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" Oaoa Moving 1 : 7 : olJ flfi
VOU II. NO.' 'ill
East Side VdUrsIIBurlAard ' Hall
"A Dollar Worth of
Flv hundred peopl cheered Pr. Harry
Lane, the people' candidate for mayor.
last night In Burkhard hall. Union av
Tnue andBurnld-street;-a ' the eat
ld. as he uttered this sentiment! ..-
"-: " rA flollar'a worth of wofjt tor' gol
, lar of the people' money la a very. good
motto tor.a .chief executive of the city
oft"ortlnd." ZTws;
"Every one who know of the dellber
ationa of that charter commission knows
that the central Idea was to areata a
system of responsibility for the execu-
tlv department centered upon-one offl-
lal the mayor," said Dr.- Lane. --"In
-- vlew-.f these facts,- which have -been
written permanently Into the history of
-themontclpalityrlt seems to me that tt
t a -bit -peculiar now to hear my dls-msshevfnwit-forth-fftca---Mef
. mayor pleading thst the wrongs be ad
mits have charcterlzeLbJ--dmtatatra
,vtlon were not his faults although those
wrongs arose In his own department and
'were committed .toy , the very persons
who were the-oreatures ef his appointive
; power."- -. --
Keetlnf Apptandg M9ZrLl
.. It was the ""sort" of a meeting thst
" pleases " the commlttrThairman-'-en-thusitlc,
thr hall crowded.-tha.audl-rnce
In sympathy with the speaker; and
. cheering to the echo the sentiments ut
tared. ... . , ..." . - t-
fluced the Elko quartet, composed of the
-Misses L-inehan-an4 - EMglleh- Tonng
road the section of the charter intro
duction that refer to non-partleen
muhiclpatHeotlonirBrtaTiuoted from
The 'Journal flxcerpt from MayorWiJ
llftms' addresses In IMC when ha wua
supporting the bolting mayoralty nom
inee. General Beebe, and when Mr. Wll-
Ilamjr snid
"We are all bolter. WhdMre-wht
Is the' politics of a candidate this yeart
Ye-Jtfe.iir-BeDUbllcansiand w are all
Democrats. It Is only the party boas
who cries party regularity,, thi yr,
when we sll know that there 1 no pol
itic Involved In the city election; only
good government." ' , . .
j- "That was when D. atoll Cohen war
the regular Republican nominee, and
Judge Williams roundly soored hlrmand
advised every one to vote for General
Beebc. the bolter." said MP. Toung.
A. F. Flegel. candidate for councilman
at large, stirred the audience to enthusi
asm, when he s Id -
"Don't forgot the council In thi elec
tion. Elect a council that will hold up
the hands of this fine clttien Dr. Lane
. whom we are going to make mayor of
Portlands Remember that th red-Ink
ticket lav before you, and that the eloc
ution of Us candidate means that an un-
desirable element will control me local.
TegtslalUfer ' '
A. N. OambelUCltUen' candidate for
audi tor,- made- a - peeeh -of thre.- sen
' : ' ' ' "'J ' -' ' . " , - - ' . ...1
For Third Time In Two ' Yeart the Limited Is Robbed at Same
Place, Near Bearmouth, Montana Express Safe Dy- ,
-. - namited and Portland (Packages Artf Stolerui-i
(Bpeeisl DUpateh to The iourosL)
' Bearmouth, Mont., Ma 87. Th
North Coast Limited, the Hnest overland
train on the Northern Pacific railroad,
was held up tonight at Bearmouth. Th
xpres car wai detached from the train
and run .thre mile beyond thi station,
where th safe wss blown to pieces and
looted of It valuables.- among which
were many , package In trrtnslt from
Portland nd coast points through to
the east. It la not known at thi time
whether the big overland safe of the
way safe wad blown peiu-lf the over safe, the loss will run into the
thousands. This Is .h third holdup of
thi train Ih. two year, f ' -
As - in the previous two--robberlea
the bandll are supposed - to have
boarded the train while It wa (taking
water at this place. After the usual
stop for water the train proceeded and
nothing was observed out of the ordi
nary until shout half .a mile beyond
the station when th trajn wa undr
mil neaway-."T tngmeer wa sua-
denly confronted by two masked meh
who covered hlfti and the -fireman with
revolvers and ordered him to wp- th.
