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Decided to Preserve Work of
School Children Shown
; . . at Fair, .x,,.,:
When TupU Write a Good Eaaaj; It
' Will Bs Added ' to r Display
Reward of Merit, : Say Supcrin-
A ptrmuuit publio school exhibit !
feeing installed In the office ot the
county superintendent of schools. une
Lewis, and Clerk fair eahJblt of the
acheols of the eouaty outside the city
Is being used ee nucleus. The cabi
nets hate been arranged and the work
of the puplle placed e. at the expos!-
tUKrom time to tlm the work of the
different school of the county which
- .k. oahinat win ba renewed aha
additions medo. yhsnever a papll does
meritorious . work In any school the
teacher will offer the specimens to the
exhibit. ,"
-The idea 'ef making- permanent
school exhibit originated with County
Superintendent of School B. F. Robln
aon. who had charge - of the Oregon
educational exhibit at the exposition.
Instead of returning the exhibit to
the School which prepared them, where
thy would be broken up and destroyed,
Mr. Boblnson thought It would be a
good idea to plaoe It where It would
be of future benefit to the. public
1 believe the exhibit will be of great
v....ri .ha luchtn." said Mr. Robin
son, "for they can coma here and study
it and compare the work of the pupils
1n -the different schools. Easterners
who are Interested In school work also
can see what we are doing.' " . ,.
"The. placing of the work of ' any
pupil In this exhibit will be reward
for meritorious effort. This will prove
an Incentive to pupils to dojaetter work
in the classroom. ' W "t"T
urn I A t'JA I I A MftVIMfS ;
(Btwetat Wapates The feansLl
Walla Walla. Wash, Nov. 11 With
a record of mors than ISOS.OeO in new
buildings erected during the le months
of 1905 and contracts Just awarded for
18 "bieks-oT "payentent-atn-pprxl
mate cost of $7,00w. Walla Walla con
tlnues to forge ahead at an amazing
pnee. The etty ts preparing jto ask for
k. --'- ..r.1 1 w
IWI ... " "
hall to cost in- the neighborhood of 140.
0U0 sod. to "begin the preliminary -work
of installing the proposed gravity water
system which will entail an outlay of
mnvhl TMiDatrh ta The Joarsal.)
Walla Walla, Wash.. Nor. 11. It ha
just leaked out that J. H. Randall, ths
Seattle contractor who built the new
pay Walla Walla dealer for nearly siu,
000 worth of material used In the bulld-lna-.
Two weeks ago Mr. Randall paid
his bills by check. Several days later
the checks were returned marked fno
funds." Randall's heaviest creditor Is
the Whltebouse-Crawford company, that
has a bill oft 1.00 for lumber and mill
work. Steps hsvs been taken- to force
Randall's bondsmen to square ue, ac
counts. " . , '
. :.r
1 " " :S
M me. Lillian Kordicavag Kundrjr in "Tannhauer"; td the left Mrs. d la Mar, divorced wife of the Idaho mil
. lionaire. Captain de la Mar, who it is reported will marry the linger, and the mansion on Fifth avenue, New .
York, to which he, will bring Ma
(Continued from Peg Seventeen.)
Mrs. Minnie MoOregor; Belinda Anne
Plunkett, Mrs. P. M. Newton: Abraham
Dicker Smith. Y. CV Punning; James
Joe Hosmer. Leo 8." Ball; Bismarck
Dlnkslsplsl Fltajammer, W. H. -Gordon;
Temperenca Salvation Hartshorn. Mrs.
J. . II. Richmond; Samson ' Pettlbone
Boneeet, A. O. Sinks; Simeon fUdcllff
Doaood. F. M. Newtoa; Ssmsntha Airhes
Dewberry. Mrs. D. I Clouse; Mehltable
Jana Honeysuckle. JJr. KUiy i: ursy
Hannah Maria Honeysuckle. Mrs. M. B.
Winn; Matilda Ann Honeysuckle, Mrs.
Qeorge F. Brlce;- Karollne Constancs
Strawberry. Mrs. C. H. Heller; Laura
Prudence Bonaparte, Mrs. T.-M. Brirkell;
Halan Loslaa Dussnbsrry; Mrs. W. H.
Whits; IaaaO' Christian Slmonson. c. to.
Miller: Nancy Jans Blackstone, Mrs.'
Edith Davis; .Martha Truly Rosebud,
Mrs. D. IC Meikle; Timothy Truck. C.
H. Heller; Narqlssue CornUssel, Mrs.
Arnold Lindsay. . t
. , After. the neual class recitations,
Which will be given In costume of 10
years ago, the rouowing unique pro
gram will be given:
Essays and Piece Speakln' "Song by
the Skule"; Mrs. Honeysuckle's Visit";
"Oreatln' to the Committee." Isaac
Christian Blmonson; Composition Onte
Cows,", Hannah Marsta Honeysuckle: "An
Basay Onto B, Franklin," - Blsmsrck
Dinkelsplal Fltsjammer; "Composition
Onto Boys, by n Uttle Olrl" Mary Jane
Blackstone: "Song by the Hole Skule":
"An Essay Onto' Oregon, the Wet,'
Martha TrulyTtoeebud: "A Little Girl's
Idea of Physiology, by the Author,"
Mehltable Jane .Honeysuckle! "A piece."
