The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, January 15, 1905, Image 5

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    tit: cz'.:zz:i ' cj::d .y ' vjcur ::al. ' . roiiTL and ' suidA y moaning. January w.
U-tii ir- t
.TIL Vl. b .
on as. Axrizj o iJ c?Ar
Calu BbU 1 . . i . . i. . iT. . -"The Wife'
- l oaolra ."The Jiillr Aaaefleas Troiu
Cr.h(J ,,.Va4lle
l)o .......... (....i VaaoeTllle
Irrlc ........ '.we'll'
ftwr ,.-..Vesdlll
baker .....VaaSeTlUe
' Mr, Sylvia W. McGulrs. reader ajvl
' Impersonator, will gtv another on (
her delightful programs Oreo Meth-
. odlat church. Twslfth and Taylor. Tus
.. day evening, January IT. Mr a. McUulre
. ,('-! a reader of artutlo ability, har spe
' . ola It y being negro 'dialect stories. In
which aha excel. Being a aouthern wo
man, aha has. Mr eonataot association
; , Imbibed all th quaint humor of th old
time darkey, which ah Interpret and
reproduce in Inimitable style. Being
, possessed of magnetic peraonallty and a
. ' aot musical voice, ne never rau te
, ' plea her audience, and those who fall
' to hear her on Tuesday vnlng will sal
a rar treat. Mr. Emms, Wilson Oil
lesple, well known drstnatlo reader, will
" aaslst Mr. McOulrs. giving a musical
recitation with Professor Wilder o
' ' com pan 1st. - The musical part of th
. program will b given by such well
- known musicians a Mrs. May paarborn
. Schwab, Miss Francis GUI. Mr. Gardner
and other. Admission 21 cent. , . . , ,
' ' J. i W. Simmons, i sate deputy hoed
- Tonsul of the Modern Wqodmen of Aoier
. ' lea. departed last evening for? Salera.
Monroe, Cottage Grove and Eugene,
.whsr , Installation will be held ,. this
week. -Joint ' - Installation ,. ceremonies
' were held this week by Oregon drape
. ,carap-,7e. St. John camp 1,6. M.
i - W. . of A- and Oregon Rose camp l.ttl.
Cedar camp . I.M4. R. N. A.. at Up-
-church hall, corner . Seventeenth . and
Marshall -Streets. , Attar. tha exercises
there was supper n dancing. -The varl
; ou lodges Installed officers. ,
OhrMaWa. ln-t this slush awful! My
feet , are soaking- wet: . I'll . catch - my
death of cold. I know, but I simply must
get down to Max Smith' for my dinner,
' I've -walked alx - squares now and am
half . drowned, - but 'I'll soon be - there;
I Max Is serving ono of hi famoua tur
'key dinner today. o you can under
'stsnd my great deslr tq be on hand.
Coma along; won't you Join me.? . Right
down the street a little-ways opposite
the old poa toff Ice, you knpw.
- Piano prices tumble In order to ob
T;tatn a more' central" location I have to
Morinca'space, andlhs large and ma g
, A ntneent stock of plsno now on , hand,
must be at one reduced. ft(S pianos
- pa for while the most expensive
Instruments srs reduced -even' more.
,, v Much old - and famous make as the
- Kroeger." "McPhalt." , "Behnlng" end
pothers included - In- thj sale. : Terms
"v from tl down and If par month up.
"sA. V7. Meyer,. H Sixth' gtreeC---; :-
-Last Sunday's Oregonlan contained an
- article to 4he effect that Lawrence Bros.
.had severed their connection with the
- city Laundry company. This Is error.
. '7- The Lawrence Bros.- never wereMnter
rr s'ted ln-thr Clty-'Iundxr"otnpjrrnor
- connected therewith except a driver on
-v commission and th routes and good will
j-,.- they had they sold to other driver: City
.;, . . . laundry ; company. .
' . . ' lAttllnntilmetofj. ttiiHHelyetla
- - Sing club- Friday evening the following
"'- officer -were elected:. O. A. Kaaper,
.-r,'i president y John , Rats. - Secretary - Bmll
utAraiugerxi treasurer; jau Aiuacner. iiura.
, nan. , Th socuecy is in a more riour
Ishhia condition, than ever before. Its
members-are making preparatlona ; is
give a grsnd concert In th early, spring.
