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:iL C3 liiS DUTY
l:;mnt Made That H Volun
tarily Promised to Enforce
Anti-Gambling taw."
v::ll try to stir4 chief rrr
Chrfff -WordOentet Statement
,t cf Money Offered to In- v
Y; fluence Hie Actions. .. ;'
District Attorney John MuiWni called
on Attorney . Miller Murdoch .of Jlte
Municipal association at his offtco In
. . the Penton butldtnf yesterday nd held
" a brief conference with hlrn relative to
,-iforcemeftt of tns antl-gambllng laws.
It Is said that. Mr. Manning voluntarily
-promised he- wottM enforce uch. laws
end would endeavor to see that Chief
of Polk Hunt did Ma, duty. :
. Rlatlye to the dlsmlsssl of the inci
dent agalnat Chief Hunt, tha district at.
. tomey explained that he waa aware that
while tha public geenrally" does not
favor the prosecution of Mayor -Wll-illams,
4 tha opposite la .true ' of : Chief
(Hunt. 'He added .that after procuring
'the. dlamlaaat of the indictment against
tha mayor he had- no alternative in tha
case of the", chief of police., who Is
merely a creature of the mayor and had
followed plans outlined by his creator.
"Before-many days pass." Mr. Man-.
. nine la said to .have remarked,, "tha ae
oclaiion will , see -that: I. intend doing
my whole duty in this matter."
- Itla known that prior to election Mr.
Manning save the municipal association
a written pledge that In the event of his
lection he would enforce tha anti-gam-Hlng
laws to tbetr full exterit. That'
' -the association has talked over tha prop-
osition of giving this letter publlicty
Is unquestioned, but In view of the ae
" tton taken by the district attorney yea-
' Is unlikely that such will be
i'one In the immeaiate future. If at All.
7'' iilura proceedings now depend Jargely
' on the conduct of Mr. Manning. -
No ultimatum giving Mr. JUannlng
-,junUl a certain hour tn rauaa .the chief
of police - to make arrests or file an
Information against him has ever been
Issued." said Mr. Murdoch. "Many con
flleting stories. X know, " have been In
circulation, but all have been mads out
- of whole cloth. -
Mr,- Murdoch denies that he aver
heard of a traveling man. acting as tha
emissary of the gamblers, going to
' Mierlff Word and offering him $10.00
te take action- against . gamblers only
la the ' event . of a process being
plaoed In his bands y Ihe district at
lorney. x'. v..- .
That Is untrue." aald Sheriff , Word.
- -"I know nothing -of such-an ocourrencav
The war against the. gamblers haa been
settled. Unless -they- break their prom
' lees. I do not intend hounding- them. I
regret tha circulation of such stories, aa
they . convey tha .Idea, that I am en
deavoring to persecute persons who have
agreed to do what la fight" - -.- . -
The, rumor waa. In circulation thja
- morning that Sheriff Word and Judge
Henry It McGinn had fallen out 'This
Is denied by tha sheriff. . Ha says his
relations with fudge McGinn are aa
friendly as-ever.T -,--- -..-: '
Attorney Moser says haa never had
" any conversation with Mr.' Manning rela
tive to Jeavlng thl office as - chief
.deputy nor with . Mr. Murdoch conoern-
ing a dissolution of their law partner?
ship, "nr. Murdoch Taiso-Tisserts -that
- .there Is no truth in such a report.
-lltrict Attorney Manning gave the
following tatement lo The Journal this
- morning: - ,. - . , i .