Susan Sweet: "Another Pleoe," Abrsnam
Dickey, Smith; "A Review of Things
Learnt," the master; "Elokwent and
finellblndlno- Pieces. From the Skule
Committee," "Oral Eggs-ham-lnatlon of
the Skul by the Committeemen," -The
Glvtn of a Reward of MerlCA- Yokel
Song by the Skule Quire." . ) , : v . .
The Toung People's society of the
First Congregational church will hold Its
regular business and social meeting to
morrow evening. Misses Ada Doern
becher, Vesta and Alda Bvoughton will
be the hostesses, and all young people
are Invited. . , -.,., j"
The Ladles' Aid Society- of .Taylor
Street ' Methodist church annoonoes a
housekeepers' basaar and dinner for Fri
day r November l. , j ; 1 ;-; .
Mm. C Lucksy.wlll entertain the
Ladies' Missionary society of First Con
gregational church Wednesday after
noon at her home, 797 mot nan street.
Mrs. W. D. Palmer wilt speak on Chicago
missions and Mrs. J. , Ernest , Laldlaw
lU Jlng. r-i- - - -
... . .v. : ' .
The Wistaria Club of St Francis will
give its opening social of the season at
Its hall. East Twelfth and East Pine
streets, Thursday evening at o'clock. ,-
Dr,. George aWhlteaiaa lll deliver
three leeturee under the auspices of the
Woman's Guild of Bt- Stephen a church
on the general subject. "First Aids to
;;Y s
ths Injured.'" Dr. Whiteside wUl deliver
the first eeoture at s cioca i uesoay
svening, November 14 at St. Stephen's
pariah house,- Thirteenth and Clay
streets. .
. - V 'w w,
Ths Grssan Junels have Issued Invt-
tetlons for thslr Thanksgaihg party to
ba given Thursday evening. November
IS, at Larowe nait, i weniy-inira ana
Kearney streets Parson, orchestra will
furnish music , t
The O, A. C. club has Just been re
organised and will hold a meeting at
the Western Academy hall, Tussday
evening. Alufanl . and friends axe cor
dially Invited. i- . kJ . . ,
The 'Woman's Guild of St " DavhTs
church will hold Its annual basaar and
suppsr st the parish house. East Twelfth
and Morrison streets, December ( and 1-
Fancy and plain articles will be on sale
at different booths. The committees
1 appointed are as, follows: Arrangements,
Mrs. J. N. Uranam, ura. uuer; recep
tion. Mrs. JosephL Mrs. : Van Wsters:
dolls. Mrs.' Oakea, Mrs- Sellweod. Mlss
Olssspool: art. Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Shaw,
Mrs. Richmond; , aprons, fancy, , Mrs.
RattTerty; oolored, Mrs. Allen; candy,
Mrs. Fred West; ' bags, Mrs. Bullock,
Mrs. Bow: dellcstessen. Mrs. En tier,
Mrs. Sheldon; Japaneas tea, . Mrs. An
drew Kan; supper, .Mrs. .Gardner. ,,
.... w - -
The fourth annual social dance of the
Junior Zlon league will be held at Anon
ball tonight November 1. Everest's
orchestra will furnish the. snuslo. ' The
dancs Is held for ths benefit of" the
afflicted Jews-of Ruscta and h patron
age of friends ot the Jews will be appre
ciated. ; .-, ( : ;. ; t? ' '.
, j . ' .'i.i; ,v it .i
The' Ladles Aid society of the Nor
wegian synod meets with Mm. HttMe
lit East Tenth street at t' o'clock
Thursday afternoon. The woman's mis
sionary festival will be held Satarday
evening,--'-:-- '., ' - ,
', . - , 1 if w : ' : '
j The Toung Xadies : sodality"' of 1 Bt
Lawrence church will give a whist
party and social Wednesday evening at
I o'clock and extend a cordial invitation1
to all their friends to bs present
V'f'; .
Mrs. Ol P. Bonnsy of Chlcsgo, wife ot
ths late eminent jurist -of the Chicago
Traction company, has been a recent
visitor In Portland,' the guest of the
families, of M, BV Worrell of the board
of trade and Tom Richardson of the
Commercial club. . i i ,
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Reed of nnnbls, the
latter a sister of M, E. Worrell, took in
the last days of ths fair. They returned
home the last of the week.
Mrs. LeeterHJ.- Hulin and her little
eon of Eugene. . formerly , residents -at
Irving ton, npent-tho -week with Irlendj
ta the, city. ' v . i ?.