Th throe-story trUcture--emmenced
by Oeorge Hueaner about faiir months
irrgh-:on: th southwest ."corner -of Fif
teenth snd Lownsdale la -rapidly naarlng
pompletion." There rni be six store on
'th ground' floor and Jiving rooms on
tho - floor- a bove. The bu Udip g - wil 1
: ? -represent, when completed, about flt.yOO.
h : Dlnna- forgeT'Burns' anniversary eon
; i cert and danre- at Arlon....bsJl .Friday.
-January 7.-under-the' auspice -or clan
Macleay. Hear Mrs; Walter Reed, Mrs.
'' 1 Rose Bloch-Bauer, Dotn J. Zh and. Leon
Jnnea In ftcottleh annrJ Hlahland Blnlns?
" "snd'. dancing. " ,',,-' ';' r ,- v- "T" ."
Professor- Eaton's.- dancing school,
Clasae Monday and Thursday evenings
st Arlon hall. .'Beginners taken St sny
time. Six aaslntant teachers. '.Private
. lessons dally-at hall. - Spectators In-
"f Vlted. ,'Phon west X04t.-"s"- - ,
- Nbtlce Until further notice Regulator
line steamer .for The Dalle and way
-" point will leave Portland only on Tue-
'dsys. Thursday and Saturday, at T
m,, returning alternate days. Fhon
.. r main I4. ': " x .
Secure your staterooms .and ticket on
... ocean steamer Roancke sailing from
.'.L. Fortlsnd Tuesday afternoon,- January- 17
for Ban Francisco and Los Angeles. Of
. flee SfO Alder street . , . -
Vlsvl Hyglenio Horn Treatment for
a the permanent cure of all female
trouble. Xdy physician in charge con
"'. aultstlon snd examination free. Office
; hour . m. to I p. m.; XI Lewi bldg.
", The reliable - steamer Redondo ' sail
' for San - Francisco direct . Wednesdsy
'." noon. Cabin, tit ; steerage, ts. Meals
. and berth Included. C. H. Thompson,
sgent. lit Third street., A . . ..
Lee McOrath, a ship carpenter, ia a
"native son" of San Francisco, but wa
unable to find work there. He had 10
v ' cents, and made th trip to Portland on
that amount . He arrived laat night and
- sought shelter st police headquarters.
Frca Zc:2 fo Zc:e
"Klgln time resuUtes the wepld."
We call your attention to ei( eaten--'
slve line of Elgin watches. In all
. rases, sll prices snd All alses. We .
csn put Rlgln worka la any case
you may select Is die' snd gentle-',
men a . ,
a.:n. v?jcht
293 MOniUCQN ST.
j Its Vcrld Over
Chetp-R&izsrs and-' Ctokyardt
Interests' Get Control of ;
National Organization.
ifn isj PAiirnni
Rsvolt W';:i Havs No III Effort on
' Portland Packing Houso
V ' Project ". -
By combining with, the sheep reisers,
ancient enemies of th cattlemen, the
stockyard Interests of the west have
succeeded In controlling the National
Livestock, association, ' in session at
Denver, and amending the constitution In
such a. "manner . that the packers snd
siocxyaras men r securely in the sad
Th struggle resulted In revolt, the
caitremea wunurawinaT zrom. lbs old aa
soctaiion tnsy iormd six year ago.
They have organised a new association
which they name the National Cattle
Growers' association. . They have elected
a their President Conrad Shaffer, nreai
deat of th Colorado Cattlemen's asso
ciation, and the following executive com
mittee: a. K. DeRicqles, Colorado; Rich
ard Walah, Texas; N. K. Parsons, "Utah;
Charles McDonald, New Mexico;. Robert
Taylor, Mebraska. -...'
Th revolution occurred at the: na
tlonal 'convention of the old association
Friday at Denver. Th original associa
tion bad re-eleoted 'President Frsnk J.
