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'inn i : ; m
: tuUitlJTL.u...c:tlLO,'.i:
To Build Ssntiment In FsVor of
Enforcing FruhtrowJnxand '
i: . Inspection Laws.' ::. ;. ;
. V' : .': i . , 1 , ''.'' ' ': ',.
; Hood River Takes UonV Share of
; j Award for ApplMlbcldoa Pleads
""oTTowf Pwaervatfoniher Ja
tereatinf: Papert Bead at Seaaloa.-
rr""i Before 'the "Oregon State Hortlcui
timl owihitf adjourns tote thla after-f .
noon It will have reelected tre pressm
.' of fleers.- An amendment to the constl-
tutlon la to be adopted extending the
' work of the ' society. , The amendment
will make It possible for minoii hortt-
cultural organisation to become eux
, lllarlee of-the society and provides for
f the organisation jof local branchea
throughout Oregon which, are 'also to be
affiliated with ths state society. , The
object of extending the aoope of the
'society la to build up aenttment In
-. faror of assisting the horticultural of
- j (loan la enforcing the state frultgrow.
Ing and taapectlon laws. The subordl
" 7 nat bodtea ar to help luetala the atate
society,- make annual reports and work
- In barmeny. with the parent organise
. .linn
The present offloera of the society.
who are elated to- continue for another
year, are:. Dr. J. R. Cardwell, Portland,
i president; . James H. Raid. , MUwaukie.
J county fruit Inapeetor, first. vloe-preal-,
dent; Colonel Harry -Haines, Forest
Orova, seoond vice-president; Professor
., J. K. laic. Botmnti
i turai colleae, secretary and treasurer.'
. .'- A feature of the second and eloalr'
44 flay , of the ' society's- nieetlne; .was t
; announcement or xne awarae lor. i s
best exhibits of apples, is follows, t..e
! display to be turned over to the board
of trade (or exhibition purposes; ,i ,
J- Soofl aUves Vlas. "k' ';'"
1 ' flweepi take or Commercial PrinScan
--jti- CarUrrHood Blver, five varleUes
apples: Wa saner. Vandever. Newtown
Pippin. Hydle Kint and Baldwin. ,
Second beat," Commercial -prise B. R.
Tucker. Hood. River, ariven Wlnaaan An.
.1 pla cup because there were ne apples. of
that variety exhibited., ;,s. . - H
Tellow Newtown cup JCnermont
i orchards, Hood River, Thomas K. Avery.
't grower. ,. , . r
I . Baopus . Bpitsehberg oup East Hood
1 River Fruit company, A. P. Bathaia,
: manager. '' ;
f-' Arkansas' Black cup William Ebrck,
" Hood River.. ': .v-.
k ' Northern Spy sup A. Holsday, Scap-
pooee. - .k f- '; f . "
: Jonathan cup . A. i Holaday ., Bcap-
) poose. ,' ' . . -. . ,.
' Baldwin cup M. a Xownsdsla, La
i (ayette. . - ' ; ; . i
. Lady Apple cup-. I. Mason, Hood
- River, ,...,; .'.;,,.:
j Honorable mention . Peter Moore,
5 Hood River, Ortley apples; M. O. Lowna-
dale, Lafayette, Ben Davie: Captain Q.
t. Vorhles. Medford. Jpnathansi T. W. Wal. 1
. lane. Jtamhlll. eouatyj - SaMwinai C- B.
Markham. Hood River.. Baidwlna;, East
Hood River Fruit company, Yellow'Naw.
towns; "Mr. Wrikt. Hood River, Tel
low Newtowna. ,. .,'. .
, The Judges had some dlftlculty In de
ciding npoa .the prise for the best ax-
-hi W of Tel low Newtowna 'The c be Ice
MT. , a. MABTxa; y
, Of Wavsrly, Texas, writes: ' "Of a
, morning, when first arising, I often And
' troublesome collection of phlegm,
" which produces a cough and ' Is very
f hard to dislodge; but a small qantity
' of Ballard's Horehound Syrup will at
:once dislodge It, and the trouble Is over.
1 know of no medicine that Is equal to
, it and It so pleasant to take. I can
moit cordially recommend It te all per
sons needing a medicine for throat, or
, lung irouDia. Hold sy woooara, Clarke
. Co. f ........ .. .......... .v ....
, . , ... ... .
V.Wa will make a ault te your",.
measure for and give you .
