The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 30, 1904, Image 15

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Fran the New York American.
Charles P. node, former husband of
the wife of Charle W. Mors, the 1m
kin. landed In police headquarters after
'he had mad an effort to throw himself
from 'the at earner on which he waa
brought from Texas. He was released
on his own recognisance. The case) will
be presented to the (rand Jury soon.
It is said on the best of authority that
he has mad a complete confession of
I the Inside facta of the famous Dodce-
Morse ease, involving prominent New
Yorkers In a double case of conspiracy
and .blackmail.
Her la a history of the famous
Dodge-lfora ease, ehronographlcally:
October. 1S54 Clemence Cowles
i Corn. -
March 16. 1877 SB became Mr.
Charles Foster Dodge, In San ' Francisco.
April, llll She separated from him
and opened a boarding house, where ah
met Moras.
January. lll .Bh secured - a
of divorce from Dodge In thla city.
April, 1900 Morse's wife died and
their children were put In care of friends
at Bath Beach.
June It, 1(01 Mrs. Dodge became
the wife of Mora.
June. 1903 Dodge began proceedings
to set aside wife's divorce, saying h
On the right it Charles F. Dodge
. . a II. Im M .4. 1 1 - J - - -
vaiKing me ucc wren a actcctive.
Un the left Dodge it seen descend
tag the gangplank. Dodge la the
nun with die Fedora hat. A pho
tograph of Mrs. Dodge-Morae la
shown below.
Interest In Miracle Play;
Great Interest la shown In the per
formances of Ben Greets "The Star of
Bethlehem" at the Marquam Grand to
night, tomorrow afternoon at t o'clock
and tomorrow night. Thla miracle play
f the Chrlstmsstlde will be acted by
the full strength of tnls splendid Eng
llsh company.
Tonight's performance will show
something less solemn and more elabor
ate than "Everyman." Particular at
tentlon has been paid to the musical
portions of ths play, and gome of the
best of the old English Christmas csrols
will be sung by the chorus.
'The Star of Bethlehem" Is a miracle
play of the Nativity, arranged by
Charles Mills Gaytay. Introducing the
Angel Gabriel, the three shepherds, the
three kings. Herod, the Virgin Mary and
Joseph. Among those In the cast are
Ben Greet. Constance Crawley, Sybil
Thorndyke, John Sayer Crawley, Sidney
Greenstreet, Helena Head, Agnes Scott,
Eric Bllnn.
Seats Now Selling.
The first American tour of Williams
and Walker, after a season of several
months In .London and the Hngllah
provinces, opened at the Grand opera
house, New York, August 17. These
royal colored comedians and their com
pany of refined colored artists have
established themselves upon a very high
level of excellence.
"In Dahomey" Is the title of thla sea
son's muslcsl comedy. It has justified
every expectation, and la the best work
that has been produced by Its authors.
The company will appear In this city
as the New Years attraction at the
Marquam Grand theatre next Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday ntghta, with a
apeclal price matinee Wednesday. The
sale of seats opened this morning.
-The Charity Ball."
Performances of 'The Charity Ball"
will be given at the Columbia tonight
matinee tomorrow, tomorrow night
New Year's eve. The play has drawn
crowded houses all week, but after ft la
ever, and too late, there will always be
the laggard regretting that he did not
see It. Everyone who witnessed the
production haa given It unstinted praise
There Is nothing Incomplete In it, even
to those who witnessed the original
Frohman company's Nw York produc
tion. The sweet, sympathetic Ann
Kruger (Miss Counties), the powerful
dignity of Mr. Baume as the rector of
St. Mildred' and th fortunate casting
ef every member of Portland's great
For Infantt sad Children.
IDi Kind You Hits Always BNght
m mm.
f Ut JV f ' I
1 w 1 111 i AT I I
1 nil A -A XX I
I m W I
in JP
mH '&Ek? JMSt" Am
sS9 Lai Pei tSm
. .
dearee m mWZtm
iBBaaeaaaeaaae Baaeaaaeaaa
Hall 1
had never been served with papers in
the case.
October 19, 1 90S Justice Scott did set
aside the divorce and ahe was ones more
Mrs. Dodge.