Mrs. H. A. Kelson, who is passing ths
winter in Portland, spent Sunday at bet
Albany home. -- -
- Miss Ella Millar of Oakland, who has
been visiting her cousins, thee Misses
Ansa and Jessie Farrell, returned home
Wednesday evening to attend the mar
rlage of her sister. Miss Marlon. '
- Mr. and Mrs. Rlnaldo M. Hall visited
eaawsaav ' fi
vi m a m ..
Ramon' Hotel at San Luig Obiapo,
r..-;,.f.-.:.-:.. .; f
friends tn Albany )aat week en route fof
the south. " . v '
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Pleree spent Bun-
day la Balera and were accompanied on
their return Monday by Mrs. F. E.
Slater as their gueet .. . ,
Mrs. Charles A. Macron left Mon
day for Eugene to visit her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George B. Dorrts. .
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. De Huff of The
Dalles' were guests hero last week.
Mrs. U. c. .Wortman jetumea Tues
day from a week's visit with relatives
and friends In Eugene. v r
EMward . Bernhard of Fairbanks,
Alaska, has been ths guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Selling, tT West Park. '
MTs. Llxile Shuts Of HiUaboro visited
friends during the week. '. -
Mrs. Bogus and Mlsn Bogus of New
Tork are guests at the Portland. " h.
Lady Anna von Rydlngsvard ban re
turned from a two months..vislt to the
harbor towns of Washington, . '. ; 1
j Roderick Macleay. has .returned from
an extondsd trio east -
Cllftoa McArthur t went, . la . Eugene
Thursday to remain till Sunday,
The marrlase of Miss Madeline H.
Lang, dawtrhter of Mr. and Mrs. L Lang.
to Mr. B. w. Dlttsnbofer, will take place
In St Paul on. Thursday, November 1.
Ipvltstlnnq are out for tha--marriage
of Miss Hazel Bonar-GIlham, daughter
of Mr. and Mra. Frank Ollham. to Cyras
Csrlyls Gibson, Tuesdsy svening, No
vember 14, at the White Temple.
Mr. and Mra. Bdmund A. Land of Wood-
lawn announce the engagemant of their
daughter Edith to William T. Ross. Ths
wedding will take plaoe Wednesday,
November as. ." ' - -.:.c-.i:.-.i-r-.--
f The engsgement is announced of Mrs.
a.. Campbell Calif,, niece of Mrs. Wil
liam H. Barnard, to Major James MoL
Wood." - " '- :
- to r.iAR0UAr.i soon
WIN Appear th ifght Btfor
Thanksgiving, En Route From"
- ,wTour f Australia. t
The evening before Thanksgiving will
bring to Portland another famous con.
cert company. At the Marquaia - on
Wednesday evening, the ith of Novem
ber, will appear the Watkln Mills eon.
eert party, composed of England's most
famous basso, and a contralto, soprano,
tenor and pianist of .the highest artistic
standing. Ths tour, which la voder ths
direction of Lois Steers-Wynn Comaa,
la the first one eve; undertaken by the
quintet; they were secured for Portland
through, the great good fortune of their
return to England from Australia? via
aasvJranrlsrn .. ..FiiLlflwIng la on nf Aha
critiques ot their appearance in Mel
bourne, not long ago
"la the miscellaneous first part the
first song of Watkln Mills naturally
sngaged special attention. The great
bass was heard In a singularly happy
vein. He fairly- reveled In rapid ar
ticulation and expansive range of voice.
Demands for more were persistent, and
a particularly hearty one was that after
Miss Edith Klrkwood's blight rend
graceful rendering of 'April.' The deli
cate quality of the soprano's voice la
superb.' . ' . ;
"Ths contralto. Miss Gertrude Lons
dale, gained marked good will by her
sympathetic treatment of Gluck's som
ber air, "Che Faro," and added to the
good Impression with 'On the Banks of
Allan Water.' Mr. Harold Wilde was en.
cored for both of his songs. Ths contri
butions of M, Edouard . Parlovlts, the
pianist comprised a wait by Mosskow
ski and Llsst's-Etuds In D flit both
compositions being executed with must
clanly skill. ' ; , ' , ,
' (Bpeetol Dlapstcb ts The Jooroal.t .
Pendleton, Or4 Nov. 11. The case ot
Bsker eounty against A, II, Hunting
ton, formsr sheriff of Baker- county,
will come before ths .state supreme
court sitting In this city, Monday. In
the trial of the case in the lower court
the Jury gave the county Judgment for
110,000, the amount! of Huntington's
bond. ' .
