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j, . '
An Important and Opportune Calo of
Foreign and Domestic linens X
At much less than regular price. A sale of considerable interest
' at this time, for Thanksgiving is near at hand and Christmas is
but little further off, and these fine table linens carving cloths,
centerpieces, tray cloths, square lunch cloths, etc, will be ap
preciated, either on your own table or that of some one else.
Neither the prices nor the values can be matched: Some of Mon
day's and Tuesday's specials are: . ' v" h1 ; ; - ;: V" ; '. -:'.t'T
-Bleached Damasks Extensive showing of new table " linen.
. Beautiful new designs, ranging in prices from. $1.75 CA ;
?. per yard down to. ,......... J................. uUL
- Napkins to matchTill sizes, pure linen, most elaborate display
i in Jthe city Prices "from $5.00. per clozen down-- QQ"
'Damask Table Sets, consisting of one cloth and one dozen nap
kins, either plain or hemstitched, handsome patterns. &y QA -;
Prices from $18.00 down to:.. J..;... .......... ...W.zU
Damask. Tea and. Lunch Cloths-New line of lunch cloths in..
. all sizes and designs. ; Prices from $2.05 down . " Ij
Table Linen Worth 65c at 58
CWnch unbleached strictly all
linen Table Damask, handsome
patterns ; well worth " CQA
- 65c. Special at. . . . . .V. OOU
Z Table Linen Worth 60c at 50
; 60-inch t unbleached ,T a b 1 e
Damask, - good heavy quality,
warranted to wear; best 60c
aualitv. t f A
Special aC . ; . , ..O VI
Table Linen Wqrth 40c t 34
58-inch unbleached Tab 1 e
Damask, in a large assortment
of patterns ; always sold OAf,
at 4pc. .Special at.V...Oxlv
Table Linen Worth $1 at 85
72-inchi all linen f ulr bleached
Table Damask, handsome new
patterns to select from ; best $1
quality. . fiCt
Special at. . : . . , .... . . . ,OU U
: r Variety in Our! rail
;:.;;Dreso Goods and Sillrs
- i- ' , Anticipates Every . Need ;:.'.;
f Here is a wealth of variety and a richness of materials that
fford ahance that you could not expect to meet with outside
Sof metropolitan fashion centers.- You must see them to appre-
cute tne exquisite. quajuiy ana wwneas oi pnw.r
i $1.35 Mohair Crispine7r42-inch 'fast black Mohair Crispinecomes
in' medium. weighti very brilliant finish, -neat .repe effect one -
of the most popular weaves made. ,y,r -' u'u fc c A A
' Special price; . f ............ ..'1 .. V A W. ;
i $1.25 FrenchlPnmilla -Ilighly. finishecLfastlblack Pcunilla 48 ?
k inches -wide; called a 'bargain elsewhere at $1.25. .On QC-,
. sale Monday, and , 1 uesday at, per yard w v
"Egyptian Crepe'srS inches' wide, made of selected wool, comes
' in all colors, black and evening shades one of the best Ca
: known fabrics for a dressy gown. . Special price. ........ JUL
' Taffeta Silk 19-inch Messa
; line finished Taffeta Silk.. We
guarantee this silk to be the
best quality ever shown iri the
city , for this price over a hun
dred shades to select 7 F
from. Special. .. . . . ... 1 UW
Sterling Taffeta 36-inch Ster
ling Taffeta,, the best silk, in
America,, warranted to give sat
isfaction every yard guaran
teedwill not crack or break,
when in need of a first class
silk ask for Sterling's Guaran-
Prices $1.25 and..'. $1:50"
READ'S LANSDOWNES We . carry the famous William F.
Read's Lansdownes. These goods come in all the popular staple
and evening shades also in shepherd checks, black and white,
blue and white, brown and white,. They are, the finest goods
made in America: are half silk and guaranteed to d 5 J?
wash like linen. Price per yard. . . . ....... . .'. . ..... $1 Od
Lining Satiri-36-inch heavy double warped' Lining ''' ... 7C-''
Satin, colors black, gray and castor. Special.' .. I .
Black Taffeu 24 to 27-inch
guaranteed black Taffeta,' for
eign and domestic silks, both
chiffon and ' messaliafr finishes.