January ; 7, 1904 Her marriage to
Moree le annulled and she becomes the
legal wife of Dodge.
January II. 104 She begins suit
again agalnat Dodge for absolute di
vorce. '. jg
February 1, 1904 Discovery Is made
stock company are th talk of very
body who haa been, to the Columbia
thla week
"The Show Girl" at Empire.
"The Show OlrL" smiling, winking ant
kicking her dainty toes, will be seen at
the Empire theatre all next week, begin
ning Sunday matin. A special mati
nee Monday will be given. Hilda Thom
as la at the head of this company of
metropolitan favorites. Including Sam
Mylle, Lou Hall, Estelle Bird. Sid For
rester, Josephine Lloyd, Bert Waln
w right. May Sweeney, Charles B. Par.
cor. Blanche Bertram. Thomas Shea. Ida
Scott. H. B Mustard. Nellie Wilson and
others, also 10 pretty singing and danc
ing girls. Th boxes will be decorated
with colore of th Multnomah and Seat
tle football teams, and both teams will
occupy them on Monday (New Year's)
Sparring Match at Lyric.
Genteel people, who ' do not car to
attend a regulation sparring match, now
have an opportunity to witness a brisk
glove contsat under favorable circum
stances at the Lyric. Dave Barry, the
noted pugilist, and his sparring part
ner. Gregglns, appesr at each perform
ance at the Lyric In a three-round go.
Hudson Labelle, the expert magician. Is
srouslng great Interest In his mystsrlous
work Lam and Jenkins, with their
marionettes, are good; Ida Russell, the
lightning change artist. Is refreshing;
Rohery Athan. the comedian, intro
duces his original Lewis end Clark song,
scoring a hit '.tonight 116 in gold
given away.
Good Bill at Baker.
The Baker commences the new yesr
with a grand celebration, giving its
patrons ons of the finest vaudeville en
tertainments seen In Portland this year.
Blmm Bomm Barr. the great eccentric
musical trio, which has created a furor
wherever It has appeared, la one of the
bright particular features. Hawley and
Vsss. the funniest team of comedians In
the business, are coining laughs, and ths
Oxford duo never fall to please the
audiences with their club Juggling.
Kober brothers, the comedy acrobats In
the great trick-ladder act, and other
good acts sll go to make an excellent
bill for the week.
Big Features at the Star.
The pretty London aoubrette, Daisy
Harcourt. who la appearing at the Star
theatre for the second week. Is msklng
a great success. She Is one of the
greatest female mimics known, and her
aongs, which have Just enough English
sccent to make them different from the
usual soubrette singing, receive encore
after encore. Th clog dancing of
Montgomery and Carter, the eingjng of
Kills and Palotna, the aerobe tic act of
the Taggart family, and th moving plc
tures presented by the projectoscop go
to make up one of the most entertaining
programs that haa ever been presented
at this fashionable vaudeville theatre.
Perhaps a Watch faWYoo.
The HI Ion has already established s
wonderful reputation for generosity, and
Is determined to keep it up.. Tonight at
o'clock a gold 'watch will be presented
to some one st the theatre. Will It b
you ? See "the Trials snd Troubles of sn
Automoblllst" on the Bljmigrsph. and see
Welch and Maltlsiid In their daring yet
laughable acrobatic performance, swing
ing oa broomstick.
The Arab a Great Card,
th Arabs eould pack th Orand
of litters written by Dodge to his law
yer. Ruger, now dead, admitting that
ha was served In original case.
February 3, 1904 Dodge Indicted for
perjury In swearing he waa not served.
February 23, 1904 Morse ask the
supreme court to reinstate the original
divorce from Dodge.
April 4, 1904 Judg Truss, after a
hearing before a referee, does this and
she again becomes Mrs, MOT, except
for annulment of marriage.
, November It. 1904 The appellate
division decides finally that Mrs. Morse
Is legally divorced from Dodge., that her
annulment of the marriage to Mors Is
void and that she Is in law tit wife
of Charles W. Morse, the ice king.