' train. The commands of the two high
waymen wnr compiled with and th
nglnrewwa then forced t ie
compsny the . robber to th express
car. Arriving there th malt, luggage
.and express cars were detached, and
at the command of th leader of the
j bandit., they! were run -about, a - mil
further down th track where a second
top wss made. , ,
I Th engineer and firemen 'Were left
'under gimrd and therwbhers, two or
. mora In number and masked, went to
the door of th express car.,. Th car
Work for a Dollar of
- MottoThat'Gatches
tences.. and expressed mucjLln-a-ftw
word, aaylngx ' " ..r- v
"Remember one-thing the city audi
tor 1s the mayor's second self. He nec
essarily knows everything done-in the
executive department. - Have you -heard.
"onCudTfor ' De'vllri ever -,- uttering one
word of protest against the now well
known irregularities that have marked
the administration that . is on trial be
fore-the people 7l'
Council,-declared: "If I am elected I
will stand forjbetter faculties from the
treet railway companies, for a -demand
for equitable compensation" for all fran
chisee -obtained from! thecity;" : 1
-Charles Petrain.- who -ia running for
th office of municipal Judg(-outllned
his theories of how that trust" should
be -discharged,-- counseling -r-flrmness I
wnxeg -witn kinoiw.grs& i
Dri-B -At-Brownr candidate for coun
cilman. fef erred to thetirrlng of senti
ment, for. municipal reform all over th
country, and asked If Portland, like
Philadelphia," desired to be content -with
conditions as they, were until Mayor
Weaver came forward with a program
that now is attracting the attention of
the-world-'r- 1 --lj ; , i
Senator C. W. Nottingham, Republtcaa,
waa la the audlenoe and answered a. call
to-tba-plattornw "No-politics In elty -a(-
rairs, wasni slogan, ana with force
ful utterance ha emphasised the need, of
votin foenbetter- conditions, rather han
AM.rft Ta AmmajmA
"uecaus you people elected , -eitnensv
ticket four years ago you got the present
charter,5" atdrlis; "The delegation
elected by .the citlsens secured aetlon
such as resulted In the drafti-ng of the
clty present organic law T hold that
the'publlo graft with gambler la Just
a bad as a private graft. "You cannot
taint one part of the city' government
without lalntlng all of tt. Elect Dr. Ioine
mayor and, the citlsens' candldates-to-theJ
councll-and I will-guarantee that-they
will not run. away in a cowardly man
ner when a special meeting, is called to
act on m matter asked for by 8,000 citlsens
of the city." . - . . , , .
; Dr. Lane held th attention of his audi
ence for- nearly an hour a he outlined
hl views of the present contest. There
was no word of, abuse for his opponent.
"I believe that Judge Williams Is a
very fin old gentleman." said he, "and
personally I have nothing to say that Is
derogatory to hi character. But-1
think that he alng a song, the- tun
of which I pitched! by some other
worthies behind thje scenes Whitney
L. Boise, Jac"k and Ptte Grant and Larry
Sullivan, and these! men don't select
songs that are In tune with the harmonies
you like to hear. . : "
"'On thi very ground. 40 yearskfo,
I used to go fishing, right around here
where the cfeekrarr"Tr6m Sullivan's
-(Continued on Pag Six.) .
wa occupied by the expressman and
the electrician who cares for the light
service .with which the train is equipped.
A command was brusquely. made by th
bandits ' to ttu express messenger to
open the door.
He hesitated and was Informed That
the doos would be blown open and the
car wrecked if he delayed. The. mes
senger then opened 'the door. Coverlpg
the two men inside .with revolvers two
robber entered th car pnd Immediately
set to work on the safe 'after divesting
the messenger of his keys and securing
the weapons In tfcoeaft-Ht wss the wnrk
of but a few moments until th safe had
been prepared for blowing up. . Taking
their prisoner Into, the further com
partment of the ear, the robber llgfhted
'the fuse." There' was a heavy explosion
and the big Iron box fell apart
-Hastily gathering. the contents Into a
bag carried by one of the robber the
men made their escape after warning
the train crew to remain silent.
; The conductor of the train perceiving j
whet wit happening TanaH" the" way
hack to Bearmouth to give the' alarm.
The country In which -the robbery oc
curred la 'wild ranc) desylate and with
a few hour start It is almost impossi
ble to overtake th bandits.
Two and a half years ago Engineer
O'Neill of Missoula, wss killed In hold
up near. the same place of tonight's rob
bery, and carcely a year ago the train
wa galn held up, diamonds, express
orders and money to an almost fabulous
amount being secured. For this the rob
bers were srrested and are now serving
sentences In the Montana penitentiary,
fleorge Hammond, one of the convicted
men, wl41 be tried for th murder of
Engineer O'Nrfll. -
m. A- 7W !.. fir
"Bid yom ever a vntrlloo.uirt
W1L sorry as S am to say It, BtayOT
th past three years.' Trent Joha at.
