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t::3 cnzc c:i daily joueiial," postlamd, Monday evening
: 'J
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, I f"Vi . 'irefe. I
;.iOa Tw jj
Virtua Ctud
Marouzs Grind...;,,
Kjniir. ........
.atlas Oil Coeoart
Grand .v.,.
"tar ..I....,,
"Oh Vadta"
Boad the Borktn"
... VaueaTIlM
u, r "' Herbert' Ths . Galilean . was auiig
'lut night at the ' iriret Congregational
, , church by a .'chorus choir under the
s leadership- of W. H. Boyer. 'A quartet
consisting of 1 lira, Roae Blocb-Bauer,
; ,4re. W.-As -T. Bushong. W. H. Boyer
and W. A. Montgomery, led ,the singing,
' ; and If ia Leonora Fisher i played the
, overbore and the organ accompaniment!.
Rev. 8. M. Kreeland of 'Seattle, who
rill., tbe pulpit in the abas nee of the
' pastor. Rev. E. ll House, D. IX. preached
. Ja the morning, and while the cantala
i . was sung In the evening raad the narra
tives, pr. and Mrs. Houae go tosouth
t' ,. em California for a vacation of several
- wee.,-. ; . ,
Thar should be no more Interesting
: news in the paper today' to- tha house-
wife than this item. It serves to call
tha attention "lot The, Journal's women
. readers to the fact that tha "Union
. , Laundry ts doing family -washing for
. cents par pound.. Think of it articles
".; washed, and delivered ready-, for
k '', ironing for- cents jper pound.. Flat
: pieces ironea . wttnoui , extra 'cnaxge.
1 . . This should Indeed, prove welcome news
to tha tired' woman who das the house
and tha Children to look after and who
: both must keep her extremely busy. . Call
1 up Main 111 and have a -driver -call.
,1 ; Uplon Laundry, t Second- and' Columbia
- streets.
' ' Members Of tha Swiss colonyof this
; city have organised a Swiss Aid society.
It will ba a social and . charitable 1 or
ganlsatlon. Its roost Important object
, .'. the-aaalstanoa af needy countrymen. It
:, baa . been decided to participate in GeV
man day at the exposition and Charles
Blrcher, Peter Roth and Charles Urfer
.'-were appointed to Join a general com
, mittee of arrangements of tha different
German aocietlea -of Portland. Tha ' d
v rectors of the society are: Charles Blr
cher, president; O. Schersingar, vice-
president; A. C Bigger, secretary:
. Vullleumler, treasurer; A. Blschofbarger.
, . Koto, and Charles vrfeiy trustees.
- The entertainment to ba given at Par-,
.. sons ball on next Friday evening; Feb-
, ruary Ji, for Use Trinity organ fund.
; :( promises to ba a very amusing and sue
' cessful affair. The evening's entertala
: meat will consist of a short program, a
. notable feature of which will be tha well
. known amateur comedians. Messrs. Rob
. ert MeCracken and Oeorga Eastman, in
the famous farce, "Box and Cox." Miss
, : Bruce will also appear, and Dr. Campbell
will sing. " The ladles who have tha man-
agement are working bard to make the
''- evening a successful one, and hope for
" ' a' large attendance. Dancing will follow
and complete tb evenlnrs pleasure.
An effort Is 'being made xo establish
' state and county headquarters of the
'' k W. C. T. Vi- In Portland, which wilt re-
. ' quire the united action-, of tha local
' - unions In tha state. Mrs. Lucia F. Ad
f dlton, suta: president, and Mrs. Edith
Whltealdea. county, president, are lead-
- 'tng the movement, and predict suooesa.
: It Is desired to have the headquarters
opened at aq early date, as tha o;
- tlon- expects to have much work to- do
during the Lewis add Clark exposition.
-, .r, The National W. C. T. U. booth at the
'-, fafr will contain tha dlaplsy now onv'ita
way to this, city from St. Louts.
