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women:s glubs-wokSn's woi
4:-". y'
j., "v yi
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. .Portland Womu'i Club . v
" Presents Fine Year-Bopk.
- -5-.
The year-book of tb Womin'i Club
i : of PorUand, ' which tu Jot been re-
' " reived, will be a delight to the member
' ' when they imam :or . tneir- nrt
- ,;: meeting October lV'.tri appearance it
. ; nrobaJay-ouldoe. any-of -Ke.prdece
' " sor., although it I not a elaborate
7 : was th book of 1904-, a that waa sot
' y- vp-aa a aouvenlr for the JUwu and
.i Clark .year. A krtnkled crer of white
wUh (he greii monogram tnakea It wx-
- 0"b directory show.. 121 raembe
' jtomethtnr like 0. being out oawlth'
. xlrBVV rardaiWhlch itiakaa tha actual
, Vmemberahlp about - HX Tht officer
. r . Tor tb year'arai Pialdent. Mra. A; H.
" i Dreyman; : f Irat " -vloa-praaldant.-; Mr ay
' ' ' Itobart t-utko: ' aecond .vica-preaidant,
. 1 Mra,- O. M. Qllnaa: racordlna; aeoratary,
. vMraF.-W.' Broek; correBpOnlBa;-aeora
. '-f tary,- Mra. H. Fear; traurr,-Mra.
i ' 'J.&..&! Rankin: Aij&loxMra. H Jufc
', . yon; chairman of tha tndlnf commit-
' tea are: Mra, O.- M. OMnaa, .calendar;
.: ' Mra. H. i. Jackaoo. adclaJ; Mra. War.
-. , 'reit'K. Thoraaa, jnualc; Mra...OaoTo H.
. Dunham, vlaltlnir; Mra. Barab A. Evana,
' :"pnbllPlty Mra. M.Ai PaHorc-halt-nThal
rtub "now ham ' It . epartmanta and.
tUw' uhdor the' followlnir leader:
' French.-Madame Kauer: aocll ono
- --f' rrrtra." trThtiTnpofi; educational,- Mra.
' Warren E. Wblta; mualc. Mra. Fj; M.
Branch; fcnglln lltaratura, Mra, . Jamea
, Tlfta: parllamantary -law. Mra. W.W.
Jobnaoni Oregon hletory. Mra C. M.
"CartWrlBhtr-f oratory. -Mtaa , Elisabeth
, I Bilircurrent IlteratureMra. ., A. E
ans; aerman (beginner). Mra.'C. AbeiH
droth: German fad ra need ) Frau Mandt;
, current topic. Mr. A. C Newlll elc-
cutlon and physical culture, Mrs. Nina
rr!3rowa : ' ;,J ;"C ..-
'Th club will Vreaenf la tha yaar'lS
program, not Including an annlveraary
-- - harmuet, election UJror'tla Installation
, . ht officers. y, v ".'.: .
r ' t-Ttia-;' Arrangement of tfie programa,
- -and tha topic aelected, follow cloaaly
- alojig tha lines of tha work of tha de-
, partmenta. bat do not' tbemaelvea. a
. lit .othAr yaara- furnlnh tha material.
. Which will undoubtedly prova a irreat
benefit." to the club, a the - meeting
' lira supposed to bar more Instructive than
entertaining, knd to bring' in' people to
talk lo the club tinon their work' who
.... Mf apeclaJlst. will pa a treat aa well
,,.,.. great help to the dub. - Among
, ho who' will honor the club In this
-".T. ray ait'W7 KTieelwrighwho will
' talk on "Parliamentary Usage;" H. H.
-v. - ; Jlertman;-tnr:. Khgllsh literature; Prof.
... . T. T. Dartv on the educational work;
' : Tr:ff. t). Wise, current, topics and lit
y : ji erature; Jiiidge Fraer. social economics;
,.' Judge O. H. Williams. Oregon history:
Oeorge'H. Hime .and? Dr. Oeerg C,
-Vr9jrWIiT'kpeak on subjects not stated.
' Thla tnakes a tempting -array of lec
1 ture,and isu stated that each!
biy some, of. the- member win take
aoma pan it will be seen that the cal-1
n V ndar commtttee haa done Its work well, 1
i ' nd '. proyldedTHch . entertainment for
er ,clb meeting. -The ealendaf wm-f.-
wlttoe conalated of Mrs. Qllnea, Mrs.
.Merwln Pugh.. Mr.. Charles E. Bmlth.
, : ... Mra,,WM,' .Johnson. , -Mi EUubeth
- : BilU , MJs,, g.v purkholmer, Mrs.. M. A.
.Ogdeo. ; ... .''. ; , -
t '.,t't'''v ...'v;. .,.'.:
Rn, u.-t -'. '' t.
Some Club Women , ; , ; v
Still Think of .the Babies. A 1 :
In -Set rol VJJicblgan,: the clubwomen j
liave ondertaken and sucoessfully car
ried on a Very Important summer's I
f Uf nlaf hinflT-1 imirtl flMf 6 ffntTlr'' At'
et to mothers of bablea.. Those who1
w afford to pay are charged a email
; , liHce. and to thoae who cannot actually
- r airor-.vett thf coal price the-milk la
nri"n free-1 The women hare formed
IS anorganlsation called theMllk .Fund
1 v ' aeaoclatlon. They work In collabora.
' tlon with physicians and distribute their
' milk through large -and weUequtpped
v. laboratories. At least a dosen dlspan
. aarles In different quarters of, the town
y handle the modified milk for the aaao
. 1 elation, and yet the charge is still made
that club -work -ynflta women for 'Hioth-
; An" Able .Woman ;'' -'.".. .
' S Peceiveg Just Recognition. f.y;
; v IM pleasant td note that, while worn-
. an. in. the far east are struggling for
., ' recognition, they are receiving it mora
-. and mora In the west. ' The flrst woirlao
T member of the Wlaeonaln state board of
' control -has - lust been, appointed. ' -Dr.
