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lilUMLI lvi IHUi!
C3j tfw TV1aUft3ra Sti.
Tlu'DlfTenmt Stttrr"
, 1.:..
- I i
- That Popular Author, Mr. Press
"other Tale.
Majuna't.Aborlglnal Blood Boils
- WherrShe is Baired as -rr
" Colored. -:" '-' .;
-' rf-Mstuna;- ths-indlan actress, prose-
r . - -'. eutes the suit- shit threatens, the. local
courts will decide whether hotel, may
:--- .. refuse . acootnmodat'ojia to thoee. wan
: ' ' d ere re who have the price, but happen
also .to .possess a,-dusky, brown, mu
: 7r- latto br"Ceppiir"kln7The--fndtairnTlil
'' claims ahe was denied entertainment at
the Scott hotel yesterday and aajra ahe
... : will ek redreaa in court. -
She la filling- an engagement ' at the
.'; 3raud theatre thla week and desired to
' find a hotel to which, a restaurant waa
. ' v t attached. Accordingly, ' through Man
ager Erlcksonv of the Grand, appllca
tlon waa made at the "Scott. -Whea Jn
' ffermed that the prospective guest was
an Jnffhrn--thomanager of the , hotel
. . . refused her ccomrmdtoDsiJ ..
The Indian . woman lias "retained tha
, . Arm of Spencer Davis, lawyers, and
-.rifitlarna thai
'will not ask. money damages she says.
b"t .desiicaja h8Wjlu - worll.tD8t
hotel may not deny her accommodations
imply because of her raca,.
"We have play In Paris and London
and there have r Stop at theh.otelrieirt.4
Among my friends In the great city. I
have " Clyde"" Fitch, Augustus.-Thomas,
and Mr. Opie Reade, the great writer;
he make big play for me to atar In next
season. Always where I go I am enter
tain -by the., people,-very 'beat Tou
goln' give big fair here. People like
this will make-2 whole-world 'talk -that
Portland It village, not big city." .
"I did not refuse accommodations to
theladlan wnmsn,". said B. W. Levens,
proprietor of the Scott hotel. The
rianRger called to see me yesterday and
-told me that she wore a peculiar India
costume all the -time, and It . waa that
cted. It would .attract
a -great deal or ourious attention tnat
I did not-like for one of my guests.
"Aa for her race, I make do dlscrlm-
r tnatlnna.- ' When pupils from the Indian
ii-? fchool come to.rortland rnapy of them
r atop nt my and I have never ob
- Jected. -1 am In the business and desire
' " to Dlese mr patrons. I did" not refuse
' lo entertaln the Indian actres,"it did
'.. - refuse, to. accommodate her If Ish per
slsted In wearing all .the time that
strange costume," u . : .
Residents of That Section Pre
:Z:a. sent a Remonstrance tcthe ;
fr".Crty Council.
; ..g.. Residents on Portland heights abject
. 3 to a saloonTbeing located at the observa
f -? J tory. The Portland Height , Civic, Ira-
''provement association filed a resolutloa
. '' with the liquor license coitfmlttee yes
;; . terday asking that no. license be
'" ' granted for a saloon at that place. No
! ' : application having been presented, the
' T: resolution "was laid on the table at a
' 1 pieeting of the committee today.
i Paul Klceker" was granted "af eslffOT:
i- . '.' t j ant license for Its and ttQ Upshur
C street, which Is very near the fair an-
. ' trance. Councilman Flegel atated that
', T ha dealred thia license f ranted at thla
' ri itlme so that It would be included with
I '"the others agalnat whlca the people
t : ' - would vote, providing the question of
.1 revoklng-the licenses jmhar' vicinity
- 'came before the people" at Jhe..electloh.
J ': ' ' V A restaurant license ' was granted
Jred B. Reed. 171 Thirteenth street. A
'saloon license was granted to .the Oaks
; tavera at the foot of Spokane street,
- ! The following transfers of licenses
twera made: Peter Nelson to John By
. 40t First street; H. JJ. Lau to
Jetiji Puog, 894 Taylor street: Charles
V "Fernau to John Hammer, 101 East Mor-
, , rlson street; D. Martini to W. F. Bush,
" -, .-, 1 First street; J. O. Trlplett to John
Wenhelnck, 2S Davis street; C. Simp
son Co. to Blinpaoa.& J ripiett, ii
North Third street; W. Heckler td.Hensatm
Cart. Flrat street.-
-f legel m"bveFto pass a
' rr solution revoking the licenses of the
Orpheum. asthi're-was some question of
the legality of tha. former council pro
ceedings, but no second was secured.
TJoJrssI gperisl gr,te.
