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"27, iecj. 1 - '.' ',
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-Sattl-Mn-Com to-Portland
Reports to the Stats Organiza
, tion Are of a. Very Encour- .;
7 7"to Look at the Speedy
.". ". 1 Steamer
aging Character.
Sit, .i .-us - -.-r, - ft
Many Local Owners Are Anxious
-to See the Vessel Leave
These i Waters.;
. . Captains', tV" B. Scott and If. B. Ken
nedy arrived from Seattle thla morning
to makeji examination ofthe steamer
Telephone for the purpose of buyfngher
"" ' tot a Pugok aound company, If aha la (or
' sal. . Captain Kennedy- la manager of
' the Port Orchard lino of steamers, and
atated -title morning that he,4 repre
: ' sentlng a northern firm in the matter
- ot entering into negotiations tor the
Telephone. He declined to make known
; ' .'the identity of the; prospective pur
., . chasers. ..... . V
' The Telephone wai built1 at thla port
", mora Ihan , jrear, aso, and has ;never
, been tn commiaalon. 81ie la tied up at
the Haseltlne sock fully q nipped, with
c the exception of a few furnishings, to
go out on run.. ' . , '- '"" '
Captain 8cott la". owner of the .Tele
; Z.rapn fdr'whlch. lhe3egulator itns-bas
been trying to cloae a deal and bring
. Z i excursion - Jttoat. -Thel-P w ne declares
"." 1 that be baa decided not to aeir her. and
that if ahe la brought here--front the
aound he will operate the cYaft himself.
'"He strongly Intimated that he might
-bring ber- aroun4 -to- romano. suorwy.
nd while here will Inquire into the
local steamboat demand thoroughly. The
.-Telegrapb haa long been heralded aa tbe
. "fastest stern wheeler In the world.""
Should .Captain Kennedy close a deal
. for the Telephone It will lift a, weight
from the minda of local mariners who
have been Indulging In all aorta of spec
ulation the past year aa to What was
"going to be done with her." 'There im no
i route on tha river- on wmcn nw -uraii.
be placed without running inoppo.
to the Old esiaousaea hikjjuv v""
rs would like to See her go to the
Sound. ' - -. ' --
A.McTarlaae Says Fallare to Bales Bar
1- Deep water marinera. will soon have
; ui ppportunitx of buylng the steamship
Elder, where ahe-lea hanging -on . the
rdctnisir Oorjle: "The under wrltora
will make no further efforta to raise
4eiv- - . i
A. MacFarlane estimated thla morning
.that the aunv of fll.OOO iiad been snent
"ln trying to raise ierf"He haa for
wardad a cablegram to the underwriters
explaining the ettuatlon, and aaye there
1a no doubt that they will aend Inatruo-
lone t discontinue farther apsnaUons
and will ot far, for aala where-aha
Ilea. - -
-"The steamer can be ralaed and would
"Iiava been yeaterday,-aald Mr, MacFar
lane, - nf the local ateamboat ownera
1 tied not apparently worked against me.
-rnnrtlrally all of the water naa Been
pimpeffbuTi and; ahewaa coming
nleelr-when a
at earner came by
under full apead. -Big swells were
rrTM1 f "H th. unffTrfum waa flooded
- with water. The Elder, rocked back and
, forth on the wavea, and all of our work
' came to naught. In order to regain lost
ground all of the pumpa 'we had were
operatedL tothelrTull capacity, and aa
usual they were auMected"lo-auetr a
heavy strain that they broke down.
The passing steamer caused all the trou
ble. . '
1 " never received 'BUch dlaeou rteoua
treatment from ateamboatmen aa I have
" here. With scarcely an exception every
; vessel that went by there ran at full
speed.' I expostulated with tile captains
and the pilots but 1t did no good; they
. continued to go by at a great rate of
speed and created-wavea which. played
havoc with the cofferdam. The failure
of raising the ateamer la wholly" due to
their careleasness or indifference."
-Am ISoreaee Tbrea Jar Cent la tbe
yaat Twantv-Tonf Jtonra.
M. C Harrison ft Co. report that war
risks en shipments of freight-to cer
' tain porta In the orient have advanced
r to S per cent, an increase of 1 per cent
..,wMhln the past 24 hours. No risks
will" baasuoed-on-frelggolng to
-any port In the far eaat at less than
-- : tH per cent.- TheseTlgurea apply only
sellings; nut month a stilt fur
ther advance la anticipated.