. , Alma it - n-lsky of MUwsuke waa the
' -. appointee. , Dr. Friaby, according to a
'WUwaukee peper, haa long taken-an
From th Kansas City Star. I
'Hhe visitor to Dodson, Just out of
Kanaaa City, -knew that dyna
mite would explode, and that
, - was about all he knew eoncern
' Jng It The 'little plant ther where
Kanaaa City people dally, deal with this
jowerful explosive hnd often oochrred
- to hint a a source of investigation, Jiut
ther is sn inborn timidity in all peo
pie when ft la auggeated. that they make
. clos scrutiny , of dynamite. The V
. tltude Of . the superintendent' was tha
' customary an of th long-suffering com
. passion fof th uninitiated aa the vlaw
ltor tlmldlyjtped hi questions'""""
' "What 1" dynamlt and how 1 It
tnader" h reiterated. - '
Th ouestiorier reddened a little' as lie
thought of tha length, height and
' - tireadth of his ignorance. ' The suoer-
..-fintendent pulled opta a dnwk drawer "and j
Itanoea est- a- in no it- sup- 1
stance covered .wlUi a shell of heavy
rarafflned paper. - Opening One of the
nicely crimped endJLojnubai
was seen that looked- something like
flnrTormgeal wliluli Has been duiiipwiga
'hnd flrmly pressed.
-", M nM
th brief
... '. explanation. . ! ;, -'. --:i-';-J-,-. - .
"Liooka harmless , enough," - ssld the
' a -1 lttor. in an Indifferent tone, laying It
' S back upon the desk with aweiUcon-
i-eaiva qwiiu v v . ,
';-'". "And a harmless It look. teepb
! tindar certain iwiininonuiw"!-""
' the oalck rejoinder' In-a tone auggest-
i -Ing considerable professional prW.rJ
, "Nothing le than a' detonatlnf cap
Tufld la one end or the eye ana mn
'on by a special hlntl of fuse "
'" "llow about a euddon JarT wa aaked.
, 'In rnlv-j TlBl tha atlck With' Which
he had bean emphasising bis remark
- and hurled It to Ihe floor With all hi
r" strength: Th-visitor' restrained wth
. . (treat diflloulty an Impula to ahattbr th
international record for the aianoms
Igh Jtrmp-nd prepared to continue tn
. study of high explosive In such a man-r--.
ta preclude TOrclbla dmoDU-
; . ; i ;
: i Mrs. C E. Htwley.
active interest In charitable and. re
form work. "For some time she has. been
a special agent of the governor and baa
made an Investigation of the state in
stitutions. In this work making her re
port directly to the executive.- In this
work 'she has shown ability and liaa
been Instrumental in doing a great
amount of good te the Institutions which
ah visited. - Dr. Friaby ia a member-at
large of the board of regent of the
University of Wlsconsla.'? ,-..r .
Many Club Women " - k ,
Among Portland' Visitor.
Mrs. Fannie B. Slater, past-president
of the' Neighborhood club of -La Grande.
bsa. been -.enjoying - the fair the. past
Mra. F. Olsfke of .Walla Walla- has
returned home after several weeks de
lightfully spent among her -old friends
in Portland. When a resident of this
city Mrs. .Olsfke took a prominent part
in the Woman' club and waa .for aom
time one of lta of ficera. Soon after her
removal to Walla Walla ah . connected
herself wKh m-f -Its -elubs and reports
delightful club - relations In - her new
home.T" 1 . " 7-"T-'T''- ; 1 . ,
.jara. " Alloa Cojc;pat?prsldent of tb
Friday Afternoon club of Athena, who
baa been spending the summer with her
elstarr Mra. -Kansan, hoping to Tregaln
her. much impaired health, la" rapidly
improving and haa been able to appeal
at several reception thla .welk. ,'
1 Mr. T. C Taylor, president of . th
Woman's club ' of Pendleton, has been
one of the prominent ' club-vlsltors lit
Portland lately, and has-'been seen 'at
many of the social function. "
' Mra. Le Moorehouse,-a prominent
membetof ttia ThuTsday Afternoon cluh
of Pendleton Is visiting friends- and? at
tending' the fair thla week. . , ' v' .
MrX IL: Doddpresident of .."Th
Inaulrinr Twelve" of Satam.' ha been
I spending soma tlm in the city aad-en-
.'Joying, the exposition ' . v -'-,;'"-J
l Mr. 1 ooert ; j. -water', 'or Jta
kv-oinan'a club of Peimieton apent some
time in the city thla Week and ' at
tended- number -ef club affalr.-H--Mrs.
Hattle- Bkldmore, rirst- vice
president' of the Bute Federation, la
camping at Nye .Beach, 'but expecta to
be lnTortland ia a Tear dayv - "-
State ;SecreUry""'J.? ''TpTj
Atkaetter ? Cooperation. 7 .. ' .
' The 'corresponding secretary of- the
Slate Federation sends th following let
ter asking that it may be published In
thla department, and the etate president
dda n urgent plea that the club preel
Uenta will be more prompt .In sending
the namea of their delegate to Mra
White: -t- '..,...,.....--., .,,,: ,
-r-To-th'- President of' Clnbrtn"tha
O. F. W. C- Early in June a letter wae
sent to each club preaident la the fed
oration, notifying har. club -when the
convention would be held at Eugene,
Oregon, in lOt, and requesting that
the names of delegate be sent to th
corresponding secretary..' - ; -
- "(J to this date not more than- elrht
clubs, out of nearly 40. have responded.'
1 ne creaenruu card were delayed, but
are. on . tbslis way to all clubs in good
standing li the federation. It la very
hard upon state officer when, club presi
dent do not attend to their- dutlea -and
assist In th elate work. For more than
"No danger from that aouree," con
tinued the Informant, "a long .' youf
powder remain in lta normal condition.
When : partially f rosen, however, aoma
dynamite .may be exploded by violent
concussion; it depend a great deal upon
the composition dop." . ,,
"Th doper- - s , - . - .4. .