, Salt Lake. Utah. May 26. In the con
' . . ir ' rentlen of the Western Federation -of
i Miners today, : membera of the executive
I -r-. i committee were named . as delegatea
, , to' the Chicago convention of Industrial
, - unions - June 17, with f uft - power-t to
act and becoming a working power in
f t ' '- .' the new movement. " i
ui-, r : r V Organiser.-Kennison imported on the
.jalatrlcts. He declared , .that skilled
"... miners, carpenters and blacksmiths are
, . receiving only f for a day of 11
. hours.! -,; - -" 4
y r 'Stabs' Chinese jcooks
' Mary'svllle, May 26. ' A workman
' at the steam" glrovel -camp at Daguerre
Polnl.-l miles,, east of
: breakfast time this morning, became
displeased". 'Over the meal serted Mm
', and attacked the Chinese coolfs, stsb
1 tbtng three of them with a fork). At least
" ona of' HIS Victims" Is" expectedio :d.
' ; The man's name 'Is, not known here. -He
, escaped. " ' '
: ::kEPlNG THE endymion
... J- (Jourssl Bpeelsl errlee. y --r
, ' - New Trok. May . The steamship
Celtlo reports by wireless that at noon
''Wedneaday the Hamburg' was leading
. the F.ndymlon by la miles. The En
- -' dvmlou was miles from Sandy
' J -;r
' 4Jtrstl gpedal gertlee.) f
;New Tork. Msy ;.' Icharles , Van
Urunt? presiding Justice of the supreme
..' kf '.'rurt of New. Tork, dropped dead ef
1 the Braoklya bridge sntranct this after
neon.- .. . - - ...... .,
Dr. Henry Van Dyke Holds That
JQAakeA-fl nistihr.tinn Bt
tweeTTRolers antLPeot
Creeting.jRecelved From and Ex
tended to President Rooser-
7; velt by Assembly.
(jotrn.j gpnelcl Smlce,) I
.Winona Ikar-rJadMay f flwl
Presbyterian General assembly tills
morning In response to a letter from
Secretary Loeb. In reply to an Invitation
to the president la address the aaaem
bly. extended greetings to the chief ex
ecutive. . Hon. Henry P. McFarland,
president' of the board of commissioners
of the District of Columbia, again ad
dressed the , assembly, oonveying the
compliments of the president..--.':
Dr.. Henry Van Dyke, author, reported
aa chairman of the committee on forma
and service, recommending a simpler
form of worship. Van Dyke scored the
Episcopal church for Its liturgy, declar
ing that the Presbyterians must choose
between the Episcopal and tha "Dolly
fVaj-don" form of worship. '
The Episcopalian ritual mshes a
diet lin t Ion Hewaen"tlie-Teot)le' and? the
rulers. - In our country the people are
the rulers, and, pin chief saaglatratis
regarded aa our servant
A' message --was reeei vedr-last -wight
from President Roosevelt ' expressing
The hope that the day "would coma when
all branches, of the Presbyterian church
would be united in one great body. ; The
reading of the message was greeted
with great""applause. " Supreme Court
Justice. Harlan presided at last night's
meeting. . . - ,'
The proposition to reorganise the
young people's societies and' bring them
undr. the Jurisdiction of the church
lnatead of -be Christian Endeavor
movement waa referred to committees
to report at the neitt session.
General of the Jesuits Permitted
to Celebrate Mass Though
Minus an Arm.
" , (lonrssl Bperial Berries.)
New Tork. May it. Information '. ha'
been received here from Rome that the
pope will accord to the Very Rev. Luis
Martin, general 'bt the Jesuits, the ex
traordinary privilege of still celebrating
mass, although his right arm has been
amputated. One of the strictest rules
or -me noman catnoiia cnurcn is that in
regard to what are designated . the
"canonical fingers" of the priests... These
are the thumb and Index finger of each
hand, which alone are allowed to touch
the -blessed -aaoramcnt, - They - are
especially anointed - with holy - oil wbaa
the priest Is ordained, t ' 1
'As stated In the cable dispatches soma
time ago. Father Martin, owing to
cancerous affection, had to have his
whole right arm amputated. This would
ordinarily have prevented his ever cele
brating maaa again. - When the pope
learned of the operation and that Father
Martin was rallying from the effects
he said that "so beloved a. priest should
not be deprived -of .the consolation of his
daily mass," Another priest will have
to assist Mm at the altar, however.
Of all the cities of the world;1 New
Tork haa had two notable Instances of
the ecclestasleal ivaVue. set on the
"canonical fingers." Father O'Reilly,
the late rector of the Church pf Our Lady
of Oood Counsel, in East - wineieenio
street, tost 1iis life br ills effort to save
a canonical, finger. He Injured his thumb
while flshlns and bloodpolaonlng act In.