- - The Increase is said to be due to the
'fact that the Russian fleet haa been
sighted at Wooxung. a short distance
- fnerth of Shanghai. - Shipments going to
thai section of China will not be in
aured at leas than ( per cent.
The Numantla. which la scheduled to
- nail from thla port eafly In June, will
probably have to go out not more than
half loaded;-as yei: therr Is acarccly
.sny demand for apace on her. . -
Xda-htost Draft Sterawpeeier U World
Will Cam Tlnalas;.Ior.A,Tim"srZ
- ,k'L--Today the steamer Chester, the llght-
st draft stemwheeler of her else in
t tha world, will be brought up to Port
land from the Cowlit.s to be recaulked
a nf overhauled. -When light she draws
.but seven Inches of water and1adrt to
' he' full capacity 40 tons draws 14
Inches. r
Tho Cheater is owned by tha Kellogg
-Transportation , company, and pliea be-1
tween' the towns of Castle Rork and
Toledo, the head of navigation on the
Cowllts. At the former , place ahe eon
necta with the NorthwesT from "Port
land. She-Is lt fet long and 20 fe
,V beam. - Although 'thS stream aha navi
gates " la ' extremely lowt during the
- -greater- part -of the- year- theateamer
- -ery-arely misses trip. It has been
two years since she was here , for re
' pairs. While ahe la on tho ways people
on the headwaters of the Cowllts will
have to go without ateamboat aervlcs.
-weepl la.-Meigliberkooa vt goiHofbw-hetd In; His Orscrltf. E. ihurch at
tree Srldge Vave neaty of Them.
Btmboat irtenf and others In - the
-vicinity ef-th Morrison Street bridge
say tbe noises produced when tha draw
Is opened and closed Is wearing oa tbe4r 4-
t-erveo. If some plsa Is not devised to
do away with tba tnharmonloue aound
the people who have to listen to them
-will soew be e ad Ida tee for the "foolisb
otiae" r . .
Tha bridge engineers, and tenders de
clare tba grating noise, Is caused by the
brake when It ta applied for tha purpose
t f regulating lb anted, of the drsw. A
'..V '
-PhotogTgpb'oi Gcorce Wood, Hia
3Tfey.TW6od'iefen8e-of Dual Identity in His Trial for the Murder of George Williams Has Attracted
r ; WrdwpadtentiorjLjromJLawyeri and Alienisti and the Trial Was One of the Most Celebrated in
Legal History. Wood Pleaded Guilty to Murder irr the Second Degree and Was Sent to Prison for 30
; YearsT ' -.---:" 'f; ; V : : . '. '
heavy friction results and the ear-apllt-
ting aounda aa of breaking or grinding
machinery . are ' produced.- It is said
there Is no remedy, and all will have
to live and learn to bear, it as best they
Local Manager Boyle of .the National
OH aV Transportation company haa been
apprised that the oll-carrler Roaecrana,
which baa - been making regular calls
irrthlapoir'aaflhjriha past yearTwlll
be employed all keaaon transporting
il Would fuel for Nome- and St. Michael.
Towed, by the : ateamer -Dauntlaas the
barge Monterey i will hereafter, bring -oil
to- JprtlandJrhe.cxaf t - are expected
to arrive on - June t - and - will ; bring
The tugboat Vosburg, which haa been
towing bargee of rock- from the Banker
Hill quarry to the government Jetty
aj. jtbe mouth of the Columbia, came up
to port yesterday evening to receive
pnlnor repairs. .,(- - '
- With -a, full cargo' of general freight
the steamer Alliance will arrive early
porta. - ' r - : L-ij'
Towing a government barge the United
States ateamer Arago left down last
evening- bound for- Blualaw rivers "At
that point a lot of governmSnt property
In the ahape of toils ..will' b picked tip
and taken to the Cociullla. where npn'ra-
Up-rt"ia)wtH l tn. I- t-i -4 -of -lut
provlng thechannf)l and harbor
Another United States revenue cutter,
the Daniel Manning, left Bah Francisco
thla mbrnfngfor Portland to renialnTn
the harbor during tbe greater part of
the Lewis and Clark fair.