. an extra, pair of trousers of the
nam or different material -free.-
T may choose - the suiting'
-"from a. Black Thibet 'a Blue."
Serge or an All-Wool Cheviot
' Select Ahe extra-free-trousers
.from tfte same cloth as the suit ,
or make a choice from a neat ,
' .stripe.? - ' ;- '. ' ' ' ,
Corns In today , and see the
.dotV- : i ".r. ' -j-'.j.
XXarVlSOn fY ft STABS.
HrTss;'" l
G,;P.VRlJRiT.m a ses
1 'ULA
i n mi
' '' ' . ; .
. Dr. J. R." Cardwell.
lay between Mr. Wright Hood 'River;
Bast Hood River Fruit company, and
Thomas-H.-Averyof : the Eggormrot
orcharda. Hood . River. ,.
Thla morning's session Opened with a
paper on "Economlo Foreitry" by Ed
mund P. She! ton of Portland.' He eon
tended that the present forestry agita
tion Is the direct-reault of the steady
depletion of the forests for commercial
purposes, . lie inaoraea tne plana, aug-
gestlona and recommendations of Presi
dent Roosevelt In the mitter of plant
Ing forests or groves, Mr. Shelton called
attention to the -inclination to plant
trees too close together, . ,
'- '"'! .'Hops te Oregon.
"The Hop tn Oregon" was the sub
ject ef a paper read by Albert Ray of
Portland.. " "-The Industry " is not over-
r. Ray, lor
who. understand the business tnor-
and handle it as it should be.
.e i ve here in Oregon all that can be
dnairtl hi soil and cllnjate. It only re
r ms for us to do our Work ss It should
I j done; to put a hop on the market
which wtllhe taken at a handsome profit
vi In years of exeesstve. production.
The. English yards. this year have
averaged-1.600 pounds per acre, while
our. own yards have decned from an
average of 1,100 pounds . J 4 years ago
to leas than .too at -the- present-ttme.
Wa are up against-the keenest kind of
competition and we have a handicap la
freight charges . against us of irotn
S to t cents per pound, but on account
of Its strength, flavor and keeping qual
ities the Oregon bop la preferred to any
on thla coast, and It we will turn out
such bop as our market- demands,
our natural advantages, will carry . ns
through to final success." .
The Home Orchard" waa discussed
In a paper read .by Asa Holaday of the
Monte Vista nurseries, Scappoose. ; He
contended that "the demand for fruit
Is lessened to an Important extent by
the homo orchardist In and about our
small towns and cities. Especially I
this so with early fruits, such aa ohei$
rles, plums, ate, on tnis'eoaat .
Hrsald that the amallrcnar grower
makea a mistake-when, he plants too
many varleUes of apples or other fruit
vrtetisaf(orgjnall growers to select
from: .' ,... ' J
Apples Tellow Transparent and
Duchess: o( Aldanburg for summer,
Oravensteln . and King of ' Tompkins
County for fall. And "Northern Spy, Jon
athan, Spltaenberg, Grimes Golden and
TelloW Newtown Pippin for winter.
S Pears Bartlett Fall Butter, VAiueo,
Clarlaeau and .Winter Nellie.
Plums Abundance, Peach,', Washing
ton and Blue Damson.' . '
- Cherries Governor Wood, Royal Ann,
Blng.and Lambert for sweet kinds, and
Early Richmond. English Morrello and
Late Duke for sour varieties. .. :
In his paper on "Hood : River Meth
ods," E. H. ShepardV said the secret of
the success of. the Hood River horti
culturists waa duo to their ascertaining
that the valley was especially adapted
to the raising of Newtown ana Bpitsen
berg apples, and Clark's Seedling straw,
berries. '
t"We bad the good luck te discover
the opportunity God gave vs. and the
energy, - pa reeve ranee and ' progToselvo aecomDllaa the reat The Lord
favored-Hood River with a soil of pot
ash, phosphates and ether minerals nec
eaaary to produce high-quality fruit, sf
good slae, fine color,, excellency of flavor
and No. I shipping qualities, an Ideal
climate for perfect development warm
days and cool - nights;', tha evershtntng
eua kissing our fruit br day, glvlag It
color; - while Mount, Hood and - Mount
Adams.Ul.0OO L feet high, with sver-
covered snow-capped peaka, cool eur
atmosphere at night" - ' i i -
- The afternoon program began with
paper by W. L. Stbson ef Portland on
"The Rons ef Oregon." -. Mr. Slbson said
that 'the -varieties grown In Oregon are
maay. . the development fins aad rra-
aranoa dalntv.' "
"The Outlook" was the title of a paper
read tr B. L Smith or Hood River. He
said that In Oregon, Waahlngton and
Idaho there are 7,700.000 apple ' trees,
end that In the TJn.ted States the num
ber Is sts.liO.tS7. In 1004 the country
raised 46,000,000 barrela of apples: The
l0t exporta aggregated I4.ttl.l01 green
and tMIMSS dried, or a total of 17.110,
410. Mr. Smith I said he expected to
live to see the day when Oregon would
export large quantities of Its apple to
the orient .
