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' Tooisht and ' raturday,
cloudy; portly
vol. iv. Vo
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Thlrtcciu Lose ; Lives - In
Flames at St Anne's
, Mx Kchtfel.H;
1 i
Sister" Superior : Dies Rescuing
Children Mapy Acts of
1 Heroism ; by . Villagers Wo.
Way to fight .names.;;..',
(fcwaal SpHlal fcn)
MontrI. April Bt Anna' eon.
y irt at St. GnirriT noar Montr!,
on -of tha oldaat and laxswt ts Ca
" ndn, h completely flra
riT mnmlng- Thlrt a T nr
known to bAr baa loat, and aararai
othara ax mlaalnc Tha known dead
r :4''-f, - V1 .-. - .
' EMMA TERRAtlLT, a4 IS. '
i MRS. ROBERT. d It. ,
r LBONAIU D-COUBT. d tt-; -s
MISS DUOAS. need I.,.
'A ;' MARIE88B hJOJOlTDB; ad .
. '. 5 KLEQAMTINB BROUtX. acad 111
TK "'-"t " immena atfno
tor. boUt eentnrr or o mto, ataad-
lag on a, kill that comma ad ad n.ylaw
. of tha country for mil.. Tha YUlatara
war aroused at an ariy hour; Just b
' for . daybraak. .br tha' alarm from , tha
conrant. which, was Boon In flama. A,
hundred Lnmata war reaouad from tha
".: bnrnlnc bulldlnr la their nlcht clothaa
. and takan .tot the surrounding homaa
' , which war ail thrown opaa ta tha suf-
. Th night waa bitterly- cold, and a
flare wind fanned-tha flame- which
- soon mantled all tha buildings, and r
1. snltad In thai oompiet dastruatloa.
.'' Tba rlllag had no fir brig-ad, thar
was no ayatam of water work, and b
- for help arrlred from Montreal . tha
-big structure was la ruins. . '
The eaua of th fir la wot known
bat It Is presumed that It started
through carelessness of th employes In
oonnaction with the kitchen As soon
- aa th fir alarm waa sounded panic 1m-
mediately brok out among Inmates and
' acenes of the wildest confusion ensued,
; Children . and old , people . -struggled
v fiercely with slaters to make thelr .ee
, cape from the burning structure.
. ' In connection with the conrent was
; aa old ladles' home In which there were
about SO aged women, some , of them
nearly 100 years old. AU but four of 1
' the old ladles were rescued, but all sua
. talned a serere shock and It la feared
.' that In soma eases the nerrous excite
' meat - will prove fatal. . ' Many of tha
' . aged Inmates war paralytica and abso
. ' lutaly unabl aid themselves an es-
oaplng, dying In their quarters.1
Nearly 100 young girls ware pupils of
' the academy ranging from 10 years old
to Is. The' girls fought and struggled
. with one another to reach 'th exit and
Z some of them became excited and leaped
from the windows of the upper' floors
- to. th ground suffering severe injuries
...and a few of them fatal injuries:
Many acts of heroism were performed
by the slaters and by tha villagers ,n
' rescuing . those' enclosed In . th) -doomed
building.' Sister Ra ceteris, the mistress
' of the establishment, lost her life in an
effort, to save tha children. - Knowing
' that some of tha children had not betit
- able to make their escape she entered
th burning dormitory and wsa burled
in the falling walls. Several of the
citizens who were working heroically
were also caught in th burning atruo
""tare and suffered- svsr' Injuria. -none
of which, however, are fatal. . J
" Sisters Marl Theresa and. Maria
; Robertln were probably fatally burned
. In efforts to sava the children, , ,.
(Joaraal ' Special Serviea.).
. New Tork, April Zl. Thomaa W. law
son yesterday took advantage , of ' a
psychological moment in history, by a
. raid an wall sareet, carrying off profits
amounting to almost a million dollars. '
-. Seldom. If aver. In tha history of tba
.street have conditions been more, pro
pltuons..Th signing of the stock-tax
bill by Oovernor Hlggins, th hear ap
proach of a decisive battle In the far
east, the closing of tha aschanse tor
Friday and Saturday, tha poshlblllty bfj
trouhi over neutrality between Japan
and Frno which might -dragMn Ens
land, th heavy selling of life lasuraaot
- pertly
& I
Mrs. Caxrte & Van Ondall, Who
Was Yesterday Re-elected Grand
Adviaer of tha .Women of Wood-
Delighted at Having - Killed His
W , Bear and Saved Dog's
! .- .