"Tes Toujt, all .dynamite consist
In general of nitroglycerin mixed with
a mora or les complex absorbent called
the - "dope.' : Two elements universally
used In th "done' are sawdust or wood
pulp and nitrate of soda. They ar non
exploalve, but both, especially th lat
ter, when Ignited, give off a large volume
or ga. which expands and adda -considerably
to the fore of the nitroglycerin
expVoslom Th nitrate 'of aoda-i im
ported by thouaanda of tone from Chile
and . other South American - region.
nd known- Chile saltpeter. :. Yourr
member the dispute over the ownership
of these deposit wa the caaua belli in
"Yes." th visitor responded remlnis-
wiiiiyrnamrnhgredlenti ortnt'
doner -it: - . 1 wl
p- Well. VdU 1 MCTiTp7leorefTWl
moment s hesitation. "It would be anard
matter to explain to you In'ZOmlnutea
all that haa been discovered and utilised
in ;o years of research, Over there Is
the laboratory building, ,r pointing to a
smail-.-red building at eome distance,
wher could be aeen an occasional flgur
moving arouad amid a labyrinth of r
tort, glass tube and wht not. nv
mploy n. experienced chemist to eon
duct constant experiment- with a vlsw
to hitting upon some new aotlve b
drbent which will he cheaper., safer
and more, effective than that nw In
us." ' ' i-
Accepting th hint th visiter paused
4o aura up. v "Then dynamite constats
.In .nitroglycerin mixed with a number
-of non-explosive eubaunoe, which to
gether act aa an absorbent?" .
. "Aad the nitroglycerlnT What
II thVl
itr-. J.
made of .dnd how do you make itr
j - iuviimi ; as awaisu wnen pur
tane montha tha corresponding secretary
haa been In.. Portland, where aha could
have been reached, a her' address waa
sent to' every dub tn the federation.
"Pleaae do not delay longer, but help
us make. our oomlng convention-a help
ful and successful one. Toura alncerely,'
l r ''nUNCU K. B. WHITK,
i'v'V "Cor,' fleo'y O. F, W. C-
-V':-- n at . v-.-
IfWould Put?
An. Endl toWan
CIf. .the Mothers ' Were RepreeenUd
Is the significant heading of a picture
entitled "Peace Conference'" In the Chi
cage Daily' News. The ..Illustration show
on the left hand al Japanese- mother
holding la-- her hand 1 a Hat 1 of ,"eur
loe" and dlcUtlng to. .Count . Xo-H
mura. what he ahail write. on the right
hand -la .a -RueaUn . mother, laying her
hand pn , witta eh,ouldr and placing
before his-- ayes, a summary of killed
nd-wounded. aoldlera Befor4 'the group
Ilea a man of Siberia. Manchurhu' Ko-
rea.,andJapn, ; Billow are the words,
wouldn't-Jaat long tf the mother were
represented ..Thl - cut 1 should be '
powerful ' argument for ' woman sul
frage.. ';r ." ' ..'r v'-.
j, - at . -.,T.,' r
What Mrs. Decker',
Considered Too Radical.
IA her addreaa to tha clubwomen?who
greeted ber at the home of Mra. A. H.
Brer man. Mra. Gilbert McClurg told aa
amusing anecdote about herself and
Mrs. Barab riatt-peckr, to illustrate
th progress and change of sentiment
in women., fib related that, when the
call was made, about a year ago, to or
ganise the Wonu'i club of Denver, now
comprising MOO members, aha and Mra.
Decker ware among th .to to reapono.
They sat far back and when the consti
tution waa discussed both felt they had
something to say and each urged, the
other to say It. but neither, at first had
th courage to get up. By and oy atra,
Decker could not stand th way thing
were going and timidly aroe and ad-
dressed the president, saying:- 1 '
- v-Uadam Preaident, J don t just - ua
the word club; don't you think v we
called ourselvea aa association It would
iound better T JClvb ia aueb a radloal
word.".- .' .- - ' "vi-L!
Today MraJ Decker la the head and a
worthy one ah makes of tOO.000 club
women, and Mra. McClurg haa addraaaad
audiences that have numbered into th
thousands, --' - ,tj v-' f
i ' ' f H ": '
tntereting Note ..... : .;,. y
Fromthi W.'CT. V. "
The denartment Of leatalatlon. having
headqua'rtera at Washington. DUtrict of
Columbia, baa sent out circular letter
urging prompt and persistent work in
(he Read Bmoot ease. Special letter of
appeal are being aent to . Preaident
Boosevelt urging that th statement of
the Mormon hierarchy, through lta rep re
entatlve. Apoatl Smith, la an addreaa
delivered before a conference of th
Mormon church, held in. Bait LAk last
April, shall receive Just condemnation
at the -handa of - the hlef magiatrata
The leglalatlve branch la also busy with
th petitions for-h - submission - of
woman's suffrage. ' 'r r , -' 7
The' department of mother" meeting,
formed so many yeara ago, -haa received
much attention tht year, and most in
teresting and profitable meetings have
been held in varlou sectlrfna of th
state. Mr Louis Braaee 1 tat super
intendent. " . ""-
-The iieadquartara of the atate w. C
n. hi hewn a center Qftnqrcjpan
ordinary Interest this summer.- At a
recent meeting aeven state. v Honolulu
and Great Britain were represented, and
word pictures of the world's activities
were enjoyed. The closing ong. -"All
Around th World th Blbboa Whit
I Twined." - was more than ueaally
Stat convention will be held at Th
Dallea October -,' and a very. nthul
aatto aatharlng I expected. a .
Mrs. Antoinette Hawley of Denver,
Colorado, ' ex-prealdent of Colorado W.
C. T. wilt tak part tn-th temper,
arice congress The W. CV T. 17. will
be an Important factor in th coagraaa
An antl-clgarett speaker la axpected
from Colorado. - ",
The labor department la gratified over
the Invitation extended the atat preal
dent to deliver an addreaa on Lbor day
at th celebration by the .labor union.
She haa accepted and will apeak on the
topic aslgned her, Th Purchasing Pow
er of Women." " T '. ".
-Mas) -Addttoa, state ' president, he
been active for year tn th Consumers'
leagu work, and haa been, correspond
ing secretary, representing Oregon far
glycerine Is agitated with a mixture f
nttrlo snd sulphurto aclda. Come along
I'll show you bow it la done.
' Leaving the . of tic w atruck out
toward a large frame building high up
on the bluff and flanked -oft either aide
at wide Intervals by other houses of
th plant. On our way to the" nitro
glycerin house or "nltrater" we passed
aom long rambling building from
which taaued dens .white and red fume
which aet u coughing and gasping at
a great rate. "Here's where we' mke
th acid for th nitroglycerin," waa
th explanation, "and over there," point
ing to huge Iron tana 'of boilerlike
appearance, "la . where the acid . ar
mixed and whence they are driven la
aultabl quantities by compressed air to
tha nltrater." . !- -,..:.
