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l Belasco. .f. . v. i. . 'Tbe Climbers"
vl.rrlr. ."lb. print- of Defect!"
Mar ,...!.... Vaodvvllle
uraaa .. ... . TinotTiui
' nuiuin n. oor. wns was lojuinwi
w fmni Intflrfarlnv winivhlM wife- ICmma
: M. J. Moody, . during the pendency: of
bey th order of court, w'as arrested
by Sheriff Word yesterday afternoon on
" KVBU lllfia V" ll.Ji www w.w " -
a bench warrant Issued ry Juag
Bride, sitting at Oregon City.- Moody
'wtl taken, to Oregon City by Clackamaa
divorced from his wife about a year ago
They were subsequently remarried, and
ft abort time ago ahe filed another ault
for divorce from him in Clackamaa
........ UM M -AMnllM "that
.Mvody baa been calling upon ner at ner
home In Center station, ana nas otner.
Thai nelannaraf In the COUntV tail held
an election of their own yeaterday after-'
'.noon. Bsllot were furnished by Jailer ant Mih nf the II men under
sentence .or awaiting trial, dropped hla
-1-vote - In - v- hat. The-majority f -th
prisoner wanted an open town, for 27
of them voted for Williams against .
for. ian. .' For auditor, DeyHn' received
' I vote '.against I- for Jonei, hla
nearest competitor; for treasurer. Wer
leln t againat II for Herrlngton; for
' city attorney, McNary St against 11 for
niarfrfM! rr mimii'inKi iuaa-e. tjameron
2 against 11 far Petraln, lo-ror Laa,
3 for McDevltt and 1 for Miner. ; . t
,At Its annus! election yesterday after
mm -a h- Portland Ministerial assecla-
ilnn rhno that rnllawlns- officers: MOd'
. tralor," I)rrsrir.Ir,-fhitinyrtdJleth--
odlst church; assistant moaerator. a.
T Hnwirmv ' . mtir anil lreaaurdr.
W Hayes. It was agreed to take an
active part in furthering the success
of the temperance congress to be held
,lrt Portland September 1 to" IS, which
Is being promoted, hy the Good -Temp.
lars, the W. C T. TJ the Women's Pro-,
tcotlve clubs of America, the Prohibi
tion alliance,-the Intercollegiate - as
'anciatlon. the "Antt-Saloon league and
kindred organizations.- t .
Loral camps of the. Volunteers-of
1 . I - . I 'W 0
It la said, will be ready, for. occupancy
-TiejttweelcX It wMb under- the man--agement
of Captain ', and Mrr-Vr-,
ji rents, jne nouse is inree stories, con
tains 11 , rooms, and.wjtl accommodate
30 girls comfortably.-. It Is proposed
to furnish room and meals for girls at
' $1.60 a week.- The Portland home will
be' the third one -opened by the Volun
' teers: J ' '-
Degree of Honor lodges of Multno
mah, Clackamas and-Columbia-coun-tles
will bold, a Rose City district coi-
. veniin june is at jnaenty hall in
-in. - uuiu. DDiiamf. caran a.- rast-
uj-iiu, irno coin m nonor,-will pre-i
siae. Julia nory is secretary. The
women of Portland lodges will , look
arter ine comfort of visiting delegates.
nrlss hsirijftn CffeTEa in IK& trfi
bringing the la r rest number. of candi.
dates for Initiation. . .- t ,..
me American inn, the only hotel upon
the Exposition grounds, , la now open.
Guests are supplied with passes te Fair
ti!?X.inay wish.- atreet cars to the door.
Ask conductor for point of transfer.
Restsurant open from T a. m. to 10 p. m.
Regular meals,, breakfast and lunch, 10
fnt . rklnnr II An Tttiffmm .Kllllul
room. - Mrs. J. T. McCready, manage'.