Silence of Tokio and Reports of
Cannonading Lend
It-Color. ,. V
St. Petersburg Jubilant, ' Claim
""Jjiig Victory for Rojestven- - -sky's
. (Special Phiptch to The Joaraal. "'-
New Torkv-May"I8. A special from
Toklo dated Sunday,- 10 a. m. state
that history was mad at the entrance
t tr t he sea- of - Ja pen': yesterda y- and 1
being made today, in the greatest naval
contest of modern times. While some
of th main result were known In Toklo
last night and evening newspaper were
permitted to issue extras containing
bulletins made, public by the imperial
navy board, the Toklo government for
reasons of national security prohibited
the transmission of any news by1 csble
that would Indicate " results . so far
aiJitivri njt thi renanrKliln' unnlles
equally to th mlnisjera. qf .foreign
powers..-. . ... . .-
' Th"-world wilt possibly have to- wait
another , day before It; learns even the
skeleton it the fact of the stupendous
drama, which beiran shortly, after day
light yesterday 190 miles southwest of
Bhlmnnesekl. 14 Is permltffd to say that
at 4 o' elook last night the scout ships of
Admiral Kataeka reported by wireless
The ' pnros ch ofthe Russian- Ba tner
snuadron from a point north of the I'ku
island and the-southerly entrance to the
Btralts of.Corea. ;
, At sunrise th Russian battleships
were Off the promontory of Harado with
cruisers In the tenter and three coast
defense Tronclltd on ' the. weeter-llne.
At 10 o'clock in -the morning they were
west of the Island, of lkt. which Is In
the eastern chaihjel through the Corean
straits Into th sea of Japan.
It Is reported that the Baltic fleet
unk an American . steamer ' near" for- (
mosa. tt Is announred tiat the Japa
nese fleet found th Baltic fleet- at Te
uehama yesterday and that subse
quently cannonading was heard. -
fit. Petersburg dlnpatches State' that
tt Is persistently rumored that tha fleet
of Togo. and Ro)estvenky r fighting
and thst the fierce battle has been rag
ing since; yesterday morning.
- The naval battle, it la. thought by et-
V. 1 ' 1 . "I ' 111 I lili jmi,ih il
(Continued on Psgs 81xi ,
ia .a show, holding a mannlkin on sis
WUllsms ha simply bees th maaalkln,
Oearla' speech la Oome kail last Wsdsesday sight. i. .
. The question before the people in the coming election l vry
simple. ' -
- ,lt ia this: Is there to be a reign of law or a reign of lawlessness?
Th people have had plenty-of chance to .learn In the last three
year, of how -Chief. Hunt . obey and enforce . th - law.'- They bav
, hervd the operation of hi .kan garoo, court from. which he has pre--
umed to turn loose crook and thieve
have- noted -his los and Intimate
have seen officer who have presumed to do their sworn duty. degraded
to beats in the far outlying prec Inct where they could do "no harm,"
They have seen the department honeycombed with disaffection and in
competent subordinate elevated to place of trust and responsibility.
- They have seen a system of dete table espionage practiced on th men.
They have seen them mad the vlo tlm of queer regulation, forced to
, d res In exaggerated styles, to buy clothing when they needed none, and
to pay. fancy price for th same. They have seen the'7 hurdygurdy
houses flourish' and their victims sttll further victimised and deluded by
th socalled off leer of th law.. They have seen the chief of police
himself In th saloons after hour, but they have never seen anything;
com of It in the, way of prosecutions. ' .
-Ar we to have law and ordinance to enforce against citlsens of
decency and respectability and are the law" against the vicious classes
to be Ignored T It I for th voter i to say whether or not the laws are
enforced against all classes alike, whether, they are to get a dollar'
value for every dollar, of publio money
,jrhO"trie to improve tn moral condition oi tn city is to be regarded,
""a" liar and scoundrel.-" " T
, . By MaleoUa Clark.
4Ceyrtbtr-MeraNei. servicer- sy -teased
Wire te Tee Journal.) " '.
