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Notorious Penitentiary 'Prisoner
.. Says He Hopes to Serve
Out His Sentence.'
Paddy Lynch Serving Tim for. Kid
naping, a Boy Frank McDaniels a
; Bookkeeper MBabe" Walton
. Plays Slide Trombone in Band. '
One hundred end thlrty-f our . prison
ers of the StS man and three womi.1
locked up within the walla f the state
. penltenUaxr atSajem ejetrom Mult
noroah county. . -
Forty-six prlsonsre are In the penl
tentiary under-life aentenceo, ' while
' three have been sentenced to be hanged.
' . Not one of the prisoners Is a printer,
and only five of them have red hair. ,
"' The best known ef the Inmates have
been sent to the penitentiary from the
' local circuit courts, among them 'being
. Joseph ("Bunko") Kelly, Frank McDan
lala and "Babe '-.-W alto the first two
are under life sentences, while Walton
was sent, up for 2t years. Nearly every
prisoner sent from Multnomah county
is said to have committed the crime for
- which he was convicted within the city
- -limits ef Portland, most of them in the
business districts. Only One or two of
the men sent from here have caused
the prison authorities any trouble, and
...'Here comes a good prisoner he's, from
.. Portland." has become a saying about
.. the penitentiary. ' ,
"Bvnko" sell? Wen Xaiowa.'1' : . . .
J ' "Bunko" Kelly, who is . officially
known as No. S.SSt. la by far .the beat
known prisoner both within the brick
walls of the institution and without
who Is under the eye of Warden Frank
Curtis. Kelly arrived at the peniten
tiary' February 116, sentenced to
serve the rest ' of his natural Ufa for
the murder of aged George W. Sayera,
; ., It is alleged that Bayers was to have
been ' a wltneas in an estate, case 1p
which Attorney X. 'N. 8teeves waa ln-
terested, and that the attorney wanted
the old man out: of the road.r At that
time -Kelly and Paddy Lynch were in
terested In a local sailor boarding-bouse,
and the story rune that they were hired
by Steeves to shanghai Bayers onto an
outward bound sailing ship. It Is de-
clared that when this was tried, the old
man showed fight and was killed. Kelly,
Kteevea and Lynch -were charged with
the murder, but only Kelly - was con-
" vlcted. . i -. .-'''.-.... v
' Throughout his own trial and during
the trials of the other prisoners Kelly
was close-mouthed and would give no
testimony damaging to any of the de
fendants, and since tils imprisonment
he has not let a word fall that would
throw any light on the death of the old
, man. ..-. -
Bays ae Is Xmaeeeal
"fl am innocent of the crime," declared
Kelly to a Journal reporter yesterday,
. "and I hope to live long enough to get
out of here.'
"How about that man Steeves T Do
you knew anything about his . wanting
fcayers out of the way T" was asked the
prisoner, i , ', , .
In an instant Kelly's eyee fell and he
. said, simply, .'Txhave nothing to say on
that subject. ,
"But, you know, Kelly, that lawyer
threw you down during the trial of your
case." pleaded the interpolator, ."and
. hundreds of people in Portland are wait
ing for you to tell the straight story
or that aitalr.-" .... ,.-.. ., ,. . .
"Nothing to say," was . the answer.
"I am here for life, but am told that It
years la called life in this state and
, have only about three more years here
at that rata. I may live it out; I may
not. - Have been troubled with my heart
a -good deal of late, and some nights
cannot aleep a wink. But I might mention-that
that fellow .Steeves hasn't
sent me one cent nor written to ni
sine I've been here." ' , ,v , ;
- 9. " ' Ha- Charge ef Bathhouse. "
' .Kelly is In charge of the bathhouse at
the penitentiary and has an opportunity
to talk to' the new prisoners when they
take their first Wash-down, so that he
learns of the outside world news. This
Information quickly spreads about the
prison, and now the bathroom -manager
lr Known "aw on gtji-prtsoiroTftrlal as
the "politician." Kelly is allowed to
wear a mustache: bis hair is almost
white and his step is far slower than
It need to be In the days when he waa
hustling sailors out of the forecastle
or rushing them into sn outward bound
a I . . Jg
- Alwaysv Uniform -
v Always Reliable ,
Everywhere Obtainable
hive stood the tests of time and
service for over 125 years
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weueet.... . .. . .' . v . '-
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SdMMirso Dorchester, Mass.
' A fi Highest Awards fn
Europe and America -
Joseph ("Bunko") Kelly.
windjammer. Ho le living in hopes. He
is a good prisoner, i i . .', -
Although Lynch waa not convicted on
the Bayers charge, he was sent to the
penitentiary from Astoria three yeare
ago on the charge of having kidnaped a
boy and put him on board a sailing snip.
