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. . 1' V A i ....... .... ' ... 1
mf. aHrwuvaM 1 .jl. ..i..'. u.u 1H I III 1
XlI8T befor closing ths forms
I " ot this lasu of th Dramatic
Weakly we learn that Man--aaer
J. K BanrlT hs been
' Induced br th anooaaa of his children's
- company In pressntlng 'H. M. B. Pink'
' for' to bring to America another opera
w gr j. H. Haverlv hs been
by th Kama author ana- eompoaar.
.."v Messrs.' -Gilbert - and Sullivan, -callsd
-Th mikado.1
' ' - . Row would th'aMook today, ladlss and
- gentlemen,' labeled nawiT
-' --l-aslt th question In order that--yvu
may tha better know what la to follow;
During. f recant visit -In Salt Lake
CJty. Manager Frank Curtis of tha Flor
.. t,nce Roberta company wss attracted byl
" , a rare oia Dook atore opposite -his hotel.
- He entered and began a ayateraatlo rum-
tsbles and corners. .Now and -than he
- -ran across a volume of apodal interest
. - ana laid it aside. 7 By the time he had
-finished hie - afternoon's - entertainment
ha had f 60 , worth of antiquated liters
ture aelectad Handing the dealer three
crisp 120 greenback I knew I would
have uio say ."crisp ha ' ordered the
a lot Sent, to his room. : ---i
Tha man was. astounded at tha dtman
. slons of his latestsale and Inquired,
" "Wha t 1 s 'y ou r biurtnes!
u. s
Book cnlleetorrns"t.2;
r - "No." replied rlt CTirtla.
Tnetricai manaawr.v-"
a another 1 book
here-that mlghin(rast you.". Ty'
.Going- to a certain shelf tha dealer
dragged down a good-slssd volume.
bound aa were our grandfathers works.
-1 In cheep cloth, and entitled: - .. ,
V ::. -; - . ' - -y
"Ought fo ha Intereating." exclaimed
Curtla Opening It,- he found tha vol
1. ume contained- about 10 copies- of The-
, Kamoier ana uramatic-weekly tt ni
-Tork.whtch-was theiiTwhat tha tr.a-1
maths Mirror la today, and the Item
above quoted wsa tha first ho read.' That
waa enough. The manager? whoa mem-
Dry goes back far beyond a quarter of a
cntury. was on tha point of offering an
other $80 for this book when the dealtt
-"frB had thla rm my hands for aev-
' aral yeara I want you to taka ltwlth
1 my compliments. - - f . .
T"" Mr. Curtis did not rafusenrHe m(?
' tTa.lghr-or Wa-liot L and ordered. AM:
suacltatlva uon observing - tha price
. marked In tha oook 11.50. 1- -r-
. All of this Is beside the storyrlrear-
ver. What will really Interest readers
or tne present generation, and-especi
ally those who endeavor to keep tab
theatrical, aventa, -past sMT present.
the reeding matter contained In 'twfs
..precious volume. It will take old-tlners
-back is yeara or mora, wnen menann
women. a I most forgotten today.wero
Idols of tha stage; when scenic canvas
and t'naeledcotumes were secondary
."and art dominated the Ilmellgh
At the time this volume was put to
gether, "Pinafore" was ths rage a fever
ant epldemhJr-It" wag being produced
In fonr different theatres ofi Broadway,
New Tork: by H operatic Mock compa
nies, and by 11 traveling organisations
all at the .same, tlme-yln the United
States, Consequently Averr Issue of
The Rambler and Dratnatlo Weekly con
tained' numberless Tsiferences . to - tho
-Bpara, and people concerned In tt.---'-r
ar- It is interesting aiso 10 ooserve a se-
. Ties of articles -running - through th
volume on "Hwto Play Poker," de----
acrlblng'thd rulesof ths great American
- game Just as present-day publishers of
children's parlor games . describe the
" manner of playing them about Christ
mas time.