Hsgenbarth. and an executive committee
of eight. In which Nelson Morris repre
sented the packera, and each of the other
interests m tne siocx raising, marketing,
commission, and hdtcherlog business had
representative) including ib Pur
13 need association. ' Tb first act of th
eld association after reorganisation, was
a concession to the railroads,- f hanging
the time allowed for cattle lit transit
from Z8 to St hours. ... . -
Local psckera say the spilt will have
(no appreciable effect on the. Portland
packing: house situation or-tne Oregon
Hyeptock business, excepting that It may
possibly strehgtban' the' sheep men; who
hav elected atand with the-toca
yards snd packing Interests. The sheep
raisers of Oregon are junt now trying to
secure the passage of a law that will sr
ford them protection from cattlemen by
making the county In which alleged dep
redations are carried on responsible for
loss of stock and property." t ,
It is said th proposition to sstabllsh
a large packing house in Portland under
th auspices of the National Livestock
association ts mors probable than before.
as th -association la-new- on- v better
business . basis and . tb men who will
control vita policies sr mor. likely to
com rorwsra witn tne money necessary
to attract support from local capital.
At. the present time Portland has only
two packing houses of eonsldsrable ca-
paolty-the Union Meat company and
the Pacific Packing company and- Jus
now tne lonner in a crippiea conn
tlon beoause or its recent lire.- . it
said both of these plants are far-from
equal- ta handling th livestock output
of Oregon, and many sheep and cattle are
shipped to sound packing bosses- and
eastern markets T: z. .'.
- Th -National Livestock - association
was organised about six years ago, with
John W. Springer. Denver;, as president
In response to a demand from livestock
growers of the -west and south West for
relief "from .excessive- transports tlon
charge to Kansas City: and Chicago
markets, and low price offered by the
packers..- It accomplished . much- good,
and forced th establishment of a great
packing plant" at Fort Worth.' and great
ly Improved conditions in Texas.. New
Mexico.' Indian territory, Oklahoma and
Arisona. -The good times of the last few
years lulled, the cattlemen Into fancied
security, it in said, ana wniie tney per
ml Med the association to run along in
an easy - fashion 1 the stockyards and
packing Interests quietly secured mem
bership and Influence which t th Den
ver, meeting - this - week -suddenly took
charge 'of -the whole affair, outvoted the
cattlemen snd . permanently L established
control. - ' ' . r-
He declare that If he cannot flndrork
here he will go to. Seattle and will make
the trip -with his .1 cents. He .said he
would rather beg rood and shelter than
spend" his dime, sb If he kept ft he
would hsve the sstlsfactlon of saying
h was never "broke.'
' For' Sale. A rare chance, millinery
business successfully run for II years.
will be sold at a sacrifice on account of
111 health. R. Becker, . 1 ITTTiIrd street
' New' steamer line to San Francisco
and Los ' Angeles,'- Steamer Roanoke
will leave Portland Tuesdsy-afternoon.
January 17. - Ofllce 150 Alder street ... .
' Woodward's Dancing Academy. Burk
hard's hall. Monday snd .Thursday. Ten
leaaons If. . . -. -f 4,-, . . :t' h f',
Steamer Roanoke sail from Portland
Tuesday afternoon, January 17, for San
Francisco snd Ixs Angels.' Ofllce MO
Alder. street s -';- . ..... :
- Don't fall to hear the famous basso,
Brnent Gamble, tomorrow night at T.
M. C. A, j . t ,,
TryTeaooek Buckwhesl'FloU fTToii
wtllbe convinced that t la i delicious.
If yon hav anythlag' to 11 coll np
Main it 111 First .etreetf . .
Rummage sals
R. Beckei-s. llT
on millinery goods at
Third street " , . .
Ask your- grocer for 'Golden Cheddar.
T4. UAXWX.T srmSQs7AX. T
R. B. Flemrng of Salem .1 a guest tit
th Imperial. - -
C. B. B. Wilson of Ol'ympla'la in the
city,---- L iaJ:
J. X. Beesley of Dallas Is at the Per
kins. - - - , v
wniisM V: Tucksr of Hlllsboro Is In
town sccompsnled by his wife. ,r --
M. L. Sommerville of Eugene cam In
laat evening. .. -
W. P. Warrens Is a guest at the Per
kins from The Dalles.-- . -.
. John W. Rankin of Olympta I among
th arrival at the Portland.
G. & Wright of McMlnvlU 1 la , the
city." .-'C-.--- --
- H. H--NK'lwlsen'wf- SnmptT-oamTTn
last night and registered at th Portland
hotel... -. I . -. .. ' .. -.' ,
. stms. moFauas' etna iatt. , '
Mrs. Frederick Hopkins gave a bridge
party yesterday sftemoon to shout SO of
her -friends st her home, (11 'Lnvejny
street ' Cut flowers wer arranged
sbout th room to sperlnl eolpr scheme.
