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. The , Greatest .Clothing , Ilcyse . In rtke Ncrlh v, 1 m
' i
The Woodmen. of the World of-Eugene,
Oregon, will entertain'; Head Con
sol I. L Boak tomorrow evening. The
committee In charge has been hard at
work to make thla the largest fraternal
meeting in the history of tone county.
'AH the nearby cimpt will ' be repre
sented. An open meeting will be held
at the Christian church, where Head
Conaul Boak will deliver - an address.
Afterward there will be. a meeting for
Woodmen at which refreshments will be
served, .. . A .' .v .-,
Head Conaul BoalC In a recent ad
dreaa, spoke of the graft of the Mo
; Curdya and McCalla, showing that these
men were -at the head of the greatest
gambling,, speculating" and grafting
, corporation of the world, oaring .only
Two-Mill Tax Levy Not Available
" V for Fill on Sullivan's
5 ..
General Sentiment Favors VfUI but
r; There la No Way to Secure One,
.Though Its Coat Would Not Equal
That of Bridge. ?-yvC; . ,
. Because of the J-mll'l "general assess
ment, it la probable that the eaat side
will have Instead of extensive Alls that
would endure for all time, steel ' and
wooden bridges which will- be replaced
every generation or so .to the financial
loss of the entire city. Those who are
leading the campaign, the al Bids Im
provement ' association,' . Is , making for
the opening of Grand avenue across Sul
livan's gulch, do not favor the construe"
tlon of a bridge across the chasm, but
at the same time they have become con
vlnced that the bridge 1 all -that can
be secured under, the present law.
"It la unfortunate that the J-mlll gen
eral levy cannot be used for Oils.'' said
Joseph Buchtel, ' vice-president of - the
association, -yesterday afternoon,'- "for
that is the sort' of an Improvement the
eaat aide .wants. That ravine Is the gap
that Is dividing the entire district and
only when we have a filled street across
It on Grand avenue will the eaat side be
united as it should be. 'The Importance
of bridging the gulch and of doing so at
ence cannot be overestimated, and If
the fill cannot secured. I suppose we
must work for a steel bridge: one ort the
other we want soon." ; - ti . .
Experts who .have Investigated the
matter for the association say that the
eoet of filling the gulch at Grand avenue
would be no more than - for the con
struction of a steel bridge, and probably
-a" fourth 'laao. - A bridge ' would eost
about ISO,. and an offer 'has been
made by responsible parties, to nil the
gulch to the street level at Grand avenue
for 145.000. A viaduct for the railroad
would have to be provided In addition
to this, and probably some difficulty L
would be found In filling the marsh, but
. : - h I
" 1 . - ' fcrv 1
'11 : t5 f
- h a . frrJ
. . .-'.T - - . . .... S
ftaiurc Provides Its Own Remedies Which, It
f ? Used Judiciously, insure Perfect A ;
. V, .. , , V" Health at All : Times.
- aside from the, sleasnre, of t eattnc saaasa
able traits before bectanlng the srst bmsI of
. ths day, this eaetoa hss sadonbtedly arisen
from the 'will-knows . faet that aesrly an
. aad more psrtlcalarly plants aad PBCNES
eiauls aataral laxative prlnelples which act
directly ea the steaiacb asd bowels. ' ..
' Coastlpatios, tkat ' dread aad . troableaosM
coakvUlnt which ' Is andoaMedly the i basis
eanse ef strn utha of the dyspepsia, ladi
. gsstlos, blltouD-ta, et so prsvaleat asMtig
" oat " people -today, . aad which, If - segleeted.
. surely lesda to aBors eotapUeated aad serwaa
. orgsnte diseases, eaa - ssraly be proveated,
- sad wkea not too (r-edT,eod eaa be abao-
lately eared by the jadldeae see e( tke- swe
ars laxative aad tbartl. California . Praae
Wafera. - t - ' '
Tbey ere sot ar pateat saedldae la the
- erllnij- erase ef the word, being eompeaaded
from fresh Callforata Prunes, which every,
tatelllgeot pereoe ' kaowa , la , trnly asture's
' liiitlee. " - ,' .
A dainty little wsfe-.. always, the .same,
- -rya. ;
California Prune Wafers
. : A Natural Dissolvent and Corif fof Bilious- f
;' nets. Constipation Dyspepsia and all Bowel , j ,
Troubles Far Better .Than Pill or Purge '
-lO O -W A EX R S , 23 .6 E N.T 3
S. C. SKIDMORE O CO., prusgbts, 151 Third St.,
Sole Agents for Portland,. Oregon.