Aatorla, May 17. Arrived at 4 and
left up at 8:30 a. m., ateamer Alliance
from Oops bay and Eureka. Sailed at
a. m., ateamer Columbia for San Fran
cisco. .- . - . -
San Francisco, May 27. Sailed at I
a. m., ateamer Aurella for Portland
Sailed at I a. m.. United Statea ateamer
Daniel Manning for Portland. Arrived
at a. m., ateamer F. A. Kllburn from
Portland and coaatporta-alled at 8
p. m. yesterday, ateamer Redondo for
Portland and coast ports.
Astoria, May 14. Sailed at p," in.,
schooner Jrene for Redondo. -
" Tokohama,' May 25. Arrived. British
steamer Dumbarton from Portland.
Astoria, Mar 27. Condition of the bar
at a. m., smooth; wind south; weather
San Franciscb. May 27. Steamer St
Paul Bailed for. Portland at noon..
-BKrnBX SKip.coimra.
Meyer Wilson dt-Co.- nre-xpectlng
word of "the-aatllng Tf thy Brttleh ship
Plnmore from Ban FrancfaCo for Port
land. 8he - haa completed discharging
TieFcargoT6r""the triercharila IrT tho Cal
ifornia metropolia and the membera of
the.local firm have been expecting to
hear of. her sailing for the north for
several days.. A portion xif the cargo
she-- brought- from Hull-wtll rbe - dis
charged at Portland. .Another vessel,
the British .bark Thistle, having cargo
consigned to the same firm, reached San
Francisco Wednesday. After 2,000 tons
ot It are dlacharged at tha. Bay- City the
bark will sail for this pert. Bhe Will
be given quirk dispatch and 4t la tnonght
she will reach the Columbia rivet1 al
most as quickly aa the' PInmofe"." They
are the next deep-water vesaela due to
arrive here.
When ahe finishes loading lumber
At "the Inmni-Poulaen mill, the British
atenmrhlp Raimllo will go to the sound
to complete her cargo before proceeding
to1 Calcutta. " The shipment " In - the
north supplied by the Mukelteo
Uiimber company, - She will take
1 1.800.000 feet frnrrt' Portland and should
be ready to aull for . the sound on or
about June p.
"The aeond ' week's aarmsir'eysnfel-J
latlo services, held In the Grace M. K.
church have come to a close. L4iat .even
ing after-Mr. Rotter-had spokw about
IS persona stepped forward and pro
fessed th?lr faith. Never have the Ger
man Kvangellcal churches of Portland
experienced auch A. season of blessing.
The choirs of tbe German Reformed
and Evangelical churches t and laidor
Schlet rendered fine services. 11
Tomorrow Mr: Roller will does the
Icmmoalan. The afternoon aarvlce will
2:30 o'clock.-and In the evening In the
South Portland German Baptist church,
corner Mllfand Fpurtb streetaat T:4i
- The aecond In the aerlea of lecture on
the Indians of tha Pacific northwest
will be given tonight at the Men's Re
sort and 'People's ., fnstltml, corner
Foorth and Bumslde afreets, by Thomas
N. Strong. Tlie special aubject la "The
Red and White Men." A ahort musical
program will precede the lecture.' '
.... 1.
Wife TnTHiCrandmotherr Taken in
IArcl .-, Kftaiiaairl i iSlf I
Chief Hunt, waa on parade thla forenoon,
a thief entered the home of F.'Bunday at
the corner of Belmont and Thirty-second
treats," and cafrled away arportion f
the household affects. . Mr Sunday waa
absent from home, and Mrs, Sunday was
attending to some work In the back yard
when th.e robbery, waa committed. i
J-Whan Mr, -Sundajr-eame home-to
luncheon -It waa;- found rhat nariT n
Northern- Pacific Off iciala Leave
kior-Westerrv4daho to-Push-.
the Work. ' ,
Men Are Staking Ground in Sal-
-mon- River- CountrylBetweeaJ
; Crangeville and Huntington .
