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Tonssrs AMvmcarn.
Columbia 7 '
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Anidt ,,.,-
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TH'The Boix ' fUy
'Badelpa Adolim"
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. Her. H. C. Shaffer, pastor f Mh
Klrst ehurcn. United Brethren. Portland;
. Hev.: P, H. Neff; Mrs.. J. EL - Henkle,
1'hllomath, and Wi O. Zelgler of Eugene
have been elected delegate 10 tn general
assembly of the United Brethren to be
held at Topeka", Kan., In May. The -
Ion thla year will be of unueual Interest
on account or Jh propoaal to t ortn a
federation with other cnurcn organisa
tions of similar policy. -Absolut union
with the Methodist Proteatant denomlna
, tlon, which la not to be confounded, with
the Methodist Episcopal church. 1 to b
effected. If the. delegate favor It. and
Hew Mr. Shaffer believes it would be the
proper thing to do. ? . ... . - - . ' . -4-
' Martha Washington chapter, No K
6. 8. Installed officers on Monday
night, a follows: Worthy matron. Mrs.
Ada H. Ball; worthy patron. O. A. Sinks;
associate matron. Mrs. Minnie McGregor;
omractresa, ' Mrs. Kulla C. Sunning;
associate conductress, Mlnnla Burger;
secretary, Bell J. Richmond; treasurer,
Maud V. Sinks:' Ada, Ida Bruso; Ruth,
Susie & Gordon; 1 Esther. Mrs. C. 1
Jlurlburt; Martha. Myrtle Beard; Electa,
Laura Llndsey; chaplain, Maggie Carter;
marshal, Nannie i-Creston; warden.
Clara Carpenter; sentinel. T- H. Brickeli;
organist. - Mary Qulgley. Th officer,
-were installed by Mrs. W. W. Terry, past
matron.; ; .-. ..' i '
The Home Training association will
begin te meetings for the new year to
morrow it 1 o'clock at the Young
. Woman's Christian - association. Sixth
and Oak streets. Miss Kathryne Llae
tian. director of the choir at First Christian-church,
and Miss Carrie Johnston,
onrino A Bt Mark's Episcopal church.
will sing; Mrs. . S. Williams will
give bfclected reading, Mrs.' R. H. Tata
will (flv the talk of the day on tTro
fesslonat -Motherhood Mrs." - R. - I
Beater and Mrs, W. . Orunolg will
glvs piano solos; tea will ba erred;' -A
cordial - Invitation- iaxtndd to all
women to ttend." ' ; 1 TTT '
- Kdward WhltUker, for Injurte received
-.. Inst June, sues the Oregon Railroad-
Navigation company'for $10,009 damages.
B. S. Pague Is hla attorney. Whlttaker
allrgea -that- h was - af-work -on the
' steamship Arabia last June, while dour
' ' was being loaded for shipment to th
, orient Th flour was Uken aboard In a
awing that carried S aacka. As Wblt-
taker waa al work passing flour between
- decks" the swing broke and precipitated
V J.S00 pound of flour on Ws bacjc, H waa
In the. hospital for ,aom Um and! la
;"' partly paralysed. Demand waa mad
i-V-for 42.S0O In-compensation,. th; campany
'; offered which h refused. ; , , ,
Sellwood 1 to have a library and read-j-ing-room,
and to promote the project
; an . Interesting, meeting waa .held last
- night In Fireman's hall In that suburb.
--Miss Mary Isom. librarian of tha public
library of Portland; Mia Harriet Ilass
',' lcr. of th JuvrnMe department;- Rev.
8. Gilbert and Principal "Strong of the
BcTlwodd school, gave address e amt A,
a, N.. Willis presided.- - A formal opening
if tha library la to be held within three
. weeks- Myntlily" ubcriptlonsTf $268
: have bn slsiM-1 an'l amnuentent mado
. for v buiMing and for, booka from th
V Portland library f. , ,;: - y-, -
: 'mi- v.v..v. iAAifti v -f '-OreaorT' ha
decided to hold It charter, open "nUl
rflcea of John Manning. Fenton building.
. All Nebraskan are lnVltd to b present.
