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Portland Commercial . Bodies
"t Think: Corigress Should Af-
vi - -tpw Futt Sum. f or .VVorkrr:
Will Petition National Body and
Mak.e personal Appeal to,
"A- Chairman Burton, :
The executive heads of th four lead.
' Ing commercial bodies la Portland ax a
: unit In the--view -that congress ..should
i- flrat allow the full appropriation : for
' (continuing th deepening of the 'bar at
th ssnuth if the Columbia .river, and
" that Che largest possible amount that
. , van be secured should bo appropriated
; ., -for tb ' purpose of at leaat making ra
' borlnnin now on tho Cellist canal. . The
' navigation committee of the chamber of
: commerce la la eessloa thla. afternoon
'a tht subject. and a strong : demand
. '"will be made, firat for the full amount
: for the mouth of the Columbia, and for
action by th government fcesplng faith
'in -the matter or the canal. ', ,r resident
. wiMwiwrif ht -- -v f -;
V "Some action -will be taken by the
chamber at onoe I do not know today
; what will W- deu. My personal -Idea
-'would be to -memorialise congress and
end a streng telesrram to .Congressman
, Burton statlnf tnei position of ths cham-
..' " ber." - . . -. . ;..::---rv-(,,.,,..:
: The board of .trad will act at once,
and vlgorouely, said Prealdent Allan.
,Our executive coram It toe will -asset
-r- Thursday. of thla week, and the 'matter
will be taken: up. . We will go a fur
- congress, the appropriations committee
' iaad Chalraaaji Burton individually. Wo
vtake th .position that the mouth of the
..Columbia, should have its full aproprla
ttlon first, snd th Cclllo canal ahould yet
- enough money at tbla aeaalon to make a
good-stsrt on Ha construct!!.?.. -t
' - Prealdent Cake r of the Commercial
, Wubv-who la personally well acquainted
'with Chairman Burton, the congreesman
having bean an of bia tutors at oollege.
t: ,'ihaa fall faith that the. Columbia rtvor
7 t; -Will Moalve fair treatment at hia bands.
. : 'L- am cirtaln that Chairman Burton
-known the ittuatlon here aa well aa any
ne, and that he la a true friend of -The
1 Columbia rtver" aald Mr; Cake., "Ths
- people of PprtlaoVl and o( Orecotrshoani
, .-stand aa (tunit n the propoattlon that
. the mouth of Uia Columbia, river muat be
opened flrat. and that tho- CelUo canal
: 'Should have the. laraeataDnranrlKtlon
-thar aii. be-jweured -ot.4etilnB- the
-wera mere.
- Mr Cake --waa 'am0n thoi
' ;"h r accompanied - Congreeeman r-Bur-
, ton- on hit jtrtp.of lnapection J roA
uwmon on ns snaa .nver to tne
- mouth of the Columbia river. .He aaya
the congrssaman. manifested- the deepen t
lntereat. and that hla examination was
o carefully made and so complete that
- ns is aa well lorormed on the situation
' a any man In Orecon can be. . He be--2
-.Hares Confreaaman Burton, will do the
, beat he canatWaahlnBon for the Co
lumbia, 'and that bla policy la to push
- the- Jetty -work firsthand lt: the. OIHe
, canal follow. Prealdent, Holmea of tha
. M anufacturera 'aaaoctatlon . entertatne
... :T simllar-vlw.Bv - ." '- 1 ... .. rr
, - Jv . Mamberai it ih open river committee
, . 'tt the Portland- Ohamber sf Commerce
: '.. . srjll meet Ahla - afternoon or tomorrow
to conaider Nie provlalonb of a bill that
"wilt be -pmented- to the lealalatnre xa
- provide for maintenance and- operation
' "V'of the Celllo poftaa road. The con-
- rnHte will- aleo take up the question
'-'.'arising from Congreaaman Barton's at
titude toward tho icahal appropriation.
' Dlseqaalon of thla subject will only be
Informal at title time, and further action
will await the shaplng.of events of tha
neat few days. -In view of the new
- and surprising situation regarding funda
.w4ai.4jt eanal workrtHe committee rlewa
, tna importance or tha portage road with
,- .increaaing concern. .--.
"THnldad, Colo., Jan. II During a
- Sudden attack or insanity, Frank House
it shot and. fatally wounded bla wife, while
vh was lying in bed and then blew out
'" nla own brains..". -
.s 1 ..u i' sum
I Offer A Stomach Sufferers
tt Fva i DolWs Worth of My .