He was sentenced to servs eight years
and Is now employed in the prison laun
dry. .-..-..; : '. '
MpPaslair Case. , -
The crime for which Frank McPanlela
Is serving a life sentence was one that
startled Portland -as murder has seldom
startled the city.. One morning in the
spring Of 1901 the lifeless body of Clara
Fitch was -found In Cycle para, ene
had been smothered to death and Mo
Danlela, who had been the girl's sweet
heart, . was at once suspected. He
strongly protested his -Innocence, and
still maintains that he knows nothing
whatever of the girl's death. 'McDanlels
b"fne of toe belt liked of the prisoners.
He is the bookkeeper of the commis
sary department of the penitentiary, .
Having received a lltUe money from
relatives and made more by the sale of
trinkets, he has taken numerous couases
in correspondence schools, thus secur
ing a good education. He Is a great
reader ef standard literature, the prison
library furnishing many booka. . Aside
from an illness of typhoid fever, he has
been well since he was received at the
penitentiary on July 1. 1101. He plays
a trombone In the band and orchestra.
"Babe" - Walton's OeU. '
' "Babe" Walton's cell is one of the
most elaborately decked apartments in
the great prlaon. Photographs of reU'
Uvea and friends and fancy pictures
adorn the walls,, while a violin, banjo
and a guitar era there. Walton la serv
ing a It-year sentence for having ahot
Patnolman Ola Nelson about IS months
ago during an attempted holdup or a
streetcar. He Is learning the tallot
trade, is leader of the orchestra, plays
a slide trombone In the band and has
riven his keepers no trouble. He la
number I.03S. .
Sullen, and appearing to be awaiting
a chance to avenge some of bis Imagined
wrongs, John Sullivan la closely
watched by the guards as he goes about
hla work. In the tlnshop of the prisoe
stove foundry, He reached' hie present
home October 14. 104. to serve a 20
year . sentence . fdr highway robbery
During his imprisonment in the county
Jail he made a desperate effort to kill
JaUer Harry Grafton. , "
Zarlag TaUor's Trade.
Martin V. Lesla, serving a life sen
tence for having killed his - father-in-law
In Portland three years ago, la else
learning the tailor's trade.- He bear
an excellent prlaon reputation. While
in -the. county jail he prevented one-of
the . moet desperate wholesale escapes
aver planned In Multnomah county. -v
O. Castranovia works In the foundry
He is under a It -year sentence for hav
ing . killed Ougllelmo, a saloon-keeper,
and the father of Frank Gugllelmo, wh
was ' hanged at Salem last summer fot
the murder of his sweetheart. Castra
novla's imprisonment began . March S
ltot. but a part of the time since then
he has been In the Insane asylum.
- A murder that excited Portlanders
waa the killing of one Kirk, a mate of
a sailing ship. In his stateroom In the
fall of 100. James L. Warren la serv
ing a life sentence ss ths murderer. He
waa arrested by Detective Joe Day In
Savannah. Georgia.' Warren la foreman
of the laundry and la allowed to wear
mustache. He la one oi tne nest oe-
haved of the prisoners. Hs hss always
maintained that he was Innocent .
.." Ooiemaa a Tailor.
John Coleman who cut off the head
of Edna Hoffman In a north end dive
year ago, works In the tailor shop.
He still wears . a bandage around his
neck to hide the scar that ahows where
he attempted to commit eulclde when
arrested. ; - .'',
A model prisoner is-D. C, ("Tattoo")
Kelly, who recently began serving a
life sentence for the murder of Thomas
Fletnmlngs during' ths robbery of the
Centennial saloon, December 10, 106,
The prisoner is working In the molding
room of the foundry. He la getting
Gay Harshman, who helped a local
express, messenger .buy a home. by. get
ting In the way of one of the messen
gers' bullets, works around the. ptisos
yards and gardens. He was. sent up
from Portland about three years ago
for attempting' to rob tire O. R." ,N.
train neor . Troutdale. i Harshman was
shot in the head and the bullet was re
moved after he waa sent to the peniten
tiary. - The expreas measenger was
given tWeoo by his employers.
Baak mobbere wood Prisoners.
J: A. Crossley and Eli Dunn, member
of the Klngsley gang of bank robbers
and nighwaymen. which waa run out of
the northwest by Sheriff Word, are on
the "good prisoners" list.' Crossley and
Dunn were arrested In Portland a year
ago by Sheriff Word and his deputies,
but were sent to the penitentiary for
five years each for having robbed the
Lebanon bank. Crossley is oiler in the
pump house and Dunn is foreman of
the tin shop. Both declare they know
nothing ef the whereabouts' of Kings-
George Lee. atlas Oeorge Jackson, a
former notorious California, stage rob
ber, is slowly dying.' He is serving a
20-year 1 and S-montbs sentence for
holding up a trala near Falrvlew, Mult
nomah county, in 1117. He is peat SO
years of age. and hla hair le white; he
la allowed to wear a long white beard.
and when able to work tolls In the car
penter shops. His partner in the train
robbery, Charles Williams, Is In ths
pattern room of the foundry. The twe
men met while serving sentences la San
Quentin. and there planned to eome to
Oregon aa soon as they were released.
