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    :THE ' JOURL ..THE
Fair tonight; 'Thursday ; partly
cloudy- and cooler; westerly winds. "r
VOL. V. NO. 55.
Track on Made Land
I : - - -
1 - : - - - . . , ,. ... -. i , i . .
Pacific Coast Limited Is Derailed.
Fireman and Three Chinese are Killed.
; Enginejand Jhrce Cars Overturn.
V ' - (Journal Special. Service.) , .
San Francisco, May 9. An earthquake shock which occurred last even
' jug Is respotraibtg-foT-j-faUi-wrec''
"'-l vvi f1 fft TltvfTrrVv -rmTtiri'iitli '"""ftf San Insr,. rarlr,thiii mnrnitig :
The shock caused the track, which is
train passing; tne spot met disaster.
., r ... ... (j. engine anj first three cars wer.e overturned. ' The sleeper and mail
:- coaches were not damaged. 'The fipt two. car, containing Chinamen en
: route tcTSan Francisco to' be deported, were completely demolished. Three
of the Chinese passengers were. killed
aahts of thethfrd car,Ta iourist, wcre injured by-iflying -glass and, badly
- haken up by the car being thrown, over bn"If9TsTde.
' "v r The fireman of the train "was killed " and" theengiheer sTightlylnjured,
. miraculously escaping. A brakeman
. A wrecking crew was sent from
Chinese who were seriously injured
i ; They were recently smuggled across
to- ail-oihf if tTUamcr,f rota San..
Death came in sleep to the -Chinese
' in the wreckage. Nearly everyMongolian in the three, coaches was injured
i--to a greater or less extents Nearly
lan guago and- tha -made rescue-worlt
Vnnable' to . tell the extent of their injuries. ' .:
J ."i. i.Whie 'pasiengers in the sleepers
and thrown front their berths. ..Few:
were cftiickto leave the cars, and go in
The full, moon gave light to tne
vale was used as a hospital. .,.-.., ri
, t Two light" earthquake shock's were
'damage was done and no alarm is felt.- . Livermore reports mat tne snocK
,, there was quite severe., r '""-'V
rrT7;7 The i police" today began to raid houses where people are gathering relief
, supplies in - excess of the regular rations; It ' is alleged that" among the
(tr are-manr drawing. salaries
punishment will follow where loot is
stationed on the waterfront to gather
found on suspected persons has been
.Owing to the great need orTestaurahtsheniteamer - 5pokane - haseen
fitted up as a messsh.p b leed employes ot tne racu.c coast company
those of the public willing to pay. .
. - 7Jwr tnxiirr
Berlin, May . An anarchist
Dlraov ' to murder , tha amporor
was frustrated at Urvlllo. whera the kalaer la
nchcduled to arrlra Frldsy- Th police
islLlha . palace...! n ore. ive roreijnprs
-f-were arrested.- Document provs the
"plan to mutder ins kaiser.
Turks Belae rTOBtler. '
rioornal SpecUl Serrlce.l
forces have seised a strip ot land alone
the Byro-Kayptlsn frontier from the
- roast -eaatward,- container - mot--than
' 100,000 square miles, from the .Bedouins,
' resulting In great discontent among the
.Arabs. . .' ...
- 1 . .. i " ' -'. -;-
Kllea Za Chaatploa. -.
(ioornel Bperlal Berrtee.) ' -
.: London. May . Eustace MIlea Vwon
the Kngllsh tennis championship by de
festlna Jay. Gould tn "three seta out of
four today. y . J '
' (Joerenl ftiwtel grrlc.) ''
Anderson. Ind.. May t. Rev. James B.
JiafmeTr-raetor of the Unlversallst
church has riled a suit for divorce from
Martha Haffner. to whom he wse mir-
rt4 iK years ao.The minister jiaya
In his complaint mn nn.wm
neatedly atlamatiaed him professionally
and treated him cruelly, finally learlnf
- him lsst week, aayina; she would not re
ctum to his bed and beard. .., ,
The Complaint further "alleges that
lliramil pedl Serf lee.) t ".