On one of tha early pages of Manager
Curtis - lcJk ths announcement la mad
that tha on hundredth performance of
. Tht Banker's Daughter." under - the
- management of A. M. Palmer, has taken
?lace at the Union Square theatre. New
ork. ' The title page Is dsvoted to an
srtotyp of BemenyU tha violinist, and
. Vogrlch, hla companion muslclsn. They
. ', ' were then, eomparatlvely youngsters.. An
advertisement appears to tha effect thit
.EllyCoghlan "Is st liberty Tor sngage-
ment to alng Josephine In H. -M. 8.
Pinafore,' address care of Miss . Ross
Coghlarw- Wallack's' thatro.' -V-R.
A. Sothern, father of tha-present
tn tndoinwi- March to plar a" iwa -
wseks engagement in Pirmingnam, ana
Intends Ashing hla newly acquired sal
mon river during tha summer months,
and wlll reappear in this city In Sep
temher or October, either In Wsllack's.
the Park or Fifth-avenue. Temalnlng In
this country during ths entire ssaaon."
- " We sre alao Informed "Th llret wreck
.'"of a Tlnafor' company oocurred at th
New Brunswick Operahous. New Jer
sey, oa Friday night last. Th stage,
during tha seen between Sir Josepfi
Porter and Captafa Corcoran, was lit-
From ths "Nwr"York Hersld.
POSTOFFICB Inspector- WHllsm
Wnilsms. who 1 attached to th
Lwnvsr ffloe, say th Bertlllon
system' of Identifying 'criminal
1 a fan u re, and he offers his own per
aon. prooif of hi assertion.' ; -'
If hs Is not mistaken, snd judging
from th vldjc he ha collected he
la not, criminals will hav llttl troubf
In avoiding detection If official con
a1 ,.-
e rally covered, with cabbages, ancient
ggs and paper wads. Tha performance
waa abruptly closed ana tae actors and
actreaaes war escorted to their hotel
by policemen." ;.'-,
Hera are soma mora: . -
"We record with pleasure ' tha faot
. V. . . . . , . - W ....
remitted $500 to Sullivan and, Gilbert aa
their share On tkra sales of .'Pinafore
music In this country. Nett!"
-Franhr-B: Aiken", twliu. by Hi wa
waa present at Uva death of Mrs, OU-
bert- recently being a member of " her
company -"la in town ana reports xnsi
It la lmposlbl10gt aatea on
"This was before a Klaw Ertanger
syndicate existed to house attractions
f rom a desk n New Tora.
-r'hosa Coshlan haibeen offered" arTen
gagement as leUpg-4ady' at Baldwin's
theatre,. Ban Tamisco.' to uiii inni
ImmedUtelr on the close of tha 'season
at Wallack's. Theodore. Morse, on ths
i-othar .Band, -has proposed to her that
she shouiOrrths-1ad-irt-WlUck:s
naxt aeaaoa with mlly-Fowler at a re-
f dticed salary. ' Miss Coghlan has not yt
made up her mind exactly wnat ana wnj
no. - ' m
Revaral vears ago Mr. Stuart Robaoa I
published tba charge that a newapapSrj
crltto iuHiMm -money aa m mimaui
r.i.lnr him. but. being preaaed bythe
Bun for particulars, he conf eaaed that
he had Bona" to give. Later MlaaEroma
Ahhntt-accuaed a Journalist of attempt.
Inar to blackmail her,- but did hot give
via Th Hunaalied
- vrharaiinon aha mad and aua-
t.ined afomat haraaaadnat tba ed
itor of The Arcadian.. Theexpoaure Was
. .th hlow to that DaDbriwhicB aur-
vtved only a rew weeai
-"Wa learn that Msdama Mlolau car-
..ihn .tha nrlrlna Marguerite n uro-
nrt-a' Fauat.' will vbo heard In, Paris
- : - ;wu1,um.
r vnlrea.