President Signs Appointment of
Atkinson to De Judge of v ;
. ' (Joanul
-Gleawood Springs, Colo, April tl.
Secretary Xjoeb after - his return from
the president's camp baa settleddowa
for another tare days' wait for news.
He said that ha found tha president In
fin fettle, delighted at having killed his
near, and proud or bis second shot which
brok th bear's backbone, and. pat an
end to its killing th dogs.
Saturday th camp will b moved to
Oregor ranch, on th west divide. The
third camp "will be mad- still further
over toward Redstone. May 1 the pres
ident will com here, remain over sight,
and th following day start for Den-
ver. v-r' . a . , - - .
lbal tlMTrthrdsad-serefal
time caught up with 'the bear and had
annoyed him until he was in a vicious
mood when- the. president and- other
members of the party cams up with the
dogs. On dog had bean killed and sev
eral othera wounded when the president
shot hurriedly o sav a dog from the
grlssly's - paws. The first shot struck
K ..W.l W . w 1 Jt L
..mill. . .H I .u ,wiuuTi m irtosj
again he killed his gam. - - ' '. v .
Th president has signed tha ap
pointment 'of Oeorge ' W. Atkinson, . of
West Virginia, to be Judge of the court
of -claims of the District of Columbia.
There was no hunting yesterday en
account of a heavy fall, of snow, ,
t - i ' i . ' v. ,
i '(JeoraU Bsedal Servke.1 -v Z
Chicago, April II. In response to an
Invitation from MayorvDunn to hold
a conference this afternoon regarding
th strike, leader agreed to meet the
mayor and postponed the. visit, to. the
wholesale - houses planned for ' today.
Tha sentiment -among union - teamsters
Is for a' general strike unless some
thing tangible cornea : from , the confer,
once with the mayor'. It 'is probable
th vote of th 16,000 members of the
teamsters- union will, be takan tonight
bn the proposition to quit work. Such
a move would paralyse th city's in
dustries, ,'-V-vV,:;- ".';'.:, .
' - '(Joarasf gpeeUI Sarvlea.
-'.Washington, April lU .- President
Shonts and . Vlce-Prestdeot Wallace of
tha Panama 'nil road this, afternoon con
tracted with! the American Locomotive
company to supply 24 large double-ended
Mognl ertirme-to-cost tf. OTO aplaca. t
Bpaelflcatlona are being prepared for
thar purchas -of -100" fraiirnt ears and
Other equlbment, which will add mater
ially to the capacity of th road, '
- r
Interests,' the already ' marvelously '. high
prices of. stocks,. all. contributed an op
portunity - which 'Lawson was ahrfwd
enough, to turn, to advantage.
Price of stocks' broke so avarag of
four points, wall . street, . which, - since
the memorable day last December; when
Lawson mad his' first- bear raid, had
laughed and Joked about Aha Boatontan,
went to : bed trembling under the- blow
wbloh he had struck, feeling that he bad
mads good bis threats.
-The results showed that Lawson has
been , preparing for. weeks for the raid.
One. story states that tha man who helped
him engineer th deal was J Rr Jeen.
Kssasg jrlsBds. oeuea jua. .
A . Policjr HcMers of Equita: French Goyerpent Asks ' r "Svj H b ' W50?2
- We Life Ask Ccart . ko estvensKy to Leave . , ), .. .. w i uiuiucu a.
I 1 i .v.
Alexander .and Hyde Accused of
. Misappropriating Funds and
Mismanaging Business
:; . . ..of Conearn. c::. ";;,-
Uoaraal Ssaelal Sarrlea.) .
