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..- -a J jaj - Vj
. .'
r, r 4TTLE werkr occupied molt of
. . the attention at . th exposition
- the peat and every on 1
, 'hd with the f ttl -r.oat-,'"""'
-1liv vera represent. women
fron the .Washington city oi.J quickly
(mde friend. Mr. F"mund Bowden,
' chief hostess, la a charming woman and
waa eagerly, courted by Portland ac
. quatntancea She Is prominent In her
home city, where aba owna a beautlfut
country house on the Tak ahore and en
tertains much. ' " j -
1 The return of September la welcomed
by almost every one. - With the first
week of the fall month the people be-
Kin to ;come in from' the mouatalna and
co st, 'end there promisee to be some
very elaborate entertaining from now
on as a farewell to vlKlng guests and
to our beautiful exDoattton. --'.-.
Interest in musical affairs la begin
ning to revive aaatn and Deoole are talk
ing of what they are coins to hear thl
year. Advance notlte have been eent
of the arrival of ' many prominent gnu
sirians and all are aacerly awaiting- the
announcement of. the year'a calender
of celebrities. With today the choir
t the city, reopen their work. ' How
eves, musical events have not bean so
.scarce this summer aa usuaL for with
the Alice Bobbins Cola-concert and the
. Kddy organ recltala no summer could
be railed wholly dulL,- .
-aa-tn Exposition there -baa been a
cassation of the brilliant affairs of the
two preceding weeks which were go full,
ana society has been given a short Vest,
cociety at the ex
; position.
Monday the Seattle hostess began
their .week with the reception to the
women of Portland and the exposition.
The-affair was largely -attended. The
hostess, Mrs. Edmund Bowden, waa aa
alsted by Miss Kllsba P. Ferry. Mra
HIil!m RHumhMVVrfp" Wednesday.- Mlaa Berkey,
Bragdon, Mra. Samuel Crawford, Mrs.
W.- A. FoBWrj-MTg. W." B. Judah. Mrs.
llomer M- Hill the Misses Harriet Bat
lance, liasal Bragdon. Imogens Cerra
her. Margaret Lovejoy, EthaLMoaaaad.
Sophia, Skinner. The guests ware pre
sented, by Mrs. Hattwell Depew. Tues
day was Alaska and 'Commercial, day
and Invitation had been extended to the
commercial -ladlea - of . Portland and
Seattle to be present from S to o'clock.
A large delegation from the Commercial
-chib of Portland attended. , Wednesday
- waa School and College day. and the re-
caption hall waa decorated la the lemon
yellow of the-University of Oregon and
th purple and gold of tha Cnlverelty
of Washington, and pennants of various
colleges- were used. Dr. Thomas Fi
Kane, president of the University of
Washington, welcomed tha delegatea of
the educational congress, who war the
guests of- honor. - - --
Ort Thursday. Kane-County dayr Mra
- Bowden ws assisted - in : tho reception
and entertainment of the guest by tha
women of King county outside of
- Seattle. -. v. ,
. Friday llhe clubwomen were received
and the reception-hall was decorated In
green and white, tha. .colore .. of the
Washington State Federation of Cluba.
Among th many prominent clubwomen
of Portland who called war the mem
bera bf the Water-Color club and of the
. i vaioera - ciud.. wno cam in a. poayi
Mra. Abigail Scott Duniway. Mrs. P..JF,
Mann, .Mrs, , McClurg." Mra. Sarah ... A.
Evans of tha Sacajawaaraasoclatton and
many other member of the Woman'
. Saturday. Patriot day. the hall war
decorated hi national eolorawlth - flags
and tha guest of honor war th varb
jaun patriotic societies. :. . : .1 ;
, . At the evening reception the building
presented a brilliant -appearance. The
receiving line conelsted of Mra. Bowden,
Mayor and Mr. Balllnaer. Mrs. Will E.
Humphrey. Hon. .John H. McOraw and
Judge . and , Mrs. Thomas Burke. Tbe
guest were Introduced byiWIU A. Steel.
- Prominent Seattle visitors of' tbe
week ware: Mr. and Mra. Ira. Bronsoa
Mr.- and Mrs. Thomas Prascn, Dr. and
Mrs. Churchill. Dr. Eagleson, Everett
smith and sons, Mr. and Mra. Klnnear,
Mrs. Hardenbergh. Mrs. Gove, -Mr. and
Mr. J. ix FsrreJl. Mrs. John Leary, Mr.
nd Mra. P. F. Ferry. Mra. J. R. Pawls
and Mia Olive Pawlea, Era lie Lobe,
Senator. F.. P. Harper. Hon., J. T.
Ronald. C H. Burnett. Mr. and Mrs, L.
B. CasaadW. Mrs. -and Mra. H. L T.
Skinner. Mrs. Kllsabetb Miller. Dr. Dean,
Mr. and Mra, K. H. Gule. Mr. and Mrs.
George Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Fulton. R. B Wark, Mr.- and Mra. A- W.
Sutherland. Mra. Kate Rlchvllle. Mr. and
Mrs. M. Camber. Mr and Mrs. C. J.
Smith, Mrs. Mary A. Bradley. Mr. and
Mrs. John 8. Bradley. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert 8. Wilson. Judge and Mrs. A.
K. Griffin. Ralph Hopkins. Mr. and Mr.
P. L. Allen, Mr. and Mra. George F.
Cottrell. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hick and
Dr. and Mr. Thomas F. Kane. ,
'A reception waa given at the Eastern
Star cottage on the fair ground Wed
nesday asenlng a ' farewell to Mra.