'" Henry Heppner, after whom .the town
- ' 6f Heppner, Morrow county, waa named.
waa burled yesterday from Holman's un
dertaking parlor. Rev. Stephen Br wise,
D. D., ' officiated and the body was In
terred in Beth Israel eemetery.1 Pall-
oearers were v. a. km, -waiter' Bar
tholomew, K. L. Fraeland. Charles Gold
stone. W. Harris, a J. Werthelmer, John
'., vurrma and i Lacnman..-,- f.-
; ,xf? . The trustees Of : Portland lodge ' No.
."1 14. R P. O-'E.. will receive bids for
1 leases upon the basement, first and see
end floor, of their, new building now
. under construction on the corner of Sev
- enth snd Stark streets, either as a whole
. r in part. Address all oommanieatlona
to -Board or Trustees,- m.ft washing
ton street, rooms and i. r !..
1 Prescriptions and drug orders Intrust
, r eeVfa tha cars of Albert Berni. tha drug
. .' gist. Second and Washington streets, can
always ba .depended on : as having - re-
oelved the utmost care and attention in
' ver datalL Nil dlnnnolnlirhBt tin
f, 1 1 .dlsaatlafactlon when you take your drug
wants to him.
' Oregon bred animals are preferred by
tha men who buy horses for ihe gov
ernment. Charlea Clancy" will purchase
J.000 la Oregon; this spring, - He has
. looked over the state of Washington, and
failed to find there any considerable num-
, ber or the better' class of horses he re
'. -.j quires or government uses. 'fr.
. "i. Cspt S. J. Smith of Vancouver bar
racks, who will soon leave for tha- Phil
, ipplnes. dellwreaT an addreas yesterday
. ,. afternoon at th T. M. C a: gymnaalum
rt on 'Christian Warfare." A program waa
' rendered byi the Stalwart quartet of Ba
lem, and Coulter's orchestra. ' .l f .
At the morgue still unidentified Is
- tha body of -the young man who -devised
"a horrible :, hood In. which to eomtntt
.; aulcide by Inhaling gas fumes at Man-
hatun court, lilts Stark street, Batur
:, day sight. ; . j. ,vt" -i,tv-" ; ' "
' While George" K. Himes." curator of
the Oregon Jllatorical ocIety, .waa on a
. . recmt visit to southern Oregon In tha
I Didn't Know;
I could buy such a fine stone fori,
"so little money. "That's what we
bear every day from people who -''corns
to-us on tho recommenda-
tlon of their friends to purchase
' diamonds. ' Everybody knows tbs
'price has been advancing stead- '
Ilyi at tbs.sams. time we are still
abls ' to ' surprise . sur customers
'With'-the, exceptional values we 1
are giving."--- ,. - .-,
f.laybe You
Are thinking of buying a diamond
for yourself, your girl, your ale
rter, wife or daughter. If so, ws
want yon to call..'. Ton . needn't
buy unless you want to, ., -
, ..x
- jswsxns.-' QFTiotalrs.
SM rtorrisom aW Was Flft.
c:::isteh to a patient
Dr. ' Carrttt' Dsath Follows
Closslyon Nssfected Symp
.' "toms of Pneumonia. Vv,
In order to. minister to the needi of
a, patient, Dr. Thomas- W. Barrett Ig
nored - tha symptoms of pneumonia
which-'threatened him. and made a trip
to 'the east side. Pneumonia, hastily,
developed and caused his death at 4 .3 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon at ills home,
Jl North .Twentieth street. r- ' " j
Dr. Barrett waa born In this ettyf9u1y
it, 1171, and was widely known and
bad innumerable frlenda here. He grad
uated from, the high school, after which
be attended ' Santa Clara ' college, Cali
fornia. Thence he' went to the Phys
icians and i Surgeons' college of Colum
bia. University. New York, where ba re
ceived his medics! degree. -'
,In-1l he began tha practice of med
icine In this city and' took 4a prominent
position In his profession. He was a
member of tha ordes of Elks and un
married. ... r .'-' . ' -
Funeral services will be held tomor
row morning at o'clock at St. Mary's
cathedral. Fourteenth and Davla streets.