- - Th-oclety la working-ln th Interest
of the Lwl and. ciara xpmiiwn,
. ""will keepSopen houaa-for , Nebraskana
- during th fair. Th membership la now
'" about 76. - Eligible ..cand.datea.Jn " aiiT
part of th state, who cannot attend th
.' meeting Friday, may.hav their name
- placed on the roll by addresalng 8cr
" tsry S. M. Venard, room 188, Ohambr
;' of Comrner,, ;. - . ' ;
Ti Mannracturer- associanon m
northwest win hold It annucv tneeune;
' and smoker ,nxt Saturday at t o'clock
In Allaky hall. Thar will b report
of officer. loctlon,' refreshment and
' discussion of work. Eight directors will
. be elected for. three years. The present
officers are: President, 1L? J.- Holmes;
- vice-president Fletcher Linn;' treaaurerJ-,
W.vIL MCMOniea; secretary.' v jnu
Isaac. ', The executive committee I com
, posed bf David" M. Dunne, D. Kellaher.
7A. H. Devrrs. E..H. Kllham and D.-J,
i --w -" i - ; . - ..."
:! Property owners along "Baav Stark
street met last night and received the
" report from Councilman John P. Sharkey
" regarding tU cost Of , th proposed fill
-between East Ninth and 'East Twelfth
' et recta. Th - cost -of Improving th
three block wilt t about $H,00. A
A 10-'quart" Galvanized
:-L.Water.Pail, OnlyL
Special Bleiided
. Coffee -
FKh Routed Every Day,
Main 1706.
. " Between Morriaoo and Yamhill
Extra Special
' ' m-i-
committee wfll wait upon the city board
of education to ascertain If earth from
the school ground between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth streets may be obtained
to make the fill, and will make, an ap
peal to th executive board for assist
ance In making the Improvement '
.'Progress In all departments' of parish
work was reported last night at the
annual meeting of the First Unitarian
society. Financially, the church was
shown to be strong. W. P. Olds, W.
Wynn Johnson and Mrs. ' N orris Cog
'were elected trustees for three years,
those serving now being O. O. Gam
man. W. F. Woodward, R. W.-Wilbur.
Jamas lr Hart, Mr. U W.. Bitton and
Ralph, Punl way -:-. r;-
A-rubber I water bag (or hot applica
tions Is a handy thing to havs in. the
house, but tf it- leaks just -when needed
most, it la worse than useless. - Wise
people go to Albert Bernl. the .drug
gist, corner Second and Washington, for
their rubber goods, water bottles, syr
inges, atomisers, ate. and arc -well sat
isfied, as they are with everything also
purchased at that popular1 plaoa,
T tJso H sow While the . weather- is
fine la the time to apply Pry-Sola to
your shoes, so that when the Oregon
mist again falls you may go about dry
shod.' Get a bottle today. Price . Ita.
at all lead lag shoe dealer., druggists,
departmenWstores. etc. vTrad supplied
by Balaton-Cox manufacturers' agent,
f 2S. . Chamber - .of . Commerce. , Phone
Uoo4 T0. . .,".:.i,.-:'":".V-'Vv
John K. Pease ha been given a ver
dict for 11.100 against the Wind River
T Hmk. nnran.n v far tnlurleS VSOelVed
while working in the , company' mill.
feaao auen lor ii.vvv, auaimi "
badly hurt ' by a planer,, which waa
. . k- annth,, ftmnlnvt while- Pease
was making change in the adjustment
01 tn macuine, ': " , ..
. U.tkllata nA ritnlmntlonllllti STS
working together la forwarding th ac
cess of Rev. Ralph uwam
meeting in Taylor-atit M. B. church.
Service were held at t p. m. and t SO
p. m. today, xonigni aar. um.iu wm
discuss th Question - is uur wro m w
ojf, Lover " y -n- r- -.s.-r-r--, -
Cim Serrto School Mft R. F Barnaa,
formerly of th unitea niaies noaru i.