.Special Monday and HtZr
Tuesday. ...... v . jV. . . l
Eolienne 42-irich Eolienne, '
guaranteed one half silk; comes -in
all the - staple' as, well, as
evening;, shades;- is without,
doubt one of the prettiest fab
rics '. shown ', for ; reception,
gowns; sold elsewhere for
$1.50 and $2.50 per yard. Our
: A Unowledge in itting tnoes is as ;:;
; ; Essential as Good Chocs
It seldom follows because a salesman consumes a great deal
of time in fitting your feet that he is really taking an unusual
'amount of care. It is by far more reasonable to believe he is.
lacking in foot knowledge. Did he possess that thorough under-"
standing that is most requisite to success he would at once diag
; nose yodf requirements for shoes as your doctor would if you .
' were ilL That thorough knowledge saves you time and constant
experimenting to find out what you should wear. '-:;,"'.:',, V
We rive you a combination with our $3.50 and $3.00 Shoes
I- of unsurpassed stvle and quality and the knowledge we possess
iafittingthe teet in every.Known leatner. - . ,
We've a lot of Women's Hand Made Shoes worth $3.00
and $3.50 in all widths. . Monday.,.....; a.......... i. ,$1.09
Misses Kid arid Box Calf Shoes, sizes up to 2. Monday .$..00
"Boys Box Calf Shoes, sizes up to tv Monday.fc.'....rf.$1.60
r. :':: .:.;v;'"
Only, a Few of the' Ilany' Specials in
------j-.V-'---- the Art Scotion
' Hand Painted Pin Cushions, each .'...50, 75, $1.00
Battenberg Thread, all numbers,. perKspool ............. 1, . ,3t V
Battenberg BraidSj whjt
Fancy Jewels, in all colors, per dozen. W-..,M-M;,.4
Silk Ponpons in all colors, per dozen . .".'i .". tot
Cushion Cords', plain an,d mixed colors, per yard.... w. 10
, Embroidery J Ioops,ail sizes, each;..; . 10c
"Corticelli Embroidery Silk, pef 8kein;V.;;V....wr;..4t
Corticelli Knitting Silk, per. spool. .'... Mmr.J ..35c
Stamped Cushion Tops! with backs. . ..Y.Vi. 125, 50
T7T70U0EIIEEPEIIS nd all others who .know the value of money will do
J W I s well to visit this store Monday and Tuesday. They
JUL will make profitable investment of time and a most economical exchange of
"',T: cash -for seasonable goods. Every section presents a wonderful list of real
; bargains in seasonable tnerchandise. Temptingly small prices are the rule in every de
partment The inducements which we offer are beyond all competition and will cer
tainly prove irresistible to any woman who 'is interested in positive money saving.
Monday's and Tuesday's bargain list presents this unbroken' front of brilliant values
:v - ..y : i for the - thrifty buyers.'... l . 'i.:...' :':..
Impbptant Lace Cuptain Sale
That Enables Yon to Save One -Half to One -Third ,
LITTLE PRICES. Our buyers, keeping in
touch with importers and manufacturers ready
to . snap up all worthy curtains that could be
bought cheap enough to permit us to distribute
them quickly, purchased ' 'J ''
' mm -m
500 Pairs of Exquisite Imported
Iiac Curtains
Nottingham, Macira'sXaceCable Net Curtains
At an Areragro Saying: of
Fifty Per Cent
It's one of the best lots of lace curtains ever offered under price; tnese are au new,
attractive goods, 'just the desired sorts suitable for parlors, libraries, bedrooms and
dining .rooms, that housekeepers will want for fall decorations, all offerings are new
Importations styles are the latest it: is ; wonderful opportunity.
ADelightfnIDisplay of Snperlative Valnes Arranged
Ik p in Five Big Lots to Insnre Qnick Choosing
L5i 1
85. PAIRS 3 yards
long and 54 inches wide.
$1.50 ' and $1.75 "values.
78 PAIRS V yards
long and 54 inches wide.
$2.00 to $255 values.
185 PAIRS 35 yards
long and 54 inches wide.
$2.50 and $2.75 values.
This Sale Is Possible because We Handle Immense Quantities
Ve cannot guar-
None dn approvaL'
Nos telephone or
mail" orders filled
at .' these . prices.
, None sold to deal-
ers-7-shop in the '
. morning-" if you
' can.";
- T It 4'
110 PAIRS 50
inches wide and
yards long.r $3 and
$3.50 values. :.
: Lot 5
90 PAIRS 50
inches wide and Y
yards Ion g. $3.75
and $125 values. .
