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I - -' JSS.BSJBS ".BBS"e
Delegates to National Convert-
. tlon Rciv-Heattrl)fJqorn
' r ' ftomi lical Member " ; '
t-lWne Program for EnteTtaiptnent of
- ri;v th Visitors :Wha -"Will Be Here
i-4 H Frorn Every State In the Union Hu
Berepaed.V;;'::.. .o;''
, . 8v5ral hundred letter"-carrfera from
' v every city of any alia In the United
"d States will be the 'guests of Portland
. this week.. They are coming today-
,-rromHll points or the compass, Mia hi
' ' morroAr morning the advanea 'Ur4W
pnaievgnt. ,., ... ' i ' -. - - .
.' i!TuMidiv' kinrnln'J ' C. If !! of
Cleveland. Ohio, president of the Na-J
ttlonui Association of- Letter-Carrlers,
. Will Tall the aonvention to'order at the
V : Armory. A- reception will be given for
Itfca visitors at the Armory- tomorrow
night All "the oommltteea 1 that have
""' work to do' before "the wheels of the
' convention machinery ea begin, to turn
rtll -have- their -reports j ready..: so that
.'. ' too time will be loat on this account -''
j'Bvtr since last Thursday morning the
audlUng committee of the N. A. U C
have been at work examining the books
-I' f the association. -They have taken-but
-tt feWiiourB -rega. sinca that tlma, but
.3. .their la bora will not ba over untu soma
r -, time tomorrow morning. ' The committee
; finished examining the books of Becre
: 'iary B. J. Cantwell of Washington, D.
r Cj. last nla'ht and at onoe beaan on the
Trporta "of TreasurerTieorf a: Wj- Butter
, Held -of- Bay City, Midilgaa Tns mem
bers of the' sadlting committee are "VV.
ti. Swn f Provldanoe, Rhede Island;
m. ,'chafrman:.:lA. C.McFarland of Des
: Moines, Iowa, and. Thomas B. Hood, of
Nawark.. New . Jarsey. '. - ','1
"-.vV ' (teadantialg Are xamina4,
" 'Tha committee on credentials begs a
ijta labors last Friday and wUl be (in
'Istied before the convention Is called to
, '-ordan The members of this eommittea
mill go over all the official records of the
association to learn Just w.ho are enti
y, tied, to ait' aa" delegates' In rthfc- conven
tion. The credit cards' with- the 'stand-
;TlaJsT'-of the different branchea will, ba
'x compared to sea that all duea have been
. : ;aia. - Alexander MacDonald of Grand
c u. uli.! - i
.'; of Duluth. And.Xen Schmidt of Qulncy,
. lUlnols compose the oommitiea on cre-
,ntials. A :
, . President Keller. Secretary Cantwell
fed the members of the above-named
Vfmmitteea arrived In Portland severaj
t" 4aya ago. Tha tke Superior delegation
" arrived in the city last night oa the
' Korthern- Paclflo. -and mil are shouting
for the l07 convention to oa held in
, Minneapolis. Atlanthr-Clty also; wanta
the maatlnc. . The California deleaatlod
Li,' t expected n this morning;-the man
. nom tha Oolden Bute are traveling in
Vwo special Pullmans. : . '. .-r
, ? ,The St.' Louis letter-carriers band" of
U'df Bleoas)4sexpaead 'today. -- Thlff la
e f tha Tory finest VtHltary bands In
- tl e Mississippi vRcy iwd compares -fa-
trafcly with any mlliUry bartd In the
iiaxs-fltatea. - -The aandmaster la Jo
, .anph PlunketV; Tomorrow morning the
Ienvar etteT-iearrleTa,"Fband will arrive;
thlaiorgaalatton : la composed of. II
' pieces. Its leader being Chart es Avrll, a,
avell-known composer,. one of hl, recent
- successes being -'bote the Silvery Col-
Ida Wind Its Way." Messhall rtsal
aon, well knon among American band
V men. Is the solo cornetlst.- ' ..
. This evening 40 tfelegates from Phllaj
: delphla and 19 from other Pennsylvania
. oltlea are expected to arrive. Early to
wtorrow nremlng two special trains will
arrive, one from St. Loulsnd tha other
. from Cblcaga . Five hunQred visitors
are expected on these trains. . ;,
' 'tAf-tha public reception to lie held In
tha -Armory tomorrow, night. Postmaster
.John Mlnto will tell the visitors to
"" lake merry and ba glad all wMK long.