V(mcou-er, B. C, May I. The Can
adlan Paciflo railway Imperial limited
eaoreaa from Montreal for Vancouver
waa held up late last nlglil' at rurrorTtNo
a small eight muen eesi or mm
loops. , At least three men were engaged
In the Job. At the point of revolver
the engineer was forced to take the
:x m. urn ii (j iip:n onn xm k
. . : rr-rrTT-
Slnlts and
t, firtBfrJt'O.Tf'j"' NprthCoast
on made land, to h""kt firt
and many were injured. . Many occu
was also-ampng the injured.
San Jose and more than a score of
brougli-t to the hospital at San Jose.
the Mexican .border .-and were booked
who were killed. They were jammed
.all : wereoinfamiuat with the English
difi icult,v since, the. wounded, men were
and toUrist cars were rudely awakened
were injured seriously. The uninjured
aitTbf the imprisoned Chinese.
work of fescue:, The station" at Eden-i
, . "'t ...
felt at ll:f5 VcIock last night. ; No
from corporations. : uontiscation ana
uncovered. Fifty patrolmen have been
in drunks irom uaiciana. aii liquor
. . . . , :
rtJoormt BmcUI Berle.
St. Fetersbura;. May . Peasant mem
bers of the doutna which opena Thurs
day - have- already . Inaucurated 4 . cam
patgn for more land for peasants. They
say they jent return home without ob
taining a- grant,- as 1 they wtlr-be-lHd
as tniltorsi, They declare tney are win
ntr"ia Ald'th the TldumsJ" .
Orders' "hava been len tfcaTfllgaJn.
raised hlah tn the air to prerent the
revolutionists from using bunting; tn the
(ostmI Csectal Srflee. -Cleveland,
May . Tbe achooner Al
reria sank this mornlna tn the harbor
here as the result of a gale. It is be
lieved that three persons were drowned.
Life savers rescued - eight from the
Mrs. Haffner la In the habit of .marking
passages tn the' Bible In such a way as
to con ruse nim in tne aeuvery or aer
mona and that she often sat tn church
and made faces at him, thus hindering
hlmJothewprk fprcsentlDgiao
gospel. .
Mrs. Haffner ia a well-known writer
and teacher of housekeeping inaT-hsrre-
cently been conducting a baking school,
having received a medal tor baking at
the Bu Louis exposition. ,
mall c awav from the rest of, the
tratn, wlipje It waa rifled. -Robbers
looted the mnll ear of all
registered psckagea, and then decamped
without Investigating., the ea
attempt wss made.- to wake up ot
Interfere With the peeiiengers. -'DetTtlve
Mptyeo.! f the railway
company's force !Vt on a, special trails
this morning for tbe sccni -
1 ' j tv i : : - i it
VAtifhAvn II .. . lv ...cV" I ;l I Ir.! t-:l-- -.ft 'J'iIa 'ItLLa tJ iIJ'u.i::
.iiiiinri in i ; i v ii . i .i i 1 1 nwriniuv mil ii ilmii nir r.inrnarnn nnur
i u r iui i.-h. l iijviiiivj iumiuviii iiiui iuuiuulu iiuiv
ii v" rti . v ... i-i -1 - ,-w. . ,...... ..-... .. .........
r W -I -1, 0 XaiSss'-
- profCTSorrErick - Muen
. . ; in With His
; .-. ,
ture of Outlaw Smith Goes
to Harry Draper and Bai
ance Goes to Many. '
(Special Dlepateb to Tbe JounwL).
Oregon City. Or., May (.A decision
has been arrived at as to the division
of the 1 1,500 reward offered for the cap
ture of Outlaw Frank Smith.-who made
sensational escape from the Portland
Jatt and who- before -hia capture less
than two weeks later had murdered
three men tn Clackamas and .. Marlon
counties before he was aurrounded In a
atrip of woods near New Era and-sKot
by Harry Draper, who came from Bpo
kane With, his bloodhounds ' to aid . In
running the bandit down. -.-
At a meeting of the county'courta of
Marion ' and Clackamas county, a com
mittee of the' Oregon, City council' and
Sheriff W. J. Culver of Marlon county,
held In the county courtroom In Oregon
City this morning, an agreement "was
reached an to the disposition of the aum
offered for the capture or the slayer of
Policeman - George Ilanlon at .Oregon
ity-and-43lMrlff J. It. Shaver and Cap
tain O. D. Henderson at woodburn.
As agreed upon, .tho terms of the
division Jtre as follows: ... ,
First One half, or 1750, to be award
ed Harry Draper, who Shot Smith.
