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Fair tonight; Wednesday fair and,
probably cooler; north to east wind. .
VOL...V.' NO. M.' '
Teal and Mackenzie Tell of -Timely" As
sistance Given to Suffering San Fran
cisco Thousands Through the . Gen:
I erosity of People of This State. : .
- faults attained by. the Oregon relief
. corps working uu& Jrranclaco during
the period-of privation and suffering
following the earthquake and fire,
- shown-e-IsM report submitted to- the
finance committee of the Oregon ' relief
rommtttee-thls morning by Joseph N.
' Teal and Dr.. K. A. J. Mackenzie, are
very pleasing and satisfactory to those
who devoted Uielr time, attention and
monev to the""Wonr--
vxnuuHuvQ account ox mfl
FHtyHJTegoil lellef butea
waa sub.
mltted br-Mr. TmI and
u equally
orougli report of the work done by the
volunteer ' corps of physicians and
nurses that went from Portland.
read by Dr. Mackensie, who had charge
tit ti. asfvrse. M'lir
members of the finance committee .list
ned to the reading; of the reports with
i muoh Interest, as they .showed that the
Or iron committees took the lead In the
r work of relief. . feeding - the - hungry,
clothing the scantily attired,, distribute
Ing funds-to the penniless, nursing and
doctoring the' sick and Injured, provide
IBirTi1iIter""for the "homeless, construct-
- Ing hospital 'camps - and putting Into
operation the necessary precautionary
atessures;ta a prevent the development
tad spread of disease. , ,
- . am Praise Work.-' .''' '
' The finance committee baa not as yet
tnmi -able to complete r Its port so
"thsf -no complete figures as to the
. smounts of mooti spent and food and
supplies of all sorts distributed eair be
" given at present. i The reports, the -eaw
. eientlal parts' -of wales,, are- Srtveev fcese,
show that many thousands of sufferers
.' were fed, clothed. - housed - and - given
medical attention. Governor Pardee of
' the state of California; Mayor Bchmtta
-of 8tn Franclsoo and the ' civil and
military authorities, have been profuse
' " in their praise of the excellent work of
' the -Oregon -relief workers. Mr. Teal's
.' report shows that 160.000 persons were
yiupplled with rations and more than
100.000 were handled by-thej railroads
beteen8anTranclsco and points , of
relief. At present no estimate can be
made of , the number oared for In the
,' ' hospital camps.--. ''';''.'''. '
The reports were heartily approved by
the finance committee and will be made
matters of record - .
- From the- report - filed by- Mr,- Teal
: with, the finance committee of the San
Francisco relief committee, the follow
ing resume is taken: '
. tit e tales that ton arriving at Oak
' " Joa'rBrSpwttarV.)
Philadelphia, May 8 Shipbuilder Wll
" rilsm McPherson Boach - of -Chester
'brought his young Mexican bride and
: Tier gaudily dressed Indian handmaidens
back to his home' today. Mrs." Roach
' was Senorlta Julia Hidalgo and their
"trourtshlp wai rapld.Three months-ago
x " Roach arrived " lor the Mexican Capital
- -on a business ' mission, Remembering
a young Mexican of his acquaintance, be
k .; Popo Piux X.
: (Journal Rpeetal RVrrlr.) -'. ' T-
.- New York, May . 8. Archbishop
Farley will, within 'a, few days, re
ertve a message frort Rome asking
. him to perform a peculiar, personal
n-ijfiirrfor his sovereign Pope-Fiu
' X. lli will be requested to lociHe a
--j fy 'Ami
'i , - v.': A
' -.-r
land en May t, after looking 'into' -the
work, being, carried, on, by . the Ore ion
relief bureau, which was In charge of
Mrs. Marian Macftae. assisted by Mr.