Mr. Mlnta-has decided to give tl)e Port-
, land letter-carriera a half holiday Scp-
; tamber a, which Is Xjetter-Carrlara day
at the axpoaltion. -The; local carriers
will get off at noon In time, to form for
t" .1 . - . ( A
' v ... . ,
IDT I I'thVpa.i. tht'-'-l besln promptly at
fI. Ilftp, m. Imrt are 17. local letter-carriers.
Oregon's ' CaarUrs ConTsno.
- The secqnd annual convention of "the
Oregon State Association of Letter-Car-rlers
met -yesterday afternoon "-tot. the
stirlgbta f Pythias, ball. In, the Marquam
building. The convention waa called to
order by Pre Id en t B. B. Howard, and
the following- branchea were repreaented:
No. Portland; No. I9&. Aatorla; No.
147, Salem; No. 743, Baker Cltx; No. IK,
Eugene. .National President.. J. C. fel
ler made' an Interesting., address on tee
affairs-of nhe parent association.' The
foljowlnc. offloere . were unanimously
elected fo the ensuing year " an In
Ulled: .v - ,. .'--, ,
F. P. Holm of Portland; national vice
president tor Oregon; 8..E. Howard of
Salem, president; F. E. Taylor of Eu
gene. vice-president; .A. E. Keenk of
1 Portland, secretary ;-P. Shae of. Astoria,
treasurer: executive ooara,' h, m. tjoie
man of Portland, O. B.Hatch-"ef Salem
and C E. Finch of Pendleton. The con
vention will b bald next year at Salem.
- Monday-- a. an--Receivlng delegate
and" visitors at Union depot and escort
ing' tbem to headquarters, branch I J,
170V Fifth street. Ooodnough' building,
room 03, 1 second floor, which- is open
at all times for ,. the accommodation of
Harry Edward -Coleman. '
the delegates, and where they will be
assigned to the rooma - reserved for
them. . ' '" - - -
a. m. to ' d. m. Distribution.' of
souvenirs and badgeaof the Convention.
hall (tha Armory) to the. delegates pre.
sentlng credentials. ; 'V v
'I p. m. Public reception. at the Arm
Selection. St. Louis Lettar-eaniera band.
I Invocation.-.-. ; .Pr. B. 1. Hill
Welcome. ............... H. E. Coleman
. President branch a. Zif..U. C..
Address of welcome
iJ ; ... . . . . ..Postmaster- JF.,W. Mlnto
Add ress of welcome ' : .............. -
. Official, - representative of Governor
1' George K. Chamberlain.-
Address. ...Mayor Harry Lane
Response. v:-.-Prestdnt James Cr Keller
- - president N.' A. U C. . -
Selection v. Den ve letter-carriers' "band
Address. . . -. . i . rr. .Hon. C W Tulton
- - r U. 8. Senator for Oregon. ' '
Selection .-. . i i r. .v, By bands-)
" Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday-
Morning afternoon : and evening ses
sions. , ,,y 1 i , , -: "' " ':
Friday Morning session: 43:10 p. mT
"Parade1! of 5 letter-carriera. Parade
forma at the lArmoify at-12;30 .aharp,
when tranepoTtatlon and falf tickets
will ba distributed.' Una of march: East
an Burnslde to Sixth street., south on
Sixth to Yamhill, east oh" Yamhill -to
Fourth, north on Foufta to Washington,
east on Washington to Second, v where
csrs will -be waiting o receive the car
slera and tska them In fhn fftlr.grgUfldy
where an address of welcome will be de
livered by Presidents W. Ooode. '
Saturday Morning, afternoon and
evening sessions, ' f ' v.
Sunday Oak street dock, t:ll a. m--Excuralon
up the Columbia1 to Cascade
Locks and return. Steamer Telephone
leavea Oak street dockf at. f :S0 p. m.
sharp, carrying all carriers and their
friends holding tickets. Musli will be
furnished by the 'Letter-carriera' bands
and lunch' -will ba served at Bonneville,
after which will ba the return home, ar
riving at the dock at -'7. p. m. r . -.
Program of Ladles' auxiliary,' fo la
dles only:' t- (..
- Mondy .a. m. Receiving visiting
ladies. 1 . .. ':V . .-i ,. . . :.