December 13. 1904 Dodge Is brought
back to the city by District Attorney
Jerome, who has spent 117,900 to get
him her on the perjury Indictment, af
ter having htm watched In Texas, where
various stories were told shout him
trying to end his life by drink. While
In Texas he secured great sums of
money from a mysterious source that
delayed him being brought back and
Mr. Jerome has felt that If he could get
at thla aource he would have the inside
Of the alleged divorce conspiracy.
theatre attTt another veek, but they
have signed a contract to appear at
Seattle, and cannot remain. Today they
will change their act In some paVticuv.
lars, still retaining, however, the most
striking- features. -In addition to this
star feature Kenton and Lorraine In
their musical act have estsblishcd
themselves aa genuine favorites; ths
Four Boberts have also made a great
hit In "Th Doll Maker's Dilemma "
Next week's bill will be as usual full of
strong and novsl sets.
"The Last Word."
Next week will open at the Columbia
with a play of cheer and happiness, snd
lust enough of. transient heartache te-
make the contrast more apparent be
tween th sorrows of life and Its bright
and humorous side. 'The Last Word"
Is a comedy, bright and clever, of the
highest class, made famous by John
Drew and Ada Reban a few years back
It win be presented st ths Sunday matl
nee at the Columbia and will continue
all week, with a apeclal New Year's
matinee Monday.
The Arcade's Program Plcaaea.
The comedy singing of ths Wsldron
brothers, which Is witty and snappy. Is
one of the feature acts at the Arcade
theatre this week This act Is received
with great applauss even from the most
fsstldlous critics. Dsn and Bessie
Kelly take, care of the mirthful part of
the program, while the bioscope gives a
new. Interesting and exciting picture of
a contest between a race horse snd sn
From the New York Sun.
Oscar Haas, former walking delegate
or the Housesmlths and Brldgemen's
union, committed sutcld the other day
because he had consumption and also he
cause he could get no one to employ
him, save at long Intervals.! His case
was typical of the situation 'of walking
delegates who fail to be re-elected to
office by their unions
There are many walking delegates In
thla city who find It Impossible to get
work, except with people who do not
know them. They cannot hold their
Jobs once they become known. Hun
dreda of ex-walklng delegates. Once a
terror to employers, have had to go to
other cities for work. The more aggres
sive they were aa walking delegates, the
less their chances of getting work when
they fall of re-election.
Joseph A. Lord, ex-walklng delegate
of the Bteamfltters' union, unable to
work at his trade, started a saloon after
he lost his union Job. add. becoming dis
couraged, committed suicide about a
year ago. An ex-walklng delegate of the
cornice and Skylight-Makers found him
self deserted by every one when he
failed to be re-elected and finally
started a smsll saloon In Sixth street,
near Third. avnue, where he died u
short lime ago In poverty.
James MrDonsId, an ex'Walklng dele
gate of the Brick and Material Hand
lers, found himself stranded after lagv
ing olBce. He lost every job aa anon as
his Identity became known, and he died
without leaving a eant.
A man who ten years ago Was one of
the best-known walking delegate In the
city, has now a civil service place in th
Surrogates' office He was waiklng-dshi-gste
forXslv unions ov painters at one
time snd nle Around in a buggy to at
tend to his mullfarldus duties In talk
ing of his experiences yesterday he
said: f
Though I never made myself often
slve aa a walking delegate, J could not
gat a Job where 1 waa known or hold ono
aa soon as my Identity became known.
On time tb eon of a big emplojer who
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Estimates Given on
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Jefferson Streeta
asW.1 iti r-niv
knew me begged me to go to work on an
emergency Job where they were at 'their
wits' end to get men. His father, not
withstanding this, fired ms as soon aa
he saw m.
"I would have to go to aome city far
from New York If I had not had the
luck to get hold of my present Job. No
employer has sny us for an ex-walklng
delegate, no matter how good his chsr
acter may be, and all that the union
could do for htm would hardly keen
body and soul together.
At least a dosen walking delegates of
New York who knew enough to take
time by the forelock have got In out of
the wet by getting city or stats oflmes.
One prominent officer of Detroit Assem
bly 4 of the Knights of Labor, whsn It
was at the height of its power, new haa
a city lob.
Another prominent walking delegate
la a caterer In one of the city Institu
tions, and several, with the aid of poli
ticians, are running;, meeting halls.
