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    G' OOP EVENINO, . lyTjlX ' ' -ThCircu1atIorvbf70Af
Jt" V olou,,'r! winds mostly northwesterly. f.'. J pfLjg ' ' " " " ' a." " ' ' " ' '
BY FLEET UNDER TOGO vgf- : " ' ' M
Muscovite FlagshipandH
Sunk or Captured-Battle Is Still Progress-
ing - Witbr the -Japailcse m - Pursuit
. ' . ;
JlTokloMZ-2J. A. btU besun
trait between lhJajnM ttft
. Heet under atllL In proree-The Japaneae' are- purait-
- tag the Ruaatan warahlpa, which are widely scattered. Russian losseaT;,,
'4. reported up to this evenlDK ara 14 vessels aunk- or- captured. Ttesldee
. 4 aumeroualorpeilabi).tandlestrojrfrB,Tb .Jpanei Josa. ia.jfeporteda
4 - to ba three cruisers and twelv deatroyera. Elht captaipa of - the-de e
e stroyed Russian ressela-drownlth-tha -alnklng : ships. - -, Mora - than 4
1.000 members of the Russian crews
7Vhiun&9ithivinHrz&lii ofTauahlma Saturday after-- e
noon he waa Immediately engaged by. waitn Japanese' ahlpa. The e
a battle ha been cohtlhuout are altie,'
Tsasela n afc a TimcJ'.T.aoanja of . battle hya ahlt4a-KrthH-rtfaarrr7
It laUnda,-nearly J00 jnUea-rom. where- -fighting- waa iegua Saturday
e(,Jt la reported that only a portion of the Ruaalan squadron entered the
aLKoreantraltai..thealower-golnfjyesela.moylnf out Into .the Paciflotto .
e the aaat of Japan. . -' , .:. . - - e ,
.rollowing is tha report concerning tha fate of the Ruaalan veasela:
" Battleahlpe Borodino. Alexander III. flagship KiUea8ouvarexjmP.rel,
. nin.irirxbal ' AdrnlrafKakhlmoffl Vladimir. Monomakh;
v - ; - - : 1
a protected cruisers Svletlana; Jamtchug;cpaat defense ironclads Admiral W
-O-Ouahakoffaunlt; Ironclada SenUvtn and Oanasal - Admtrat Aprailne. e
- battleships Orel and Nlcholaa. captured. . .
a It la omcially announced thla afternoon that Rojestvensky'a fleet la
practically annihilated.
- (Jonmil Ipwlsl gerTlce.)
. Toklo. May 29. (Bulletin.) A late re
port aaya that Rear Admiral Neboga
toff has been captured. It is estimated
that --J.000 . Russians have been taken
p rl sonera. . ,
; London, May 20. (Bulletin.) A Cen
tral Newa dispatch from St. Petersburg
. states that - It- la reported thertu that
-Rojtvnaky'a flagship, has heena unk
and the admiral wounded. , J
(Jourssl Special BerTte.)
London. May. 2.T-The Central Newa
la authority for the statement that the
naval L I in ucv wrn huumi.i . "iiv
tha-shlpa ot Rojeatvenaky'a- squadron
. 'was rtlll -progressing at nightfall Mon-
-. day, the- Japanese pursuing the fleeing
RussIsfiTTwarsTirpsr; MessHgea from
Toklo announce - that official, . reporta
- state that - th - Russian losses ara
14 vessels aunk or captured. Ac
cordisrT6Trprlvate telegram which the
Central News quotea the Japanese lost
- three cruisers and 12 torpedo boata and
deatroyera, which were either sunk of
Klght captalne on Russian vessels
which were destroyed In . the battle
- drowned with the ainklng ahlpa. The
crews - rescued from the 1 water were
. made prisoners. During the battle f itlng
Swn plainly heard On shore.
All Toklo- la -deltrloua with. Joy.