The paper,by MreSmlth was followed
- Between Washington and Alder-
vj rv
":.Fia.iI3,u'rir STCUS
na tnis -nn cans
. - -. ".".....'. "'
by d'aLlU J ttt l TT. L. .
of Gaston. A. i. ,n""i -
Judd Oee, of Cove n4 1- H.
yha, Tk"" came tne election
amendment te the constitution by
following commlUM. h4). J !
matter I4"char: ir CHlbert-or t
lem. A- t Mason of Hood BIW and lv
C AtweU of Forest QrOYe. L-
Lltt of PlacM, Leaders and Those
Invited to Attend Thur :
V",; day Evening- -l'i ft
'.'..'t.i 'anArial evan-
in oonn-cw
ellstlo-aervue-.jisi'a - -vi
l&Strss. Episcopal Churchv
tha pastor, .f-f "-tlnss
week in rartous part. ofj Ua lt "
follows, with o ""
iOT)B'nTttedtw atlendi . .,.'-.
. ... iu.,i'.uMmcl 425 Sell-
wiod stret. J. D. Ogden rlrader in
vited. J. T. Ugaen n
Munson and f w.w ;- -
Mann. v. . T
Mr. and Mrs. P.. H. uonogn, r.
Mrs. A. B. Kills. Mra 'xj-m Tlnnu
Maktnster and family. Mr. and Mrs, A,
IX Clarke, Mrs. neuwinv -. v
...... n.k..Mii'a Maldence. 4T0
mm WW fl. jTWiBewa a vmm w - -
t Jl . w f.irran leader. : In-
vited;. Captain sxdr!..Pop..
P. Allyn. jura. Ara.i". t,.
z . ,. - trm t if. Burroughs,
Chestsf sult Pembroke Gault. Jamee
Be"l Znt r"amily. Wl B. KaWe'and
family, Mrs. and Miss Randolph, J..
Alexander and family. rr H. Marsr Miss
Varna Smltn, jr. x. opicr
Miss Mclntyre, Mies
ZZ. ... Mrm TMlllW. W. H.
Weir and family. Miss Mclntyre, Mlaa
Robinson, Max uuo, -
Treaaler. W. H. Weir and family. Mr.
andTIrs. A. L. XmTST- . .
a n! w. Renneti a reaianK. "
I4.e TnertfdMl. Mr. JaITlBJU gaasw
s.-l 'sa. tiAMrf aiMff f simily. lirat.
wrnvnaiw- aa.1 Bl- -S3 a w -
Darling and family. Miss ritsslmmons,
Mrs. McBrlde and ramny. , - . -
At J.IBulllvant'S resiaencw, i
. ... . T.h- vnott leader. In
imq in m . r w wwmm
. ..u- v .. fmllv. Mr. and
u.. a w oaddard. Mrs. A C. Oibbs
anu nx. r,r w.-
a sn.ii ua mm bb aw rwi urgiBw
Mrs. W. B. JJraae.' mrm.
a. . it J Peterson ana
mother. Mrs. C H. iariu, . v.. -
u. t u aiiM-Mrs. Dellen
beck, William niocnxoru, "
At .J. P. nnleyB residence. t4 Mad
ison street Captain w. b. rowi
Invited. Captain and Mrs. Powell, a JanatilMI. VfrS. R. Jen-
rumi '
kins. Miss Georgia Newberry. Mtas O.
M, Lake, Amoa snocaiey, nmwi
family. Mrs. Perry and son. Mrs. Fan
.... ui.u. nii-v Mr. Ham and
mother, Mrs. Hod eon, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Tunk, Mrs. McLAin. J. uppnnwr,
n.i., wanell antf son. Mrs,
TT I III I V . , ' - -
uiu rMiaraL Mr. Hannlamn and
family. -Mr. and Mrs. Lam hereon. 1
- At Mrs. j. Flora - rrencn a reaiaunc
r Waiwh laader. Invited. Mr
. . . v. xr. r Vf n...
ana sire.