Services at the grave will be private.
Interest of the society, . he discovered
two women who were his schoolmates
In Illinois In 1860 and. 1851, and who
came across tha plains Oh 'the same
train with him f In 1ISS. - Mr. Kernes
had not seen them sines that memora
ble journey. The women are Mrs. Mary
Looney and Mrs. Wltberite. of Jeffer
son. Mr. Himes' ' secured Information
for . HO biographical sketches, of . pio
neers, a large number of whom are still
alive., He also ' discovered some valu
able documentary material t ' , (;
-iRv net-mission of tha ma von- D. -H.
Hendea, one -of tna oldest photographers
on the coast, will give a short addreas
at the . city ' hall. February t. at t
o'clock In the afternoon, on tha "Old
Sua Picture, Knowrwiaa the Daguerreo
type.''' Those interested In such sub-
lectg are Invited to" be present. '' - En
trance In to. the hulldlng wUL be open on
At Fifth and Morrison streets , this
morning - John .-'Conway, a bicyclist.
dashed into the team of H- Stelslnsjll
ler. A rib) was shattered and be sur
fared other painful Injuries' which, how
ever, are .not 'thought to be serious.
Stelslnmlller " and hla . team ware'uoln-
jured. , : . . t;;:V
i ClUsens of Center addition and Monta-
villa are working to open Villa avenue
from Wlberg lane to Montavllla. The
avenue la now occupied by the Monta
vllla branch or the Portland Consolidated
railway, : and leads through a . rapidly
growing residence district. ;. , k -
Vhe'. Ladles Guild of the Chapel of
the 'Transfiguration, will give' a tea, at
tha house? of Mrs. Charlea F. Foster,
111 ' Burnslda street, on - Wednesday,
February St. from I to f p. m. They
will be pleased to see all their friends.
'Elegant 'new steamer Nome City aalla
direct San Francla:o cabin, $13;- steer
age.. ,um Aniuei,., cabin, . 11.0;
steerage, '115. Meala and berths : in
cluded.. ..Thursday, February IJ. C H.
Thompson, agent, 1)1 Third stseet.- .
:. VIavl Hygienic Home' 'Treatment for
the permanent cure of all 'female trou
bles. Lady-physician in charge, cdn
aultation 'and examination free. Office
hours, a. ro. to p. m.J 21 Lewis bldg.
"Vira. the Prince of Magic." Is to be
tha TLfth number on the T. M. C A. BUr
Course . Monday,- February 27. ; Admis
sion, 10 cents., . t , t,'..
Dedication' of tha .new Baby home
has .been postponed to March 1, owing to
delay in completing the Interior arrangd-
ments, ....a , : . v--,. .; v .:J
. Restlessness bf mind and body Is dua
to a general nerve weakness. . C C C.
Tonio will cure It. For sale by-jtnlgbt
Steamer Aurella. for Ban' Pedrd di
rect,' sella Tueaday, February 11,' 10
a. m.: T4.jMt.l-; vy. .
; C. C. C' Tonlo restores health to ex
hausted body and"tmtnd. - For sale by
Knight Drug Co.- ' -; - .
8. H. Oruber. lawyer? C17 Commercial
bit; wU) give prompt, efffclent service.
' Ask your -grocer (or
den Cheddar.
