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McCredie's Mn Take the Third
; Straight . Came From
.: Commuters.'
Good Work of Portland TearVj
Gratifying to . the ; Fane ,
: .V of This City. : .
.'rt ; V '
Portland 6. .Oakland 8. ' -. '
Batteries Graham, and Byrnaj-Oarvtn
' ' and McLean.-. - .
u Portland-, continued tn food WOTT
1 ycaterdar-ftemoon against Oakland
' and made It three straight -from that
.aggregation. Yesterday's wr the fourth
-successive victory for the locale, having
beaten San Francisco-last Bunday af--.r
-ternoon, and from the aplendld article
of ball that the team la playinr atr pres
ent It -will -take a ; much better team
- thsn Oakland to take a fall put of the
locale... The snap displayed in general
-' work, the willingness to go after every-thing-,
the desire to get on the circuit,
the honest effort to bat with Judgment.
..' and steal bases daringly j-et carefully,
cannot but result . in good ball playing
. and more victories. Borne attribute the
. successes 'of the past three " days to
Multnomah field luck, but those addict-
ed to luck dope of this kind could not
"' tell whether good playing or lightning
-bolt decided a Contest. The beet kind
of luck is the playing a game with all
" of one's heart and soul. deeply
...Interested in every play, to be In spirit,
In every, movement Of the ball, and to
be unceasingly at It from the pitch of
-- the first ball until the last throw of the
unit, Is the way In which ball team
achieve success. - - .
V"-' Yesterday's game waa an honest exhl
- bltlon of how the national pastime
' ' should be played. - The Oakland man
' ager, ; displeased with two defeats, de
' elded to pit Oscar Graham against the
losing spell. Manager McCredle msde
no change-in his pitching schedule,, al--r"lowlng
Garvin, who was not'extra well,
,' "to play in his turn, and the way In
, which he lanky Texsn mowed .the mm-1
iHZmuteri-down was a. pleasure to .see,
- Nine strikeouts are to hts credit, and
with men on bases he was aa steady as
-- a rooky In the second inning the Oak
7 landers landed the ball" in. the tennis
: court, and with the assistance of 8n-
other single, one run crossed the. plate.
.This wag the only time, that the visitors
knocked hits with the exception of the
' ninth -JnnevjeTFxajcks ajidByrne
; ' "'" Connected, the former scoring a few
' .minutes later on a passed ball.
One of the jpleasanteat features 'of the
LLgftme-wastlie-stas work--o8itnkl' at
' third base,-tHrshl"' timely two-base bit
-rth the eighth Inning that put the proper
stamp on-the-contest. - Runkle has al
ways been known" to be an honest plsy.
jt -- er, but secretly he came u for criticism
on account of -hi" failure te" bat and
also to Held up to the Coast League
... ftandard. Withal he kept pegging away
.and .many predicted 'that he would soon
strike his old-time gait. - His work at
t - third' was a revelation and pleased Man
' " ager "McCredle and the fans' verymuch.
. " remain wlth,ttreJnrtland team, as he ie
a decent fellow and most companionable.
It is to be herpes -that he will continue
the good work to which he treated the
' fans yesterday. Bchafley was on deck
: again with bells, getting a three-bagger
t in the eighth that tar ted the ball sroll
lng.A few more victories will put Port
land up among the leaders. , . , ; -.
. . Details of .tfama, ' .. ,
The first Inning passed without any
results xor ciiner leani, uui i u w-
ond luck was the Oaks and they
chased one over the pan. Julie Strelb
- . led off with a chance to Lou Runkle.
who fielded him out at first. ' Jim Kelley
. ralnbowed a Texas leaguer Into the ten-
nla court and secured two sacks. -Wild
Bill also pulled one to left, the sphere
-clearing the wire netting, scoring Kel,
and getting into the summary himself.