Mlae-Rlta-Pelter Mr. - Sheers aad
? t r HlKaofi'a ntaldenea. 4S East
Third stretJLF. JFor4 Jeadert In-.
vited, Mr. Ford and family, J. W. Gib
son, the Misses Wlegand, Mlsa Flora
Clocknar, Mrs. Julia iiarxe, i t. juim.
. k . a W ViuWi MalAanee. ttl
East Seventh street, A. B. Breece leader.
Invited. Mr. and Mrs. n. m. neny, mm.
T. Borgan, Mrs. Murton, Mr. and Mrs.
Hatfield. Olof Olson and family, George
a-tRlvorBr-MlSB a votiem, aara.
w .w i ...... :-.
At tha residence of F. P. Leach, 14
Bancroft avenue, L D. Boyer leader, in
a w u rtiunhnl mil famllv. Mr.
and Mrs.' O. H. Churchill. Mrs. Collins
and naushter. 'Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Brunke, Mr. Llchtentbaler, Mr. and Mrs.
Lynch.- : -; '''' - (''' ' '-i
At tha realdenj! of Ed Loder. lttl
Rawtharne avenue. N. C Thorne leader.
InvHed. Mr. and Mrs. George. O. L.
rniuH, mnA (amllv. Mrs. H. K. Pone.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Johnston, Miss
Chamberlin, Mrs. Myera. " ' ':
At ths realdence of T. B. McDaalel
T 1.uta . Ya-wltaMl XI M.
Morgan, Mrs. and Mlsa Holbrook, Miss
Myrtle Hunt Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fen
ton, Mr. Compton, Mrs. Russell, Mr.
a . . . m - It . L ilau, . .
nua mnu Aaui.J, nra - v.1 wit, ma
At tha realdence of Dare Mulr, Prat
tyman station. Dr. D. L. Radar leader.
Invited. Dr. Rader and family, Alex
. . . . m . , .a .
MUir ana zamuy, sir. ana aira. r,
Gay,' Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Olsen, Mrs,
V..U.W Uh T. A Vlllfaaa VTr-a Vat,
tie Walker. Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Toung,
Mrs. a J. Jacobs. Mr. and Mrav-Leedy,
Mr. And Mrs. H. L. Day, Mrs. Westfall.
At the residence ef A. M. Smith, 14
East" Sixth street" north," J. w. ,Beil
leader.' - Invited. Samuel Conner! and
family, Mrs. MeKraney, Mr. and Mra
O. G. Blrrell, Mrs. Blaadel, Mrs. Mo
Cutchan, Mr. and Mrs. Crosafteld, Mrs,
F.- W Arias, Mrs. Lannlng and danwlw
ter, A A Byers and family, Mrs. Coote,
, At tha resldenea of B. F, Skol field,
(40 GUsan street a- M r Cummrngs
leader. Invited, Mr. and Mrs. B. Far-
re u, f. , . BteinmetB ana rami. y, Mr.
and Mrs. Wilcox. R. Hathaway, Miss
cvrui i nsvr, amias joaiuon, r amrv. . a . . a
At the residence ef D. C. Pelton, Lane
and Kelly streets, Mrs. W. ' H. Saylof
leader. Invited, Mrs. W. H. Holllngs-
DMU) Mia ..I, aim .MHUjr, ' n. v
Clair and family, Mr. and Mrs, Hanna-
wait, jars, uuu ana rainiiy, sir, ana
Mrs. MoOeorge, Mrs. F, B. Pelrce and
family. '. -'.';;'... . t
At tha residence of TL pidcoa, t East
Twelfth street Dr.; Theodora Fessle
leader. Invited, . Dr. and Mrs. Feaeler,
Mr. Rankin and family, Mlsa L. D. Hol
brook, Dr. Brooke and family;- Mrs.
Bllpp, Miss M. B. Train, Mrs. McHol
land, B. i Boies. Mrs. , Drewery, Mrs.
Cronk. ' -
At the residenos of Mrs. W. C Puffer,
A Thurlow leader. Invited. Mrs. Stack
pole and son, Mrs. Humble and daugh-
. - V. I .. tKTAiaa Ikfw O.l .
