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-"di" CLIRS AM;
Stat Association. ShowEffect
Experiments to IShowJWhar Per
Bill Will Be Offered Providing for
T " Indeterrnlnate'Sentences-
Ky. -of Prisoners, '''
. oii . Small Companies In
j " Mineral Industry. , .
Centage Return to Rivers
; ' i' Where Hatched.- . ;
fOreg0n Is Only Prominent Min
r eral State That Burdens
:-; " " : Work. In Mines. ,ri:'..;7
, i-ha- BiwIAtiit ofth Oregon Miner
association, at th buhest of thecxecutlv
committee, baa -prepared . a statement
ahAin tha effect of the Eddy eorporai-
" tion law on mining o far aa may ba de
- termlned troro rroorda, and presenting
' tha argument of mining Interest lor an
'.Amendment., Tha statement ahowe that
mining companlee pay but littl laaa
' than one third of 'the entire corporation
f" tax. and iiolda that the amaU company
, of the mining industry beers of
thla burden. ' Officer of the association
.show .that the law has, no tendency to
, decrease capitalisation, nor to, suppress
: ' coaapanlea operating ' on illegitimate
. plana A portion of the article read
m follow. -V ' V ' ; ' ' ' i'
"- Tou will not that Oregon U the
' only 'prominent weatern mining atate
with a heavy corporation tax -on mining
- cempaaiear- Tou will alson"
- other prominent "Western mining atatea
i have law fostering and- encouraging
.' the mineral Industry, Oregon being the
moat backward of- the great mineral
- sisterhood. If It la not the desire -to
repress mining and drive investing eap-
' ital from the atate to other common
: wealths progressive enough to Invite and
r 'encourage Investment, we ask the leg
.' lalatur by all means to give Oregon's
mlnea such nahampered opportunity aa
other tatss-gtrord.lf lf is the desire
to foster tha Industry' la thla state, w
"ask thst Oregon -minors be given the
-same friendly-Teeogoltioa-and encour
agement conspicuous In all rival mineral
regions.- - - ; f'- -
BOnug'a Heavy Ta ,
'v '"Secretary of State Dunbar report that
In two years of tha ddy corporation law
above $191,000 haa been collected In-in-
Itlul reeaana annual licenses, or tSS.000 a
year, fit thla total. 68,36 was for the
initial fea on companies organised In
this state and entering the state for
' business, leaving 1131.000 tha was col
lected for' annual licenses. The tSS.SOt
"initial fee la made up of Z5,696 on com-
pan lea organised la Oregon for gain,
tlii tor educaUoiiel-ox.charltabla.OQn-fcerns,
and 132.46 for companies . or
ganised elsewhere and entering the state
. for business. I , have personally exam-
lned thla. record, and : And -that there
were about 60 companies that paid
initial fea. f which II were mining
concerns, which pay $7,011, or slightly
. lessthan a third of the total, and that
1 .of the ISO companies' entering the state
.63 were mining eonoerns and paid t.12t
,'jof the SS1.46I derived from this source,
""i These -figures sh'c-w that mining com
7 paaiea paid fK.12S of the" total JSM6
derived from Initial tax. - . T
H "I have not the record to. ahow exact
ly' what portion of tha annual license tax
'of $111,000 mining companies paid, but
am sure the same- basis of apportlon-
. ment f bund true In the Initial tax would
...... afoly. This basis Is slightly less than a
.' - third for mining, giving the industry
' nltare of the 1131.060 as 33S.OOO to 340.-
000. Mlulug'gTOtaTTrtetre 111 111 1111,000
corporation tax la thua found to be about
- "Thes figures nlone show the glaring
- Inequity again nlnlng of accepting a
capitaUxatlun ' for a tax. That an
induatry struRKhng with all possible en
.' ergy to establish Itself should bear such
-'"" monstrous proportion of a corporation
tax needs no comment, unless It Is .the
1- wilful purpose to suppress mining.
' Vaa os aw 'Bxpecos, -
.. ,' "I especially desire to compare result.