East Portland people are agitating
the subject of a depot at or near the
corner of East Washington and First
streets, where a large number would
he accommodated to board or leave the
trains of Jhe Southern Paciflo "Railroad
, company, it is said a petition will be
presented to the management asking
for the establtshlngofLa,paasenger
arpoi mere. : , ,
T7. I. r 1 1 . ' . . i -
ri.iiR tv. nuiia. n rm. ak. moeiier ana
a. K. Sundy. property owners In block
j. niuiiiiuiiiaii auuuiuri, eurge mat ins
proposed sewer von Alblna .-avenue, be
tween BKiamore ana . presoott streets,
will do their property no good, as they
hare already ; constructed a ' sewer
through the alley tn the block to a
point where every lot la provided with
facilities for drainage. ,
William Reid-of Piimfiva7promoter
ne r-ornana, wenaiem & Tillamook
Tsjttroad. has received notice that mem
ber of the exrcutlva commute tt tlx
board who recently visited Rurope to
negotiate the sale of $2,400,000 bonds
hare accomplished their purpose, and
that the road will be built this season.
Mrs. Claude H. Miller af Woodstock,
director of the choir of the Mlipah Pros-'
bj lerlan churhi Puweil and Mary
streets, ten loaay tor a tnree months
Tlslt with friends In Alaska.
' Oregon City Boat i5o round trip
from Taylor street, l:0, t:S0, ll:t a.
m., 1:10, I SO'p. m. From Oregon City
10, 11:10. 1:10. 1:10, 1:10 p. m. tic
roand trip Sundays.
- The old Winter OaYderi has, been re
fnmiAlil end ooened as a flrt-1..a
, moderate priced restaurant for ladles
inq geniiemrn unucr fcne management
of Jjoula Merts. i .. .: '
- Reliable place ' to borrow money on
diamonds and Jewelry.. Collateral Loan
Rank, Waahlngton at- Established
15 years. '. iiowest rates of Intsrest I
Steamship Alliance) sails from Couch
street dock, for Coos Bay and Eureka
Wednesday night. June 7. at I. F. P.
Baumgartnerv, agt . Main -
A bottle or two of our Kenyon's 8a r
saparllla taker now will put your sys-
. r.FOk LADtBS :
We have just received a Una as
sortment of SUMMER BELTS
and; NECKWEAR - tha.. well
known Kelger malta
Hrwett, trtdlay C Co.
XAJIKOAgniB, . ,
.! 349 Wathtngton Stnit
;: "mi etAirs TmsATts.ii,, v.
Vehiclr Easily Slips Up Grades
" That Causa Engines td Com-
. 3 j'L ii'p'a' n' : Bitterly.' -
T. 1 '. v. T v T'
tyKsa: railroao officials
Model After Design of Yacht Re-
Hiance, With Trucks of .
Unique Design. "T-"- "
For the first time since la construc
tion, the Southern Pacific's -nsw gsso
Une motor -.- car : Ntf. 1 v yesterdays en
countered a grade o( 111 feet to the
mile. The test was on the first official
trial trip, made over the ralla: of the
Oregon Railroad Navigation com
pany g line, a distance of six miles out
on the main . road, and then a run of
two miles up the grade of the Forest
Grove slloe. from the' union station, to
the too .of the -hill. The result , was
satisfactory-e- Harrlman ifnclaia a
the car.. .
- The, eat. started from the. union sta
tion at 2 o'clock, with the followlog an
board: General Manager J. P. O'Brien,
General Superintendent M. 3. Buckley,
Division Bupennisnaeni x ibiub vi
Southern Paciflo. J. F. Oraham. su
perintendent of motive power; T. . W,
Tounerer. Southern - Pacific - master-ms-
chanlc; P, C. Btohr, assistant trafrto
rn"ahair"ef o f the Harrlman lines; W."K
Coman, general j?asnger and freight
agent."1 The car ' was operated by the
maa who brought it, on the long jour
nsxTrom.. Oroahato . Portland, - A -run
waa mad aver the Sullivan gulch grade
and the car easily made a speea or
miles an hour 'without using -mora man
hmalf Its power, r A trip was 4hen made
aver the Fourth street grade of - the
Southern Paolflo, and the entire' popula
tion, along the,-route- laid aside -work
and business and viewed the progress
f the car . through the city. The
Fourth street . grade ranges from 11
to m reet rfse to the mile, practically
a H per cent grade. The steepest
part Is on the few blocks near, the city
ball... Two or three locomotives ' are
often required; to pull an ordinary train
rp4uu mo.t ' ip.ruf u.t -h
car has . had.' said General Manager
O'Brien." "If -It will do ' business here
lit will work w anT'OTdlnarjr'rallroad.