T-MrrhedyTeee .tp"Try7I"p
- ' 'I eaa after at if fee si fen dollar's wnrtk
ree ti im ale Is ae ereiasry reawdy. Oedl
' Wry reawdle treat araptnsia. My rrm4y
. ' trcets th eeeate tkat sradw the eysntea.
, Systpeaat treetnwsl But ha krpt sp forevar
' ' s loot es tse seose la br. My tnetstest
auy a suepd as aooa pf It baa rBMe tha
. aaa. far that Is always the ead e( tronhle.
... ,, HtAmaeh trouble I ant roally alrkea. bet s
- . raptes. It is s sympteai tkat a certain set at
Steves te alilnf. Not the volnnury narvae
. Skat nakle yoa s walk and talk ant ef
' pUle aetoaaitle stoaarh nerves eeef wkkb
-goer als haa no rrxitrm. '
- 1 I have not ronn her to explain how tbooe
. onar. tiny nervva eeetrel and epmte Ike
Stomarn, ' Hew worry hreaka tsaa down ane
nnaaa inoisosttsn: - How almoe wvara thm
t ent and eaaaa aysoopola. How nlcrt any
hrint s- kldary. hrart and other trnabwa
tfcrough ayapahy. I hava. not room to n
Iplala how tkeoe wni any ho rrarked aae
- J- fxrencthened 1 aad vlullnnd and aaoe woll
hf a roaody I apont DO yeers In porfeHlns
: sew- know a i hy nratsle'e eeerywhoee ae nr.
ftooep'k RoMorettve. I nave not room la 01.
. pteln -Sew -Male- eoawlr. by- eaolnlr tne-
. raoae. pan a eertain m te iMisratloa. slrk.
',; la, benrtttnra. Maoaala. wiimdm . ye
Bnaa.' AU of tkeao tklnca are fallr oz-
plalnotl la the book I will aead ynn wkea yoa
la nf thmm m aNtlllMMi h.iu. MtmAm I
'2Z knows. It kas emod etonech trashUa not
: osra, oat rvpMwdly ovar and evae acala.
Tt yew any not have haard ef It or bearin
' any have delsyad oe aVmbtad. Bo I aako thla
, part te yen. a etraeaor, that every naealhla
mn ror .aoao any ne rvmevoa
oney aake a ne nraalos uka no risk
Manly writs and aak.- If yoa havo not trlod
.ar reaesr. I will aond yen sa erdee en your
,' lOfafs'-t for s foil dollar hotl not a aaasla.
. Hat tke rvsnlar atasdard holt la he keoea oan
etantly en kU Swim. Tho Smrrltt will ro
. . onlre ne enndltlnne. He' will arrvot ar ernVr
aa rnof faliy" St Inungk )iif Qnllai laid ne
' fore kla. - He will aoad tne bill to aa. -
. . 1U yoa eoroM tkla spoartualtr to bars af
y ipo analatly. now to be rid fvr
- ef att forms ef atoaach Wonbla te he rid not
. only e the tenable, bat of the Vary eases
. wkleb ssoSsead Itl Writ todays - v ,, , 1.
' nr a froe erdor for -oo 1 en lynriMia. ,
a lull dollar kottle B I en tba Hoart.
!rs a not addrvaa Pook I en tha Itbuwya
Ir. SJHoop. Haa STI. : Book nne WoaenL
narlne. Wla. ' uw ' Book S for Mon. -
. 'T'kich .boak. ea wantBaog ljajen WtlfSt.
di. Sloop's
W jHpraai 1'ixMira m iae Joornai-I' ' w
Salem. Jan. H. A Joint .reeo- d
lutlon' waa -Introduced by Bur .
s-geaa of Waaco. jecUing tha gieatw
d " Importance of the Celtlo canal.
d '. Th work'' vndertaken -ty . the . e
atate to secure the light of way, e
and the fact that the government - d
waa-pledged-to sn - Immediate ,
d ' Inauguration t of , the r- Improve-'' 4
W ment, and declaring as te-aenas rd
4 of the leglalatura that the im- rd
provement ' la tof national Im- f w
portance, and.congresa therefore "e
d la petitioned to make an appro. 4
d ,-prlatlon during tha preaent sea. 4
alon to commence, the canal, and ';
to authorlae Its completion by . d
d continuing It 00. the ' contract ;
d avntem.' ' '
. The, secretary or atate waa in- . d
atructed. to transmit-this re so- . e
lutlon by wire to Washington. . 5 e
- . 1 . . --. ." r.- ..- ... 4
Auttralian c Ballot Amendment
and Eighth Judicial District
-HBilla .Meat Defeat. '"Jh
-'.'-'') '...' Joarsal Vpeelal rvti.r h 'T j- i'.'
y Salem. Ota' Jan. 1. A' bill appropri
ating 110,400 to aid the Oregon Histori
cal society" was Introduced by Repre
sentative Llnthlcum this afternoon.