From th Pawnee Courier-Dlspatoh.
Some three or four years ago Pawns
Bill bought up all th loose buffalo
obtainable and declared that he would
raise buffalo meat for ths market Th
buffalo ranch has been a success, aa
there is now a large bunch of as fine
young buffalo as svsr was seen, being
cforn fed, and they will he slaughtsred
and"shlpped east for the holiday trade.
An experiment of crossing the buffalo
with Galloway cattle will be made,
which should bring an animal far sur
passing th genuine buffalo, as. ths Gal
loway animal Is of ItssK very handsome,
with a long, silky coat and a kindly dis
position, which should temper the fiery
disposition of ths genuine buffalo, as
well as improve the color of the robe.
The sverage price per pound of buffalo
meat is about 11.26 th loin and short
ribs bringing fl.fv pr pound whil th
plat and stew bring tl- The rob
brings 175. the heads, when mounted.
resdlly bring to 150 each, according
to slse snd quality. Both the heads and
robes are very handsome when taken at
thla ssason of ths year, aa they then
have their heavy winter coat.
Oklahoma In years past van ths para
dise of the buffalo. Here Is whero the
heaviest growths of bUffalo grass srs
found which to the buffalo Is equsl to
the richest timothy to our domestic ani
mals. Pawnee Hill s ranch Ilea in ths
haart of this excellent rang and he haa.
proved beyond adoubt that the buffalo
can be raised for slaughter at a profit.
. From the New Tork Telegraph.
On oae occaaton sir Henry Irving had
among hla subordinates an excollent
actor of the old school who waa lilesaed
with a singularly placid and easy-going
disposition. They were rehearsing
"Macbeth," and the placid actor, a Mac
duff, had to announce Duncan's muidaf
In the terrific line beginning: "Horror,
horror, horror " , He ambled gently
through I he scene, breaking the' dire In
telligence In th manner of a man sink
ing smsll talk. Sir Henry could not
stand It, and. rushing up, he (delivered
the line with hla utmost power snd In
tensity. "Now. that's how I want it done," h
said, turning to Macduff.
Quite unmoved, the latter gased at
Sir Henry, and than, suddenly and al
most with anlaiatlon, he aald: "Oh. I
aay, do you know your collar' undone?"
" x!
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Ho. 78.
13th aad Bnrnslde Streets.
In compliance with s resolution adonted
st ths regular meeting of the Council, held
December 21, 10O4. declaring tbe property.'
e"." .M irwcuimrij oeiienicu uy me lin-
prov.metit of tbst psrt of Multnomah atreet
In front of and abutting oa lot 1. In block
100, lota 4 snd 8 In block 11B, lots 4 snd 8
in block i :u lots 4 and 8 la
block IS, lots 4 and 5 In block
184. lota 4 aad 8 In block 180. all In Holla.
(lay's sddttlo te Bsst Port Is nd: that part of
uroaaway in rront or sno anuttiug on lot 4
In block at, lu Hullsdsy's sddltlos to East
Portland: that part of Kt Third street In
front of and abutting oa lot 4 In block TS in
Ea.t Portland: that part of East Third street
In front of snd abutting on lot. 8 snd Sln
block 4. In Prnsh's Square sfldltlnn lo Mast
Portland: that part of Ursnd avenue In front
of and abutting oa lots I, 2, and 4 IB block
B, In Keru a addition to Eaat Portland: and
that part et Shaver atreet la front of and
abutting on lot Is. In block 20. In Central
Alblna. ell In) tbe tit ef Portland, and di
recting tbe Auditor of the lily ot Portland
to prepare a preliminary assessment and re
assessment upon tbe property so sprclslly sad benefited:
Now, therefore, notice Is hereby given that
srjeb assessment Is now on file In the office
ef tbe Auditor of the City of Portland end'
tha. an . J. I... r I. . . .a ... an. K aaaaaama,, a. . )
be filed IB writing with the Auditor nf tbe
titr nf Portland within 10 days from the'
ii'ii day of January. I0O8. the last day of
publication of thl. notice, aod aotlce la further
given that a Id objection will he heard by I
the Council at s meeting to be held on the i
18th dsv of Pehrnsrr. i08. snd all persona
aggrieved thereby or Interested therein most
be present i tab! meeting, and are warned
not to depart tnererrom until sucn reasset
ment hns been completed. '
Auditor of the City of I'oktlsnd. Oregon.