The theory. of tha . oorporatlon tax ha
been said to reach companies doing busi
ness In this state through the bounty of
,. an Oregon franchise.- and which . have
- little tangible property for assessment,
or the -proportion of property sssessabla
is not Jn keeping with profits earned
'here. Viewing the secretary of state's
' report, I find the Postal Telegraph-Cable
.. company filed articles of Incorporation
for a capital stock of 110.000, gaining
'tha privilege of doing buainesa here for-4
tha initial fee i of 14 5, andean annual
-i - cense of Hi. The average mining com-'
pan r. as at present, pays 3100 to 3126
initial fee and 3100 to 31Z6 annual II
. cense.. The telegraph company does aa
enormous business, and has little tangl-
' ble Interests subject to tax. The mln
ing company must spend money from
two to five years steadily before getting
,. a cent of Income, .and soon' as It erects
a building, puts In machinery or patents
a, claim, fnust. pay as - high ' a rate of
.. property . tax a any other-Jnterest of
- the state.- The telegraph company is
taken merely as ari Illustration.- Borne
of the companies earning the heaviest
, dividends pay less under tha corporation
.tax provision than a mining company
; -which Is merely buying the privilege of
putting money Into tha ground to de
velop a latent resource.
v v - jug Capitalisation weeded.--.''
' Tf It Is argued that mining companies
. , can lower capitalisation, we only have
to say that mining companies every
where, in Oregon, the northwest, the
. entire west and the whole world da not
. do it. M who have spent their lives la
' this work, honestly, patiently and ex
' ' ' cluaively, think tbey cannot attain such
success with low capitalisation aa with
'high.- The Judgment of those who give
. tneir uvea to mis worg. conscientiously
as the . devotees of other ' Industries,
should be given greater consideration by
you than the judgment of those who do
not know conditions of mining from life
porsult. - The high corporation tax.
Stomach Diseases
at ns l
Discard Injuriovia Drus
A HarmlsM Powerful CerirJfM
; Endarud h LaJtt Fhysiaiu.
Send twenty-fire cents to pay postage
on Fru Trial BottU, Sold by leading
drutxlsts. . . ,
or acawMit wrtMOvr snr steaawaci ,
eM wmc ST.. New torr.
Won Ma ft
Cannerymen and AnglersrAre
Asked to Aid the Government ;
: .' by Noting Catches'. "-'
Salmon cannerymen of -Portland 'and
the Columbia river have received a com
munication from the bureau of fisheries.
United States department of commerce
and labor, asking them to watch the re
sults of an experiment 4hat ba been Un
dertaken by tha government to deter
mine the percentage of artificially
hatched flsh that return to the rivers
of the state where they -r hatched.
The department's experiment began In
1 90S and. have been, carried on as fol
low: ' " ' ' ' -First
Eleven thousand three hundred
sixty-five flah frose-egge taken at Clack
amas (Oregon) hatchery October t0
30. 101; planted . In" Clackamaa- river
May 13 to June 16. 1304. Marked by
removal of adipose .fin and anterior half
of dorsal fin. - -." ' '." '
vDw,nd Ten thousand eight hundred
thirty flsh from eggs taken at Rogue
river .tatlon October 3oT 103; plantedfrnaV Hud h loies uorrlghtr or cltlssn-
T . - ... m alsk i HA1 1 shin ' i . - ...
i. nKhmu river June 30 to H. 1004.
Marked iy removal of adipose fin and
posterior half of anal fin. :
Third Nine thouaand oils' hundred
ninety Ash from eggs taken at Mill creek
(California) station on Sacramento river
December 16, 101; planted In Clacka
mas river July 13 -nd 13, 104. Marked
by removal.! adipose fin and anterior
half of anal fin. m
Fourth Nine thousand eight Jiundred
Ash from eggs taken at IJttU-Whlte
Balriion (Washington) station In fa Call
of l03;i'nte4 ,n Columbia river July
36, 1304. Marked by removal of adipose
fin and posterior half of dorsal fin. . '" '
By following the future movement
i.a ih it la DroDOsed to deter
mine -whether tha young of Sacramento
river and Rogue river saimon, w....