Mlirer Introduced a bill requiring pan-'
He school teachers to gtve the school
board It days' notice- before resigning
positions or forfeit. he right to teach
ror tna remainder of the school year,
Exceptions In oase of sickness are made.
An amendment to the -Australian
ballot failed "fo paaa over the governor's
veto by a vota of If to a. Only Loughary,
Farran and Rand voted In favor of the et.W-VHi-cTr-i-i t it. y
Senate bill 1S failed by a Tinantmoua
vote to pass the retoj It created the
eighth judicial district. One bill failed
to- paaa the house last year and the
governor vetoed the - other - because it
left two counties without a court. RandV
the author uf the bill, spoka In favor.of
tne veio. - . .... ,
On motion of Millar, consideration of
the other bills vetoed waa Indefinitely
postponed.. ."-. t
Hod son introduced ' a bill TrovTdlng
that tbefore grand Juries return- Indict
ments they must send for. the defendant
I mnA tkmm Mm mlAm tm j . -
t HiiQtvr niv iioq 'is lie eu uwtve w
must be told who accuses him and th
offense charged. - The bill la meant 1
avoid Indictments du? to the malice pf
tna accunert:i-.,..,:u w
' 4 large number of criminal canes .were
set tor trial when the criminal docket
waa called thla morning in the olrcutt
court. Th calendar waa filled much
more rapidly than In the past as a result
ef tha Inauguration of a new method In
the conduct of business In the criminal
courts. Hereafter all caaes brought to
the record must have prompt attention
and nd -delay, -wilt : be brooked : Hy--th
JUOSeS. - - l,, TTt.. .::.-L-.
h When N. Xsuthold wa brought flnto
court for sentence, bis attorney. Charles
Petrala, pleaded very eloquently for le
niency. Presiding Judge- Qeorge-imposed
the minimum- penalty,, two years - The
maximum ta SO yearn. Mr. Petnaln was
nly . cumplimanted on his address.
which, was pronounced ao. unusual rsuc-
mm in court pleas. e -
Ieuthold -was-guntyOf ,,T6rgfhgran
order on J.'", K. Gill V Co.- A aecond
charge' against him waa dismissed. in
dulgence In strong drink was given
the reason for Leuthotd a downfall.
Cases agalnat W. J. . Curtis. Henry
plea and Oup Roqth war dismissed.
, - tJonrnnl gpectal Rerviee.) . ' "
Olympla, Jan, If With only 14 hours
remaining before balloting . for , United
S'aiet sen'aor the vltuatlon te prm'tintUy
unchanged. . Apparently nothing resulted
from the Junketing trip to Snttle at th
Invitation of the mayor, of that clty..
- Today the legislators returned front the
coast and - both houses .reconvened at
noon. A number of bills, were Introduced
but little was accomplished. -. -
'Tomorrow an Informal ballot Is' taken
for .senator -In both -house and .senate.
Wednesday the first Joint ballot will be
taken, th approximate strength of the
various candidates la claimed to ue about
aa followa: " .' ' - . - t
FOster W. Piles 40. Sweeny to, Wilson
tl. Managers of the different candidates
make nr fresh claims and atate that the
first definite Information regarding th
strength of the candidates will be aeen
only after the first ballot, . ',
David Joy of 211 Kteventa street waa
found dead In bed this morning by his
daughter. Mrs. Laura B. - Stratton. '
! 8everal years ago Mr.' Joy . . was
thrown from a wagon and sustained hv
jurteo t hi head. At th aam time
he bad a aught stroke or apoplexy, and
It la tha opinion , of tb Physician and
Deputy Coroner A... L. . Flnley that. his
death was caused by apoplexy. - He was1
61 years of age and bad '.lived here It
years He leaves a widow and daughter-'
( -X,-, I': .W.,-, .