: Arrived at th laat mentioned build
ing and having accustomed our aye o
the -' aemt-darknes. which -. appeared
Stygian af tec -the- glars-of th midday
un, we aaw,,4. aerie of large leaden
tanks set in tiers, to ' th highest of
which my courteous guide led me. It
looked ilk a churn of herculean proper
tlon, th agitator being driven by a
powerful. -.a team angina. ... Into . thlarJ
eeptacle,-which -wae already- -charged
with a weighed amount of th mixed
clda,-there -flowed a tiny stream of
puregQldejiLly aerlna. An x attendant
seated on a stool gased ateadlly at a
meter, '"theTOwer" 111 end1 "of f1
which projected Into th swirling liquid
Why do you watch th temperature
so eloelyr I asked. v ' '
"Over 10 1 dangerous,1 h-nplled
without looking up. .
"At what point would n. explosion be
likely to ooourr I pursued with on eye
on the thermometer, which stood at Te,
nd th other on the door, wblch atood
ajar. 1 ' .. .- y- :; " . -.
"I d let her down at ," with en
hind on a small lever - and th other
pointed below, wher w : could aee,
through a hoi ' la th floor, a tre
mendous open tank filled with 1,000 gel
Ion of cold running water. ,
.-"And thent" -.' ...'
"Oet away," wa th UcOnte reply.
' 'Threading our wy back to th door
through th numerous' tank,' which
wer used In washing th finished nitro
glycerin' front ' th ler-esa' of aold, w
pad to the "'mix hwi120t feet be
low and around thev SndMr , th hill.
Her om me .wer mlzUif hug
tha national league. .She has through
the labor department sent out an urgent
call to ber constituency to " Join the
league work, and to render all poaslbln
aid in organising group in every local
ity. - Thla' department haa alio beu
looking after -the Enforcement or tni
compulsory education law, believing this
to be on of th very best ways to aolv
Th W. C.-T. U. booth In th eduea.
tional section of th Oriental building
1 dally visited by white riboner from
all parts t the count!
The Wnrnu'i TloK ' -. . '.".
Had Distinguished Ouegto. -.
In the history bf th Woman's club
of Portland there haa perhaps . never
been a more delightful occasion than
th parlor, meeting followed by a re
ception to Mrs Gilbert McClurg of Colo
rado Sprlnga at the home of th presi
dent, Mr.' A.1H. Breyman. laat-'Mon
day. The large parlora war beautifully
decorated with Jar or. rose in every
nook that would accommodate them and
th tabl. where punch and light refresh
ments were served, was a maaa of rose
exquisite even for tb City f Rosea.
For two houre the parlor were crowded
with members of the Woman's club, the
Tuesday Afternoon and the John Ivey
Water' Color club all eager te meet
Mr. McClurg, who has been known' for
many years to club women far and wide.
While holding an enviable replitarlon m
club, circle Mrs. McClurg Is still bet
tar known ss sa indefatigable worker
for the preservation of the cliff dwell
ings Her work along thla line' i an
blatorio movement and la of uch mo
ment, that even mention of It 1 un
necessary her. - Her talk was scanned
to club work snd th Lewis and Clark
exposition.- Of thla latter aha apoke tin
earnest and alnoar prala saying tha
-ana reit an could speak with authority,
a ah had attended every exposition Id
thla country and abroad sine the Cen
tennial in Philadelphia in llT; ah had
represented her tate at a numb of
theeet i t had -en her duty to inspect
and- examln cloaaly other expoaltlona,
and after looking over tha Iewl and
Clark she could truthfully ay that the
beat of all the others had been concen
trated in this" Bh paid a glowing
tribute t th sarvioas of Sacajawea and
aid It mad. har proud and grateful
to fsel that a woman pointed tha way fa
thla great west-ahd that the women of
th whole country gad united in recog
nising her aervloea," and ah rejoiced
that a daughter .of. her home tat,Mla
Alloe Cooper, wae given -th honor and
privilege of dealgnlng and modeling it;
It waa a bond, ah felt, between the
women of Oregon and th woman of
Colorado.'" A pleasant little coincidence
was noted when : Mrs McClurg ' wa
showing th emblem of th Cliff Dwell-'
Inga association and It waa discovered
thst it had tha same "motto as th Baea-.i
Jawea Statue assoclatlen "Dux Femina
Factt"-r ,'.;. -v- '" -; ,- ( ... j
In-16sing her remarka the speaker
outlined aoma leaeona to be learned and
some profit to be gained from the fair.
and cited the progrees of everything
artistic, educational and - literary -that
could trace Its origin, on the AUantie
coast, to th Centennial, and ah pre
dicted th sam result on the Pacific
coast from th ' Uewi and- Clark-centennial.""-
.- I-... .-' V . ....-.'.: i
At th tnvltatlort Of Mra McClurg th
preaident of aeveral Portland cluba and
Mra. Whits, President of th BakSfTliy
club, told of th work they were do
ing or-had -Sen and vn th Oregon
worn) thamselvea wer astonished that
so much good bad been aoomplihd In
tb etate. . 1 . . .1
- 'Ow af tha meet inter ting pekers
of the afternoon waa Ml Lavura Clay
of Kentucky, who has been spending the
summer-in Portland. It la well known
that Mlaa Clay" a heart Is given to the
cause of - equal suffrage, but aha ia
nevertbeleaa a- faithful - club- member
and gave aom very interesting accounts
of tha work of, th club women of her
state. In . Kentucky the traveling
library had lta birth and there It had
lived and prospered greatly: tha flrst
absolutely free library In the atat was
opened only about a year or two ago
In Lexington. ' ' ' '. " ' '
Tb Kentucky woman have had Intro
duced Into many of their publlo school
domes tlo science training. Mtae Clay
spoke particularly Of the harmony that
existed among the women's organisa
tion of tha atate and aald that United
effort alone had enabled them to accom'
pllah so much. 1 :.-..'
. Miss Mary A. cnas or uregon city
sang several selections and those who
had never before had tb privilege to
hear her were charmed with her rich,
well-cultivated vole. - Mrs Breyman
was assisted in her duty as hostess by
hr three daughter. 1- ,
mealy mas In a large, shallow bin of
pollahed wood, -.-'-,",'. ;.',-
"Theyte mixing 'th - nitroglycerin
with the dope," explained the auperin-
tendent. "Here . la th next bin 1
batch f th flnUhed dynamite, ready
for .th packer.".. I looked cordially
mystified t the last term, but wa soon
enlightened. '. :.i . ...