The point Involved In tbe Ituestlon IB
ss to whether or not Sheriff Hunting
ton had autnorlty to deliver the bond
to Baker county a hi tax bond, when
It wa not elgned by himself, and when
the sureties had slgnsd for but 17,000
Instead of the? full amount of the bond,
the name of but one Bursty appearing
In ths body of the instrument, two of
the eurstlss not having qualified. end
the indorssments on the bond showing
that it was not filed with the county
clerk until motors' than eight month
aftsr the sheriff term had expired.
pedal arnllanagt Zzcmrsios' Train via
otttbera Mela Jtallroad. l
On December It a special sxcurslon
train will leave Ban Francisco via the
Southern Psclflo for the City of Mexico
Low rstes hsva been msds for points
on the Southern Psclflo In Oregon. Par
tloulsr by ssklng sny Southern Psclflo
agent or writing A. Craig, general
passenger agent, Portland Orclin.
5. .... ..
California. Which Wag Destroyed by
';: V, V. - -Eacapad With
Ssaojalde .Xoaialll atreet. . betwesa Thirty.
fifth oad Thlrtr-aixta streets; Iter. T. B. Ford.
At 10 a. at.. Suadiy ockool;'10:M a. si..
moa te chlldrts; 11 a, nv. holy eoomraaloni
:W S. m., caUdres's clasMS and Janloe
league; ts s. ov, Epwarth leagae sevettaaal
BMetlaf: T:80 p. m., sersMn by tn, B. P.
Bowland, sneldlag elder.
Kpwortb Twescy-tlrtra a ad trvisg "streets;
Bar. Heniy T. Atklueas. Baaday achoal, 10
s Bk eeroMS, 11 a. m.; Kpwertta leet-ue. S:W
P. m.: aeraiaa, 1:80 p. o.( qnarterlf euatereaee,
Taeadaj, 8 B. m. ...
riraL aeath roreaters halt 1T1U Beened
tiet; Bev. K. H. Mewre. At 10 a. sv, Sas.
0r erM: U S. m., "V. bat u ts Thine
Hndr" lirl e. n.. official beard-SMMlnsi
SO p. m., Cpworth leagae; T:M p. St., "Kvl-
seneea ei mruuasity."
Central Baaeell and Kedv afreets: J.
T. Abbott. Claw (lu at S:ft a. m.t st
10:0 a. B.. "TSe Blind - Preaeber ssd - toe
tUcnlsed Beam" : eeraUasel smtlns ef Be-
vortb leafue at :S0 n. St.; T:S0 p. St., U
Sund.. ecnaol WIU fir. a service, entitles
iiimerteel atnor-ef WiHamette Unlreratty."
Ursee Tw.lfta sod Taylor atreeta: Kev. Clar
esoe True wilne, D. I). At 1010 a. ok.
reartlng aervlce; T:0 p. S., "The Modern
rodlnl 8oa"l elaaa sieetlns. B:S0 a. m.i Han-
eay eeeaei, U:ia e, to.) Bswerth laegve, M
Tarla Btrtet Pt. rmsals Baroette Bhnrt.
At :M s. n., claaneas 10 10 a. si., preach I uf
aervleta; 1:1 p. at., Sunday sebaol; .:
p .,; I M p w, "T: M.
C. A. Immtt" unlet- Bane Hi
A. lawreata' ' : an.akTa-
. L. Veaal.. Bobert livlnntoaa.
Trinity tut Tenth and Urant strata: Bev.
Harold Obers. Praevblns eervtcee stotnlas aad ng; la the evening Bev. O. L. Carr, eves-will-
seeseSi- Besday-erSatl, 10 S.-SM
Ipworth leacae. 90 p. aa. .
Lenirn.ry Eiat rme ana nast trims sveetsi
Bev. William H. Henna. D. D. At 10:30 a. m..
U. Lord's anpper, with airsns by Rev, B. t.
Rowland. Ph. D : at T:SO e. m.. "Tbe Twes-
tl.tb Uenterr Bvldeaeea of tbe Divinity of
Cbrlat"; Borotog claaa, 0:80 e'eloek; Banear
acbaoL U:1S . m.t love feeat, I m. n. Jantore
end Intemedlatee, S .p. B.1 bwerth .dew
UoaaU :1S s. ta.
rre Boat hint and Boat Milt streets.
Preacblng aervlee st 11 s. Sk, fellewed by
temmnay BMetlng. ' ' ,
I! nl vera! ty Bev. D. A. Watters. At 11 a. at.,
"Yalta of the Snlrif'l T OO m.. The Mlrb
Pent" BsnSny eebiol, 10 a .l tlans sn.tlns,
13:15 p. nv; Juniur loasve, ( s. at.; Inters..
aiate I'agae, s p. Ba.; soaior wagse, s:w p. si.
Bt. Matthew's rtrat and Caratbere street:
Bev. W. A. U. Breck. Holy eomniHales at T:S0
a. aa,s semes' sno tirniis, u s. m. saaaaj
acbeol, : a. st. -j ....
Trinity Nineteenth sag Bvereri streetai Dr.
A. A. atorrnwa. Holy eottunanloB, B-s, St.:
BanSay srseol. :80 a. si. SMtrslag prayer, 11
s clock; people's service, 7:80 p. si., eeealatlBS
ef es ersos recital by Carl Denton, special
eoaraaea or tne eboir ana roB(r.(tuooat aisg'
hi( and preaehlng by Dr. Wnniooo.