wnrsnr wwwww xa nwnnnsxsnieyBp-nxerwwnxexsso-
, .. V(Jonmal gpoeUI Barvlcr.) I :
Boston, Jan. 10. Tho defonse of Charles
Tucker, ' charged with the murder of
Mabel Page, begun today,' The atate has
made a strong ease on purely circum
stantial evidence. Thomas - r. - Vaboy
made the opening argument' for the de
fense." He said he would prove - that
Tucker waa not guilty of the crime and
that the owner, of the stickpin produced
in - evidence, aSdTils pet son - who
Wrote the liote. and th so-called "Mor
ton address".. waa none other than Miss
Page The- defense . admitted -Tuoker
owned the knife - In . question,- that he
broke the knife after having been under
suspicion, which frightened.' him. He
would prove also that th knife could not
possibly Inflict the wounds on Misa Page's
POOy. . . - , - .. ., ... t: ' .'
, 1 rr i o-7 ; ; j r
rJenrsal Special gervlcn.1
Boise, Idaho, Jan. If. The Northwest
Fruit gr were' . association began Its
twelfth annual meeting In Boise tedsy
and will remain In session for three
days Prominent' fruitgrower ar In
attendance front Idaho, northern Cali
fornia. Washington, Oregon, Montana
and British Columbia. . The convention
will be addreesed by the horticultural
experts of several prominent colleges. (
Only" Two Examined Today in
wnectionjryith Blue MoAn.;
,J tain ; roren rteverve. .
Onlytwovwltnesses were called be
fore the fedhral grand Jury- thla morn
ing, and they had previously testified.
The first waa Prot J. A. Weaoo, tha
handwriting expert, and th other John
W. Rowland, chief clerk of the United
States surveyor-general's office; who oc
cupied the time of. the body until the
noon 'adjournment. - He . carried ' with
him a mass of official records, and It la
presumed Ma testimony had some rela
tion to tha Blue mountain forest .reserve,
It- being understood that tha grand
Jury is . new Investigating the feature
bearing upon - Senator - Mitchell's and
Congressman Hermann's connection with
the. establishment of the reserve,, and
upon which It Is 1 presumed additional
Indictments will he-found against them.
- Witnesses Ball, Bills and Combs have
been subpoenaed1 In connection with
charges that have been preferred agalnat
the Butt Creek Land. Livestock at Lum
ber company, a concern operating exten
sively near Fossil, Wheeler county, about
100 miles southeast of The Dalles. It Is
claimed tha corporation fenced In a great
deal of government land and has repeat
edly disregarded the-lnjunc-tlona .of th
federal authorities t- refrain from fur
ther trespass. ,! The company la also ac
cused of harassing settlers In the ri
clnlty flf their holdings, with a view of
Intlmldntlng then) to th extent of
abandoning 'their 7 homesteads, which
would' thus fall Into the' hand of tha
company. ..lnatancea have been reported
to the effect that agents, or the com
pany have been Inatrumental In cutting
th fences of settlers-and annoying tbam
In many other waya along those lines
Ex-State Senatof. W. W. Btelwer la
president. H. ii. Henderson treasurer ana
O. n Kiphsrv eensrsl nuiuttr of the
corporstlonr and It lslnteO thatTha
methods they have employed. In aaqult
ing tdelr titles will also. play an Impor
tant- part-in tho- grand Jury:- inveewge-
tlOna. ., J --; -. ; ' n , f ,. , .
tJoomal gjmfei gorvlee.) '
' Sacramento, Jan. II. In the senate to
day Senator Belshaw ef Oakland pre
sented afe appropriation calling ' for
171,000 for th Lewis and Clark exposi
tion at- Portland, the money to- be spent
In preparing apd maintaining, an exhibit
fortha statoof Callforala. -s
-The Tkentlaaent. among tho Isglslatrtra
In favor of large' appropriation for the
Portland fair la very strong and there is
no doubt that th bill will pass, without
serious opposition, ..v i .
his annual massage, oovernor far-
das reoommendea sucn action, ana action
on tn bin win oe rusneo, 1 ; .