Passing around the bluff we cam to
th first of a aeries of mall buildings,
In each of which a gang of men wer
hammering away for dear life, ramming
or packing the dynamite through large
tin funnel Into paper cylinder, which
form th outer covering of th flnlshed
cartridges. .. At th nd of thla line of
building wa th "case house," where
the stick ar weighed and boxd in
cartons for the market.
As we paused before th door of
great , vaultlike structure at tha end ot
our tour, and contemplated the towerin
piles of boxes stored within I could not
resist th query, "But now will you
ever dlspoee of ell thlT" - r
"Not a great dl there." was th re
sponse, - aa th veteran-caat his prac
ticed. ey over .tb stock. "At th rat
or-three or a- week- we have -only
little over a month' supply on hand."
- "And - wher la all ; this- fores let
IiwmisT" t aaksd. v .
"In"the mine and quarri of the
vnrwraivei ji iiuie ue uj.ijie coaj
flelda. but not much. Black powder 1
likd -,' bettesa Uivre because of - its
deney. to rip t he coal , up - into . large
Blocks waion would D psiverlsed and
rendered Inconvenient te work by th
sudden shook of a dynamite explosion.
Then, too, aeveral million pounds may
go to th bis ditch oa th Isthmus." ,
l9everal million 'pound!' the visitor
gasped, and When he got home he
dragged down th family atlia and.
looking at th IrtslgnlncsmV-thread of
land between the - A marl ess, wondered
bowjt would look atx month hence,
'-" . A Beg la' ft City Slreetory. 'V
From New Havan, Conn. Dispatch.
' Th New Haven city directory for
loot. Ju out contains th nam bf a
dog, credited with a residence and a full
asm. - It I a terrier owned by Attor
ny j.DavId Strooee. . In th list of
Strou s th dog's nam ha a plaoa,' It
is recorded a Lt Strous. occupation
watchman, and Its boarding-bouse lit
St John tree' , - -. - ...v. ,
, .- aJssat, 6sw er
Oaa ah
first -Corsir Twalftk ssd Alder street-.
Raff. t V nm m-m MwiM . 10 MA
a. at. aad f:0 . m.; la th sveoiag a PS
Jablise aad'aadresss by Dr. H1U sad M. S.
Yashioka; Prefessors S. Taksori sa K. Iws
aists : of Tolls -alverity will reDOer -oa
Tblre Cast Thirtsanth
Hi Pint
Bev. ' Antrtw J. MantMoi
psster, Ma
Tb . Ckarc sad ths
Working swa'')
serrtee. :T:t . m. ) Snodxj srbool, IS sv: C.
S. :40 a. BL : ausrlss Brsne-BMetla at TtSO
e'dork at UJ B. ebarrk for yeas peoale. '
nsdmsat--Corasr Clseslsad aveaea -aad 4S
rett. stmt; Bav. I alrroa Boossr. aastos.
11 a. ., "The Cbsreh snd ths Toller"; T:S
rm I MT I 1 I W . II.1. kk. . W
school. 10 s. au, ' .
Arbor Lodxa rhsnal cmw - Brraat aad
Cartla strseu. Sabbat acasal at S p. as. ' - - .-
rim caaioariaB oorser Twairta sa East
TaVor atraala; Rt. K. Kslso Allen, paste.
At 10: SO a. ss. "The Glory of FinUbed Ufa";
13 .. Boaaay acaool; 7 a. -aa., Chrlstlsa Ba
Maraball-gtrMt Corir MarahsU an Vortk
BeTanteaath streets; KT. C. W. Bsj.
Booda j seboal. lo s. at.; seeerhla, li- a.. at.
aad t p. .; Y, P. s, C. K., 7:1 s. ax
rwirth rirat . sad Qlbe Hru; Bex. V.
D. IscCleuaBd. pasta. PreaeblDg ' st 10:M
s. at. snd T:8 p. m. by Bev. Mr. Or' e
Baattl) t sa.. Bandar srboel, K. O. Brsaa,
m tart 11 taada at ;.:& p. m., Ckrlstiaa Kaeaavof
eet'nf- i. - ' .'
Mispaa -xssr Tbirteeats ane: rami streets;
Bev. Jsretse B. aieaiede.. D. T, paator. Barv-
ctm ai iu:su a, at., vttti Mar. j h. Laiper,
3.. D.. win prearti; T:30 a., at., sermoa br
Kitor oa "The Prlae of Pa ca "; Mr. Curie
bass will; slag a sacred -solo . at evsalag
Cslysev . Cm iaa -Blavatts sftS lae'. alrasts;
Bar. W. B. Ollbart, psatoa. Services st 10:3
s. as. sad f:t a. m. Tbs pastor baa retaraee
fsdiae usaal i ika will Mssaasdlaae
ng, f'ChrUtlaBttjr asd Labor ,tay"j evaalagi
"lf Etsrasl." v - ,
TXTHXDI8T. ....','-
Trialtr Bast Tanth aa Oraatt Bav. ftatnM
Ooar. Basto. RarTleaa at 11 a. aa. d 7:SI
p. sl gonday acbool st 10 a. aa.;! Epsrortk
leagoe st K . nv. ' j
Sallwoed C "Ar LawU, "paator. Bnsdaf
aranoi. iu a. .( ii a. .. "Cbnstismty jsati
j b, m., ins pnipix win sa occupies
H. U I BeckweUi Eowsrth , lesgus,
f:i p. as.. 1 ' ' :
Bpwartb Ooraef Twnt-tblrd sad ; Irving
treat; Henry. T. Atkiosea, pastor. Bosdaf
school, 10 s. bm 11 a. St.. "Christ's Bevels.
:wa f ooa-r Epwortk . tasgo. :) sa.