Y "Tha Municipal league- Is vary much
offended at ma because of my attitude
.tn tha cases of the state va. Mayor Wlll
. lama and Chief .Hunt.. - After tha court
granted the order dismissing these cases
, very busy-by members of the .league
asking ma for reueuiuq To soma of the
members 1 -gave my reason.1 which was
in accord with the reason given in oourt
at tha time tha order waa granted. In
tha oaaea of other members-- of the
Municipal lea roe, I merely hang up my
.telephone. Many of Its members told
me that Jfor two ..years they had, been
; trying to 'get Mayor .Williams, - and
now, that they had a grand Jury fear
jess enough to Indict, they thought I
naa no ousiness-10 inieriere wun us
work. . ; . '-;'.-:'.-.-. '.r--r
. ' ."The trouble' with too many people Is
- -that they want me to conduct nry office
' the way they want It run. To them I
desire to aay that I alone am responsible
. (for my office and the conduct. .-thereof,
and I Interpret the law as I sea- It, not
Wv Offer to Vomcn
You deposit nothing. .yoa rik nothing-. You promise nothingt-iTher
h nothing to pgjr -either now t later. I want every woman, everywhere,'
who baa pot naed my remedy to make this. teat. I , J
For mine ia no ordinary remedy. It represents 30 years of experiment
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richest experience a physician can have. 'I tell below wherein Dr. Shoop's;
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ike seme that gerera roar awreaeats aad
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ail the vital fsaeUeaa epaa. ...
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ft enrS us te treat tne bIHbs waia .
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ere sot r DiaaM. aw so, aers le the im
t-t natrsl lha. . . There lorn. U1 fla4
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ia the peia hat H anas e at enre te the
aim the Lelte serve the aw seree aae
' 4mi i 4a It as an4 etreeatkena It and auk- It
t erwaiaa ir
wen aae last
I the ead ef
tmij Weeka
a I am reoueated to see It. If tha Muni
clpal league has anything to publish
against, me. it 'Is at perfect liberty to
do so. I have never refused . Vh.ra a
complaint In .gambling caaeevvaa the
court records will show, nor have X ever
refused ;a cltlaew a-complaint against
gambling-lf he -hod any -ovldeneo at all.
t am not an arreeftng orrtoer,- nor a se
lective, but .1 will entertain -any cono-
plalnt made by any person -to, my or
flee, at any time, especially In gambling
eases... X. have thus far aecureq -convictions
In every gambling . cane i l have
tried alone:- fr-T"
Ben Campbellv-trafflo manager of the
Oraat Northern railway. Is 14 Portland
toda on hi r first tour -over tha .Una
since ' his appointment. He' Is acoom-
panlod by V. X. Whitney, general paa
sengr agent, also of St. Paul; general
Agent Terkes of Seattle, and Mrs. Camp
bell. The oart r registered at tha Port
land hotel, leaving their private car, Im
mediately upon their arrival this morn
ing; " vt.v-'-y'. ..." f ' :. : '
Mr. Campbell is very weu gnown , rn
Portland; For a number of years he
waa general freight agent of tha Ore
son .Railroad A Navigation company. At
the- time Julius Krutschnitt became the
hia-h official aa freight traffic director
under him at Chicago and aa such the
official made aa enviable record. '
Thirty dava ago, or thereabouTa, Mr.
Campbell was offered his present posi
tion, with tha oraat Nortnern-ompanx.
and ha resigned from tha Harriman fam
ily altogether to accept It This being
big first trip over the road aa an official.
it is regarded with much interest by
railroad men. Before his departure Mr,
Campbell and his party will; visit the
exposition grounas. v.. ' .,.f-'
Al Shapiro has followed the lead of
the Portland club owners hnd pleaded
guilty to the charge of gambling at hie
Masa Cafe, on Third street, between
Yamhill anff Taylor' -atresia.. 'V V '
- Shaplrd pleaded.- guilty last -evening
to ' tha true Information filed by Dis
trict Attorney Manning on September
23, and waa fined lit and costs by
presiding Judge George. . -t.
iAaothercaae 1 pending against
Shapiro; He was arreated on that charge
on October J, and pleaded not guilty
on October II. ' It la not known what
disposition wlllb made of this case.
but .the understanding Is 'that the same
plea will be entered.' The arrest of
Shapiro was tha result of raids by Sher
iff, Word. -
- Five women from tha Oreen JTrbnt sa
loon, - sj -Korth Third streeM appeared
In the municipal court this morning to
answer charges of vagrancy, - They-say
they are "vaudeville performers. vvJed
Hart proprietor of the notorious plaoa,
was In court to hear the testimony; The
place was raided last night by police
officers, and It is said efforts will be
made to have Hart's license taken away.