..... . . . i
C. M. Levey,, asls tan t to tha prealdent
of the Northern Pacific; J. B. Balrd,
chief engineer, and B. 1 Crosby, assist
ant chief engineer, departed last night
for western Idaho to push tha work of
surveying that la to determine the route
they will select for the line from Lewis
ton to Grsngevllle. Reports from west
ern Idaho aay that aurveyora are seen
through-the-Sal mo lirlvercountrybs-
tween Grangevllle and Huntington, and
It la aald the truce between the Hill
and Harrlman-forces Includes the whole
and that there is to be more railroad
extension under Jointagreement J.after
the Grangeville-Rlparla line la In (oper
ation. Borne weeks ago General Man
ager Bancroft of .the Oregon' Short Line
made a trip of Inspection over the road
extending from Welaer 80 mllea north
to "Council, andshortly sft er ward the
road wr purchased byC;arjyp;lcflippany, tha Jury. In tb. superior court
ner. wHo-Is aupbbscd to represent the
Short Line in the transaction. Mr. Van
RiDDer announced that he would Imme
diately- carry forward an extension of
the .road , to Meadows. . which had Deen
projected " bjr the , former owners.-
Meadows Is Just over the divide, near
the headwaters of the Salmon river, and
at the entrance to a rich country
Btretching more than. 100 miles. north
toward Grangevllle. It Is said the rail
roads will continue the Grangevllle ex
tension southward to 'connect at
Meadows with the Van Ripper project.
Another rt-port la" to the effect that
the Oregon Railroad ft "Navigation com
pany will soon carry out the Mohler
lilpa uf a water grade1 line from Hunt
Ington to Lewtston. to give " an easy
grade for heavy freUht traina and avoid
the three mountain passes that are en
countered on. the present line between
Huntington and Pendleton. When ibe
Northern - Pacific ultimately builds its
water grade line down the north bank
of the Columbia -river, from Pasco or
Walltila : Junction - to Portland, and
places that company In a position to
compete with the Harrlmsn lines for
Idaho-Portland business, the Jlarrlman
people will build the Snake river water
grade line. It is said to be only about
80 mllea farther by . such. grade from
fl ant In gton-v la- I h river -and . Le w Is t on
to T'mattUa than It lit by tiis present
winding route . ofthe :51I R ' J roro
Huntington through the Blue mountains
to ITmatilla. The present JltiS requires
helper engines a large part of . the dis
tance from Huntington to a poiht west
of the Blue motmtatnar-- -
'(Sneclsl Dl'petch to Tie Jon'raal.)
ij-o1dndarer-Wash.r May" 2T. A sur
veying crew arrived-tiers last bight and
la running lines toward Prosaer. It it
the belief among the people of Golden
dale that the aurveyora represent the
Northern Pacific, and that Id all like
lihood the -Columbia -RlVor ft Northern
will be extended this fall from Golden
dale to connect with the main line at
Prosaer, " or some other convenient
point. . .- ; . - , .;
- 'Ashland Tribune! Since the saloons
have been banished . from Ashlsnd the
town has breit mors prosperous than
svef ,BeXors, t - ,
the jail at Somerville, New Jer
brtcot-brac had been
'! tried fof two -houra to .gela po
liceman to look Into the case," aald Mr,
Sundayrbut-oould find no' off Icer-iu
our part of the city. I called up the
central station by pAohe, and wanted
to apeak to Chief llunt. but could- not
reL hla attention. I waa answered bv
some Impudent fallow,-w he-dtdn't cre
to pay any attention to roe." . I auppoae
I tv.rT .i P rrl'm' n "ty "
Black smith! Approaches -i-Van-
couver Marrfor Loarr andi
- When Refused Gets Mad.
(Bfedal Dlntrh te The 7oq
j Vancouver. yvft.-May-
commotion on, lower Main atreet yeaser
day afternoon. .Going to the blacksmith
ahop of John R. Marsh, he demanded a
cash" loan and, upon being ref used,
started to grab Marsh. - Bystanders In
terfered -and Chief of Police Bateman
waa - called. Tho-man refused to -be
quiet when requested to by Chief Bate
man and showed fight.." In some .way .the
chlefa "billy" slipped from his hand
and the disturber caught the officer a
blow on tha head. But In a 'few min
utes Bateman landed his man and lodged
htm in the city Jail. Thla morning he
waa ahlpped across the river on the
ferry with instructlone not to return.
Jury Allows Amount Asked for
-Against Railway Company but:
I" !' 5- . .
, . exonerates express.
.--'-.-er. ' " ' ' " '-
(Sp1it BUp-tch to Tbe'Joaraal.)