Date of first publlcstlon. December so, 1004.
Notice Is hereby given that at the meeting
ef the council nf the Ity et Portland. Ore
gon, held on the 21st day of Deeember, 1901,
the following reeoluUon waa adopted
Resolved. That the ef tbe City et
Portland, o-egon. deesss It ejpedleni snd pur
poses to Improve Orsnd svenue from 11 feet
aorth ef tbe south line of Bsst stark street
te 111 feet north ot tbe north line nf Bast
Oak atreet. by eenetructlns sn elevated road
way m width DO feet for tse roadway and two
18 foot stdewalka on either sMs of the aald
Said I Base c.e. meat to be made tn accordance
with the charter sad ordinance, ef tbe City
rr- Ssbbbb bsSjsBK Sti J ga
est ITrHfLl.II (without mercury)
city Boncxa.
of Portland and the plans, aped Stations sad
estimates vf the City Bngfneer gas to the
kfflce ef the Auditor of the City ef rortlaaa.
on the ttb dsv cf December, 1S04, Indorsed:
"City Engineer e plane and sawctaeatton for
the Improvement of t.raad Avenue from 12
feet north of the south lias of Bast Stark
atreet to 111 feet north of the north line of
East Oak street sad the estimates of the work
to be eoae aad the Bent Ms fatal east thereof
Ths east ef ssM taSgaWvasaeat Is be sasessed
it j ileal by the city asset is the vnv
-nv isTtllr sad P-caBatla beneSe thereby
ml which Is hereby asilatid to be sll tha
tuts, parts thereof an nereela of lead lying
between the north line of Beet Morrison atreet
ass) the aeath Hue of Bast Bnrnslde street, and
Between a line let) feat easterly from and par
allel with the raat line of Ogand avenue and a
line at feet rater ly tragi end parallel with
the west Use of Ursnd ateme.
The eaglnei r a estimate ef the probable total
eestfgg the Improve mast ef Ursnd avenue la
The'aa Iniprovenwat j fa be rlsssed as as
elevated rosdnav liass svafBIBl and aball ha
maintained by the city fee period of Ive
year., provided, however, that the -owners of
s nialorlty of the property beneSted by said
Improvement or any portion thereof, ahatt sot
petition for a new or different Improvement be
fore the eiplrstlon thereof.
The plsns, eperlacstlone aad estimates of the
City Engineer for the Improvement of Bald
Ursnd Aveuue are hereby adopted. v
Resolved. That the Auditor of the City of
Portland be and be la hereby directed to give
notice ot the proposed Improvement of said
street as provided by the city charter.
Bemmist rsncea agalnat the above Improve
ment mar be filed In writing with the under
signed within 30 daa from the date of the
first nubllcstloB of this notice.
Br order of the Council,
Auditor of the City of Portland.
Portland. Oregon. Date of first publication
Dec. 24. 104.
Whereas, the Council of the city of Portland,
dtemlug It expedient to widen Rest Ollaaa
atreet. In the City of Portland, from the west
Hue of Bast second atreet to the west line of
I'nlon avenue, asld street to e aa eateusion
la lta preseat course sad width of East Ullssti
atreet as laid out easterly of Union aveuue. did
en the 19tb day of October, 1004. direct the
City Engineer, to survey the eame and to mark
the boundaries thereof, and to make a plat of
auch survey, aad a written report containing a
full and perfect description of such proposed
street end boundaries thereof, snd of the por
tion of each lot. tract or part of either to be
apprnprlated for such street, snd the City Kngl
ner hsving made auch sarvey, plat and report,
and filed such plat and report In the office ot
the Auditor of the City of Portland on the Mb
ds.v of November, 1WH. and ssld report hsving
bees adapted by ordinance No. H.SM. entitled:
"Aa ordinance adopting the report of the City
Engineer la the matter of tbe proposed widen
ing of East OUssn street in the City of Port
Is ud. from tb. west line of Eaat Second street
te the west line of Union avenue, ssld street
to he en evtenalnn In Its nresent course BSd
width of Eaat Ullsan atreet ss laid out easterly
of I nkuv svenue.
