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Of Men's mid Boys' Finest Apparel
More and more men and boys every season keep a "look out" for the announcement of this sale. It offers Ready-to-Wear Clothing.
And it is also fit-to-wear. More than that, it is fittest-to-wear. Every stitch of it hand -tailored. Every speck of it all wool. Cut
and finish the custom tailor CANNOT improve on. In a word, the world's best clothing. And this sale gives you an opportunity
to buy it at sensational reductions.
$fl.85 and $ 1 1
At these prices they are almost half of what they are really worth. Splendid garments in all the plain blue and black and popular
fancy mixtures. Excellent wearing qualities just the thing for hard service. See Fourth Street Window.
t . . .
Men's Finest Suits, Overcoats and Cravenettes
- . , ' - - " . -ft . . . .
Reduced all the way from 15 to 25 per cent. Our stock is especially 'large today, in fact, our buyer has overstepped his limit, con
sequently a great many lines are still unbroken with such liberal reductions they make the greatest bargains in Portland.
Men's Hats and Fvrnishmgs, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Caps, and Furnishings, at Sensational Reductions, (Contract and Agency Goods Excepted)
Children's Suits and O'coats
Of all-wool materials, at $2.15, $2.85, $8.85
, and $4.25
Youths' Suits, $435, $5.35, $6.35
Hug Boulders Roll on Southern
Pacific Track in Cow
" Creek Canyon.
Prominent Railroad Men Were
Detained in the Accident in
Douglas County.
North -bound puwii(tr train No. It.
on the Southern Pacific, duo In Port
land at 7:26 o'clock this morning, haa
been delayed 12 hours by a tilde In Cow
Creek canyon, In Douglas county, and
will nl arrive hare until about I o'clock
tonight: On board the train are a num
ber of well-known railroad man, in
cluding K R. Calvin, general manager
nf the Harrtman linen in HDragon; R. k
Kltrhey. general Pacific coaat agent ot
the Northwestern system, and M. J
Rochi. traveling passenger agent of tho
Denver Rio Grande, who Is en route
heme from the national convention of
the American association of passenger
sgents held at the City of Mexico.
The slide occurred last night, a mllo
and a half south of West Fork. The
steady rains of the preceding 24 hour
softened the soil, and Heavy boulders,
with which Cow Creek canyon la lit
tered, began sliding down on the right
of way. The great stones loosened
masses of earth, and the track was soon
noesesd lth eoeks and- dirt, forming a
huge barricade. An soon as crews of
shovelers and a wrecking train could
reach the scene the work of removing
the debris began. ' The regular running
schedule of trains was resumed today.
Hamilton Avenue Sewer Builtapn
a Hill, Must Be Paid ,
i For.
Conduit Constructed Against
the Wishes of Taxpayers in
the Neighborhood.
By telling a pitiful story of want and
blasted ambition, a boy, about II yeafa
old. haa reaped a rich harvest. Cora
plaint has beewniade to the police and
detectlvea are now searching for him.
"I have' been out at work for aome
time." hla atory runs. "A few days ago
I did a man a favor and be gave me
money enough to get a meal ticket at
a reataurant on Burnalde street, but
this restaurant has burned down, and
now I can get nothing to eat. Tou re
member the fire the one where 411 is
supposed to have been stolen from the
caah register while the firemen ware
fighting the. flames. All I want Is
enough to bay a meal or two."
Everybody who heard the aad story
yielded money. In amount ranging from
r few cents to a dollar. Complaint was
made to the police yesterday by one of
the lad'a numerous victims.
poataaeons aristocracy.
From the Detroit Free Press.
"That Mrs. Snagga la too much ef a
arlstycrat fur me to mingle wld."
How's that?"
"She was knocked down by a push cart
and ah had It put Into de paper dat
aha waa kit by an autermoblle."
Aaseasment of coat of const ruclrig the
Hamilton avenue aewer will be passed
In thr fnce of the remonstrances of a
large number of property owners who
claim .thoy will reap no benefits from
the drain.