Cl , 1 1 .. t.a. lvil ev,
ntninera, wu w ..... - -
ice claaa la th T; M. C- A. night achooL
Th claaa will negin Jaonu ....,,
v 4a - a nnlli.,nta fat the snrlne:
wiuHr . . . .
examinations wJuld do wsll to enter this
Vk. u.n. lnh wDTsrfvltTally
Friday vnln at tta room In th city
hslL It I open to all membera, eligible
...a -k.r. interMtad In the work of the
Maaamaa. Among other subjects to be
consiaerea ta uu j.v.",vtJ.V"".
Ition. - '7 . -. .' . -. ' '
snin Ht.r mnr. met with Thomas
Paulsen of tha state grange legislative
committee yesterday and discussed vari
ous bill In which grangers are specially
Interested and which ar to coma be'or
th legislature.- " ,'v',- 'oVvt-V
m tJlrr' PhlM U4 . MlB-PrtOn
Liua In tha flt ' Johns
ri , www. i m m .
school at a meeting orth achool board
last; night. They will have charge of
th claaa room to b built on'h
grounda.. , 7 ; : i . '"-Xt'i'i-
vil. Ttva-lmin TTnme Treatment for
th permanent cur of all female
troUDlea, jaay-pnysician m cnuinra
aultatlon and examination free. Office
hoars a, mto p. m.; 231 Lewis bldg.
' B.' 'A 8. Cough and Croup " Syrupy
Simple - and. effective. - Best children'
medicine. Spaclfle for all chest colds and
croup. For al by Knlglit.Xfrng
Emeat Gambia, tha mlnnt pianist,
and his company, wilt give a recital at
tbo T. M. C A. auditorium next Monday.
In th Y.M. C. A, tarJcoura,
- B. S. Cough and Croup Syrup
Bur cur for croup and bronchlaLcolds.
TKeep on hand for emergencies For sal
by Knight Drug W. -.....5;,
" The grange hall at Rockwood on tha
Base Line road was entered by burglarsj
recently and about J worth-or table
war atoicn.. ,-;': -.i- v ,
irnVMMiili Hiirlrwhaait Tiflur.- Ton
will b convinced that It 1 4Hciou. .
' If ou tiav anything to sell eail up
Main iSf. Ill First iWtt .. .V
v Dr. Chaa. WBarr, dentlsC I1T Dekum.
Money-saving sale Marks 8bo Ca"N
Ask your grocer for Golden Cheddar, .
That Cot Him Nothing,' But Suit
; ' Against Ballard Gets v .
- : ' . - Sixty Dollartr .
'- After hearing th evidence In tha ease
of Frederick Esmelton vs. - A. H. Bat-
lard yesterday afternoon. Justice Held
awarded th plaintiff .th judgment ap
plied for-$t0 for one week' salary" as
a member of tha Columbia Stock com-4
pany, and cost. Manager Ballard imme
diately gav none or appeal. , '
Mr. Esmelton teattrisd, and tne otner
Ida admitted, that h was engaged for
two i week and -waa given only one
week' work. The Issu waa a to whe
ther he was "to appear In two certain
plsjrs--'The Prodigal Daughter" and
"Th Holy City," or for two consecu
tive week regardless of what th playa
were. -Tha actor -aontended that : h
would not, acejti anjunaollclted jsngag;
mcnirTdr Iwoplay Ihafwer to be
produced four week apart, especially
when he wa about to buy a ticket .lor a
distant point before the- first one -waa
produced. . - . - - --
-When t learned that Tha Holy City
waa hot to follow The Prodigal Daugh
ter,' a riglnally Inf nded.", as Id Blsml
ton. "I told Mr. Ballard I ahould ex
pect my salary for tha second week. Ha
ssld h could not pay me, a he had en
gaged m for two certain, playa and -I
muat wait until tha other play waa pro
duced. I told him I would have to re
sort to extrem measure to collect th
aalary." .. . -:--;
- "And - then - what . did .ha . yr:-,0-manded
counsel for defendant.
'tti told ena to- hold aty- breath and
he would treat me right,- I -have been
holding It over sinoe."
Mr. Ballard testified in hi own be
half, sutlng that Esmelton waa en
gaged -for th two : play,- and" It-wa
Impoaalbl to produce "The Holy City"
fin th date, intended.