Chicago, April It. Chargirlg (-roes
fraud and unlawful manipulation of the.,
funds of the society, six policyholders
of th Equitable Life Assurance society
today flled a petition la th United
States : circuit court- for the appoint
ment of a receiver of th big insurance
company. .-' : . . .'-; .,
Prealdant - Alexander ' and - Vice-President
Hyde are made subjects of- scath
ing accusations Jfor misappropriation of
funds, mismanagement of buslneaa and
th sensational controversy -now golsg
on among the . factions, which- Is . de
clared ruinous. The complainants ex
press the fear- that th business of th
ooaearn will be destroyed, ta h tre-meadoosv-loss
ef policyholders; -The de
cision to- ask' for a receiver was -made
at a meeting of policyholders held at
th office of D. J. Schuyler. !a the New
Tork Life building. ; Tbe complainants
are 'John . C- Bandits, Abraham Sitron,
Julius JEttelson, Max Ettelson. . Louis
Neusaaa, Samuel Lyons aad Edna Ly
ons. , - - -.-. . .-
,Tb special . committee .appointed by
the general agents of the Equitable Life
Aasurano society- Is ta Albany today.
arriving this afternoon from Syracuse,
where it waited oa superintendent of
Insurance Frank Hendricks In regard to
the snutualisatlon of th Equitable. An
interview was held with Oovernor Hlg
gins this afternoon relative to th In
vestigation of th Equitable now being
made under state auspices, sad th- plan
laid -out -far . the saatusllsstian of th
eooorn:" "--t it-.-
Q. E. Tarbell has been requested " U
reslga his positron as second Vice-presi
dent of the Equitable and to withdraw
as a member of the board of director.
It la said that th request oftmes from
th committee of Investigation, headed
by H. C. Prick, - ' . -
in an attacx issuea on rrwgmi Alex
ander, Hyde aocusee the chief exeoo
Uve of employing his' relatives at fat
salaries aad submits a list of th mem
bers . of ' th Alexander family -who
draw a. total of ll,v9.jroar.Xrom
th Equitable traasury: -
James W. Aiaxapaer. fsrssiaeet. salary
$100,000. - , - -
William Alexander,' a proiaer, secre
tary, salary 110,000.
Henry M. Alexander, a son.' or u taw
firm of Alexander . Colby, retainer.
tXt,000.- i '.',""-1. ;-' -
Frederick D. Alexander, a son. ox in
brokerage firm of Alexander, Thomas
t Davis, about $35,00. , ,
Dr. Arthur Fu. a orotoer-uwaw.
medical director, f 10,000.
Mr, Qllchrlat a nephew, neao. or in
securities department, $6,00.. .
These amounts received by relatrvea
of Mr. Alexander, it Is salB, war ex
clusive of the fee paid to sUexander A
Colby, aa counsel for the society. Mr.
Thomaa of Alexander, Thomas at Da
vies, is a . nephew ofXMrs. J. W. Alex
ander. :-. V,': ' ;'"
.' - (Joaraal SpecUl Servlee.) " '" 1
Lewtaton. MonU Apra 1L Two of-
floers being on good neighborly terms,
th sheriff of Maegher county applied
to th sheriff of Fergus county, Biater
being the name of the latter official.
for a loan of his gallows.- Th ateagnar
county sheriff wants to hang H. H.
Me.ttgeriJ9herf JL.SHiter'WWjts ; to ac
commodate his ooueague hut eannot nna
th gallowsv
flome tlm aso a malafactor. William
Calder by name, waa executed la the old
eounly ' JalL - Soon afterward the Jail
was sold to' Tubbs Broa, contractors.
th edlflce to be-eonverted Into building
materials' and ' removed. With tha
building, tha gallows seems to have bean
carried away. "
Now the, sheriffs sf th two counties
are angry a me woinuign ana hut
leas the gallows, are returned for the
Meagher county, hanging, a damag suit
Will b fought but In the courts. ' Ac
tion has already been begun to recover
the machln of death, which is a double
man affair.- (" - .v ' '" ''
The Tubba admit taking the banging
apparatus,- but say they. paid for it.
This tha commissioners deny, and want
It back or U value, mio. - ' .
, , , , ' . i .. -.. i
TmAjmro btaw rAz&vsus. J
' ' (leenal gpeelal Servtea) .
New Tork, April 11. A ma yesterday
on th trading stamp store of Benedict
McFarland with many branches
throughout th aountry resulted In Its
going in bankruptcy and a reoelver pe-
lac a4p,ointa j .,, , .,, ., ,y(
,rt-ht : -
;. (
(Jeerml BpseUl Service. -
Parts. April Jl,Bullstn) Premier
Rouvler stated to th chamber of depu
ties today that the sovefmnent had
sent a request to Rojestvensky to leave
the Indo-Chlna waters which, . com
within - stance's Jurisdiction...
