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    ' JANU.V..V .! 'v...:
J " ..... . -
:::iiv is-ra
to sn c:ec3
f " ' A' A aa mi
' i aw v w v wr ,.
. ' " . - - -
n??ort of .Auditor Brand Shows
. r.tu!inrrihi Finances in Un-1
, usually Good Shape
And Only Thirty-Two Thousand Dok
-r-nf Worth' of Ontatandtng War.
! ' ranteWill Have to ' Skimp for
" Sejjr or Tw7H6w4retv . ,
, ... . ., . . T -
the year 1441 and welcomed 0 the
' visitor found Multnomah oounty 1214.-
(Gl better tttt -than 11 ' months before.
County. Attditer-Oert iA. ' Braades thla
. morning issued hta seml-sunual report
ef the accounts which closed Peoember
' II. HOsV- it- showed an "exeees of re
sources amounting' to $42,204,117 while
tk repprtrof -the aodltara offlne, laaued
December-11. '1M4. displayed WWlltlei
totaling-im.141.41. . - .. . '
There- la 74,TT.M tn the treasury to
pay aft f.3l,f 1.47 worth of outstanding
warrants. ' vcouhty Auditor Brands,
, County . Clerk Frok -. e - Field - and
. Sheriff. Tom. .Word are highly pleased
lit the showing made. . . ,
' The detailed exhibit of the money
' expended during the alx-month from
July 1. 10. to December It. 1101,
a hew a big- saving ta aome department
and a large amount of work done on the
bridge and fenrtea. The detailed report
: ; ltoi ,. ..ltot
, -t.ttt.f T
' 1,011.44
' M.tO
, l,t4.1
, t ax collecting dent, C.SS4.4I '
l-'erry W. 8. Mason,' l.ttt.ll
Furnsld bridge.,, lt.sse.te
harlty . ltT.4f
- Circuit oourt
1.441 49 ,
1.0.t4 r
;V ;;
tat.44 '
, County board health
County board road
vtewere . .......
County oierk... ...
County coroner....
, County ahetiff . ...
Count school aupt.
. County treasurer.
Current expense...
J-iatrlet -attorney,,
. J icctlona . . ......
t erry John W. 43a ,
1 . plea , . .
i uvenll court .
Indigent aoldlera. .
.Josane . ,...
Juetlce H. Portland
Juetioe ML Tabor
e-ry Lionel B. :
Webatar ,
?all .....!
Itorrieon brldre. . .
7, 117. IS
' 1.684.T1
" l.7t 64
, lt,
: tit.ti
i T
u. n.i
1,(44 tt'
64 18
. too.oo
J dleoo bride...,, ia.IZt.tS
XAoeneea - returned r , tOO.eo
Poor farm
t.04t 14
, toot
- l.t"
Poe4e and btidgee.
i '.- tratlon . ....
,t 4-iionery .
f -vstlon eornera .
' l brldye ....,
''. - -te of taxia...
' 4. ounty fruit lnap..
.'enaua , .........
' veal aetata for
it. 10
rock uuai ilea. -. 4.
Head dlatricta..... Il.ttl.ll
' i The total amount expended from the
; fteneral fund during the laat alx months
of llOt, aside from the money given the
various road districts, was I4T,l4t.t7,
Which la over flt.OOt mora than - was
: spent oat of tola fund during the same
- period tn 1M4, The report Issued -th
morning ahowa that the -grand total
of the money paid out during the past
'six months is tlM.l4t.ll. More -than
tit. 004 more was paid out ta the laat
' alx months of ltOI than In the same pe
' nod of the year before, yet the oounty
1 many- thousand dollars ahead.
Deputy County Auditor Otto Butck
bardt bag been working night and day
pn the report for the past week, but
members of the oounty oourt did not
' expect it to be completed until totnor
" row afternoon. In speaking of the ra
; markabla good showing of the county's
' finances, County Clark Frank 8. Fields
J paid thl morning: - --.-. . .
' "X think tt la a mighty good thing
-; that wo had a few dollars on which to
, begin the work of the new year for the
' new tax lery is so low - that we will
hays, to aktmp along pretty close for
; a year or so. The tax lery made laat
. year . brought In 4lt,621, whUo the
.actual expenses were fllt.tBt. Added
. ta the taxes there waa orer tlO.tOO col
lected In fees. While the new aasess
, ment Is much greater than that ef laat
.year, the lery la so low that there will
. not bo nearly as much collected as In
. ItOtV But I look for the fee to la-
- '' ' (leemal Special Barries.) f
i Washington, ' Jan. 10. Secretary of
;War Tsf has tackled' ene of the moat
: , atrannous campaigns ho over undertook.