Mrs. John K. Toung snn Miss Alice Von
Destlnmvwon th prise, baskets of car
nations and daffodils. Luncheon was
served st th sard tables. ; . :
Joe Car&cia. Cwore to Co Un-
v r shaven y'i Dauhter's
: - Murderer Lived.
- Long and shsggy hss grown the beard
of Joo.Garacla. a bootblack. at Seventh
and Washington streets; but it will grow
still longer and shsggter. '.' -
With grim fidelity h 1 fulfilling th
peculiar vow- he made six months ago
when. ha "saw his murdered daughter ly
ing on the -floor of hi little home. He
wore- that he would sot shave until his
daughter's slayer i had paid 'th penalty
for his deed. -1 'Jh-u '-- ;- :-
- It Is-said -to b on of the peculiar
oaths . taken by members of a - certain
Italian soelety when one cf their family
or immediate relatives Is murdered, . It
may b "Weeks, or months;" or years, be
fore vengeance falls, .but ths.oaUiT-Js
It was -June 14 that Frank Gngllelmo.
In a rage .of .Jealous passion; shot and
killed Freda, the 14-year-old daughter of
Oaracia. Ma loved th girl, b said, but
ah spurned hi attentions. She was
alone with her little brother when Gug
lie! mo called. He sent the child lnto-an-
otber ' room,, -then shot Jh . girl twice;
vruft-Tnuim ineianiiy. -
' He i wa oaptwred,-convicted and sen'
fenced to bo hanged, - August It was set
ss the date, but an appeal waa taken to
the - supreme- court, which delayed jus-
UOi - -- ' '' ' - - --V '. w
Oaracia - lives at Sixth -and":' Harrison
street!. He ha brought civlr action
against': Gugllelmo for "th loss h sus
tained In the daata-of hla-daughter.
Hears Reports, Appoints - Com
mittees and Thanks Su-F-..U"-"
After Thi Month,? Space for
-County Displays Will Ber
:, -".Allotted Arbitrarilyw
The j?.wl and Oark. state commis
sion transacted, a great deal of routine
buslnesaryesteTaay.- Th most 1 m por
tent action was the appointment-of a
committee on installation: which-wilt
have full charge of the placing. f th
county and state 1- exhibits, educational
department excepted. In ; tha exhibit
buildings. . The chairman named Com'
mlssloners F."A.. Bpelicer snd W E.
Thomss of Portland and, J.. H. Albert of
Balem th new- committee. . r -
When the subject of Issuing onother
book on Oregon and tha exposition was
brought tip considerable dlseusslon took
place as to the financial condition of the
commission. It waW agreed that there
wasvnot very much- to expend and th
question went over for the present.. The
secretary was instructed to Inform th
committee which I working up th edu
cational Institute for next summer that
th state commission Is not in a position
which would Justify a contribution from
it for that work. - or. - indeed, ; for any
other not heretofore, mapped out. :
The following were appointed to con
tinue until May as free exposition -superintendents:
R. F. Robinson, educational:
K. P. Sheldon, forestry; C. W. Galloway,
horticulture., 1--' . ". v- :.,'. . - : . N-:,
The request of-' the corporation to
move the mining building -100. feet be
yond -Ha present sit to- make room tor
th new Manufacture. Liberal Arts and
Varied Industries building was granted,
and the plana and specifications of th
latter, submitted; by the corporation.
were Incidentally approved. . " ' ; '
Secretary Gtltner wss directed to In
form each county commission that attar
February 1 spsoa will be allotted arbi
trarily and ' they- must designate how
marh spaee they will reqelre barer that
time. .-1 - ' - - f. 1". ;, . . .
Th second 'exTnslon of 10 day for
th completion -of the Forestry building
war granted.- "L -"- - r t-; .
Superintendent wehring's report on
St Louis waa received and ordered filed
and a vote of (hanks, tendered him for
hi efficient. services. V : t .,
Fsicinating Msstsrpicccs of Art to Bt I
. , Shown by Maxgmst. , -,s'
t -. ' . ... , . . -
A series of beautiful and. fascinating
maaterpleces of art -that exoel anything
of the kind hitherto produced will be
shown at the Masama stereoptlcon en-
tertainroent-Whtte . TempUr-Thursdsy
and: Friday evenings, January-is and
SO. Tha exciting onrush of .Indians,
their weird rite In th shake and buf
falo dance,- flute, ceremony, etc., crests
a furore of admiration-as-shown In Mr.
