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, . . .The Oonenoet"
"TW Krauty fcn"
"liaatl Bin."
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" ' Whll rldlns- vr the range near Lost
Lake. Adolph 'Asthoff. head forest
ranter , of the Western Oregon district.
nearly, lost his life a fiw days ago. Ms
"m following; a new- trail -woe.. tils
horse shied, reared and fell over back
ward, pinning the rider to the ground.
The horn of the saddle penetrated the
uviny Iari vi Afinuii a mini,, v
" serious wound.. : Blood -.flowed freely
and Astnorr,'.,. realizing nis aanget,
dragged himself to a spring.' Bathed
" . hla wound and than hound It. Thinking
that anma -attiap fni-Mt rana-ere Might
. happen along, he lay near the spring
.... I I fcj-. afinJiiptna ha
' struggled to ne saddle and rode to ms
home, 16 miles from Lost Lake. There
his wound wss hound up. ana no was
. Tdrouaht to St. Vincent's hosDttaL . Aet
. .hoff will be able to be about In a few
weeks. In the meantime hla place will
k. .lrM k U.r.... Atutjirann. Hla dlS-
- - A- Trip' "Up the Columbia" Steamer
BaUer Gatsort leaves dally. 1:10 a. to.
UT round trip to Cascade Locks. . jnne
daylight trip un the caiumoia river;
- grandest river scenery1 In all creation.
,A trip IB I a IQauui v-
No, smoke, no dust.; A ' trip -of a life
".time. - Fins - steamer Bailey Oatsert
leave dally (except Monday) : :
tn. returns : p. m. Bound trlpi.Jl.40.
.. unci awa (iwuniiuvi. w
Phona Main SI4. ' : ' '. "
'.lOur fifth annual gift sale will fcon-
. tlnu unUl further notion. Every pur
chaser to the amount of 11.50 and up-
ward of - our well-known brands ; of
wines. Itnuors snd cordials will receive
-a. valuable souvenir, consisting of haod-
painted china and, other fancy goods of
. imp on lmnrtaHoa, - u wruinini
famiiw iiniiA rfaalar 218 Morrison street.
r-- Mr. and Mas. Blltg Pa ton -of
Santa Rosa, California, ars at the Hotel
Portland on trip that combines buel-
. ness with pleasure. i nT wm, romauu
In the city for 10 daysvwhen Mr. Iaxton
will go tOjTexada Island, where ho Is
v Interested In the Iron, company there..
- has been. Inaugurate between Portland,
Huntington and 8ait lake, via the Ore
gon Short ' Line. ', The . first car ' left
. Portland July J. "- Ths service will be
. dally. In trains and 10 eastbound, and
Strains T and V lrestbottnd. ; ...'
?. See thTsea at Seaslde-A delightful
"f .a J M aala -4UtlSl WlMlSMt . SMat
I rip lO Vin WP4"Bl V1U avagg a va-p
" - - - - w satS1 iTaba MIH frS Flak lisin
'inW rurUetUVt smsw sat uiv
deep. Tratnf leave the anion - depot
. dally at I -e m. For Information apply
- -u . r & . rvkVMri. tit .roar
street., Phons Main tOIr-; . : ; ,."r
Carloads of delicious . Mermaid brand
-. cantaloupes ' and ' paper ' rind ' red meat
. CoacheU watermelons r constantly on
trackv See that you get Mermaids.
. Nouini iih nair so iwnfc. rwiwra-
Pags Co, Main , Sola agent. - , '
rm Bala RftcnnA.h, n1 mirhlnal TVB
Singers, complete attachment.,' f 10; 1
: N Hitmt. ll eOmnleteL.I UtdS ak Kin.
machines complete. Singer Store, -40 J
? WasaingMH Mreeu;.- r,;.!-',.
i Roof painting uoiumoia nuni com
pany. Main 14M. TO. First street. Moss
and fireproof, paint for wood, tin .avad
Iron. ; Roof painting s, specialty, ...j -
moved office to 108-1 Marquam build
, ing. Phono Main 4( residence phone.
Main tl. ., . ...
. ' ' Any . watchsa cleaned. 11.09: ' main-
.4na 1 1 ASr ..alt work arnarantaail nnA
. year. MeUger s Co, 111 Sixth streeu
' . Waj,jtflhre rlnlahara ' anrt ladleaf
.'clothes ironers. Union Laundrr Co.