I tr""!
1, W.' B. Dillard; 2.' Head Conaul L
- ', ' Vr I Frrow;-5,:j.-M.-WUlaina;.'J. S.' Stiles.
the flat offer would leave the contractor
to wrestle with these. problems. n, ,. , ,
K. Take AssooUttoa WIU Xy Flaaa
Tot Teaf s Work Tomaumo STlglitv .
".The Mt. Tabor Improvement-club- will
hold Its November meeting at the new
Woodmen Vt the " World ball - on West
avenue tomorrow evening.. The club will
meet in the new hall for the first time
and Its ' initial . session wlll be In the
nature ef a social, gathering at which
an effort will be made to arouse greater
Interest in the work of he organisation
anions! the residents of the place. There
are several problems confronting the club.
The incorporation of the Mt xauor dis
trict Into the city district will be one of
the things the club will wora Tor ana me
necessary dsta wilt be so arranged that
at the annual taxpayers meeting In pe
oember the district voters .may learn
lust what they will gain by annexation.
The sanitary problems that confront the
district will be considered also. The
club is endeavoring .to secure. from, ths
city adequate water and aewer service
and has a petition in tor nre protection.
These things will be due the annexed
portion of Mt Tabor when the new. city
tax levy Is collected early next year1 end
the club expects to perreci its campaign
plans so that It can go before the council
and secure . some of the , things - most
needed. .: . i ; -; .', '
f .' ; :A ":
Mvate Obstr-MTttoa- ef Tnorafhfars
. Opposed by SuslBoss Stea.
Now that the Harrlman management
has promised ths immediate opening of
a general east- sias passenger .aepoi at
East Second and Washington streets.
the work -ftha-bus laesa-inen JOtthe
district is being : centered on . the . nil
project -.that la to make - East Second
street passible' from East .Morrison
street , to the Barnalde bridge. Private
corporations with " mllla, warehouses,
docks and, refuse heaps have -taken up
publlo right of ways In ths dlstriot until
eompasaaed Is a - k (ghly . , eeaeeatratod - 'foril
front freak llforala Proa-s, they are, a sat
oral dlssslreiit, ketlog 'ea tie eoBteata of the
toraaeh sad bowfls- aad set ea, tke erga-a
thearwlTts. .. . t . . .' . .- - :
Tbey regulate the Unr aad , ttesMek,
ClMase the Bystera. sad Porlfr-tb.. Blood,
Core all Sows! Traoblas, Bllloasaess, Bad
Breath, Bad Blood, ' Wind ', es the . atonaeb,
Bloat-4 Bowels, Foul Uoota, Baadsche, Ind
gestlaa; Pimples asd Dlatlataa, - - ;
. Bvery , household should have Its fhsiny
packate of CAUFORNIa PRtNB WArCRs,
aad at tke Brat stgne ef approaeklag . tUness,
or wkea ' sadef : the' weather, take . e eoepla
et 'wafers and the doctor's Mils win soos
be stack smaller taaa'tkay are ow. .
' Tea eaa eat whit soa slease If yoa follow
eaek ateal with - a ,( CaUPOBNU PBUMB
WAP EB, which - ealekly . dlsaolTea - the saiat
Indlfestlble food, and kaJpe te.eanp It threeck
aad oat ef the ersteai la a geatle aad kealtk
fal aisnaer,-wltkoet the allshtsat sals, grlplog
100 Wsfers for SBc.
'V aV-V. -Saw V 1 mW a-.N -""- -r
X. Boak; 3, Q. K. Monroe; 4 C Sr
halt a dosen streets are' closed' and the
district Is shut off front the river front
except by one or two 'thoroughfares,
which have been overlooked. ,
The management ' of ' the Harrlman
lines In Oregon has been approached on
the fill question and, it la hoped that the
road will cooperate ' with the property
owners Pt the district In opening Second
street, bringing it to. grade-for Its full
width- and giving -traffic -a xhancs to
reach Union avenue from the river front
diet riot, - without-: having to take -the
present roundabout course. , ., r . .
St. foaas Aastmea ltwoUtBa Al aad
Adopts Baateam Systera.