He refused to have It amputated and thus
lose his right to say mass until It was
too late to eave hie Ufe.: ....
The Jesuit missionary, Father. Isaae
Jogues. who It Is expected will soqn be
canonised as New York's first sainti bad
his thumb and four-fingers backed and
bitten off In the most barbaroua manner
by the Mohawk Indiana. He- escaped
from captivity ana returneo o ,urop.
Pope Urban VIII. hearing of hie muti
lated hands, sent him a particular dla-
to celebrate mass.
A - (Joornil Bpeclal Bervlet.t - '
"W-.hlnton. D. C. May 2.--The pres
ident has signed a proclamation creat
ing four foreet reserves in Idaho, two
Independent reserves and' two additional
to present reservationa. i no reserves
created are Henry a lake. 750,000 acres;
Welser, 2B5.000 acres; addition to timer
Root. l.iGWOQ acres; ddttlo-to-Yt-
lowstone, 176,000 acres utner reserves
will soon be created In Idaho aa recom
mended by the , forestryi bureau and
Senator-DubolSrA.ll-weJe opposed -by
fienator Heyburw. and the entlrs state
administration. ' " ' - :-' r
'Iournfl Srleclsl Service.) "
i- Chicago, May St. Afton B. Parker,
the recent candidate for the presidency
and ormer. member of the supreme
court of New York, paid a tribute "To
the Lawyer In Public Ltfe Today." In
an address- before the annual -meeting;
of the Illinois Bar association. The
New Yorker declared that a lawyer held
the highest place In the world and took
the leadership of political life. In war
and In peace.-He said that oh .account
rr . J" ' T.:.i
or me nign irivu- J"j
lawyer he was under great obligations,
and should at all -times' be; -the guardian
of public Interests. . ", ' ' . "'
e attempt te raise tne steamer El
der, -which Ipu on a reef at doble In
the Columbia river, failed thla morning,
and It la probable that no further at
tempt will be made for some time, snd
perhaps never. The Klder went on the
reef aa aba waa coming up tne river
January 91. and several trials have been
made by different persons to raise her
so as to enable her restoration to com
mission, f- " . i
' (Journal flneelet service.) i
Petersburg, May . -A dllpatch
front the front ssys thst the- Jajns
are concentrating ea the Russian left.
Charles F. McCinty Mistreats
et.heart, lrnultffl
and Beats Wife. -
Distressing Tale Toid by1 Frail
Womarr-With -Black
"Xj'L Eye:to Judge.; ; - 'v f
- Charles F. McOinty la tne ftrst candt-
data for ithe. whlpplwi
pew law. He was arrested yesterday
on complaint of Ms wife, Trancea Mc
Ointy. who charged htm with assault
and battery under- th code. ' Pleading
guilty this mornrng. ha -was held to the
grand 'Jury by Police Judge Hogueln
bonds of $200. i 1
If JJcOlnty should enter a , plea of
gaity In ' the circuit, court or should
change his pica and there be convicted
Of the offense charged, he may be sen
tenced to whipping. Sheriff Word
would then have an opportunity to carry
out his cherished plan of letting the wife
ply the laah on the man who. maltreated
her., v '.,
It was a aad story that Mrs. MoOinty,
who Is a small, frail woman told. Her
right eye waa swollen and discolored,
ehTpTiasTzTfig the statement ehrmflaerr
i was -woramg in . a resiauranv
said. "Mr. McUlnty Induced .roe. to
marry htm tne-eme-te-reruina tsst
July. - Ha told me nis ioiks were inae
pendently -wealthy, and that be would
Inherit a fortune... These were lies. -
"But" I tried la make thejeat of 1t.
I went to work in -a restaurant on Fifth
street. He Is wslter, too.- and I se
cured him employment tnere. Lately
he has- worked elsewhere,. Kvery pay
day he would Insist that I take my
money., and in the evening accompany
him around to places of bad reputation,
... "At. the Msse ha would apend hours
lnwatchlna- thft women perrormers snq
commenting -on -thelr-4lgure, He told
me wsa a fool to be working for such
small wagea as were- given a waitress
when I might make enough otherwise
to enable, himself and me to lead an
eaiy, comfonmbia-nfa-anarHare-sBrrood
clothes and as much monoy to spend as
other people. - ' . . "
Tuesday evening I felt bad and did
not-go--4o-workv I did 4ot cease my
employment, but merely secured m brief
vacation. This angered my- nusDana
and be came home .and " told me that
we would both starve. When I told him
I did hot feel like working, he said he
would give ma aomethlng to complain
about, and struck. me.
I 1 IIV IJ UPli.lIX, . iiv j " " . v. . . .. ,
hung his TieairwTien The complaint was
read. and. when ssked to plead, an
swered "guilty" In a barely audible tone.