-i '
... .
f 3
- - '
' li--;V.firy Pprtlan4 Erandi Natldiial ,Aeatloii-of-sUtker';Cetfrtew
t p. m. Attending public reception at
the Armory. - -
Tuesday 1 p. m. Seeing Portland by
trolley. '
7:46 p. m. Theatre.
Wedpesday r a, m, Excuralon , to
Estkcada. .- - . , ' - - -
- f-Ti. m.' Trip-througlu Chinatown..,..
Thursday :S0 a; m. Excursion '. to
Vancouver, Wuahlngton, returning leave
Vancouver at :! p. . '" v.
; Friday p. n, Taking part In
parade in auto oars and attending Lewis
and Clark fair.
Haturday 1 p. ro. Trip to the Oaks.
Sunday 8:16 a. m. At Oak street
dork, excursion up tha Columbia.. -
Executive committee E. A. Moulton,
chairman; Q. W. Featherar vice-chairman;
H. C. Hutchinson, recording secre
tary; W. P. Lyman, corresponding secre
tary; F. R.' Bingley. .. '
Committee chairmen Reception, H. E
Coleman; entertainment, E. A. Moulton;
accommodation, F. R. Bingley; parade,
F. P.- Holm; souvenir and badge. H. C
Hutchinson excursion. O. W, Feathers;
press and publltliS. W. p. Lyman; dec.
orations, W. K.- Wlgton. -,
Conference Having This In View
i Will Organize Along Na-fV;'
" v - tional Llnee. '
Tha email body' of men Who ar atif
flclently Interested in Industrial, coop
eraflon to. .have come to Portland to
further the project of organising on na
tional ' lines held their' most Important
meeting yesterday , afternoon at- the
American Inn. .They voted If favor of a
national association, ' and - determined
that It should be called the American
Cooperative league, with district head
quarters ,1a all parts' - of '.the United
Bute. - .- t" .' "' -y ...
Professor B. T. Fowler of California
was elected president and J. M. Moore
of San Francisco- was re-elected secre-taryr-anttt
-andr time as S national con
vention meets to elect i permanent of
ficers. '. A governing - board . will . be
chosen' Immediately, consisting of one
delegate from each of the all districts
Into which the United States will be di
vided.. ,.. s.w4-; -
, The project which this league" repre
sents had Its Inception at St. Louis a
year -ago, when committees - were ap
pointed and instructed to report et. the
session which' closed yesterday. Tha re
ports Of these- committees were, of an
encouraging nature, and indicated a de
termination on tha part of important
employers to promote- a more friendly
feeling between capital and labor. To-ward-thla.
a good -deal has been accom
plished of a practical nature, and dur
ing tha three -days of the . conference
tnuclr more has been . tatuiht and
preached,: Half a- doxea ; Interesting
Danera were read veaterday on the ben
efita and advantages to WHh sides of
America's greatest commercial queetlon.
One of tha delegates said the confer
ence hsd accomplished a great deal, al
though it might take several months to
work out -the elaborate details con
nected with a national organisation. T
.-Before adjournment the league convention-
decided to meet in 10 at Kan
sas City, Missouri, and to hold the an-,
annual, meetings' hereafter la , Septem
ber. . -. -'...'' - V-.
. The full roster of offloera elected fol-
lowa: D. T. Fowler, San Francisco, pres.
ident; J. B. Merrill. Toledo, .Ohio, vice-
president; J. M. Moore, San Francisca,
secretary and treasurer; members of executive-
board.. D. T. Fowler. J. J. Bel
linger, ..Washington; J. - E. ' Martin,
Texas; A. B. Hank. Ohio: H- W. Gaines,
Kansas ; press., eommittea,' Bradford
Pack. Maine, and P. T. Fowler. California.-
1 : , .i. ., ' v
.Bream Wliiok Oanae Deata. , .
' In -eases where dreams kill there Is a
sorf of combined action between the
dream and . the disease through which
death is . accomplished. In .the drat
place, the dream la usually the product
of tha disease. A person may have heart
disease, which never asserts Itself or al
lows tha victim In any way to know of
Ita presence until the fact Is disclosed In
a frightful dream. Moreover, terrifying
dreams are often-the first evidence of
heart disease. Then the frequent re
currence of thesedrehms, dealing repeat
ed shocks iothe nervous -system, aggra
vates the disease until the heart la ao
weak that One mora shock la sufficient
to cause death. - ' - .