Bt. David's Boot TwelftS end' Belmonl
atreeta: . Bev. Own B. Vaa Waters. D. IX
Morning prayer and eeraos at 11 e'elook: eves-
ins prayer saa eeroMs. e eiocs;. ssaeay
ecnooi, w:o a. m. -
Bt. Mark's Nineteenth ssd Qolmby streets:
Bev. 1. B. HrSlagpaos. At B s. Bk, boly post
w.hiwi , p., inj wmj.mi.ii mm MB, i
T:80 o'clock, evening prayer and sermos; 19
s. si., snooty ecbooi.
. Oood Bbopbers Bellweed etreH ssd Taaeea.
ver avasee. Alblna; Bev. Jabs Dswaoa. tndaf
scbool, 10 s. St.; norniss prayer, 11. o'clock ;
Trrmng prayer, r au e ewea.
Chapel of tbe Transflsnratlen Malkey ba1ld
hg. Morrtaos and Beroad street. ; Kev. W, B.
Poweu. Bervlee aad eersm et 11 s. so.
Bt. Jobne Memorial e II wood: Kn. W. B.
Powell. Service aad aermos. B:it p. sv; gas-
eoy scsoDi, z oo p. so.
,7'JTLTi'aA!l?"ITT',t' 1
Bev. Jobs Beatslea. Bervtee at 10:80. a. m.
sod T:e p. m.j Busday arbool, IS m,
I'nlreralty Park Sunday arboal, 10 s. m.f
preeeblng, 1 a. m. by Bev. I). Drew; T:B p.
at. aarvies snder auaplcee ef X. M. O, A.
sddree by Jobs Bain.
Pint, The White Temple Twelfth and Tty
Vx atrretai Bev. i. Wbltcomb Broagher, D. D.
At 10:80. T. M. C A. aervlce apeakera, Darld
Pattalkt, W. T. Moater. I. B. Bnode. Vernon
Cook: Bible ecnooi, 111:10 p. m. f m. Y. P. V.
sorrlce, S.80 s. m. at 7:M p. m., "Cbooaln
a Wlfa." aeeond la a series es "Bow te Be
Happy Though Harried." '.
Second Baat Beventb aad Boat Ankeny
treeta; Bar. Btantos C. Lapham. :; At 10:80
a. m., "Pulfllllug Ua Law of Cbrlat"; at f:80
p. m., "The Turning of tbe Tide aad the Sign
of tbe Time Illutrtd by lb Victory of
Blrhteoaa Individuality Is U Reeest Elee
tlon"; young men'a mmtlcale Toeoilay evening.
Immannel Second and Meade streeta; Rev.
Mead M. Blrdeoa. At 10:1(0 a. m., "The Rela
tton ef s Paator ta HI People":' Bible school,
12 m.l B. Y. P. V.', e;80 p. m. at 10 p. ou,
"Sowing and Reenlng."
Calvary Bait Bightb and Ent Ortnt atreeta;
Bev. A. tiwreac Blck. Bible achool, 10
a. m.; at 11 s. m., "Bvnlutlos In Bvaltlon";
vncelltle rvlca, 1:00 p. m,lfoung People's
meeting, 0:80 p. m.
Grace Mont villa ; Be. B. C. Blng. At I0:0
S. m., Bible echool) g a. . a., Junior.; :ti
LB., B, T. P. U.l 7:80 p. Mia UaU
ughllB,',,My neighbor." t. , , ' , .
Rlgbland Preecott atreet and Bast tilth
tlrcet, north; Bev. Arflcn M. Bockwond. Sun
day acbonl, 10 a. m. 11 s. m "The Bleulog
ef the Meek Man": fnnler endeeeor. S a. m.l
i-SJHt p. m "The Urtren Image; or, Ike
Wonihlp of Apperre,"
Hk.Htreet Rt Seventh trt, sortk,
Snd Hie atreet; Bev. Ckarlee E. Cbae. At
10:80 a. m., aervlce with sermon; 13 m.. Bus
day achool; S:80 p. m., Chrletlts Ksdesvor;
7:30 p. m aervlce wits aermon, '
rirfr Msdleos and I'.rk atreet; Bev. B. E.
Boue. At 10:30 a. m., "A Oreat Oeaeral
and Ills Army"; 7:80 p. a., aervlce sndee tbe
ebars ef the T. M. C. A., Auhitant Secretary
W. B. Wrliht. preMlng, E. B. J. McAllister,
apeeker: Sunday cbool, 12:1B p. .: T. P. B.
C. .. 0:o p. m.
Mllippl Avenoe Ml1tpp1 avenee and
Premoet atreet; Hev.-Wllllam I Cpbw. Bus
day acbonl. 10 a, m.; 11 a. m., ''Preparation
for Service"; rhrlatlan Endeavor, n.'M p. m.;
sent aervlc with soanel aermon. f J80 B. m,
Simny.lde Baat Taylor aad Baat- Thirty
innrts .treeta: hv. i. J. Btaun. At II s.