Curtis' marvelous motion Pictures photo,
graphed from life. -Transferable tickets.
It for th series or two admissions one
Evening, at Voodard, Clarke U and
J. X. GUI Co.". - v ' - '
. - i i i ' ,.,
. Grandest display of fine" scenery evsr
seen Portlsnd st th corner of Third
snd Alder streets. On exhibition from
t in the morning till t t sight , ,
-Cost Known Speakers- inr the
. Country to Be Invited to
.-. - tv Make Addresses. ; .
Eminent Scholars ' Will ' Have
. Time Usually Given State. -Teachers'
Th moat Important set Ion yet taken
with reference to the educational tnatl-tutes-te
be held la Portland during tb
exposition period, wss th appointment
yesterday tf -a- eosnmlttee ef- If well
known educstors of the Irwhr and Clark
territory to eo-operate with the corpo
ration's committee on congresses . iu
bringing sbout the best results.
The nesting at which this action was
taken . was held in President Ooodes
off to snd -lasted all afternoon. The
participants were the rommltte on eon
greases,. consisting -of Rev. J. R..WIIsoni
Rev. V. P. HilL Rev. Stephen 8. Wise,
W-L. Brewster and,-Rlchard W. Monta
gus. and - school - superintendents , snd
teacher from, all parts of Oregon.
Among th latter were: Superintendent
of Public Ids true tlon Ackerman. Presl
dent Gatoh of the Agricultural college,
Praaldent Farrln of Forest Grova unl.
veralty. President Ressler St1 Monmouth
university, President Hawhty of Willam
ette university; President Dempster of
the Drain Normal school, snd a large
number 'of county superintendents, In
cluding stsrr of Polk county. Aider-
man of Yamhill, - Cass of - Washington.
8trstton-of storrow, ; Kennedy- ' of
Wheeler and Neff of Wasco by proxy)
Superintendent . Beard J)f 'the Reform
school,' Supsrlntesdent Clark ' of the
Mute school snd Superintendent : tllas
of- the-School or the filind were al
in attendance. - ' '-
. - After i tha . selection of - Dr. ' Wilson
a chairman snd Mv Montagu as seers'
tsry. there- was a discussion-ea the ad
yUabBtty-af doing away with th reg
ular state teacher lnsmutes next sum
mer sod -substituting a course of lec
ture by tb moat eminent educators and
favor -of th substitution was expressed
by the unanimous" adoption of a- reso
lution pledging tb hearty .- support of
all school people to th project of im
porting the noted speakers.'--The date
was not definitely : fixed,"' but the sen
timent favored th latter part of Au
gust and the first -week in September
as the "beat Urn to hold th insti
tutes. - -. -
v Tbs'sublsct of way and means t
meeting th expen of bringing th no
table to Portland "was - dtscusssd at
length, and from pledges mad y both
the comroltreXhd-the school official
th , proapects - were considered, bright
for sn appropriation of at- least 1 1,600
by the exposition and the raising, of a
" .V ". ' . .
Dr. - Wise -Urged ' tho a edeslty .. of
prompt action, ss th congress commit
tee would send on or its numoer esst
within av.very '-bort tlm-t select the
educators desired - here. 1 Ms - auggested
the- appointment of 'a committee of 17
educators to co-operate with the expo
sition- committee, that ' committee in
turn . to name an1 executive)- committee
with Dowex'to act fos th main body,
A nominating commute- of five waa
appointed to nam -the committee of IT,
the motion carrying witn it tne provis
ion that - superintendent Ackerman
should be chairman and the membership
Include the state superintendents of pub-
llo Instruction of 'Washington, -. Idaho
and Montana, the presidents of th state
teacher' ; aaaoclatlon . of tnos states,
renresentsttves of two colleges, a mem
ber of the executive committee of. the
astern division of th state association.
and county superintendents.
This was carried 'out -later by tne
nominating committee -although ' some
nsmes wer not known tq th commit
tee at the tlra of their! appointment
Those 'whoa name' wer announced
and -who are known locally are Frank
RlglerrB. F. Mulkey. P. LT Campbell,
W. N. FerrlnD. A. Grout, J. ,C. Zlnoer,
I. II Copeland, E. E. Bragg and C Ia
Starr. i . - . - j'.-v-....