Buck Francks shoved one between
Mitchell and Schlafly, but fast fielding
, : by McCredte held the Red Dqg at third,
i :' Jimmy Byrne hit a sharp one to Gar-
. ' vln and theJTexanJield Brick at third
tt while-Jimmy was retired at - first,
" Francks going" to second. Oscar " Ora-
ham. who. la noted for his walloping pro--rllvltles
in. addition to his pitching
prowess. Came to the plate and struck
' out. , -
Jake Atx negotiated first via being
hit by a pitched ball after one was down
In the. third, but Graham Melded Van
Buren's-'bunt- in splendid style and At
Ing to Btreib ahead -of .Van Buren.--
The locals tied up the proceedings on
rsveral wild throws by Graham. Kelly
T Ever brought. to Ore-
gon,f FREE of all cost.
see the
-t r '
. Thfe3ig Family Liquor Store
f - ' ,
and Devereaux, which allowed Runkle
to score, T"":.:" '
The tie remained -unbroken- Until' th
eighth when the local sluggers pro
ceeded to break up the game.
Larry Schlafly -connected with one
that he liked and sent it whirling past
Van Haltren clear to the deep fence and
safely acquired three bases on the-swat.
"Judge"-. McCredle , walked te the plate
with the intention of duplicating Bchlaf
ly's swat, but Graham beat him U it,
and gave the manager life by tapping
on -the funny bone. Big Jack- McLean
wandered aimlessly to the plate, and
puiitety'tiiffed on un tin snuui fm
one cushion scoring Schlafly. - "
Mike Mitchell attempted to sacrifice,
but a pop fly to Byrne sat the first
acker dowivand It was up to Lou Run--kle.
who is playing a star game. Lou
msde-guod with "a, CorKlng"twd "bagger,
which, chased the two Macs over the
register. . Devereaux stabbed Garvin's
drive and retired Runkle st third. Jakey
Ats was passed, but Van Buren's fly
out to Kelly ended the fining. "
: Kelly led off in the ninth with a chance
to Runkle and waa out at first. . Wild
Bill of the braxen locks, took three In
effectual swings and eat crbwn. which
made ltdook like curtains for the visit-
"Spectators with a long drive over Van
Buren's ' head,' which, netted him two
sacks. . Jimmy Byrne made a safe hit,
advancing Buck to third, from whence
he scored on McLean's passed ball. Oa-J
car, Graham again fanned ana the game
was over. -. .; -
. The off Iclal score follows: ;
' .r - ' . ab. r. 11. pa a. e.
Atx. s. 1 0 I 1 C
Vsn Buren. It. ,-v. , 9 , l r a. , i
Householders ef. "v.... .S -:" 10
rSchlafly. 2b. . . . a t
McCredle. .-.rfU-;-. . . r I 1 '-' r
Hi Wan, e. .......... a i j iv , i w
Mitchell, lb. ; 4 7 0; 0
Runkle. ab. . 4 i S 0
Garvin, p. 4 0 0, 0 a 0
Totals . ........ 4. .2 4 11 10 1
. ; :.V OAKLAND.
M. PoTXe.
AB. R.
Van Haltren. of... .... .
Kruaer. rf .....4 0
0 1.0 0
Cook, If.- ............ 1 0
fitrelb. lb. . 4 0
Kelley,' 2b. ......... 4 , 1
Devereaux. 8b. ...... 4 0
r rancKs. ss. .......... i
Byrne, e. . .v a 0
Graham, p. J O
Totals . ...'........aa 1 14
Oakland . . . .....0 1 0 t 0 0 0 11
-Hite ,.tXJ.JLLLU J 7
Fbrtiand.r":r77r:o oo vri v o a 4
Hits . . ......... 101(111 I
, t ' SUMMARY. ,
Struck out - By "Garvin, t (Krucer.
Orahnv-l,-Vn- Haltren. Byrne. Cook 5.
Off Garvin: I (Graham 2); off Graham, I
(Ats 2. Householder). Two-base hits
Runkle, Kelley, Devereaux, Francks.