You're-about the most) contemptible
soeclmen of humsnity. tharbarbeen be
fore this court for some time," declared
Judas Hosue. "What do you think
should be-done with- hlnv Mr, Haneyf'
Bert Hancy. the asslatAnt district at
torney, answered that be believed Mo
Olntv should be held to the grand Jufy
snd the court given a chancer-tolet
him sample th whlppltighpost'-Judge
Hogue smiled. .1 1 "
r-Tht Is -lust what I was-tMnklng,'
he remarked. "To the grand jury with
nrmt - Mrr McOinty. IfTiappei
but I am glad wa have, found you.
: . -. . ..
fall has been Jhard.- -. i -r?
Henry t. McGinn an dt Teal A
Minor Will Defend Journal
if--- PublisTiing Company."
. Henry E. McGinn and Teal Minor
Will represent The Journal Publishing
company In the suit begun- by Council
man Charles E. Rumelin for I40.000
damages, aald to have been caused by
publication' of facts relating to Investi
gation into the councilman's alleged con
nection with - municipal corruption and
the proceedings 'before the district at
torney and the grand Jury while the 3
quiry wss In progress. Colonel C. E. 8.
Wood appears as counsel for Mr. Rume
lin. The complaint has been filed in the
circuit court and In due time the answer
andnther plesdtngr-wlrr ilkewtse be filcaV
after which the case will coma to trial.
postmsster . Minto announced, today
that an extra force of from 18 to 30
workmen would begin tomorrow moving
the postoff Ice fixtures into the remod
eled building. ' He announced positively
that- patrons -of the -postoff Ice-would
be served at the new 'building en Mon
day."' "'""
"We will do everything In our power
to -acoommodata- tha- public," - ha- aald,
"arid wtlr-try to handle the malls from
the new building on Sunday. But it is
hardly probable that everything will be
eemploted on that' dayi and I eawnet
make definite promises before Monday.
The people must tolerate great deal
of Inconvenience Sunday, though of
oouTSe-fre will give them every assist
ance, .v -f "1
After a delay of several days extradi
tion papera were secured from Governor
Chamberlain thla afternoon and Detec
tive Lay leaves for Buffalo. New York,
ttonlght after Oeorge Kandolph. who Is
1 ..a - m
wanted here for obtaining money by
false, pretenses. Governor .Chamberlain
had been led to believe that Ilandolph
waa wanted tonly for - defrauding Ben
Belling out of -lit. but when he dis
covered that seven other merchants had
been bunkoed and that the aggregate
amount secured wss 2J. 80, he. Issued
th proper papers. .I": .;--..t.
Several other detectives "desired to
make the -trip, and considerable die
satisfaction exists on account of Chief
Hunt's choice. - Detective Day claims
priority by . right of first ascertaining
the. identity of tha alleged criminal.
llnntnn tnselal Hemjee.t ;' '
Psrls, May J.Baron . Alphonse
Rothschild, head of the great banking
house, died here at o'clock this morn
ing. '; Baron' Rothschild was -in-charg
of the interests ef the house in Paris.
From - Monday , Until, Thursday
Go to Fair.
Descendant of One of the Lewis
and Clark Party Found in"
Washington. -
The'7 department of admissions .- has
hadeclded that only people lioltllnf jpasses
will be admitted after next Sunday un
til the opehlng day, Thursday. ;
. Commutation tickets will be sold at
Woodard. Clarke & Co.'s until May 30.
Yesterday's receipts from this feature
amounted to tl.161.S0. After that date
all matters pertaining to commutation
tickets wlU ba attended to "at the fair
grounds by the department, of admis
sions In the Administration building.
- The management' has changed the
data of the day of Eastern Star order
from June f to 12. - June 27 to June 21
the Paclfip. coast Unitarian conference
will' be in session. . August .8 has been
set aside ss Oregon Orape day.
The exhibit' of paintings, now being
installed In the Fins Arts buildings, will
represent all, schools of art. ancient and
Wvrww' ft
. A special train of three cars, contain-
piy on. iuua s iaae. wui rrivv nuruy.
-The following gsnerai order . No. i
haa been issued from the headquartera
of tha Thiol Infantry, Oregon National
guard: ' .
"Headquarters, band, hospital detach
ment and companies. B. C. B, K, H and
K will report at"tha Armory, Thuraday,
June 1, ltot. for the purpose of partici
pating In the- opening parade of, the
Lewis and Clark exposition. - Assembly
-will be at o'clock a. m. The' dresa
uniform will be worn with leggings and
Field and stafoMlosrawlli- report
"mounted to the colonel, and non-eum-missioned
ataff. band and field music
to the adjutant at the same flour and
place... , - v.:1
. . "By order of Colonel Oantenbein."