8enond--Flfty dollaaak each to fleoVge
MoroVn, Andrew Vaughn and Sheriff W.
Culver, the three officers who" accom
panied Dmper into the brush where the
outlaw wns concealed. . "
Third The balance of 100 to be
divided equally among the following!
Mrs. Drat ton of Canby,Harry Mtnto of
Salem, John Doe and H. L. Smith of
Woodhurn, Frank Bnow. Snro Downey
and John Cordnno of. Tort land, J. K.
Orahnni- and J. S. DoYpe of Canhr,
Charles K. Rums. Charles Kly, J. H.
Slattery, Wlttiam May. J. K. Morris, R.
Foaberg. K. C. llackett,' E. Cross, Jack
oe, VA Iteehnefi Ont Wiwesett.
Frank Hhdrlcks, H. W. Trnmbath and
T. F. Rvan.-all of Oregon City, J. li.
Read of Milwaukie, David MnArthnr Sr.,
DavW Mr Arthur Jr., Taui M. Crimp,
ttert W'Ulls and U Ferguson of. Canby.
Inner Eye the Soul of Hia Wife Passm
Harvard Instructor,. Accused :of
Murdering Wife, Believed to
Be Surrounded by Posses
. . at Cloverdale. ' , ;
' '. Jonra Special 8.rl.f
Chicago, May . Erlck Muentef, the
Harvard instructor, accused of having
murdered hia wife at Cambridge, Mass.,
la almoat within reach ot the police. It
ia claimed today. With posses,,, offi
cers 1 are riding ' toward .' Cloverdnle,
Dupage county. - With, them they, took
a wealthy Chicago man., a prominent
tobacco merchant, who' served a' best
man at the wedding of the Muentera,
and - who waa a university . classmate,
to .Identify him. ' Muenter waa aeen at
Wheaton aa - late-a--week -ago laat
Sunday it la said. . .
Mine Bertha -Mttenter,- eisterrof --the
fugitive, who returned from Cambridge
and disappeared a few hours afterward.
waa aeen a week ago Tuesday, morning
on the streets of Wheaton. Sheriff Jo-
mannsnieeVHagemann. of Wheaton, to
hia office and after an examination last
ing two hours released him: . Hage-
tnann. it was reported to .the sheriff.
had been seen driving 5 Muenter-In a
carriage toward Cloverdnle, almoat two
Ureeka ago.
leaking instructor.
-Hagemann declared he could not re
member Just where- he-, left - the man,
but that If he went, over the road he
might point out. the place. Thla oppor
tunlty waa afforded when ' the sheriff
rode toward the- Clevcrdale settlement.
seeking the house tn which the man is
supposed to be secreted.
Mrs. Muenter -died April .1.- ad- a
warrant wns Insued 10 days later for
the arrest of her husband, ErlcJk. Muen
tr. 3 years old, an Instructor in.Oer
man at Harvard. ho was accused of
slaying his wife with araenic. There
was S r,Sr9 Itisuranrw'' Uwii the 'dead
woman payable to. Muenter, but he- haa
not yet collected the money.
Ten -days'beforo her death a child
' . Continued on Page Flve.j
Awav ' . .. -r ; .
Venerable Old Steamer That
" HunRocenrTorum
Coble May Be Sailing Over.
. Her Old Course Soon. '
V (Prom' a Journal Staff rrrespondent.)
, Oob)e, Or., May-Se-rOn Saturday, the
venerable steamer George rwt,. Elder will
be lifted from the rocka tn the Colum
bia river near Reuben, one halt a mile
south of this place, where aha haa hung
for -more Ahan a year. . A fleet of tugs
from Portland will assist In raising "the
crippled vessel and will convey her to
the city. ... Efforts to float her will be
greatly assisted by the tide and annual
spring rise of the' river. . At T. o'clock
Saturday morning the tide will be at tta
flood here, measuring I feet-1 inch, the
niglieet. or the month, and one or the
highest of the' year. ..Spring freahete
have already caused the water to rlae
aeveral feet above the ; deck - of the
starboard .aide, of the steamer. . '.-''
- Huge Anchors Dropped- . .
Today -' Hues ' huge' anchors were
dropped Into the river to hold the.Elr
tier when she la finally raised from the
rock which pierced her .side- and has
held her firmly for. 17 month. 'The
work Ws done' broths tag Resolute.