Three-base hit Schlafly. Double play
Graham to Francks to Strelb. Left on
bases Portland. 10; Oakland,.-7. Sac
rifice hits McCredle i. Van Buren,
Byrne. -Stolen base Mitchell, lilt by
pitched' ball "Ats. McCredlePMcLean,
Conk., - Passed -.ball McLean. Wild
Pilch Garvin." First -feeee- n--errors-.
Portland, S. Time of game One hour
and 45 mlputes. .IJmplrew.Kl0pf.-7---
r ikCmO COAST "tAOTOjew
Han Kriiwttco...
2of- .41
. . BMa Bests BUI Thomas. ' w- .
Los Angeles, May 27. Bill Thomas
met his first defeat of the season yes
terday when the Angel brigade "found
him for six runs and 10 hits, while
Spider Bauoi. who opposed Thomas, held
Tacoma down to one lone hit and ahut
them out. Nordyke waa theonlyTlger
to reach first base. Score:
., 1. . J
Los Angelee . .0 a 8 6 0 1 0 0 10 6
Tacoma .. .....000000004 0 1 1
Batteries Baum and Spies; Thomas
and Graham. Umpire Davis.
" ' ."' Won. . Lost '
New Tork . .19 i
Pittsburg . . 1 IS
Philadelphia 17 IS
Chicago . . ......,..1 r IT r
Cincinnati ,V. -.. IS -IT
St. Louis . ...... ,tXil rl
Boston . , t,,Oill ' 20
Brooklyn ..14 Z4
. 7 " At ITew York. ,
' ' .,- . . . R. H. E.
New York . ...,........,..... 4
Brooklyn 0 8 8
Batteries Taylor and Bowerman; Mc
Intyre and Bergen. Umpires Baus
wlne and O'Day.-!
' At ThnadelphlaT
Ronton ." UJJKM....1...I 2 8
Philadelphia . . ' .4 10 1
Batteriee Fraser and Moran; ptrtin
ger and Kahoe. Umpire Klem.
Won. LosL " P.C.
Cleveland . .
Chicago . . ..
,18 10 r .is
.......18 . 12 .600
Detroit . . .
17 18 .586
18 14 .13
17 17 .610
St.-Louis f .,.t.....14 1T 7-.458
New1 -York .
1 v .4J4
Boston ......
1 At . tools.
: .-. 1 R. H. E.
2.V ?u'1! ' ..ajLi.f -! 1 t-tn j - 8-1
Washington. . . . . .-.-4 - 8
Batteries 8unhnfT, Buchanan. Sug
den and Weaver; Hughes and Klttredge.
At atotrott.
mr r. h. e.
Detroit . t 1 1 8-- 8-A
Philadelphia t 10 I
- Batteries Kill Ian and Doran; Bender
slid Schreck.
Chicago . . ...... . V; .......... 1 e 0
Boston . ................ , "... .9 4 4
Batteries Altrock and McFarland;
Young and Crtger. 1,
At OlevelanA.
R. H. E.
...1 i a
Cleveland . . . . . . .
New York .
4 4
Batteries Hess and Buelow
and McOulra. - ,
1 R. H H,
Boise . .. ...... 10010048 0 II It'.. 1
Salt Lske .....0000000 1 1 14 1
Batteries Hodson, McFarland and
Hanson; Jensen, Leahy and Suess. Um
pire MeRae. yr-
""it OgaW " 1-.: -;
Ogden t. Spokane 0; forfeited,,
-( :Fat Folks.