A portraltror Mlas Sydney Cowsll ap
.on tha front-cover of the second
4 Issue.- MarcfrM. 'SaTt. bunt would hard
ly be recognised aa our greaiiy.aam.iva
Sarah Colwll tMoynifUxapraant
day. " 7 f-r
SydnayRosenfeld was' ths editor of
tha-CrahaUO,w-sauy..a vnm-pww --w
its existence and on of -fhg-mds d-
Iscrlbearth coming presentation pf "th
event or ine imk)!:!"!!..""""" ?
version of Dr. Klaus.' with a superb snd
remarkable caat, comprlalng 4n each and
sery character tha most noted artleta
of thr American sUse. Including Joha
IS. Owens as lggms.
And then we learn later- that tiaster
Wallack appeared tn "a new comedy
drama. In three acta, entitled "A Scrap of
Paper.-"- r. -
"Th first production: of E. B. Mollen
hauper'a eomlfl. opsrs, Tha MskBalI.'
waa given to Nsw Tork on Monday last
It la a UghL. shallow, merltleaa work of
compoaltlon. containing better, pasaages
only whan th vocal song Is ad "brches-tral-
partrTbat" H," when an uhaccom
panled song Is hsardl';
Evidently tner waa rsai crnigira. 10
those days.
"It Is reported that Dion Bouclcault
will tnahaga Booth' theatr next a
aon." . -,
"Lotta talk Of going t Auatralla to
play during th International exposition.
Lotta will be an International exhibition
all by hsrself.
Rose- Eyting goes 4-Auatrallg-ln
May with Cyril Searla, under contract
to George Coppln." Fted, Esmelton
sUtes that Mr, , Coppln la the oldest
theatrical manager alive today, - He was
one a member of parliament.
j On account of tha death of B. c For-
tar, -who was murdered In LaJlas, Tex.,
at -the same time Maurice Barry mors
was wounded. and who was on of th
most notsd managers of hla time, men
tions the presence at th funeral, which
took plac at "Th Little Church Around
tha Comer," of Harry rtiffleld. who Is
now at th Burbank theatre, Los Ange-
lest K. M.' Holland, recently- seen: Trers as
tha detective In "Raffles;" . Barton Hill,
for a long tlms Edwin Booth's leading
man: George Becks, Mrs.- Sol Smith,
Frank Tannehlll, Mrs. J. H. Gilbert
(Granny). Frank jMayo. Maud pranger,
Sara Jewett,. T 1Er STetson: ami Owen
Mr. Porter." as old-timers will remem
ber, was an aotor-manager. HlS'lsst
engagement was with "th Barrymor
combination," playing, Count Orloff, In
"Piplomasy.' .
This Is how tha Dramatlo Wsekly
passed It out to some managers, select
lng. In' this Instance, th man who
brought Pattt to America: -
"Mr. H. E. Abbey of tb Psrk theatre,
who Is, aa we have already taken pleas
ure In Informing ray readnra, the Only
manager In America, according to Mr."
1 ' ' 1 1 1 . .
tinue to rely upon th Bertlllon system
to atablfah their' Identity.
- Mr. Williams was measured by ths
Bertlllon system and then went to Work
to prov, of how little ua It waa In
detecting - felons. H wsa weighed at
th time of hi measurements and tipped
th scales nloss to 190 pounds. His
height ws recorded at I feet"! Inches,
Now hi weight I 110 pound and he
Is I feet 4 Inoheg In height Th change
I f-r, rill a 15jiiJlfc!Sil 5 lii Ife !.