planted TiiThe Columbia beelns -wUV go
back to their native streams In any note
worthy numbers; whether the young of
the 1st runs of salmon return only as
late flsh. or as bdfB early and late fish,
and various other. Important -facts -or
practical valu In the nsherle Industry
p.Mnn northwest..' No final re-
sulta are expected before 1907, butt ean
nerymen and citisens wno :
anojt are asked to look out-Cor the ap
pearance of -the marked flslh
4Vdensornea"it I to mining. 1as hot
decreased the average cpumv--But
33 mining companies have decreased
4kt Mniaiition in two vears, ana
only 13 went out of buslneaa. If a Blgn
corporation tax applied to mining con not have tha ef--
creaslnr1 capitalisation.- but - will drive
men and money out of ,"""..
Oregon, as It hss done and la
tha leglstature thought a caplUlisatlon
tax would prevent iraua, we cn
where soms xompanie with the- mort
chimerical. assets have rg!lUVwt
enormous capital sioca. ana "'"-"
the fact that they paid thcorporatlon
... .n Mldenca that they had been
Inspected and met. every JuLremenJLpfl;
legitimacy." This Is a feature wnicn we
present for unprejudiced consideration;
and would gladly present Cacta In up
port thereof. . ''" ; , '
.. ,' Imall Oompany Biirre.
in tha mining Industry, we submit
; tha noil eomnanv that has no pro
ducing property, pay by far the heaviest
portion of the tax unaer me protir p.v
vlslon. . A company . producing 3600.000
a year fa bullion and owning a property
worth from 32 000.000 to 33.000.000, pay
no more than the property of the humble
prospector who has not the means to
develop, and seeks, by -tha-only means
known to- him to enlist capital In the
work. - A company- developing a . mine
must spend money heavily for -several
years before there Is reasonable hope of
any returns. All .of this development
and equipment haa unusual hasard. and
freauentlv means 'total loss. If capital
hat the prospector must pay a heavy cor
poration tax for this privilege or uiaing
a caanoe. anotner state win os piwiroi
and Oregon - mining - mnn - rommeno
languishing more than sver before.
- "Every country of the world encour
ages the prospector, many, of faring high
bonuses tj stimulate his work. British
colonies donate large sums of govern
menJ(iMnd4o aid th.epropect9r . In
crovlnsr new districts, and part Of
Australia have government custom mills.
All of this Is dons from a sens of the
encouragement : needed . .by " those who
find and develop mineral. The work Is
arduous, and a large percentage of pros
pectors die poor, after years of frult-
lees toll and privation. If a heavy
hand Is laid on early mining." It represses
tenfold more than in any other Industry.
Other States Aid Mining.
Oregon's sUter states. have-no such
measure ' aa tne , jsoay law, ror mining
companies or -others. Nona, Impose. such
a tax. and nearly every mining' state
contributes large suras annually to hefp
the mineral Industry. Washington, has
a state Inspector and geologist, who con
trol ... health .conditions and - publish
mineral resource ,toll the , world.
California appropriates many thousand
dollars annually-for an efficient bureau
of mines. Montana haa an elaborate
system of law helpful to mining and
spends thousands of dollars advertising
her mines. - Idaho has a state.. inspector
of mines," who makes - complete annual
reports of Idaho resources and -help
the miners at all times, t Colorado has
an advanced system of mining laws, and
appropriates - many thousand " dollars
BTmaliyCof the mlCTyTigTioql and ptto
llclty work. New Mexico fosters the in
dustry, with no corporation tax. Arizona
gives every possible encouragement to
capital,, and haa enacted an especially
flexible', corporation law. ...Nevada and
Utah both give as much state attention
to mining as other Industries. . South
Dakota haa a state Inspector, and sup
ports 1ila excellent publicity work. -Brlt-
leh Columbia haa gone so far as to pro
vide a bounty for certain mine products,
snd enacts man"y laws to encourage the
mineral Industry. -
Every where-except In Oregon Is pro
nounced encouragement, and only here
Is the Industry grievously handicapped
In Ita (struggling stage. Ample data
supporting all of this argument la hsd
by the Oregon Miners' association, and
wur gladly, be placed at tha service of
any one sufficiently Interested to In
vesHgaip.""" !'," " ". " 1' . '.'