' Scenes Of the wildest excitement are
.being Xl9'orjrr"ft2,?!ll
enthusiastic populace. Admiral TbgtVit
complete report Is awaited with feerlah
Impatience. . '
Tha battle began BaturflAr m the
utralta of Tsushimawhen the Japanese
fleet engaged the Baltic squadron. Free
, use was made of torpedo boats by Togo
-ln his attack on the ships of the fleet
i ' On the morning of May 27 the Russian
V fleet appeared In the Tsu atralta. entcr
f Ing the channel between Tau .slanS
- and Klushhti. wher31h"Tapanes fleet
" waa awaiting them. Cannonading lm-
mediately began. The Japanese - fol-
1 When the charter .board was In ses
1 slon and the subject of franchises was
under discussion, II. TV. Scott, '.who waa
Z, one of the members,, had this to says -Th
next proposition. Is that the
city shall expressly reserve the right
to go Into these various lines of busl
. !Das on its own account, at the cxplra
, tlori of the terms of these franchises.
7 Now, I do not want the city to extend
'Tits functions to these branches f busl-
mess.- nor- to- hold -axil- the- promise -or
hope that It will do so. In my' Judg
ment, stclct limitations of the func
tions of government Is ss sound a
, principle aa It ever waa.. 'It Is admit
ted that the city must supply, water, for
.- nobody can lire without' water, and in
;a city a full supply of water la an abso
; y lute necessity of . ill and. sanitation.
------- .- '--1 -- - t it, rfV" " . . Tin . .
- , -v ., ' - ,
Bat ur5y - afternoon.- In - th KorM.n
under Togo and the;Kuilan Baltlo -
hare beeq taken prisoners. I
lheJapsnese picking off Russia
lowed the plan of attacking the ves
sels one at a time, torpedoing the War
ships repeatedly and riddling thorn miln
their long range guna. Reports of Jap
anese losses . are- vaguer but- undoubtedly
were far heavier than given out by the
The battle waa renewed ea,r!y at dawn
Sunday morning and continued through
out the day, and. at -nightfall today "is
4 rtlll lBinrogassi It Is rirffrttd thai bt
rHuanlan fleet waa divided, part ot It
going through ' Wis Korean atralta, whllj
the alower-golng vessels sailed around
Japan. ; . t . .
A dispatch from Tslngtau states that
the battle has reabhed the OJ1 Islands
and It 1s believed to "benercer than the
one In the Stralta ot Fushima. Oil Is
200jnUea nortbpfthe.jitralU. Iha
Japanese losses so far reported, by
Chinese telegrams are stated to be one
cruiser and ten torpedo boata.
Reporta are current on the stock ex
change, reported to come from 'authori
tative sources. . that Rojeatvensky's
flagship, the Knlas Souvaroff. la among
tha veasela aunk and that Togo la fol
lowing up the Russians, picking off ahlpa
one by one.
According ' to reporta the following
Russian vessels ware sunk: The battle
ships Borodino and Alexander III. the
armored., cruisers Admiral Nakhlraoff
and Dmitri ' Donskol. Vladimir ana
Mosomach, the coast defender . Ironclad
Admiral Oushakoff, the protected cruiser
Srietlana, the- Jentehug, the repair ship
Kamtchatka and the cruiser Ireessln.
The following "were cahtured: Tha
battleships Orel and Nlchplas. the coast
defense Admiral "Seniavln" and General
Admiral Aprlxine.
The BoroUJno, Alexander III and Orel
are first-class battleships of , the latest
design, -each, -of 18. 8M tons displace
ment, with a nominal speed of 18 knots
with a complement of 760 men eacn.
Tha armored crulsera Dmitri XMnakol
(Continued on PagaThroe.)
But water. In- this regard, stands alone.
It la by no means,, regarded as a neces
sity that the city shall supply light;
and public lighting and commercial or
private lighting - are -so conjoined that
It la scarcely possible to srparats them.
As to street railways. It la no part of
the business of the city to' transport
Its Inhabitants from one place to an-1
other,- and no more a part of Its busi
ness to cary them In cars than to carry
tfiom In hacks; and no more a part of
its business to do either than to distrib
ute milk daily at the doors of its cltl
ens. While,, therefore, I fully -agree
with the committee, and with others, na
ta taxation of these franchises. I Inbiect
th. nrnnntil tht tha n!t abill um-r
dertake to operate them, or that 'lti.W. Nash, tti, emeper millionaire, la not
shall hold out the expectations or prom
ise tiat It will do so."