. , am . . . , - aiivMua ana
family, Mrs. Grenfell and daughter, J.
aa- - ,.a- .-.itfi . . :
T. .UI.ll MU I r- jara.. mau alias
Gilbert Mrs. R. Louden. Mrs. Hurlev
and daughtsrs, Mrs. Simpson. - Miss
Means, Mrs. Nunamaker. Mrj Oldham,
Uaa Hi s iti s. T e -c. el..e. aa.a.AI ST 4t
flnr as vaiai-.i jf at-rvv. iwr sniiu iavmil7
Mr. Tetxloff. the Misses Thomas, Mra
L TK Bennett, Mra.. L. D. ConnelL i
At the parsonage. 111 Eleventh street.
Professor T. T. Davis leader. Invited,
the Misses PoweJI, Mr. and Mrs. I. IX
Dover. Mra. - Ssarla. Rov flaarla. ilia.
Campbell Miss Fay,, Mr. . Greer and
ramny, 1 Mr. van - eonoonnoven and
family, Mr. Hablghorst and family.
and family, Mr. and Mra Chrysler,- Mr.
ana . jars, iionini, air, my, air. ana
Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Barlow, T. Conn II
and family, Mrs. waaro, Btrs. M. w.
Glbbs, Miss Cuslck. Mrs. Qulgley, $. N.
Blair, sniss Anaanvn, ara Loaniin,
. At tha realdence of A. King Wilson.
Oswego, to be arranged by, him as
seems best .. '' .
Thoee not mentioned in tne rore-
U. llafr aM ukMl t AftanA tha KimI.
Ing nearest them, or come te ths church
on that evening. - V s.
...iS BUTffiE -
British Chip Afon Alaw Ctriket
- Terrific Gale Off Mouth
' of Columbia. . ,: ;
Nitrates Only Export of Chilean Port
Captain Daviea Has Record of
Thirty Timer Around Capr Horn tie
Master. J...;''-1';
A fter a -ataruiy voyage the British
htp Afon AlswrCptla DsvlesrreacBefl
port last night from Junln, Chile, and
dropped anchor In the stream off the
Banneld dock, ' . , ' , -;
In latitude It degress south she was
struck by a tsrriflo gale and lost a num
ber of ber sails.' - The wind waa blow
ing a hurricane .during tha greater part
of tha trip up the ooeat Arriving on
the mouth of the Columbia river the
storm increased In fury and tha ship
was driven far to the north. She beat
her way back, but was forced to stand
off on the outside for nine dsys before
she was able to cross, the bar. Ths
skipper - say a -It - waa- among r tha - moot
sevsra blown experienced m. his mora
than to years of seafaring life. It oo-
curred when the weather station at
North, Haadwas out bf repair and there
was no means 01 measuring ia vuoi.
r9 tha wind. -. v ' .... '
, Junln, from which the Afon Aiaw
sailed, is a oomparatlvely' new port
This is the first time that a vessel ever
cams from there to Portland. The eap-
a gieal
..Maa Ua uvl thai la not A blade
of grass to be seen end describes the
locality as a oeeoiate wane inns) wares
awaaa. aaa annupa anvintia to aacAno.'
. .Tkllaaa nMM ih. ntllw ArttnlA ttt M.
port" explained the eapUln. "A cargo
. . . . . i , ,
Ot COal la sent mere otTaaiunaii. juia
constitutes about the extent of the ship
ping business. Ths Afon Alaw carried
coal there from Newcastle and came
away in. ballast ' During' our Btay we
k.a a, k.i a mw ttrinkina water, navlna
for it at tha rate of i cents a gallon.
TnS Water Wes Drougui uwr um aaai
aM' r,lA,aAi, ': . -. '..t I . .1 .:
wia iiuw ,nn-a
r,.i,ia rvawiaa iiM (his mornln that
ha had been around Cape Horn 10 -times
as maater. Ttiis gives mm ua wuna a
oord. HS nrst maas tne voyse in
, . , . . a-iM A A tha ha VBll Alan fMMlft-
lllfi aiiwi f-w .."a
pleted the circuit half a dosen times or
as mate on a qun-ngnr, aw m
Hty be has nearly 40 trips- to bis
credit - This Is bis flrst visit to Port
land. The ahlp carries a crew or is
seamen. Two of them failed to peaa
. . wAiaat ...mtnatlnn affai .their ar-
. 1 1 a iwaua ... - - ir -
rival and the skipper has been notified
not to permit in em to oeeerv
ft.arna sAaiAat T ii irta OanusanV !