The eases against tha women were poat-
ponea udui -j&onqay. - .. i-- . ? - .
- (Special DIapatck te Tee JoamaM ' '
" Albany, Jan.. IS. Fred Oahlma, a Jap
aneae Jaborer . who has been employed
at Detroit on tha east and of the Cor-
vallls A -Eastern railroad for-tho past
few years, came down from there last
evening and left ; this -morning for Se
attle, bound for his native land. . He
la a member of the second, reserves and.
returns In response to an order to re
join his colors and take tha field against
tha Kusslans. He expects to return to
Oregon when the-war-is over, provided
ho does not loss his Ufa In ths struggle
against tha enemy of bla nation, ;
. 1
(Speetal Dlipatca te Tbe Jeoraal)
h Baker dtyi Or.. Jan, It. JU s recent
meeting of the board of director of the
Baker county Fair at Speed association.
It waa decided to bold a July speed meet
of ' three or four days, taking la the
Fourth of July, y Irt order not to.loao any
time. d. u umu, j. n. uarren ana l
B. Rogers were appointed a committee
to take charge of ths matter, and begin
work upon It at once, '. . ' . ' i .
, AWABSS OOUalTI FmzVTtaTe). -
vXBelal Staeateh te Tae JearaaLl
Klamath Falls, Or- Jan. IS. The
county court ' yesterday awarded ' the
county printing to the Republican. Tbe
Express haa been, the official paper of
tbe county for a number of years,- but
lost the work today, by subscribers.
! 1 . , I., , , BBSgBSa
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Dollar's Worth free
Charged With Dispensing liquor
: Without License and Selling
,- , ,..-r to Minor. T -
AccuseoT Man a Stranger Will
Be Given Preliminary Hear
ing in Justice Court. "
. (Special -Ouaatca to The Joaraal.)--
Salem. Or Jan.. 1J. John Wadktna.
of Turner. ..was yesterday arraigned; In
the circuit court here .upon s charge of
selling liquor without s license In J,ur
her precinct, lie entered a plea, of not
guilty. After tbe arraignment Attorney
J. K. MoNary f Ued a second Information
a sain at him, by 'which he was charged
with selling liquor to a minor. He waa
Immediately placed "under arrest upon
bench warrant, and although he had
but little trouble in furnishing theTe
aulrad bond, $JS0. for his -appearance
in tne nrsv case, na couia not nun an
equal amount .to Insure his appearance
in court upon the second charge, and
waa compelled to go to Jan.
- WSdklns will be tried during the
present term :of. court.. ' - v
C H. Cook occupies a cell ' in, tha
Msxtoh county- Jail accused of laroeny.
Ho. waa .arrested yeatarday afternoon
upon a warrant aworn out by his roam
ma. t, B. Sampson, who aUegaa that
Cook stole la from him.. The two have
been employed 1n a hop yard a few tnlloe
east of this city, where- the theft ft
said to have occurred. Tha accused
man,' a trtranger, will Ba' given "pre
liminary hearing In Justice of the Peace
Turner's court tomorrow. In' the mean
time lis Is being held under til bonds.
. SUM CrOSS to eTBfV,;-i'I
X damage ault against the (fiiouthern
Paclno-company oocupted tha attention
of department No. 1 of thd Circuit court
all of yesterday afternoon and evening.
tha case being given to the Jury at mld-
nuthCTha suit was- brought by M. sf.
High, superintendent of - the .Marlon
county poor farm. fof"-tho purpoao of
recovering-1811, the alleged value -of
four horses killed by a Southern Paclno
train near Chemawa on September t,
. The plalnUff alleged that through
tha .carelessness of the company's em
ployes engaged ' In repairing the track'
gate was left open, through which -the
animals, gained access to tha railroad
Carson. Adams. & Cannon appeared as
attorneys for -HlgV while, the defense
was conducted by. W. D. ronton - and
R A. Letter of Portland and Georgeja.
Bingham of this cttyj ,1;
" ..r-., . . -. ; ' . y ' '-
' 'i . " """ ,'..