Kettle Rensford of Indianapolis, past
moat worthy grand matron of tha gen
eral grand chapter, who ha been heat-
i through August. . She waa assisted
in receiving 'by Mrs. Inea M. Ryan,
worthy grand matron of Oregon, and
Mrs,. Nellie W. Guernsey, grand, worthy
. matron of Washington. i : i t
- Th hall waa elaborately, decorated
; with sword ferns, vine and whit llllea
; and rose, and the stairway waa twined
'with quanta loe of fern. . lit tha men'
reception room purple predominated In
- th color plan, and In th women' room
yellow. unch waa served In tha lat
ter by Mlaa Bessie Smith. Th veranda
ln thffjcer of th building was turned
'..into a Japanese tea garden, and four
- gelahe girl In pretty color- served tea
and cakes. Assisting a parlor boat
'and hoateesea were Mrs. Nellie Scott,
past , grand matron of , North Dakota,
and tha foiowlng paat grand matrons
. and patron of Oregon: Mrs. M. U
-Lrtitk.-Mr--Delia Houston. . Mr. Alice
. Townsend, Mrs. Kellogg, Mrs. Jeesle
Bert. Robert L MlUer. C L WUiiml,
lW, , H.lller.43.omas J. Ryan andR. J.
I , uavia. ADout iuu guests caiieo. me
the entertainment consisted
t Kl lxabeth -Alkm, - Mrs- M.U Wtlhm.
Fred. C. Ncssley and. A- H. Wlllett.' i
Judge and Mr. Allshl of Boli were
dlstlngulehed visitors at th Idaho
tmlldlnaTIsst week. . Jvidf Allshie i a
member of th supreme eourfc ., -
.... . .... -;. ... 4 K .-.V.::
Mrs. John Leary. regent- of Rainier
chapter. Daughtere . of tho American
Revolution of Seattle, and her mother.
Mr. El Is ha p. Ferry of Seattle, were at
th American Inn through Seattle week.
, Mrs, Ferry la th wife of tha last terri
torial and first state governor of Waah-
t tegton, Sh a sals ted Mrs. .Rowdan in
receiving at Mondsy' reoeption 1st th
.Washington building.. , j
' - - -
Th dinner given by th New Tork
eemirie-aloq Saturday night week
ago. for Governor 4 Mr. Parde..wa
a -ut!r..l roe. , 1 , we lovely
J r
i cf f
with aweetpeaa.' Pots-af maidenhair
fern were paced all about the table.
The gowna were elaborate, Mrs. Good
roearlug In feoangled -white. net over
'dainty pink chlifon. Mrs. Pardee wore
handsome white lace, Mra. Spencer
Brown, black lace over'whlte chiffon;
Mra. Allen- Lewis, pearl gray with car
dinal garnltutes; . Mrs. Charles, Ladd,
white-with duchesaa lace, bertha; Miss
Brown, white chiffon cut prtneesse.
V .' . ';
The new hoeteose' for' September at
the Idaho building arrived late In the
week and are making preparations' for
their, big day next . Thursday. Miss
Maud Hammell, the first to arrive, la al
ready known a the exposition grounds
because aha appeared very favorably as a
dramatic reader early in the" season.
The others etc Mra. McLlnchey of Pay
ette, Mrs. W. ' 8." Cheney of Pocatello,
and 'Mrs.-.Pulse-'of. Grangevirle. Mra.
Scott, chief . hoateaV. and the commis
sion here .Issued Invitations for a largo
reception at the building Thursday to
meet Governor and Mra. Gooding.
The California people will be popular
entertainera next week, 'for they have
ahown themselves on all previous occa
sions royal hosts and hostesses, aniT6at
urday'a reception promisee to ba as da-
itgntrul an affair aa any of the pro.
ceaing. ii isa. matter or. regret-mat
Governor and Mrs. Pardee could not. re
main over for the atata day. but already
they have given tbe exposition a 'gen
erous ' portion of' their, time. : Mr. and
Mra. Frank Wiggins and Mr. and-Mrs.
Filcher, with . their aids. ' will ' receive
I Invitations are out for Saturday's func
tion, aa It win bo a private affair,, .
. '.'..'
.-.Commissioner and Mra. Stipes and
then- two daughters, of Champaign. Ilil
nols. arrived early in the week to -remain
for .10 days. . There . la -much regret
among 'the - Illinois family", that Mlaa
Mary Berkey, assistant hostess, who hat
been hero alnca the opening of the build
ing. ia round her-duties too wearing
and will leave for her home In Cham-
who filled ' the same noslt ion In St.
Lioula. has- made,- many frlenda 'by - her
cordial' manner. . ", v :..'.V,,. , '!.';
Every one Is'deirghtedto know thst
there Is to be another of th charming
receptions at the New Tort building this
week. President and Mra.. Good have
Issued InvlUtion for one Wedneeday
evening In honor of the lolnt committee
of th senate and assembly of California.
Mrs. Ida M. Lewis, 'past grand matron
and general . secretary . of Oklahoma.!
from- Teeumaehr-ta-berertbT serve aa host
ess -for th Eastern Star- cottage for
September In place of Mrs. Ranaford Of
IndiaBapollsv---- t . v
Prsideat and Mr. Good entertained
tha Browns. Jnhn RirMltint. Mra.
Baratow of New .York at'dlnnej Sunday
evening at the New Tork building, Aft
erwarti they drove home -and Miss
Brown delighted -th party-with songs.