Thla Is the sewer which waa built
on the aide of the hill above Macadam
street In South Portland In auch a man
ner that the property owners from the
eaat side of Macadam street to the river
cannot connect with it for the reason
that the- drain la many feet higher than
the houses.
At the meeting nf the sewer committee
f the city council this morning a large
number of remonstrances were heard,
but all were recommended placed on file
and the assessment levied. The resi
dents are taxed from $36 up for the
costs of the aewer, and If they are to
obtain any benefit from It they say they
will have to construct a lateral aewer.
which will coat a large aum of money.
The property owners on the east of
Macadam street argue that aewer facil
ities will coet them a much larger sum
than other land holders who own prop
erty located above the main drain.
The Hamilton avenue sewer was built
under protest from a large number of
property owners In the first place. They
desired the sewer to be constructed In
a manner that would be of benefit to
the entire sewer district and would not
require any lateral drain to be laid.
The Wishes of the property owners were
overlooked, and it was placed upon the
One of the property owners remarked
this morning that he thought Council
man Zimmerman could explain why the
sewer was constructed aa It Is.
Many remonstrancee agalnat the as
sessment of coats of building the South
Portland, Fulton and Fulton Park dis
trict sewer were plsced on file and a
recommendation was made to the coun
cil to paaa the Assessment ordinance.
The Womerrln "The Show Girl"
Compahy Wear Dresses
of Walking Length.
Miss Josephine Floyd, of "The Show
Girl" company, that plays at tho Empire
theatre next week, has Inaugurated a
aress reiormL n naan i spreaa very tar
yet, being confined to the members of
K '' ' sal
Charged With aaaaultlng a girl ( years
old. the daughter of the cook employed
in his restaurant, at 111 Stark street.
C. Kellogg; has disappeared, and
O. NIcolaT baa been appointed
receiver of Kellogg's property.
pending the outcome of a dsmage
suit for It. 000. by Frank Qellert, rather
nf the child. The complaint alleges that
Kellogg has left nis reataurant and
gone sway, and that his property la In
charge of no one.
The damage suit Is based upon the
allegation of aasault by Kellogg-
Mii Josephine Floyd.
"The ShowVOlrl" company, but as there
are about 40 of the fair sew Included In
that organisation, and every one of them
has adopted Miss Floyd's Ides, in wearing
apparel, she thinks she haa mads a
pretty good start.
The reform In question la that all
aklrts for the street must be made walk
ing length no trains go.
"They are an abomination," declares
thesctresa. "Not only that, but they
are a menace to health as well. I ex
plained my drees reform Idea to Mr.
Whitney, who agreed with It at once,
and had Inserted In the company con
tract that no girl, principal or chorus,
could join unless she sbsolutely agreed
to conform to my Ideaa regarding the
length of her gowns." -
The fourth of the ),( 0 cnmpnlffn con
certs waa held last night In Prospect
crn.p No. ltn, Woodne-i of tne World.
Past Consul J. J. Jennings presided.
The speaker f the evening woa Dr. W.
O. Manlon, end hla eloquent talk fur
tho Woodmen cf the Worn! and frater
nity was hesrd with marked attention.
The following war renrlerea
under the direction of Prof. J. Adrian
Bprdng, arter which oanclng waa In
dulged In: fcVtngs, Miss Petmnello Con
nelly. Mrs. Evs Wells. Prof. J. Adrian
Kpplng, Mix?. HMha Fowler. Mr. Theo
dnr Rsser; rt-.ding. Mlaa M. Bo&
These concerts are becoming very
popular and much good U done onv fra
ternal lines by them. The public Is in
vited to all or the Meetings. The next
one will he held in ? camp Jan.
t. Tenth and Washington streets.
Chicago A Northwestern and
Chicago, Minneapolis A St.
Paul to Merge Positions.
Change Will Be Made at Once,
and Portland Man Goes
to Seattle.