ill lv" "ZJl ' r " a ""''if III I. '-'-a) -(f'."--- t- w'-.rf'
II II I ;r " -" '' .. "' i. : -j? .iv" .? T-i-1 ;S HI I- '. . : . ' i a-V- si . 111 ." 1 . ". - 1 . "h .3 -y- f 1 r.?r:
WW k trAhs'i.A f ii': A - . r i :
- . HI ..u-al. : II Mill y...:-.. t .4 f i 1
r V , JuuA: "il 4 ikwiol- v " '1
; I O :, i-4 -iiStmX II HI lCLlR.H. - I tb.'openlng of-hls-w Park-theatra.- . . jf - -fv - ','" . ' i
f 2aprI! HUH I AlUKKlsi 1 twsjrtl4-liarr lpota4.J UK' '"' T t;:r,V
- Ill f :f IT.- .2SsV,rf I a--"I Mr. Mapleaon's profits-oil -th rand -- v I,. ,.,. a .C y' . - r v ! ; -
very generously Invited th' mmberof
ths profession to a special matinee per;
formanc of 'Engaged' last Thursday,
Mr Abbey's generosity wsa widely com.-
mented upon and approved of, more, es
peelally. as . generosity, from the .'only
snanagsr In America, waa something that
was really unlocked for. But when I
saw .ths , members or tn profession
stowsd sway In the galleries of Mr, Atj.
beyjs . Psrk- theatr v las-Thuradayv
whither their complimentary tickets had
taken them, while a gaping multitude
Stared at them from below, at 11.60 per
head, X tell how useful a thing was gen-
roaity and 'how, true tha proverb that
Virtu Is Its own roward.' "
At that time, as now, Augustln Daly
waa praised, but not to the asm extent
as In sftsr years. - H had gone to Lon
don and had not met with success. His
probable return Is referred to, with this
appends ge : M r.. Dal y - haa doubtless
many faults, but It should not be for
gotten that while here he did much to
elevate the tone of th stage In a ma
terial sens at least and that ha was
th first to accustom New York audi
ences to tha elaborate atage setting and
perfect ensemble' which w now expect
from th theatres of tha first clans.
Mora than on manager and 'severhJ
actors are Indebted to Mr.' Daly for their
present success." .
And Daly's record grew with hi years
in this regara. W 1
that A Vnote - of no little Interest . Is
Ros Eytlnge, who has recently become
resident of Portland. - was playing In
this city for two weeks In repertoire.
Others of note who were on th road a)
that time - included ' Mary ' Anderson,
Lawrenc Barrett, Kat Claxton (now In
th .all-star revival of "The Two-Orphans"),-Fanny-
Davenport, th Lilli
putian Opera company, John, McCullough.
Maggie Mitchell, Modjeska, Joe Murphy,
John E. Owens, McKee Rsnkln and Kitty
Blanchard, Rlce'a "Evangrline,"LRobsoa
ami Crane and Denman Thompson.
But all of thes wer practically for
gotten In th "Pinafore" eras. A corre
spondent in - Philadelphia wrote that
"nothing but Plnafor Is heard from
morning to night and four - different
houaea ara ,preentlng ' It here." - Th
wss brought about by training h Under
took, " ... v
' Th . measurements " taken In Denvsr
hay been submitted to officials of othsr
place and the Inspector hss submitted
to arrest snd haa been measured sgaln.
In no Instanrs did th government offi
cials discover that he wss th original
Of th measursmentg and th pictures
taken Id Denver. . t
: '' -. r. ; - ..." :.
:-.;"' .. itlgv .;:VI tV :')
' . . j I P. .. --7 :--.r1 J , A : ' , l I . t
S. . -. , -c I r-" -.v'..... v,,.;. .A '7.-, , ;.. , ; - v v , - t
m7 ' - A I lvt;:ftri;' t JK X-'i V ' 7-1; -1' T 7
11-1 fsV' a gi.-
. K I i I 7
' J . . BOOTH - : nSTCWALLACK. :
sara wagth caa in Plttihurg, Bos
tort and other big- cities. It Is difficult
for hr admirers jiow to Imsgln 'Sarah
Cowell 1j Moyne aa a eoubrelte, yet It
appears thai In 187. "The Flrat Duchess
of Marlborough'' held tha foremost place
among !-tb few - soubrettee who have
attained any marked eminence In their
profession. She was born in London In
1161 and her .whole life haa been spent
In- ths atinoaphera of the theatre, her
father being. Sam Cowell. a-gntlmaA
well-known, not only In England, but In
thlaj country, aa an eccentrl comedian
and vocalist." .' ' " -..