- Berlin, May 21 -After days of suspense,
during which time It wa expected to
hear from Mouth Africa, at- last comes
the good news that the end of Ihsurrec-
tton-nr-titr llgbf. ,. German troops' have,
according to a dispatch Just received
here, defeated the two half-breed lead
ers, Henry Witney and Jacob Moranga.
who after having been dulet ... fojr some
time had again taken up arm agalnat
Germany. :
- After a battle which raged ' forfour
hour th united Hottentot and Herrero
forces. were driven Into British territory.
where they were disarmed by, the British
constabulary., 'Also the dkngerou hordes
led by Isaac and Cornelius, who had eoras
to the assistance . oft th rebels, were
crushed- and .very few escaped. -.
The fight was "unusually hlondy, no
quarter being, asked or given. The dis
patch has been received with; great satis
faction hw, not only ! hecaus ot-th
- ) ' ' ' :
A.90UT t(XH
j L .--
tlAft -
lap and making it appear that th mannlkla
and it is th Tentriloqnlst who ha been
r -
LA W ?
without pretense of trial. They
relations with-the gamblers, They
spent and whether every man f Z
victory won. but also because It show
that, the-cape authorities who-hav: been
accused of assisting th rebels are now
doing their duty. ; v
Several tlmej before Morenga and Wit
bey have fled Into British territory and
hate been permitted to. reorganise their
shattered follower for new 'attacks ' on
the German , colony, and several com
plaint have been made through the Ger
man ambassador In London. 7'
9ATMM ooroir Banrsirs. '
(Ocpxrlfht, - Resrst Hews ' Serrtee, by LeasX
.Wire to Tb Iwul.l
8t. Petersburg. May 7 It I reported
that Father Oopon-haa'returned I
city, anxious to sgaln take paiH
to this
In the
proceedings, of th workmen, who. how
ever, ar disinclined to accept him . a
leader. - They affect to disbelieve the
story that he ha been visiting the revo
lutionary center tn Hwltxerland and also
I.ondon and rrl with a view to making
th general organisation closer,
n . syy a. 1
wa talking sad dolnf foolish thlna-at
doing th foolish and had thing u
Judge's Voice Falters as He Pro
nounces Death Penalty on
- IT-Z: Miles I Fuller.-S
Aged Prisoner Trembles and Is
Assisted to His Pris
on Cell. -
(Bpeelal Dispatch to Tb Joarael.) -
Butte, Mont., May 27.- Mile Fuller,
aged 70 year, was today sentenced to
be hanged July 14 for th murder of
Henry J. Callahan last October. Calla
han was f'trmerly-clerk-of the-federal
court and he was waylaid and shot by
Fuller; who after shooting the man re
turned 'and cut his throat. -This act
was- observed by several neighbor.
Trembling from head t foot, the
aged prisoner with his flowing white
locks and long beard cut a pitiful figure
as ha heard his donm pronounced. Judge
Dolan' yolc faltered until It Wa
feared he would be overcome. Fuller
Intimated to officer in th courtroom!
that he purposed to kill himself and
three death watches were- - at - once
placed -over him.' . '
Fuller ant looking blindly Into spare
at the conclusion of the Judge's words
and when touched on the arm by a
deputy preparatory to hi his
cell in the prison his frame shook like
a Jettf. He was supported t hi cerl
nH -when onoe-lnside-awd -releeeert from
the hssistanee of his guard fell gently
forward across the" hard .prison boil,
his eyes flllel with tear.
"While heretofore Fuller ha borne tip
exceedingly welt -under the weight 'of
hie year and the atralftv attendant upoa
his trial he seems on the verge of
physical collapse. -v . .
. . , ; .
wawt irrtxrrir batsvX
(Special flieh to Tke fosnial.)
Seattle. Wash.. May J7.8esttle. Port
land and -Tacoma, JubUm at a -banquet
here tonight decided to ask for av dis
tributive rste for eastern Washington.
Special Mspatrk br Leased Wlra tn The Journal)
New Tork, May 27. Whltelaw Reld.
who was appointed ambasnsdor to Oreat
Britain nearly three months , salle.
for his new post this mor.-.Ing on the
teamer rhUd':"v J
Civic Honesty .Triumphs
Over Machine in Knock:
ing Out Gas Steal.
A Thoroughly Aroused Philadel
phla Rallies to the Suppo
of Mayor-VveaverLantt
Lease I Withdrawn,
.. By William stoat. .. - '
(Spedil Dispatch by Leased Wire to The Joursall
aPItl4ld)lphls;si Mtiy ' Te-" OsnFW' hOflalt5(
as triumyiieu. iiie ms neai wa..
Suddenly shelved tfiis ternoon at th
end of a two hours'- meeting between
Boss Durham and Thomas Dolan. -preei-dnt
of the -United- Improvement:
xompsny; 10 whTcTTTte cllyr ga plant
was to be handed over for 7t year.