' Card of Thanks. ;. '
To . th " near and dear friend, th
fraternal and Military organisation and
other who so generously offered their
sympathy and help during tha recent
nines and death of my husband, Mr.
George J. Bchlnaman, I desire to. return
my sincere thsnks. When th. unbidden
guest enter your home may you be
blesat-d yoii: hsve been a hleeslng to
January, 19, INS, r. - - ,
cmce PATiicriAGE
Cill Drafted for Separation of Tax
Department From Sher-
Iff Office.
Failure Predicted Because of
Splendid Showing; Made in "
v : Collections by Word. ' .
.. A bill has bsen drafted for lntrodua
tloh In th legislature providing for th
separation of th tax department from
th sheriff office of thla oounty. Th
measure was drawn Some time ago,' aiul
th assertion wa mad' today -that
enough member of th lower house had
promised -to support - It to , carry it
through that branch of tha assembly.
Thoaa who fathered th - bill are said
to fear they cannot pass it through th
senate, and that, war It to paaa both
houses. Governor Chamberlain -would
veto It. - t " M - - J
Tha understanding; is. that pledge
were obtained, from th members ef th
bouae of representatives before the fact
were known as to Multnomah county,''
th bill being sntlajiy for th al
teration of method of tax, collection' In
this county,-and being aimed at Sheriff
Word. It If dealred to take from hlra
a much power as possible and add It
to th patronage of the Republican ma
chine, r , . '
When tha blU waa first drafted rpr
sentationa were mad to legislator that
better results could be obtained were
th -collection of taxe taken - from
th sheriff tn this county. - At that time
no announcement bad been mad of tb
unusual success In collecting taxes" At
tained by tha present fore m th tax
department under Deputy Ferguson, and
It had not been stated publicly that, th
collection had been so vigorously carried
on that th final delinquency list con
stitute lea than one halt -of on per
cent of the total amount of taxe due.
, pnH"y nt rtgld enforcement of th
law -waa adopted, and taxe war col
lected, together with th penalty and
interest, whereas heretofore upon per
sonal request from property owners, a
large sum of urioney nominally an asset
to tha county- In therform of penalty and
Interest waa aot realised.
Thla year.. under tha different policy,
no one haa been favored, -th plain, latter
of th law having been followed wlth
nut regard to the Importunity of th
tax hirkr. '
County Judg Webter recently Watt-fled-
to th efficiency of the tax depart
ment' work, and atated that it wa
scarcely possible to improve upon It It
Is understood that. In tha event tha bill
I pressed for passage. - a hard tight
will b mad against It,
Bad Man Holds Up Girl on Union
Avenue , Bridge With.
Meager Results.
While" crossing 4ha- Union avenue
bride Thursday evening, Rosa Bautnar,
employed at th Oregon Laundry conv-
panHi plant, Gast Uax street, en
countered a.hold-up with a revolver. She
carried an empty dinner palU; ft v street
car ticket and two nickel. - - -
"Hand over d val'blea, lady,' and don't
make no fuss, said tha bold, bad man.
aa ba snatched tha basket from her hand
and-pointed. th revolver at her at the
aama time. As ah hurried to comply
with hi ' demand her handa-' trembled
and In her agitation th puree with the
two nickel and flv atreet car ticket
fell Into an umbrella .which she car
ried. ' . ...! ' ' : "
. He haatlty examined tha baaket and,
finding it empty, threw It-to the ground
and angrily tramped on It. ' .Then he
searched her pocket, but found neither
money nor valuables nor ear tickets.
Finding; nothing of value, h struck the
girt, ana swore. ;
Advising -her to "hv d good next
time," and admonishing her to keep
quiet about tha affair, he hurried away.
The girl -discovered . her . pocket book In
the umbrella after reaching her home,
lit Union avenue. North. She reported
the hold-up to th police Immediately.
She aays th man waa tail, had
heavy mustsche and wore no mask, and
she la confident that sh could recog
nise him If h should e htm. ', .
' Fret erred Block, Caaaed -;
Allen Lewis' Best Brand. . .