T. W. Psrker wishes to send his re
gards to Detective Joe Day. The pris
oner la serving five years for forgery,
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stipation, biliousness and headache. .
and has now worked out twe year of
hla term. He la well liked by the prison
erf totals, who call htm the Lew Fields
of the penitentiary. Parker la a good
singer., and is always one of ths headers
In the prison concerts, taking ths part
of a German comedian. He has charge
of the photograph department ef the
penitentiary,, and plays tuba in the
band.. Parker was arreated in Montana
by Datectlv Day, and while coming to
Portland, -the prisoner escaped while the
detective slept.'- When he waa found
guilty of forgery, Parksr asked the trial
Judge to "give him .the limit.' While
Deputy Sheriff Harvey Moreland waa
taking Parker to Salem, the prisoner
tried to escape by Jumping, through a
window of the ooach, but Moreland held
him. ' . ' ' - . . . .. . '
James Drummond. the boy who held
up a railroad man on the Madison street
bridge a year, ago,' la working In. the
stove- foundry. He was sentenced to
serve eight years for committing an as
sault with Intent to rob. . His mother,
who Uvea in Colorado,- visited him lasf
Wednesday; aha la almoat heartbroken.
Jos Young, who Is serving his term
for ths murder of Kasper Van Dran, la
billeted in the kitchen. He Is washing
dishes and serving as waiter . In the
dining-room. ' .... ..; ,c ' . .
, ' Mum Thompson a Holder. - - 4
Ben Thompson and Chaples - Wright
are two other prisoners sent up from
Portland for highway robbery. Thomp
son Is serving a tO-year eentenoe, be
ginning January 21, ltot. He ta fore
man i in . the molding-room. Wright Is
in for 10 years and la a barber for the
prison officials and guards; hla parents
reside in Portland..
. J.,8. Win ton, who was sentenced for
two yeara from Portland for forgery,
la leader of the band. His prlaon term
will expire June 28. It07.
Charles ' Paine, Fred Houston and
John Whitesldes are serving five-year
sentences for holding up ths East Port
land depot two yeara ago.. Paine la not
well and worka in the laundry; Houaton
is In the tin shop, and Whitesldes la In
the machine shop.
Everything about the penitentiary la
a clean as on -a man-of-war, The
prisoners seem In good Spirits. thers
being only one or two sullen men among
Superintendent C. H. James and War
den Frank Curtis have made 'wonderful
changea elnoe they assumed office, and
visitors say that one would -not know
the place now if one had not visited It
elnce five years ago. They have set
out flower gardens, organised a band
and have done many other little things
to make the prisoners life more agree
able. Mr, James and Mr. Curtis have
the respect of the prisoner and disci
pline .never was astrict - within . the
penitentiary walls as It Is now. v
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i -
; ... t"
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- Anna Plahertr. aged IS year, daugh
ter of T. B. Flaherty, a representative
of Toung. Bmfthfleld at Ca of Phila
delphia, died yesterday at San Fran
cisco. Mr. Flaherty, whose headquar
ter are In Portland, received a tele
gram yesterday at Spokane, conveying
the Intelllgenne. He Immediately start-
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, . Name
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ed for Portland, and left last night for
San Franclsoo.
The cause of death was consumption.
Miss Flaherty education. . begun In
Sacred Heart convent at Rochester, New
York, and oompleted in Lauretta eon
vent Toronto, and Notre Dame college,
Mary .villa, California, was followed by
an attack of fever, which developed into
tuberculosis about a year -ago, She
came to Portland last summer and spent
a few weeks at Forest Grove, with the
hop of being benefited. The result waa
not favorable, and aha returned to Cali
fornia, where the dlseaae continued un
checked. - Her mother died when the
child was S year old. She 1 ur
vived by the -father and four brother
nd elsters. Bernard J Ardlan and
Mamie, of San Francisco, and Howard
of Portland. .
The funeral will be held In San Fran-
5. - V
vc. .. w.
J 1
Cisco, and later the body will be taken
to her birthplace, In western Mew York,
for permanent Interment. -
. ; ' Soovtlah au Isaac BJag.nC
rBneet.l DKaatek t The Joarn.l t
Salem. Or AorU 14. The Scottish RIU
Mason of this city held their annual
Maundy Thursday banquet at the Hotel I
Willamette ' laat evening. Frank
Moore of the supreme court presided.
Major O. I Scott, a retired army, of
ficer, waa one of the speaker.
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