. Bftok From SomtsATB FSolflo.
A IvIaaW A wa. akse4 tttmnertV. tSesss
lwsen East -Davla snd Fas! EvareU
streets, has been leaaea ay tne vnregon
Round Lumber company -from the
Southern Pacific company and will be
used aa a place for mooring steamers
and barges. Tne wont ox annua
a t ha nrnnartv was bexun this
morning, but' aside from dolphlns no
Improvnments are oontempiaieo.
depth all ths way from It to to feet
nri... a Aaawlarlna. It would he Tllll V
ample to accommodate the largest of
the deep-water craft, but It Is declared
that It would be useless to build a dock
at the point unless fills were made In
the land back of It aa It would bo Im
possible for teams to get anywhere near
the property. '
- Heretofore the veeeelS of tha Oregon
Round Lumber company have been tying
up at the Couch street dock. . But re
cently so many of the coasters have
been landing there to discharge freight
that a berth 'could not always bo se
cured. Besides the water In -front of
that dock Is -so shoal the greater part
of the year that It Is difficult for steam
ers to get In and out . without going
aground., 'c ' 'V.;- " n
OolnmMa Brings Lot er rigeona for
azhfbitlon a Fonltry Show. -:
Carrying general freight and paasen
gers, the steamers Columbia. Nome City
and Homer arrived last night from Cali
fornia ports. On the Columbia were 130
pigwns,-whK!h-wrs"bMught front Oak
land for exhibition at the poultry abow
now In progress. The birds were In
charge of Charles W. Cox. secretary of
the Pacific Pigeon FanoJers' associa
tion Off loera-ef all the eteamers re
port that nothing out of ths ordinary
occurred during the voyage, ths weather
for the main part belatr fine and the
aea aa smooth aa glass. The Noma City
will load lumber for Baa Pedro and the
others will take out mlecsUaneoua
freight for. Ban Francisco, .j r f
- - ' ' 'r
tnytha-wood te Take Oarfo ef Sstsot
;t. a .. , Tlsabee' M Chins. - ' : -
For the 'past wsek the North Pactfto
mill has been running every day and
night, including Sunday, getting out a
cargo of lumber for the British ship
Blythswood. which . will be transported
to Haiphong, China. Ths lumber Is most
ly for railroad and bridge . building.
Some of the timbers are te feet In
length and two feet square at the ends,
Aa expert closely examines every stick
before It la accepted, and It la said that
.1 irT;
liellin' . Food contains, only
soluble, nourishins; InrredJents, ob
tained from wheat and barley by a .
pi u lib which eHmlnatee sit atsrchy and In-
soluble, hmatrhteus products. It is s Ibod thst -builds
up ths beby snd will make bint s Strang '
snd BAslthy maa. M elite's feed mnm mtmf
valeue reeulte tiiean thebaey. befag srnoeta ,
ly M wSh a truly oaufiehieg food, attaine a '
eondttloa ef good health and vitality that .
fvnfarta the sttscks ef Sieeeae end prevents
sickness. Bead for a See sample ef MellaVe .
Pood fo your beby.
The ftT I---V Feed veceMsJ
.4He Cart I. .ai at ft, Leake. Nit, ' ..'
IasU HedAl, L lett Anrar
' FartUa. Cra. KZS. . -
avlll ka AMa Ka f n- .IrnMfl Of
fir that over left the Willamette river.
mere are no iona&oremn si nu
phong and Captain t-rltchard Is getting
Mtk, am .iiia,'aAi.ii' v1lV"awnvar-fr
v..ii.i . n uii i ... tt .1 1 v. . t... - -
great help to the members of the crew
wnen iney reacn tne orient ana rosm
purchased a boiler yesterday from the
i. . . -a inn
vuiaan-iron wf aa av-a,, w. ma
This wlU be used to generate steam for
fk. a u i . . . i a .hl.K Via hn
vuaia.avn W4 .il,"i." -
also procured. ' He hss now a complete
aerrica ouiru ana tne iiuun wu w
able to handle, the big fir sticks with
little dlftlculty. , '
tni uaruur at xiai Liuis .
shoal, and it will be necessary to dis
charge a big part or tne cargo on nm
ere before the port Is reached. It Is
said that ths Blythawood ia the largest
vessel which hss ever been chartered to
n awaa rl aaAaaVAMll tO
get a small schooner on which to make
tne . eonsignmeni, nut none was avail
able. They finally engaged the Blytha
wood gt SO shillings, an unusually high
rate. It Is estimated that her cargo
when complete when will measure 1,400,-
uub xeev ana wui as- reaay w aa. avwui
January It, v., .;.. . " .. .. r iM;.