(Special piapateh e Th earsal)
, CorvalllaOr., Jan. IS. Deputy Wells
yesterday, went to Salem'. ' having in
charge Prod W. Hartley, who waa ad-,
fudged insane by ir. Lee before County
Judge Wattera. Wednesday. Hartley
waa flrst noticed north of town, at the
railroad crossing. Tuesday evening;
where by his strange condsict be was
frlghtsnlng woman and children- A te
apbone message summoned .Chief Lane
to the ocn. and the man was taken tn
custody - When asked who hs -was,, he
replied that - his name was Prod W.
Hartley; that he had been working f of
a man near fhiiomatn namea rarkers;
that ha was born tn England, and had
tramped through Nevada, California and
Oregon.' working soma In -tha' logging
camps of Washington.
He did not know where ha waa going.
nor Just what he wanted to-do, - After
a night In the elty Jail, Hartley was ex
amined aa to sanity and adjudged In
saoa. He Is about -St years of age.'
... (Joaraal BpeeUl Servrte.1 -,
Omaha, - Neb, - Jan. IS. A railroad
building war for Nebraska, and tha mid
dle west Is In sight tor next summer
should the Oreat ' Northern -railroad
carry out Its announced plan -to build
two ooneetlons with the Burlington In
Nebraska this spring. The first of the
projected lines - Is to run from - Sioux
City to Omaha and the second exten
sion from O'Neill to Thedford,' Neb.,
giving the Burlington-Great Northern
combination ths abort line between Den
ver, and Minneapolis, snd Duluth. that
being an -Invasion of Northwestern ter
ritory. Well Informed railroad men are'
of tho oplhlon that-tbte .will oause ths
Northwestern ta extend the Hastings
tine Into Denver to retaliate against tho
Burlington, and - tho Union Paclno will
be drawn Into tho fight.
.-A,- ,
V - fBaeelal mepatrh te The Joaraal. 1 ---
Eugene, Or.t Jan. Ti. Charles S. Wil
liams, one of tho owners of the Eugene
flour mills, assaulted M. S. Hubble, pro
prietor of a' transfer line. In the street
hero yesterday. The trouble aroee over
misunderstanding ia a business mat
ter. Hubble swore eut h warrar In the
polios' court ' for ' Williams' arrest, but
the polios - Judge dlsmlaaed.. the-case.
Hubble theft' caused a warrant to be Is
sued from the Justice court. Williams
appeared; eaaeduinraiid: was -fined
s ana oosts..- - v -.' . ..
. -
(SpecUl tMtpatch te The Jaaraal.)
Dallas. Or., Jan. IS. The flrat annual
Bible study Institute of tho Dallas cal
lage Toung Men's Christian sssoclatlon
will be held at - Dallas In the United
Evangelical church. January 14 and 10.
A large number of delegates from differ
ent colleges will be present. Among the
leaders wbo are expected to be in st
tendsnre are .Lester McLean of New
York City, H. O. Hill of San Pranciaco
and L B. Rhodes of Portland. There 1st
a good prospect of the 'Institute having I
a big attendance both flays.- :- :-
lenthal feroa.. New York hop .deal.
era. have brought suit against J. R.
Cartwiight of llarrlsburg. Or, for dam
ages, alleging that Cartwrlght failed to
deliver SO.Ooe pounds' of Imps which
had been contracted for. The-caaa "la
now on trial before United States .Dis
trict Judge Bellinger,
ea. wna wiu tnu,1 -: .
Dr. Stephen H. Wise will give the sec
ond of a series of addressee on "Present
Day Problems In Ancient gettlnga' this
evening. Dr. C. 11. Xhapman, former
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preataent of the Oregon State university,
will give an informal talk to the pupils
of tho religious school of ths temple
Sunday morning at 11:39.. L..'
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4 Seeial Diapateh ta The Waal.)
-Klamath Falls, Or., Jan, llThe In
quest held over the body of Augustus
K. Bennett.' which was found In the
snow la ths mountains north of Bo-
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ing from t exhaustion and hunger. A
meesaxe sent to hla relatives, who re
side st CsmmsL- Pa., resulted In. the
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S a. m. to I p. ua. ..j. -
I ,