Vancouver, Wash., May. 27.--ln. the
case -of -Mrfc-HehMj-Curry-agalmrt-the
fortlarfd Railway company and the
Merchants' Kx press and TransDortation
yesterday returned a verdict against the
railway company 'for 12,000, .the amount
asked for. The express company waa
exonerated. '. The Jury waa out less than
half an hour. The suit waa brought by
Mra. Curry for-alleged Injuries received
from the collision of an expreaa and
passenger car on tha long trestle lead
ing to the ferry.
Evan's, ,Wh6 Will Co to
Philippines. ,
4pre!al PI -patch tonTbi Jourml.)
Vancouver,. Wash, May 27. Colonel
Woodi . arrived at Vancouver barracks
yesterday from tho Philippines. While
nothing official Is given out In regard
-to his position at this poat, it la .under
stood that he will take Major R. K.
Evans' place bare aa military secretary
of tha depsrtment of the. Columbia;
Major Evans to go to the inlands. .
Wherr-fntsrviewed,- Major Evans u
thorlied the statement that, while Col
onel Woods had been ordered here, ro
official notice of hia own tranafer to (he
islands haa been received. - '
'am to oxoea sowar.
Vancouver, Wash., May 17. Starting
June i. the Waahlngton and Oregon- mill
will be ahut down for four daya. Be
sides giving they employes chance to
visit the opening of the Iewls - snd
Clsrk fair, the-ehutdown will permit of
severs 1 Improvements In the mill The
new engine, which - waa ' recently In
stalled, will be mads ready for use and
an additional planer will be Installed.
The orders have piled up to auch an
eatent at the mill that It has been run
1:20 o'clock p, m. and hereafter will
run Sundays until the orders are taken
care of. Even under these conditions
the capacity of the mill, haa been greatly
Increased of late. ' .
..... . . ... - . ' .y -
With More ofThemlWflWQuld
Break -Record "for- Culture
and Refinement.
The report a brought in to the meet
Ing of. ths Oregon library aaaaolatloi
this morning from the smaller towna
Of the atate were Indeed encouraging
and- ahowed the rapid growth In lmpor
tance of the-library. -- ---- .--
--Tho - public - library of Eugene re
ported Ita organization aa a circulating
library In 183, by the Women's Fort
nightly club, with' 274 books. U han
now ' over 900, la public, the Carnegie
offer ' haa -beenaccepted' andTrie-" build
ing will aoon be commenced. . From
there came also the report .or the, unt
veralty of Oregon -library,-with. 18,000
bound volumea, and many unbound roag-
aalnea and pamphieta.
Salem a library, made public a year
agTV haa- now l.tti books, from av begin
ning of 200. It also waa started by the
Woman i cluD. ;r
Pendleton reported ,000 Tolumeanrad
a plan to enlarge .the building. It la
aasoctatlon, which baa kept It alive.
Troutdale haa a email library and
reading-room of 631 volumes. .
Oregon Agricultural college haa 4,040
and some 10,000 unbound pamphieta.
Facinc university baa about s.000.
and Ashland, under the auaplces of. the
tpworth league, 1,780.-
. Salem reported a email library among
the Odd .Fellows and the Masons, com
posed mostly of fiction, because Its pur
pose Is largely for recreation. All of
these were the outgrowth of amall col-
lectiona of fiction 'mostly, out of which
developed theeducationaX"
- Professor F. O. Toung of the eoclol-
Qgy department of the Ualvoralty of
uregon. gave the paper of the day on
,The -Funotlon-of the Public Ubrarv
1 Among the Agencies oe Boelal Better- I
meni.-- ne spoxe or tne coming or tbe
American Library association to Ore
gon aa a mlsslonarxjnotimenCi-Whloh
should awaken the atate to the value
af public libraries. . Ita signifies ne,
however. laylargely.ln Jta cooperation
with other agencies and organisations
ot progress.
Every congress - or convention that
meeta here - this year," he aald, "Is of
material benefit, it arouaea an . lnvestl-gatory-splrH-tn-'thoae
tha libraries can be found, the best In
formation - about all the assembling
bodies, and here, to, will be found -their
reports.- The exhibits also are educa
tive and wil- afford opportunlttee for
library progrcss, Massachusetts' ' ex
hibit consist largely , of her library
work; because It la her pride that' of
her i&O towns -and -cltiea none -la with--
put a publlq library..