The principal object ta to reduce bis
k weight to ISO pound a When Taft ro-
turned from ths Philippines laat summer
be weighed 110 pound. - . . "
. This was altogether too much. He
' thought out and devised a system which
' '-worked to perfection. In December he
'weighed himself and tipped ths scale
1 at 114 pounds. Exercise and a total
"'" abstinence from all starchy foods, to
. ' gather with horseback .riding; brought
off tt pounds. . According to the story
; ' told a day or two ago by tho scales Taft
'found that ha was composed of J4
' pounds of flesh end bone. He la atlu
'keeping up the system, and hopes to
: take off a good many more pounds. .
T tOeoeert ttnitrf tt tt Varqeaa Thsre.i
aauKirBO tu tuxi wssa , '
- IN and OUT of TOWN
- Sa4 erear meat stata elaerlr Ote .1
. Sf eaats wanted MUt be aareopaaJad
' stampad addraaaad aavalnM larloalag looaer
tordar ar ebark and parabU ta W. T7 raal,
aUrcoaal Ocaad Tbaatra. Pertlaa. Orasaa.
- leWtt fTlOOB -: T-! '
1 Paraaat : .0
. Ilrat twa raws ta parajeat rtrrla.,...
teat 0t rows la sareset clnla. ..... v 4.00
tlrat three rewe ta hate it. .......... 1.09
I wocd thrae rs la kalraer. . ......... 4.00
traath. auka est atata raws. M
fat t' res lews SAO
. al4.titr - ;:-'.
rat twe rewe In raHMT. ........ .. 1.00
, laire. twrh. Crib and eUla raws 10
lt mt rawe le rallerf (geasrsl . kd-
ailaa-ue, eat laaul) n 1-00
ra 1 a .m 1B.O0
':'yW:v:V MAIL ORDtftS :l:-':'.'y
' "'- ' ' ' ' ' 1 '
. i '-r.- A' v..-"Ts".-':'" T" TT" TT""Oa
Winnebasos, " Most Dissolute
Tribe on Earth, 1 Drinking
? v 7 Muscatel i Bean Tea.' .
-' . ' '(Joanui Mciel gerrice.''' ' '; :'v
, Sioux City, Iowa, Jan. 10. The Imr
porUMon of the Muscatel bean from
Mexico by the Indians pf the Winnebago
reservation has reached such .aa alarnv
log extept that the gorarnment U pre
paring to take radical measures to
stamp it out. It la said that the In
dians have organised a lodge of let
members who - meet regulsrly ' to in
dulge-ta-'orgleo more terrible -than any
of the dances - which . have hitherto
proved so objectionable. -.-
The Indiana Drenare a sort er tea
from the bean, - which causes them to
lapse Into a state -Of wild bliss that Is
attended by blindness and loss of heat.
a and epeech In -the -final throes.
The wlnnebagoo have long been noted
as the richest, most dissolute tribe oa
earth, j Prunkenneaa la their besetting
sln ' ' j -. - . .; '.V
n a im B.LE
While Engines Are. Uncoupled,
Anohor Cable Break-Col!Is-Ion
Narrowly Averted. , .
Nsw Tork, Jan. lt.Adrlft In a !owi-
Inx gals' in Hampton Roads, and mo-
meqtarJixJiA. dapget-nfgonidln with
other vessels at anchor near by, wai the
pecullar eltuatloa of tho battleship Iowa
and her officers and crew laat Saturday
News of the accident ' only became
known laat night and naval officials re
fuse to discuss the occurrence.
The Iowa during a fierce blow broke
ons of her ancho cables, tho remaining
cable falling to hold her, and the big
battleship drifted helplessly whlls other
ships at anchor were In danger of being
struck by her sharp prow.
The engines of ths ship were un
coupled at the time and aha was pow
erless.4 Tho auxiliary ship Hannibal
was the first to rush to ths aid of ths
Iowa. With ths aid of ths Hannibal
the big battleship was held off from
the, other ships.
(pes!! Mssefak Is Tee tonal)
Butte, Mont, Jan. It. James Moy
n, night boag'aVtho Gem mine, and
wall known la mining circle here, met
death la A strange manner some time
yesterdsy, his body with ths bsad beaten
open being found in an old mining out
The causa of Moylaa's death la a mys
tery.--On theory ie that the man lost
his footing and, being forced to ran be
cause ef tbe declivity of ths path, stum
bled and fall anlnst a rock, daahlna his
iTllfe out; while another is that Moylaa
met with foul play and tho corpse was
thrown . against a, bowlder to conceal
the crime. Moylan cams to Butte from
Portland about six months ago. Ho has
relatives in tho latter city.
ate&mshLp Alameda.