' '
Portland's Greatest Book Store
All lover of books will wel-
'' come our annual book V
We offer nearly all our books
f ' at cost during JanuaryV2
3. f. '
X ' Special Inducements vto
' . - , -
: ' ; BookseFers and Sy--1
Books 1
: Creat Things at Uttle Prices
GilDSil! TO
Hctcrn tr.-r2r.2nt Secured
by Miss Lc.3 Steers
. One Iveslca Only. . v
Will B Heard In First Bapilst
5 - Church 5le of Seats Opens
:f; 5aturday. -;-'r '..
' Musical Portland is to have another
rare treat. The return of Madam Uad-
skt ha been secured. . The great prima
donna will make th trip, from San
Francisco to Portland for th sol pur
pose or giving tills one concert ner.
Bhethen return to California In r-SDonsa-fb
th uraent reauest of musto-
lovers In several cities there, to nil a
number of additional engagements, thas
making her atay on the coast conntdera-
Diy longer man originally arrangeu. -
Owing to the Impossibility of secur
ing the Marauam on tb -only date on
which th great singer could come to
Portland, th First Baptist church has
neen engagea lor in occasion. ,
Tha sale of seats commences 8atur
day morning, the 14th, at Eller Piano
House, corner Washington and Park
Th repeated triumph of th Weber
piano are again axempltned by It zclu
lv us by Madam Oadskt, who haa
had wide experience with the Weber
during her seasons with th Metropoli
tan Opera Company, New York, and who
Is . exceedingly v enthuslaatlo concerning
the great musical merit of thla piano.
. Eller Piano Houe haa th exclusive
sal of th famou Weber throughout
th Northwest. A full Una. both up
right and grand styles, always to be
found here. Eller piano House, til
Washington atreet. corner Perk.
Poljcs Officers Examined Ifor
Promotion In Juna" at Last -1-;
, ? SecVrs Results. ,
Dissatisfaction Expressed Among
Commissioners at Methods' '
of Correcting Papers,
AJthougb-th axamTnatlon ef if po
lio officer . for promotion, to , the posi
tion of sergeant in the police departmeut:
woi bold last J une th paisBU'wer not
fcorrected until yeeterday. Why th pa
pers ha v-dot been graded and aa eligi
ble list certified' to the calef of pollc is
not., known.' Th papers- have bean, on
th tabl at every meeting of the com
mission, but- It Im atated that the mem
bers never bad' time to mark them.
Meanwhile Chief Hunt ha been appoint
ing such men a he desired to tha posi
tion of sergeant, while ineligible were
watting to have their papers corrected.
A. A. Courteney would have' no part In
correcting the paper yeeterday H ob
jected to th manner in . which Mayor
Williams and P. I Willis did th mark
ing and desired to make the educational
qualification for th position, high. On
th oUias-hand Mayor William and Mr.
Willi wr ofth oplnloathatprpper
answers. were sufficient.
. Courteney road no effort to assist In
th work, and th mayor am) Mr. Willis
completed th teak.
Those who pa sard the examination
are: B. Hill. M; T. W.' Taylor. ;
Oscar F. Isaacson, 0;t: G. Carpenter,
86;" Stephen Hogeboom. (0; E. A. Slover,
80; W. E. West, 80; John J. Murphy, 76;
Daniel Connors, f Frederick Ma I let t
took; tha examination and received f.
per cent, but- be wa disqualified- be
cause he waa not a member of the po
lice force at- th tlm th examination
waa arlveii.
City Auditor T. C Xvlln Stated that
tha. recent examinations for clerks -and
deputy auditors were entirely satisfac
tory to him. He recommended that
da, to be known, aa assessment cieras,
be added to hla department. In sup
port of ;f this recommendation b - said
the clerks who do the sssessment work
have to have peculiar qualifications for
the positions and that 'they snouia d in
a class by themselves In order thst
applicants for the position might have
proper examination. -
Th recommendation was adopted, and
an examination for deputy auditors,
clerk and assessment clerks was called
for. February 1. : r
Th4 following traction-ng1neer suc
cessfully passed th tet R. U Cor
rell, Mahton Moran, Calvin Brown and
- Eleven drivers in th Are department
successfully passed the examination, a
followsi James Haines, D. Perry, . F,
a Knox, John Mctaod, EL Fislftr, Cor
nelius Martin, O. S. GelL John P. Bird.