"Llbrarlea-and schools are coordinate
factora . In education, and It la not aq
muth what the cWld feamS"! hat "mea
sures the success ot the school, as what
he learns, to-love. -The school should
ItO - outflt - Oregon with pubHo-llbrartea,
tne literary ' taste. we should strive
and even if they aeem to be the allies
of material progress alone. Ideas and
Ideals will aoon be In the saddle. Instead
of mere things, and then Oregon will
Hreak "the record for culture and con-
At the afternon session W. L. Brew
ster, president of the Oregon aaaocla-tloiv-apoko-of
-the national-conference.
Rev..!?,'- A-Thompson on -the small li
brary, and a number of teachera on the
school libraries. A question box con
ducted by Miss Isom closed the day,
(SpeClsl Dls,natrS ta The JoeroLt
Oregon City,, May 27. C Zanders and
Paul Zanders, father and aon, are lying
dead In one houae near Mllwauklc Mra.
Zanders, wife of the former, and another
fever Is said to be the causofthe
mortality. .
The funeral will be held Sunday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence.
and the burial will be at tha Mllwaukle
The ZainderB famllv la well bnAim
f he home Is Just south of the town Of
snnmn raw.
(Special TNipatch to "Tne JoaraaL)
Oregon-City, Or., May-27. In the
jju.l.t-cCjy. E. Wilson against Krnest
Caae, a demurrer "waa filed -yesterday
by the. defendant. Wilson haa the poa-
aesston of -the entire building at Fourth
and Main etreeta and conduct, a saloon
on the ground floor. Six montha ago
he aublet the upper floor to Casewho
rune a lodging house.. Several daya ago
Wilson braught suit for possession on
tha grounds of non-payment of rent.
Caae demuis on the plea that his eon-
tract gives him possession of the prop
erty throughout the remainder of the
The mmtrs of Oregon City Aasem
TV- United Artisans,--will -visit
Sellwood assembly of the same or
der Monday night. It la expected that
nearly all the members will attend
-J- Trmmtmmnt 78o
rTtoto..rHW."-,l aiedleated,
antlarpHr; SklBkeBlIk inlnt.t. 2rr., to kill
rerms, heal the akin, ami Sklahealtlt Tab.
eta.Bftcto epl bnmor serma. All drnrfl-'.
- Hirflia goan for fho Coaaailealuii.
for pimplra. hlarkbeads, red-teaa. rrmaKnMa. b.f
Ing, chappln. rooib hands. Kntblo will lit
Suck a speedr cure. SSc.t S eak-a. erle.
"nl So, pnata for Free Samplva aad
booklets to Ttmjn RAT CO., Newark. N. J
amj m nairmni poaii-veir mire daadraff.
mtnm gray hair, and gmwa In, thlrk balr.
arse 0O. bottles at leading dnifflau',
U WaahlngSo-.
JV C One Block North of Main Entrance to the Felr. 3 U C
A clean and quiet plsca for a night's rest A new building with new furnish
Inga throughout.- Tha only place In the city of Portland lnaurlng FIRST
CLASS aervrftaTtrirtn--tha,-"l.--ilT" .t JtAA n Amy your reaervaOons
early. Addreas ' '
'. A. J. MAXM. Star. ; ..
..... -''.-2Gth and Upshur Strectss !.-' ' '. "
Will Be Open for CuestT
. " Only absolutely, fireproof hotel adjoining grounda, equipped -with-
electric eallbella -and special telephonic oommnnlcationg for patrons. "Uni
formed porters snd bellboys at all hour st guests' service, . ...
Rates .$1 a Day and Up
-ISO. Elegant Rooms Qpea for GossU
This elegantly equipped hotel,'
newly - and completcly"fur-
. nished !: throughout, f is now
Hota'Detroita I
rv-- OPENED - MAY ; Sr: t jiIlffl t
" Z" (Tail m sal rn " I """ISTilnFewA
operfto the priblia.pNB.BLQCK from main entrance ta Fair.-
' Rates Reasonable." Special Rites to Permanent Quests'
- Msgnlflcent free observatory tor guests, overlooking Fair Grounds
, and cityTsks rM" streetcsr from' Union depotdlrecitd.HotslDa-
trott " ; - .; tT;. -'-' - ; -
jrCGR-TFIN,- Proprietor Cor
Where they serve JJiose JuDdsr-TreKll
Ulnners, with wine, tor i. .
ww a pit! ivTsnniirtNn for FIRS!
Suites with baths, hot and cold water
and- telephone In evry room.