Mrs. Anna 'Selkirk Norton . sang at
the Friday morning raualoal. J -the
Washington building and - won- great
favor. It was "Women Musicians' day.
-Mrs. McClurg, author -and lecturer.
mad many friends during her stay her
last week, - and- was much . entertained.
A pleasant Incident of her stay waa .th
discovery or a Kinswoman In Mrs. W. A.
Meara. Both.aretaembera of the famous
Valentin family of Virginia, to -which
enwara virginma valentine, tno noted
touthera soulptoev blongst- and" which I
umbered Edgar Allan (Po. among It
distinguished conneotlona." - Mrs. Meara
Invited a few frlenda to meet Mrs. Mo
Clurg at luncheon last week. All of th
women v present were member - of th
Colonial i Dames, - Founders, ' Colonial
Governor, Daughter of the Revolution
nd Order of th Crown, and Lady Anna
von Rydlngavard la th only woman
ever admitted to the Order of Runny
mode, thla because ae oan claim descent
from II of jthe signers. Th guest were
Mr.- Reed of Masaachuaetta, Mr. Mor-
rls Esimer. Mrs. Stepen Wiley of Call
fornla. . who I great-granddaughter of
Chief Juatlce Marshall and- grand-niece
of tJeorge Roger Clark, -whoa biogra
phy she la writing, and Lady Anna von
Rydlngavard. . People 'say there la a
strong resemblane between Mrs. - Mc
Clurg and Mr. Meara and a number of
at rangers accosted th on for the others
A most delightful tea was given by
Mrs. Edward R. Root on Wednesday at
her , beautiful home in Holtaday addi
tion in honor of her cousin, Mies Madge
Falrmane-of San Francisco. .Th recep
tion hall was decorated with hops artis
tically hung from th pillar. Th liv
ing-room waa beautiful in ferns and
palm In Indian - baskets.' Th dining
room waa beautiful in crimson aweet
peaa and . brlUlant-bued . maple , leaves.
On th table were candelabra with red
candles and shades. Assisting the hoateae
In receiving . were Mlsa -Fatrman. tha
Mlase Beast and Edna Church and kits
Grace Nicholson.. Among th - forty or
fifty friend who called were Mrs. Aug
ust Klosterman and Mlaa Kloaterman,
Mrs. J. Poulaen. Mrs. W. W. Kerns, Mrs.
A. H. A will. Mra. A. R. Church. Mr.
George Schalk. Mrs. Harry Moser. Mrs.
E. H. Parker, Mrs. Wade,. Mra. Ernest
Boaa. Mrs. P. Lee. Mis Albina Page.J
Mlaa c. col. Mrs. Edward R. Brown and
Mr. Charlea Richton. - '
Mrs. A.H.'Breyman. nreatdent. af the
Woman's club -of Portland, keot ooen
house Monday afternoon for tho club
women of Portland to meet Mrs. Vir
ginia iDenaghe McClurg--of. Colorado
Springs, lecturer and authoress. A large
numoor or rortiaad club members at
tended and several from out of town.
Mia Sarah A. Evana. acting president of
th SUt Federation cf Women' a club;
Mrs. Whit, president of tha Baker Oitv
club, and .Mr. Warren White, president
f-1 "-Tuesday- Afternoon -club, - were
among th speakers. Miss Mary A del Is
Case was the singer and won much
Ipraiaau, Dainty refreahnv
. . -"-U?T5?- rou"outtn. receiving hour. J
MrVed throughout th. riv. .
' A ptessant surprls waa given a Mlaa
C. Sutherland at her ' residence, til
North) Sixteenth street. Wednesday. The
horn waa prettily decorated with rosea
and love in the mist Tho even in a--was
delightfully spent with games and
music. Prises In th game contests were
won by Mlas N. Douglaa. W. -Rusaell.
Mlsa C. Sutherland and B. Conrad. Rar
freshmenta were sarvedl by Mlaa" Brsoks
and Mies McKlnnon." Those present
were: HIM E. Meadows. Mlsa N. Dong
las. Miss E. Hoggi. Miss C Dlnneen.
Mlsa 8. McCammon. Miss Brooks. Mlaa
McKlnnon. . Mr., and : Mra" Kletn.-; W.
Russell - Dr. E. Sinn. 8. Conrad, R.
Meadow. Dr. W: Patterson. C lit.
Carnation. B. Conrad. C. Meadow U
Rlemamlen. E. Sutherland k and J. lie-
Kltmon. .i-: ;, - - ..- r !- .tj -.
.... ; .. .'......W ..
A- reunion of the Wilsons, a pioneer
famUy ef 11. J. waa held at Smith
. lira. J. A, , FUcber.
grove. Gresham, -August 17. in honor of
Mr. and Mra. F. M. Mognetf of Phoenix,
Arisona. - Mr.. Mognettwlto wa a dele
gate to tha .Irrigation congress. , and his
wife are now visiting J. F- Robert and
relative in thla vicinity. Mra. Mogneti
ia Hi daughter, of J. P, Wllaon of Sell
wood. -They moved to Arisona to 187.