'Ev 'C. MRAxtSr
.J "Captain. and. Adjutant.4;
Vha i-expositioH officials have just
learned .- that a direct descendant
of tha Lewis . and - Clark - exploration
party is living at Eagle Cliff. Wash
tngton. His name is John Logan, and
he is 80 .years of age.. He remembers
tha descriptions of -tha Lewis and Clark
Journey as, related by his grand par
enta 60 years- ago. An effort will .be
made to bring the old man to the expo
's It ion. 1 ' ' T
Amicable Atrreement"" Reached
Between O. A. C. arid U.
of 0. Mana
. . (Special DUpstcl. Ui The,3i
CoryaUls Or., May 2 . PubUshf d
atatementaTo the ef HecOharTrlasell Is
to enter tomorrow's meet here- are With'
out-Totrndattoft and-nTitrns."" Tliei s is 'nn
amicable understanding betwsen the
Univereltyof Oregon and the - Oregon
Agricultural -college-managers vwherein
It la agreed that Frissell is not to enter
Unless this arrangement is changed Eu
gene will go into the meet without him.
Two . years - ago Eugene on a. protest
prevented Cathey from taking part in
the annual meet as a point winner for
Oregon Agricultural college on exactly
the same ground . that now renders
Krlssell Ineligible, and on account of
the contract Itself, Manager Whittlesey
In abetter" to Manager Htlmson today
distinctly states that Frissell 4s-ot. to
play. - - ' - -
It is the purpose to pun on me meet
according to contract, and do the same
at the atate meet, where Frissell has
a right under the state by-laws to par
ticipate." Asv Frissell would go against
Williams and Smltnson in tne xzv aasn
and against Smltnson In the low hur
dles, it is not considered here that he
would cut a serious figure save in me
broad Jump. The meet. Is attracting
wide attention locally and win be wit
nessed by a big crowd. It Is expected
to be fairly close, though estimates are
In favor of XDreson -Agricultural-college.
The first annual parada- of the.flra
and police departments or this city,
which -will take place tomorrow morn
ing at 10 o clock, promises to do a not
able spectacle. The entire fire depart
ment, with the exception of the flreboat,
which will protect the waterfront, will
be 1n line, Including ii pieces of ap
paratus and 150 men In uniform. This
will be the first time the city of Port
land ever had an opportunity of view
ins; the-full -paid fire department, r- -
Tha men will appear in regular uni-
Uform and will ride In their acoustomed
places on the wagons untn tney arrive
at1 tlie renewing aland in nont or tne
city hall, where they willwalk for one
block. .... . " J i "
The parade will be " headed ' by 10
mounted officers, which will be followed
by a band of SO pieces. Then iwlll fol
low It patrolmen In dress . uniform,
commanded by two captains and three
sergeants, and tha fire department.
The line will fornuat Sixth and Sal
mon streets. and will go north on Sixth
to Burnslde; 1 thence eaat to Fourth
street; thenc south to the city htfn,
where the mayor and city officials' will
review. the departmenta. .After the re
view the companies of the Mr depart
ment will go to their respective head
Quarters, as It was not thought advis
able to leave the city, unprotected far'a
very long time. .The police department
will" give a few maneuvers before re
turning to headquarters.. : .'
- Dr-Harry Lane grid William -A.
Munly will address, 4he eltlsens of Sell
wood at a meeting to be held thla even
ing In Firemen's hall. A crowded bouse
Is assured, , for Dr. Lane - has been
greeted everywhere by. large audiences.
and Mr. Munly W noted as one .of the
best campaign kpeakers In the state.
TBIIXt XS OlaimiD.
Balfour. Outhrle Co. have chartered
the French bark Mirhelet to lnsd on tho
Clyde and kair dirert to ,Portlahd. The
cargo will be pig Iron and fabrics. 'Load
ing will commence at once
Dr. Montague Shows Where.
j , uemocratio : Candidate i is
Drawing Votes.
Independent . Republicans Will
- CasrattoUorDecentT
Town Candidate.
Evidences iiiultliUjLthat Dr. Harry
ta.n'.xandlilacjL t or nvu y oFts-sia tn g
uviiui uaiijr. A iiere, are many inuica
tlona of. wldeapread defections among
the Republican voters from their party
nominee, and It la plalu-that party lines
will be but little observed in tha elec
tion. , B, W,-Montague, chairman -of
Dr. Lane's campaign committee. Is con
fident of a sweeping .victory.-...