French Bark Tales trausM JWrs ersla-
earrle Vakea for Biore Than Moafch
The t French- bark Jules Oommee.
whose . charter bv Balfour. Guthrie
Co. waa reported In yesterday's Journal
la out 10 days from HObart Taamanla.
Many ahlpa have completed the voyage
In that time and she . Is expected to
shew up at the. mouth or. the river al
most any-y. The -French - bark- was
the flrst grainearrier taken to load at
Portland for more than a month, wits
her charter It la expected that others
will follow aad that the exportation or
wheat, to Europe again' ; will ; become
brisk. For the past week or two It . had
begun - to. appear that tha season was
going to-'eontlnue dull until late in the
spring. While It is conceded that the
heaviest shipments - are over many or
those Interested In the business are At
the opinion that a large number or car
goes will be dispatched to the united
Kingdom, before spring.. ,i -
W, S, B. Keyea May Be
Tt Is said to be almost certain that
on the arrival of ths steamship Minne
sota, one of J. t. - Hlirs mammoth ori
ental liners, at Seattle from the far
east Captain John Rlnder will be . re
tired aa master. There appears to be
soma question as to ths validity of bis
naturalisation papers. - - r - -
A report comes from ths sound that
tha position probably will be filled by
W. 8. . B.. Keyea. nrst or near- or tne
steamer. . Mr. Ksyes is well known In
Portland, having married a Portland
girt He la said to be one of the most
capable navigators on the coast Mari
ners declare that he la one or tne rew
who are able to determine the bearings
of a ship in the day time by the post
tlon of a certain star. He served In
ths navy during ths war with Spain and
won a number of medals for bravery,
- The work of loading the3r!iishTntps
Hyderabad and St Mungo with . grain
cargoes for the United Kingdom will be
completed this afternoon. " Their aggre
gate cargoes will amount to mora than
100,000 bushels or wheat
s tow of tugs, ths 4 marina a ship
C. F. Sargent and French bark David
d' Angers left down the diver this morn-Ing.-the
former bound for Knappton and
the latter for Puget sound. There la a
heavy fog on the river and tt la expected
that they will be forced to drop anchor
before proceeding very far.
" united States Inspectors Edwards snd
Fuller will leave for Newport, Washing
ton. tonight to . Inspect the steamer
Elk, which plUs On the Pend d' Oreille
Laid en with tlMoO feet of lumber,
the schooner Robert Hind has cleared
for San Pedro, and ths schooner Beulah
has left for San Franolsoe with 4tt,t0t
feet of fir- . .
' Tomorrow ths lighthouse tender
Heather will' leave for Wlllapa bay to
replace a number Of gaa . buoys. She
will also proceed to Gray's harbor with
a shipment of suppllss for ths station.
Representatives of the Northern Pa
elfto are still scouring that waterfront
In search of small steamers. One .la
needed to tow' barges of material to the
sites of the proposed1 .bridges over the
Willamette and Columbia rivers, while
another craft Is wsnted for the upper
Columbia. "
- The little steamer Niaatd was raised
laat night and will be fitted np for serv
ice. She sank near the Supple ship
yards two montns.ago. ; , t ,
Astoria, Or., Jan. It. Arrived down
si I and sailed at 11:14 a m.: Steamer
Csarina for San Franclsoo. . Arrived at
tl Steamer Alliance from Bureka and
Coos Bsy.1 end' left up at it :tt a. m.
Arrived down at t a. m.: Steamer Ar
gyll.. - .. .
San Francisco, Jan. It. Arrived at
a. m. : Steamer Tamplco from Portland.
Arrived at t a. m.l Steamer - Senator
Senator from Portland. Sailed at last
night: Steamer Cascade for Portland.
Arrived at I last night: Steamer Re-
dondo from Portland.
Bedondo, Jan. JO. Sailed: ' Schooner
Iaoula for Portlsnd.