III v'.ir .- r -r. . C C7r 111 '
.114 - - 11 :
ii'L - mi iimii .H-
. . . j
State ; Owes . Naught; but; Burial
" in Potter's Field to Life- ;
Long Cripple. "-1
" ' " " -' ":" ' . I.. j
Took His Life at Albert
Dock Today.
less, hopeless, without the means of
sustenance, unable . to earn our Own
rUvTng at .the kind of WOfk' we'VB been
used to, we are at the end of our meana
and the future looks .dark and gloomy
to us. Hope Is desd -wlthlrt us. When
times were different and we had money
we spent It' nOtwlsely b,ilt too-freely.
We are now reaping the consequences.
But let us not repine at auch a late
hour. The state does not ' owe us a
living, but It does owe' us a burial In
the potter'a field. This is all. '
(Signed) "DENNIS BLANK."-'
'We have got no- relatlvea -or even
acquaintances In this , city. " We have
been dead to what ' few relatives -we
have for a acore of years or more. May
Just aa well continue bo." ' -
In an envelope addressed "To Whom
It May Concern" the letter was 'found
on an unidentified man who committed
suicide on tha-AlbrB4oclc-FTtmr'ind
IxveJoy streets, at & o'clock this morn
lhg. . He had . swallowed carbolio acid
and died In the patrol wagon, .
..Nothing la known here of the man
aside from what hla letter tells. , Otto emfffitye of the Albera Mill
ing company, discovered him lying. on
the dock, and notified headquarters.
In his pockets were found a' bottle
of twniine, a bottle containing a little
carbolic ' acid and fhe letter.
' The man was apparently 40 years of
age. At police headquarters the name
of Dennis-Blank waa placed on the rec
ords, though It la presumed to be fic
titious. r- : '
- -
(Special Dlapstek The JoorasLV' '
Helena, May '!. Arguments were
heard In the supreme court todsy .eti
the motion- of the Amalgamated Copper
company for rehearing In the noted
Minnie Healy case recently decided rn
favor of Helnse. Each-side- waa given
sn'hour and thetr lawyers made forc
fut "" addresseaT-dwelllng particularly
upon - Mrs. Brackatt'a ..oonnection with
the esse. The matter was taken under
advlsemsn. i ... i..;- a.
i . (Journal HperUI Berries.)
OmnlllL Ulav it Tha condition of K.
bo favorable'" Unlay!
It Is not Delisted
ic .
r , . .
Ona-wekao-The-Journal aakeda
number-of questions xif Mayor Williams
relative to the Tanner .creek, sewer
scandal. - These questions - the mayor
Ignored." In all his pretended explana
tions - of. that iniquitous . Job Mayor
Williams has studiously dodged all ref
erence to his own 1 personal resopnsl
bllltv for the acceptance -of the sewer
and hla persistent 'disregard of the. pro
tests, of the- property-owners. 7-
- Onoe more the mayor, is asked to an
swer- these questions:
testjit aresponslble i
property-owner against the acceptance
of the Tanner creek sewer .was read, be
fore the . executive board, October 21,
104. alleging gross defects and offer
ing to. bear the .expense, of .an investlg
tin. AAA vnn .At rim-lare emnhatlcally
eleafc--frlend.Xtna,t-tn.lnatter had been delayed long
enough and that the contractor ought
to have his money" T . j ' - -
T. Atthewam mewtliigafter the
protest- had beent referred o commit-
w ... ' - , t .. : ' :.
Folk, Plans, to Enforce Sunday
: Closing by Stationing Militia- :
men at Doors.- .. -
. . .
l: ' (J6uraal Special BerTlee.)
'Ht.'l ILouls. w Mar 2. Governor
Is aald-to-have-'made up-Tils" mind to
send the state ; mllltla to St. Louis
county, next-iSunday to enforce the
BundayJloslng law against saloon And
liquor shops. It,!" tha plan tosnd
battery A to St" Xolils. nfxf Saturday
-night and' to place four men at each
saloon, two at the front and two at the
rear door from midnight Saturday un
til midnight Sunday.
The law was openly and flagrantly
violated- In Bt. Lauta county yesterdsy
bat no arrests were mad. Practi
cally every saloon In the county except
at Delmar, and at Merameo Highlands
sold liquor' freely' In the city several
arrests were marie for violating- the
closing law ana it is charged that many
saloons . did back door business under
police protection... .:- -
LlqUor , men are openly boasting that
the -"lid is off and that the decision
of the court of. criminal correction ren
dered Saturday to the--effect, that the
excise commissioner cannot, revoke a
license without a trial by Jury, robs
Governor Folk of the only. weapon he
had to nforca thaorder. ' . .-
. ."'" . (Jparnal Special Rrrvlre.).