The committee wnl meet next Satur
day St 10 o'clock a. m. and appoint It
executive committee,-and tha latter will
meet for further business at 1:10 o'oiock
the same dey. - - -- . .. - ' v
Tha subject- Sf Sunday closing wss
not discussed yesterday, but It I 'not
probable that many of th projected lec
tures will be delivered on the Sabbath.
AH the delicacies ' th season st the
Portlsnd restaurant. : Fins private apart
ments tor parties, 10.5 Washington, near
Flfthr r,.-.-- -.; :' r'rs- t ,
The. Vienna Cafe, th popular dining1
room for ladle and gentlemen, serves a
flnn- Sunday- dinner a la carta. - Good
coffee and oyster. Short order at all
hour. Stt Morrison, near Third. ,,-
I Th Csl u met 14 Seventh street near
Morrison, . serves sn exoeptlonelly fine
dinner on Sundays. Fifty cents. .
Star restaurant. Twelfth snd Washing-
Ion. . Home cooking a specialty. .Mesl
tickets It. ,,- . ' :v.; y.,. v -.
M. C. Brand new grill. It Sixth
stiejet wSl serve a fine table d'hote din-
ner for SO cents, from 11 m. to p. m. "
D.' jTByrnes, successor'"1 to Rath1 A
Sandys, will serve th finest dinner In
town st th regular price. Music to at.
tendance. It t First street
Sifnday chicken -dinner today" at Per-
ktn'a restaurant price It cents. D. M.
Watson. . f ,'.-.. .7 , 7
J ?, Complexion Soap Free. -
lTnink of It a rakr-of ' Woodanl.
Clarke's famous U-AR-DAS Complexion
sosp given swsy aosolutely free. This
Is on of tb finest soaps on th mar
ket today. It I rightfully named v
luxury soap, for there are none better
manufactured., V-AR-PA8 Is s trade
mark that has become suggestive of
sood soeo land her It 1st helns artven
swsy .All thst"? Is ne cesssryte Sarsra
a cajte of this soap Is to place s "want
ad." In The Journal Dally or Sunday;
It matters' not Tou would likely do
some advsrtlslng. soon anyhow, so give
Th Journal a. trial and Incidentally gst
a box of this extra fin sosp. If you've
ever used the. "want sds." nothing prais
ing them need be ssld, but 'If yuti srs
from -Missouri and want to tie" M-rwr,
Just insert ' a want L you'll woao-r
how you ever got s long wltrssut them
befpr. v Th Journal's rat la tl word
for II cents soap free. Have your
ads. for tomorrow in by It o'clock -to-
night, , , , .- .
' t ' ' ' ' -
, ' Commencing Monday. Jssusry 14, -
all eye glasses or spectacles bought :
of us will b repaired for on year -
- without extra charge. Thla Includes
. rimless glssses- thst are . broken,
- whether speclslly ground or other-
, . '. , .v: ;; ,. - ,; . "
, If yos kav aavss patronised ta
Oregoa Osttoal Ooxapaay yoa had
better do ss at vo sad says year
-awKf. V. ''.., , -
''- Our practlew la the htrgest of Its
Kind in th Northwest, sna-ts mor l.
, thsn three times that of any other
'optical house In-Portland. ' " . ,
ronrm awd
,Vr; ..i..-i.-".Oj.V.Saa0j.
' Oeaiiat nsscrtptloas FUted.
.-;:.y' -...
Was Accosted ; by Policeman In
- Store, and Sues Proprietors
"., I - for Large Sum. iYX';
Mrr Oldsrof : OldsrWortmanA
King, Gives View of Mer- : -i
-. j chants.