The St Johns council at Its last meet
ing devoted a good part of the session to
streets., and discovered, . among, other
things, that . there . were two Catlln
streets In the town. In a patriotic vein
the "body' decided that' one should be
named Dewey. - The council decided also
that the-, municipality bad arrived at a
stage of progresa that made house num
bers a necessity and' householders will
be ordered to tag their-front doors, an
ordinance being In the course of prepara
tion to. thla end. The town will adopt
the eaatern system. Each block-will
have one hundred numbers. It being be
lteved .that - this system is better than
the one In use in Portland. . ; .
tSaeetsl Dhroatek to The joeraal.I
Tillamook, Or.. Nov. 11. -The bonds
men of H. H. 'Alderman, former sheriff
of Tillamook couqty, havs been sued to
reoover M.tOO shortage In bis accounts,
as claimed by the county. Alderman
waa-aharlff of the rounty..ia J,t when
the - court- house and records, were de
stroyed by fire. In January,' 104, be
committed suicide.
Two suits hava previously been filed
against his estate, one. .of which has
been decided against the county. The
administrator of ths estate claims that
f l.(0 is all that Is due the county and
has offered to settle for that amount.
The' county hss refused this offer and
has entered suit against tne Donasmsn
for the 18.000.- . The county is . repre
sented by Attorneys Hendly end Thayer
aad the estate by Keipn jjuniway.
Twn Fiwpn ANn ntoF '
f W'S BlaBm r w mar W aj ami , -
'(BpecUI IHstMtrh to The JoeraaLr '
Eugene, . Or., Nov. 11. Jack Brlerly
and ; Aaa Branetater were - each fined
1100 and costs by Judge Harris of ths
circuit, dourt ' today -for- selling Intoxi
cating liquors at. Junction City in viola
tion -of the: local option law.; -They
both pleaded guilty. - . .
1 J. E. Martin was today sentenced to
0 days In ths county Jail for larceny by
embesslement. '. The oharge was pre
f erred by the, Singer Sewing. Machine
dompany, . Martin' was , formerly their
agent here.. He had pleaded guilty' to
the .charge. , :
. Charles &. Wheeler has been granted
a divorce from leabel, and 'Fannie E.
HInton from James O, HInton.
(Bpectal frtspateb to The Joeraal.l
Sllverton; Or.. Nov. 11. Lewis Larson
of Salem, a- Norwegian- preacher who
recently occupied the pulpit In one of the
city churches, .was arrested, last Thurs
day evening on a charge of drunkenness
end disorderly 'conduct'. Before Police
Judge H.. E. Browne he pleaded guilty
and paid his One. . "This Is ths second
time he has been In the city Jail within
two weeks on the esms complaint .Lar
son Is known In thla 'part of Oregon as
an able temperance ' lecturer. He was
ordered to loave town Friday morning",
which he did. . ; . . i ,
' City Baya Sprint.' v
- - - (Bpeetsl Dtspetrh to The Jnaraal)
. Kawberg. Or.. Nov, 11. The city coun
cil has purchased a spring north of
town from Dr. It. 'A. Llttlefleld, the
price paid being 11.000. and the real
dents feel sure of plenty of water for
the net summer seseoo -
for themselves,' regsrdless of the trual
thet the policy-holders have' put In
hem In handling their money.
Head Consul Boak : said what this
oouDtry wsnted was more men like
Roosevelt, -Jerome and Folk, and when
the 'time came that the people of the
country united and elected thla class of
men to flit: the -higher offices -of our
government there would be no such
thing as graft and the men who were
placed In a position of confidence would
do their duty.
Head Consul Boak. will meet the
Woodmen at Myrtle Creek November 14,
at. Ashland November If, -and Grants
Pass November IB, where the commit
tees have arras red for Ms reception,
after which he wlU visit the California
camps.. v. - !.
j U p
ii III Ui
Rose - From Ordfnary Railroad
Man to Important Factor -
' In Wall Street: -. '
Thn Whea Sereral Million JDoIIars
?. Worth of Securities ; Wert to Be
Floated, Davia Went. to Germany
and FriendB iTookWhoIelBsuet
. By M. J. Koch a- - , --
Among the prominent visitors In Port
land yesterday wss H. C Davis, one of
the. party accompRpylna-Prealdent iilft.
J. Earlink. of the Chicago. Milwaukee
& St. Paul railway Mr. Da via Is not
only a prince of good fellows, but the
prince of entertainers. - It Is as the lat
ter he has acquired a national reputa
tlon, and. It might be added, mads a for
tune. . i,-,' .
: Tears ago Mr. Davis was an ordinary
railroad man. Today he Is a prominent
Wall street broker and Independently
rich, able to do as he pleases and take
tils ease, no man is more entitled to
the good things of life than ha, No
man ever made more friends and no man
deserveaV-more. At all times hs hss been
plain H. C Davis. - He Is on of those
men who can fit himself to ths surround
ings of a logging camp, or be at ease la
ths most exclusive society. .