.' Try a meal without meat at th Tege
tarlan cafe, 101 Sixth street . , ... ,
' A- Dr. B. C Brown, Eye-Ear. Marquam.
Ansley Printing Co- 180 Oak..
Hotel Hamilton, San Francisco's new
. vat. agwh . BI.XU wvfc ( a nnyuvm an
maim rnr&llv. InnavtAaL .. Rataa.
II and upwards, - lis Bills 'street
Sixty-nine boys and ' TO "girls . were
born In Portland In June, making lit
births against It deaths, -
. A decided decrease - In the' number of
. contagious ' nieeases over preoeaing
months wss noted in June..' Diphtheria,
measles and scarlet f eve? were quite
-tt prevalent March, Apsti and May, but
', the pesthousa, but the patients brought
the dieease to this city from other parts
of this state and .Washington.'',
v Plumbing Inspector T. E. Hulme has
compiled ths following report for June:
New buildings Inspected, 174; old build
ings Inspected, It;' cesspools 'connected,
16; sewers connected, 101; written no
I tlces served, 1 ; total number of licensed
' plumbers, IT; reports . of defective
''plumbing, .' II: plumbing 'remodeled' bn
- notice, 4i tptal number , o . visits for
il number.
connected. 111. .
Ths Boot Shop , s
Tbst wants your trade.
Oxford ;
. Style JTJ,
f$M per pair.
. - ' r a
j .' ."Sorosls" snd m ' .' f V- 0
Walk-Over" Store.- i " r
Mabel McCgne.boprano Prima Donng
Sin(ing Japanese Sopg.;.l
Controversy Over ' ConTirrnatidn
V of Dr. Lloyd, as .Coadjutor .;..
l.T .Bishop Settled ",: ' '
5: ':-, everyone is Happy
DrlT Morrison'" Says - He and His
AssocjaTresjAnjr Satisfied With
Churchmanship of Lloyd. "?
" ' The. controversy over, the. election of
Rev. K. j. uioya, v. u.. to tne co
adjutor blshoprlo of the Protestant Epis
copal dloceao of Oregon; has been set
tled, by the ; withdrawal of the protest
prepared' and signed by five clergymen,
Although 4t had been-aaserted by the
protesting clergy that Dr.' Lloyd wae a
high, churchman and that Dr. O. B.
Vaa-Watem,' rector of 8t. David's. In
nominating him before ths diocesan con
vention, stated that he : was , a broad
churchman, the proteetante accept ths
explanations that have been made and
will .not' endeavor further ' to obstruct
ths confirmation of Dr.. Lloyd. ; s - .
-Dr.- A. A: Morrison, rector of Trinity,
has defined his position snd says hs snd
his associates In th clergy ars satis
fied with the ' hurchmanshlp'. of . Dr.
Lloyd and that he la in- sympathy with
the American conception of ths ohurch's
functions. t- . . . ,-
In behalf of Dr. Morrison, too, Dr.
Hope' said that it could not be that Dr.
Morrison wss actuated by any motive erf
pique, for the reason that he refused to
consent to Dr. Hopes bringing him
before the convention ss a candidate
for the coadjutorahipr- and earnestly
aakM that he bs kep out. of the con
tent. '' , -' ' -rp.-..: .
Air who were interested In" the. affair
accept the bishop coadjutor as satl "fac
tory ana his inaucnon win. ne accom
panied by congratulations by ths clergy
without exception. ', ' ' '
1 Churchmen - in Portland are - pleased
that there Is to be no further contro
versy in. ths matter and predictions are
freely made' that the Incident' Instead
of prejudicing the Usefulness f ths new
bishop coadjutor, will immediately in
stall him In ths confidence of all . ths
communicants of his church.' ; '
' "The poise of character maintained
by Dr. Lloyd while he was assailed."
said a wall known .churchman--today1,
"wUl give him ths confidence of ths
people of the state. Ths generous with
drawal of the protest will prove the
sincerity ef those who first published
UtTbs4noldent-l8-eIsed.u XTJ'
What ths Ooadjntor Bishop. Mas ; Ao
' eontplished In rorty-aigM Tears.