--.,- ..
nooraal Special Berries.).
London-.-April tl. A Central News
dispatch from Paris states that the
French government' has .xormauy re
quested th Russian fleet to leave Kam
ranh, bay...- There la no official confirma
tion her ef the report that th
has already- left Kamranhv bay.
It is stated on high authority that tha
Russian admiralty baa notified .Admiral
Rojestvensky of the 'grave danger to
oeaoe -which- will sw entaiiea ix me
stay of his squadron off the coast of
Anam IS prolonged contrary to the laws
of neutrality. Confidence is expressed In
Russian official circles that the admiral
will carry out his Instructions. ;
, ' The French minister at Tokl has as
sured - the '. Japanese 1 government ; of
France's neutrality. )'
The Russian minister of fioano has
received a telegram from a confidential
agent at Shanghai giving a rumor that
Vlo-Admlal Rojestvensky has already
passed the straits of Formosa without
encountering Admiral Togo. There is bo
oonflrmation. . '"-rt
According to French advices from the
orient, - the Russian fleet Bailed from
Kamranh bay yesterday,- its-destination
U ftnknoWtL bunt la believed that Ro
jestvensky has been Joined by Nebogatoff
with the thira raeino squsaroa ana tnat
the Russians are now ready to face th
Japaaese with algbt flrst class battle
ships, three second elaaa battles hi pa and
numergua cruisers. Large quantities ef
ammunition are also believed to have
been received by th Russians who also
replenished their coal supplies during
their halt at Kamranh bay. -
A- Shanghai dispatch state that Ova
China warships are watching the Rus
sian cruiser Aakold. which was reported
sit took 1 refuge-m-the
harbor last winter. . It Is stated that tha
vessel has been secretly mad ready for
Foreign Minister Del cease has assured
Japan that France will observe sen
traltty laws. It Is stated1 that th slss
f Kamranh bay permits ships to snter
and anchor without being fat French ter
ritory waters. It Is furthermore stated
that France had no previous knowledge
that the Russians Intend going to Kam
ranh bay- and . therefor had no oppor
tunity to. foresee or guard against their
Visit. ' ; ,'": .
' i 1 - - 1
'.-' Josraar Spaetal ervlc.)''' ' '-'
' Wast Palm Beach. vFla April 11.
Joeech Jefferson passed another good
night and - his condition ' this morning
shows a slight improvement overt yes
terday. :'.',' - - - 'i'
:' (Jssnal gpecUl 'Sanrlea.) -'
Genoa. Italy. April tl. Secretary Hay
left today for Bad Nuehlm by way of
Milan. He says mat he is quit re
covered In health. . . .;, .. ,...
' '. (Journal SiMclal Serviea.)
LPaklrC Aprtt tKM.. PauLXssaar, ths
Russian minister to China, wnoss loot
was recently amputated, died last night.
4 .. Ten dollars a pound Is tha
a price Chicago ana otner ciuew ox
. the east paid "I TSirnflsyt ago-Tor-tw
th nrot cnernea to arrive in mo w
market. This la st th rU of
a 1100 a 10-Dound box. '
i The first cherries of th sesson ' 4
a arrived In the PertUnd market
0 today from ' California, ' Th
Shipments consistea or nv noxes
of 10 pounds each. . Th flrst
charrlea that earn to this mar
ket today were not quits so
high ssthoa sold during the
week In Chicago, but they wer
nigh enough for 'most people.
The fruit sold 'quits , readily,
however, at $I. a nox."or 15
cents a pound. Within a. few
weeks ths Oregon charrlea will
be in the market. ' v .
6 .. .. A .
X m II 1 . -T .J-Tl llfi 1. .. 'lit 1.. .1 , J
Russia Admiralty Notifies FTejot ; V Vy U "T'' v-,';';
rThat Prolonged t stay Off .. , - -,' -"r"'--.-;-;"-:: I 'n? ,.:;
;;- cochin.chirVwui Re- V ; .v ':':::.-j9i': k r -' ' -
I : t - J v ;s . . -v .. . vr luiam . v
L 1 Bck of Denrer, Who Will Ooahtieas Succeed Falkanlmrf as Read
; . ; " Congol of tha Woodmen of the World.' .V ;."' '
t 7 .:
What the Young Woman's Chris-
. tian Assdciation.Will Do 1 !