- J -
f' .--
. .-
.V ..-- 3-,
V -
Cool Weather Doee Not Deter
Pleaiure-Ceekert' ; From ? f ,
n -.t "Taking Dip.' ' - '
many visitors come ' I
Cottages Are Pilled and Many Camp.
: erg Have Tcnta ' gtretched Along
r the Shores of the Different Sum-
- mer Reiorta, 1
'(Special 1spatch to Tke JearsaLI
Seaside, Or., Sept, J. Although' tha
weather baa l)een perceptibly cooler dur.
lng the last .week along tha coast there
la no apparent decrease in- tha number
of visitors and campers. - Many tourists
from other states than Oregon are mak.
lng trips here from tha Portland fair.
Th .crowd ' of bathers each day does
not seem to diminish. . CotUgea are
filled and tents are scattered all along
the shore. ' . .. .!
Mra.CHoeg,after apendtng a pleas
ant summer at Bunker Hill camp,.hae
returned' to' Portland. ',. v "' 1 .
Mrs, Jlose BlOch-Bauer of Portland
la at the Moore. - : i . .-;.-
Mrs. M. H, Steers la visiting Mrs..u
W. Knowlee at Halcyon lodge.
Mrs. J. Hochfleld and baby are vis
iting Mrs. Schilt at Seaside.- '
Mrs. DoWd and family are campea
near Locksley hall. '."...-''
Mrs. Av E. Daigielsh ef Portland and
her nelce, Mrs.- BByram, ara In their
cottags for a week. - " .
Mrir'W, A. Hathaway of PortUnd.
after enjoying a short vacation at, Mrs.
Rumelln'a new cotuge, Rnodaiyn, lert
for Long Beach yesterday. V-'
R. Wilson and famiiyhava returned
to Portland. - . j.,..' , v
Mr. and Mrs. Gadaby are Iters for e
abort- vacation t Locksley- hall, f
Miss Ethel McClura of .Portland la
visiting. Mrs. J. F. Davles at her sum
mer home. - i '
J Master Jacob ProebsteLone of Port
land's boy sopranos, haa come to the
beach for the remaining seaaon.
: Mrs. Leigh, ' after a very pleasant
summer, haa returned to Portland. - - -.rrvrr
maeaj Xoora. ".":.-'!
' From Portland Mrs. B. King ' and
daughter, I. A. McLarrln, Mrs, W, H.
Marshall and daughter Margaret,-Mr.
snd Mre.-e.-B.- Cobb,-John Bhtkely J.
8. Ready, Mr., and Mrs. J. J. Hellagar,
Mrs. A, Laugha, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. 11a
Pheraon. M. M. Wilder, Mrs W. B, Dag
gett, C W. Holllster, John F. Pullman,
H. 8. Vance, Mrs. -F.-R. Jennings, Mrs.
W. W. Fewry, Portland. Oregon; Mra. A.
Holts and child, Lem -Parker and wife,
Q. W. La timers and wife, L. M. McKel
vey. C" B.'Dutt'on,'-W. J. Toumana and
wife, L-. F. Jorda. J. . A. McLaren,
R- 'E. Durham. Frank R. Kerr, Sol Blu
mauer and wife and Hasel Blumauer,
A. W. Hepnner. Marlon Ogden. Mrs. W.
B.Xyttie and daughter Ethel, E. C Cla
mant, Mrs. C. Terwllliger,. MUs Rltter
snd sister. W.' W. Banks. Mrs. 1. A.
West, Anna Morris, Mrs. M. E. Spencer,
Mrs. E. Cstne, J. -J Borgaad and wife.
A. - Hotts. William V. Wheelwright, T.
Brooke. Mr. E. Franse. Astoria,, L. ' H.
Jameson. B. F. Hohman. -William Leslie
Reed. Rev. G. B. Vsn Waters, Miss Amy
Heltshu. Miss 'Rachel Josephl,. L. 8.
Metcalf.Mrs. E. H. Brooke, Larry Hoh-
. n .1 Jk V W T I. .
man. riui svuna, i-wiuuih, mj. m
Harrv Humchrey. Charles Stockton, R.
xwimams7w. r.'HaCToia ana ramttyrt
H. D. Keeney. . . f -''-' V; '''' '
- From Portland CapUIn H. Emken,
wife and famtfr. Mlse Pearl Emken. Mrs.