This favorite steamer has resumed bar
local run to Honolulu. ' 8he is as good
as nsw, and mads a speedy trip on bef
last run, going- down in a little over
five days, San Francisco to Honolulu.
First cabin round trip rata by tho Ala
meda Is 11 15. This applies from Port
land by either rail or steamer to San
Franclsoo. Every ons .should make talk
trip ta Hawaii, where sea bathing and
outdoor sports are enjoyed all winter,
a W. BUnger. tft Washington street
mil - v.-
' (Continued from Pag 0,na)
A morbid crowd surrounds tho morgue
where the dead wars taken and Identi
fied. Pathetto scenes followed the rec
ognition of friends and relatlvea. though
most of those who lost their Uvea are
strangers in tho city, transient gueeta.
Tho friends and relatives of these have
been notified of their sad fata.
Investigation leada to ths belief that
crossed electric wires caused tho ftra.
Near the base of the elevator shaft is
perfect network of wires, and. it is
evident that the insulation of soma live
wires must- have been defective. Men
have recently been making alterations
In the lighting system of the huge
building, and It is thought probable that
some of this work waa done carelessly
or defectively, and that the constant ar
of tho lift loosened -the fastening, caus
ing soma , of tho wires to fall across
others.--. -V'- -"-- , ,-v.
Tbs cold weather resulted ' ta much
suffering among the half-clad guests,
who succeed d in escaping with only
what they could seise aa they ran. Many
were clad only tn their night clothes,
and It waa a picturesque procession of
motley-attired men and - wqraen who
made their way te ether hotels or places
of shelter. :'r j.
(Contlnsed from Pago One.) -
not criminal prosecutions have been be
gan as a result of the Northern Securi
ties case decision declaring certain In
dividuals and corporations to be combin
ations in the restraint of trade.
After a conference with tho president
this morning Representative Watson of
Illinois, the Republican whip, announced
that both the Philippine tariff and state
hood bills would paaa tho house despite
ths .lnsorgnUu i. :J .:. , .... ....
rrr- tultonHsks time.?"
?-.;,,,; 't " -'v; -
Wants Bogne BJver Bosldmbj to Save
- Wsahlngsa Itartaa of The Joans!.)
" Wsshlngton, Jan., lt.4rnator Fulton
has received notice front Forester Olf
ford Plnchot that the forest service con
templates ths early location of a nsw
forest reserve in southwestern Oregon
tir-thr-ttogus- river- country. "" Senator
Fulton has requested thst action be
deferred ' until after ths residents at
Oregon la the region In which it Is pro
posed to establish ths reserve may be
heard from. There la strong opposition
against -making this reserve and Fulton
wants an opportunity for a hearing
for the aetUere directly affected before
final action is taken. - -
Senator Oearln today Introduced bills
granting an increase In pensions to
Jonathan V, McKubbtn and Martha
Hoffman, also to grant an Increase of
pensions to soldiers and widows of 4ne
Indian wars under the act of July 17,
MIS, and Jolx IT, ItlX,
Will Be Speaker at Rally in
'. First Congregational
i . -, ', Church Sunday. J;
Miss Maris Brehm,' stata president of
the Illinois Women a Christian Temper
ance Union, la in tbs city and vlaltad ths
local W. C T. ,17. headquarters In the
Mits Marl Brthm.
Ooodnough building this aftsrnoon. . At
1:10 o'clock she met numbers of ths
local workers.,... r." - - .. .
- On Friday evening Mlas, Brehm will
attand ths parlor meeting at the resl-
deaee of L- H. - Arnoev It! - Hawthorne
avansa. ' It is expected that there will
bo a large attendanoe. Brief addresses
will bo made. Miss Brehm will bo one
Of ths sneaasrs.
There will be a W. C T. TT. rally at
the Firsts-Congregational ehurch Sua
day al ternean at I o'clock, miss urenm
will bo ths principal speaker of the oo
oasion -and an interesting program will
be carried out Mlsa Brehm enjoys tha
reputation oC being ons of the beat plat
form apeaksrs of the day. She is said
to poaasss tho ability of holding an
audience la deep Interest being fluent.
entertaining, logical and forceful.
(Jeeasal Dee!sl Barries.)
Mow Tork. Jan. It Ths official fig
ures given out today by tha bureau of
statistics on Ellis Island show that ths
Immigration during tho year 1105 was
enormous, it waa far greater than M
10I. which had been the banner year.
and also much greater than in 1104.