' -' : '"at the Fair.
Will Be ; Fine T Clubhouse and
" :, Home for .Women WJth .
-V-f Every jCortyenience'; !
Work has . been . begun on th new
T. W. C. A. bunding at th fair grounds,
and full plans havs been mads for its
arrangement and management The
building : will serve i to . Illustrate th
principal -on which th' association Is
conducted to provide for women com
fort aad , good - oompaalonahlp at 1 th
lowest rates possible. VIU motive re
mains philanthroplcat. ,
Th sit la dlrecUy northeast Of the
Liberal Arts building. Downstairs will
b a hug dining-room, where dainty and
appetising luncheons will b served at
ths usual penny.' Instead of nickel rate.
Commodious kitchens wUl be on this
floor also to provide room for: sanitary
cooking. Offices and exhibition rooms
will complete the first floor. . On tha
second floor 'will be parlors ', prettily
furnished, clean, and commodious lava
tories, with bath, seven rest rooms, one
of which wlU be fitted up as a hospital
or ' emergency room, and - a well con
ducted nursery where - parents, may
leave their children during sight-seeing.
A trained hospital nurse will be in at
tendance at th bluldlng. . Reasonable
rates "will be chsrged for these con
veniences, but members of the associa
tion bearing their . membership tickets
from any part of ths world will receive
rates.:;. ... .
Miss- McCorkle, the general state sec
retary of the association, will . hav
-J charge of the building, and will be as-
isica or nnniinn 01 women, eoms
hav already begun their work. - An In
formation bureau where oral and print
ed information will be given concerning
the exposition ground, tba city or any
other point of interest, will be run in
connection with, the office downstair.
-Th general exhibit will Include the
whole Paclflo coast and 1 will ahow
statements concerning1 the work, photo
graphs or S(HilatluiisanH their-build-
Inge, work from various Industrial de
partments conducted by ths association,
and general Information of interest.
' The committees appointed to assist
in the building enterprise follow: Ad
ministration committee: Mrs. H. . C
Campbell. Mrs. J: H. Gibson, Mrs.' F.
M. Warren, Mrs. 'A. O. Barker.' Mtas A.
Mabel Haaelttna. " Btfldliig commlttae
M. C. Campbell. Charles H. Howell, Mrs,
W. 8, Kinney, Mrs.', DaU Stuart Lun
cheon committee. Mrs. A. E.- Rockey,
Miss Helen Eaathamv Advertising com
mittee Miss M. A,- t.emln. Mlas Mar
tha Case, Miss Clara -ebb. Furnish
ing committee Mrs- 8.' , Llnthloum.
Mrs. Helen LSdd cnrbctt, ira- w . h.
BeharrelL Mm .Walter J. Bit-nai Miss I Py and tas return 01 a is proporuon
yirglnla. vWUoa. : , ate shares at stock, with accrue! later-j
- i ?
'1 V'
Captures Honou in Competitive
Drill at 4.0s Angeles Against,,
. '' -All Comers.
Other Teams Do Excellent Work
;' and Are Recipients of
',r..-v,-Much Praise." V,
' (Special Dispatch ta The JoaraaLV ',"
Los Angeles, CaL, April XL tn ths
oompetitive drill between th uniform
rank teams Woodmen, of ths World, held
here last night In the presence of the
hundreds of delegates and visitors at
tending the head camp convention, Mult
nomah team won ths first prise, a. gold
medal valued at $160."
The competing team that carried off
the honors for Oregon Is from Multnomah
camp. No.' T 7. of Portland. Although
nine states participated In the contest,
the winning team scored high, the Judges
grading It 09 per cent only on point of
being perfect ., - .' v
Although the showing made by the
winning team was something of a sur
prise to som of th visitors, it waa a
looked-for event by th members of th
Portland, camp. Ths team has-drilled
long and faithfully and went, to-the Los
Angeles convention feeling sure of vic
tory. ' .. ." ..... "
Multnomah camp Is one of the largest
camps of Woodmen In ths Jurisdiction.
As soon as the announcement waa mad
that Multnomah bad carried off the hon
ors messages . wer hurriedly senf tfi
home camp by visiting members aad a
general feeling of rejoicing among the
contingent In thl city was manifested
by shonts and waving of handkerchiefs
and fans. - ' .