"The Wonderful Name"! st 7:80 p. so., "My.
Mother' Blhi";. ftunday ecbooi. 10 . m.
Junior chrltls Budeaeor, S p, m.l Senior
CkrUUss Bsdeaver, :! p. at. -
fir Bev. , Edgar P. H11L D. D. At 10 0
s. m., preaching, services; T:80 b. m., X. M.
0. A. rally.
Ponrtb Tint and. Olbbe Hreet: Bev. B; V.
Bt. Pierre, chaplain ef tbe Ore son penitentiary,
will rr-eeb at 10:84, s. sv sad f:80 p. m.
Batiday araoel at 13 m.
Mr.hl street Maretiall and Korth Inn.
teentb etreetaj Rev. c. W. Maya. Buaday acbonl.
10 a. m.t preaching aervlee. II a. is. ssd 7:M
p. a. : r. P. B. '. B. meeHng, :4S p. at.
Calvary Eleventh aad Clay streeta; Bev, W.
S. iillb-i. At 10:.lo a., m., "The Vl.lon of
V ount Men": at 7:o.p. m., yming men'a "rv
Ice, beelnnlng week ef Brrr for yonn sten.
ThlfV.ut Thirteenth and fin atreet: Bv.
Asdrew J Meotgoatry, At 10.80 a, m aad
Fire) Noyambar.lO. tt Coat $200,000.
Their Uvea. V
T:4B d.
'Tks Bptfit and Wttneee Bearng"
the X. M. 0. A
111 have cbarse ef tbe aerv.
kee end addresses will be 1 stade by several
young men.
Pint Camberland Twelfth ssd Raat Taylor
streets? Bev. B. Kelson Alias, At 1 30 a. St.,
uur uooaiy timtiir- is so,, sanaay ncaooi.
:80 p. ., Cbrtatlan Endeavor; 7:80 p. m..
tblrd of aerlee ea world's great paintings, "Xse
Ugbt ef the World," by Ilaunaa UuaU
trirrrxD rrA0EU0a.; .'
: First ICaet Tenth and Bbtrmaa streets! Bev.
A. A. Winter. Atlw-a, m.. Baaday acbonl;
Dreacblns at 11 0. W 1.T:N s. M.I K. 1
at C K. meeting, 0:80 p. m. ,
Bt. Jobn'e Corner er Jobs as ivaabbe
streets; B. B. McVleker. Prearhuiir servtc et
II a. m.; st t:o p. m. via ee ts iirot et
e .series ol revival service; eacB eveains or
tbe wiek Bev. A. A. winter wiu prears;
Rimdae arhool. 10 a. SO. 1 Jnnlor K. L M C. ..
S:0 p. m. I Senior K. L. of O. B., 0:80 p. aa.
Beeons Oarser gorge aad Kerbr strrets;. Bev.
i Bowwsos. At 11 a, m. nod 1:80 t, m..
preacblng by Bev, M. u Pratt; aanaay scnool,
10 a. m.; K. L. of a B-, T p. m.
Ockley Orees Banday achoal at S:IB p. m.1
nreaehlag at (:80 p. m. la tbe new cbsreb
Lf Bev.. . JtT McVleker. . , .
i OEBlgTIAtf. ' V j' ' ''
Bod ney A vena Bodney avasse ssd Esett
street: Bev. B. M. Pattenos. At 11 s. ..
thrwitla Benevolence" I : p. .(-""Three
Court ef-' Juotice"; Banday aeheel. 10 a. m.l
CkriatiM Bodeevor, :S0 p. sv
- rtrat Corner Prk and CelsmMs atreeta: Bev.
B. B. Mucklay. At 10:30 a. s., 1-ne Paastng
ef the Boas asd the Coming ef the Matar"
T SS p. St., 1 Tborbnrn Boaa, "Tbe rowtb
ef tbe AaaodaMoB Meveaaent." ssd Dr. Tbeo-
sore resale. "Tbe Boy's Work" BMle Schoal.
IS: 18 p. St. Cbrtatlan Bndeavar, :30 p. St.
Central Boat Twentieth and Baat Balmos
street; Bev. J. P. tibarmley. D. D. At II
e m., "ine craeaee-sr a iMBtury-- 7 :ao p. m.,
"Watekmas. What of tbe Mrhtr": Baaday
achoal, 10 a. ,m.; Jnnlor Endeavor, 8:30 p. au;
soak Esdeavor. B:80 p. an.; special maalr. .