Tho grand total Is nearly up to the
1.004.000 mark,- There was substantial
Increase la all claases and, deeplte the
fact that tho Immigration figures wars
larger than ever before in tbs history
Of .ths-: port tho number of persons
traveling lay tha cabins of tho liners
reached enormous proportlona -
Of the total or parsons wno
arrived by the various Unas from for
eign ports the largest number was 'car
ried tm the snips or tn norm uerman
Lloyd Una, from Bremen and . rrora
Mediterranean porta. . In 111 voyages
177.114 paseengers were landed In thla
port by tha steamships of this . Una,
and of thsss 11.174 . were flrst-cabln
passengers. Next in order came the
Hamburg-American line, then . the Cu
nard Una. Of tha total of JSO.Olt steer-
sgs passengers brought here, . about
71,000 were Immigrants.' V
Chicago, Jan. 14. Paassngsr repre
sentatives of western lines have been
told by ths Stubbs oommlttso that
hereafter they muat be- mora careful
regarding the issuance of - transporta
tion in violation of tho laws. - As a
result tho Western - Pa seen re r associa
tion Unas have decided to "clean house."
Hereafter they have agreed not to Issue
free transportation for tho purpose, of
controlling bust ness, and also agreed
that they would discontinue tbe half
rata privilege which has been used for
tha same purpose. Ths roads are un
able to agree upon tha organisation of
a bureau for tha purpose of handling
transportation Issued In connection with
tho land and Immigration departments.
For sTearty Svery Kan, Woman o 0114.
A short time ago wo published aa
article recommending to our readers
ths hr "discovery-Tot ths enro-of
Dyspepsia, called . Btuaxrs Dyspepsia
Tabiata, and too claim tnsa mans re
garding tho wonderful ourativa prop
erties of ths remedy have been abund
antly sustained by tho facts. People
who were oautlous about . trying now
remedlee advertised ' in tho newspapers
and wars - Anally Induced to give
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablsts a trial wars
surprised and delighted at tho results.
In many eases a single package cost
ing but So cents . at - any orug store
made s, complete cure and i In every
Inatanoo tho most bensflclal rssults
were . reported. From a hundred or
mors received wo have apace to pub
lish only a fsw of ths latest, but assurs
our readers wo receive so many com
mendatory latter that wo shall pub-
llah each week a fresh list of genu
ine, unsolicited testimonials and never
publish the same one twice.
From James Temmeteler, LaCrosao,
WJai Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
doing me more gooa man anyming t
aver tried and I waa so pleased at re
sults that I gave away several boxes to
my friends who have also had the same
benenta, " . - " i,
From Jacos) Anthony, Fortmurray,
Nsw Jersey; X have taken Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets with : tha beat ro
suJtSi I had DyPPstar-for-f-jroora,
and had taken a great deal of medi
cine, but ths Tablets seem to taks right
a hold and I feel good. I am a farmer
and lime burner and I heartily recom
mend to every one who has any trouble
with hta stomach to use thess Tablet
From ' Mrs. M. k. ' west, - ires ton.
Minn.! I have received surprisingly
good affects from using, Btuart'a Dys-
pepala Tabiata. gave ons nau 01 my
laat box to a friend, who also suffered
from indigestion, and aba had tha same
good Tesulte. ! ' . 1 "
From 'Mrs. Agnes k. Kaiston, uaau-
lac, Mlch.1 I have been taking Stuart's
Vyspspsia Taoiets ana a mm very muon
better, and feel very grateful for the
great benefit I have received : la . so
short a time. -' - .,:.. .
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are A cer-
tala.eure for all forms f Indigestion.
Thar are not claimed to bo a cure-all.
but are prepared for stomach troubles
only, and physicians and druggists
everywhere recommend - them to all
parsons suffering from Nervous Dys
pepsia, sour - or acid stomach, heart
burn, bloating or wind oa stomach and
similar disorders. ' .
8aiem' ' Chief of Police Gays
Ordinances of Town Shall ,
'-' ir"'?; Be Enforced.' '-"v
8r Desplto Fact ..That Ht an
-Tmfrfitl8frFrora- : WakUntton I
Countj Thert Xa No Deceit in Any
f-rof-thg Family.'
mfc a Tha Jaornal.)
Salem. Or- Jan. 10. Chief of PoUct
Cernellua yesterday gave out tho follow
ing statement in regard to his suddsa
decision to enforce the- laws regarding
houses of lllfama, gambling, tho closing
of saloons on Sunday, etci .
Despite the fact that I was -Imported
from Washington county X . belong to a
family of which there ia no record oi
anv of them faclna condemned for being
deceitful. They have all had ths habit
of. saying wnax tney tninx ana noma
what they agreed to or what is right.