The dealgn of the car pressnts some
new. features; It Is modeled after the
II pes of the. racing yacht . Reliance. In
verted The rear of the car Is rounded
to avoid-the formation of the vacuum
nreaent with square-ended - cars. .Th
front tapers to a sharp point ne
roof Is given a taper from the middle
to produce a splitting effect in the
atmosphere and minimise resistance. It
is entirely smooth sxcept for the
Cottier ventilators, which exhaust by
suction ths air from the interior. The
trucks jure of original and unique de
sign, with many new features, Intended
to embody the best points of both the
Pullman and streetcar trucks- The
trt ! Hier avrtjuc, su oou'loTCiKBla, Contract company and te
structed aa to avoid the teetering no
tion ordinarily experienced tn the
trolley car. The designers say there Is
practically no limit to the speed the
car will attain, but It Is-not expecte
that it will-ba operated at more than
40 miles sn hour. is anven oy a six
pvlinrfered aasollns enctne ' that ide
velops Hi horsepower when running at
full soeed. the engine snart maung sue
revolutions a minute, turning the
wheels at a speed of 00 revolutions.
The engine Is designed after the style
of those tised . in . ine scanaara suio
boats that made a Wonderful record Is
autoboat racea oii the Hudson river last
June. Large silr reservoirs are carried
under the car, supplying an air device
by which the car Is started - without
Jarv and stoppea aorupiiy in an mr
gencyby airbrakes. - - :
tern In-ftna-condition Tor the summer.
The best remedy for pimples,, bolls and
other disorders caused from impover
ished blood. Large bottles for 7 cents,
of Albert Bernl. the druggist. Second
and .Washington. w
prises were awarded this morning to
three pupils of the Chapman school who
sent the greatest number of letters to
friends In. the cast calling attention to
the fair. ; This 'plan' of advertising the
fair waa suggested In an address de
livered some tlmejago, biCiiMS'ood.
before the pupils of ' the Institution.
Flrt prise waa swarded to Mies' Ruby
Mills; second to Miss Dora Jorgensen
and -third to Mlas Lulu ProHh. Ths
prises were very pretty ring.
Frits Pullekelt, who waa Indicted for
the larceny of a cow, and who entered a
plea of -guilty,- wss sentenced to - one
year In the penitentiary by Judge Cle
land thla -morning. The costs of the
prosecution were taxed to Pullekelt F.
Powell and A.' Raymond, who assisted
Pullekelt in slaying tha stolen cow and
preparing It for tha market, entered
pleaa of not- guilty when they were ar
raigned, and thlr trlala will probably
be aet tomorrow.-- -
W.e are sllll selling our tit 'eye
glasses for tl. ' Consultation free, and
every pair guaranteed. Metsger at Co..
Ill Sixth street. . .
; We clean and "press your' clothes and
shine your shoes for 11.00 per month;
Unique Tailoring Co., 147 Washington.
Main tl. ,',:
Commencement exercises of the "OIH
esple School of Expression" will be held
In Arton hall on Friday 'evening, June
Kth. '..,...' '... . , .. . 'i
' Social dance Wednesday evening.
Arlon ' hall. . Gents Jto, ladles free.
- Try a meal without meat at tha Vege
tarian eafe, lit Sixth atreet. - - - -
Dr. Rlckenback, eye. ear. Allsky bldg.
Anstey FHwttwrtf SM OaiP
1 The Empire la the place to go for
your Una meals. : iNeat and clean. ,
. ; Fast "Train Service. Tx
.The Canadian Paolflo has inaugurated
a fast train service, plaolng In commis
sion the Imperial Limited; This train
Is up-to-date m every particular, carries
both standard and tourist sleepers, with
a djnlng-car service unexcelled. -
Misn win. msTirBir.