Jem re- F. SlhOttD. TnltM Statea-'map.
shWT for th . southeastern district of
Alaska, with headquarters at Juneau,
la registered at the Portland; with his
wife snd daughter.' ' . - ; t
W. L Webs and his mother, i of Han
Francisco, both' prominent society peo
ple of the Bay City, are guests at tho
Portland. ' - - - . - .,
John ruOswelL-a merchant of Med-
ford, reacfied the city, thin morning and
la etaytng at the Portland. '
Mrs. C: B. Hopkins, ' of Spokane, ar-
pompanled by her two daughters,- Is at
the Portland. ". f- '
H. Clay Levy snd Yamtly. of Cascade
Lock. Is at the Portland.- Mr. Levy Is
a merchant or the neighboring city.
h C C Strohr, prominent In the traffic
department of the Harrimaa lines. Is at
tbe Portland.
Senator V. C Carter, of Albany, who
raced A. L. Mills closely for tho speaker
ship pf the hpuae, ta at the Imperial
witn nis wire. . . - . . c ? j
W. O. Owens, of Spokane, Is registered
at the Perktna. - ......
I A card from At h. Devera to the Lewis'
and Clark corporation states that he and
Ma family are enjoying the slants at
Genoa, with Mente -Carlo and Nice next
: Dr., Thomas W. Barrett,'
la line oa their tour. . : .. a ,
! piOOTHtJ '
For. Rcnt--' ' -
opposite the entrance
to Fair Grrounds.
aw .
-".. ..'.,-..;?.,. ' ', ' ;.v '
Provisions of Torrens,Jt Law
, Adopted by the Legislature
Explained by Author.
' '4
It Has Proved of Much Benefit
i , Wherever It Has Been
- , . . in Operation
: It is expected that many tracts ef
land : will be . registered under the
amended- Torrens land transfer law
adopted at the session of the legislature
Just closed. A law that was on the stat
ute books for It years was amended by
pasalng a bill drafted by B- G Wright of
Portland to correct glaring errors that
had lessened tha value of the original
act. The. Oregon law -now conforms to
the Illinois statute, under which millions
of dollara worth of property has been
registered.. . -.
"I believe that when people understand
last what the Torrens law la." said Mr.
Wright last night, "it will , be, adopted
generally. By its provisions, one may
institute proceedings In the circuit court
to clear the title of a tract of land, ob
tain a certiacale which is registered as
proof of ownership, and thereafter sell
the land as quickly fas he could sell a
barrel of flour. I can think of no better
way to Illustrate the difference -between
the old method of obtaining an expensive
abstract and tha Torrens phut of secur
ing a certificate, than to compare them
thus: . V ; - :l .."
."A man goea to a merchant for his
MIL-.The .bookkeeper consults all the
books, from the beginning of the tranaao-
ttbns that have been, carried on .between
the store and the customer, ana makVe
out a statement In which appears every
separate Item. Presume the transactions
nave gone on ror et years, . , '..
- "Awkward aad TTasetiafaetory.
-The customer would regard such a
method of doing business as clumsy and
unsatisfactory. . ., i
"But the abstract company gets up a
set of books that correspond to the led.
ger la the office of tbe man who (conducts
hlk business properly, and from which a
balance of an account may be taken in
Ave minutes. The awkward method, da
the bid manner of transferring land, the
abstractor's method corresponds to the
keeping of balances In a ledger. . If tbe
abstractor's method Is good for a prl
vats concern, why not for the etateT
r "I have letters from officers In Illinois
and Manitoba.. where the Torrens law is
operative, ' who testify to tho . growing
popularity or the system. t
':'' '. Mow to egiste nils.
. "The method of registering title to a
lot Is very simple. ; The owner first pre
pares iia application which describes the
property, gives his name and- address;
what liens or Incumbrances stand against
It, the names of' any persona claiming
any interest in it. and any other In for
matlon he has. about tho land. This Is
verified under oath the same as a com
plain t and any number of contiguous
pwn rvv anu, iu iua vsaie coeiuy ownea
by the"' same person In the, same right,
or having the same chain of title and
Belonging to ino same person may do in
cluded in one application., thua reducing
the expense. The application la filed in
court and then - referred to a competent
person, to examine the title- and report
and a summons Is 'Issued directed to ail
persons msntloned In the application atid
to all whom it may cSncern. which sum
mons s served personally on those la
tha state and advertised aa to all others.