- (Special Diasetca te Tse Joeraal.1
Unlontown, ' Pa, . Julr I. From a
sketch of his life given out recently by
Dr. F.' E. J. XJoyd It is learned that he
was born in Wales 4 years ago and
at the age of 13 years graduated at ths
Theological college at .Dorcheater on
the , Thames near Oxford, having ths
first nrise in Hebrew, first in theology
and I lrat In history, ond winning the
college diploma and hood. -- -
He passed at Islington, Lonoon, ine
Cambridge - university special theo
logical, examination and -than - passed
the bishop of Oxford's ordination, ex
amination, winning special . mention in
Hebrew, and was ordained' the deaconats
at Dorchester abbey by the Lord Bishop
Mscksrnsss -of Oxford.' e
Dr. Lloyd wss a missionary for two
years lit Labrador -and later was rector
of churches In South Quebec,. Prince
Edward Island, Bloomlngton. '. Illinois:
Hamilton and Clevelani, T-ohiOT-Mntd-Unlontown,
Pennsylvania.. The Society
of 8t. Phllfp ths Apostls: wss estab
lished by -Dr. Lloyd in the interest or
parochial missions.--and In corfnectlon
with this society,, ss president and vice
president. 'appear the names of 11 of
the leading ttlshops of the Episcopal
church, and there, are also IT mission
aries all under tne general airection of
Dr. Lloyd, who has himself preached at
about 10 missions. ...,. - . -r
" 1 1 - '
T".MilwaukIe Country Ctub; rt
Eastern and Seattle races Taka Sell
Wood and Oregon. City cart at JTirst. and
1-J- Trombla to San DonaUge.
(Joaraal Bpadal serrlee.) j
' Ssn' Domingo, , July I. The , govern
ment has issued a decree proclaiming a
state Pf siege. In the Bsrahona district.
The trouble Is sppsrently local, all, other
sections of the republlo are quist
Eureka Is Latest Addition to'
Fleet That Was Too Small
.' for Business. . ; -7-
Vnusually Large '.. Number: of
Ctaamers in Harbof,lnclud-
Clnj Two Large Yachts;" : V
Ths steamers Eureka, ..Redondo and
Northland reached port last night from
San Francisco, adding to the unusually
large number of steam craft in' ths har
bor. The others sre Columbia. Sand
hurst. McCullooh, Umbrla. El Primero
and Thistle. .'. , . - ' j-
The Eureka la a recent addition to
the coast fleet but wlU probably- not
make more than, this one trjp. -She
came light and began early thla morning
to. take on, wheat at the. Irving dock
for ths Bsy City. The cargo will be
shipped by the Northwestern "Warehouee
company and will cowprlse in the neigh
borhood of 1,000 bushels. The steamer
la about ths yams slss as the . Frances
- The Redondo brought a full cargo of
general freight from, the California me
tropolis, and -ell of the passengers she
could accommodate.. On the return trip
she wilt take out grain, lumber and
railroad -tlea, a full cargo having been
secured for, her. .,'
As has always been her custom ths
Northland came up the coaat In ballast
and proceeded to the Inman-Poulaen
mill, where she will receive a full csrgo
of lumber which she wUl carry to ths
BaXXttjvLTiJC. Ilagermsn, representa
tive of a local ship-chandlery ' house,
was n psssenger. He spent several days
tn San Francisco to an effort to induce
the owners of the coastars to patronise
ths Portland merchanta -more liberally
than they have been doing In the past
when, purchasing stores or supplies for
the vessels. t It waa explained that one
of -the principal reasons that Ban Fran
cisco Is given.' the majority of the busi
ness is because msny of the merchants
are financially interested in the cosst
ers. Hs was assured that the matter
would, be. given conalderation and. would
probably result advantageously to Port
land. . Mr. Hagerman report that the
shipping situation down the coast is
rather eulet so. fsr as ths export psrt
of the business is concerned. But-he
declared that the coasters are handling
all of the traffic that they can possibly
tak car of' ' j'-'-.-h -
'i'.r.'i--':-?,;.'V;'; 1 .1 . r: , .:;';...
James Bnnamnli'n Party from British
" OolnmbUJim Be atertained Here.'
"'Carrying a distinguished party of
British Columbiana tha steam yacht
Thistle, belonging to James Dunsmutr,
reached the harbor, this moaning from
Victoria, and dropped anchor in tha mid
dle, of the stream., above the Morrison
street bridge. - A. very, pleasant .voyage
from the Canadian city was sxperlenced.
When the mouth of .th. Columbia, was
reached tb yacht was eecorted over the
bar Jv. the . collier Wellington, which .Is
also- operated by Mr JDunsmuir.- The
eolller was an route, te on- s rapciaw
with a cara-o of coal. r -
Those making tha trip on the Thistle
ere: Mr. and Mrs. James DunsmuUy ths
Misses - Katharine, - Beam rand iean
Dunsmuir, Mrs. Bromley, -Mr. and Mra.