It was twenty odd years ago I first
mst H. C Davis, or "Humphrey Clinker,
as ths rallrosd -newspaper men of St
Paul were wont to call him. In thoee
days Mr. Davis was at the head of the
old St Paul. Minneapolis Manitoba,
now the Great Northern railway, with
the title of assistant general paasenger
agent l The company bad no genejraJ
passenger agent,
Was Assistant to Tee. , :
Prom the old Manitoba road he went
to the Northern. Paoiflo as assistant to
General Passenger Agent C. 8. Pee. T. F.
Oakeawarg-at-tha time president nf the
latter road. His attention had pre
viously been drawn to Mr. Davis, and
having an important and very delicate
mlaalon to be executed ho selected Davis
for this office. After this bs became
Mr. Oakes' confidential man. His news
paper friends gave him the title of "O.
F which they explained meant "general
fixer.' in this position he continued so
long as' Mr. Oakes remained head of the
Northern Pacific . - , -. .
Prior to going with the St PauL Mln
nea polls aV Manitoba Mr. Davis bad been
with the construction department of the
Northern Pacific and took a whack at
the first spike driven on that road. As
consequence when the golden (the
last) spike was driven, connecting the
two ends or the Northern Pacific, and
completing the first -of. the northern
transcontinental roads. President Vlllard
inviiea Jir. uavn iq iaae a craca at inai
aa well. .
Harped Drive oldem Spike.
It will be remembered that the driving
of the "golden spike" of the Northern
Paclflo was a gala week and one of the
greateet In the history of the roadVls
Itors ware Invited from this country and
abroad and hundreds Of thousands of
dollars were spent for their .entertain
ment, special trains were run irotn
both St Paul and Tacoma, meeting at
the junction point of the two ends of
ths road. Prominent among the Invited
guests were a number of German bank
era who bad, through President Vlllard's
Influence, - been induced to purebaae
heavily of Northern - Pacific atoca.
Among thoee selected to entertain the
German guests was H. C Davis. This
gave him an acqualntanca which hss
since been ths means of making him an
Independently rich man.
After Mr. oaaes resigned tne presi
dency of the Northern Pacific, to which
position he had succeeded Henry Vlllard.
he became a prominent figure In Wall
Street, New (York. One day a well
known nroa-erage - nrm approecnea aim
and endeavored td secure his assistance
In floating a large amount, running well
Into the millions, of gilt-edged securities.
X. 0. Davis the Mas.
Mr. 6akes looked the matter over and.
remembering-Mr. Davis rclpse connection
with ths German bankers,! ssld:
"There Is just one man who can float
those bonds snd that Is H. C. Davis."
This led to Mr, Dsvls railing on the
firm, which was followed by an immed
iate trip to Euroje. Mr. Davis' Herman
sdmlrer took the entire Insue, and upon
his iturn to this country hs not only
received a handsome commission, but
was taken Into the firm, one of the beat
known-on Wall street. This wss ths
turning point of his career,, and, as I
Btoatach treable la sot really a sickness, knt a
Symptora. It Is a s-aiptou I hit a eertata set of
aerTea is ailing. Nut the voluotsry nireee that
enihle yea to Willi and tilk end act but the
rear atlnd his ao euotroL '. ' "
I hire aot room h-re to explain how these
tender.tlay Berree control snd operate the stum,
srs.. How worry breaks them tuee sad cawiee
ladl-stfca. How siIsum weira rbem oat aad
moms 4-ipepela. i How ae(l-l mmf brine ea
kidney, heart aad other troubles tbfoech s-ra-path.
I hare aot 'room to iiplita how these
nerres ' Buy be resched sad streDtbened sad
vitalised and mid stfoafar by a reined I spent
rears la perfecting oow knows bf pbik-liaa
and Drusslita enrwhere sa Dr. Shoop'e Heetor.
tlTO t libk-ti or Liquid). I hare But room to
eiplila how thkt remedr. ky remoelng the caose,
UMilly puts a , eeruia esd to Imllr-iiloa.
hk'blo(. heartbara. Insomnia, Ber'oneoeee,
Siipepila. ' AU of these Ulnae are fully -ea-pUloed
la the book I will send you free when
too write. Do But fill to send fos tbe book. It
telle how the solar plena goeerns dlReetloa aad
a hundred other tbinfa errrrooe ought to hnow
for ill. of m, at torn time or ether' have In.
dlsestloB. With the book I eend free rar
"Health Tokea" ea in Undid pesart to Bwd
kealtk. - , . . ... ,'-...,
' ', ' '". . ' .