In speaking of -a forecast of tha elec
tion published this morning In the Ore
gon Un, Mr. Montague aald: -
-"That article gives an erroneous view
of the Campaign, because It ignores the
fact that this is not a party fight, and
that a . very - large and important part
ef Dr. Lane's support comes from inde
pendent Republicans, of whom a con
siderable number are . supporting blrn
openly in every possible way, and per-naps-rtr-rimprArTnan
pressing" their determination to cast
He win have the -support of practically
all"element-bf the Democratic, party,
and the Democratic vote is much larger
than would "be Indicated by the- Novem
ber election.- I estimate that the strictly
Democratic vote may run to 6,000, and a
larger proportion of It wilt go for Lane
than has. been given to any Democratic
candidate of late yeirfe, -With the excep
tion of Governor Chamberlain.
"No candid observer can fall to set
that the current has set. very strongly
against the element in the Republican
partyWhich Ita a p Williams n-woml-I
nation, and which hopes t use him to
serve Its ends, Everybody wh6"waa-
ln. touch wlth the campaign, of a. year
ago, for examplaJiss noted and recog
nised the fact-that the-movement-for
T)r! T.ann is much stronger than thaf Tor
Word and Manning, which resuitenn
their triumphant- fleet ton. And ett-the
other tisnd the machine which waa then
equipped and well organised, dominant
and secure is now- a discredited and
shattered wreck.--
- "Very conservative figures ey the Lane
workers ptit his- majority at 1.000 and
tha reaction In. favor of Mayor Williams,
which - was expected to., appear On his
nnenln of tha cam Dal rn haa entirely
failed to tnaterlaltser't-We. are- aware -at i
ainLja.jcxoflct oppotitlon In the. norttLi,
end. and we are preparing 4o meet and
minimise It. although we have found
unexpected elements cf strength even
down there among those" 'who. resent.
Tiat-so ncTr-m"PrbpTTnyrra th
partiality of the administration s policy.
But our most earnest efforts. have failed
t discover strength for Mayor Williams
In any other quarter, except among bis
official family and bis purely personal
following. .... ' -- ...
"Outside of a few" of the tough pre
cincts we wilt carry mora than halt of
the- precincts on We west aide, and on
ff east aide such canViSs-arwjcliajM
"beeir-sbla to make shows results-ao
m.K Ilk. Hn.nlTnlty m. Dr 1jb that
I hesitate to tell you what they are."
- ftlf-! M9ntar"e attention waa called
to tho reports that "WlUlama 'men are
offering; odds that their candjdatawill
be elected: "
.."Oh,: yesthe betting -proves . that
Lane will be defeated Just aa the same
people proved by the sitme method that
Word and Manning would bodefeated
last year. Public opinion on a moral
iasua-is -always -sealed book to the
politicians of a majority party strongly
entrenched in power." , "T"------
A year ago Republicans were OrTerlng
odds of two to one against both Manning
ind Word. A considerable amount of
money waa placed at theae odds even
the night before the election. Frank
Baker, chairman of the Republican atati
central committee, is credited with hav
ing dropped .considerable sunt in such
bets. - ' ' 4
Against me Aixorney was iox
Established Beyond Doubt.
Police Judge Hoguedeclded This
morning that Attorney W. T. Vaughn
was not guilty of contempt of court.
as charged in an affidavit subscribed to
by Edmund Qless.
After reviewing the case, judge
Hogue uses language showing that his
original conclusion relative to the guilt
of the defendant - remalna unchanged,
but that he dots not believe the evi
dence sufficient to convict. He con
cludes, as follows: " ' -. ' ;
It means probably- that uless-hlm.
self was guilty of contempt of 'court.
even though- he was not under oath,
and ought to be punished if his moral
responsibility were sufficient to juwtiry
It, but In this connection bis unfamiliar'
ity'wlth English, his moral standard
and bts opportunities for knowing his
duty to the court must be considered
as well ss his proportionate degree of
responsibility as compared with that off1
the defendant. It is tna opinion or tne
court that Oleas should not be punished
If the defendant herein is not to be
eonvlcted. , - ' '
"After careful-ronslderstlon-and re
view of all the testimony and of nil the
circumstances within the"""Personat
knowledge of the court. It la the opinion
of the court that tha chsrge agalnat the
defendant herein- has--not been estab
lished beyond a reasonable doubt. The
defendant will be found not guilty."
Mike frky, aged 84 yearsan In
mate of the Home ffflT the Aged, wsa
Instantly killed at an early hour this
morning by falling from a secdnd-story
window of the Institution. rr '
Just how the accident happened is un
known, as there were no witnesses. The
circumstances plainly indicate, however,
that, the death was purely accidental.
The deceased was -very -rnflrm, and had
been Weak-minded for soma time. '
The window Is large and Is located
close to tho floor at the end of a hall
ways - It reaemblea a door in many re
spects. The supposition is that tha old
man grew restless in "the night and
that between I and 1 o'clock this morn
ing Walked to the, window and fell out.