MacRae and Jefferson Myers, he found
the work now consisted principally In
looking up Indlvidnal cases for, relief,
looking up friends and relatives In re
sponse . to ... Inquiries , and - furnishing
transportation to those deserving -It. He
reported thst muehl good had' be n ac-
ne. yureaufemfeja
d.ieen praotlrally
uunu. GL.CLUift IU, M I mm I m, UUIWU1, WMI
that better results would be obtained
by working under one general head. It
was" concluded best- to) close the bureau
Ifttuxdax-Jitght. Mar g, Til. rtpgrtJ
states i "Be fa re oominoT to any final
elusion In the matter J consulted, with
a number of people In close touch with
the situation and they were unanimous
In advising-against the maintenance of
separata relief bureaus."
. Work la Xospltals.
"At the Wilraerdlng Private school, at
Sixteenth -and-gan- streets, a hospital
was being conducted In charge of Cap
taln WK., Carll. surgeon, in command.
having in "Charge a hospital corps of
the . If , Q., consisting or II" men, ' be
sides nurses, cooks and other help, -and
an ambulance. , - ' -.
The con t gloss disease hospital . at
Harbor YlwwaLatarjie4. rprw Mac-kensle,-
I-feuad-him getting, ready to
leave for -home after " more' than two
weeks' hard work. Most of bis nurses
left Friday last. This hospital will b
ooatumaay andea gweiisesit'wufsi
At the request of -the -government, h
submitted plana for its - Improvement
and continuance, which will be adopted.
Dn- Marie- D. -Equl who had charge of
the burses at the Presidio, returns Mon
day night. She hasbeen very highly
commended, for her , work. ' The Oregon
nurses worked splendidly and from all
quartera I beard nothing but praise for
them. ; "'.. . . - - - --
At Hamilton square two largo relief
camps were" established bur are now
under the control of the general committee.-
At' the Presidio - the Oregon
tent protects the medical stores, Bevr
sral registration bureaus were estab
lished, which, aided In locating people.
This - place sustained a - very heavy
property loss ss a direct result from the
earthquake. More than 10 people were
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niMo ia MdhTtirTinSiTrrdFccUBaMcTrnnm
L,uls C Labastika Jr, formerly, one of j . Qne firm has closed contracts for a
the seoreUries at the Mexican embassy J hundred first class , buildings and con
st Washington. By him Rosen was In-I tracts to clear the debris from a- hun-
trodueed into society and at a, sail -was
presented to flenorita Hidalgo.. .
It was not long before the two were
Vs gaged and soon married.-- Vlee-Presl-dent
end Mrs. Corral attended the cere
monies, which Is necessary under the
Mexican law and the vice-president
acted as one of the witnesses. -. r-
Archbishop t Farley ;,Js
Authorized toforrn-
ally Decline Propo--isalrr-Maria
Sarto Is
Greatly Surprised.
wealthy gentleman' of this city
named ,Vebber,!"and present 1 him
the , pontiff's ,J compliments and in
form him that it is impossible for his
proposal for the hand of the Pop'
sister t be entertained. ,' )
Webber, describing; himself as. a
wealthy bachelor, had written -a
formal demand to the Pope forrthe
hand of th latter' 60-year-old sister,
Maria Sarto, who is a woman of the
peasant class.' -J
The Pope, while displeased that the
auitoF'did not appear at the Vatican
in person with his proposal, has de
cided toideal gently with him. Ac
cordingly an official letter has been
sent by the Pope to Archbishop Far
ley .directing- him to present the pon
tiff's refusal . to the . suitor, . The
JSeorge Mitchell, Slayer
j . . ,j . .. t ..'. ' uj,.'r. t
" ' (Joersal gseelil Berrlee.)'..
San Francisco. May I. The new San
Francisco begins to look like a mining
camp. - Hundreds :'of; temporary .build
ings eW shacks are, springing up In
every direction like magi c, The air Js
filled wlth flylngdust and plaster,
stirred up by J he menf demolishing the
walls and preparing for new" founda
tions. The army of workers and teams
were- greatly augmented this morning.