Mary Llnd, a mllllner'of East Port,
land, ' has 'Sued Olds, Wortman s King
for 1 8,000 ' damages,' by her attorney,
Geotg W. Joseph. , She tflalma that dur
ing the Christmas' shopping season sho
entered, the store of the defendants snd
waa accosted . by. Fred Mallet special
poltcernan .employed there, who wrong
fully accused her of having1 stolen soras
articles. Allegations of rough nsago sr
also made in th twraplalnt ;
-W. P. Old, on of th members of the
their point
I - , 'Till r In tha rhlHmaa .Vinnnlr-
son .we always" employ special police
men, - who duties- sre to keen witch
of "tha. Immense, numbers of people- whoi
pass into our store snd protect them
from the -multitude of errors likely to
be' made by excited women slated with
tbelr-contempIated present -giving, and
inclined to .- grow ' careless about- their
purses, wnicn tney frequently eamr ex
posed to - view , snd. where expert - pick,
pockets may easily snatoh them.- Many
or tne women wear their watches pinned
to their coats, affording an easy oppor
tunity for work of tha swsrms Sf light'
fingered gentry who Infest great crowd
of people, and against whom we must
always furnish protection. - These spe
cial policemen, clothed in uniforms, srs
expected to attend solely to these mste
ters, sod they sr for the people s pro
tection, nit for our. 80 tar as concern
the -detection of thieves.-uniformed po
licemen' are not depended upon, snd for
that purpose department store keep eon.
stsntly on hand other, plainly clothed
Officers expert In their work snd capa
ble of preventing counter stealing...
.. "During Christmas week a lady eame-
into our store, miss z.ind. who. has now
filed this suit snd carried her purs In
sn open indlsn bssket. in a position to
render It very easy for soma thief to
snatch It from her. Officer Mallett
wearing a uniform, accosted her and can
tloned her lest she Iom bee nursn.
Ing that she "would better look out' In
such a crowd.- Without awaiting to
listen to his exact words, and Jumping
to tn conclusion that Mallett was ac
cusing . ner or stesnng, ens flaw in a
rage, and this suit Is the outcome of
her mlsunderstsndlng. She came to a
and demanded 16,000 damages,, which wt
refused. . , , ... 1. ,
''Mies Llrd never 1 was" accused of
steeling, - and Policeman Mallett at ho
time thought of making such an accu
sation. Often we pay amall demands of
money Just to save th trouble of fight
ing case ilk this. But one in a whll
ws refuse, and especially when such a
large sum I asked for. and in thla case
we have opportunity to show that w
will net be Imposed upon In any manner.
Hence, this suit will be fought to th
end. v- , , . ';.
A Hypnotist Tht Performs Wonder-
V ful Feats -at the Empire. '
- Portland audiences - ha seen hyno
tlsts and - hypnotism, but on Friday
night Saturday, metlne snd Saturday
evenings they wilt see a marvel In this
truly great science. Ha la Prof- Thorns I
Calliway Nye. of whom Professor. Mo-Tl
K wen. has said, that ha lathe most won
derful student of mental science - In
America. Profsssor Mye comss by his
power naturally snd for years he per
formed feats 6f his t" power In ' the
presence of friends. .At' last, persuaded
to tske up the work In earnest he made
a trip to India and there for three rears
mad a. careful study of .the occult
science practiced by the natives.
They taught him but lHtle. so ha re
turned to America. Ilia first work was
relieving suffering. . He can cure , the
worst kind cf nervous disorder. -ite can
restore hearing and he can do what
physicians cannot do, cure the effects
of a disease when the doctors have cured
the cause. During Ms short stay In
Portland, and before he thought of slv-
tng-s-ptrbM-xhlblMim.- Prefessor Xre
gsve an exhibition of his power In the
presence of llv of Portlsnd's foremost
medical men and two prominent lawyers.
These men were skeptics, hut now they
srs '-convinced that .Professor "Nye Is
gifted with a wonderful snd mysterious
power. During the coming-week Pro-
fesnor rfye will put s women to sleep.
I'm will be on exhibition tn the show
windows of 1 Vsnduyn Walton. SV0 1
Washington street, . An attendant will
be with her and th physicians of the
city , will be - Invited to examine the
wemen-wbUe sha., Is In 'this cataleptic
stats. .... S V . ',
I .',-. .
1862 COAL?
,'' Sell ititiOnty Gcaulae Rock Spring1
. j stw ' t.' . f 1 -z a m s-w ' : v. . v
Bs causa ws sir tks exelusiv agenlsor the Union Pacific Cesl Co. Tbs
la but one Jlock Borings 1
T'hr ths Union Pcldo,"whl
- Cosi. Don't ba deceived I
t one Rock Sorlngs in Wyoming,
cn is tne
by sny Imitation, or
Rock Springs
firaphejphenes !
; W carry ' full Hn o
. . ooxvatBZA . A,jaapaoiasr-.
Which sr superior to all other Kodaks
snd talking machines in ths market
, , S4S WsS0dats sn,'wtSd. OS.
