2(L.i-ears-i age aad . croml-
from the effects of ptomaine nolaonlnr.
Th autopsy today shows that death.
a era
waa the ' result of a combination of
splnsch and strawberry shortcake,
which resulted In chemical changes that
produced poisoning. -' - -
Physicians worked for hours In ef- -forts
to save the young woman, but -their
labors were fruitless and sh ex
pired in great agony. She had partaken
freely of spinach at the noon meal and
at aupper sh dined chiefly on short
cak with rich cream. An. hoar later
she was In spasms. -. , . j
An examination of thav- remnants of
'with foods ahows that neither contained - -any
poison, but that death was -due to -the
combination. Physicians' say ,at -the
same effect would be produced by
eating freely - of banana and then
drinking whiskey,- th combination
which killed Patrick Ollmore, the great
bandmaster. T- ' -
Republican Senatorial Nominee
--Making a Bid for Former
Y Supporters. ' .
(Special DU patch to Th Jmmal.)
Albany, Oregon, May 11. That Jrma-
,o-irJr.--rs maklhg a bid for th
vote or the. remnant or th old ropultst
party is no longer denied by those who
at one time war leaders tn that move
ment and stood high In th aounetl ef
populism In Jlnn county. .
About ten years sgo Linn wss th '
cepter of this movement. Having aurlt
strength and sufficient following,
that they dictated the nomination of
officers and elected a lar s liar a of
their ticket on a fualon ol on v
rreat of this wave the followers tt
Socklesa Jerrv rode Into power. A" -thoae
. p-ow '-ent In that fir -ris
may . nin Honed e C. i i
Oeorse P. Hsrton of I.lnn, i '
ver-tonr'ied t)htp f ri.ff i
h- i r... In I v f
11 i,rM ! H I t