Workmen this morning began shoveling
thn debris from t'' ""l'' "t
St. Francis hotel, whloh wiu be ready
dred. lots Jn the business, section. .
" The" reports Xrom NeWTorlrrThatra
big syndicate is to rebuild the city has
greatly . encouraged , citizens , who . are
going forward on. their own hook ,to re
organise their business.' Those, with
small credit will be obliged to await the
Insurance settlement.
' u.t.i.i.i.. v..t.. - i, (
.- I
woman's age and the lack of acquaint
ance of the couple appears to be tire
main objections. . . . . :
Maria Sarto was greatly surprised
when told that she had an American
snitor, and she tolifthe Pope that she
should never marry. . , .
--.'V:'T '
It Is now certain ' that Market street
will hold Its own and that the city will
be( built practically on the old lines
so far as location for .various forma of
business is concerned.
The United - Railroads now has 1.500
men at work as against 1,000 previous
tcrtithffiflrst -Nearly-rSOftr-carsarata
operation today. Practically svery elec
tric line outside of .the burned district
Is running.
- The. discovery was rmade" today that
many cars ccrylng supplies hayo been
ooieu en ruuu and many goods taken.
The matter. will .be Investigated.
Meeting of . Newly-Elected Of
ficials Broken Up by Troops' '
at Emperor's Command..,
. - (Journal BmcUI lervlre.) - - -
St.-Petersburg, Mar . The meeting
of the members of the new council of
the empire was broken up bjr soldiers
totoy at the Instigation of the cur. The
building was surrounded by cavalry and
the pollns . chief ordered the members
to- disperse. 1 .
Twaty-eight members el the parlia
ment signed a protest s gainst the action.'-The
Democrats are aroused and
demand the dismissal ' ot the chief of
police. ' . 1
Many "worklngmen leaders have -been
ordered to leave the City and were not
given, time to remova their families.
(Joaraal Bpeelst Kervle.)
Washington, D. C.May I. Llnuten-
sht-Colonel Tum'ey. chief surgeon off?" and women, especially Urt latter.
the department ot California, reports to
the war department that there are 87
smallpox cases among the Ban Fran
cisco earthquake and .fire victims and
seven typhoid cases. ' The department
expects there will be no epidemic
1 ' . , 1 : .
(Jnlireal gpMlal SerTlee.) -Madrid.
May S.- A atone thrown at
the royal automobile missed King Al
fonso but struck his sister, who was sit
ting beside htm. .The i Injury was not
serious.- i --:;t .
- Hanlmaa la Clrvslaad.
Jnerl PvreM "Jtt1.1 ' -
aeveland. O., May S. B. H, Itarrl-
man. president of the Houthern PaHfis,
arrived here at T: fa. 1 his morning en
route to ftew York front Una f ranolscov
-- - - - - ,r ; - ,i- ,
... ... ' ' . . t-if ?if t-
aeattie, wasn., My o. ii tut expression, tw pumic opiniorr, is any .
guide. Georea Mitchell, the 'young, man 'Xwhov? ahiot t ad" , killed '
,"Joshua, Creffield, leader, of tha
will.escapa acot tree. yWhoever
practices of the dead man-expresses approbation tor too deed ana
regret that the end was postponed so long-.,
4 Z ' The lloly. JUUeWjsurelidQttfbItjIo
lion." Already disintegration among the ranks has-set in and the
victims' are coming to- their senses., ' ' , r ; , - . " ;
' Creffield's " mode rof procedure waY to' selecfweak-minded women
over whom he obtained fanatical control, tell them that they were
destined to be goddesses" of loveT or duty, according to the dispo
sition of the victim. But for them to reach-the desired state of
perfection, it was necessary for him, as the supreme one, to lay his
hands upon them and purify them. Once in bis power , the - most
horrible orgies were carried on under the guise of raligion. '
Mrar; Maude Hurt, Creffield, Widow of Murdered; Holy' Roller Lei
Weakened Their Minds
and Forced Them
to Obey His - Ob
noxious Orders.