AdveSt Beeoad streee. between Htll end Us-
eolB aueet: Be. Csarles Mafresdes. Bandar
acboaV 10:80 a. m.; nreaehlag aervlee, 11:80
a. so.) sralae Bteetmg, v p. nu, roitowos a i:e
p. m. by - eeeaebmg- servl. Prayer meeting
Tbtusday eveslng,
,''.-.. ..;-; i ., ivTlTKBAjr. ' ' : ' J '
Betasm' Desiah Onlee aveaae ssd Morris
streets: , Bev. Usdmand Or 1 11. Preachrns,
U e. St. .aad T;a p. m.i aumoay seaeat,
''t" James BnlUb TTeet Park and Jefter.
Sob streeta; Bev. t. A. Let, paater. At II
a. so., "Some Logical Ceoclnsloa of ChrtotLo
BeJenee"! T:5 p. at.. "Mow We ot Oat
BibW't 'Bander scbool. a. St.; lather leasee,
rtorwegUs Bysod Corner ' Bait 'Tenth ' and
Everett atjeetai . Bev. O, Basoe. Preacblng
aervlce et I:S0 p. si.j no aarvloa is the. Sote-
:u n. aa. , . ...
tV'' be-'
Balnttos Araav Hall 100 Poarth Strsa!
twees Yamhill and Taylor streeta. At 10:80
e. as., epos sir meeting, canter Third end Mar.
rieos street; 11 e. Co., indoor koUneae meetlnsi
1:80 a. m., Jaalors' earn posy BMettna) 1:40
p. A., bis open sir me tins. Third snd Alder
streets: fl p. m., Ibaanr meeting; B p. so.,
T. P. L Bible study T:80 p. ., outdoor steet.
tog. Third asd Morrises streets; B p. m., "Bal
vatlne Wind." AdJuUnt A. Lesay will Spaek;
meetings every -eveains; at e' tVaeBi - -
' Pint Kngli.b Boat Sixth and Market treat
s angtJa at sixta ana ataraet uaaxi
8. A. Blewert. Preeeklns it 11 a. at.
:48 p. m.: at 11 a. m., 'Ths Pereoa ef
:'; et T:S p., m.,, "Moral Obtlnacy"l
Bev. B.
and T
Sunday arbool,' 10 a. m.f Tosng People's sl
ue ore. s:w P. m. -
Memorial Boat Blghteeeth . asd TtafteCa
atretu; Bev. H. D. Stre.rfeller. Sunday ecbooi,
10 a. m. ; Tseng People aervlee, 0:30 p. at-1
preaching service, 11 . m. and 7:80 p.
Klrat Oerman Teeth snd Clay atreet; Bsv.
Tneodors Scbaser. Sermos end worahlp at
10:40 s. sv aad 7:44 p. s.t Baaday school.
:80 s. St.. I. P. A., f p. s.
' - chbibtiasT gcrxvox.
Pbat Chan of Christ. Bclent1t Bcorrl.k
Bit cathedral, Morrlaon aad lownadal atreeta.
At 11 a. m. aad B p. m., "Soul snd Body";
Beq'ch'nrcb of ChrUt. BclentlatAnditer.
ram building. Tblrd street, between Tnylnv end
Salmos- (tveehv At II s. so. ss S p. m.,
"Soul snd Body'': Banday achool at U s. sv
Is the reading reams. ,
: ' ''" ''V' Y. U. 9..A.'. '. ' V
AeeodttloaT Anditarlum, 1ST Poarth street
At 8 p. m., epealng ef the Sunday club; B. B,
Hermkiton. evangeliat and eaaaeball player,
on "The Black Horee"; .pedal ,
Boy' Depertm.nt, T. M. C. A. building. At
8:80 p. m., Bv. K. B. Mackl'J ea "A Boy e
8tllta"t for boys be twee 11 ssd IT year
of ago. - .
Pint Sorlety ArttsaBO' hall. Third . street,
sear Watklngtoe atreet. Conference at 11 s. m.
Toung People' club at S:3o p. m. ) at B p. m.,
"The Cauae and Cara of Ciime."
Bible Bplrltoal Sorlety Si) Aider Street, At
11 a. at., conference; f p. m., lecture, followed
by oplrlt SMSMges by Mr. Kuibeth.
; y. ' THsoiOPinr. ' "' : ',1..' 'T
Tkepaofhy Rail 800, AUiky bail ding. , At I
p. a., "What Tbeaaophy Does for L'.T' t
y ' BISOBT. '
Men's Beaert and People'e Inetlrnte Peurlk
and Bursald atreeta Stereoptleos Bible etnry
boor, fl p. m.l address ta men by Dr. P. Bnr
getts Short, 4 p. m.; people's aervloa, popslar
Solid ' colors, In all the new
shades' f6.00
" London Stripes, Scotch Tartans
.and Novelties, in great vi
'riety ...... .,,.,.,.,...fT.60
tWhits Oxfofd ..........f 5.00
, White Scotch Madras.... 8.T5
For outings, trsveling, moun-
tain,' general . wear, ' etc., the
- most useful, durable and sensi
ble waist made. ,
- " Hotel Parkina Building. ': '
Many of Iti Guesta Narrowly'
kymss. eh 11 ' ekeair aad
sddreaa, Tied p. aa.
skort evasgetUU
- ' TBTB a JTB sL AXxiUTO. v ' .