Harry Pooley, Mr. and Mrs. Robin Duns
muir, Hon. C, H. PoUeh, H. M. MUla and
Tha party cam to Portland snjoyT
the cruise and attend, tne lair ana win
probably return to the north In four or
five -days. At least that Is ths present
nrosrram. but It In said that a decision
mar be. reached to remain longer. Local
acquaintances are arranging entertain
ments In thslr honor. - Mr. Dunsmuir Is
nerhsDa more widely . known than any
other resident of-British Columbia, "Hs
not only owns nearly all ths coal mine
up there, hut is one of the leading fig
ures in the political affairs of tb province..-
- - , .' ' ' ' .
Ths Thistle Is provided with a double
deck and stands very much higher out
of the water than the El Primero, which
is anchored, a. short -distance from he.
Her cabin are elegantly furnished. .. .,
' Word was received from the' Co wit ts
this morning - to the effect thst ths
steamer Osmecock would probably be
raised today. A barge' Is alongside and
the jwork of floating her lr progressing
satisfactorily. .. '
'This afternoon the gasolln launch
Lorena, brought here a month ago to
remain .during - tfce-eiipoeition.' let tfor
Astoria, whersfas will be used as -a
cannery tender for -the balance of the
season.' , .
Lester Spinner, dock agent for the
Shaver Transportation company, left for
Seaside thla morning to spend hi vaca
tion. In his absence the business at the
dock will be looked after, by Captain Del
Shaver.. ' .
Laden with lumber the French bark
La Fontaine Isft. yesterday for the
United Kingdom. " ' " ,
. This afternoon the work of discharg
ing cargo from the British -ahlp Pin
more wat stsrted at Columbia dock
No. l.. .,. '. - ' " . , -'--"
At the North Pacific mill the British
ship Pythomene began this afternoon
receiving lumber for Cap. Town, South
Africa. ' ., , m.-'t ' , ..
' ;" -. " - ' ' .
Astoria, July I. Condition of th bar
at a..m Smooth; wind northweti
weather cloudy. N shipping moving.
. gtiJehnsi July I. Paased at t a. m.
Tscht Thistle. -'.-;-:-- - -
San Franclaco, July I. Arrived -
Steamer Aurella from Portland. - . Ar
rived at I a. m. Steamer Roanoke from
Portland and coaat port for Port Los
. Astoria, July 4. Arrived at noon and
let Uip t, J ;0."-JH,Btamer Redondo ;
from San Francisco snd wsy ports. Ar
rived at 1:11 a. m. nnd left up at '1:30
p. m. Tscht Thlstls,"",flm Victoria.
Sailed at 1:10 p. m. Steamer Whlttler
and barge Santa Paula for San Fran-
eisco. , , v. ' f f-"' : j ?
..'.v .... 1 1 1 1 "' ,- - - -'
- r. Beatty Batertaiaed.
Dr.-U K. Beatty arrived yesterday
from Washington. D. C" and Is enter
tained by- United State- laepector Ed
wards and Fuller. Ths doctor is a particular-
friend -of 4TergUhUr;-supervising
Inspector-general, who. he says,
will soon make a trip te Portland, tt
Is not known whether Mr! Uhler 1 com
ing on., official business 'or not. He Is
well known to'lhs lorsr a tee an boat men.
as he cease hare avoupla of years ego to
settle, the marine engineers' strike. At
that time he was president of the Na
tional Marin Engineers' eeaoclatlon, ' -V
. -- 1 a i i v. ... , ... :?-
' Preetdent ray In h City. '
'oeorg D, Oray, president ot the Call-
If yra putk'e ir.r.tthir-2
- tcisre you wH have enough-
j to jnske an investment.M ay--"be:
you will want'to-buy a
lot, or , go into busin$s.
When that time comes our ;
advice is yours fortbe ask-J.
Ing.- Will give you our hon
''est opinion. '.'; V
':''."'.'-. ' GENERAL
Oregon ISavirigs Bank
Sixth knd Morrison Stavit,
v ... kU BAYS, ' Aatt.' Caaaler.
" "TELBPHOKf MAIM 1. - - - -
fornia Oregon Coast Steamship com
pany, - arrived this morning from New
York, where he spent month on a busi
ness and pleasure trip. Af tsr visiting
(be fair, a few days hs will leave for
his home in San Franclscoi Ths com
pany hs represents owns the Alliance.