!M p. a., "DHfusg." : ,
Orsce Varum Twain, aa -Tavlnr . atra tat
Clarsaea Tree Wilson, paator. Str vitas sa
holy eesMlanloa at 10:30 a. at.) prala MTvie
with nw srmasl and srrsioa on "The Cecn.
ssr 'JaaiM Kep." T;0 p. a. -
anBorslds TambllL, batwsea Tblrty-flft
nd Thlrty-sixtk streets) T.. Bl rwd, paator;
10 ar at., Saaday aebool, C. A. Ostah. aper
iatndDt; 11 a. tm.t dmlnttrUoa of the self
eoamanioa by the - paator, ssalated by Ben,
iToaiac ana nsnnaic ana einers; s:oi p.
Jnnlor leasns. - Marir Sharer, an Darin tandenti
: p. as.. Kpwerth leegs devotional meat!
in. Hsa Krnsi, .president; p. nu, araacfiln
by ttts Bev. Jasaes -M. Kin.-D. D -
Centsnsry Corner - Beat Pine and - NIntb
afreet; William H. Bsppe. D. ..-pastor. At
I0:ae a. at. tha paator preaches the rt of tw
senaons o 'Tn I Be Dtrlnalr lr'i rea
lar - saoatMy sarvte f song with speetsl -pre-
8 ram. 7:1 p. m.s BMralng elsss. :0 o'rioek:
nsday scaeol,'12:l p. .: Epwerth dl rational
at :. a. Obsras sbeb-. t : y
First Caraer Park and Msdlaoa straet; Bv.
B. I Honsa, P. D., paator, 10:80 a. St., ser
nvm br Ber. Prin-is J. vsa Born. D. D.,
Woreaatsr, Massicauaatts, ss -"The Onlr
Nime"; 7:41 p. n.. Dr. Via Bora will vreapfe
oa "Tb Supra ma naflnltloe nt pod"; special
mnsle by Cjnartet, Mrs. Boaa Bkwb-Batiar. MlM
MrClnng. alraars, Alesiader and Montrom
ary; Sunday aebool. 12:10 p. at. ; T. P. I. C
E. reeeptloa t strsngsrs snd prays serviee,
Harold Ollbart. loader, p. m.. Pllrrln
ebspal, B40 neronil itraai; Bonday school, :t0
I. m.y L. M. Bles. snpsrlntendrnt a "
Valmsltr Park Artlasas' temple, Portsmnntb ;
Ber. D. B. Grir. pistor. 11a. m.. Th poarat
of Testimony Supported by Filtbral Cbrlstlis
Uvln. and What It Mar Do In Undine Mas
tn Become ToDower of Jem Christ" ; flanday
school st 10 s m. ' , ,
Snnnyslde Comar ' Eaat Tirlor ind Faat
Thu-tr-foarth straots; Bev. J. 3. Stinb, paator.
At lj i. m., "Strength for Servlcs"; T:80 a.
l, "To Terms of Paae"i gnnday acaool, 10
a.- at... B. C. Pie,- suDsriateaoent; Janloi
ChrlitUa Bo oaa tot. S n. m... Mlas Bdltb Bm.
snparlntiadeBt; Senior Cbrlatiso Endeavor, C:S0
p. in. ....
Highland Corner fraamtt snd Bsst Slxlb
rraat, north: Bav. A. M. atok wood, paator.
Snndiy school, 10 a. m. 11 a. m., recaption of
Biamser and. oommanlon, eetmoa a "A Three
Pol ttellreranre" j 7 : P." m., Serrlca ap
pmprtst to Labor day. ' - - "
Mlaalealppl-Arense -Corner Mississippi svana
nd rreajoat straet.-- At 10 l. m., Snadiy
school : 11 s. m.. Bav. W. L. rnahaw will eon.
duet the esrvacef so evaning aarTlee. . 1 . .
Th Wnif Temple Corner Tarelfth and TT-
Itfaetir Be. 1. "rnilcotniritrongBlr. ITT ft.;
paator. 10:W m. nv. "Thraa styles sf Will
Ing" Bible sraeol, 12:10 p. m., clseseawfor sll
saesi B. T. P. II. rerwsrlos and sarrleaa 0
p. m.; 7:eS a. a., "Was Jesas Christ a Boelsl.
Ansrekisl I" Special amaie by the orrkestra sad
temple qoertet; anewt. nias thel bytle.
Central Rast Twintletk sad Baal Anken
treat. William B. Randall, mlnlater. Build
ing closed for tae tailing faraltare; sod lea tor y
satriaas Ssptamhsr 10.
Hath lay Sal I wood. Snndiy school. II i. m. j
ranking at 12 m. sad t;4S.JK by, Mrs.
J. Adaaia.
Mt. Jobne Service la Adaaatlst eknrehl
presaliln by Be. Job! Beatslen, II I. a.
Load' Supper ehearvedi Busda school 10 a, as,
UntTerally Park Sunday asaoel, 10 s. m.;
srasehlsg. It a. ra., by Bar. B. A, leoaard;
7:4 p. in., by Bav. lob Bentaleu.
. SsmnnT Eiat Seveatb snd -Ankany Itreets;
Bev. S. C. tsnkam, paator. At 10 SO a, a.,
"Halntalnln tbe Chrlatlaa Ufa": Bible acaool,
12 Bwi TouD People's anion. S:48 p. a.) at
7:45 p. m. Mr. and Mr, oaraoa sf India will
ipssk f their alsslensry woch ad axperlsacea.
T.7t':r; i0g.""".7:
Chrkitlas Catholic Apoatolle Oinrrh I JMoe
AHaky hulldln. Morrtana near Third; Bev. oba
AHxaseer Dewkt, grit ipoatle; Kit. Cksrla
; mox o-cawuoa 1 wg soej-e cosmnin bo imu bvc a-t, oat are
tUed with cH-reJe wiich rocbm the skin and are haraxM
totkVa-ev Ve rnaxantse tie aaeohrta yntrrtr of onr woJncts.
- btw tun is m rrwyt 1 isauw 1 aau must ag.
X ' snteTtio known to
vma mm any etsmary eas 1
o be used tor Jstih4 Aslloa -tV. :
HO fee baauttraiiy U-W-JVT -4 -t r r-s o,
oevryweaaVL)ss aaskOtan-c"j
OOsa'.j.Vv''': CAN
rO! fi-jr&? t
- - -
L' Roy. elder U ekirfW ' Ar I i p. aV-Slbm
tody; I p. a.. "Tb Baptism of Dial Sir
Consumes All Bin"; p. a., "Tha Mrs Crews
Promised: sr. The CsrleUaa . BaUerar'a . B
ward tat Mm Mtntm.- V
Trialty Nlaeteeatb aad Everett rraetet Dr.