"flhavo reduced my-weight II pounds,
bust Bin Inches,, waist eight Inches and
hlpr nine Inches In a short time by a
guaranteed, harmless remedy without
.....1 hai m ?f ti b: z .6so
.....I B 1 71 4 T 27 .WO
W1 M Tl 91 27 .5
'e .ISLSLJJ La I) .t
Wrtstld ZIUL JSl flL at 2 ,440
battle 1 6 l . 4) I 201
LMt .J2ti2324 25j
exercise or starving. 1 wsnt to ten you
sll about It Enclose stamp, and ad
dress. Mrs. Charlotte Woodward. Ore
gon City, Or. ,
Preferred BVeoek Oaaaed. OootA
AUen A Lewis" Best tBrand. ; J
: .' .' . ' . t -:
- 1; my r - ml
:-m ikt 3: wl
mLmi'm fee 1 : 8
..... M -7rr; If; m" '
m i"! lis
y . .',: r 9N THE Y A C H T SUNBEAM
- -.. i - (Joernal Special Berrlee.! - -i
' St. Louis. May 17. In a collision yes
terday Jockeys Smith and McMullln
were badly Injured at the fair grounds
track.- Smith is suffering from concus
sion of the brain. Resultsj
tFour snd a half furlongs Auray won,
Bees Chancy second. Pints third; time.
Five and a half furlongs Oman J,
won. Df. Scharf second. Dullnda third;
time. 1:09 8-6. , -
Foui and a half furlongs AJ Russell
won. Pr. Gardner second, LoyalFront
third; time. 0:5. -
.. Six furlongs J,- P, Mayberry-won.
Sovereign second, . Jake Banders third;
1-ttm4 -1 : isr
Mile Bavarian won, Borak second,
Sorreltop third; time. 1:45 8-6.
- Mile and 70 yards McKenna won,
Varro second, A ho la third; time, 1:49 2-1.
- At Oravesend.
New Tork. May 27. Oravesend race
results: , . -
Five furlongs Last Cherry won,: Du
enna second. Toots Mook third; time,
1 :8. ' .
Six furlongs Escutcheon won, - Old
England second, ' Chimney Sweep third;
time. 1:11 2-1.
Mile and sixteenth Adbell won, Ana.
nlas second, St. Valentine third; time,
1:48 l-l.-jr ---rr -7-r-;:-'
About six furlongs Right and True
won, Monteaon second, Jerry C. third;
time. 1:10.-
Five furlongs Phidias won, Phyllis
A; second, Leonard Joe Hayman third;
time.. 1:02. ...... ....... ...
About six furlongs Phoebus won, Hy
acinth secdnd, Berscha third; time, 1:1).
"-' " ' :a Kaasaa city."":
Kansas City, Mo., May 27, Kim Ridge
race resultst . r -.;-.- r-.-f..-..... -r
Seven . furlongs Dr. Roberts -won,
Oleeman second, Feby Blue thlr4U,rtlmo,
1:88. . i "
Four and -a half furlongs Agnolo
won,. Jurist second, .Reuben third; time,
:l. - .-..I'.. - - .-. .
Six' furlongs Ootd' Bsll trenr MaeO
second, Dollle H. third; time, l:im. -
Mile and. 70 yards Leila won. Sarah
Maxim, second, . Helgerson " third; time,
1:4.7.. .;.
Mile and a sixteenth Thistle Do won.
School Craft second. Mod red Law third;
time. 1:14H. Airship ' finished second,
but waa disqualified for fouling.
....... vt XralsvtU. .. ' .
Louisville. May 27. Churchill Downs
race results: .v - -
Five and a half furlongs Copperfteld
won. Nervator second, Hot Jhirdt time,
1:04 2-8.
Five furlongs Wreiins'.. won, Two
Bills' second. Romari Rya third; time,
1:08 8-8., - '
. Seven furlongs Full Sway won. Colo
nel Jim Douglas second. Congress Hall
thlrB; time,'. 1:21H.
Handicap, seven furlongs Pretension
won. Stroller second, Early Boy third;
time, 1:28. v -k
Four and a half furlongs Float
-- .