Despatch,' Aberdeen. ' Nome.- City and
other- steam - achoenersj-jrheAHnnc
will arrlvs tomorrow from Eureka and
will, remain in port oursday,-to-hav
her . boilers washed. . . v-
-Among tb feature, for tomOrrow"si
ths Lewis and Clark eapoaitloawill be
th ' unveiling of th Sacajawea statue
and the Red Men' parade. '.An inter
esting program-has been prepared for
the ceremonies ' accompanying tha un
veiling of the monument. The follow
ing 1 the order of the day for tomor
row; - ' - :',' '-:
Red Men' and Sacajawea day." British
Columbia week, Wallace, Vancouver and
New Westminster day. . American Li
brary association convention. Omega
Na Sorority. , v ; .j
l:4t a. m. Red Men's parade, with
Administration band, down town. '.
1 p. . -Kilpatrick'a daring ride down
a steep flight of steps on a bicycle.
I p. nr Sacajawea exercises and un
veiling of statue at head of Grand stair
way. Administration- band. -- v
'2:11 p. m. Grand concert,' Liberati'
band, bandstand, Gray boulevard. -- -
2:10 p. tn. United rJtates llfesavlngj
drlir-tn- lax. " r" w ., - . . -
- I p. xv-Kilpatrick'a marvelous ride
in automobile down steep Incline, fodt of
Trail.' :;.'.''"-. ":- .:,.,'. .
I p. m. -Grand . i concert ' Liberati'
b bandstand. Gray boulevard.
ajpf -ro. Kilpatrick'a dating ride on
bicycle down ateep flight of stops."
10 p. m. Kilpatrick'a marvelous rid
In automobile down steep Incline, foot
of Trail. " . - - . ...i "
The P. N. A. championship track and
field neet. will be held on the Lewis
and Clark stadium, July 1 and I, In
stead of July 14 and It, !aa first an
nounced! Thla change was made . so
that these games would not coma too
close upon the A. A. V. national cham
pionship games, to be held on Auguet I
and!.' ' x : '
Seattle Is preparing to send a strong
team for th P. N..A. meet ' In a letter
received from Mr.- Englls, superintend
ent of th Seattle club,' be elates that
the Seattle team will arrive In Portland,
Thursday night and will probably" put
up at th American Inn. .., ..-.. . .
Bud James, captain of the M. A. A. C.
track team, announces that the local
club wUl be represented by the atrong
st team ever put on the field. -With
such msn as 8mlthson,'v William and
Greenhaw In th dashes, Frlssel In the
hurdles and broad . Jumpe and James,
Saundera, Johnson and Walker In th
welghta. Multnomah should have no
troubls in taking first place. .
r British - Columbia, with .; her tw
teams, will be strongly represented. .
:3eut3rSliopw Tonight '
The Qeroias epswdlaM, Kelb and Dill. Is
fhe araetml team!? brlaaiw, "The Baaaty
f bop." will be tk attraction tnalfht at the
Msrqssm Oras tkeatr. every sight this wrt
with, s special siatlnes atorsar. "Tbe Baaaty
gkop" Is rail of ras an sassieK SO baaetlrol
eharos girla alng and eases ebaraalna-ly , asd
are very pretty: Popular prlcss prevail.
Grand' Clever Sbow.J
Tbe vsnsavltle sia at tte Srasd this week
Is above tse s vaeaga.- Marahall sad Lorralae
have as set that la as fnnar ss s elreue,
Th. siualeal Bawltts are ave la aoaibar aad
thir act la ealcnlatad to astoae aa w.U at
latere t. The Back.y. Trie are eoaaedy eere
hats. ' Daly an Herald are etagars sad jofcars.
Tky have av dog that bas keen spprecla.
Ilea et snsior. - - - -
f: '
"Lost In London" at the Empire.
One ef the nwaf tnteraatlng ef all the sopa
lar price shows Is ths Kmptre etneft eonpany'f
pradortioa ef tbe graat- Maotloiwil Sraaia
'Lee Is iMKloa.'' -this wk, Tba story is
of iateDse Intenet. . and the saaMraus . ttrlk
Ing ereaea and-ellmaiaa bold a adlesoaa-spell
bon ad to t end. Mattnea every day at 1:11.
Rntelng serforataaee atarw at a;ls. t:-;
. i M '' -
Prank Mlltns and the f Long-elarera la S
mmilral art ara the boailllnara - at tba Star
thla week. Mark and WllilaSM. - rwe nlrk
talkers.' kavp-.taetr aedleare Is a SMrry nanod.