" Governor George C. Pardee of Cali
fornia -who baa been In the city since
the opening of the exposition left last
night for Sacramento, accompanied by
hla staff and H. B. Wight of the Call for.
nla ktate board of trade.; Governor Par-
.loe wJU return to Portland In about It
days fo officiate at the dedication of the
California state building. ., ,
Hugrv BrasshearTho " Listened
to Yarns Spun by Tars, Dis-.
' appears From Home
'...4--r.;'IN HARBOR FOR, HIM
Newsboy . Who Was Unable to
Resist the Strong Fascina
. ;-"tS"on of the Sea.; --
G. E. Brasshear believes that his son.
Hugh "Brasshear. It years oiav. nas
taken passage on a ship for. a foreign
country, and Is searching all of the veav
sels In the harbor today with the hop
of finding hHn.v f He -visited German
Consul Lohan this morning to ascertain
if the youth had signed to make the
voyage on tha Henrlette. loaded with
lumber for the-orient, ana wnicn wis
leave tomorrow. ' ,.-. ,ir
Hush Is a newaboy and for the past
six months- hae-delvered- papers- e-tha
shins lvina In tha harbor. While mak-
liur theae calls hs often tarried, and lis
tened to tha yarns spun by the sailors of
thslr adventurea on sea and land, me
boy became Interested In a seafaring
life, and told his parents that he was
going to become a sailor. But little
het was' paid to- his-remarks,-as"hls
father thought his youthful fancy whutd
pass away...,- - - .
But When Hugh failed to return .on
Frtdayf-nigh;t' his parsnts became
alarmed.'- A quiet search has been made
ever since,, and -bis father stated this
rnlag that Uheret waaj.carcely -.any
doubt that be had either gone to sea or
was In hiding on ona of tha vessels In
ths harbor waiting for her to leave. He
hag not reported the matter to the po
lice, believing that he can eonduct the
search Just aa successfully as they. It
Is thought -probable that the- lad may
have gone on one of the coasters, which
leave .Portland almost - every day for
California ports. The parents reside at
82 East Twenty-first street.-"
Will Afaia Tow Book Barges fox ey
' ' Work at Astoria. 'X
A.fUr being- glvetf a trtartrlp In ihe
hirfmr thi tuffhnat Cituirmm "R 'Voahursr.
wichilnirTeehundrgolrTg-Tpatrs at
the plant of the Willamette Iron ft Steel
works for the past week, will leave
down this evening for Bunker HJ11 and
agala engage In the work of towing
barges of rock to the government Jetty
at the mouth of. the river. The rock
from that point Is being delivered by the
Oregon Round Lumber company. Mem
bers of tha firm who have been down at
tha mouth of tha river of late report
that the Jetty work Is rapidly progress
lng, but It will go ahead at, a much
faster, rate whan all of the barces can
be placed , in commission transporting
material . from tn quarries.
cently built at ' Gray's Harbor, 'reached
the river yesterday from the north.1 It
wilt be used for carrying rock from ths
quarry at Fisher's Landing. The other
two barges built at the same place are
expected to arrive todajv. With the
In commission the Columbia Contract
company will have nine barges in serv
ice. ; Three will be constantly loading
at the quarry, three will b kept on the
way down tha -river , and the remaining
three-win ne at tn jetty discharging
their cargoes.
British Steamer W1U Xeve for. Cal-
entta, Tla the Soand, Today.
This afternoon th"" Britten steamship
Rapallo will sail for Calcutta by way
of Puget sound-with 1.78SJ0J feet of
lumber, valued at I14.:7.f0. She is In
command of Captain Hey, and haa been
In the harbor since ' May .17, coming
from Japan. ' .
On the sound an additional shipment
of 2,000.000 feet of lumber-will-be re
ceived at Mukilteo. The cargo la being
shipped by the Pacific Export Lumber
company of this olty. It is made up
of unusually heavy tlmbera and for
that reason the work of loading her
haa been' alow.