Mentsl telepathy was the means by
which "Joshua" Creffield, who wss shot
and killed In Seattle yesterday by
Oeorge Mitchell, gained ' his absolute
control over the members of the Holy
Rollers sect and forced them to Ini
dulgei In the revolting practices pre
scribed by the creed which he promul
gated. t least this Is the assertion of
persons' who knew - the seir-styled
prophet for years past snd are familiar
with ths debasing doctrines he taught
his followers. . . . .- . "
.. .He was of more than average Intelli
gence, well educated, an orator of ability
and possessed a sort of tnsgnstlo influ
ence. It Is claimed, that appealed to
Those most Intimately acquainted with
htm deny that he was mentally un
balanced. They say he simply descended
Into complete ' moral - degenerscy, be
came a pervert and . was ruled - by
bestial passions. - Me made his follow
ers believe Implicitly In bis slleged di
vine powers and that ths debsslng doo
trlnes of "purification" which he taught,
were given to him by Clod himself by
means of personal communication be
tween the Almighty and himself.
' . .. Xlaeated fd Priesthood. '
- From a man who has known Creffield's
history from the date, he first came Into
this section of the country some Ave
or sU years sgo it Is learned thst he
was originally educated for the priest
hood. - lurlng'hls schooling he marie a
particular study of mentsl telepathy
and. It la claimed, became something of
an expert in the science of thought
trannferrence. .
Kor some reason he never entered the
priesthood for which, he - was trirtil,
'notdrioua Hofyl Roller naticar
U. familiar Irwith', the , creed and X
The Lata . Fran Edward 'Creffield,
While a" Lieutenant in the Salvation
Army at Corvallis. - ; ' ' '
but came to Portland and . became a
laborer. On Sundays and at other op
portune times It was his custom to
preach to sucti congregations as he had
opportunity. This was before the tlms
Holy Rollerlsm had ever been, thought
of. , A, min who has heard blnv preach
during this period says be was a most
forceful,- convincing and magnetic
speaker. ' v , . .. . ,
"About four ., years. ago.", eall this
man, "he began to gather a little con
gregation about him. lie preached tT
them regularly and benaii to promul
gate a new doctrine. The revolting fea
tures or rua crceo, . noa-ever. He kept
carcruuy veuea iron ins rullowcru t
year pr morey no oi their confl
dence first by his gift of oratory. . hi
peculiar mniie1lniTi .mil hs-niaui:i'r
dealing with tliem. , imulr ti-irj .-
i , "V' t . '
f I f ft, . ' ':;
I! VV . :
i ' ;
i :
.(Continued on Inge 'llirt-?.)
I'M f
Medal , to Be Given
Mitchell in
-Fanatical Leader
Money for. Defense
(Special Dlsoatct to The JoorasLJ' """
Seattlef Wash., May S. That a madai, '
will be presented, to George. MltcheJT hyp?"
the cltlsens of Corvallls, Oregon. In reci .
Lgnltlon of his "killing Frsns Edmund!
reiiieia, teaaer or in Moiy - Koilers, :
on 'the streets -of -Seattle yesterday! I
morning. Is the statement made this)
mnmlnw V.w r v r 11 i .w I
Ifather of. Creffield's widow. Hurt:
reached Boattle last alght-te aid the
man who had -murdered bis son-in-law
jt cemmmee or L-oimm citiena was
appointed to solicit funds for ths de-,
purchase a medal for him.-; , , v
Ta Cave ymfitm.
' Hutt expi eased iiu grlsf at the Slaying , '
of his daughter's husband. He says that
he believes Creffield only obtained his
Just deserts. , Hurt says he will taker
care of Creffield's wife.' Hurt said:- j
- -"I never saw mora excitement la Corw
vallls than when the news was received
of the killing of Crefneld. Everyone -went
erasy with Joy. I received the
nrst word Tr ir in a telegram rr6m
MltoheU and. X showed it to n few
friends. . . ;..-
. Borne ons suggested tartlss a.. funU .
to buy Mitchell a medal. This was
taken up at onee and m committee ap
pointed to get the money. - A commit-
tee was also appointed to raise money '
te defend Mitchell.-" 11 . J.. ."p...