. ta the free book Book 1 ea Dyspepsia. '
i"? '.."SL." "Hak Book ea the Heert.
6BTX , Radne. Wis. Bo " .
Bute whtck book roe 'Book B for Men.
want. ! Book B ea Bbraaatlsra.
Prepared la both Liquid and - Tablet form.
For sale st forty thousand drug stores. Ml Id
eases are eftea reached bf a sing la Package.
Bunko Men Select Willamette
Valley Towns for Exercise
of Their Arts.
Circuit Court Adjourns Without
Grand Jury Bringing in Report
OnlyOnj Indictment Returned To
day snd Monday May Sea Finish.-
(ReeeUl TMapatet- to Tke Jearaal.) .
- Oregon -City." Nov.H. Bunko men
have seemingly selected the people or
Canbyjkurora aad that vicinity aa sasy
marks. .Two montns ago - an- alleged
representative of a Chicago olgar houss
earns through with a lot of cigars
which- ha. sold for t a 100.- A an
Inducement for heavy purchases, he
pledged his house to send prepaid by
express - a handsome cigar showcase.
worth 110 or SIB. Most of the dealers
purchased In large lota. The ehowcass
nsvsr cams and the cigars were too
poor to give away.
Soon' after the advent of the -cigar
agent, a man claiming to be tbe author
ised agemt of the "New Era" magsslns
came along. He gave away with each
paid-up subscription to his magaslne a
large lot of patterna. The value of the
patterns promised would be many times
ths pries of the magaslne. Nearly every
woman In Canby subscribed. Neither
uagaslns nor patterns cams. -
. Boon, afterwards an alleged represen
tative of a Portland magaslne came
along and began to collect all ths sub
scriptions be could and to get cash on
nsw subscriptions. , Later s bona fids
sgent of this period leal, cams to Canby
and said the first man was aa Impostor.
o Oelabraka. . '
fSBeeJel Dknatrh to The Joenal.t
. Oregon City, Nov. 11. The German
society of Oregon City will hold Its
first formal celebration Sunday after
noon at :! o'clock' la the Armory, it
was organised two months ago for so
cial purposes and to assist nsw Oerman
emigrants. toOregoii.andla.kaen.4be
people of tbe fatherland in touoh with
each othsr. , ..
Oae rjadictoema
(Boeelal Damateh to The JoaraaL)
- Oregon City, Nov. II. Only on In
dlotment was , returned today by the
county grand Jury, that of - William
Dark,, charged with horaeeteallng. Bs
says ho Is only IB years old. Tbe grand
Jury Is Investigating the Mllwaukle club
gambling house sad may make Its final
report Monday.
Birthday rarty. "
(BoeeUl Dtaoetek to The JeenaLTi v
Oregon City, Nov. 11- At the home
of EL W. Scott Friday evening Miss
Mary A. Scott celebrated her birthday.
Among those present were Misses Lou
ella NUee. Ethel Park, Ultra McClure,
Myrtle Cross, Winnie Jackson, Flor
ence,' Grace and. Allle Grout. Hardin
BlackwelL, . Joseph M Thoraslscn, Carl
Schramm, William Jackson, Harold
Waldron, Willie Sthromyer and Millard
Qlllett. - .
raaeraj ea acre. KeUofg. -
(8WU1 Disss tch to Tke JoaraaL
-regon City, Nov. 11. The funeral
of Mra Mkry Kellogg will be held Sun
day afternoon at I o clock from .the
residence of E B. Kellogg at Mount
Pleasant. Tbe ssrvlcee will be conduct
ed by Rev. R. C. Blsckwell of ths
Methodist church. Mrs. Kellogg died
last Saturday at the heme of her sis
ter st Hunts vllle. Alabama, where she
had been for the past three years. She
wss 7T years old and a pioneer bf Ore
gon City.
have said, today old "Humphrey CI Inker"
Davis is abla to do aa ha pleases, taks
his ease, and, aa hs eays, be without a
thought io bother, or a -care to worry
him. '-.'"
Incidentally It might, be added that,
Mr. Davis being one of President Earl
Ins" party, may have something to do
with. the rumored extenelon of the Chi
cago. Milwaukee at St. Paul railway to
Portland an ths ooaet. .
' (Bpectsl ptepeteh to Tke Jonrnil)
Tillamook, Or.,. Nov. 11. O. O. Nolan,
attorney and a former resident of Tilla
mook. Indicted by the federal grand jury
with other from thla county, for con
spiracy ' te defrauding the government
of - pubtle . land, has been - arrested at
Florenoa, Arlsona, by the federal authorities.-
; . ,i- ' .-
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