"If any contest la made, the court
hears and' disposes of the case In the
same manner aa an - ordinary anlt to
quiet title; otherwise a default entry Is
made, and the title la ordered to be reg
istered by a regular decree, made on the
examiners report. -
Certificate Issmsa.
fThereefUr, the land la duly regis
tered and a certlncate or title I sued to
the ewnerj showing bis title and any
Incumbrance; and when-k he .sells or
mortgagea this certificate must be pre
sented and a new one Issued showtnn tha
changes In the title. ,' .
"Nothing afffrcui the land except what
la shown on the register and It Is neces
sary to look But In this ens place, for If
a Judgment Is obtained. It must be regis
tered against. tha particular piece of land.
All mortgages ana aeeas see msae jum
ss they' are now, and. when-received.
are registered and then filed away, so
that' there Is always an opportunity to
Inspect signatures. The register merely
shows a memorandum of the Instrument
and It la not copied anywhere, thus re
ducinar the number of records.- A du
plicate certificate of title of the one on
Is Issued to the owner and be
must give hla receipt for It, thus pre
serving his genuine signature on file.
An Indemnity fund a created by the
payment of one-tenth 'of one per cent of
the vslue of the land to the registrar.
and this money Is Invested In bonds by
tbe county treasurer under direction of
the court. ' If any person suffers by the
misfeasance or .omlealon or mistake of
the registrar or examiner, he has re
course for damages .aaalnet Oils fund.
There are many provisions td carry out
the details of the la but this la a
brief statement of 'its method, perbapa
sufficient for those who' have not under
stood it" ,',.!
Diphtheria relieved th twenty minutes.
Ahnoet mlraculnsa. Ir. Thotnaa' ciec-
C3 AH jES direct -
', , : .. :.
SteanW Roanoke in Fnirt-Carry-ing
Tfade Betwseh Portland
gjid Soirtharn California.
From This City Distribution Will
, Be Made to Points1 North
'(.and 'West.?v . :
JTuit will ba the principal freight
carried from Los Angeles to Portland
by ; tbe steamer Koanoke; she arrived
yesterday from San Pedro ' and way
ports. On the next trip she will bring
too- tons, equivalent V II -carloads, of
orangea from- southern California. From
here the fruit will be shipped to the
sound. Spokane, Helena. Butte and many
other points In the Rocky mounts tn
country. It la the first time that
oranges have been brought by steamer
direct from southern California. -
The owners of the Roanoke say that
they are more than satisfied with tha
patronage given and promised their line.
which has ' been in operation teas man
two-months. On thla last trip tbe
steamer carried 4S0 tons, of general
merchandise and 1 -paaaengera. Ar
rangements have been made for carrying
wheat to Los Angeles, which Is also a
departure. Tomorrow morning at
o'clock the steamer, will sail with 00
tons of wheat, which will be" discharged
at Ban" Pedro, only SO, miles distant
from tha southern California metropolis.
The grain Is for milling there aad will
not be exported. .
Harry Toung has been appointed local
agent for the -line.. Tha Roanoke la
scheduled to sail from Portland for tha
south every 14 days. She will call at
Coos Bay, Eureka and San Pranclsoo.
The steamer will sail from Colombia
dock No, l.- '- . . -fry .".
Converted Zato a teaaa
Big- rxstght oayaotttr. ' .