John C. Drain, Arthur Pullen and Mordle
Kney. , i
- , -; -r . -
' Arronmnla-are eomnleted for th
annual meeting and 7 banquet of thS
Portland chamber of commerce, to be
nl(T this gumliiS' gt-tnw t-ummwisT
clutt. - The business meeting will open
at :2( o'clock, la the club parlors.
President W J.- Burns will deliver hi
annual report, and reports will be heard
from Secretary Connell. Auditor W. R.
McKensie, Chairman L. A. Liwtr of tb
transportation commutes, ' vMiramn
Hrnry "i" tne onenrriver commit
tee. and K. Livingstone, haTfman .or
th nominating committee. . ine last
named - committee will recommend, th
election of W. D.. Wheelwright aa presi
dent and the re-election of Secretary
Connell." . . " -" ' - .
A banquet will follow, at which
cover will b laid for about too guests.
Speeches-will ba heard from Mayor
George H. Williams, Henry B. Miller.
Tom Richardson and the nwly-elcted
president. i 1
I Although no, definite word' ha
reached th supply committee. It la cer
tain that tha Rev. Clarence True Wil
son of St. Luke's church, Newark, N.
J., will com' to Portland to fill the
vacancy In the paatorete af the "Oraca
Methodist church, and the Rev. Gilbert
Ward Don Is ton. who hss been acting
pastor here, will g. to .New Jersey to
flit Wilson's ptr Th Chans has
been prsrtlcslly sgreed to by the. ministers-and
thelr'Vcorigregstlon, nd
telegram is expected hourly from Bishop
llllfc Payment yx"3!L
- I II if f Tx' "Eaally enables any on to secur tha- best - k
f HI' I I ' - watch' there ; is by "simply ' paying a, small '
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IllU ,11 , WaHham and Hampden works Boas, Fahy's, II nil
1 Dueber - and Crescent cases,- solid gold and - f I
" l IV" 'v"oHI filled in endles variety and alsaa, from ',.. I M i 1
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Bzolastv aSawtfaatarlac FuirisM,
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; f
Be cause w are the exclusive agents for th Union Paelflo Coal Co. There
I but on RocJc 8pring In Wyoming, and the mlnea war opened tn IMt "
by the Union Paelflo, whloh la the sole owner and miner of Book Sr rings
Coal. Don't ba deceived by any Imitation or wouldb Rock Spring.
IssaemWr, gr ' ar '
- Fhoa
Rock Springs
899 Seat atorrUoa
.. .-, . .. .
'':J-.V: -r- - 't ),''',-.,i
Go and See
the Optician
129 7th Strmmt,
Bijou Theatre Srj0
jJL . Do trout s popotA. '
iimox t itiicttiA. -
'' AkTHlTS 0TC.
ii V, JOSIX OOBDOX. -.-iw.
ratiorri. -.
xdha roirr.
uouoxAra. -
Aftarnanea rreia 1 to 4 0. evealn
T te 1040.
gvnriaf emtlnaoes freei k 10:B0.
Admiaamn to rera.
SpelUneyer eontalnlni the efflclal announcement,-
- '
Mr. Wilson I a young, energetic mln-
later iiul anmarrird. II was in San
Dlrgo fur time before-going to-thai
east. The- tranfr' will-take place a
atly, ag practicable. , -
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Coal Co. um
srk, aa Blvar.
uv riiCTnuroc
Aaar Aldmr
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many a time tb emergency arises when
nothing answers so wellta cold, hard
cairn. By putting a portion of your
present savings In this bank It will have
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kOBKBt XUUs, - TKX 0jICiO.vOrX.
A4ailaalea. lor; lesemd kex saata. yaa.
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We have the largest stock
of Patent! Colt Button Shoes
in - Portland.:? "v CuT ; . . - r"
$3.50 and $4
: We want' your children's
trade; Entire second floor ex.
Cor. 5th andWashingtcn
- Opp. Perkins Hotel
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- - A. X. Sallara, Ihm ft. Bbsigii. , .
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Mala 111.
Empire Theatre
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Rudolph and Adolph
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