Frank Mayo wss playing "th de
lightful old .raelo-dram,, -"Street of
New Tork.". - . . .'
Fanny Davenport waa doing Tlqu"
and 'Divorce" and waa tobe followed
by Mo)eska at th Grand opera house.
New York. f 1 . ': .
Jamea Steel Mackay had Just-leased
"tha.plao known aa Fifth Avenue Hall,"
Hi T and bad rechrtstsned It ths MadU
son Square theatre, which he - opensd
with production of "Aftermath."
Charles W. Couldock waa In ths cast.
Dion 'Bouclcault had called William
Deutscfi. ons of his . employes. . a
"damned fool- and Mr. Deutsch wss
trying to make him prove It In court.,
: An . Interviewer, after a chat with
Mary Anderson.- states that "four years
sgo she was a mere beginner."
TV. 8. ' Gilbert .had Just produced
"Gretchen" In r London.
Milton Nobles, Frederick Wsrd and
Maurlc . Barrymor wer on th road
In a eombin. - -- --
John P. Smith Is going to plsy
TTncls Tom's Cabin.' announce on
sarcaatta writer. "Will soms kind soul
pleas tell us where." , -
Louis Jamea Is mentioned in th. gup-
port of MIsa Osnevleva WardV-i' :.-
Lotta' repsrtoir for the season was
snnouncsd aa "Musette," "Zip," "La
Cigala, "SweMheartr' and. "Creek
mate" ... :' --.-- -
Rose ' Lisle T was presenting - "Led
Astray" at Heuck's, Cincinnati. -
Th 100th perrormanc of "Plnafor"
wa given at th Broadway theatr.-
Henry E. Abbey Issued Invitations to
ths press of Nsw Tork to send critics
to Boston in hi special train to witness
anes , Bociy a yi d ,C li c a t $
lTb ability to Increase hi height was
th on thing that'brok down the
certainty of th. Bertlllon.' ayatem. It
waa learned that a stooping thief might
learn to walk erect, on with cross syss
hav his optica mads straight, or a
man . with blrthmarka bs - freed from
the signs of Identity: but when It
waa discovered that sevsrsl Inches could
bs added to th height of a auapectad
man or tola atatur shortened, th dsteq-
Mr. MSpleson's proflts'OH"th Grand
opera season,, with Madame Gfrster as
his star prima donna, amounted to ,H0.:.
A dfamgtlxatlon of . Oulda's "Strath
mora" by "a Mrs. MlUsr" of .Trojr was
announced- --- .-. 1 .
Emma Abbott -amfher ' grantfopeira
company wer playing J,out west" Chl-
A ...
"Charles K. Drew had been re engaged
lwlth Samuel Colvllle.
Th aoclaty fot the prevShtloiieT
oruelty to children complained -against
Nlblo's Garden for allowing youngsters
to appear, ' . -.
X'Laura JoyeslMrs. Dlgby .Bell) .wss
engaged to alng "Buttercup" .ln '!Plna
fore." "Mr. J. H. Haverly, an active-man of
affair and theatrical manager, who rs
cently came to - New York from the
weat." we. are told. "Is.Jtha first one
among -our managers' to act upon tha
theory that - GTTbcrV and Bulllvsn's
Pinafore' la really an opera. At om
theatrea It haa been mounted as though
It .were merely a clever burlesque."
Mme. A I me appeared in Offenbach's
"Madams Fsvart." at ths Park theatr.