Captain W, R. Matheson which arrived
rrom Portland iast night. When the
anchors had been dropped and the tinea
fttatancd to the helpless vessel the work
of lightening her waa at onoe begun.
Already a concrete wall haa been built
round the rreat hole In her aide
througfi which the rock penetrated and
held her fast.. The wall ia massive and
will make ' the vessel bsoutely - water
tight - when ahe la lifted. It waa built
to a point within four feet of the main
deck and more than IU barrels of . ce
ment were used In construction A
largo shipment of waterproof canvas
reached here from Portland last night
and workmen began today covering the
pa 1 1 1 y ettbmer ged ' 'Vessel, Her eldef be
t ween the main ana promenade decks
will be.rovereo: with canvss.
The Klder la already equipped- with
Continued on Page Two. ,
Disciples Confident
Roller Leader Will
self BodyJs. Buried at Lakeview.
"""' Bpeelal TM.p.tcS to The Joeraal.V
' Seattle, Waah., May t. Firmly "be
lieving that he will arise within the
ntf our .days., Mrs. MaudHurt Jref
fleMlll tniiay conslgn-4Jxa .body..ot. her
husbandihe self-Btyiedapostla.'foB,fl
grave tn Lakevlew cemetery."" Her be
lief la sincere, and ahe la confident that
he' will not stay long tn the ground.
Mrs. Creffleld aaya aha WU1 defray the
coat ot a crave, but the coffin In which
will be Interred, the body of the man
who was the leader of the Holy Rollers
fjrill be furnished by the county.
There--were aevesai followers of the
alleged ' "Joshua" who called at the
Bonney-Watson morgue thla morning to
view - the remains of heir leader. All
remarked when they viewed the oorpae
that they believed be would arise from
the dead within four daya and vindicate
bimaeir. - air. Hurt called upon his
aaughternatlhS CJfyTairupbn hisar?
rival and made her. aa comfortable aa
possible-by the addition of some needed
garments end other necessaries- and then
paid a visit to Mitchell, In the counts
JaH He-also left money with th Jailers
to be given to the young man aa needed.
fc.... gaet Front Baeav-V.
' O. V. Hurt, the father of the dead
man s widow, aald today:
Thara is only one thing I: regret
aoout this arralr and that la George did
not meet- the .man face to face when
h took -bla life. Instead or shooting him
tn ' the back. However, 'there are hun
dreds of 'people who know the -career
of-Creffleld who will be glad to do all
In their power to help the boy 'secure
nis ireeaom, lor were wag much feel
tng agalnat the dead man and threats
were made long ago that he would be
"The wrong that the man did to mv
family waa great and even after all the
experience I have-had., with. Crafflald 4t
la impoaslbla for me to understand bow
he could get the followers . be did.
Was Drunken Tnunp.
'"He Is responsible for my wlfe'a con-
onion ana mso my -aaugnteas, ootn or
them having only lately been 'released
from tbe Oregon asylum for the Insane.
'When Creffleld first made bla ap
pearance In thia country he waa a
drunken tramp -and rn-that condition
was picked up by the Salvation Army
In Seattle. ,
From hare he, went to Oregon and
established bis church For a time "It
waa clean and. respectable aa any. other.
but gradually he seemed to be gaining
the power he aought and soon had the
conditions - which, existed - at . the time
of hia death. -
"It ia almoat impoaslbla to believe
the powerua averted over aome-ot - Ma
followers.--They-considered him-the
son of Qod and I have besnl them state
that he walked In a cloud and that It
waa Impossible .toklll him. Despite
wlfe carried a revolver with which" to
protect him after ep many threats Had
been made to kill bim, and ahe told me
today that It waa only by chance that
ahe did not have It with her on the day
of the murder. She aald that If she' hod
she would have ahot Mitchell In his
trarka. -
"Not -only my daughtera , and . wife
(Jooraal Speelal Servlee.l " " .