C. 0. Richards, Mrs. Virginia Richards,
Mrs. H. O. Richards. Mrs. w. T. jacoo
soi J. Smith. Miss Estella Ford, Mr.
William Gadsby and wife, 'Miss Alice
Gadaby. L. B. Cuslck. Mrs. H. Church
hill, B. G. Chapman,, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde.
Evana and child, Mr. Charleston. Fred
Miller, J. H. Snyder and wife. Mr., and
Mrs. G. El Clarn,- John. TX-Kaan.Dr J;.
B. Klefer and wife. E A Hausmsn,
Eleanor H. Kurth, Oretchen Kurth. W.
O. Venator. Rev. George B. Van Waters
. ' 1
J - - ' :
' 4, . 4, '
;fi -For 70 Years
.-'., ..f ,.- I I ' -i. -
. X" w. v - aw ass aw.
It's the choice stock bought at a premium over first grade, air seasoned from three to five
- years,, assembled by men who have been employed for from 40 to 50 years, men who have
been in the business long enough to know how to set tJie axles so as to make the lighteet '
If .running wagon." In short, it's Mitchell stock and Mitchell quality through and trough from '
tongue to end gate that makes the Mitchell wagon the wagon
. ' M ill fM y.
Who rain your
Wat a.. ' Ooto
for w . . . -.,
Panama nd
Felt Ikt V
Dye for you or Clean and Block
, your una
and wife, Charlie UoratL wife and chll-
dren.wi '.''-'fJ'':y''-,t -V'
': - .,CtoiemlaL. v ' v- v
- rnM ' AWland ft! ra. ' Hulda Shaver.
tt'M. Hod son and wife, - si. N. M.
Cowan; Minerva Maroum, Mrs. J. IX
ParkevllleW n Bcott ajio u m ing,
Dan fyConnell and son. H. X FSnalel.
W. Koshler, Mrs. U.. Stewart, Frank
Miller. O. F. Jordan, C. L Mark. George
W- Hlraea, - Mary L. Hlmes, George H.
HtmSs. Miss Pearl Brken. J. M. Garney
and. wife.'.. v- " -i'-X ';.'i - f
. v . ? ; ;-Oosamerolal iSoasi. :
r,nm i Pnrtland J. Dills rd. If. A.
Wright.' Mr. and Mrs. . Phillips. J. F.
Lutsby, J. K. Meuer, u. wniie. b. u.
Wilson, O. McHutt, Mr. Lltherland. H.
Van UaMnam I. Van HiniMm. Jack
Stacy, P. J. WHls and wife, S. J. Brown
and wife. K. J. Zlmaer,' C -L. Mark,. A.
S. Wakeman and wife, W. F. Hutton
and family. ' A. B. Hancock, H. Hlnck,
THlnck. ' . .
areoaaiemm m
Portland Miss' Lydla Crawford.
..i u tr Uu.taul a. R Manlav. Mlsa
Emma K. Lammara.r Mlsa Clara Bell.
Mr. and Mrs. tr. ti. Liier. airs. w. w.
vin. uiii Judith Lowenaart. Dr. Jesse
Ettelaon, George H. liajnBsera.----------
of city ei:si;:eer
D-W. Taylor Will Introduce Some
r That Will Benefit the
I w ) Taxpayer. v-
:'.;-;. JTT'j, '-- ' k - ; '
.:' D. W. Taylori tha new city engineer,
will Introduce many innovations, accord
ing to Mayor Lane. . The department
will praeUoally ba reorganised, ao far ag
methods are concerned. -,'
Heretofore tha city engineer's office
haa had to depend almost entirely on the
city auditor to keep Ita records, but
hereafter the chief clerk wU I be ex
pected to kep a at of books, recording
Improvements, noting the ' progress et
work and showing tha financial aohdltlon
of tha department.
- "Taylor la man In whom I have per.
feet confidence, said Mayor Lena yes
terday, fand he will mak many changes
In tha engineering department which
will ba of great benefit to the adminis
tration and to the taxpayers." ;
Taylor Ja. rated- a -one of the moat
competent men in the-city for the posi
tion. Ha baa been engaged In engineer
ing; work since lift, when ha entered
the county ourveyor's -.- offloe - In - thin
courfty. where he remained for two
rears. He was engaged la hli profes
Ion. as a elvtl engineer and aurvayos
with various railroads and aa county
surveyor until Isle, when he was elected
to tha state legislature an the Damo
oratto tloket and waa tha only Democrat
In tha body. Ha resigned to accept the
position of United States surveyor-general
under. Gsover -Cleveland, in which
capacity he served" for nearly five yeare.