. antee . .the. - low -price
numbers to.
hold out. long
against the rush
these bargains
.will bring shop
early. : '
Extra - Salespeople to Serve Ybu-I-Extra Floor Space Devoted to This Curtain Display.
'ZJ: New Autumn Styles fii ;
Women's Suits, Wraps and Beady-
v tO"ar-rarmenta
They say that good goods is the best advertisement and the 1 statement cannot be"
-denied but iiv coats suits.and-women'-OUter- garments generally- goodness-without-style
would stay with us forever. , Here is a store full of quality and styfe,
the novelty things that are as individual and exclusive as though planned by your own
dressmaker or fashionable tailor and more are being unpacked every day. Note the
money saving offerings for Monday and Tuesday. . , V
Children's Coats, $10 Values
"Women's and Hisses' Suits
Two Exceptional Values at $14 and $12.50
Exceptionally, high grade .Tailor Made
Suits of finest cheviots, pure English
worsteds and broadcloths, swell long coat
styles, in plaited effects, handsome circu
lar cut skirts; two exceptional values.
On special sale Monday, at M 9 C A
$14.00 and....:....;..... l.OU ,
. Women's Handsome Coats ;
' Three Exceptional
Values at at $8.50,
$8.50 and $10.50.
Nearly 100 brand
, new styles of
Winter. Coats in
this special-' lot,
all lengths, tight,
semi -fitted and
empire' effects, all
...uv.. r
tionally high class Tj
'garmen t sre-
markable values.;
On I special sale
Monday at $10.50,
, , $8.50 'and
Women's Skirts, $8 Values
f V for S0.50 ;
New fall models, handsomely tailored;
Jjull circular; gored and plaited styfes,
'.. made of finest American Panamas, chev
, fots, broadcloths - and mixtures;' well
' worth, regular price, $8. . On dJiT : P A
special sale Alonday at..ii...vutUy
for 87.50
'A splendid selection of Children's and -Misses'
Coats, of all ages, made from
cheviot, kerseyr all neatly tailored, trim-
' med with tailor strappings, velvet, braids, .
buttons, twenty styles, to choose from;
- regular $10 values. Special C A
iprice for Monday's sale.Ci .'. . . .4) D)
Silk Petticoats, $9 Values
for 80.50 .
, Rustling Taffeta Silk Petticoats, in all the
desirable colors, also bffdc, .having um
brella flounce finished with "accordion
plaited ruffle, tucks above,' ncarsirk unr
derlay and dust ruffle; worth JT PA
' $9. For Monday's sale....... )UOU
Women's Winter Waists -Exceptional
Values at $1.50, $1.75, $1.95.
Ve have theprettiest collection of . new
' Fall Waists , ever, shown here, materials1
- are thin batiste, or nun's vcilingfalbatrosT
brilliantine, madras cloth, and poplin . in .
white and color9, the styles are beautiful,,
over 50 designs in the collection. Splen
did values at $1.50, $1.75 J J
- New Cravenettes, 812.50
.$15 Values for $10
' A Sale of Importance Tomorrow About ,
45 firtely tailored " Rain Coats, six 4vaad- ,
some :; styles, ' in Oxford, tan," olive and
castor, made of plain and fancy water
proof materials, double box pleated back,
v with belt, fitted back,' tucked cuffs, etc.; -.
$12.50 and $15 , values. Will be
sold at.. ....... .............. ;..4)1U.
' A Complete Showing of Latest Ilodels
R. & G. Corsets
The R. & G. Corset is so perfect In design
that it brings out all the lines of beauty and
gives grace, elegance and style to all figures.
It is form fitting and perfectly Comfortable
under, all circumstances. : We are now
showing the latest models long back, raised
bust and tapering waist, which produces the
rounded waist line effect so popular with
those who follow the latest Parisian styles.
R. & G. Style 671 White, black and drab,
bterling Jean, sizes 18-30,
Special i imiTi t h i i . ...... .l.OO
R. & G. Style 379 White and drab, fine
coutille, sizes 18-30. - ' . .