. All notices of amateur base-
e ball . games, challenges and sth-
e letlo events must be sent to this
office before 9 o'clock a. m. on
the day for publication. Ama-
e - teur " manag-ers - should -psy-at
4 tentlon to this rule, ss the keep. e
e tng of It will Insure a proper
"report of their doings. The 4
e - Journal. .. - r---------- -
won. Can' Trome second. Princess Flush
third; time. -1:68 8-5. ; " " "
Hi)-nmMiM won. Itasca second.
Bonnie Sue third; time, 1:44 8-5. .
' ' (Bperlal Dlmpatch te The Jearnsl.)
University of Oregon, Eugene, May
27. Manager Whlttleaey, Trainer May
ward and the university track team left
on yesterday afternoon's train for Al
bany, from which place they will take
rigs for Corvallls,- where they meet the
O. A. V track team on the Corvallls
oval this afternoon.-' Frank Frlasel, the
contested athlete, was taken along, but
It Is very likely that he will not be al
lowed to run, as the Corvallls manager,
has reconsidered . his proposition about
allowing . this - man . 40 run and has re
tracted. The Oregon men are going to
almost -certain defeat, but they will go
Into the meet with the asms determina
tion that-won ,the Washington contest
The team is further weakened by Hen
derson, who has-been doing the high
jump at about 5 feet 7 inches, being
compelled to -remain at home. Hender
son hurt his ankle In the Washington
meet and can scarcely bear his weight
on" his feet . ,
Tomorrow will be the ninth time that
Oregon- and O. A. C. have met on - the
track, and six times ' have the teams
from the stats university been, the vic
tors. The team that left today Is com
posed of the following-men: Hug, Oard
nier, - Frissel, Moores, Perkins, Miller,
Woods, Hammock, Kuykendall, Wlns
low, Mitchell-. Mclatyre and. Vest ch.--
'""i (Joarsal Special Benlee.t -
Boston, May 27. Everything - is In
Readiness for the Harvard -Cornell boat
races to le rownf on the Charles "river
this after norm. .The -race will -be rowed
over a coarse 'on and aaven eighths of
a mile In length, beginning at the lower
end of the Charles river bssln and fin
-rahlng at the Longwood bridge. Just
opposite the finish a grandstand with
a seating capaoity of 2,000 has been
erected. , '
Hsrvard Is naturally the favorite here
and a large amount of -local money ia
being wagered on her chances of suc
cess. Those who have seen the Cornell
crew at practice, however, have formed
an excellent opinion of Its condition and
form and the Harvard money la finding
plenty, of taker? ,
Jet friesls OnlyOne ln Over
Three DecadesTo Quit Ring -
Wirr Honors. -
, "Account of Age, Jeffries No '
Worthy Opponents.
Jim Jeffries Is the . first heavyweight
pna-titiit. tn rrUrfl wi'h 'he title nf cham.
pion Bines the days of Jem Msce. nearly
84 years ago. Mace won the world's
heavyweight championship. London
.prise ring r.ulcs, by defeating Tom Allen
on May 10, 1870. The battle tooK place
near New Orleans. Mace winning it in
the tenth round after 44 minutes of hard
and clever fighting. The battle brought
to the ringside the beat known sporting
ana nstio men in tne country, oui iw
principals la ti-e.fllr with the-exception
of Mace and Al Smith, have passed
the - great - divide. MacelS- attendants
were -Jim Cuslck and Jerry Donovan,
With" John- C. Heenan as bis umpire-.
Allen was seconded by Joe Coburn snd
Sherman Thurston, with "Dad" Ry
es umpire. Rufus Hunt officiated as
referee and Al Smith held the watch.