Washington, May . Oaatronomlcal
indifference on the part of a goat, mas
cot of the cruiser San Francisco, nearly
three years ago, haa caused a search In
the 'flies of the navy department today
to find a copy of a letter of commenda
tion written by the aecretary of the
navy to John Connelly, a coalpasser on
tha United Btatsa steamer. Ban Fran-f
Cisco, on July IS. 10J, the original let
ter having been devoured by the care
less goat At least, ao Coalpasser Con
nelly, who is now out of. the service end
: t
(Joaraal Special Service. )
Point Reyes, Cel., May .There Is a
great deal of confusion In tbe country
hereabouts - owing to the manifest
changes tn th lay of the land. - Al-
T hough there la no visible break In the
earth'a aurface. numerous Instances are
on record of the moving of the country
r least IS feet northward. An old oak
tree, a landmark tn these parts. Is now
Journal targuhtion
be Restored to Life
have "been followers of Creffleld," bit
also my son and his wife. The former
lived at Lake Waahlngton, but left there
to Join the colony.- -
"Only a week agOIrs.JjerOUaxr-.ala-.-
nf llltiilisll. ilnsiirlsd linr hiiahnnii"
and three- children and walked SO miles
to Join the-eelony, and she le there at
thla time.- I have a letter that .waa
given me by Starr which ahe wrote- on
tbe night ahe left In which ahe says -that-she
must go. i -
-'The people in Oregon who are ac
quainted with-ThegrfBir are deeply In
sympathy with Mitchell end can be re
lied on to do everything poeslble to- aid
hi securing his acqUttUT." " "'":"'
'One of niy objecta in Coming to tha
city waa to attend to the wants of my
daughter, but the principal one is to see
what can be done to help Mitchell out of
thla affair. I ahall not aak my daugh
ter to return to me, but she is still my
ray home If she cares to return." '. ' ." '
' Kra. atarfa-better. '','
Hurt brought to- Seattle a letter that -had
been written by Mrs. B. E. Starr- nf
Portland toe her hitabandW-M ra. 8 larr-'-Is
r the elder sister of Mitchell. Cref
field's slayer." It Waa through her that
Creffleld waa aent to prison. When he
waa released - CreffloM won her over-'
again, and right now Hurt aaya she and -her
younger alster are - at Waldport,
Oregon, where Creffleld attempted to
kw. tu t waiiu, .... jnrf. . owrr . avi.. .
eerted her 'husband and. three children.
one. of whom. waa. but seven months old.
She -walked SO miles to Waldport to
join Creffleld, and then found that Cref
fleld had abandoned hia ramp, fearing .
the vengeance of the people. - The note
to Mrs. Starr's husband reada aa fol
lows: . :i -v. ' .
"I don't want to leave In the daytime
because the children will see me and cry
to - go witn me. must leave when
they're .asleep; "T"have taken fl&O of
your, money..- This .will not pay all my
fare, aa I will have to walk SO miles to)
Waldport, the place I want to go. Af
feetlonately. , : " "DONNERT"
Hurt eays on . another occasion Mrs.
Starr told her husband there waa but
one man "she loved more -than he and
that waa Creffleld. When her husband
aaked. ahe aald Creffleld waa Christ and) .
she must do hia bidding. .
- (Jeeraal. Special Service.) -"Chicago,
May S. The famous Waah
Ington . Park race track la now merely
an 80-acre subdivision, open to bidder
for residence purposes. The tract was -platted,
todays, the goUCHnksr with their
lagoons and bunkers i ere being leveled
rand ' specifications1 preps rer Tor Teartn g
down tne -Clubhouse amphitheatre and
medlatelv. On the ono anaeri
where Mooaty won first honor, nurse
girls .will trundle baby- carriages and
church and achool bells will ring where
the starter's .voice once predominated.
The stables, which have housed horse
worth a king's ransom, will be given
away to the poor Of th city, for fire
wood. . . ... . .'.,.., ,
lives tn Detroit, aaya in a letter received!
at tha navy, department today. .
The letter of commendation waa aent
to Connelly for "gallant conduct."'.- The
goat got to It ahortly after Connelly,
who-had been on the United States ;
cruiser San Francisco,- had received It.. -Ha
made no effort at the time to get m '
copy, but he waa urged to do so by
frienda and bla family and he would ap. "
predate .Itver - muchlf. the . ileparu.
ment would send him a certified copy,
Connelly's record and a oopy of the let
tera were found today and a oopy will
be aent him. .
IS feet distance from a fence which I)
formerly overhung.
At Olema a pipe line 34a. feet
which was broken by the i
being repaired. showe, an esc,
of three feet, Iih1'--
or tnr ssrrh.
At Bollnan I
thrown un whef
gronnd. l'rot)r!
ami there la vn
the present .
.1 .'''