Twenty . famlllea were , represented by
the tS present at the reunion. J. P. Wilson.-aged
itr 4 -tb. father grandfather,
great ,. grandfather t. and great-greatgrandfather
of 1ST. The day was
plaaaantly apent at the,- grove ' until
o'clock. Recitations, songs and instru
mental pieces were given. ... -i ,
Mra P." j.l, Gorman' ntrtatned'plea
aatl Monday evening at Jier Jom.eIJ
Kaat Ninth street north, in .honor of
her nieces. Miss May Roberta of Stock
too, California. and, Miss Ella Gorman,
Seattle. Washington. . Musla played a
large part In the enjoyment of the even
ing. The guests were:-' Mlss-Ellsabeth
Hoben. -Miss' Josephine ' Uoben, - Mis
Violet Webster, Miss Margaret Mickey,
MIs Crk Miss Anna Munk. K. J.
CJiBlL-Jack Hnhan. N. W Ootxnan,- IV
A. O. Gorman, Dr. J. P. Goray and Dr.
E. O. Asplund. . ; 'r-
...... t . --, . w ' - -,.. . '.I
Mrs." L. H. ' Maxwell - entertained ln
formally -- Thursday - with an afternoon
tea for her slater. Mrs. C. C Gibbons of
Los Angeles, CUf ornla, at he home, t?
East TayloT street. , About 10 gueaU
called during th receiving hoars. Re
ceiving with . Mrs. . Maxwell ' and
Mr. Gibbon was - their . niece. ' Mrs.
Sanderson Reed, and Mr. Flint of
Los Anaeiea - Tha - room r:. were
pretty .With : simple garnitures of cut
flowers. .Assisting the hostess in' re
ceiving were MUa Brodie. MUa Felt
and Mlsa Walton.'. l','-- vi.'a:-,X-
-;.' ,. w ' ' -Mrs;
G. W. Shaver celebrated ber 4th
Wrtday - anniversary Wednesday even
ing at her home. Sl( Crosby etreet. Mra.
Shaver 1 a- pkoncer who has resided at
th same piece her for 1 yesra ,Jier
guesU wer Captain and Mrs. J. W.
Shaver. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Helnta
Mr. and .'Mrs. George Hoyt and 'their
daughter, Mr. Westfleld. Mlss-Eltss-beth
Ryn7 Mrs." George Shaver and ber
son. Mr. and Mra John R. Shaver-and
Mlsa Iren"Johnon, . . f
Mrs. James Murdock gave a tropical
luncheon , at her east aid horn last
week In honor of her -guest. Mra. Russell
Murdock of Oakland. California.- The
polished table was covered with delicate
Mexican drawn work--dollies, in to center-was
a sombrero with scarlet cactus
blossom's among th ferns. Th favor
were ' miniature sombreros filled with
rod randy-peppers. -The menu presented
a number of Mexican -and: Spanish
dishes. : Covers were laid for 'IS.
- Among'lnTerelrtlng visitors la wee"t
at the Dakota atate building at th fair
wer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Christiansen
of Carlto. North Dakota - She la a niece
of George Egbert of 809 Macadam etreet,"
and he and Mrs. Egbert gave a-pteasanl
dinner for her. Mlaa Anna Potter,, an
other niece, of Spokane, was present.
and th unexpected reunion after maay
years wa a delight. -' . . .:-,v-
V - ' . ' ' ' - 'V;
Mra. Frederick T. Fall of .Brooklyn
entertained the Ladies. AM society of
Mlspah Presbyterian church Wednesday
afternoon. Borne hours wer spent in
sewing, and 1st in-the afternoon, re
freshments were erved. .. ,.: .
-'.' ' ''-. .''vt '' ;
-. Mra Sanderson Reed entertained very
Informally laat week for ber aunt. Mra
C C. Gibbons pt Von Angelea A num
ber of . vlaitlng Calif ornlane wer proa-ant..;-,"-..-.
, . ;., . , ... . , ..... .. v.,- -.;
Mra Walter V. Smith entertained yes
terday afternoon, with an Informal . tea
for visiting menda . - , - , ...
Ml Edng-Barton and Oni Albertson
war married Wedneaday evening at the
torn of the bride's parents. - Mr. and
Ira. A. 8. Barton. Ill North Fifteenth
street. . About - relatives hnd friends
wer present. - Th 4rtdo wore whit silk
and' carried a shower 'of Bride rosea
Th bridesmaid war gowned in cream
si bat roes amy carried cream rosebud.
Henry Welch attended th groom. .- The
wedding march waa played - by Mlaa
Ethal Barton and Dr. Edgar P. Hill of
in rat Presbvterlaa church DarformM th
ceremony. Suppen;w served Jri the
dining-room which, like the parlor, was
decorated with aweetpeas. rose 'and
ferna Th bride' e bouquet waa caught
ha- sT isim Baasils Patawawr 1 ..
m. and Mrs. Albertson will be at
I ber .
A wedding of intereaf to many Cor-
vallla people In th city wa thv-of Mlaa
In St. Germain and Chester L. Proeb
te of Corvallia Thursday evening, Au
gust 14. Rev. C T. HurdL performed
th' ceremony -at th home of Mr. and
Mra John Hwtck, th bride' brother
and later. ' The" bride, and froom were
class ma lea at Oregon Agricultural col
lege and graduated In 1. Mr. Proeb-
stet ha been appointea instructor in
metallurgy at that college. They will
be at home to their friend after Sep"
Umber It. ' - v ' -
..l w ' .' .
A : wedding of anuaual Interest to
Idaho people waa celebrated at th Hotel
Portland Wedneaday evening, wnen K.