Now, therefore, all persona Interested sre
hereby notified that tbe Council of th City
of Portland haa appointed H. J. Morrison.
The. KiaVsp snd B. Hwsn viewer, to view ssld
proposed efteneton of ssld street end make aa
aaftmat. of the benefits snd damages ores-
sinned by the widening of the same, in accord
ance with section aw ot tne ensrter oi tne
City ef Portland, and said viewers to meet at
the office of the Auditor of the City of Port
land on Wednesday, the 11th day of January.
1AOA. st the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon
of eaid da.
The proposed widening et net irueau sines
will make the asld street M feet la width snd
is mora particularly bounded aad described aa
follows :
Beginning st s point In the west Has ef
Union svenue. where the ssms would be Inter
sected by an ei tension westerly of the north
line ot Beat Ollaan atreet aa laid out raaterly
of Union avenue, running thence on a westerly
extension of the northerly line of Best Ollssa
street to the west line ef Eaat Second atreet:
tkeea southerly slong the westerly line of
Met Second Street gg feet to a point; thence
easterly along the BSStberly line of Eaat Ullssn
street ss new Lid out. to the west Hue ef
Union evenuej theses northerly slong ths west
erly line ot Union svenue M feet to plsce of
Tbe proposes widening or r-nsr unpen ihwi
will Include aad seeeealtate the appropriation
to public us. of the following described percale
or tracta of land:
All that parcel or traH of land lying between
the northerly line of ths. proposed Best Ollaaa
street, snd a Use M feet southerly therefrom
snd parallel therewith: and between the weat
erlT Un of Itnlon aetun snd the easterly line
of ' East Third atreet, containing 8,000 equsre
Aiso sll that Barest or trset ef lead lying
between tie aartasrly line of the proposed' Bart
nitssn street sad s line Jo feet southerly
therefrom sad psrsllel therewith: snd between
the easterly Use of East Second street snd the
westerly line ef East Third atreet. containing
5.000 square feet
All SsrlBSB claiming damage by reason of
the appropriation of tbe property above d.
.rrlbed. t Bay pert thereof. In the proposed
widest of said street are hereby specially
notified te tils their claim, for such dsmsges
with ths Auditor of the City of Portland Before
nth eay or jannary. r.e. w iww ar
ted for the meeting of the viewers therein
y order ST The Council ' f"
inua. v.. i.r.
Auditor of the City of Portland.
Portland. Oregon. Date of first publlcstlon
Dee. 24. 1904.
lhc Only
Kaflwar between the
Missouri River
The Chica-jo-Portland Special, the
most luxurious train in the world.
Drawing-room sleeping cars, dining
car, buffet smoking ana library car
(barber and bath). Less than three
days Portland to Chicago.
Through Trains
to Cbtcsgo ar operated dally els tbe
Oregon K K. ft Nav. Co.. V P. R K. knd
Chicago ft Nortb-Western R y. to Chicago
trom Portland and poiot In Oregon
i ana
Eastern Washington.
Daily eicursions In Pullman tourist
sleeping cars from Portland through
to Cbicsgo witboul change.
Oea i Agt. Par. O'SSral Agwet.
TC.ftJI.-w. B-. C. ft Ip. By.
i In Moktt StrMt, 151 Third St real.
Bak PBAa Cisco, Cat. roaruso. on.
amo union Pacific
Through Pnllmsa standard
sad Bsartat
ChleaaB, 1st
te Tessas
ing ears daily te uasana.
tourist aliening ears dally
through Pullman tourist sleeping ears
any ranductudv weekly to twieage.
chair ears (eeata frvel te the Bast
ror ths Es.t ,ig Boat
IS i
Pot Esstern Washing
ton Wslla Walla. Lew
la toe. Casus d'Aleae
and Great Northern
lap. j
ror the Es.t via Bast-
S IS p. 81.
TUB a. I
'OatwsBBaa aUvee MessST
points, connecting With
8:00 p. m.
ex. Sunday
8:00 p. SW
stmr. lor Ilwaco and
meets Beach, err. Baa
eals. A ah at. seek.
lojon . m.