. Here Is th style of eulogy main
tained: "A -nam so - familiar- as- ths
on which afford uaaublect - of
llluatrathm--totsWeKl3ieds no verbose
Inueduotlon. Whst ths Nsw York stage
would be today If Lester Wallack had
hot been "' Its' head and front is a neat
little subject for debet. It Is for ths
existence of Lester Wallack that ws
wish-t show-our" appreciation- Without
wasting time in speculation as to th
dramatlo wllderneaa we should have
had to 11 v tn -without him. - It la a ret
maskable fact that Lester Wallack gave
th - flrat performance of pantaloon
parts' In this country. Thtthsrto cos
tume plsys only bad been Played.
HI first part was" Sir Charles Cold
stream in- 'Used Up.' Lester wss stags
msnsgsr for his father at -Wallack'
theatr In 1U1" f
Rlce'e - "Surprise . Psrty," "a . cele
brated .combination of " axtravagansa
artleta," war to"poltlve1y appear" In
Willie Edoulh'fvrsl6n " of "Babe In
th Woods." or "Who Kllled'-Coc
Robin r E. M. Hollknd played Corln,
th pld man. In "Aa You Like It.'X -
Dr.- Landia waa to "one mor avenge
himself op Shskespeare" by -appearing
aa 'Hamlet" in Philadelphia. -
Theodore Thoma mphatlcally denied
the: rumor that h Intended to return, to
New York. '
'"Our Boys- concluded an engagement
testing tour r years at th Vaudeville
theatre, Londoni;-"'"'-- .--
Remarked on captious critiot " "There
: . Be rill Ion''
tlvss who relied upon the Bertlllon sys
tem wer throwalnto eonf uslon,
. "W nay be obliged to go back to
th system of tsktng th thumb print
of criminals." said a government In
spector today. "Wer It not for th
as with which thumb prints could b
blurred In their Important lines ws could
use soms hop her. - Several Important
captures have been mad of ho avail
alnc. orlmlnala learned t outwit a
rninE. rsaRifl. "rose
hav been many atorfss told of the effect
of the general eonveraatlon created by
ttrto txL;of Plnafora.'-r Tb positive
nuisance that 'hardly ever has become
needs no further comment, nut wnat
Is. to be said of that chlld'who in prayer
InconUnentlg added to Its Invocation for
blessings upoirpapa, mamma, a similar
dispensation for my sisters, my eouslns
and my aunts T This, cam within my
personal experience th other night.'
"len Thompson, who-waa announced
to open at -th Grand on th 11th In
'Joshua Whltcomb,' did not appear until
the 1 tth.' owing to a severs strain hs re
ceived while playing In Kalamasoo.
Correspondence from Milwaukee. - v
"Th success of 'Fatlnltsa' and 'Pina
fore' and th presence of Slgnor Capoul,
besides our bom' talent, leads u to ex
press ths hope that during tha next sea
son, In one shape or another, we may
find a theatr devoted to the production
of at leaat a few of th sndlsss array of
charming light operss, to -which Nsw
York Is almost an uttsr stranger." '
"Th succcea whlchnasUended ths
career of Emma. Thursby. the favorite
American singer. In Paris, induces us to
present her portrait to th reader of th
Ramble this wsek. Next week another
countryman of ours,' Miss Kate Munroa,
who . Is distinguishing -herself on th
Parisian. ataga-wllLha published-
"On who thinks he know sends h
following characteristic 'of actresses
now prominently befor th public: Ada
Cavendish v Is nervous and anlnated.
Fanny-Davenport Is sociable and com
fortable, Roae Coghlan Is bcsutAous and
benignant. . Sara Jewett la magnet and
"Manager Abbey will go to Europe to
hunt for attractiona."