Round and M. Ethelyn Carr. both Of
Rlav-r marTted very Hietlythy I
will go.- f ga Me teeaerrow ts reraam
till Idaho day. Mrs. Adella PX Scott of
th Idaho. building waa n of th few
K03TECCE3 at TH2 cj-ircr.::iA cu:LD:reO.
Hiss Irmg Filcher.
guest present, t Mr. Rounds - is United
States maranal for Idaho and hi bride
was. formerly, a resident. ot Portland,'
'' :" - -- "
. Ousts vus II. Allen and Tlllle Barkley
were married Wednesday evening - by
Rev. Clarence Tru Wllaon of Gra-o
Methodiat church. A few -friend wit
nessed, th ceremony.
The quartet, engaged for' the First
Unitarian church for th coming .eeaeon
hi as followe; Mlaa Edwlna Msstlck.
soprano! Mrs. F. J. Rsley, . contralto;
George W, HoAuoiuyenSfmrut X PMlt -
ard. baritone.' and Ralph W. Hoyt haa
been reengaged aa organist' At Bun
day's service, owing tp the absenod from
the city f both Mra Raley and Mlaa
Mastlck, Miss Maud Achor or Christ
church,. Cincinnati. Ohio, who Is visit
ing frlenda. and Mlaa J. J. Kelllher of
North Head, Washington, will sing a
the ofrerforjr" Hsrrlson- MirU'roTg-JAv
Maria." -: ' :V """', T ? '",'
: '-:,i :-:.. tT.'.-?v'-r. -
Mra Roa Bloch-Bauer returned Fri
day after a month at Seaside and is at
horn at lit - North Nineteenth street.
She waa in her old place in th syna
gogue choir Friday evening. . Mr. .W.
T. Buahong, W, H. Boyer and J. Adrian
Epplng will compleM the personnel -of
that, choir -thla-. aaaaon.
-r-vA " :' ..' z.: : ' -r
E-JtCourtienne has composed a
featival overture 'named "Glorioua Amer
ica,, In five movementa - l. Washing
ton's Birth; 2. Martha Washington: ,
Pvayer; V To.Vlctoryj I, Liberty. Thla
work wtU be played th first time by
Eilery' band at th expoeltlon ground.
"..' w - f -
CharleF. H. Mill ha been called
to occupy a position In the conservatory
of musld of Weeleyan unlveralty. Lin
cola, Nebraska - He. possesses ao nn-
failing memory and power of fine In
terpretatioo.. " H . ; leavea a host Of
frlenda. ,
The peraonnel of th First Presby
terian church choir thla season will be
MrrFltcbrLintCTiopraiior- Mrs." Mv
M. Shlllock. alto; J. Ross Fargo, tenor;
Don J. Zan. baaao;- Edgar 1C' Coureen,
organlat and director.'. "' - i
'-'., Vv ,'.-' 'V" V''H'-'
' Mr. Montgomery JallJllBx Mr. ' Ep
plng' place for two weeks. Mr. Good
win, tenor, formerly of th Ben Greet
company, who Is to remain In Portland
thl winter, aang Bartlett's , The Day
I Ended. . .. -w .. .",
'"Waldemar -Luetachg. the celebrated
Ruealan planlat.' la on of th master
musicians promised us this Season by
his Chicago manager.. , Luetechg rank
with th' first of th pianists and la
perhaps, the best Interpreter of . Schu
mann. V . ':'' " -
',';" -. . v,.;...-'.., .:;.:;';
' Arthur Alexander, th popular singer,
wb has recently- returned from Paris,
will ba th tenor today In the First
Congregational -choir.-
.- . ..' W v .-;-'.' ' ..:y -
- Mr. Wltr Reed returned yesterday
from, a month n Spokaho andVIctoria.
B. C and will resume her work a solo
contralto at th cathedral. - .'. - .;.
- E.' M. . Courtlenn I engaged to give
a piano reel tal at th Olympia university
eome time this month. -..
' ' . - -- - ':
' Mr. Ernest O. Spltsner hss returned
and will resume teaching. -
' Among th visitors at th educational
congra were .some -very distinguished
men of-tetters who har friends here
Dr. William T. Harris, national com
missioner, of- education, -formerly con
ducted tho Kant club for th study of
th . great philosopher. Mra - W. A.
Meara wa a member of that club In Pfc
Lout for several yeara Another of hei
frlenda waa Dr. Louis F. Soldea of St
Louia from whose school she was grad
uated. He wrote the pertlng song foi
her clasa setting It to th muslo of I he
Tannhauaer march. - Dr. Benjamin Idv
Wheeler waa also a friend of Mra Meanrr
and her Interest In these men and Uieir
work ' caused her to keep th Audi
torium supplied with handsom flower
throughout tha week. - .
nrr- ,.'- '-:- , .
Mr. and Mra W. A. Mears have been
entertaining their cousins, Mr.- and .Mra
Lyman R. MarjjMgupf SaltLake City
the paat week. A number or lnfornvU
alrihrrir aWO' falT ligfllew lia btvil gl'i
a. lhm. Me. affartlneas la a mrnnhet I
orthimrMarttnra fsmttrtnt Emri
land. They left Thursday for homa
...... -a- '
Th Oakland (California) social note"
apeak of a Portland: guest thus: "Mlas
Winifred Jun -Morgan Is being exten
sively entertained during her aUy in
Portland:. 8 ha wa recently th gueat
f honor at elaborate dinner given
bv Mra Omrrt Gerllnger. --.formerly
Mis Iron Ha sard of Berkeley.-
w ' .