Other team taking part did excellent
work aad received high grades.. -
It la probable that I. I. Boak will
be elected head consul to succeed th lata
F. A, FsUcSnburg. 1 .
; (Joersa! Bped.l Berries.) V.
Chicago, April XL A tale of the find
ing' ef lost treasure rivaling Alexander
Dumas description of the good fortune
of Monte Chrtsto, is told by John P.
Foes, who a few days ago found In. aa
eld safe In the cellar of hia residence
three certificates of stock In ths People's
Q as. Light A Coke company, which tha
lawyers declare are . worth . approxi
mately H.SOO.0TJO,
Foas la 10 years old. Action has been
commenced In the circuit court by Foas
to secure sn accounting of th affairs
of ths People's Oas, Light Coke com-
price five czirrc
In-Trial of the Case Against Of
ficial Much Ught WH Be
Throvyn on Manner of ' :
" , Letting Contracts.'
Elliott and George)
Scoggln perjured themselves'' when they ,
swors that I aver offered them any eon-'
sldsratlon for an adverse report on the'
Marquam gulch First street viaduct,"
declared Charlea E. Rumelin. .-who- waa . .
Indicted last evening by an informatioa
fUed by District Attorney Manning, -charging
him with having attempted t
bribe Elliott to report against th $U,
000 bid of 3. J. Maney for th contract '
to construct th bridge.
Mr. Rumelin - wss vehement la his
statement-, and -declared that' he bad '
been unjustly dealt with by the men
who went on record under oath to the .
effect that he tried to pay them money,
to Influence their official acta. How
ever. . he refused to make any statement
whea ; asked to say something about
tha indictment ', ,.- , :'
"t poalUvsly will not say anything,"
said he, in answer to numerous ques
tions, "but will wait until I am in court. "
before uttering ens single thing On ths
Later It was stated by htm . that b
had not yet retained a lawyer to defend
nim,'- ........ , - ... -
It Is learned that he has - discussed
the matter with aeverar personal friends -and
political associates, and has been
vehement in declaring hia Innocence.
This ' morning at 10 o'clock a bench
warrant was Issued from the circuit
oourt for th arrest of Mr. Rumelin, and '
ha waa . expected to appear in court this '
afternoon to be arraigned. - .
" ; Xrrasrojarltles ta OontraoB. '
Now that ths matter of the Marquam : .
gulch viaduct has been .brought Into
oourt, the expectation is that all the
facta wUl be laid bar that affect in
any manner th reported Irregularttiea
in connection with th letting of ther
contract . v
Certain : facta have already been
learned. One of the is that thar waa '
some hidden reason for ths desire to
hav ths Maney $51,000 bid withdrawn, '
ta. order that . the $,OOQ bid - of -the
Paclflo Construction company of San
Francisco might remain aa the lowest
to be accepted by the executive board.
On record with the executive board ,
Is a- letter that bears ths signature of
J. J. Maney, -In which he asks that his
bid be returned to him. together with -the
certified check for $5,100, which he
had deposited In accordance with -the
requirements of the advertisement for '
bids, and stating that - he . feared he .
would be unable to carry out the con-.,
tract The reason given by- the execu
tive board : for - permitting the with-,
draws! of the Maney bid waa that It
was apparent that- the troubles of the
contractor, In attempting to execute the .
contract under the unfavorable condi
tions hinted at in Maney's letter would
subject - ths . city to delays and em
barrassments that warranted the return
of his bid and ths acceptance of the bid
of the California company to do the
work for $68,000. ' .!-
" Contrasts OtaXs. -
It la claimed ' by ' the prosecution ; 7
against Rnmelln that there Is evidence'-,
to prove that practices in the handling
of many contracts . permitted graf ta" '
by contractors after contracts bad been
let by altering specifications that al
lowed the use of less material than was
called for, the price of the work re
maining unchanged. It was In. this. It -Is
claimed, that ths California company
expected to make a profit after having
paid tS.00 to- Maney -to withdraw.
It wilt be shown In the trial that the
cost of th bridge has been carried far
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of $C00.OflO.
Half a century has elapsed '-" T
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certificates, which he stored In. a r
at the time and lost trace of J " C
cago's . big fire. Kocently t 1 1
Foaa became curious sa l t ' '
of the old safe In a t
farced It ovn.J. In a s- rt r
the certificates w-
Officials of I I ' ' s
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