On May 11. 1871, Mace and Joe Coburn
met for the championship at Porf Cover,
CWbut after-dancing -around- the
ring one hour and 17 minutes, without
sherltTofl the county stepped into the
ring and eommanded"hoetllltles to stop
at once. Referee "Dick" Hollywood, the
bantam-weight champion of America, or
dered the men to fight it out at Kansas
City, Missouri, on June 2, but as he
overstepped the .rules by- not ordering
the men to renew, the Uattl within i
week. Coburn refused to obey the man
date,-but offered to fight within 24 or
48 hours. Mace proceeded to the place
t appointed and as Coburn failed to ap-
pear the referee decided that Mace was
entitled to the . stakes. Stakeholder
Harry HJU, however., . refused to give
them up and finally a new match was
srranged. This battle took place at
Bay St Louts, Mississippi, on November
80. 1871. and resulted in a draw. The
men put up a fair sort of a battle for
11 rounds, but stalled so much In ths
twelfth session that Referee Rufus
Hunt stepped into' the nng and declared,
ths fight a draw, expressing the opinion
that "one was afraid and the other
That was Mare's last fight, and aa he
was 40 years old he concluded to retire,
The old fellow Is still In the land of ths
living and recently took part la a box-
ing entertainment tn England, donning
the mitts for a -four-round bout with a
young heavyweight c r i
Mace -retired because he thought he
was too old to fight, end Jeffries. U hs
stands by- his statement, - retired be
cause there is no one Xor. him to .flxht.
It was expected by him and others that
Marvin Hart would prove. In Ms recent
battle with Jack Johnson, he was made
up of champlonshlp timber, but his
showing sgalnst .the big black did not
warrant his - being pitted agalnat the
champion. Three months ago Marvin,
outside of Johnson, wss really -the only
big man tn the business to talk shop
to Jeffrleej Iut he failed to del Ives-
khe goods, and as there Is no one In
sight capable of giving the ex-boller-maker
an argument hts championship
title, from a puglllstio standpoint, ; Is
worthless, .. .... -- . . --7r
r i- 1 "
; COHiraCTAXS am cxanows.
, (Journal Special Brrlce.) "
Huntington, Or., May 87. The thtrd
of a series of three baseball gamva
between the 11 a it I men's, composed''' of
-employes of1 the Oregon Railroad
Navigation company, and the Oregon
Short -Line railroads and the Cornmor
dale, aomposed of city players, was
acakee aU light sad SnsTy.
C50IMG-1: &01N& t ! - (jONE 111.
BeTe';" T--Mads WiU laee ft- tl
Mr latlH essMl tkil sOrrers sear
11. at irltMMM te Mdk hair sstni--
-Xla. j Par afue ear teey- sss , SMetr aad
-attraAlTaafaa dcapolM ,-br t rvaMTal of
sraat eenbfuls ( allgkttr dU.uW kair
that emld k eavM. If yoar sUrror ewild
talk It areuM elaad with rea te ae
rat H. lead lOr.lumst to BEIPIC1BE COIefl etrelt. Mldt. far stsMle
That TotaUDifferent Wheel
Have more un-to-dsta and original
sUSZm than all other bicycles combined. .
eroeketa "BSTWaZsT MAlJrt
It's the good quality XJrS23B-ihatcounts on
makes them run easier.
Guaranteed for the sntlrs year.
Cost no more than other high-
Come in and let us show -you the
not wish to buy. 1 ' . .
' From
lo S3
orasr arBirtjras An svxbay. oona akt tub. JJ
W.B. KERNAN, Manager
played here Thursday anoTresuHeonh a
victory for the Commercials by a score
of 7 to 28. The first game-was won by
the" Commercials fey a acore of 8 to 7
and the second by the Harrlman'a by a
score of 6 to,. The Commercials have
been declared - ther champlona, v. . r
A subscription has been, started for
th t)enent or Edward VAtt Buren, in or.
der that Portland's left flelder may have
bis pants washed. All subscriptions
wtlthsrar1tnowledged In the columns of
Tfiiirntal. mi
Everybody is glad that RunkTe pul
up. such a- brilliant
game yesterday,
potn m ths field ana at tno Oat. -
.' e e
, Teddy Corbett. who was secured from
St. Paul, has wired McCredle refusing
to come to Portland. . Ha. is In a win
ning club and cannot be blamed much
for not wanting to change, but lls
possible thst he mey" yet be induced to
come to the world's fair city. .
e e
.Ely Catea Is slated to pitch, for Porti
land today and if he can beat Smiling
Schmldtty It looks as though-. Portland
would make a clean sweep of the series.