During tho first year of my admlnlatra-
tlon I knew there were nouses oc imams
tn Salem snd I also knew he council
anl a.11 Its members knew 1L-A lew
days before tbe new counoll took their
aaaf a Councilman Fred Bteusiori came
lata mr nrrtnav tns -iTitlclaed-mar for net
enforcing the law., TM next oay axxer
the council wss sworn m umnrain..
C lairs Baker, who is chairman of ths
oommlttso on poUoo, told mo (hat cuous-
lof ka4 aM: '
s arr goingrto see mas vorneuu
enforces all the la wa.- '
1 knew there waa an ordinance
anlnst soittln on ths sidewalks and
I am narfectlv free to admit that some
of Salem's ordinances havs not been en
forced. - I want to say that I propose
hereafter to bo loyal to the. laws, as
Interpreted by ths governor, county
Judge Scott, city recorder or any other
eomnetent authority. To Sheriff Culver,
as sheriff, all ether county ofnoers.
Mayor Waters, ths alx council men. who
are my friends, and tha eight that are
guessers. and to all the police officers
who may have been appointed.. Kl la
worth Nichols, Louie Folsom. John
Olesv and Bd Crolsan. who claim to
havs the honor of controlling Salem's
city oouhcll. I will do everything in my
power to help them discharge their
duties aa Officers of tha law and aoun-
sellors for ths publio gooa.
1 will trv to be courteous to all
ohnrchss. Catholic or Protestant, to all
tamperanoe . or other moral , aocletlea,
and all that pertains to tha moral wel
fare of tho town; and I will try to bo
Just to ovary cigar store, gambling
house or any other occupation, and give
them their rights to the best of my
ability, regardless of politics or reli
gion, i
"Whatever Influence X may have la
tho next campaign I wHll uss to put
f tret-class, clean Republicans on tbs
ticket, whether tt is Colonel Hofer or
some one else, always excepting Bd
Crolsan. Should that gentleman bo oa
the ticket, I will not only contribute
my time, but wlU putop 1104 to assist
in dsfeatlng him, for any old office ha
may want I will say further that
there are no spasma about enforcing
theas ordinance a X propose hereafter
enforotng every one of them every day.
If the council or people don't Ilka It,
they can repeal ths ordinances, bat as
for msthsy go, .
Tf I should aver again run ror the
off loo Z hold. It wlU bo when tho 10
voters necessary voluntarily sign my
petition. And should I bo nominated
and elected I will be what I have always
been just Tom Cornelius- and I will
do my own thinking, and -1 will also
do what I think la right. J don't know
If there Is anything more to say, only
that there is no doubt that the ordi
nances will be enforced as long aa they
are ordinances and I am aa officer." ,
(Jeamal Isartal Berries.) -Saa
Franclsoo, CsX. Jan. 14 Bvery-
thing la la readiness for tho sailing of
tho expoaltloa ship Spokane, which is
to make a toar of. Central America and
Mexican porta on tho Pacific coast for
tho purpose of preparing tha way. for
tha establishment of a Una of steam
ships connecting those porta with Ie
Angeles. Ths ship carries an elaborate
exhibit of ths products of southern Cal
ifornia. Ths cruise is to occupy 41
dare, during, which. Urns the floating
industrial exhibit will touch at every
Important port between San Diego and
tha tatbmua. Including Easenda, Me
satlan, Saline Cms, Champertoo, San
Joes do Guatemala, La Union, Corlnto,
Qreytowa, Punta Arena and Panama. -
"Terrible nlasroea. those Itching. Dester-
Ins? dlaeaeee of the skin. Put aa snd to
misery. Doan's Ointment cures. At any
drug store. - -. . ..t .,
. ' Battts for aVowsg
(Joareal psclel aarries.)
Wichita, Kan, Jan. 10. A movement
in favor of lower freight rates began
here today. Farmera, grata dealers,
small merchants, wholeaalera, manufac
turers and Independent oil-men are at
tending tho meeting. B -Governor Tan
Zant or Minnesota anarsssea in con
vention and advocated Immediate) organ
isation te aeeuro fair rates, ", - -
' If you have been paying 110.
lit and 111 for made-to-measure
.-trousers yon owo It to yourself
to look over our stock, '
. ' W cut those prices right in :
-.-two. ' ' .". ' " 1. .- ' '- '
When ths trousers v are fin- .
i lahed, if they don't please you,
leave them In the chop. , They
will not cost you a penny. ;
- Com la and look over the
stock, v -
Vlsltt Couthtfm CallfoTnla-Crty
and Falls In Love With Climate,
According to. Report.
lording' to - reports that . have
reached the elty from San Diego, Cali
fornia, Portland may loee Judge Henry
BL McGinn, on of tho most prominent
attorneys of ths city and legal adviser
of Bherlff Word. He is said to bo con
templating moving to San Diego. .