Converted from a : steamer into a
steam schooner, the Nome City arrived
last night from San Pranclsoo. When
here before aha had space for tho ac
commodation of (00 paaaengera; now
she will carry but It. Tbe alterations,
to give ber freight room, were -made at
Ballard, Was h'., snd a couple of "weeks
ago aha went from there to San Pran
ciaoo with a small shipment of lumber
and other freight. It is the Intention
of tbe California ss Oregon .Coast Steam
ship company, the owners, to keep her
employed In tbe lumber trade. She la
now loading at tha Inman-Poulsen , mill,
and it la thought -aba will take' out feet Her first trip win be
mads to 8an FeaTo. '. She will carry
passengers,' and will Stop at San Fran
cisco if any wish to disembark, at that
port, . '.' ..-;'
slaay Xrlseagaged Tramp Steamers Win
- "t. ; Foxoa setgk TSstss Dowa.
-ljHlgh-drar rates make It Impossible
for exporters to charted steamers td
load' for Vladivostok, and as a result
It Is believed thkt a big fleet of tramp
steamers will soon be offering to carry
cargo to Japan and China, It la said
that the competition among them, will
force freight rates much lower than
those on the regular liners. The Brit
lah steamahlp Ellerle, which" was char
tered on Saturday, was secured at a
rate of 4.7t a ton.' ti cents leas than
the tariff charged by the companies op
erating regular freighters. It is
claimed that the Stanley-Dollar, char
tered at the same time,) was secured at
4.a- a -ton. - - -',' . .
wrewth'of Staaaf actoriea There Wm TCh
' erease Wmeit Coast Coxamarea. '
Becaiaa- of ; delay In placing a big
shipment . of machinery aboard, the
steamship Nlcomedla will not aail for
the orient before . tomorrow morning.
Loading this part of her cargo haa been
unusually alow. In the shipment are
2,00 pieces ranging In weight from Z00
pounds to seven tons.- Officials of the
Una say it will be the btiast consign
'ment of machinery efer taken out of
thla port It will be used for fitting
but roller mills and other Industrial
plants In course' of construction , In the
various porta In the far east
When , these plants are In operation
shippers say -there will not he so much
flour sent from the Pacific "coast, to Jhe
orient as there has oeea in me pasta in'
stead of the finished product they expect
to see a growing demand for. wheat and
other cereals. It is explained that the
consumers will effecj a big saving by
WIS. - . - i
Those who have been, keeping In touch
with affairs in Japan say there has been
M arquam Grand. . 1 hcatre
At Sil stJlock
Bltssttsm Oee-aV. Baker.
' The followlnr artists will partici
pate: ... . - . '.;,.,- - - fr
Mary AdaU Case. K.Ooatratte
Bnasmary ttlosa Waitaey. , .Bopraae
Miliars O. lUewasaala ....... aarttoas
Semes SUearde Baia
........... gpeaiaa Ooaeert Tlollaist
Bdgar S. Cejes.,....Aseexapaaust
Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd. Mrs. Walter.
Reed. Mrs, Whitney I Boise, Mrs.
'James Laldlaw, Mies Henrietta
Failing, Mrs C K. B. Wood, Mrt.
i, WaHf r - J. Burns, Mrs. Rlqhard
Koehler. Mrs. Preston C Smfth.
- aTOTaT iai PBICBS. '
Kritlre lower ttnnf" ......... , 0
Balcony, firfttH rows . . . ...'.i-.-1.01
Hslconyj second ,t i rows .... .V. .73
Bslnony. Isat rows .....!.... .ft
Oallery . ilSc and ,Xi
, ; rtixf and Txgf all-Sold. .