Masquerade Ball
TsroasTsusA iomi srs.,, .
;'---..'.4'.'-- a.'H.-s.- '- J.; ; :
aturdayr January 1 1905
Txdr St, he. Taytes
' "Four vsluabl prises wUl be dls-,
trlbuted. " . -: -, '..':,;,. -- - . , . " '
Little Giri Discontented With
Life on Sanify Road Found ., Y
2 i-J?- by Father.11'
' ; -; N ; ";
Through, ths : city yesterday. I." VT.
Weaver searched for nla-daughter, Mar
tha. Th girl appeared In-municipal
court the day be for and told the atory.
or her falL The father read It In th
papers, snd t one sought to tescus
hr. ,-' ' - ... '
Th girl lived on th Sandy road ssv
ral mile from th .city. : Sh knew
nothing of th city's ways, nor of th
perfidy of men. She wss ft years of
age,, and grew tired of life upon th
farm. Sh wanted clothing that " har
people could not give. -
Her father secured employment for her
with a - family on Portland Heights,
where sh worked . two ' weeks. ' The
wages were small, .and shs feared the
fine nniuinli would never coma. So
she left th plae and went tb other
way. Sh got th fin alothtng. and ap
peared in municipal court Friday on, a
serious charge. ' ' '
"I want to take her home. If I can" find
her" the father ' said. ."Wherever ahe
may be snd whatever ahe may have done.
she can always corns back to us. one
wULateays find. aJiomsjnd ywelcc-mfc.
She la vouna- and did not know,
I found tb place for her because she
said she Wanted to work. She was tired
of living on th farm.' -1 thought ah
could try It a whll and It would do har
no harm." ' " " -"-r
Police officers located th girl, snd she
was given into the custody of her father.
' imerlal Dlapateh to Tks Jootsal.) "
Corvsllls, Or., ian. 14. A steady rain
today Is taking off ths snow, but th
weather , is still , very cold. . .
Tou who hsbltually keep fssh-'
Ion's psne; who usually know what
la coming before H gets here: who
tsks pride In ths character and fit
of the clothes you wesr. will be
come Interested In my method of
f(- i snd Investigate. Touj arv
roTttially - we', -c.n. . t . .,
l :
Wlk-.e W w-. k.
Known tkz VcrU .
Overt v
Prices EvcryxLzzz
; fisd Avoid 7 ' ;
CCaetsi LX lmw Ws
snd the mines wars opened fa !.
soi ownsr ana miner 01 jcock prtaas
Wfuidsa smck springs,. .
Coal Col c..cau.
It- would seem like' yon
ought . to' have them kept
ckemly. . The Union laundry
Is in -that line of ousiness.
Its perfect equipment com
prises everythinx yet invent
ed in the laundry line of im
provement, and its rtip-tr
date methods nave made it
popular with Uie people. v
(hrccats Ussisred tzi
.RetmxdHa Six Herri -
If rnessary,TChir" wagons
run everywhere on .a - mo-
i - v- ment's notice. ;
Union Leaundiy
al-TeL. Main SOS. . . .
Second and Columbia!;.: T
WtOal S (uii.eM .... mJ
sr now gtvlng thslr annual CTJT JUI
PRICKS on aU dantai work. . .
charges are leas than oollsv price
sll work done by eur psiniess syta-
snd by specialists of frowj It te 4
years' experience, NO STUlXT T co
ployed. TEHiTH extracted, fu- t
crowned absolutely without pain V
secret preparation applied, to ton sssa'.
IktrirtsHK Frws
sovw rtutags .,
ia Fmxsg
Fan awl Testa-..
Al Work C 10 Y
. Hav your teeth- extracted wtthst
pain and replaced" with new one t
sams day. Coma Is st one sad ta ad
vantage or mw rates.
In ths right pise.
surs yo ara
S.' r - - a Sn . I. - g 1 a.- . . .
Restaurant -
J49 Seventh Street
WWies t can tke sttontlea ef tee
uMW the exeallest dlssar sarvt
Sail? frssi 4-.S ta St, tat M
AUn tke eally bom semi r
li st) s. at. n p. .. fer U ---s
' tiw ever .rtcrt la Slreete b-uJ
, glrtag patlm eattatsettoa. -
aVt aajs s sSlTstoertswa. mt'm
al sasaasa ia t- w-- 4.