The Wrltihnteamhlp Sandhurst-!
also under charter to the same com
pany to load for the far eaaU- She I
now at Tslngtau and It Is supposed that
she l about ready to sail for the Colum
bia river. The Sandhurst Is of 3.741
tons net register and la capable tof
handling more than t. 000. 00 feet of
Oregon fir. Two months ago sh was
at Portland and loaded hay and oat
tor tna orient.
Business Xsa Discuss Formation
Steamship Company. '
An open river transportation company
will soon b formed at Portland to build
and operate steamboat on the ' Snake
and upper Columbia river In connec
tion with the portage railroad. Tbe feas
ibility of the plan waa dlscuaaed yester
day at a meeting held at the office
of J. N7"Teal. Another meeting to con
sider the matter further, will be held
on Thursday.- Among those In attend
ance yeaterdsy were Judson Mpofford,
Walter H. Hill. Fred Godard. Dr.- B.
Mnrrla. D. J. McOllvrey, A. CAtgen,
m '.-Johnson. O. W. Thompson and T.
J Randolph, from.Lewiston. , In addition
a large number- oi- tocai, Business men
were present.
Tnmnrrow-tha government plledrlver
will be towed from Portland to Inde-
t Wa are receiving dally carloads
eastern Wasnlngtan. Wslnvlt
.Inspection of consumer delflnf
;' QVAXJTT. 7 ' ---v- -J-
Pacific Grain Co.
Thirteenth and Kearney Streets,
Telephone Main IT.
pendence by the steamer Modoc and.
under the dlrectlon of the United States
engineers, the work of extending the re
vetment at that point will be started.
Ths revetment Is now 1.100 - feet In
length, and before the season Is- ended
H Is believed that fully too feet can
tur. The stone - and brush - embank-
mant r being built for two purposes
o prevent the river bank from caving
In and to keep' tha channel from shift
lng. Tbe structure waa started a couple
of years ago. and that portion now stand"
ing nas given tbe best of results. , Tha
dipper dredge Is also employed In those
waters and before next fall It Is said
that .tha upper- Willamette will . be In
better condition for navigation than aver
before.: t .- ..,
;--:--A FAST LAUNCH. : r
l-TUoes May Win B Speediest f BamaU
Orart to loeal Waters.
- Randies Bros, of Portland ar having
built at -Vancouver for operation In- the
harbor thla summer a gasoline launch
which s expected to be the fastest of
the small craft here. The model la that
of a torpedo boat, something new for ths
weat Tbe launch will draw eight Inches
of water and will be f feet longr those
who have seen her say there la no doubt
that ah will be capable of making 14
miles an' hour. It is probable ah will
be brought over to Portland about Sua
day. v ,." m-- . -
. Tha owner of the small boats, tn.
eluding Randies- Bros, have-formed-
eotntrtn. and win run their craft dur
lit the fair under one management. The
pool will Include eight boats, among
them the Fox, Canby, Queen and Prin
cess May. the boat being built at Van
couver. In addition, a big Meet of
launches will be operated from both
sldespthaMorrlon street bridge
1 As she arrived a day In ad vane of
her schedule time, the steamer Alliance
will not leave on the return trip for
Frttrtka-and way ports until tnmnrrow
With a aarg of M2M feet of lum
ber from the North Paciflo mill the
German ship Henrlette will leavei for
the -orient tomorrow.
The Zapora, berOnging to tha Inter
national Fisheries company, had a trial
run tn the aound a few days ago. Her
enginea and hull were designed by Fred
A. Ballln of Portland. With alight
changes she Is expected to : make It
knots an hour,' and will, be one of the
fastest Ashing boats sver built on the
Paclfle coast. She Is an pll burner.
The afternoon the steamer Mend ell.
belonging to- tha United States engi
neers- aepariment.-wm be launched
from the Supple shipyards, where she
has been given a thorough overhauling.
ma steamer George W. Bttnona has
been taken out on tha- waya to have her
wheel . adjusted. Sh ha been Dlrlna-
between Tbe Dalles and Lyle carrying
passengers and freight, and when In
condition will return. . , -.