Cirrlagijs csn be ordered for 19:29
'"yfapecful csr will leave Oregon
nty st I p. m. anT return after-iha
concert ' 4 -- lJ
. ' f : r :
Adell Case
Th Us
69-7 -73tliinl:; Street, Dot. pek and Pine
Until fortherUtotikei SeVen dollars and a half win take choice of several hundred-sH-wool
or union worsted $12, $15 and $18 tailor-made suits. -This sale offers ranprece
dented iirrains. - Values such as will not be seen in this city sgam for years. It's the
Chicago wind up sale of heavy and medium weight mid-summer styles of suits, that
were bought by us at 60 per cent of value. r
:v. i- -i '
These Suits
r ' . " . l , . M : .-( 'f
We can fit you as there are all Sizes from 34 to 44 bust in
men's special shapes, but not all sixes in every lot.;
QC3( n
a remarkable change in the Industrial
aitnaiinn thare since the war with. Rus
sia was declared. Manufacturing plants
of all descriptiop are being erected-in
every city of consequence. As sooa as
these are Started, it is sain uai many
raw products grown In. this country
will be- In big demand, and commerce
from the Paclfio , coast ports will - be
built up to- vast proportions. Floor
and lumber comprise about the only
commodities now exported. .
Starting this morning the steamer
Mascot of the Kamm line Will run regu
larlv between Portland and points on the
Lewis river. Until- there Is a higher
stage of water, however, she wllVcnly
a-o to the forks of the latter stream.
ThejnMarine- Engineers association's
smoker Saturday night was largely at
tended. Tha pastime of the evening
consisted of music, card playing: and bil
llarda. Refreshments were sewed. V
Steamer Leona-arrived at 10 o'cMck
from the Iewl-f river with a big cargo" of
freisht and a full passenger list "
' R. Barnes, deputy collector of "cus
toms, signed, a crew this morning for
the barkentine J. U Hviston, lumber
laden for tbe orient, which will sail. to
morrow. .-'' v '' : -
With a. full cargo of wheat flour and
miscellaneous freight the steamer Ore
gon will sail tonight for, the Bay City.
Astoria,; Feb. 10. Arrived at" and
left up at ;10 a. m.. steamer south
Bay, from Saa- lfTanclajco, , ,
Amvea down ik in., nnuncr xw
dondo. . ' - ' f
Left as it I i. m.' schooners Irene
and Virginls.
San Pranclsco. Fro. inpiaiied last
Bight steamer Cascade.' for. Portland.
Astoria. Feb. II. Arrived SI i:w ana
left up at 0:40 a. m.. steamer Nome
City, from ,Ssn Tfranciece. . J
Arrived at and Irt u- at i:wt-s.
f teaaser Roanoke, from Ban Francisco
ana coast pons. . v
Balled at ijs. m..'staamer Homer, for
Coos bay am Eureka., -
Arrived at 10 a. m.. schooner Irene.
from fvn Frsnelsco.
Arrived st 10:01 a. ra.. bchooaer Vir
ginia, frrtm San Francisco"..
Saa Francisco. Feb. it. Arrived at I
a. m.. steamer Prerrtlas. from Portland.
Sailed. Feb. It. schooner Andy Ma-
hony. for Portland. '
Astoria, Feb, 0. Condition of the
bar at I a. sv, rough; wind. south)
weather, cloudy.- ..'.',
WAjrrs to sroxui MTTrjro.
K. F.. Collier, .representing McKay S
Co., an Importing firm of Kobe. Japan,
la here to Inquire into the facilities for
Storing msttlng sanl froan Japan to this
jtnrt and subeequenlly shipped to in
terior points is tbe United States.
..';. .. ' ' :. I .
(' A "
Store b tha lMliila of the
Dollars aiid
bon't half tell their true worth.
Consist of 12,
Double and single breasted sack and cutaway de
signs, in pure all-wool, domestics'' and Imported
Scotch tweeds, cheviots, cassunere, choice union
. fancy and all-wool clay, worsted. The materials are '
all of standard and high class manufacture, in -cvtt'
50 separate anil distinct colors and styles of pattern,
black, gray, stripes, plaids, overahots, ? check and
neat mixtures. Crouse A Brandagee, Cahn, Wam-
; pold ft Co. and Kohn Bobs, are the wholesale tailors
that produced these suits. They were made to re;'
- tail at $12, $18 and a lion's share at $18. ; They-are
unquestionably the grandest bargains we have ever '
offered. ' But The Chicago can always be depend
ed upon to give the greatest values on the coast.
to Tm PArrmY roa ...