: Prominent among th Portland people
who aro rusticating at Hot Springs, on
th Columbia river, aro Dr. and Mra C
C Newcastle and son. Judg P. A. Msr
quam. Mr. and Mra John Hall and chlt
drerv.Mr. and Mra Collins and Mra IL
Moser. ' .s
v- - "' w "
Mr-- and Mra fhale' ! Mackay were
gwM at tha tela laat- weak. Thay wer
married last Sunday at tha -homo of
th bride parents, Mr. and Mra Martin
Un. Frank Wigins:'
Bussard. in Albany.- Their home will
be in La Grand. -' - ' TV'
j . w if f
Miss Rose - Harris of' Ban Francisco
is visiting hsr sisters, Mra B. L. Stone
and Mrs.-8. L. Stone.- She Is at home
to her frlonda Suturday; afternoons at t
North Ninth street-.' w. . ; ...
'Th marriage of Mlaa Ruth Maxwell
to Maxwell Blake of Kanaaa City. Mla
aourt. will, take plaoa Thursday, Sep
tember 14. in Denver. -Mr. and Mra
Maxwell wilt accompany her to Denver
to attend the wedding which willv be
1 wyfluletT and Tthey wlir ieavi i next
Monday. Much regret Is felt that Mlaa
Maxwell la leaving and that her frlenda
her cannot attend her wedding, -for
she ha been on of th most ought
after girl in her set. If 1 not- yet
decided whether she wilt live abroad or
In America, but in either case Portland
must lose her and there la some sad
ness mingled wUhlthe wlhe forTher
happiness. . Th paat week aha Ba been
entertained in an Informal way every
day by frlenda and tills week It 1 an
nounced that some more formal affairs
wlll'b given In farewell. , ;- . -.
' - :. r.--.-''jV-"'.p-.
- MIse Adeline E. Zimmerman' and Fred
D. Adams, both of this city,-will be
married at noon today at Roseland farm
at the -resldeno of the bride's parenta
Rev. Mf. Hamilton or this city will of
flciat and Mia Margaret Fredeen and
Elmer Scott,, both of Portland, will be
th attendants. -Monday ' th -" bridal
couple will leave for' Astoria and coast
points on their -honeymoon.., ,'tJ-.
0 is.i
.- Mr, and Mra. F. Mundelt have returned
from a visit with Salem relativea
" Mra Smith and little daughter Gene
vieve are guests of their cousin, Mra
M. L. Butler at the Starling.
Ml Florence Holllsti
ia th guest of Mis Genevieve Fish, of
.Tll-Dall.1 ,. ,'., . : , '-
Dr. and Mra D. W. Johnson and
daughter of The Dalles war in the clty
laat week. - "' ''"4- ; ,
Airs. Robert Kabler of Seattla who
haa been .vlaitlng Mrs. L-W.-Berry of
Salem, is spending several daya her
before returning homa ; ft ... -
Mra Spencer Brown and her daugh
ter, Mies Brown,-accompanied by the
Misses Chamberlain, daughters of th
governor, want to Salem Tuesday for a
hort atay.- ;. '.-.- ' , '''.
Colonel and Mr. David M. Dunn and
their daughter) Mlas Laura, are at Sea
side. - ,.. ..; - I. ' . '.-
Mr. and Mra Carlton Sox wer guest
at th American Inn laat week. They
are prominent In social circle of their
horn , town, Albany, and Mra . Sox.
formerly Miss Bertha Ell I a la a popu
lar singer through tbs valley towns. -
Mrs. 1 A. Terington and Mlas Nettle
Kress of Eugene are visitors at th fair.
Colonel and Mrs.. Pag of Salem were,
Portland visitor last week. - I
' Ex-Governor Lord and his family re
mained la tb city th early part of tb
week after attending th reception to
Governor and Mr. Chamberlain. - - '
Mia Eva I. Stlnson and Mlaa Bess!
Wood of Eugene ere guest at the
hwme of Mr. and Mra Humaaon. it
North Twentieth street Mlaa Stlnson
1 Instructor tn vole at tb University
of Oregon and Mis Wood will thl
fall asalat In teaching) English llterator
there. . , . .. - - .--
Mr. and Mra J. D Froes and Mr. and
Mra'Darkwood of Indiana came Tues
day from Salem, where they ftava been
visiting frlenda and spent several, day
at the fair.
; Mr. and Mrs. 8. E. Toung and Mr: snd
Mra L. E. Hamilton of Albany arrived
Monday to visit the fair.
Mis Irene Bits baa returned from
Salem, where-ah was th gueats of Mrs.
George Hobsoa.
The M lanes Mabel Page. Irma and
France Northrop and Queenl Wordeo
of Salem visited Portland last week.
' Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Park and aon Ken
neth of Eugene went homo early in th
week . after, a ehort vlett -here. The
Parka who own one of tb handsomest
residence In th " college -'town, - aro
prominent society people. 1 '
Among Albany people who visited the
fair laat week were: Mra J. A. Shaw,
Miss Winn I Chamberlsln. Mike Tsnnle
Csldwell. Mra Schulta qpdjier daughter
in oei, air. ana Mr, vr. k. HOgera atra
W.'R.Blaln and fon'M blta and "MMS
May Wttbera .