Salt Lake, Mar: It- A vote ; was not
reached here"- today In the eonventlon
of the Western Federation of Miners on
the question' of breaking away from the.
Oompera and "Mitchell - - factions 1 and
Joining the Industrial. I'nlon movement.
Speeches from - many delegates de
nounced the American Federation and
avored the complete breaking, awar -
I . ... -1" I I
Fleet, Rcported.Destrdyed n . Battle With Togo's Ship -of jWv
.1 . - ' - -
tee a nl -the -a-Uarney-for the protestant
had -left the room, did not the executive
board, with your approval, -reconsider Its
action and accept the sewer?
' S. At the same meeting did not 'the
executive' board refuse .to accept the
bid of the Rlners for the construction of
another sewer on the-ground' that al
though theire' was the lowest bid the
rumors - about the Tarmer- creek sewer
werasuc.liaslto mske It Inadvisable to
let any more work to them 7 " -
4. Did you not (hereafter, publicly
pnd jrlvatelyoppoaethasxtion.of -the
coum-it 1rt ordering an investigation of
the Tanner creek sewer, declaring, that
the action of the executive board ought
to be final and that the council had no
Jurisdiction in the matter?
t 6. After-two Independent expert An
vestigatlohahad conclusiv1yitbi
llshed the defects In the sewer and the
culpable responsibility of the city engl
neer. William C. Elliott, did lou nut
write to him In the following terms:
Ninety-Nine Out of a Hundred
Patients Cured by. Use of
1 New Discovery.
(Journal Special gerrlce.) '. .. .
LNawTork.Majrrl. DT.""Oscar M.
Lelser. who announced during the lat
ter part of .last year, that he had dis
covered a cure for, consumption, said
yesterday that eight months' use of the
remedy whtah he administered by in
halation had Increased his confidence In
The doctor has revealed" the
gradients ofrme"' remedy. It is a com
blnatlon of fclls and the ingredients are
these: Oil of gaurthierla,- oil ofr-tfeyme,
oil of eucalyptus, . pine, needle o)ltand
hydrocarbon oIL
-The oils a re "prepared by aproceas
discovered by C. B. Benson,-a -chemist,
who has made the cure of consumption
a lifelong study. There Is nothing
secret about the procesa, and Dr. Lelser
says it will be made known to anybody
who ran ahow ' legitimate reason for
wanting to learn what It la.'. r " .
. "We 'have treated 100 sufferera from
the disease since we began," Dr. "Lelser
said. ."Of those patients.1 only one has
died. The' tuberculosis germs have en
tirely disappeared from S8 'and about
40 have been able- to resume their sev
eral occupations. . We have relieved the
remainder nrxtent- as- give
ua great hope.' Several of my profes
sional friends are listng - the - remedy
with considerable sacess." , "
. . (Joonral Special fUrrtrs.) '
... Columbus, O.,. May :lt. A atate con
vention of 'the Socialist party, opened
In this city todajr with delegates. On hand
from more han two-aoore organlaatlons.
The plirposis of . the convention, Whlrk
will continue over tomorrow, iai to per
feet plans for he .coming state cam
palfB. .. . ' . k 1 -;
-'The clamor against you about the. Tan
net"ereek -sewer-amount s to-tht s sand
nothing more--that in the multitude of
your duties and trusting too much to
your subordinates, you did not give that
sewer the clos personal attention which
the magnitude of the worn and the cir
cumstances : under which it waa con
structed seamed to have required. - The
mistake might have been made by any
man In your office with half a hundred
contracts to look after at the same time.
The kickersj knockers and fault-finders,
howevscclamonouB or-nnisy-thsy -nay
have been, have not haken my confidence-
in you. because I know better
thsn any of them what you have had
to encounter with , Inefficient eubordl
hates and unreliable contractors"?
.Is It not true that If you had had
youe-wfty-4hre would have been no In
vestigation of the Tanner creek aewer.
and Rlner would not have had to pay
taottnr-toafne cslonhffTepalrs
that have been made?
Farmers in Oregon Rejoice at the
.Great Eastern. and Foreign;.