Tha little steamer Hoo Hoo Is at the
yarda to- have soma work -dons to her
hull. She is one of the "smartest'! llttl
packets In the harbor. .' "
Thla evening the old steamer Emma
Hayward will be taken to St. Helena
and converted Into a barge by Captain
Good. .--..
In tow of the Ocklahama tha barken
tine John Smith and schooner O. M. Keb-
afternoon for lumber. - - .
Brltlah bark : Oweenee, .Captain Bur
chard, reached Durban. South Africa,
yesterday.-having made - the-- paaaag
from Portland In 87 days.- The average
time requirea to maxe that run Jg 100
day.- v" '
On a barge a portion of the wrecking
outrit Which was used by the under
wrlters on the Elder arrived this morn
ing. ' .
With 471,000 feet of lumber the
steamer F. A. Kllburn alld for San
Francisco and way ports with 0.000
sacks of wheat and 210 tons or general
merchandise. ....
United Bute Inspectors Edwards and
Fuller are at Taqulna bay Inspectrnr the
steamer Robargs.; ' -4
District Forecaster Seals expects , to
complete repairing the government cable
at the mouth-of rthe river today."
Astoria. June A rrlvmA .
sailed early thl morning, iteamer South
Bay. for San Francisco. . , -
Arrived down at dayllght.Jsteamsr
Columbia and F. A. kllburn.
Arrived at 4:10 and left un at t:t0
a. m.. ateamer Desna tch. (rn Hln rr...
Cisco. '.!
Sailed at I a. m stesmer Marrianfi fn.
Bn-Fraliclco. June . 8Tted"a f'TI lO
a. m., steamer St. Paul, for Portland.
Arrived, achooner Virginia from Port
land. :
Durban. June t Arrived prior, to. the
fifth, British ship Oweenee, from Port
land. Si . .-
Aatorla, June t. Arrived at 10 a. m,
chooner Mabel GaleL from Baa Pedro.
- .Arrived at nonn aMionna. n t ir.i .
. W. , -
lorr. from (Un Pedro.
Arrived at p. mr, schooner Bsulah,
rmm rmn rTancisco. TZ::'
Sailed at I p. m., Oerman steamer Nu-
mantla. for Hongkong and way ports.
Astoria. June (.Condition of the bsf
at 8 a. ra.. smooth: wind nnrth..
weather cloudy. . ,
Lieutenant at Fair Looks Uka
Lay Rgure- incf Is Taken :
-. ; for One.
When Mrs., Anna Wendell Of Boone.
Iowa, Inspects tbe uniforms of the United
State army again, ah writ do so as
they appear on live human .beings, and
at a dlatance. i
Mrs, Wendell Is a motherly old son!
who corn to Portland, yesterday to see
the fslr. To her the wonders were more
than human. She waa. coins- throurh the
qiei'iiinenrTtmiltngwlth"her -year-
viu muinicr, ana came upon tne wa.
figures which the- government utilise
to show the various uniforms In the serv
ice. They sre wonderfully life-like, and
the posing oi ths group is la Itself a
work of art. ,
Mrs. Wendell adjusted her spectacle
and went among the figures showering
praise on the work and occasionally
feeling the texture of the uniforms. The
last on sh earn to wa a stalwart boy
In blue, (tending with shoulders thrown
back and head erect, his arms stiff at
hla side. - - -
My I But ain't It natural r exclaimed
Mrs. Wendell, at the asms moment gath
ering a handful of coat-tail In her hand
and lifting Jt.. to see. If It were horn.
pun. . . .
The figure moved. . nervously and
coughed. .
'1 km glad, madam, ths t you 'Ilk
It!" he said. .'"
With a shriek that startld the fish
In - the other wins, Mrs. Wendell fell
bsVk in her daughter' arms. It required
toe dipiomatio envies of th entire
.Whileyou. are planning summer changes Jnfuirilre we4..Jike- y ou-to- eee- the
prettyne w- Colonial . and Missfon designs we are now showing in the new "Fumed"
' Oak.? It is by far the handsomest finish yet discovered for this 'style of furni-'
ture, being, 'a, beautiful g'olden , brown that will harmonize wrth any .'color u
scheme, Und yet retain, its own individuality. . It is obtained by . exposing the
wood to the fumes of strong ammonia.' after which it is rubbed down In wax with -a
result that is both beautiful and permanent. If you care for the -sort of furni
ture that never, grows tiresomeyou should take a look at this. . , r. . ..... .'