fjsspondent because of the -rumor that
all Chinese must remove .their queue
Lin-Chung." employed at th Morning-
side' sen I tort um at Mount - Tabor, com
mitted atticld yesterday by hanging. He
la aald to. have declared that It would
be sacrilege to remove his nueue,
L - Chung waa working In the dlnihg footn
at the institution yesterday, and waa
sent Into-the basement.-" He failed
turn and Investigation showed -that he
bad hangsd hlmselFTdTrptpe which ex
tended along the floor, by means of a
rope from bed' clothing."! " ;
Coroner Finiey decided an Inquest ,Ws
unnecessary. 1 'j.-v',,..---.-
' (Jenmsl SnacUl Service.) ". -Indiana
polls, U Ind- Jan. . l(.-Between
too and 000 delegates filled Tomllnson hall
thla morning at the opening of tha Itttt
annual convention of the United Mlne
workers of America. The states most
largely represented were Indiana, Penn
sylvahia,. Ohio-and Illinois. Delegates
were on band also from- Iowa, Michigan,
Kentucky. West Virginia. Tennessee and
other states In which the miner are di
rectly or ; Indirectly fflllated.iUwltb.-the
national nn .-, . -. . . -
, j .,, . :
(Jenrnal Bpeetai Serviced) ' '
Jefferson i City. Mo., Jan. It. Before
the senate -committee today irewesanta
tire Ceok - of Howell county tuetifled
that A. F. - Hollenback, poatmaater at
West Plains, told him Jie would b well
cared for if ha voted for Niederlnbaua for
senator, i witness too a toe statement a at a
III be before tho committee this after-
noon. " ; '- -"' 1. -.- -. ' " '
-1. MBMa..
: . (gperlal IMapatek te The Journal.) "
Moscow, Idaho Jan. ll.J-Beaten to
death and than robbed, Knud Nelson was
found by th roadald between Moscow
and hla ranch by hla brother last night.
He had considerable money on hla per
son and waa returning from town. He
did not arrive when expected, and his
brother-went to make a search, which
resulted In the discovery of the murdered
men. - - -.
There Ja no clue to hla murderer.
sfcAjroa baths ooxisTOt stjbxi 7
"Toil may but in the roost emphatic
terms at your command that on tha
night .January JO, Miss Blanche Bates,
undns the management 01 Pavld Belnacii.
will open an engagement of one week
In Portland In The Darling of the Oods't
And aha will do It if It .becomes nsoes-
ssry to pitch tent for that'purpose.-.
M. n. Kiroy. Dusuiesa- manager or
the Blanche Bates company, made the
above declaration thla morning: at the'
Portland hotel, anavlde-nflywarry
rata at uguu.-.-.-.J". .2
- (flpeclal Otapstrk tn Tke Jonrnal.) .
Summit. Waah Jan. I Th Pacific
Coaat elevator .warehouse, six. boxcars
and 1. 00 sacks of grain burned - here
last night.-. Th loss Is ftt.OOO, fully
fnsured. Th origin of tho fire Id un
known. . 1 1 -
:T4 B lam end Care.
The latest newa from Pari la that
they have diecovered a diamond -cur
for consumption, it you resr consumpl
tlon or pneumonia. It will, however, bel
best for you to.tak that great remedy
mentioned -toy W. T. Mciiee. of Vanleer,
Tenn. "I had a cough for II years.
Nothing helped me until I took Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Cold a. which gavs Instant
eiter, ana enociea a permanent cure.
Tneousled aulck. curr for Throat
Lung Troubles. At Red Cross Phsr
macy. Sixth and Oak streets, on the wsy
to the Bontofflc. Price too and tl.od
guaranteed. Trial botU free.
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manufacturers of highest class Clothing. Ws bought their entire stack st CO cents on the $1 of wholesale value, .'enabling us
to give the grsndest real bagsins in the very latest and most desirable qualities and styles in Suits and Overcoats. We hsvs
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feet In make and atyle and war mad ter.
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ducing high-class clothes, and this sst-
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la the three Paciflo states. -There
. la genuine satlsf action In buying clothes'
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garments In th big atoro. , "
. , ' - .
For choice of (0 atylea of
Imported ".Tweed- Suits,"
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not make assertions thst ar not true. -.