Monrlaoa, raator. - lioly cassmanioa. S
. at.; aoralng ssrvioa, 11 ' clock; evealag
les. T;S0 Vrioek. - '
- St. Matthew's .Cornet JTirst aad Ca rut her
rreetei Bev. W. A. M. Brack, la charge. Bolt
eoamusJea and ssraoa, 11 a. aa. Saada
school. B:4S . a. A... . -
Oood Shepbard Sellwood - arrest ; snd 'Ts
con w avsaae: Bv. Jab Daw. roetoT. -.Ssa
day school,. 10 a, aa.s heir communis aad
isa, 11 I. a.t S svenine? "-rrlca.
at. . Joba's Memorial Bsiiwooa: Bev
ynralL- la cbarra.- - Sarrlc and holy eoeHaanloay
10:4 a- a.; auaeay acaool. u a..
St. Dsvtd' Esst Twalftk aad Belmont; Bev1.
0. ft Tsa Waters, D. rector. . Holy com.
maalon, B and II I. B. (choral), with
m; evensong at TjHO o'clock. .. i
St. Mark's -Oemer Nlaeteenth and Qulaby
strasts; Bev. ,1. B. B. Blmpana. rector. -At
jl bolr eonjunnnloa; 11 o'clock, momin
prsjtr and lltaay. aaraost by Baa. Wllllsm V.
Whltte. Charles City, Iowa; e'cloek, erenlng
prayer; as gaaesy scboot , -. s
'c: '-:?,..: . ' OEBIITIAaT, . -1 V j
first Comer . park aad CetaatUa Streata;
B. g. M nek lay. im.tor. 10:M a., m.. -Tb
Baling Paaeloa''; 7:49 a. bl. "The Fear Woee";
Bible sebool, 12:1 p. m.: Ckflstlaa Eadaarer,
:48 p. a. - - -. - - '
Central Beat Twentieth aad Salasoa straetaj
Bev. J. r. Obormley will- spssk at 11 a. as,
es "The Opportnsl ef eadereaJe": p. a.,
"The Opportanlty. of Daetlny": Saadsy' seaost
10 a. a.; Sat) lor Endeavor. S:4S p. m. i apecial
maaie; Mr. MePharsoa Qals, ckorlatar; Mis
It . By, argaalat - Tn-V.f ' r
. ytrat Cernar Eaat Tenth aad Basra strsetst
A. A. Wlster. pastor. At 10. s. a.. Sdndsy
school,; Casrleo A.- BUVer, anparlntandant ; II
a. a., aarmon, "Tbs Wlaalng Power ef TestW
monrV; 7 P. a.. aU U of C.t nasstlng; t
. iju, prescklng. - v
gecond .Uoraer rsrge aad Kwty Itreata; Bev.
J. Bowersox, paator; servlcas at 11 lb, and
e p: a. Bandar-waioor itnr A. airrbiol
Endeavor, 6 p. m.s It. I C E.,-T:l p. a.
. OckVae- Green Sunday school -at ISO. p. Ba.
preaching by ...Bev, A. A. Winter at :80 p. a.
- ":'." ' cwiBTiAB7Bynncx.',;, s''-'V
irt Scottish Bite cathedral, Morrwea and
towasdsls treats. Bsrrtcss 11 a, a. and I
. -m sutgect. "uhetanoa" J . BaaAay . acbaol
t eaoss af SKirnln aerrlca. - ,
Beooo- Audltorlua bulldlnf. Third betwesa
Taylor and Salmon streets. Sarah es, 11 a. an.
ad Bp. a., subject, "Sunstaac. -7 ,
First Oermsa Uoraer Taatb snd Clay (treats;
Theodore Srhsaer. pastor, Dedlcstioa sei ilcvs
ot near church, eermo hy B. C. Breyfoget, D
D-, at 10:10 a. a. Bngllak aarmon snd Sedlcs
Uo of efearch by th blabn at 1:4 n. a.
song eariUs sad ihort . address by dlffsrsat
paator at 7: p.. as. . j.
"'';;' ' :' tBTB3BAV. '' '"-I
St yamee Kngllab Comer West Park sad
lefferaoa strsete; J. A. Ins, paster. Saul as
at 11 a. sa.; Suaday achool. 10 s.- a. Let that
leaf aa. 7 p. a.; no evening Barrier.
Norweglaa- syaed Coraer Beat Teeth ' aad
Orr straata; O. Magees, paster. ' BsHltm
atlia.. a. and Sj. m. ..'-,7. .
i --' BL . CB1TBOH SO U TB. .t:
rtrat iriVi' Seaoad Itraet, Pomtsn kail:
E. H. Mowra, paator., Suaday achool. 10 a., a.)
Kpworta lea fur, t p. a. preecaing at- ii a.
a. ssd p. -a., by Dr.
4. u, namraapq st
KiahTllle. Tenneaaes, (arralary ef
the soar
of sdncatlo ot the M. B. church Beata.
yirat Corner Beat Plftaenth and Morrises
streets; H. O. Shaffer, paator, ' Bible school,
10 s. m.; nresebins st, II a. a. and a p. aa. 1
Cbrtitlaa Bndasror. at 7 p. a.) special an sla
at botk sarrlcea. -,.r. . .,, ,. , ..
' St John's Corner ef , John . snd Ivaahse
treaU; E. B. McVtcker, paator. At 11 . a..
"Supreme Lov" S p. a., "Peter Oellverad
Prom Prison" r Sunday sebool. 10 a. a.i J. B.
L. U 1 20 p. m.; B. K. L C. B, 7 p. a.
T. at. a A.
T. M. C. A. Aesoclatloa ' aadltorlnm. 11
fourth street. Bunday. I SO p, a., address by
Pranct 1. Via Horn. D. v., ef Woreestsr,
Mamaehasett, on "There' a Boy la Xuf
ly "; olo by Mr. J. B. Hamilton. ,: . ,
I, ' ' ! o.'abd m.' -,' "' '
The Caslitlaa and Mlwleasry lllcs SJith
and Mala atreets; Rev. C 1. sawtell; an parts
teadent Preaching at 10:20 a. a. by Rev.