It was about 3:30 o clock ' when an
other inmate arose, with the Intention
0PfTesient to ft!aTotiieiiisjnt on Pago "T
HaifdsoiTie t urlcislTSIippefs:-
rsrjioot STtop
'- . , - ':'V PORTLAKDl -. ...
r ,'-,; : .'. ' . , "''. ; " '-'.
i-.c.r i. " '"Saturday la Bhoe-Buyers Day.;. " ' "Vy
or TUatj-iu vx-iwrnui tin wxrx bvt rvn-
: , C
iau r-oug
Tor th benenfrrftl!
: who pouldnot -get out to
shop on aceount of the
heavy rain of last Monday
'and avail themselves cf the
, opportunity to get . a' pair
of Imported Tnrklah Slip
.'pars' Free of Charge with
Shoes . purchased to : tha
value of tl.50 or more, we
have decided to offer the
same Inducement again on
. Saturday.--, Tour choice - of
tan, black or red. ;
"T"""; ' " lUsses aa OaUdrea'a "Tfaeo Ties." - -
" Misses s-nd-Chlldreri's patent colt "TReo Ties'r for atreat wear
. Blses S to. I; regular value; apecrlal, pair. .......... 00
Blies s-to 11;-regular value tl-60; special, pair.... $1,10
' ' " OU Wosaaa'g flO alBses), SMS.
In S styles, kid Congress, serge top "Congress and kid lacs, turned -solea
regular value ) 1.60 r special, pair, . ....... t. .... . 91.23 '"
Women's fa.00 Oxford Tlesj for S1.SO. (
' Women's brown imitation seal and black vici kid Oxford Ties, with
. ..-turned soles, medium' round toe, with tip-and stylish heels; our
regular $!. 00 value; special at. .the pair......, ....fl.60 -
i-. " Womea's S4-00 athoes fo S3.00.
,Wmnen's kid toxed-Shoea with French matt tops, laes style, sewed -.
welt, military heels: full run of sixes and widtha The daalgn.
of these boots is entlrely uew
vaiue j,.uiv pir.
These shoes srs of vlct kid. with patent tips, sonars foxed, lacs,
style. The sols -feather lalbese shoes is "of tha beat..
CHILDREN'S SIZES i to I; pur reguTart.7arvaluet-special at
:gHle-tato ll;umt regular 1.00
MIPSK8' SIZES 11H o-our
. . .
Woman's S3.M
-Women's -Osfrtrd-tlee-'Patent-ool-wlth att opa.- largw-eyeWitS'"
and military heels; a splendid shoo and our rerular 13.69 value;
special at, - tho pair . . ..s.-.TmtTninrrn-,2l3S ;
' "T- 1 i S1SO Osfords fot Mem Sa.TS. ' ' ' , ;
Tan genuine Russian calf Low Shoos; slse valour ealf and vlei kid-
Oaford ties; a largo, assortment; regulsr valuo IS.tO; special.
.. . pair- r -. ''. . $2.TS
- - t moT M.o raoo Saoos H.TS. :" "- '."
tanned for this climate; ,our
Saturday Bargains in Kitchen
vr Uteifisils . , - ,
Heavy -Wire Potato Mashers; special at, each......,.
Hunter a or victor - Bievea; peci
Btiaker. Biners.. extra. neavy;jpouisa..:
-IMsH- Mops:- special - at, mmvn ,
4-qt. Granite Iron Sauce pan and Coyer: special at ach,..,.4o-
s..t nnnit iron Kettle and- Cover;' beclalL each .SOo-
"Iron Skllletarpollshed; special at, each .....25
Iron Kettles, polished; speclsl at. each -.68e)
Dutch Ovena, polished; special at, each. ................. ,.,TSC
PoMa Sad Irene, aet-A Irons, stand and handle; special at, set.,.79
-Asbestos Iron Holders; special at, each. n.. ,-.-...
"" STJaCsTjai TOf sUk - V- -
Gasoline and Blue Flams Oil
ruil burners ?; " l .: '
Lamb Stovea; special at each ..VTV. ..?. 35
Oaa Platea; special at, each ................... ..?t....Bl.40
1-Burner-, Bfue .iname un oiove;
of taking a walls around tho grounds,
and aiscovared tho body. .- -
Markey was taken to Coroner Finley a
undertaking rooms-and. will bo buried
under the direction of the Bisters of
Charity. The deceased has o relatives
living, so far as known, ,;t
rarreTJonaughy told tho polios
this morning that because she would
not glvi' D. C. Hudson monoy. ho went
to her house, brutally beat her and
knocked all her front teeth out.. She has
been advised to swear to a complaint
and bav a warrant Issued for bis arrest.