St.phra PitapatHrk Co. am oen la s akeh-h.
Mr. Bonner la alnsln tbe Irlak ballaa,. "Kate
kremey." Ths Htarasena akows sows later.
siting war esenes froaivtbe far oast. . ..
.- - 11 ' , v
A "Three Kuhni" at the Baker. ;
The Mil this weak I by far lbs boat that
kas horn eoaa at tbe Baker la a long tint.
Boalo-o tb the Knhea," stBr.ra snd Inatre.
SieetaUala. thara are. OS It aome penpl. who
land aary klgh la th ranatie profeaaloa.
The Baker ' la a pool a a anmmtr . gardes.
Matin, dally It 10 e'clork, etvnlnf at T.JO
aad.a-S'Cbxk. '. ... ' -I. i'-
:Haiel Kirk- at the Xrrit y
"Haarl Rlrx." , appeata 'tn Popl of all
elaaaeo, . Tb. . trrle wk enmpanr glvos as
Intarpretatloa ef It that will pleaaa eves
those who bar aeon It, produced at the kith
eat erlcad tbeairaa,. . nlly siatlnoo .0
clock, etealogi at T.30 and o'clock, w-
Portland Authorities Say ."They
Havs Full Information Con-'
11;L corning ths Thisvss. z '
.,(',;,.. ; i . . .-j -.: . .. , .v
;' - ' ? '-
Also Asserted ThatSaiTis Crew
Was Responsible for th
-v Newberg. Crime.' . ; , ,
' Not only do thiollc now profess to
havs full Information aa to th Identity
of all the men responsible - for - the
Leanna bank robbery but they assert
tnst tne same persons coanmiiisa tne
Newberg bank robbery, obtaining 15.000.
snd attempted to .loot the bank at
- J. F. Klngstsy, bn of ths robbers who
ssesped, is ssld to bs James Johnson,
sjlaa 'Toronto- Jimmy,- a noted, bank
cracksman, who broke Jail at Rochester,
Minnesota, May to, 1P0S, and for whoa
capture a reward of lilt wa offered.
, Parting, the other criminal who- es
caped. Is said to be William, alia "Doo
pay enpojrt Ja, noted-era rksms n , snd bank
burglar. Me. too, broke jail at Memphis.
Tennessee. with ' two companion In
crime, May J, 108. The tools with
which they broke.. Jsll , were furnished
them by George Stratton, a mallbos rob
ber..who waa afterward sentenced from
Denver, Colorado, to serve tl years in
th Canyon City penitentiary for robbing
the United States malls. Stratton es
caped with two companions, both of
whom were captured and lynched. Strat
ton ia atlll at large. ' - ' ;
' Croeslev. one of the convicted Lebanon
bank! robbers, Ts a St. Louis plekpcckefe -
tu uunn la paid to have been a "rapper'
for two- years for a peker gam at tb
Mass cafe. Punn's wife Is n slater of
Dora Williams, a noted 'female thief,
who was recently In Portlsnd with
Robert Robertson, a criminal of-many
aliases, beat known . aa ."the Gorilla.'
both olng forced to leave town- between
o suns oy Bnenrr word. - ' -
Ths police are poaltlvs In thslr asssr-
tlon -that neither of the Ibanon - bank
robbers who escaped the dutches ot th
au.thorltlee Is at Seattle.
Pioturea of Johnson and Davenport
and accounts of their exploit as crooks
are -given in The Detective, a Chicago
publication devoted to the Interests of
poiice ana sneriiis, unasr ins aate oi
July 1, 1101. A copy of this publication
has been secured by the police.
Hives sre a terrible torment to the
little roiKa. and to soma older . ones
Eenlly cured. Donn's Ointment never
falls. Instant relief, permanent cure.
At any drug store, 50 cents. .. v.
. . a"- . "' i n - .....
Aveiy iV Co. Movedrv
Ths Portland Trust Co. having bought
the building at 81 Third Street' Avery
4s Co.. necesssrtly having to, look for a
new location- found av very suttabls
pise st 4-rhlrd street,-between Pine
and Ash. This building', waa erected
for them and Is especially adapted for
th hardware business. It gives Avery
A Co. considerable more floor space for
their rapidly growing business. They
will now be in a position to better
handle their large- line of general hard
ware, tools, cutlery, etc.. In these new
nd more commodious quartera.