. e a
VVin Frenchhaa, athU own request;
received a two weeks' Isyoff to get his
arm into shape. When he accomplishes
this Portlsnd will hsvs one of the best
pitchers In ths league back In the game.
; . .- e e 1
SeattienaTtakeFyOung Boyleof San
ta Clara college back to the fold. Boyle
wss with the etlwashes a short time last
season and- made such a good impres
sion that Russ Hall dectded to give him
another trial. r,
Bill Dunleavy, the crack left fielder of
the Oakland team. Is out of the game
fot Sl few days with a boil on his foot
Cook will plsy in Duns place juhWhe
Vann Peter Jackson at the end of a
15-round boutrat "Marlborough, Massa
chusetts, last evening. -
- e e
Two accidents marred the card of the
American Jockey clubs races at St.
Louis yesterday. Weird fell and se
verely injured Jockey Ghormley; and
Broadway dropped dead on the track
after finishing a race. ...
e e '
Ther Western Washington.- Livestock
and Agricultural association will for
mally open -Its new grounds at Centralis
with a race meet on Decoration day.
- e e , .
At the meeting of the National Asso
ciation of Amateur Billiard players It
was decided to hold the 1808 champion
ship contests at Chicago. . (
' e .
- After three dsys of play the Metro
politan Oolf association's,. annjial tour
nament has nsrow'ed down to two men.
Archie Oraham of Peterson, New Jer
sey, and Charles H. Seeley of Stamford,
Connecticut. These .two 'contestants
play the finals today.
- .-- ,e - ,. .
T flchlafly's corking" three bagger In the
eighth, was the beginning and end of
Oscar Graham's troubles. ..Lsrry is a
terror with the stick and on the bases.
will fight 0'keefe" !
(SpecUl' Dtopatcb-to The JosrsaL) .
Butte, Mont May 87. Word was re
ceived by ths Silver Bow.Athletlo club
last night that Jimmy Gardner had
changed his mind about dinting, Buddy
Ryan in Butte, June 12, Miners'! Union
day. and would meet Jack O'Keefe of
Chfcago In" SttirXake that data. Oard-ntr-
gave the club no Intimation what
ever as to why he. concluded to pass up
Ryan.1 Both Gardner and Ryan had sig
nified their willingness to fight in Butts
and articles had been mailed -to the two
mep. Gardner's change - of . front ap
parently followed the reoelpt ot the ar
ticles." -. - - - : 4 - "v
-SAxnc rarsAT wtt.t.sttt.
(Rpeelsl ..Dispatch te 'The JoeroaL)
Salem, Or. May 27. Tha Salem High
school team .defeated the Willamette
university at baseball yenterday by the
score of 8 to 8.
,..-! i - .
Mm IMbls tna-Mtiy. - --
yeas hasr art tbe sssabtafls. M eea se
am with Kairhre'e Pwies was Bills
lcrafce that 4aaM Soil, krlttle aad
hair, aba OaaSraff MS m
hair. Dastror the ws ead the hatra
aatoral luster and ahuadaaM will Nturab
Kamloos raseUs. Aa exeulaite hair acyae-
PRIZE Winner
- S aaer.
the' XAOTOXJI, and
' : - -
grade bicycles, but are worth
Racycle features, . even if you
. ' . . '.
0.00 are equal to other
for 40.0 "
--. ... ,
r (Journal Bpcclsl Service.);.
Philadelphia, -May SI. Thousands of .
lovers or aoustlw-eport lined 4h banks "
of the- Schuylkill today to;-:wltne8-.ltf-races
of the American Henley regatta.