' Judge McOlnn visited San Diego five
years ago. He Is wsU acquainted there
and recently made another visit -to ths
city, af tar spending, some . time with
relatives in Los Angeles. Newspapers
of San . Dlsgo give long accounts of
Judge McGinn' glowing Impressions of
ths climate and resources.
' A teKgrarn from' Portland called the
Judge, from his visit to Saa Diego,, but
he announced before leavfng that he was
tmnxag-sort era siy of making tis noma
there.v - .. - '.(.
(Journal Bpedal Berrlee.)
Wichita, Kan.. Jan, XO.-Wlth tha object
f forming a state association ta "secure
more equitable railroad rates and to
combat tha Influence of the railroads in
legislative affairs, - a convention - - as
sembled ta Wichita today with a large
attendance oi larmers, manutaciursre,
politicians, -delegates from commercial
bodies and other representatives of the
commercial and industrial interests of
Kansas, The proposed" association "Will
aim to furnish tha cttlsena of tha state
with accurate information on tha railroad
question, to conduct a fight for legisla.
tlon that will give the country at large.
and aspeelally-Kanaas, relief from unjust
discrimination ' and excessive freight
rates, and to assist m ths election of a
United States senator In 107 who -will
be free front tho Influence of the rail
roads. . , .. -.;--';;
Two million Americana suffer tho tor
turing pangs of dyspepala. NO need to
Burdock Blood Bitters ours a At any
drug atore. .., ., :.. .
' -. -At CrloDto CPewk," -A
Tha nUv at the Empire thla week, "At
Cripple Creek," gives some vivid pic
tures of wild mining lira, xna managers
haws srivea "At cripnla - Craek the
atronxsst cast ever seen In a melodrama,
Tha aoenle equipment of At Cripple
Creek" presents a series of magnificent
pictures of tne nocxy mouniaina. ssau
neo Saturday. : v .
. .AJcgxar BeajitlM Cominc.
One of tho strongest attractions of Us
class oa tho road thla season will bo the
offering at tha Baker theatre commenc
ing with tho Sunday matinee, when tbe
Alcasar Beauties will begin a week's on-
hgagsmsnt. :,'.;'.! : "- .'
Innocent Maids This yTaak.; .:
r attractloa at -tho- Baker
thla weak, the Innocent Maids bur-
leeqaere, beaded by John Burke, on ef
the runniest or runny comsaiana. pra-
ssnts two elaborate burlesques entitled
"A Night at Newport" and the "Diamond
Palace," Tha company includes Markls
and Mora n, laugh, provokers; Eugene
Jergs, Aleena and Hamilton, Deonso and
Elliott and lilda Dexter, tho statuesque
blonde.' Besides thsss there la a chorus
of 14... ,--V ,'..-:.
:, . "Her MarriAfg Vow."
The lovers .of melodrama doubtless
wiU be pleased to learn that tho popular
Charles Ar Taylor company, headed by
Miaa AJIleea May, is to return to ths
Empire for on week, beginning with
next Sunday's matinee. In "Her . Mar-
rlag Vow." , . ; -. - - ' r.-- .
. .. Laat Performance Tonight. -.
The laat performance of Henry W.
Savage's company in George Ade'a rec
ord comedy, -Tho CoUege Widow," will
be gives tonight at the Marquaa Grand
theatre.- Curtain at 1:11 o'clock aharp.
." y -v-vv'
Modjeaka Tomorrow NIcht.
Tho celebrated actress. Madams Mod-
jeeka, will begin an engagement of
three performances at the Marquam
Grand theatre, - beklnnlng tomorrow
(Thursday) night when she will pre
sent Shakespeare's - dramatie - tragedy.
Macbeth"; Friday, night. Shakespeare's
delightful eomedyA "Much Ado About
Nothing" ;Saturdajnnatln4 rths-last
performance), "Mary Stuart." Madams
Modjeeka's visits in eiassio repertoire
have been among tho most delightful
svsnts in our theatrical history. Her
aim always has been to present great
dramas as-they should bo given, and
aha baa never sacrificed ner laeai to
commercialism. Oa this farewell tour
shs la adhering to this high standard
inexorably. Those who tax part la
the testimonial ta Modjeaka will aa tbe
great actreaa at her very beat. - She
never had greater command . ot her
powers than shs has today. ,-. ..
Pan Pajitifs, V.