1. H. Allaa, paator ef the Beraa alaakn; Sua
day school, 12:1 p. a.; 7:S0 p. m., aarrlcl
aoaductad by D. W, WikeSebt ''-...
- iirrt-a-Bst Concb sad .Eaat-waBjr-w-r-s.
Small, pastor. ' At It a. nw aarown by Bev.
Mr. But lea oa "Hiring lmlntnn"l 7:4 p.
m.earaxia by Bev. Mr. Welch; 10 a. Boa
day sebool, . . -
Mret Corn ranrhind JarnblU Jtreetaj
Bav. oaors C. Cresaey. . DTTejilniatar. Sara.
H-as st 11 s..
whan Professor Bsaasl Me
l un juindaay
y. LnlTaraltr st FesnsylTials, will
CbUd.jUhorV .., v . . .. . .,
spask ea
T i ... , i v
;'...'.: . 0ATK0U0. " ... .
- Bt 'lawrenre church Third ' and Bker.
man sfrseta; Bev, J. C. Hngbas, rector, afaaa,
7. B aad 100 a. ss.1 benadlctlo, 1:30 B.(sw .
-: KiscxtLABEotJs. :'
4 Vet or oa "Theosonhy and Its f aea" will
be rlraa it the TOeoaopblesI roam, Allskf
banding, kill nO. - .
rirst Bible Splrltul society A. O. tj. W.
halL BelHog-Htrsch building. Lsrturs by Mrs.
1. A. Job aa tom 1 followed wife testa by I. A
Jobnstoa at 8 .' m. k. .
Millennial Dawn O." A. B." hilt, snrniaul
corner Beesa sad Merrisea Itreeta.. geralcaa
t B:30 p. a. ,
The Mlnlater' lid Medium Prof eat 1 re Sola,
ttuallat aaeciartnti will bold no church earvwe
until further notice. . -
ptvlne Tmth Canter Wain Trnfh ehaasl,
hall tot. AHaky rmfluinr. eornef Third d sine
riao streets: Tbedoeoa ii. Mloard, paator,
Brralc at 11 a. m.
Tbe rmril Ibnatiaa trnio rre rails lout
, myrrisssi sirsai, ia bwiy aiu;
r r- v .-.'. -."v.-
1 .'"S'
I : i M '"1
ess Tri Ct, cUpeei ridLy,
$&mX t-JM est cssy -
T .
I '.'
Ivinv '
vroru. AoytUng wraaed U it -U be
wala e-ssMss) ssfotsJaMissief I .
FslAKOtCOOs bAl.
?rt - w ..
. . :,
Local Street Railway Men FavTjf
"Purchase of Exposition Tract
-4r-foV fHiblic EntertsUnmen
' ' ;-..-- - - n 1 . -
' . weaeMeMMOTeaaaK 7,' t
Indivtial Oarnepi Wul " Degtrey
. Gardens and Buildings, Sine Thesoj
Now Are on Land Ovrned tr Uanyi
" Persona WJth Msrgr Plant.
Lockl atreet .railway mn are uhanl
tnouajn the view that a .permanent
rtuaement . parjt should be maJntsinecJ
at tn taywi and Clark , xpolUoti
ground; and It Is said there ia a prob
abillt that sncb, an inaututlqa' win
Ueceed tjje fair. Jfo deflnlt telnent
can' be gained to the effect that, the
Portland Consolidated Ball way company
baa a plan for euch a park under con
tdaratlon, hut 'it i known fh project
1 being aerloualy , ntrtalnd. ' .
U?t Jaaald the. roaUwohitarl. fa . ihs(
project would be tue nign , pric .
Which th owner' of th. ground would
hold th atta. Th fair arround la bwnaxf
by many people, of divergent view and
lnt rests. The Portland CoQsoildsts1
already owns one block snd. a portloord
another . block In the grounds, in thai
Vicinity of th Oriental building. ,,. .
- The New Tork building , and groanI
IS practically the property, of. Paul We
singer, of th Welnhard Brewing -cbm-1
pany th building having been put -U4
with a vlw to hi acquiring actual tltl
aa soon aa th fair elo. -: Thar are
a few ownara .who or, credited with
public aplrit and .harmontoua dlre tn
aee a. publlo park. aatabllahed, and, aoaae
portion of. th grounds preserved In a
form that -would rurnlah publlo amuse
ment Should hm atreet .railway com -I
pany decide so estaoiisn an amusmnq
park it - would necessarily i aequlrel
enough ground to psak resort 10 Ui
44 ecra in. sztnt-- Unless . soma psraonl
or eorporatlon pnrcha-SraaUcaU4
the whole ground the . improvomoata
now there wu oe deetreyo ay tb va
rious ownara In restoring their plats tol
a normal, condition." No attention hH
been paid by th builder of th fair tol
tha .boundary llnea of th original own-l
r of th ground. A larg bulldlnsl
may. atand partly on tb ground ot onei
man and partly on that or another. - ai
main atreet may be half on th ground
of on man -and half on anothar man's
plat . Th aawerag and ' avenue hare
not been laid out with, aby consideration
for their .common us hy .people who
msy wish to us th land after th x-i
position IS through with mem, ana ipe
landscaping snd drainage achara will
b . praetlcally ' detroy4 ";whn the
ground ar again cut Up among, their
j':--;mmf snthesl aeSva.'-4-'
: ':.," r I fmm r,. Tyitulan PnaL '. ' ''
Th higheat point at which mourftaln-l
climber hav stayed ror any- ingxn on
tlm Is 10,11 feet. On the Himalayae.l
where - en esploring' -party" 'palnrunyj
stsvsa ror six weunw in . 1
tilt at fet 1 th extrem polntt
um nnnitck ; WnrVmin'i ascents.
th"-grtet ' height- reached- by, aj
woman. Mr. Bullock Workman kept enl
to a point 11.111 ret nign, .wumn "
greatest height reacnea oy
Uln-cllmber. -;. ' ' L
T-k. .lalanil eoaaihaA hv Ur, and Mr
BullocR Workman were above those
which M," Berson, the aeronaut, began
ki. .rtiricial inhalation of osygon. ..At
It, 249 fset the asrooaut In general n
.. .. -. . in.nltlnn Af Alrw
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