Special .... . . ; ....... lSO
R. & G. Style 384 Drab only, imported
coutille, sizes 18-30. - y -5 -7 - - v
Special S2.00
R. & G. Style 384 Same, sizes 30-36. : Special... I....,,. 2.25
R. & G. Style 2P0 White only, silk batiste. . Special ..... $3.00
R. & G. Style 382 Black only, imported coutille. Special. f 3.00
:Flannel: Skirts'
Women's knee length Flannel
ette Skirts, in colors blue and
white and pink and white ;
, warm7 comfortable garments
for cold weather, daintily trim
med in fancy stitching and
flounces; regular value 'IE
35c. Special ......... LJt
--Flannel : Gownsf -75
Women's Gowns, made of
heavy . fleeced flannelette, ex
tra fullness in skirts and large
sleeves, double yoke, trimmed
with finishing braid . and ruf
fles; excellent $1 value. 7Cr
Special ....... . ... I OL
BLnit Underwear
. for Women and Children -.
We have prepared for an unusual busy day tomorrow with
complete. jtockVtpchoose from with prices lower than ever be-
w. " SL. TV"' ' i" t L'" 1 - -" 1 ."I't-b
lore quotea. it is an advantageous time 10 ouy. .
' Reduced 'prices 'in effect tomorrow on the following:
100 Dozen Women's heavy sanitary . fleece lined Vests ' and
Pants; never before offered for less than 65c a garment. J?
All sizes on sale tomorrow at, each. ................. V.XOC
Women's All Wool Camelshair Vests and Pants, best $155
Quality-at GOr
80 Dozen Women's strictly all wool camelshair Vests and TA
Pants; best $1.25 quality. Tomorrow at....;,,......, UyC
; ; ' ' Boys' Wool Ribbed Underwear. 7
. 80 Dozen Boys' fine Australian wool ribbed Shirts and Drawers,
all sizes, in a strictly high grade woolen garment; best P
60c crstuC 4 ' t fswU W .
,i ; Winter Hosiery -
for Women and Children
Exceptional values in our Hosiery Section Tomorrow. A
November sale of winter hosiery that will attract an immense
throng of discerning buyers be sure you are one of them. ' v
Women's Lisle Ribbed
. Stockings. . ' -
Ribbed-Stockings of extra fine
French lisle, elastic, perfect fit
ting and unexcelled for wear;
excellent doc quality.
Special tomorrow. 1 C
Women's Fleece ' Lined "
- Stockings. -
200 Dozen extra heavy fleece
lined Hosiery for women, ex
tra heavy fleece, full seamless
and marfc with rlastic rfohftf
tops ; 25c value. . ; . , Cr
Tomorrow ID w
ft Women's Silk Fleeced Hosiery, v - ';
80 Dozen Sea" Island Cotton Stockings for Women, heavy silky'
fleece lined, full fashioned, all black or black with un- )Cf
. bleached soles ; best 40c quality. Tomorrow. . .......... .
Women's Woolen Stockings. Do you wear Woolen Hos
iery ? If so, be sure and partake of the following:
A marvelous collection of high grade Woolen Stockings for
Women, in heavy ribbed or plain cashmere. In the lot are
plain black with gray. heels and toes, heavy ribbed Oxford grays"
or light natural gray wool, 200 dozen, all sizes and . O ,
weights. .... On sale at, the pair. . . ; ........ .', ...kUt
Specials in the Men's
; Men's Night Robes Best $1.00 Values at 75. .
Men's Night Shirts, made from teasledown outing flannel ; ' '
regular $1 grade. Special . . . . . . ......... . .. . .... .... .75
Men'sUnion Suits $3.50 Qua!
ity at S2.50.
Men's fine worsted ; Union
,Suits, in blue and gray;
-$3.50 grade. Special.. .$2.59
Men's Wool Hosi-Retrular
35c Kindat25.
Merirs fine worsted Cashmere
. Sodts, in . gray, merino, Ox
ford and black; 35c. . f
values. Special .......... 25
Boys' Sweaters $155 Values
at 75.
Boys' fine wool Jersey Sweat
ers, in blue arid purple, with
white and red stripes; ,.,
$1.25 grade. Special 75
75d Fleeced .Underwear 50
, Men's fine heavy fleece lined
Underwear, in ribbed br" flat,
all sizes, shirts and draw
ers. Special price, 50
JSillFloss CuoliionD -
Size 14x14 inches. Special .......,.... 14
Size 16x16 inches. f Special at. .......... '....18
Size 18x18 inches.; Special at.;...,.,irr:..,.;.........23
Size 20x20 inches. Special at...,.,,............,....--"0
Size 22x22 inches.--Special at. ....:.... ........... . 40
; Size 24x24 inches. Special at ....................
Size 26x26 inches. Special at. ,.i.C?