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    tuv nwwnnN n att.y tournal. Portland, thukbday vkninu. uwMtmnmm. am .
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.al in Ch.rli.. IP. liesaet Of PCO.
Wiik, and Jennie D. Olda of Clark
Two Check Reach Bank From
Oregon City That Prove to
Be Worthless.
Will Discuss Plans for Marion
Educational Exhibit at Port
land Fair.
Building of Latest Design and
Will Contain All the New
est Appliances.
ISpvrlal Plspateh te The Journal i
. Vancouver. Want).. Deo. II. Two
checks have been received by tha Van
couver National bank frontf Oregon City,
both of which are clear caaea of forgery.
Tha larger check la made out In favor
tf Q. K. Hyan and tile nam forged to
Wt ta Kdnon M. Rowley, a business man
.this city. Tha other check calla ror
tlli. la drawn In favor of the earn
man. but the signature signed to It la
August Hlratel, unknown here. It la
thought thta signature la alao forged.
a. but through some mistake H was sent
KAa the wrong bank.
E The Vancouver bank hag nottfted tha
i bank at Oregon City of tha nature of
the checks, hut as yet no advices have
f been received as to what action the Ore
l. gon City authorities will take in the
p matter.
The forgery of Rowley's stgna
K tura was easily detected, which leads to
R tha belief that the gutlty party la new
at the buaineaa.
As the clic ks were given to tha Ore
jf fon City bank they will come up before
I the Oregon euthorl'ttes. Rowley has as
ft- yet not decided What action to take In
" the matter, but awaits additional Infor
mation from Oregon City.
Thia la the first time In years that
I tlig name of a local man has been forged.
Hew FOSt jTosprsel.
The new post hospital at Vancouver
barracks la. nearly completed, and as
spon aa the electric wiring Is finished
will be formally turned over to the gov
I eminent. This new structure Is hand
i aomely finished both Inside and out. The
foundation Is of stone and tha upper
walla are - constructed of brlok Tha
t Interior walls are covered with wood
fiber plaster and the floors are varnished
l and highly polished.
The basement contains the heating
furnaces, wine room, carpenter ahop.
kitchen, two Urge store rooms and the
'Tbllllard and pool room. Tha two largo
furnaces In the engine room furnish the
hot water with which the building la
heated throughout. The reaaon hot
water, inatead of steam, la used la that
team keeps the rooms damp, whloh la
Injurious to the patlenta. The pool
room, when furnished, will contain one
hill lard and one r-f-l, . :
There are three noora above the
basement, and also an attic Tha hos
pital contains four ward rooms, two on
the first and two on the second floor.
Each Ward is furnished with 12 regula
' tlon bods, eight ward chairs, two rock
ing chairs and two glass-top tables.
In the attic la located a store room
for all condemned goods, and alao wards
for Insane patlenta. From this attic a
fine view of the entire garrison, Van
er and the Columbia river la to be
The" west wing of the building Is occu
pied by the hospital corps, and Is fur
hospital. Tola new poat hospital has been In
course of construction for more than a
ijreh'f and la a credit to Vancouver bar
racks. The Intention la that It be used
aa a general hospital for the entire de
partment of the Columbia. All furnlsh
jME re of the latest and most Improved
type, making this hospital one of the
finest and most complete to ba found on
the coast.
Sues on Vovs.
Thurston Daniels haa filed In the su
perior court for Clarke county suit
against M. C. Whitney to collect prin
cipal and Intereat on a promissory note.
This note Is dated September It. ISO!,
duration three and one half months,
amount $1,060. with Interest at ( per
cent, which Interest now amounts to
$71. Plaintiff clalma no part of thia
note has been paid, and aaka for Judg
ment awarding him the principal and
nit to Collect Debt.
F. 1. Lack a ft haa filed suit In tha su
perior court against William Happy, to
collect a debt of I17T.M for goods, warea
and merchandise sold Happy. Plaintiff
claims to have given defendant goods to
the amount of l:6.0. but that all has
been paid except a balance of 1177.90.
for which he la now suing. Plaintiff
also asks for costs and disbursements In
this case. W. W. Sparks represents the
AM Interesting Lecture.
Prof. U. M. Hudlor of the Vancouver
Sanatorium, Tuesday evening. In tha
classroom of tha Preabyterlan church,
delivered a highly entertaining and in
structive lecture, entitled 'The Prophe
cies of the Book of Daniel." Prof. Hud
ler first look-up the ressons for search
ing the old testament for various truths,
and then devoted the body of his dis
course to the fulfillment of the prophe
cies of Daniel, even to the present time.
The lecture was illustrated by a chart
showing Daniel's several visions. Prof.
Hudler's lecture was pronounced a treat
by all who heard It.
Courthouse Wotes.
Real estate transfers were filed yes
terday aYoTiows:
George J. Bratton to O. W. Bnndu
rsnt and wife, southwest quarter of the
northeast quarter, of section 20. town
ship f. range 1. ..Consideration SJ&0.
Edson M. Rowley and wife to Hnfln
Thorn, lots 1 and 2. block 17. Portlsnd
Addition to Vsncouver. Consideration
North Coast company to Sofia Thorn,
lots 24 and it of Columbia Orchard lots..
Consideration 831.
A marriage license was yesterday Is-
and a4 all kinds o md.i1 ae. My tongue ha
htn Mlulr rfn M grass bit breath halni
a bad odor. Two weeks ago ft friend rr otr.menrl
( birarett and after using then I can willingly an
f-neevniiy a a, ny nave fOYireir "vri ne
' have antrirelr
i he re fore lei to know that 1 shall reeon
wiem to any r ne enffertng from Seh trembles. F
Chan H Halpera. lit E. 7th St, New York. Jf. T.
rerore i ei TOW an
Isbulk The seaslaa talifet a tamped 000
uaaraesass ssnw rm aeaer sacs
I Riaudy Co.. Chicago or N.V. jot
ff Best for
M The Dowels
S- OUWf C ATlUfmc a
First Meutenant Sydney H. Hopaon.