'! Demand. -
-B.-Tr-Judd.-fesIdent of the Pendle--ton
Woolen Mills, and a member of the
firm of H. C Judd 4 Rood,- wool deal
ers of Hartford and. Boston.' Is In the
city. Mr. Judd occupies the peculiar
position. qjflw,ool dealer and Wool man
ufacturer. : - Wool i growers - will make
moJ'e,noJ,'Jr tbs season than they have
ln-lin any fit tlie past 2S years, according
to Mr. juua. in uregon wool is sciung
40 pet cen higher than It did a" year
agov Then4 it-was worth 18 centa . a
pound; now it is worth 10 cents. 1 '
"The-price of wool has gone up,"
he said, "and -may go higher.
"Many of the growers contracted for
tholrr wool too aoon to receive the full
advantage of the advance, but a major
ity held long enough to realise the full
benefit. Thelncreape""ls due "to the
fact that a number of eastern buyers
have purchased alt the wool they could
jet. There has also been. great de
mand from the foreign market" .
-' "(Jonraal Rpeelal grlee.t ..
" Chicago. -May 19. Drivers for a num
ber of additional lumber companies wers
locked out today In accordance with th
decision of . the Lumbermen's associa
tion. , All members of the aasoctatlon
but one are now hauling with nonunion
drivers. Efforts to Involve box manu
facturers In the lockout' failed.
J ; . (Jnnmal Special arvie.) 1 . i- -Winnipeg.
Msnltobs, May !. Hon.
William MactViusBll, -first; provincial
governor of Manitoba-, died tbdajr.
Captain-Barr "Pilots Yacht At-
I antic' to . Victory in
Big Race.
- - . ; - s 1 -
QuickZIIme; M adal Results Jn
L.f Committee Being Caught-
Napping. . - -
tJoarnil Bpeclsl-Sertlee. ) ;
Scllly f Island, y Lighthouse, Station,
England, May -The American Jj-acht
AnanncTTJaplaln Charles "Barr com
manding, owned by Wilson . Marshall,
passetfr to the eastward of the signal
station here at :45 o'clock this mori
Ing and Is apparently the winner of the
KlserB'"cup.The've8sel made a fine
appearance under a brisk southweet .,
breeke. - She should reach the Llsard,
tha goal. at ..o'clock this afternoon.
v Fatal rocka"lie about ft mile from tha
coast Just on the edge of the 20-fatbont
line, and are barely visible -sxcept at
low water. The onlyi friendly warnings
to the mariner are two llghthouaes.-witl,
fixed lightselevated 20a feet above, the
sea,, and , visible I t-mrles, but In thlek..
or boisterous weather, notwithstanding
the beacons, -many fln ships, bravely
commanded and i adequately manned,
have gone, to" their doom there. 'No light- -ship
Is outside to act as a guide. '
i High up on the cliffs is the Marconi
wireless telegraph station, which ' has
warned many owan liners since It has
been established, but it will be of no use -tc-
the sailing yachts, which will not be
equipped with wireless apparatus. --
They must run In and report to ahore.
Ko" one will be; on' board themte ae-
knowledge their arrival, and atgnalliut
to the government' station will be their
only resort ; , ;
There are 11 boata that made tha
Start In tha race ' from Highlands on
May IT, the start having been delayed
one day oh nccount bribe -weather." The
run. therefore, has been made ' In less '
than 1 days. The ocean eup will b
given by the Kaiser personally to tb
owner, at Kiel, at he beginning f Kiel
week.- - I .
Tha AtlShtlor-la a three - maatel
schooner end. with all ' her kites draw
ing, she spreads nearly J0.00 square
feet of canvas was built, from as
signs by-Qardner and Cox In 108. She,
Is Hi feet ..over all, US feet on .the
water line, St feet Inchee beam'ej4
16 feet -draft The JlaAburg. wTiTc
Incoming steamer report as probabl, .
tha second in the race. Is k Oermait
representative. She was formerly the
schooner Rallbow, and was built In 1IS
by Hendersons at Olasgow.
Either the Kndymlnn or the Alia wilt
be third, according to accounts rH-etvel
by wireless. Both are American Ves
sels, the' former a schooner of lit i,k
hurdr nd 1ST fet In lenlh, owned t '
George louder, Jr. end ths lslir a.
he wiu recover, .
.....:-:... - '