A merger of the freight snd passenger
sgencles of the Chicago a Northwestern
railway and the Chicago, Minneapolis.
St. Pnul a Omaha railway companies in
the Pacific northwest will be put Into
effect January 1- For IS years these
two companies, which sre controlled by
the Chicago ft Northwestern, have main
tained separate freight and paasenger
offices In Portland, on account of an al
liance with the Union Pacific aystem.
Peculiar conditions formerly existing
have changed somewhat, and It Is now
regarded as feasible to combine them.
Final arrangements will be made here
tomorrow by P.. R. Rltchey, general
Pacific coaat agent of the Northwestern
system, with headquarters at San Francisco.
Henry I. Slsler, who for the last two
years has been general agent here for
the C M SI P. ft n will ao to Seattle
s assistant general agent for the?
Northwestern system. The agencies at
Seattle and Tacoma will be merged un
der the jurisdiction of the C. Kt. P. M. ft
O . termed the northern line of the Chi
cago ft Northwestern system, working
In harmony with the Northern Pacific.
Mr. Bister's office force, C. J. Oray and
J. B. Alexander, will occupy similar po
sitions with the merged agency in Port
land. Who the genera) agent here will
be Is not announced. Alonso O. Barker.
present general agent of the North
western at this point, ssld today that
be bad not been advised of the change.
Mr. Barker haa been general agent of
the Northwestern here for the laat IS
or 11 years. .
Mr. Blsler. who goes to Seattle. Is re
garded as one of the promising young
men In freight snd passenger business,
and Railroad Row regrets his 'depart
ure from Portland.
There Is a rumor to the effect that two
Jurisdictions will be established by the
Northwestern system on tne racinc
coast, one of them to be known aa the
Pacific northwest Jurisdiction, In charan
of which an sestern man will be located
at Portland.
An exceedingly Interesting service
has been planned to be held at the
White Temple tomorrow night. It is
to be a watch night service, In which a
fitting farewell will be paid the old year
and a hearty welcome given the new.
The. First Baptist church haa extended
a apeclsl Invitation to all the Baptist
churches of the rlty to unite In this
service, and all other Christiana ars
ssked to come. There will be speclsl
music by the Temple qnsrtet snd chorus
choir, snd C. H. Hart will sing. A pro
gram has been arranged for each hour,
from X o'clock until 12. Dr. Brougher
visited Manager Fuller ef the Portland
Conaolldated Railway company, snd the
csrs on sll the lines will run until 1 a.
m. The last cars will leave the center
of the city at that time.
The committee, appointed by the Bap
tist Ministers' sssoclstion in conjunc
tion with Dr. Brougher, hsa arranged
the following service: I p. m. Prayer
and praise service. Rev. A. L. Black
and C. H. Hart, leaders. I p. m.
Meeting of the Portlsnd Bsptlst union.
Dr. C. A. Woody will preside. Rev. M.
M. Bledsoe will mske the annual report.
There will be short addresses by Rev.
I. W. Riley and Mrs. Adams, the ngwly-
sppolnted city missionary. is p.- -.
Social hour and reception. Refresh
ments will be served. 11 p. m. Preach
Ing and consecration service.. At the
request of the committee. Dr. Brougher
will preach. Subject, "The Trodden and
Untrodden Path." "
The service will close with a conse
cration meeting, and a very helpful and
Inspiring service Is planned and expected.
Sadie Gillette 'will not only be de
prived of the custody of her 7 -year -old
daughter. Lillian, but will doubtless
receive severe punishment for her con
duct. .
The woman waa found living with
Gillette, whose nsme she has assumed,
at First snd Columbia streets, over a
saloon. Occupying the same room with
her and Gillette was the little girl.
whose father la ssld to be a resident
of Oregon City.
An order of the county court, citing
Mrs. Gillette to appear before that tri
bunal and show cause why her child
should not be given Into the custody
of the Boys' and Girls' Aid society, waa
served on her this morning by Detective
Hawley. Her trial In the police court
haa been postponed until January 11 for
that reason.