After leaving; that ofnea be served on
tha government engineering corps under
General Wilson he surveying tha mouth
of the Columbia and tha Colorado rivers.
In 111 ha waa elected city engineer by
a majority or , votes, and served for
two years. Since that time he has, been
engaged In the practice of his-profession.
.';' ' ,.t,,- '
, ' . . u :
ga iris Tsssieg. - ;
From the Cathollo SUndard and Times.
Mra Toungman The Uleaf Ifa very
rnniry ym cent - gtver-me- any new,
ly w r4 aa n-aeoeowt h ss,
t 4. Casiiler I know, maato, n.ut I
" . BKJNt WIS.'. ;
: Vehicles, Implements,
. Bicycles. Harness
AT a
-.Mi. -U ..." '-'V
i - September 25th
Tan have am Die -time to makerar
rangements to be In attendance. ' We
will conduct tnorougn courses jn
- S!IC3TIMr3.'
: Prof. C W. Kltt; former vice-president
of the Gregg School of Chicago, la prin
cipal of our school. Mr. Kltt Is one of
tha strongest commercial-teachers in the
United Btatea. He has trained hundreds
of commercial teachers ss well n thom-
anns or persons ror commercial posi
tions, ne is aoiy aasisiea oy competent
' t; ' Til COST wncsf . ' . i -
of a course with us is one third less
than is offered by any school 'In the
elty. If you contemplate a course at
all. you should enter- early in the sea
son to get lull benefit or the low rates.
Night school begins at the -same .date.
Rates very reasonable. , ,
tO)lTrt'C:.!An CBSTiESS
Tel. XaU e0a.
SS Slath Street
Wa are tha discoverers and origins
s of tha onlv reliable and eclentlne
system of Painless Dentistry. Wa as
tract, crown, flU and eleaa er treat teeth
absolntely without pain and guarantee
aU work for Sfteen years, Our work
la the hast, our prioea the lowest con
latent with flrat-elesa work. - EXAM
INATION FREE. Our plates are unde.
tec table from the natural teeth aad
are guaranteed to St. , -
riLUNOS ......ftoe 75d) rnd Sl.OO
GOLD CROWN8..., .....SS.OO
Owes fag Wetness utU I a'claat
evaalaga. .- -v. - t'f-'
Costcn Painless Dentists
tlH Morrlaea SI, Opp. Xelar a Xaia
HOURS :! a. m. te t p.
say. b:sb a. sa. ea ss:ss aw bb
Far modem- dental werla - World-r I
nownea apociaiiets.
Leweat prieea eonsistent with nrtt-alaaa
..: '- ' - Go U the' - "
. rotmn abtd mosuusom sts.
,- Ope aay and nl-ht froea ; a. i
V. ' - " Mill U it an. ..
your husband wanted you to hare softs
money; .he would hare glren you 'a
Shark. .i..-i.-
Mra Toungman But ray gracious! If
ne e' got an . account hera can't' you
taaye h t .,, ... , r v
- ; 7
. ) ,V ,Too AMtoaa. ' '
. v , From the Detroit Tribune .
y Tlr- " t t-e hat fjllow JPlanUm
He li j t lug Tn'.
. . v MffMMl -'
- t f ' - I r-
j- . . -: '
T r
f , l m
of the present and the future. :
ir ?!
-r .... ,
mv a
The Tesag ass's ChrUtlaa Vlfit bcIwmI
Tkiny twWi forty Oiffen-ct
' BakjMts Tsegav au Term 9t
m af i ssissr at. ...
A' ' Fee.
akleets .. - it t-Mn. Terav.
Algebrs ........... ........... .S3 lie
Amman -Ooverassmt w.. ...... z.40
Arrhltwnwal Prssrlsg ......... " ,
Arlthiaetle ..................... t-M ;
Boakkaeplag . ........ ...........
trpntTf arte
iiTll Morrtce Classes aer bm.).. t.oa
CommHiI Lsar .........
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SL Helens Hall
A. Girls School of tfie lilgfi.1
est class. Corps of teachers,
location, building, equipment
r the best.
' ,Send for catalogue.
C;:n$ Septciritr 13, i;:5
-Hill Milt&ry-AczZ;-.
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