----'--'-:- A fast Bewad." :-,-
"I have no sorrow for Creffleld. lie
simply received the reward of hie Bu
uona. I knew he would be killed. H.
could not hop to go on ruining wolbea
as he and his followers did without -some
one taking revenge on him,.. - My
dsughter was completely in his power. -I
shall take care of her. Creffleld drovt
her. Insane once, and A had to be put
Into. the Insane asylunu . -
"He had my daughter hypnotised. His
control ovsr her wss wonderful I ant -
glad he Is dead. Glad for my daugh
ter's sake. He also had my son under
his Influence. My son was .a. good boor
until he came under that man's ; low .
fluence. ) ;""".,".
"Tesyou can say for me I am glad"
Creffleld Is dead. I am glad that ha
was murdered . Uks a doc. t will do '"
every thing in my power to aid Mitchell.
He only did what any man would have) '
done. I do not want to see him suffer. '
The eltisens . of Corvallis will see that
he has plenty of money to make a fight '
for his liberty. - I shall tell Uie jury
what I know of Creffleld,. ana I am
sura they will see Mitchell did right fcv
shooting him." - - i . ,
Hurt also asked Sheriff Smith tef
f urntah-- Mitchell -with as good quarters -
as possible. -He told-this official, that
he bore Mitchell no matlce, but con-. I
sldered his act worthy of the greatest-
praise,.., .. . . - . ,
Mayor Johnson Talks. " i- '. , '
AJ" J. Johnsuii, major Corvallis.
mhr, tm w nttnB btnk Innpfrtory
was In Seattle yesterday and mad ths ,
following statement: ; ' 4
"Cretneld never dared to come bacK
to Corvallls after his release from th
Salem "penitentiaryr He fcad- been treatedpf "
to a coat of tar and feather while In -
the city and warned that it he ever
showed his face there he would be shot
down like a dog.
"Mitchell was not the only man look-.
fng for him on account of his conduct, t
Only a few weeks ago, when he tried to
start his new colony st Ocean View, he
took the wife and daughter of a man
named Hartley away from-their husband
and father. .
"Hartley went after his wlf an
child and I understand that he tried
four times to shoot Crefneld. but that.,.,
his revolver snspped each time.
"Th outrages thst have been- com- .
mltted by the Holy Rollers In Corvallls
and In tha vicinity of Oregon City have
neen too numerous to mention. - They
have broken up' dosens of families with
their vicious doctrines. - In the case of -
ths Hurt family there was only one
member of the' entire family" that wan
not -undar 'the Influence of Creffleld at
the time of his death.. that being the
father, O. V." Hurt. whe a a reapected
cttlsen of Corvallls, and even he was -
once under the hypnotlo spell , of the-infamous-
creed for some time." 1 , -
1 Joaraal Special service.) '
Valparaiso, Chile, May S. Anotl sr
violent earthquake took place at Arloa
yesterday andjnany buildings were ren
dered uninhabitable. The shnrk was
felt In the neighboring town of Ta-na
and lasted two minutes, terrorising ths
people. The-British steamship OUDte
mala, anchored at Arlcn.. ws violently,
shaken by the setatnUi plisoom-nnn.
. (Jnaiwl fvrrty SerTk-e.)
rltiibtirsh. U:Un.l. Way S -r-A i!
eirtlmunke shin k win f It Ut in.;U
fv., t Willi
filaniat'' a
I vl luty ur
ymt Wlllmm. a Mu- i-t r-i i.
re giH-slly n ',
Cef'o In fcceiJ-'j.
J -t.,at M't, ' I .1
tli' V . - i'yu. ,l