For a goad laugh drop la at Pantagas"
theatre this. week. The best comedians
of tha Pantages etrtng are on hand, In
cluding Biff and Bang, the famous
"rough-house" fun-makers: James Mack,
a monotogist of merit; ths Haalltt trio.
Juvenile comedians; Bobby Boyle and
the three Oeorgsg. lo Whits sings a
nsw Illustrated ballad,' and Russian hor
rors are pictured on tho blograph. ,
v At the Lyric.
"Fighting Fortune" la pleasing lm-
mensely at- tho Lyrlo this week and ths
houses ar crowded at vsry perform
ance. The play is bright and rsfreeh
Ing. The Lyrlsoop has a nsw set of
life motion picture which ar a direct
Importation from the east " Jo Thomp
son la singing a nsw plotured ballad. '
. '. lira, Tom Thumb Coming. ;
Mrs. Tom Thumb, the famous midget
Is advertised for the Grand. - Bh comes
next week, t This week the Grand's list
of features contains tha Four Leondora,
society acrobats, in daring reats; . tbs
"Ractlmo 1.1a" skstch of Marshall and
Ivorraine; the tiemonta, musical people;
Mlaa Elaine Forrest- coloratura soprano i
Figaro, the club manipulator; . Master
Harold Hoft, staging "The Rabbi's
Daughter": ths Orandlscope. There la
a dally matins and two shows each
night . . -t - .
, " " :y At' tha; Star.' j "' .. , ' a ;
Comedians and musicians Vie With
1 acrobats for ths first place at the Star
this Week, . Seaman, Adams and Bogeys
. W ar com palled to clear up
our "', heavyweight i ' , '
' " ' ' ' A- " ' '' .
t.. .JV w W4 V wJ
Underwear, Ovarshlrts, ' Blenkets
and Comforters. Tou can .save
from - , . ..
- We ar also -cleaning up a lot
of Pants and Hats at 0ns" half
price of their value. Big lot of
Shoos for Laaiee,-, Man, Misses
"And Boys,' from too to 11.14 eved
- according to regular prices. - Miss
not a. good chsnoa. Be. in time
while we have a fair assortmsat
-et-stsea , .. . j
ft S.T7.Ccr.TaJrJ Cs.U
Pointing Oiit
I thiej Reaoon
For buying hardware, tool and kindred
arnciee nere ia pot acwwi-y ia j w
acquainted with' our stock and prices.
Tbe former is diversified to meet every
warm nr. . rna istig- ui in aisii mriaa m em
VVSnv eUlU sF-fsj, ' , , V v t'' , ...
The Boston Dental Parlors. ItlH
Morrison street are giving their annual
J.miin farinMil nrioea or the nurneee
of advertising their Alveolar System of
Palnlees Dentistry. -
Lome a once ana nave mm easniMie
"i. liotrwn
silver riLUMas, so
mtf w Ta,TSia C. TT TJ a ttVf
14.04; SPLENDID SET, It 44j GOLD
crowns, II to is; wmTS inuwno,
TV . :
Tilw attandant ajwava Dreaant All
All winrm mnm.wmnwmmtM mar in. wmmrmr
work don absolutely without pain by
specialists el rrom ii te is yeara ex.
Sunday.' 1:14 a. lt:ll p.-m.
Facio- WortK
Conoidcrin T
wn. aralnar amrUilna? in tha mual-
eal line. 'whether it be a Piano, Piano
itavar.. Talkine- Machine. Gutter or any
othsr of tho smaller Instruments, or
only a violin string, k wiu pay yon ie
Mir n. nm aa a cam tha best that
M. ahi?ilA mm net aall-4a-Ba
tha pries for the. highest grade w
an aooommoaat you xor any amount.
Piano from v40 unv , -
m m IVII. 81 K tin. : . T ' - . ' '
Guitars. Mandolins, eta from $S.0O
up. v . .. . ., ( ,
Talking machines rrom nn.OO up. -.
Sheet Music, per copy, from 5d up.
Everything , on Easy .Terms, -
Dunddre Piano Co.
laa eta St. Ova. Oresreniaa Bid;.
- N. a Don't fall to gst tho new ong,
"Soldier Boys, la Blus.1" i . - , ,
-.Stove Cod.-". ;
; King Up Phoas aSain S778 ; v
Vulcan Cbcl Co.
. ' sat BtrBarszoa stbbb. ;
ar giving the greatest of satlsfactioo
to the music-loving patrona Fred
Haydn plays the eoncertln la a mas
terly fashion and ths Aldeans ar hoti-sontal-bar
experts. Billy Hlnea H) - a
monologlat; Yardman, a female'. Im
personator; W. H. Hartford alngs a
pretty ballad and "The Deserter" On
the Staroscnpe completes a sterling bill.