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', 1 v
Brother of Nebraska's Covernof
Loses Damage Suit Because
r Ha Watched CanlnH. . s
-'V X - """' -- . . . . -..!.'-
v- .. - (jonrnal Special gerrlee.) '- ;
Bes' Moines, town. Jan. llv Because
B. S. Mickey, a brother of Governor
Mickey pf Webraska, tutued-his-rtead -to
watch a dog fight, .thut being guilty of
contributory negligence, ' ba has lost a
tt.OOt damage suit agalnat the city of
Indianolc- . i
: Mickey was' riding a horse up th
street and looking back he saw two dogs
In fierce combat...- Mickey Is a devout
Methodist , and superintendent of tho
Sunday school but h became absorbed
In the struggle and did not notloe an
Ton "can hem and haul and argue a lifetime, but you can't dlny haV"'
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for some one to buy what you have for sale, thereby losing hours, thst
mean dollars, or apend a fw cents by.lnsrting a -want ad" tn The
Journal'a claaalf led columna and -lay your hand on a dosen or more that
want what ever It may be. Think It over you'll see the logic , ...
' 'Ti e lauds In Oregon " Weed thst
. nvnn vinnvvo.. . it win vm otaro
Irrigation Co. la making the offer..
Joaeph Williamson has listed hi ad!ln th classified directory, It can
be found under the heading "Cement Contractors." Gives estimates on
all klnda of concrete, basement work and aeworage. If you hav any
work of tkl kind to be done be sure and see the ads under this classi
fication." ' . ' -' ., '--. ' ' - -,' ,-' . '
- If you're out ef work yon will find that an ad Inserted In The Journal's
i classified eo)umnsunor "Situations
Just the thing to get you a-posltion. Tou may be surprised but it will
cost you nothing for one time, No strings tied to thla offer, either.
Com along, everybody... , ' .' ' .
. Are you carrying a card In the bjslneas directory of The Journal t If
not why not? Strsngera aa well a th older cltlsens depend on The
Journal' "Directory" to find place of buslneaa. - if your ad la not ther
then you r likely out' a job or bar lost a sal. Every buain man
in Portland can afford to carry an ad In the "Directory." Be broad
minded.' don't miss a -chance to sell all you can or do all the work yon
can get. Consider the proposition Have th "Want Ad: man oalL It's
no trouble; glad to talk It ovr. -
mm mi m
r v : 1 t f 1 v f .. ... . v x y I
TllZ O? TIC CLOCK 69-71-73 ,T1V2S ST., C2T. OAII AO- P1NX
self- -
-but -J
--t.-g"' -. , 2--'' ' lf' rr?v")k "Tl
. vv n : ". i;'.'---J! -"I ' vv.;; .1 -.
, -- -.. v.-' '--- ,.-'..:.:., .' Vr-- 2- .-: -'-
- Gives you an Opportunity: in tailor- ,
. made peg'lop .or . form fitting all '
-wooi--or- pure i worsted trousers ' :
worth' $30(0,: Hand up to; $5ThireT
from in black, 'Oxfords, blue,
't - 2
and medium color Vests, worth
to 48 bust. , - , .
electric wire just ahead of the moving
horse., which caught It on the neck and
threw It violently to th ground. '
Mickey sustained severe -spinal 1"1n
Jnriea and brought suit against tha city
fort.. Thijury wera. Instructed
thst Mickey' act in- looking backward
at th eW fight vitiated th right to
recover and th Jury returned a rerdlct
accordingly. .-.-v..--.- v -.':.
" Appointments and promotions have re
cently been made by Chief Campbell of
tho Itrs"depa.i tmenr as-f ollowsr-James
Haines promoted from hoseman. engine
company No. S, to driver ef truck) oom-
pany.No, I; Dayton. Gray r appointed
hoseman. engine company No. I; Mordle
Keeney, promoted from ladderman, truck
company No. 4, to engine driver, engine
company No. t; Robert Weat, ladderman,
truck company No. 4; J. iC Drain, driver
hoee company No. K-Thornas- Van SSandt,
ladderman, truck company No. 4. -
(n't dlny
an eight-room house, rent tit: It'
know mom read-the advertisement ;
-Furniture -For 'Bale." - , . . .
landlords. "The ExposTflon Accom-v j
e Hint" ,,-.1.1. C
s1 amongth. cjasslf lcatlpnJtBual-T
.iivoroo,. Tun. - aiio wviunoia nouinara
j;" : " ' - r ,r
Wanted Male or female" wlU prove
''- 'if ....-....- r - . -,-..-,, 1 ' t - :'''.(..
Shoe-rly you know, of The Chicago good. Shoes. We are
"positively headquarters on best quabty footwear, carry the
larp-eat and beat varletV'and sell thousands of Dairs a month.k
Every pair-we sell is guaranteed to give satisfaction and w
-ww-sjtwajrn save vuu iiiuiij
Lot Closing Sale of $3.50 patent, colt skin, vici,
daafU0 veleur, box calf, dress weights, also heavy grade of
U-xalf, pig aad water-buffalo. vGoody ear welts, very Select styles,
j fresnstocK, au sizes and widths.