- "Miss. Rose-Ey tinge and Cyril Searl'e
hav sailed for Korop.,Mle Eyting
la to play th heroine tn a, new drama
by Charlea-fUads." . : ,
Th Fifth-Avenu theatr will at last
be given over to light opera permanent
lyMr. Ma Strokbseh and Mr. Msu
rice Orau are thetenante for Xh ssa
aon." . , '
"Mm. Pattl Will spend a portion of
th summer' at Cralg-y-Noa castle,
Bridgend, an old romantic building which
she purchased last year."
- "Mis Fsnny Davenport Is playing a
short engagement 'st th California the
atr sa Rosalind In 'As You Like It.'"
- "Th Baldwin theatr company of Saa
Francisco will produc a new aoclaty
drama by Mr.. Jamea A. Heme and Mr.
by changing, their measurement, and
w ar almost ready to discard that part
of our rogus's gallsryl" , " "'
Th systsm of physio!- culture taken
UP by Mr. William In hi experiment
wa that of loosening th bone in their
sockets and allowing th space where
they wer (lulled apart at the, Joints
to fill th cartilage. By tM method
th body I lengthened without over
development f th muscles, duoJt is la
rft Belescoy-entitled-"Th - M Ulknlr's : -
Daugbtsr.'," , - . !
t -Uiglia. Nordic. (Northern Lily w th
Italian jitdTrm of Ulltan Norton oft
Boston, Mr. Sooval la knAwa, sjsj
Eduardo ScovsUa" .. .- '
Carlottl PatU ha been angaged (oa
a tour Of Amarlca." ' i
- ' We publish . Clara Mop-ia portrait
thla week (see page 11 for biography),
and next week w will UM Agnes Boo Ilk
as . our subJect"T (Agnea Booth, was
Mrs. Junius Brutus Booth.) -
"It la vary probabls that Maurlo Batx
rymore will be th Jeadlng man at Wat. -tack
s." v ' . .. . - - -.
"Id a certain eaatersr town a managM . ..
who coma in td glv a parfornuuso og
'Plnafor very rarely leave It exoept .
In a woodenbox addreaasid to a walU '
known Boa yon surgeon-who pay goo4(
"FaUnlfxa" wa threatening to autel
popularise "Pinafore" In Philadelphia.
Fanny Davenport, "tha- pleasing sob
reaa," was discovered as tha, sides t og
th ftv Davenport slatere, and wa bora
In" London lal0 - , .
Thss not and comment wer lit
tensely Interesting to th group of ths
atrlcal people who went over Mr. Cue
t la' book, but the thing which etartled
m most was the ' nam of "W. MsH .
bourne" . In th - first performance ol
"Plnafor" In th United States, which,
took plac at th Boston musaum.. Msu
bourne wss non othsr than Melbourne
MacDowell, and whll he did not tU, .
why he changed hla nam, th actor gavj
an account of the event ..
'"Mine' Was th first vole ever heard'
In Tlnaore' In the United States," h
said. "Th management wss at a tosa)
for a correct copy of th English sailor"
costume. I 'hsd - one, having sailed in
tha English navy,-and presented It tot
tha manager. . Out of gratitude he had'
a part a very small part -written tnta
the opera, under th nam of Tom Bolan.
and gav It 'to tn to play, I was t
open tha opera seated on a coll of ropew
After th orchestra had played six bar
of th opening chorus I had to solnlsa
th first line. We'll' aall th ocean blu, '
and the sailors' chorus wss la com In
then with' "Our saucy ship's a dandy..
Welt, 1 started In aftsr four bar 1nstea4 '
of lalxv.and things went o.h I. Th '
muslcsl director stopped the show, mad)
a new start, and after, th first t-"assisted
that I 4a dlschargert. - i" .
'That wae - my- taut experienoe hs
comlo opera." , ,., .'. .
th ess tn physical training adopted 1
' ' Soar Crepe. '
"Yea," said the bride of a week, '
tells m everything he kaow e-t
him verythlng I know."
"Indeed !' rejoined her, -bad
bcn left a( the poal.
when you. ar toftthcr s
'-' v"