- . rinaaelsny.
Tramp plteously Please helb a
cripple at this festive aeaaoiv lr
Kind Old Oent handing hira soms
money) Bless me, why, of course, HoW
are yeu crippled, my poor fellow? ' r ' -
Tramp (pocketing th money) Finan
cially crippled, sir. .
Law.' Suggested . as .' Deterrent
Against Crime, and Incentive
to Decent Living. - V
'A blU providing for the Introduction of
the parole or probation, an indeterminate
sentence system la tne criminal oourrs
Of Oregon, will be Introduced at tni
sloa of the legislature. - Members', of
the Oregon Prisoners' ' Aid soolety and
the Oreson Conferenoe of Charities and
Correction are Its champions, and it .was
prepared by Dr. Stephen 8. Wise, Judge
Alf red F. Sears, Judge . H. W. Hogue,
J. D. Lies,. Thorns N. HUong, Mrs. B.
Trumbull. Jl U, w, Buton. if. - o.
Pkgue, W. T. Gardner and Superintend
ent Jame of the state-;. prison, i.
Under the terms bf tha measure a
judge la his discretion after sentencing
him may release a first orrenaer
condition that he report regularly to a
probation officer,, whoso' duties will, be
temporarily assumed ' by the v Oregon
Prisoners' Aid society. When the pris
oner's sentence expire . ffls release . is
A svstem'of determinate sentences Is
provided for In the bill., It applies to
first and" second offenders. ' Under it
a prisoner's sentence bss a maximum
and a minimum limit, the former not
to exceed 30 years.-For instance, -under
such a law a man is sentenced to serve
from five ts 10 years. If a gaod pris
oner he is set free at tha end of fivs
years: If not he must serve lb. The
bill propose a board of prison control
or prison wianagers who will be Judges
In the matter of indeterminate sentences.
Dr. Stephen 8. Wise, chairman of th
Joint. T!ommlttee which haa drafted the
bill, in apeaktng of tns. parol system
last ntchL said: -
The parole system ha Been tnea tot
s number or year in eastern aisies.
The underlying aim Is lu give first of-
fenders a chance and at th aam time
to let a suspended sentence act aa
deterrent against- tha repetition of a
crime. - Tha-Hreports of - prison experts
In America agree that from 7B to- 86
per cent of the first of fenders who have
been spared .the necessity of going to
prison on account oc .in. .parol law.ars
permanently restored to usefulness and
decent living. -- '
-The- results , obtained la New Tors
and Massachusetts, where the system
haa-bean established for a number of
years, are remarkable In bearing out the
claims of the advocate of th parol or
Drobatlon vatem.'!.-. j -
District Attorney John Manning re-
centlv exorssaed hearty approval or tne
measure to-ma -and Governor-Chamber-
latrr who- Inrlodes in h la - meeaage a
recommendation loosing to its enact
ment," '; v ;" ' '...('-
- 7"""'" - ' . -. . .
- -.''' .
Much interest la manifested In the
Pennsylvania society, . which held Its
city hall. - Acting Secretary George H.
Hlme haa -received wrttten and tele
phonic' messages from a large number
of Pennsylvanlana now - residents of
Portland, expreealng approval-- of the
organisation -and - promising their"; co
operation. It is expected the society can
aecur -upwards of 300 members and
there are indication 'that-at the meet-
mg In the oity hall next Monday1 even
ing there will be present three times as
many persons as were at tne nrst meev
Th society has many objects. One
will be' to call the attention of Penn-t
sylvanlans to tha Incomparable advan
tages of Oregon i ana lta umimiiea re-,
sources; another will be to entertain
Pimnsvlvsnla visitors to the Lewis and
Clark fair; .and third,- to hav the.key-1
stone stat -snake an exhibit at th eX'
position. Plans are mad to accomplish
the last named, and It ts probable that
Pennsylvania will do something.