VT. J. Chambers,
F4.; Vindicator. Ub-
rtv, Texas writes December II, ltl:
''With pleasure and unsolicited by
you, I bear testimony to tne euratlv
rwer of Ballard's Horehound tyruo.
have used it In my family and caa
cheerfully affirm It Is the most sffeo
tlve and beet remedy for couth and
colds I hsvs ever used.". Bold k W4
axd, Claras Cv . ..
Boston BanllSiS
StXH Morrison OyOj, yaa Si Vroak
. Satraaee atlH aeessisoa B.
un,.M a. as a m l. a n mm
L '.
Cd ia...MaaUatJ
The superior and lasting
tone of the Fischer ia not a
I ' matter of accident. ;
." Fischer quality reprettntt
workmanship. - t .:.,
. '' If you will only imagine the
most scrupulous care, -the
J.jnoit cxpertworkmanshipjwtl
the testing over , and over ;
agajn of every bit of material '
" every wire, -every bit of felt,
" ivory-or wood that goei Into "
the comoosition of s Fischer.
-Tvou will berin to-understand . f
r7wnytne yitcner nas aucn a
' beautiful tinging , tone, wny
the, tone wean and why tha
piano stays in perfect tune
- ometimes for ai much at two
if yearg.-. ;. x : V.v'' A
Jl; . Noihinr left tccchanca in 1
tne manufacture or tn
" Ficher. . ' , - -;
t ! We have in a new stock of
Fischers. , , Several ' of ' the
-. styles have never been shown
f on tne . raciiic ioast oeiors.
HT Come'' in and r ee ; these
pianos whether yon are in the
. market to buy or notVe ' De giaa to mow yoa
around our itorerooma. ;r :
If you want a piano there
it no reason in the world why.
I , yr.ii atintflt ain Bare one. : -
Just select the instrument
make a amall payment and ,
' then pay two dollar! a week
thereafter.- -r-, .-., x--
Yon have the uie of the ?
-instrument all the time, and-?
. the first thing you know your
piano ia paid for.. : .-. ...
Afa-yott not iprndirTp;"
dollars a week foolishly that
yoa might better be putting
into a pianof ". : : ;.-
Remember, we giTe espe- '
cial attention to out-of-town.
1 trade. Write ut or telephone
Allen & Gilbert-
The Oldest,' lUrgeit' and
Strongest Piano and Organ'
House in the Pacific North-
; west" ; ' -'; .;. A , 7,
TiSo KAnnopc n
Tt2 Utole L'dalh
'mm nn m tt tn nnirrc '
vvh rvrikfut rniMxi m
odd un ot ooagrra. Wee et as
alezaaorla doth, fall bias gore, awdtaoi
Isesthi leese-erleuBad tee aad bettewl
large and amall alars, la white, drab
and Mark, ravalar 11.00. .
juaiua Pkfca..
vxTxa-atrrr ooxut. y. ta. wads
of good quality Batiete, aksrt leastb,
laea trlaiai Sae-aad lutwa, wtts aatla
drawlas rlbbona; ta vhlta aad drab,
elaea tram IS tn SO; ragulsf 41.09.
JUBILKB PBICa...,, ....... ......Tie
trtrn-sm ooaixr, se. tat, m4s
ef sood seaUty Batlata; daa boat.
lad bottee). with satta .drawtns
ail aaaoa with I hooka, la alaaa
80, white sad Irah; resalar II. oo.
ia ta
, 7ee
POO a 4. Bark.
ir see
i doxxx ooLh katAf roaxa, , Bsrh.
eelr - ' ,.....47e
poii nmi xjrrria., ,xart.
ealy '-.... 14t
a B0ZU ena eyOOka., karh.
eery i..
M Dona lira snuraa ajrn roxxi
H deeas te seek est). Jabltee iMca.
the eat. ealy ...1.4f
tt Mm Txaayooya,' jabiise vr?.
tbe dasaa
- -
rPf'VIJTtIs all M-lacb Baltlnta,
eaU st ese-tsird off rag-
abur prlev
BoTCL-KnEriaa ano wtgx- mit
sad Wasiaa everywhere Will take ev
vastase et thle ennraelaat4 efesees
te bay Orerkery, Olaa aad Stlverwsre
hatow BMaeteatarer'e eost. We baosht
m.. m - mmmi' I at aie waaa hat have .
eeaodeaad tae Wee Js carry them la M
stark, as we aead tha rooas tot etaa 41
tr.m CC2A?! C.ZAP1
0a HOTIOV tWTnrTKa wtU save year
al hiatus tf res eaU at sa.sste. tai
skds ftea le te lie. . '
i '- i