-Mra- Ida Strong,-her-daughter- Anna
nd-MIg Barbara EiKen were Salem
visitors at the fair laat week. - Mra
1st tn tha avaaa-
Mr. and -Mrsr gr-Tr-tloores ttt- Salem
cam down to attend , tbe educational
congress last week. -
Miss Jessie Hartman haa returned to
Pendleton after several weeks her And
at th coast I
Dr. Frank L Ball has returned from
the beach. - ---- . . ; .-
Miss Marvin of Silem. eecreUry of
th etat library commission, waa -..In
the city early In th week. ' . ,
A. M. Reeves and hla dsughter wer
visitors her from Albany. - - -
Mr. and Mra I. Bean and family cam
up from Albany esrly in th week. They
have lived- In that city II years, bat
will make their homo bera -
Mra Kmma Don-Is Thomp ef Eu
gene wa htst week - tb guest of her
sisters. Mra Jerry Bronaugh aad Mra
Charles A. Macrun. .- i-t;iri-jLi.: it
larga party of Salem -people eame
dowa Wdn4y SAewln to vlalt th
fair. ' Among tfcm were;- Mr. Jobs
Chase, Mlsa Grace Bellinger. Judge and
Mra Wolverton. "Mra1 A. Crotsan. Miss
Alice Crolsan, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ben
nett and - daughter Theodoala, Mra
Charles H. Jones and . children, -Mlas
Amy Martin and Mlaa Maud Loughead.
' Mra L. E. Be a of Eugene.) principal
of one of th public school there, was
In attendance at th Educational con-'
groaa . . . i . v-
Among PorUandera vialtlng th re
gatta at Aatotia . werer Mr. and Mra.
A. E. Wakeman, Dr. Homer I. Keeney,
W, W, Curt lr William N-Northrop. Mr.
and Mra Slg Sicbel and . tha Misses
Blchel. - ;. : ', jS. y
Miss Roa Psrrott of Roseburg amT
Mlaa Adella Picket of Eugene are seeing
th fair -together. Mis Parrott la a
graduate of th University, of Arisona
and Mlas Picket of th University of
Oregon. -'.. ... ,. s .
Mr. and Mr.- George 'A. Dyson and
their son Verne of Eugene were here
last week.'--"" . . ( . .. .
Mra a a. Irvine and Miss Elisabeth
Irvine of 'Albany , were the-: guests of
Portland friends last Week. - .. , .
Mlsa Jessie Ralston of thl city is
visiting Mlsa. Sue Breckenrldge at Albany.-''..-
Judge and Mra C. E. Wolverton and
Miss Edna Jones.' prominent tn Salem
social Ufa were visitors. here Isst week.
President P. L. Campbell ef tbe Unl
veralty of Oiegon waa-here last week
tn attendance upon ' th - Educational
cbngresa - '.- . . -. -,- .t
Mr. tail Mri. W.' t Scarborough and
Mlaa Lorain Scott of Eagene were
gueat In Portland last w4ek. - ' -
Mr. J, Wesley Ladd and her daugh
ter are expected to . return from th
eoaat next- Tuesday. 1,, . .
Mr. andMra I- Allen Lewis spent
some days st. their country place on
the Columbia - at Ecola and returned
Friday. ' -' . - 'ci--
- Mra Theodore B. Wilcox returned Fri
day from tb each. - .', , -: ,
Defeat Is Disgrace
I ". tSSIA haa-severst beaten
I-mJ erala at th present time, snd
- tha ..question Is ' what will
CT.n1u.117 v. .1. .... .
Th land of tha Great Bear haa ael-
dom permitted th leader of her army
and navy to long urvlve their -down
fall, notwithstanding statements to tn
contrary, and there are several instance
of RussUn once shining lights' in bar
rack room a and naval dockyards, who
have taken leav of life both obscurely
and tragically.- -'j-: ,
If was not long ago that -a-famous
general, at on , time honored ail over
Ruaala. died by hi own band at a Ger
man gambling" P- He had -fcrred dtir-
lna tha Ruaao-Turkiah war or tiil-'TS,
and In eonsequcnoe tb troops under his
command had met with an unexpected
dlaaater. -. ' 1
After th wr th general left. St
Petersburg in disgrace, and. under an
assumed nam, took up . his residence
la Germany. He dissipated bi rorrun
at gambling placea and when he had
mxm la. bis .last nenny . be became a.
"handyman," klng out a bare exlat
ence by running errand a, doing odd Jobs
and distributing billa. -. .' 1 -
Being unabls- to -recover ' ni sen-ra-
apect and mannooo. n- sougnt reieaae
by auiclda He shot himself st a pa
bllng spav- and when Jila bodF . was
searched , not, m single . coin was found
upon hfnv - - - ' -.
Again, a leader of th Ruaslans during
lh Crimean war dld In abjwrt.povwrtrf
In an attic In th Itln auartr-f
Virii M liirl Inat 1S.A00 men at Inker-
man. ; and hla commission ; waa taken
from him.'--'- ,- -. t. .
He went to Franc and led a bohemtan
lir for many yeara making a good in
come by compoalitg musical plecea Tb
money he earned he spent In riotous
living, and one 'morning he. was found
dead In his attle after a heavy drinking
bout ' : -'
Japan Is-harah on her defeated of
ficer, both naval and mllltar. - Dur
ing tha present war in th far east a
naval lieutenant who failed to carry
out a task set him wa politely told by
hi chief to cover his disgrace by com
mitting auiclda . " - . - -
A sheet was strung on 'the dck of
ths lieutenant gunboat, ' and behind
thl was placed aa armchair and a table.