OmCl 380 ALS11 STBT.
., . -;- r
Graduates -of -the- Holmes - business
college received diplomas snd medals
at tha Marquam theatre laat night The
theatrs- was - filled -with their friends?
and the stage was charmingly decorated
with flowers and potted plants. Those
who graduated are: - -
Combined course John M. Dressier,
Grace d. Mathewa, W. A. Wlldrlck. John
P. Carroll; Hattle A. Brandt. Althea M.
Wheeler. Sarah E. Stone, Mra. M. R.
ljwrsllus, ff. Isyie yrewman, qeqg E.
Talbert. Wistar Morris Adair, Magdaline
C. Amacher, Maxwell M. Page, lyle
Spencer, Almeda Rodlin, Agnea M. Dun
can - Sarah M.- Jones, Mas 'McMullen,
Hallle E. Currle, Verena Card, Arthur
II. Day. '
Bookkeeping cours---Maurlce R. Bab-
cock.' Darwin D. ' BrlHaln, Florence L.
fltITord.t Volna J. White, Mark Oold-
teln. David Frances, Lottie Fisher. . j
Bhorthand course Helen F. Rush,
Julia C Burke, Dora Branham, Celia
Chernls. George Mapel, Delia M. Ma
son. Emmett.C. Huffman, Margaret Lee-
aton-Smlth Wlnnlfred B. Evana, Alary
Otten, Lena Moser, Frelda Park, Paloma
C. Blumenthal, Viola Hutchtngs. .
Dr. Clarenca -True Wtlaon dellverad
the address to the class, and Rev. Ed
ward M. Sharp pronounced the Invoca
tion. Diplomas were presented by Mrs.
Q. Holmnt Lawxance, principal of the
school, and C. W. Lawrence presented
tha modala to tha honor student. Med
als were awarded as follows: Maxwell
Page,. Bhorthand department; Sarah
Stone, beat writer, and Darwin. Brit tain,
greatest - Improvement in - writing.
Misses Jtrrta C. .Burke. .Helen F. Rush
snd PalomS C. Blumenthal and John M.
Dressier took part in the literary and
muatcal exercises. . A .
- i
miTTTAXi at nmtaasiTy asz.7
Rev. J. ' R. MoComb will conduct a
two weeks" aerlea of-evangelistic meet
ings st University Park, commencing
tomorrow evenlnVr AD the churches In
the park have united for these serviced
and a large tent his been erected near
) in- jwrn KiHiii'n, wiiiijn will accommo
(date about '709 people. ; .
' - rOBTXAJTD, obsoos..: ,'
Qeneral Manager -
26th snd Upshur Btrasts
Twenty-seventh and jrhuTmn--Sta-4
c Portland
Amsrlcsn Plan $3.00 Day
and upward.
- Special rates made to families
and single gentlemen. A modern
Turkish bath eatabllahment In the
.hotel. - .
M. O. BOWZXS, Maaager. .
bytheday: oraveek,
Beaeked by the Oregon Water
rows U By. Co. TroUey IUbs.
Write or. Phone.' ' ; .--
Xa. B. MA1TI1TI, Maaager
- Bstaeada, Oregon.. .
Whether he goea br land
or aea, the traveler will find
Hit a delightful trip to Ban J-
Franclsco. where he ahould
Q stop at the world-famed -
PalaceHotcI rr
tQ snd enjoy Its many attrae-
f tlve feat urea. For fuller
J Information write to, thi 2-
Palace, or see L" 7 .
J " ; , a STBSSllT H
! st the Portland i-lnforma- 3
tlon and Booking Agency, m
q Hotel Portland. . ; C .
(The Steel Residence.) " ,
MRS. A. BROOKS, Manarera..
S5 Sixth St., Oot. Madlsoa.
Phono Main (260.
Elegant Modern Furnished
'--v Rooms With , Board
Single or en suite. Prices Ret
x". "" sonsble. -
WS sre , retiring from bnslnesa anil
III close out all of nnr Irtl..' a
Children's Fancy, Dry Gwxls at.
Don't miss It. Come now while lines
, , . srs unbroken.
I ailvrl s. rnrtr- . . .. . iZ
Le minu s DKUd., TO Mxm M. f
- II a si i.i II II f I 1 1 s hmi a I si 1 1
j MsJuinm ii-riiT mum j i -
The . Woodland
. - ' . u