1 Cspt. Jesse M. Baker, U. fl.' A, tem
porary president ot. the society. Is a
widely r known Pennsylvanlan and
served several sessions In th senate
and house of representatives of thst
state. He ha already taken up th
matter oC having Pennsylvania mske an
exhibit with President Sproul f th
Pennsylvania 'aenats andSenator Ward
A, piles, chairman of th committee on
appropriation :
At th meeting next Monday night the
society will be permanently, organised.
All natives of Pennsylvania now resid
ing In or near Portland are requested to
coranvunlcate by telephone or letter with
Secretary George H. Hlmes at th city
hall.-- . . . . ;: : , -.
Under the nam of John Ryn, a
wealthy ' Idaho rancher, Nicholas
Humphrey, haa been an inmate of th
Home for the Aged In Portland sine
last October, and during thla period his
aged wife has been Suspected of being
bis murderess, .--- - 7--- -
Humphrey - left Moscow eurrepU
tiously and cfema to Portland.' - He say
he had been troubled with rheumatism,
snd thought a change of climate would
benefit him. . He seems to regard the
whole matter as a commonplace affair,
and la unconcerned ' regarding his wife
painful part in it . His presence here
was discovered last Friday by a Mos
cow merchant named Gallagher, who
tailed at-the; Ilnme tnr the Aged and
Identified him. Mr. OaUagher tried to
Induce Humphrey, to go back to Moscow
with him, but the old man' refused. His
wlfs was immediately notified of his
whereabouts. -r-.v :. -
Th sister of th horn say the old
man . went there late In October, gave
them th nam of John Ryan, and asked
to b taken 4a, saying he was' homeless:
His conduct hss been good, and never
once has hs given cause for suspicion
that he might be other than he seemed.
The sisters are pussled as to what dis
position can now be made' of him. lie
la 'well satisfied, and declines to leave
th faotn. V ; - 1
Traveling passenger Agent Jim Casey
of the Chicago. Milwaukee St Paul
rallwey.'haa returned from a trip to east
ern Oregon and reports from that region
Indicate that he was busy all the while. I
neiernng irr ni visit a tiaxer city news
paper quoted Mr. Casey aafollows: .
-1 notice. that the Baker City Develop
ment league is becoming quite active
In its work for th UOt fair. It Is a good
. " Six Hun
4 to 14:yjears-
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g't.yhelttlln, Mi U. 'tfs-ufMg' 'ft.- push, it
along. Put Baker City on the map and
let people know where you are ana wnat
Tu hav. Th horn people first should
understand the situation and then work
together to get capitalists, manufacturers
and workmen In her. Believe me, the
Lewis snd Clark exposition la an event
for the whole northwest and not a special
Portland enterprise. t Organise t heme,
send a bureau to Portland, have that
bureau fitted , out with proper statistics
and data In convenient form In charge
oC intelligent man, teU the people who
come there how to get to Baker City
and that they can get stop-over tickets
here. . Work It for all there Is In it on
these lines, Jiava your committee at home
to meet the people When they come, and
take care of them, and take Borword for
it you will be busy all th yeaV- -
"'Tb -Merchant National bank', an
nual meeting was held last evening and
the . following board of directors was
elected: President. J. . Frank . Watson;
vloe-presldent. B. I Durham; cashier,
R. W. Hoyt; assistant cashier, Oeorg
W. Hoyt; C. K. Smith, K. D. In mas
and Fred 8. Morris. -
Th United States National bank mad
no changes In officers at It annual meet
ing yesterday. . J. A. Ins worth is pres
ident, W. B. Ayer vice-president and th
directors are I. W. Hellman, Rufua Mal
lory,. t. W. Wakefield. Percy T. Morgan.
R. Ia Macleay, Oeorg EL Chamberlain
and H. I Plttock. ' R. W. Bchmeer was
elected eahler and A.M.- Wright aa
slsUnt cashier. r vr
n : :A YTI
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