Dolan wrote a letter to-the presidents .
of--,th select end common coun
cils. formallyjwithdrawlng th - prop- : -osltion,
and that's ith ;end, of
th Job. - - The Surrender o -the
gang Is complete. and .' absolute.,
The mayor's Victory la crushing, and
farreaching.-- flv day, from being
the "most " negative offtelat that- ever- -held
qf flee under -municipality," h"7"
ha become foremost-.. smong lhl
mayors of ' great .American - cities. .
Single-handed he attacked an organise- ra
tion of 20.000 officeholders, completely
put together and ruled by an absolute . .
autocrat perhaps-the- most - powerful
-potittcal -organisation ; eerbu!lt up In ,
the" history . uf--Amertcan
after" Ave days of bitter fighting the
autocratic head of that organisation to
day -;rB-4i " whi ts- flag j r,V
Sorham' XUne Broken. .. -
Darbatn's , line were - broken la m
doenElceTrMlleutenant were de
sertlng him In groups nd poTltlcalan-
nihiXatlon stared him In the face. With
an eye to the future he surrendered. .
Philadelphia 1 wild with joy. Ring
ing cheers greeted the announcement
of the surrender all over town. Within
an hour after the lease was withdrawn
the mayor alighted from an automobile
in front of the Union League .club,
where, he- was to review th parade of
a local military organisation. A great
cheer went up a .Weaver's well-known
face and form were rooognisod. Tha
crowd- surged around him -and for five
minute the popular chief executive wa
swallowed up In a roaring mob of 10,000.
who slapped him on th back, shook his
hand, waved hat and handkerchief and.
danced in a mad frenxy of Joy.' .
Bully bojy.,John!" they shouted,
"Hurrah for Weaver!"
- "Now that they're down. Jump on
them!" ; ' .
"No mercy, mayor; run th rascals
out!" - (-. ,
, Weaver Sets Ovation.
. Weaver wa so overwhelmed by th'
ovation that he looked frightened.
"That's all right." some on shouted.
"You're smong friends."
The mayor burst out laughing and
slowly the police pried htm out of the
crowd and escorted him to the bslcony
of the league, where his appearance waa .
the signal for another .cheer..
There were repeAteaTatts-fori
but he shook-hie head negatively and
retired from view until th procession
arrived. ,- 'i ,
In an Interview thi afternoon,' Weaver
' 'I regard thi a splendid victory '
for th people. The credit belong to
them. It show that civic -spirit still -exist
with all Its oldtlm fore, and
can-trfumph over all evil If tt 1 only
properly exerted. I cannot discuss yet
the political effect otf thi victory. Th
future be left to develop itself."
... . Wild Bajolelaa- im City. - '
-Ther 1 wild rejoicing in Philadelphia
tonight. Mass, meetings called to protest ".
against the lease have been turned Into
meetings of thanksgiving, bonfire hav
been lighted all over and the kv Is
alight with exploding fireworks. It Is a
fitting climax to . a most remarkable
series of manifestations of publio entl
ment. : i ; . - "
Philadelphia for the past, five day
has been a aeethlng caldron. Not in Its
history has the city been, more attired '
up ,. Now that the end has been reached
it may-safely be said that ther have
been periods during the antl-giia agitation .
wnen fniiaaeiptiia waa perilously on th
verge of actual riot and bloodshed. - Had
the gang attempted to carry out Its -plan
to force the lease through over the
mayor's Veto next Thursday, no one can..
tell what the r result-would have' been.' "
Bnt thwt-hr-all'past bow knd'iha tlm ""
for rejoicing ha come. .. ,
"The little mayor,'' they say It In a
glorifying sense "has- .. saved the -
city from'- belns' plundered ofr-o,.
000,000 and ha whipped the gang." The
first, rumblings of the .crash were heard
last night Statement after statement
cam In from member of the council '
of their- break with the. machine and
their Intention 'to atand by the mayor.
With Jaw set. Durham. Penrrme an,l
the reat of the s-ans. met In (be- Arrarfa
building and doggedly affirmed that they
would "Jam her through." . 1
But this morning brought still more de
sertion and by 11 o'clock lbs m)rr ,
larked but-U votes in 'one chamber an t
seven In-the other to win., and, ss
matter of fact. If he got ellhe.- the U
or the seven It wss all hw needed tn pre
vent the overriding or nis veto, lur a i
saw th handwriting on ths wall.
A hurried conference ' f
a few minutes later Inl
and Heger. the two
favorite t" -r ;
. t