Astoria, Jan. It Condition ef ths bar
at t a. m, rough: light aorta wind;
weathsr clear. .. . v . i-. f :
'.. ' A beteweled hero medsl of exception
ally fine workmanship hss. been made
for presentation this wsen to win ism
J. Tsggart, driver of fire truck No. s.
who saved the life of Father Alexander
Cestelll st a fire early In the morning
of Friday, December tt, lttl, whtoh for
a time threatened to destroy the Roman
Catholic Italian church. Fourth and Mill
street s.i The -money for the medal was
raised by subscription among the Catho
lics of the city. The presentation Is to
be made by Archbishop AJ Christie.
On a gold and black-enameled bar Is
engrsvsd ths-nsmsr"W,JV Taggsrt"
Suspended by two gold chslns Is a Greek
cross-shaped pentfant. In the center of
Which Is an 1 emerald, surrounded by ' a
wreath of frteted gold. OA the four
points of the cross. In black enamel, ere
the letters, "P. P. F. D." On the reverse
side of the medal, which was made by
O. Heltkemper, is the following In
scription: , ' '-,'' . 1 '
"Presented to WtJ, Taggart by the
Catholics of Portland, Oregon, for hero
Ism In the rescue of Rev.- A.- Cestelll
from a burning building December 'St,
ltOt."' ' -. - : - ' ' "" v
i.W; Picture Framinge-'-ll
' Picture framing Is our specialty. We
desire your trade.- We have the goods,
the workmanship and -the prices, prices
special on everything In January. JB H.
htoorehouee dr'Co., tl3 Alder street.
, " v. - 1 1 ' '
"Little Colds" neglected thousands
of lives sacrificed every year, lr.
Wood's Norway Pine Syrup cures little
tnlds-"Ciires big colds, ton, down to the
very verge consumption.
J xra tl nl ta nPeraed2n oU-fashioned cod liver c3 ssU
V . emulsions because, without drop of ell cr
(llsasreeatlo feature. It contains all the medicinal dementi
odVliver-oaractTially f aVrn fnmreah coda' HTcra-A
By our process the c havina no value either as a mecaano cr
;food, Is separated from tile medicinal elements and t2arowa
away. Unlike old-fashioned cod liver a and emuldonaV
Vlnol Is Gcllclously palatable, agreeable to the wealDSSt ttom
ach, and therefore unequaled as a body builder and atrech
; creator for. old people, ,punyjrfxulren, vT mea
and women, after sickness, and for all pulinonary diseases. .
jEverytnlnflT "Vlnol contains la narned t tlieT labels
Otm OUAmANTBB We bawa each faith In YINOt. that It yt wCt
take it wa premise if It does not benefit or euro jrow we will ratura jrnei
ypaf txtonsy tsittaoot qputiaa. We take aU the giaiuj , .r . -
tlj Sltre b
Cat CIai!S
el t r.jci
(Great VwQezl
' i" w -v. - - : ' " - ; ' ' '. I' 'r
trt O C
vOaOas-Suitrlnthe;houe.V ;". ; (
& H 1 - HI C Pr any $20.00 or 518.C0
aO A A alsf tnsf Suit In the house.
r fl JlQC For any $25.00 or $22.50
P JI JUJ Suit In the nous.
:Jj) OeOe-sV- Coat In the house. f 4 f
A 1 A C For any $22.50 or $20.00
(ii J OeasV Coat In the hOUSC . ,
- A - G For any $25.00 Cost la
l UOeJ) the house.
. . FonltrF FenoieTa to Organise. ', :
' ' . (Spaetal Plepatek te The Juarnel.) "'-"
' Kugene,- Or., Jan. 10. A number of
poultry fanciers of Euaene are arrang
ing to effeci-a county organisation. A
meeting was held last night and the fol
lowing committee on organisation wss
sppolnted. J. M. Williams. F. O. Murd
mil a r. Keeney. a rneetmr wi l tie
held In tha elty ball on J'liu.ry il st
1J p, m.. st whi'i t; .e it la t..,'.?i ta
effect the erg" " ,
lr-e STS rrk
any $12.50 or $10.00
any $ 1 3.50 or $ 1 0.00
in the House. ,
Old aeatef '-
- TWO of the oldest and b t r
sold are Allcock's Poroua 1
Brandreth'a Pills. Thoy r-
household necesBll! i.
rheumatism, ps'ns In t' i
chest, or sny suf r' t
fro"t te e: rir, J
f -Tx r, .
- . t