They. will be pleased to meet their old
customers. wall ss nsw ones, at tbelr
new store. '. "' - ' ' Y "
of Commerce
Capital $8i7oo,ooo. ;
!k?MrvSj,soo,ooo v ,
-'Portland Branch, 144 Wsshtngton.
..' ' IS. A. WTLD, Manager, .--'
Travelers lefters of Credit
..'.-. -.- '
. Avsllsbls In all part of th world
- Ill branches In Canada and th 1
United. States, Including: ' Ban,
rrancioco, Seattle, Victoria,' Van-
bouver, Nshalmo, New Weatmlns-
.-1 err" Dawson - (Tukon). - y."-'"
' Drafts ' Issued on
; 11 , BjrBranch
-. Trsnsfsra of money to or from
any part of Canada by letter cr
telegram...'.'' '. ;.'.'".'" -.'.'
A General Banking: "J
Business j Transacted
uioniiiu ewi
, T. rraaaio. Baa.
TKIATBS Paoao Mala M
(Morrisoa St. bet ftiitk aad aevosth.)
Ooallsnlng Brorr- Nlskt Thla Week With a
Ladlea7 and Children's Matlneer Batardaf,
Xa the faaay stsslosl Oaaieiy Xurlona,
aThe Beauty Shop1
As Kir.ll.nt Cast of Prioetoala.
o BKAinrrt ciioRt ti nyti.
FOrTTLAS PKICES-Matlnos is, II sad lee.
. Vlkt, U, U, M sad Tte.
Beat Are Knw Batlln for tk Retire Week,
A H!NT--Boy foal -.t. ruyr -
Delasco Theatre KSPm,
. - i rorsiorly OolaaiMe Thoatrs.
; laiaeoo, Xsyor a Ce, Tfross, .
ti r:ToirtoHTjiso ail m tiii,' j
'. Slatb Wf Blaar ' Stork Osipasy, . .
Ftrat rresesutloB os.Any lug.,
tl Phil ' f. B"'''., fron Ct Kaerx..Iys'a
fepuhr Not-I nf th. Kane haate. .J
Refntar Matlnaaa .tor1r aad loada.
Prleorr Mgkt, 1 toe; atanaees, W, to lOe.
HUT wm-
y -We add a new style of square and round top tables to '
bargain list this week. , It is a lived leg table also.'. . Many "
' taking advantage of the special terms we offer to furnish t
dining rooms with high class tables on the easy payment
It is worth your while to examine the goods and terms. , -'
,. .-. . ..',-' II 1:',.'"' -I '., I .!::' I 1 '" '.,.' i
-v',,.y. ;-ir--;. ! ' i -6 . 1 .' ...-.V 'i v
VO, SSO-vTh illustration shown hare Is from a photo. It- I' made of
. . selected, klln-drled oak, quarter-eawed and carefully ' hand . pollahod
polished with palm of the human hand with the flneet varnishes Until
it Is as smooth ss glass and aa beautiful aa-any piano flnlshv r-This
tabls is 44s44 Inches,' and may be extended to feet - It has 1-Inch )
Llurn.ed. Sfter a moat unhina design, easily kept deanand porthed."We
srs selling this table en the UboraJ -torma of tl down and I0O week.
jvWe put itln your home snd Til hav full use of. lrand .-
will never miss th small weekly payment. The cost , IT
of these splendid t-roct tables is only w
Th 1-foot ls la 111. 8old on th same terms. ' I ,, . - '.
il. G
-fierorlz Sells it For lm" -U ' r 173-175 First $t-r37 Yv3 Jl
Free Lectures on
Practical '
Of ths verleos
sos for eallnary
sf the . .,
Chocolate Cocoa
rJ---Massfactnred f , -
Walter Baker & Co,
" .-...'";;" L1MITKD '....., :
. ' DOltCHTtSTER. MASS. . .ij..,
(lata busked 170.) - ,.- .-
WlU be gtvea by -' :-,-S
Brliss Elizabeth K: Burr
TSMstt Sdeaee Dept Bossm T. W. a A.)
-;,-.". . w .a .-; ' --".
:lTpchurch Hall
ITTat m WSSWSTaI. 9T9.'
At'lOiSO sxriock U ths Kovaiag aad
StSO Olook la the AXtenooa.
Sasiples ef'aflsa Batr'a rar.tloaa, me
as I 'a kas. Paddlafs, aferlngnaa. Isd(e,
Soeffles, lee Craam, Bavarlas Crsasw, etc
will be esrvad et ear. aarrare. and ahe
will be pit aid to answer all Inanlrtas ro-
Crdlng the aaaM. A different, swss will
proparo and om d at each lertnre.