' A regular picnic for pants buyers
'from, in form-fitting and peg top
; $4.50 valuefe t: '
HIS even
1 fag'iWent
r'ffo Ad Paget
' re full of natr
usual Interest.
Have yon reed
. theci ? .
-U )
Through the Portland At Asiatic Steam
ship company he will make arrange1'
ments for sectfrlng all the" warehouse
space that his firm require.' The mat
ting .brought by the freighters of the
line is discharged st the Montgomery
doA. which haa apace for the accommo.
datlon. of , about 200,000 rolls of tha-
gooda. ' ' ...........
Fsnned by a' strong southwest, wind,
the schooner Irene reached the mouth
of tha rlter yesterday, after a passage
of three days from Ban Francisco, It
usually takes, the fsst packets about
that long to xomplete the trip. The
schoner . Virginia arrived-at tbe same
time after a run of met days. Both
vessels srs on tha ..way to Portia sd.
where they will receive lumber cargoes
for the return trip. ,.,".
ni Bzaaona
- Mrs. M. J. Jaaney. president of Cen
tral -W,, C. T. V., baa returned and ex
tends a cordial- Invitation to all white
ribbon era to attend the regular meeting
of the Central anion at her residence,
: Clay street. on'Tueedsy st I P-.m.
rAr:-a bios.
? i
; "'.
Elock . "
?15 and
regular, also stout and tall
" T-r '"" 1 ;
; over 500 pairs to choose
shapes, taOorHmade, t&50 to
TB. .
A. H. SAIXABD, Lassae aad urn'
Wsak of sxsepmsMl variety asd tstaress Sesrif .
, alght. excest Mnaday aad Twwday. with
la sptaadld revtvsl ef lard iettoa's
MThe Lady of Lyons
assay aad Teesday eaty. by sperad sea
tbe grass feflxiaa spartscie.
: Qiio Vadls?
m'. fav. xa. ma, ii
..JH Ua. Uoi
riles aS say, KzT Moartseaa
sluailisi s . thsatia.
Dmtm boa ernes sS
Mala 11A.
Imi ysar Sasts by rheae Mala 1TI.'
Crnvdad both tliMS fWvA. -i-TOWIOirr
apaUAi BtATTOBa wbdnbrdax. .
rarewvn war. Brvmn-IUBne ttNsxeay
. .. m tbe iwewnil aaint.rr play,
-r omnrjaur uairs." 'r'
r-rina All axtiaeaa, 10e.Uc.2B. Miahov,
15e. Ve. ate. sue. - - '
. :.. ..Stvaath asd AMer tweets. -;
BVnr sftoeaeoe aed eeaulag. -THB
la tss seseattoaar SKlaaraaM. , , '. ..
Beyond the Rockies rV
' BperUttlK bet wees srts. ' ,t
Perfamarea at 1:30. T: aaS 0:10 s, ta,
i - tsaal rto ef aSBilaslea. 10 erais. '
Wak ef rasrasiy ts.
waahlBstoa'a Mrthear.
' a rnf . mn.
. msWTY-TOWs rTHO. v
r i . uoirw aJis tosa. . , . .
e - YBX lOVtt aaOTMASs. , 4.
jog rcms. . '..
rrtajf ot. .',:.-'--
CBASUS AMD rnA giatn. , . -ALT
BONSEB. , , . ,
TM SkAllDIBCOrS, - '."i
a say Ml, li sat.
- nnmru attkactxovoi
-RtWvpA.'?.- .
' tain vOLTtsa. .
SAWXtT "0 AsaV
yovi. 4 fuo
a rn r
ZSIsus a 6 3FS.
lo t anr Mt; i-we tMM, I
floethMoes allta. ' t HI.. a. s.
Third aM y " ' '
trie uii Al any arug Biers, A"
-'..... ''