Buffets, China
: Rockers
$7.75 to fiO
Desk Chairs
$7.50 to $15
$7 to $65'
. wilt be well pleased if they
tft BOUgBt taraetnlhf IfSST
our carefully aeleoted atock
ultabl for -V - 4--'
IVnnlversary and": 7
.Graduation Gifts
' i . In Starling Silver and Cut
' Ol ass, newest design.
Th Xowa Jeweler.
293 Morrison Street
Columbia River "Scenery
Vortlaad Th Xalle Kotite.
' Bally
Reand trip erery Monday, Wedoeadar,
FYldsr Bod Bandaf to Cssrads Lerka.
1 Steantors Imt Sally I l. a. Bandar,
a. at. rtrtt-elaa bmsIs oa beard.
' Laadiag ant Wharf Fee ef Alder St."
Pkeas ktaia SI. '
Oradaate AaMrieaa School ef Ostsepatoy,
. , , . airsiTiiia, ma. . . ,r;.
w" rm. wtixiAit 0. fiacx. -.-
Istenpatble Phrsldaa. AD Chroale asd
41 Ablagtoa bl. R.b.Illolli VUor6.r
Third it., bet. Wb- ....,.., y-.
lagtos asd Btark. fdeatlOeslly Ttsatea
rortUad. . Witheat Drags.
building to convince her that sh ha4
tackled a live second Uguteuant of the
Tenth Infantry.
Unknown to anyone rxeepJigTMa.
trlct Attorney Manning and th court,
th trial of tha cases against Oeorg
B. Thomas. 3, B. Bridge and Robert
Wakefield. Indicted on bribery charge
In connection with th construction of
th Port of Portland drydockv was post
poned lsst Friday , from the June to the,
fall term of th state circuit court. The
trial of Thomas had been set for today,
and those, of Bridges and" Waksflsld
war td hava-been begun immediately
after Its conclusion. -
Ilrlda-es and Ms attorney. Edward
Meadenhall. and Thomas were In aourt
this morning and were" told oy Mr.
Manning that ihm trials had been, post
poned.. . : ,
i Aaked the reason rr in rominuanc
this f morning'! Mr. Msnnlng aad th
June docket wag' overcrowded. Two or
more Jury trials had neen set tor almost
averv day. and he derided that the
rases had betttr go orr until Beptem-
be -'- - . '--,.
vife. "11" ii U'""l ti"..v J k
Closets, Dining Tables and
Racks, Rockers, Arm Chairs, Desk Chairs, Settees,
1'Desks, SofasSmjoklngT
Tables and. Book. Cases.
Free Lectures on
: Cooking "
"tr- practic
Of the vsrleas asas fas-eallnary tnuns
. n
. . Maanfactortd f ; '
Walter Baker
C& Co., Ltd.
(Bstabuaaet 1TSO.) -
WIU be gtrea by
::isiT21izabethiK. Burr, -
(OooMstM sclesce Deft. goatoB x. W. C. A.)
i . Parsons' Hall -:
ltk sad WasaiagfcMi Its., Port U ad. Or.
Dafly All. This Week
At 1:1 A o'clock tn th afternoon and
S o'clock In the evening.
Samples of Mtn Burr's preparsttoaV, sack
ss Cakes, Pudding.. . Merlngaea. rsdse,
raffles, lea Cream, BaTarlaa Creaaia. ate.,
will be served st eaeb lecture, aad abe
will be pleased te answer all laqoliies
resardlac tba saaM. A different saena will
as-aravand a4 served at each leetaes.
. .mpl. cakea ef tlx Walter Baker Pr
Biluni No., 1 Chocolate, tbe Taalla Sweet
CbaroUt and little sample cam ef tbe
Breakfast Corse, alen a book ef "Cbek-s
Caacolata Krrlar" wilt be Bneeatsd to sll
pel sous attending tbeaa lertarea. ana all
wbe ars latereeted la scientific cooking
sboald set fall to soma, se they sre
MIDMUM sbavo
r. T. Vaaala. R
Rss. Mgr.