On th latter was a sharp knif wrapped
In a piece of clean paper. - Th lleuton-
ant bowed to hla comrades, want behind
th sheet sat In tb cbair, and picked
p th knlf."-- -iiir..-, "
Th official reports stated that tn
lieutenant had died distinguishing him
self In action, and th emperor granted
him a posthumous medal. - - 1 (- y
After th British troop had entered
Peking and- eacked th summer palace
of th emperor, a Chinese general.
1 ,"'
TTTTt-: : 4
1 auoHViacie 5ms
Sg; $30 to $50 Values to Clocc
Nrjw-Shovvlng Advance Aiitcrna Ctyi:
Tailor-Made Suite
Mr. I. N. Flaisckner w ! i It
from th eoaat till Stout l i
of thla month. Her aaaaon n t
ha been a- busy one; scarcely
passed when there wer' not gu .
ber beach home. ' - ' " ' ,.
K. B. C Wright' of New Tortt U
guest of hi niece. Mra R. D Witt t
nell. and will remain throug part
tha winter. Mra Fish of Phi'
I still a guest st the Cbnr'l ho ...
Mra B.J. Oliver of 11T l.,.:h ar
returned en Thursday from a monk., .
trip to New Tork -City and other at
rn polnta ' v
- Mrs. Henry Rosenblatt ami - family
leave today for their home In Man Fran'
Cisco after a two months' visit here. -':
Mrs. William H. Long of Chicago''
and her daughter, Mlas Ethel, have ar
rived for a atay of 'several weeks. , Ura
Long Is visiting her sister. Mra Bury,'
Irwin Daaent, of South Sixth street. -'
Mr. and' Mra John Sullivan with their,
two children paaaed through Portland
WaMnaariav An thai wra tA . fffa Vajeta .
to spend a few days' vacation. .Return
ing they will spend soma time at tie
falrf ;'v .-.a': ;-.;. V- -,' -Frank
J. Sladen." aon of Captain arid
Mra J. A. Sladen, who has been visit
ing Ma parents, left last week for Bal-'
timora to resume hla medical studies at
the Johns Hopkins, university. , ' v
Mis Eva O Nell of San Francisco haa
been the guest of her cousins. Mra W.
O'Mera and th Mlsa Dinnoen. th
paat 'twtf wkar"" '" "' ".' X.'
i S. Barry and J. Leahy af San Fran-
cmco viailM relatives- ana inam im
past week and left for horn August JT. ,
- Mra Edward R. Root and her coualn,
Mlas Madge Fatrman. of San Francisco, .
wno is visiting ner. leave jaonaay "
an extended trip to Seattle and Vctortm.
Rsv. E. Nelson Allen ssd family re
turned - Wednesday , evening - from , 4
month's outing at Clatsop beach. . ,
for Gzar a Generals
known as th chief of th ''dragon slay -era,"
who allowed hlo troops to so badly
beaten, had hla eommlsalon takap from . '
him and waa publicly degraded. .
For a long tlm his wretched flgirr
waa to be oeea In th etreet e of. tha
capital, with gyve on "his limbs and -board
round his neck aa a punlahment. ' .
For many -years a shabbily, dressed.
elderly man ' wandered 'aimlessly about
th most mighty of tb French mar
shal a and hi tunlo biased with gold
lac and Jeweled ordra-.t, ; . .fi:.
He had riaan from th rank, but mis-"
fortuna- cam- to him when he started
win iv mwwi id ufnwM aa lemaer
half a million men. tAocompanying him.
to' th front were Innumerable valeta, ,
grooms sad -secretarlea yet he came
back -to Paiia, not aa a mtghtr - coa
queror, but as a broka f riendleaa maa. .
H had. In th eyea of th republic,
disgraced hlmaalfand popular prejudice
drove hlra from hi native country. He
chv, mkutiij ana leu wwa; suxi lower -
warn nw mn iai acaw oikii no dkbum
nratlaJl -a- maaaai... Uii.-a -
and nablta . i.-.--.- :.,
N.t a touch, of Conner greatness was.
shown by th x-marahal as net waddled
tn a surpOMlea wav abeut Madakt. , .'
A French Journalist mat tho broken
man onco, and tn reply to a question h
ra saaty? -wim I was a Franca mar-
aai m waa in repuoiic s BJSV. now I
aa a fro man; but tb price f fr
doial vermin, and a erast of broad!
A generaL who beeamw a barber was
th leader of tha Persians whoa sir
Owlra erusliad Juat perm t lie "
Indian mutiny broke out Tbs shah de- .
graded aim. and aftsr several mor or
less exciting adventaro he cam down1
to b a barber at Bagdad.
Number of wanderine- Britoaa al
lowed th fallen "giant to shave them.
and as he wielded th rasor b rJatd.
his many explolta. - - - ,
Admiral Vllleneuve. who was beaten
by Nelson at Trafalgar, was never for
given oy Napoleon, and be became a
homeless wanderer, living at cheat and
even disreputable hotela -' - '
Hla Income after his dlss-rac waa
said to ba ander ttO a year, and wben "
h died ho wa haavtly la debt, ,.
'' "From Harper's Weekly."-'
In these day of tainted money an 3 '
apparent Jealousy of wealth It is worth
noting bow In different our public Is v
th vaat acenmolstlons of Astor agonay.
Thar is an snormous heap af It; it
renders no aervlcea to tha public that
any on hoars mach about; . compara
tively llftl Of It Is ever glvea away.
But It paya tax) a ad obey th
law, and nobody worrle or complarna
boat it ,,-' ; ',
Qciairance of
. ..'ii .......