Chrlatlas aad Mtaotoaary AlUaaee Stark asd
Mais atreet: Ben C. D. Bewtelle. Banday
arboot at 0 4S a. at.; preaching by BaV. J. H.
Alien at 10:80 0. m.i Tooag People' meeting,
iM p. sv; eranseiUUe sacvlas, 1:30 p. a.
OBve Branch Oospel MImIoo first, near Clay
itreet. - Bervlcee avery evealsg at f AO e'eloek
Sad Baaday st 8 p. m.
Snwt of Trsth Suetety Irew bet!, 1tl Beeosd ,
srreet. AC T :o p. m., mra. swpnia b. Bel. ,
-Whs Is Trathr followed by
u xratar- muowea ay maasi
Pint Beat Ceack and Boat Blgtith streeta)
Bev. W. P. Small. At 11 a. m.. "Bew te Be
Happr'I W e. av. Sunday acaeel.
''r-'.S'.'-'y .v.' xntrtAMix. ' v
Plret Timkln end Bevesth earoetat Dr. O,
fl. Creese y. At II a. m., "The Psasess ef .
f1aae" Baaday sekoel at U:80 p. m.
- - . MTXUfWBlAl BAWBT. :''
HTlumnlal Daws O. A. B. ban, snrthaast
corner Secoaa ans
MasTlaem streeta. Barvtces
st 8:SB B. SV
Mew fWcb Society Malkey building, Beensd
end ktarrieoa streets. At 10:80 a. sv, Baaday
11:80 a. sv. lay sarvtcas,' v- - , -
- r r-- PaUZaTSB' tTPnTBOaT. - --v-r
Prieads' Tblrty-flfth ssd Baat Wats atreeta. ;
Oasrterly saeetlDg at 11 a. av visiting mlnio.
tats Will speak. . ; ;.
' - r, 'V- nw nrovsirr,' ' '".U' :v-"
'Wew Tkoabt Cksrck Drew MTt, tg Beesd---Street.
At 11 s. m "MasUaatlag ths Dlvlss.". . A
,Ths Sunday olub open lti.aeaaloha-
for the winter at ths T.- M.- G.A thla
afternoon.' The addreea of the afternoon
will be on "The Black Horee.,r glvea by
B. B, Hermlston, who la In charge of
the chapel car, Immanusl, no w traveling
la aouthera Oregon. Mr. - Hermlston. 1
ust after ha left ec4Uge wsni Into stOt.J,
feksional baseball and for two years was
pitcher for the Buffalo team, ,
The "Sunday Club" program eonslsts
of a aerlee of; gathering lasting from ,
nntu g.1. The program la detail fol
lows; ' " .'.'." 'r-- - y,
I Conoert, MeCurdya- orthestra;
march. "Lasurlta, T. McPhrson ovsr
ture, "Home Circle," R. BchlepegreU: ' '
Andante and - Valee, Ball; lntermeaso, '
"Ooosola," George ' Spalding r arertBre, :
"Foreet Queen,". WlUlam Bee be, . , -
1:19 Bong service led by the AaaoeiA-
tton Olee club; quartet selection by rirat , ,
Preebytertan quartst,- Mra Flstohsr
L4nn, Soprano, Mrs. Mast Shtllooa, alto,
J. Bosa Fargo, tenor, Dom J. Can, bari
tone; addreea, The Black Horse," M, X. . ' :
Hsrmlston. ' - ? .
4: Club study ta groups. "A Oood
Old Man." '.;
:0 Ou Inneh. ' ,
- The leaders of the popnlsr -dlcusarton '
groups at 4:4 are Profsssor W. M. '
Wlldsr. O. F. Martin, and H.-'VT. Stone.
Although (her la a oontlnnona program '.
for the whole afternoon, attendants are
at llhsrtr 1i Itbts nil "1IT 'TTi"
frequent intermissions. The : meetings
ot the Sunday elub are open to man only
and are without charge. , .. v , -.s ;'
To All Other orlano Jrlayeew.
' The Ceollian, perfect piano player of
today. Thslr latest and greatest In- .
ventlon, the Metal Action was the.',
crowning triumph of the 10th century.
The Improvement le so great that not
to aee It if you are thinking Of buying
would be wronging yourself. An In '
vestment of euoh magnitude needs care
ful study. We eay right here and with- ,
out prejudice that the Sohtnor Ceciltan .
and Ceclllsrr; lsno Playsr are the best :
two Instruments tn the untvsrse and we '
can prove it . With thla action It la pos
sible to phase Just like the artist with
his hands, and trill aa dalicatsly a you
choose or play aa powerful a you'
chooee. It responds to all your demands. "
Let n show it to you, it is a pleasure
to do eo. .v ...... .
, No. 150 Alder atreet.
I I '
I ' ,