TKaUtYRB Pa Mala
Kenisoa Street, betweea atk sad Tth.
Tealgbt asd Rvarr Ntgbt Tbls Wek, g pedal
. Price Matinee Satardar.
Tha Rrvolntlonary Drama,
PHees 1. TSr, one. S6, tflc . ...
'seats sre sow selling. " '
Delasco Theatre ESJYi.
(rorswrly OotambU Tbeatrs) lath asd Wash.
Tion!ffhtAll Wapofc:
Matlneea Rarardey snd Snad.r.
rreseaHsg for the irat Tims st ropsls
The Climbers
T(ext Week
. atXLZTXR StRTXRS, Rsiabew Dae
JO I BOWHtR. Pletarad Ss
Oenaral admlaaloa, 10e. BTentag. Saaday.
bolKtaya Tew fraat easav lewer riss, :ju.
Dally saaUaeea. I Or. .
PROP. xxrRi'S lnrarrnTAw -poargARa
' ! OirT ACT . t
.--.. S j itooij ;oivi a R
' f 0 ' I I J,
t 1
' Al
... t
- kJTO .
-t rnwa. r-:
1 f.
irve ttan v" a?w- -
Pflees gT.nlng, ,15tta 7Wr, MiMaeaa. He
t so. ------ ,
Chairs Plate .
Arm Chairs
$7.75 to $50
$11.50 to $75
. Settes-'
$22.50 to $50
- - UALTM a ' rAnn . a ammt .
T '- "V.""" yr www AllHAVIWrll.
K EAT1XO A FLOOD, atasagers.
tilltlltl BLAVOHAR9 m "' .'.
UTM JlLTUtta jnnrr bbotxzu
lllrlt . lupi i nsrii i.n a
PerfornMseas 170. T:W"an4frTTi. sk.
Admajslaa. 1 Qaats ta. Asy Sea,
'TKXAT.;-'-' -".".'
19h mmM
MibTon w. sKAHAW. Resident htaaagsr.
atatlaae every day ef 1 11. One evealBg
perform ore at S:. Baptre Stock Com pan
. Aoicsgioir IO (WTi
All this weak tbe Mggast Usgtatng ssess ef
the sissoa. ..
Use a laogb, Bvery' sees i
, Keattag A riaoa. Maaagera. ,.
Week Starting Monday, June 5
HThe Prince of Detectives!
Admission 10c To Any Seat lOo ,
roRTLAjrs xxxaars.
Taks . Perttasd Hetgbaj ear and get eft U
Bawtnorne Terrace, one sleek from ear ha. I
tio climbing. Eleenic elevator. J
- Sea been tl fat effect of towerrsl searchlight "
from top of tenser. oa eas eat a delaty hia-a 1
while viewing tb moat SMSaifloant scenery i
la America. Opaa a. m. te s. m. Adrnkv.
its, -
. BBS4MS BUBjrglDB. '"
A. D. G. RYE
. easiLAjrcs now Amnra
tit Morrison Street. )
Yoimg Mon
How would yen like to eecur a
commission a an officer under
y.l'ncl Bam If you are between
the ages of 17 and tl years, poe
sesa the . necessary common
- school education, are moral, per
slstent, and can pas th reoulred
fihyslcal examination, send me
our one-cent stamps to pay post
age. and I will mall you a per.
sonat letter, literature, etc., that
' will tell yon of th qualification
required for position leading to
. promotions of high rank aa an
oflcer to our arm or navy. -
Loidsvffia. Ky.
Look for
Lctimwato Stores
- K matte how good a )udae ef goods
a person may be, yet you must rely a
fraat deal oa the man you are doing
ualness with to give you a aquar d.
You ar safe to receive ever cent
worth In value by trading wuj
The Ufest slyles nf
-' r
Bints. Hats. 1 . '
weary wll h a
tsfori. p'
for la- .