Mrs. McConaughy lives 'at 6 Elev
enth street, snd Hudson at -tho-eoraer
of Fourth and Yamhill atresia. She
has known bin for soma time. She
could -assign no reaaon, sho said, why
Hudson should goto her houM ondjle
mand money. x-r - ,
r The residence of R. A. loiter, at 0
Multnomah street. was broken inio oy a.
burglar yesterday afternoon and a pear
cravat pin, a cravat pin set with a
topas and small pearla. a ladles' gold
watch and pair of opera (lasses were
stolen.- '''.' " . '' " -
Tho hOusV was' ransacked from gar
ret to basement. . Several other daring
dayllsJit .burglaries have recently been
reported to the police. 4
The United Btates revenue cutter Mo
Culloch Sailed from San Francisco for
Portland , today to be present at the.
opening ceremonies of the exposition.
Tho MoCulloch is tho only vessel thus
far-offlelally-detallid by-the navy-de--pertinent
to attend the exposition. She
Is a vessel of mors than ordinary in
terest, however, having been with
Dewey's fleet during tho victory of
Manila bay. It , waa tho smoke and
sparks from tho Mcculloch, Jthat warned
tha enemy of the passing of DeWejro
ships Into the bay at night and guflr
were trained "On. the cutter, but wlUf
out effect, i : v' "v .i.
jaoob svaiora o?m.
Jacob Kamm,- pioneer- and - the old
est steamboat man In Oregon, has ten
dered to tho Open River association tha
free use of his steamboat Norma, now,
at Rlparla, for an excursion to the open
ing of the portago railway, it It can be
put in order for service, by that time.
The executive committee of tho associa
tion appreciates the courtesy shown
ihctoi Mr. Kamm has taken a lively
ri tercet In tho work of opening the
river, at have all , the old river, men.
First nor Wert sVaaes,
siois to m taxtjs r-
and pretty. our regular .o -
rrnn, .ti... i eja.wr
aad Ofcn&rea's Skoes.'.
valuea)ulal at. the pair, f l.f0
t! i .yaiue; special at. tne -.
. ... . i ... . .ia,i .
Oxford Ties M.M. "-
regulsr ! values; special.
w ' "
Btoves, hlgH' graa.. oconOmicaV-
pcii s i-sliu
Oregon's Clever. Artist Returns
and Meets Hosts of Hitfld"-
'.l . - . - Friends.
Cartoonist Says He Is" GlarJ to
' Be Back, and Probably
( Means It. .
With as much emphasis as tha pre!'
dent ever dared to use, Homer Davon
port, said he was i"de-lighed"4o set back
to Oregon, and hoped . he never
would leavo .it again. "
Davenport, farmer, and - Davenport. v
cartOOhUl the giant 6f 'em aU-joiue
o( Bilverton, Oregon,' stepped from a
train at tho Union depot last night and
. ' a r 1 1
4. .. W
' ' O T T
"f j
- . r. - - 9.
inquired if hie birds wro all right. The
birds were In two special cars with the r
animals, on another train,' and Daveh- '
port had instructed that messages await
him here as to their condition. It was -all
to his liking perfeotly satisfactory.
And the big farmer-artist wsndered up
town, accompanied by Mrs. Davenport. '
renewing acquaintances with newspaper
men whom ha left years sgo and had
seen but once a year ago alnce.
Tha Davenport' farm will be one of
tho most Interesting of tho tawls Snd -Clark
exhibits. , It will occupy a pictur
esque space St the head of the Trail and
frr that' space- members dr tha animal s
kingdom which the artist fias gathered
and bred for the past two or three years
will be seen by thousands of slght-seers
who are willing to; pay the price of ad
mission.' . r ,'
.- Mr. and Mrs, Davonpott art aeglatorid
at the Oregon hotel, but Homer's op pot- .
tunltles 'to examine, the surroundings -of
his temporary domicile " have been
limited." He hd scarcely alighted from -the
train when Oeorga Baker, dragged
him. out to tho miniature farm on the "
fair grounds, and explained the arranjr1
menta he had mad. for housing " the -beautiful
feathered creatures which fol- ' -low
the cartoonist and upon whln tho ":
admiration of bird fanciers all over -America
hss been centered. "
Mr. Davenport will visit SltveBtmi be
fore the opening of th fair, and hia
fatheswlll occupy the Joe; cabin which l
haa .been erected in the space atldtled""
th exhibit. Homer also will be there, "V
explaining tha various traits of the ani
mate in his private preserve, I , '
"HA:.. i. . - . '..C
' i 7" ... . i
1 -v-