Mt. Tabor will not Incorporate. At
meeting under the auspices of the
Improvement association, when the final
vote waa taken, the result stood I to 1
against Incorporation.
George H. Andrews read the proposed
charter and explained Ita provisions In
detail, showing the safeguards it would
throw around the property owners
should It be adopted. A heated discus
sion In which many participated.
C. W. Gay took the lead In opposition
to Incorporation, atatlng that the town
hsd nothing to gain by organising under
a charter. H. W. Hodges led the dis
cussion favoring Incorporation.
Beginning with the first of the year
the city license Inspectors will start a
crussde against the unsightly street
signs which sre so numerous In the
business psrt of the city, snd business
men will be compelled to comply with
the ordlnsnre regulating those which
extend over the sidewalks.
Signs extending not less than It
Inches nor more'' than I feet over the
sidewalks- will be allowed, but those de
siring to erect them will hsve to get
permits from the city engineer's office.
Signs which do not comply with the
ordinance will have to be removed.
Signs supported by Iron brackets and
extending not mora than I feet over the
Osss sasslSsiilTiuCfnY SjaM SSyyey
Nesr Seal and Astrarhsn Jackets, lined
with Skinner Satin. Regular 116 vat
on'y ,6. .0.Ur. ."A. $25.00
Cluster Scarf In Baum Marten opossum.
Black Marten. Australian opossum and
Blended Brook Mink.
megular STJO Tains a fSaft
Begnlar la.oo rams at HH
H. LIEBES & CO., 288 Morrison St., Portland
sidewalk will be taxed $5 annually, pay
able In advance. Those supported by a
post or curbing will be licensed $1 a
year. Those erected across the street
will have to pay 120, while temporary
banners will be licensed $2 per week.-
Voluntarily leaving her home at Tllla
tnook because of the condltlona by which
she waa surrounded. Maud Brooks, aged
15 -years, came to Portland yesterday
and applied to the police for aid. De
tective Hawley was notified of the girl's
quest. After, a conversation with her.
he had her admitted to the Crlttenton
Arriving In the city friendless and
Almost penniless, the girl took a room
at the St Charles hotel. Not knowing
what to do she told her story to the
hotel attaches, who Immediately sent
her - to police headquarters. It la re
ported thst the girl's story Is a sad one
and haa created much sympathy la off
ciai circles.
Alexander Johnson of New York, aen-
eral secretary of the national conference
of charities and correction, la a guest
at. the Portland. Todsy he visited thd
neuqu:iriers ox ine i.ewis and l.iarK
Ir and. with Superintendent Gardner
'of the Boys' and Girls' Aid society,
made a trip to the exposition grounds.
Mr. Johnson Is completing arrange,
ments for the national convention of the
association, to be held In this city July
16-22, ot next year.
MI Directions for Use.
From Collier's Weekly.
The Inventor of s new feeding bottle
for Infants aent out the following among
hla directions for using:
"When the baby ig done drinking it
must be unscrewed snd lsld In a coo j
place under the hydrant. If the baby
does not thrive on fresh milk It should
be boiled."
Young men will And good chances to learn the barber trade by look
ing under "Help Wanted Male," Nice clean business.
The housewife that has been debating as to whether to buy a sewing
machine will find the Singer company offering rare bargains Hi shop
worn goods.
The Journal's "Lost snd Frxind" sds sre the center of attraction bs
cause of the wonoerrul results they dally perform.
Yss, thev will build you a house and furnish the lot if desired,
will find the ad under "For Bale Real Estate.
Successful buslneea men read the "Business Chance" ads regular
every day; there must be a reason why. No secret. Bass' them yourself
and see.
Have vou something to exchange for real estate Tbasjk"
slAVa lion "To Exchange"; maybe you can make a trade.
"Don't be lonesome.'' Is the way an ad under "Personal"' lisgl M
will Interest both sexes who are living In single
Salesmen looking for a piece to display their
"For R. nt -Miscellaneous. " Just the thing. , j