Auspicious conditions 'surrounded the
Opening , of the , regatta, -and everything; .
pointed to one of the most ' successful
events of the kind ever held on ,thjt fa ,
mmrsSohnylklrt -course."
'ear la hardly, tup tq fh pcttuinM
of ths promotors, but' the contestants
era regarded as evenly 'matched init
soma Interesting contests- are therefor -expected.
Interest centers chiefly In thsj
showing of the Vesper Boat club sight
which is going to England next month -to-
contest in the Henley races on tha ,
Thames. -, . ,; ,
(Special Dispatch; te The Josraal.)
- Chehalls. -May 27. Another. coal andl
sawmill project le in sight for Chehalls, -Some
time ago W. B. Lowtie and othea
Chehalls county capitalists -bought tha
Montgomery tract of land, about 1.00U
acres, across the Chehalls river west oC
town. - Ths land has a fins coal deposit
on it and many years ago this was quit -extensively
worked for local , coneump
tlon. Owing to lack of transportation,
though,' it was finally abandoned. There
Is si so about 25,000.000. feet of tlmbea .
on the property, and an endless supply
of timber on adjoining lands. The mat-,
ter 1s being considered of building al
spur scross the river from Chehalls to
tsp this property, develop- the- coal field)
there and slsobuild a J)lg saw and
shlngTiTmnrto cut up the timber. Th
mtlr would llkely-be-bo tit-at-Cheh all,-
It Is possible that if the spur is built
u exteiiggn ss tu tap ina
mines now being worked by the Crescent "
Coal company of Tacoma. which is shlp-
plng msny csrloads monthly. Th
bridge across he river woutdV also likely) :
be built for both rail and wagon pur,
posses, affording another crossing placa, -for
the big farms west of this city. i,
(la acennnt ot Its frlshlfilt hldaoosilM. Blon4
Potonln( Is eoBuuonly railed the King of All
Dlarsm. It mar lth.r ha hrreilltsrr er .
trartrd. Once the eyatein la tilntel with It the
dlaviae nay manlfpat Itself in the fnrm of
Srrorula, Ecsema, Khraniatle Pains, Stiff oe
Swollaa Juliita. Eruption, er (pr Coiored
Buota on tba t'aca or Bod. Ilttla I leers la the
Mouth or on tba traisue. Sor Throat. SwolHa
Tonalla. railing etrt ot tha Hair ar trebmwa.
and flnallr a leprooa-llke Dacay of the rih
and Bonro.' If roe hT inf of thmie tltnl
ImnWUteljr. This tr.atm.nt Is practlrallr the
mult ot life work. It contains no d,neus
drugs or Injurbwa nedlrtnes of say kind. lr
ahva to tha very bottom of tha dlMase and .
orers ont . every partlcla of- Impurity. Sooa
avory aim-and symptom dlMpnvara. compUtalg
and forvver. Tb Mood, the tlawea, the hwo,
tba bonca and tha whole aratrm are clniwl,
purlflrd and rtore4 tr perfect hralth, aad the .. .
patlvnt preuarrd aow for tha dmlra and pi.,,. -
ot Ufa. BIOWW I BLOOD OUBC, 1 ix
s bottle last a month. Made njr SB. BB0WM -,
35 Arch ,t., Phlladrlphls. for sals la Porto
land only by Frank. Nu, Portland Uolal Phasa
Follow Our Advice
and youll do tha wise thing-1 Make yvttig
aort anddaughter gelf-supportlng. OI vl
them , a good commercial training, andj
thus help them i avoid much drudgara'
In after life should they become obliged
to earn a livelihood. - . ? -'
We offer complete Bueinea and Bhor
hand courses. , . T ,
Behnke-Wnlkcr '
Business College;
Statb aad Korrisoat Sfs, Poriuaa.
. Open all the year Iy and !;'
Call or send t' catafogue. '
.V ... "' .