Denplo enkoa ef the. Walter Baker Pre
mlnai No. 1 Chocolate, the Vanlla Swoot
Chomlata and little easipta esss ef the
Braokfaet Coeoa, asm a hook of "Choice
Chocolate Rorlnea" will be priaaotel to ell
prosa attandlng tsoos loiturea. - asd all
who ars Intonated hi oeiaatifi eooklag
should sot fall to attend, ae they are . ,
. '.. :."ran ,o aix. ' - - " ' -
Attraetlsas I -' - s r-ssv- TandevUis
--J1 -..r .. IISTEKS. ... .
: TeTACK AgD WIlLIAat. . ...
" ." '- -rsAinc grxiH. - ,
"-'.". m. Joseph Bomrrta.'"-.'
thb xAaotcors.-
Oasorat adstlaaloa Me. Su.dara, ovtslnga
and hoiidara, front seats lower goer X. Soi
aoota c.' ' .
Matlaeaa at 1 10. groalns atf:l.
AU tkle wooh-the Kraolre snca
Corapeay tn the jre awUoaaj
AAitiasxov 10c -wn
Startiag Koesay. sl J, ,
:-' '".- MTJ8I0AX MEwTTT
MB. O. H. IHOME. ...
Oenaral adraloirfoe. Hie. Kmlnga ftasdars
and holtdara, front aoeta lower fcxx, Jiuc.
Bos soaU Sao. . '--- ' '
A -, Keating A Flood. Managers. ' ( '
rnrt abs damdt. jeabt wtlbob.
boiiit soma.
Thoatra alwara eonl and eoaifortable. Par
farmaaceo dallr at SO. T SO aad s. at. ' Ad
m mm loo 10 eaato te say aeat-cot bosos, - -
lOBILABD TbTJOHTS.' ' '' '.a- '
Tike Portland Balghti ear and got off St
Bawlkorno Torneo, one hktrk frosi ear Use,
Be rUmolng. Eloetrte lTto.
Im bMttUfnf otfact sf poworfal a.rtnrtt
from top of tower. lee eaa oat a dalaty lama
white wtowlsg tke BMOt aiasalflcont, aoaaary
la Asntrlra. Opoa a. av w s. am. Adnjav
aloe IS. easts.
Opposite Sf sin TCntrancs Fair Grounds.
rori DAjrea mmr itrnn,
",' AND ,' 'C,.; V
W--.,f "7- .
" t'77 :
' If taken before .July 25.' ,
. Ucautinii : ;
of ; 4 rooms. Hall.', pantry,
Tbathroom ; water in kitchen ;
lot ouxiuu; one -DiocK irom
car line; Ai: neighborhood:
t a bargkin.A'r.
-Address - J.
Brainard St.,
-H.T S.rr528
Montavilla ..
'.. 'J.
Our Prices
ON J !..
.rfiijh Grci?
With thoss asked Cor th bad
makes by others and yon
not wonder why we sell ptanca
Dundore PichoCd
330 Boy 1st on Strcst
Portland Accd:iny
a anaaiv .aw a M in m a.,a a .nail, I
mm aavwaa aaj, Maamiuaa nauva
fits bor end girls foe eastera aeoT areat.roi,
eollegee, OfAro hosrs et the principal dian i
varatloa. from S-s. nv to 13 at., at t. ,
academy, rornoe of Thirteenth and arrtav.
atroata. fror cetalogse, addroas
Portland Academy
'-ny," lttaaC. Ceege. 4 - j
Special for Thursday Cr.!j
Good Jo ma toe a, 4 can.
Same, per dosen . ..
.,T0 vr-.
lNdsw Yorlc Oroosry
BXinm ajt Momjusow f '
RcHablo Merc!:-
People who hsv trsded with 4".
Dsllar for - years have found I 'as
he safe In every ent of their lev
ment getting full value- resolved.
Delia r does nuir trat w-strslght I
mats .bnalness. f He . carries a
..w un , and Bovs rl'' .
dsts Suits, Psnts. Hats. tnt
woor. etc.; Slao run r -
w . uuui' afial Itnva' k. .'V
fords." gverr srttr-le 1s-tnr
figures, ws hsve strl'
ta ail. .......
Oeneg X t
t " '
.' .. -.. -,-..yv .. ; . "