YemhUl Biver laeute.
City aad Yamhill
points, stra, Beth sad
oooc. asn at. sock.
t water
satase Biver Beet.
snd w.y points from
8:40 a. m Abeat
n.tiy.- fS". a.
Bipana. Waal
BnAka n a nA
Wash., tsars.
ex. Bat. aii
TICKET unlet. Third SSd Wl
--- M.I. VI
A. L. CRAIQ. Oeners) Paesengtr Agent.
EAST via
trains, for Salem. Boss
burg. Ashland, Sscrs
men to. Ostttea. Baa tvtaaw
1:10 p. m.
T:BI a. ra
elsco. Stockton, Los A a-1
geiea. ss psso, new Or
leans aad the Bast.
Morales train
sects at
dally e leapt Sunday
with train for lit.
Angel. Sllv.rton
to a m.
7 .10 p. as.
Brownsville. 8 p r I a g
Arld. Wtsdltng ssd
Albany ssesa as
4 :0 p. m.
T:S0 s. as.
necra at Woodbnrn wtrh
10:10 a sa,
1! 12!
ML Angel sad Silver-
ton KicaL
Corvallla nsssenger. . . .
Sberlsas sesasyaer. .,
Dallv UDatly. eieept Sunday.
PortUnd-Oswege Suterken Set-rice
Depot Feet ot jertk
Leave Portland datlv for
12:00. 9:08. 3:20. 8:20. 0:28; T:4fl. 10:
Dsiiy (eseept ssatiay), S:SS. a:
a. m. : 4.od. 11:80 p. a. Sanday
R. rural ng free Ossjsg. errlve Pert ha est
8:10 s. m.i 1:6.1. 8 0S. 4:SS. S:tB, TSBB.
11:10 P. m. Deny (eseept Sunday) :2B. 7
B. m. Honda r only. 10:00 .. m.
Leaves from asm depot fee Dallas sad 18
mediate points dally tateept Sunday) 448 p.
Arrive PWtland 10:10 a. m.
Tbe Indenendence-Monmoot Bfeww
oners tee dally to Monmouth ssd -AtrBe.
neeting witn nontaern racise eoaupa
st Dsll.s and Independence.
First -class fare from Portland Is
and Ben FT. net see gao berths SS:
fsre 18. second-class berth tl.BO.
Ticket, to Paaters nolnts and B
lares. China. Honolulu and AestraHa.
Cite Ticket. OfSce comer Third aad
Ington eteeeta. Pbos Main Tit.
r W. RTTNOrR. W. B. row AS.
Ctty Ticket Ageet. We. seee. 1 a-aest.
Paget Bonn
for Taeoasa.
tad Oray's
North Cess
for T.coi
Bert. St.
r.. aa
Tsessss, ass. i
kaae. Helena.
ew lark.
sll ponU
Sound -
City st LoeJS
for Taectaa.
aaM... Rtfa
tlanvar (Itnnha
City. St. Louie !
potnta Eaat an
All train, da
125 Marriaea st.. ear.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad
W aC m
- . I i .sc.
Thkro. PortU.d. saw ft;
Lee v as. PW10M DBPOT. Aj-tj
co s. aa. Per Ma ygere. Rainier. Dalle.
Delly. Westport 11 :10 s. d
Clifton. Astoria. Wsr- 7
reatoB. Klsvel. Rem. 9
mood. Port Stoves. .-a
Oea r hart Park. Seaalde.
Astoria sad Seaatora.
7:00 p. m vnm o a.
- AstorU Bsptess.
O. r. snd P A.. Asiorls.
C. A.
ST r! WART. Com
merelal Agent. 11B
Mats 008.
WaVal OffiaS IS SPklTd t-
, Ireinacontl nn tsal
aav Trgtlnaa L tally
Oarllght trip through tha 1
and Rocky mountains. For rail
ulars. rate, folders, eta, call on
MOsTaBOjr. Ottf TtdBal
I l the rVtaest eeaa, frust Mv4 SaBta. I
ttwwerU. Tthssaa
cost af 1 1 liaHa, Das 41
Orefsev Welllt T-OAV.
map nuUL mmmmtm