Jf-'. Closing 30-4otsof box calf, giant calf and velour;7i
P 100 - built -i Tor - service, - in - medium t andheavweight v
'-'stock; regular $2.50' values. :;--w:---iT-i"-'";-;' 3r" v '."T
-i---:':2W " r iBOYS SHOES "r -;1
$.65,tJ1.85 No special cut, as W Sell boys'
s)l 00 goods at actual cost of handling. .We can say with"
all truth and candor that you cannot do as well anywhere Jr -'
'.Boys Shoes as at The Chicago. '. ;;. ' 1 y t-'-v 's'Jfy
(Sperlrt Dtapatch to .The Jonrnal.)
'"Bugener Orv Jan.- H. -Th Ladl of
th G.- A. j R, Made an official visit to
Rich-Mountain circle of that order n
this city Saturday Bight, and .Installed
the new. Officer recently elected. Tb
occasion was an Important one for the
local circle, and the attendance at the
meeting was large,- ' , , t. ' ,-;-s
A. Ross and Thorns Kinsley.- real-
danta of the "Mud Flat" section of the
W really tn , sell . Diamonds at it -to. lt ner cent -
.lower than-any Jeweler In
- al) our Diamonds consist of unredeemed pledge place
us In a position to sell them cheaper. Besides,- yoa - can
Jur,. from ua on-.'- -, -y 2i-i. '
Tou pay 'no more than
. 'every Diamond we sell w
liiteiy guaranteeing the -quality and value of your pur
chase. Tour money back
cent or the cash purchasing
bought front as
OvqrcpotG ond;
- W will cloa tt lot from tho flna
. cann, wampoia s vs. atocs ai me jaw- .
?est -prlcea ever, quoted for go flnt s
qualities and lateat styles Toua hard- V
to- fit and hayd-to-pleaae men that pay
fancy prlcea for' your Overcoats, should .-.
fae there. DON'T BB CONCEITED, '--Xahn,"
Wampold eVCo.-garmfiU rar"
: worn by the peat drefs in 'Amerlct'
-They will please yoiwsk some ono that
! knows their mertU- . . .- i :i J-.,.,,
r' O f" WUl take choice of all 110.-'
Vf tr mni om evr ttr '
Vw Ovarcoata,. In- medium or :
winter weight. '. They com in short or "
moderate . long, . box . or extra, long .:
Coaaack and belt back styles. There :
are light, medium and dark colon and
Fall and winter weights, in .
hand-tailored, full fashioned. -.
elect tyles. tn smooth or -
' rough materials. Some full satin yoka2
' with worsted body lining: tn all the preJ
railing-' styles -of - length and color. "
Made by Cahn, Wampold V Co. to retail
at tit to til. and th best garments
to ba -had at that price.;; ;-; , -
For choice "Of ieor of.
tyles, very selact-hand-:
tailored black astln lined
opera length box" 1ack: worth up
t2t. This closing out of lots Includes
some of the-ultra-fsshlonabla Overcoata-
all thO popular' and noveL atylea of
thla season, and Is unquestionably tha.
plnnacl of real merltorloua bargain
Slvtag. -.' ..'..'...",.',' ':'A X'.'"
city, had a dlsput over "the rental of
a house, resulting fn Kinsley striking"
Rass across th fac with th aid. of al
spade.-. Kinsley wa compelled to pay
a Sn or 110 and boat. ' 4 ' - ' "
1 Al th annual Lane county delinquent
tax sale 147 pieces of property ' wer
old for 11.050. , ' r , -"
Walter Eddy, who haa Just completed
ft 19-oe.ys sentence 4n lall for wife :
ing.. Is again -In Jail, this time for 2S
days oh tha charge of being drunk and'
disorderly.- When arrested the last time
Eddy told the officers thst he wished'
they would put him In jail for 10 years,
as he would than get plenty pf food Snd
would not havs to work.
.. I'!' "i '
:Mmtiia,.,i,. .iiiii
a m& :"Sl::
the city, the fact that moat
wer you to pay cash. . With
give a certificate ' abso-
within one roar,, less 10 per .,
; price, en any Diamond
'... ;
, 1
v "
' '.V
!r X ' r . '' "' -----