Nineteenth Infantry, will take charge
of the recruiting office at Portland dur
ing the absence of Captain Cecil Stewart,
Fourth cavalry.
Sergeant Thomas Brown, signal corps,
who was charged with desertion, has
been cleared of the charge.
The battery quarters will ba thor
oughly overhauled before the arrival of
the battery organisations for tha Phil
ippines. Taaoourer Locale.
The four-masted sailing vessel Luzon
Is now loading lumber at the Washington
at Oregon mills. She will carry 7.Q00.0OO
leet of lumber te Ban Pedro. Cai. and
will probably clear for that place In
ii bout two weeks.
Miss Nellie Hlgglne last evening en
tertained the members of tlvo Nlnjh
grade of the High school at the, home
of Mr. and Mrs. C C. Oridley.
The Vancouver High Five club met
last evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs, Milton Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Conway enter
tttlned u number of friends st a dinner
party last evening.
8t. l.uke's Episcopal church held their
Christmas tree and exercises st the
church yesterdsy svenlng. A lsrge num
ber of persons were present and a good
time is reported.
Bishop Kaator will preach at 8t.
Luke's Episcopal church neat Sunday,
both mornjfig and evening. A vlaltatlon
from this bishop Is always a notable
event and ha Is greeted with large con
gregations. ASKS RAILROAD
Oregon Water Power A Railway
Company Defendants in
Suit Brought.
Funeral of Alexander Thompson
Who Died at Clackamas
Is Held.
i Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
Oregon City, Or.. Dae. I William L.
Brewster, by his sttorneys, Hedges,
Griffith, yesterdsy filed In the circuit
court a auit against the Oregon Water
Power A Railway, company, in which he
asks dsmages In the sum or $2,071.40.
The plaintiff represents thst ne is tne
equitable owner of the southwest quar
ter of section It, township 1 south.
range astr the legal title being nam in
trust by H. F. Conner.
That on July it. 1M4, the defendant
waa operating a locomotive over Its line
of railroad, extending through the weat
half of sectlbn 35. same township. That
through the negligence of tha defendant,
while operating its engine, sparks, coals
and cinders were emitted from the loco
motive, which Ignited the dry wood and
grass about ona mile from the plain
tiffs land. Thst ths fire continued to
burn, finally reaching plaintiff's prop
erty, and consumed a large quantity of
cordwood belonging to him and greatly
(lamaaed the timber on the land. It la
alleged that H F Ci""1-, the owner of I
the other undivided half Interest in the
land, has transferred his right of action
to tba plaintiff.
The land Is situated In the eastern
part of the -county.
K O. Canfleld, administrator of the
estate of Patrick Duffy, deceased, yes
terday afternoon filed suit In the circuit
Vdurl against J. W. Ciirrsn TDTmlck"""
Dlmlck are the plaintiffs attorneys.
The plaintiff alleges that In the life
time of Patrick Duffy, on March 17
list, he signed, ss surety, a note of the
defendant for the sum of 1200, In favor
of Jacob Rauch. That the defendant
failed to pay the note, whereupon the
deceased, Pstrtck Duffy, wss compelled
to make satisfaction of the obligation
That the defendant only partially com
pensated the deceased and there was a
balance due the Duffy estate or ins.3
Prominent Man's Funeral.
The funeral Of the late Alexander
Thompson, who died yesterday at Clack
nmas. waa held at 10 o'clock this morn
Ing at Clackamas station. The body
was Interred at that place. Many
friends of ths deceased attended the ob
Thompson waa one of the most highly
respected citlsrns In Clackamas county
He had taken an active Interest In poll
tics since he csme to this stats from
Illinois, and formerly represented this
county In ths state legislature. He also
served with greet credit and satisfaction
ss school superintendent. Hs was s
man of superior education and culture.
At the time of his desth he waa 58
veins of sge. His widow, a son snd
daughter survive him.
Assembly No. 7, Orand Artisans, hold
their regular meeting tonight, at which
will be Initiated a number of new mem
bers. This society Is having a novel
contest. Some time ago the members
ware divided Into two equal parts, and
each side Is trying to obtsln the largest
number of members. The contest will
be decided on the night of Janusry 6 at
a meeting of the order. The losing side,
according to the rules of the competi
tion. Is to give a banquet to the society
to be held on Jsnuary 10.
Women's cinb Meets.
The Women's club of this city was
entertained yesterday afternoon at the
home of Rev. and Mrs. P. K. Hammond.
A large number of women were present.
The program committee presented Its re
port, giving an outline of the club's
work for ths next three months. The
program was approved. This program
presents an Interesting outline of study
snd entertslnmentl
Refreshments were served to the wo
men present. The next regular meet
ing nUi he held Wednesday, January
It, at the residence of Mrs. Helnse.
Mastered to Bntry.
Townships I, t snd 7. south range 4.
east, will be thrown open to entry after
90 days' publication. This Is a part of
the land reserve withdrawn from entry
last August.,- These townships are In
this snd Multnomah counties. Many
other townships In the Cascade reserve
will be thrown open st the same time.
Personal and Minor.
Mrs. ). D. Eby returned Isst evening
niter visiting her sister. Mrs. . L. V.
Fox, of The Dslles.
Captain Phil BrTannon, one of Oregon's
earliest steamboat men. hss lately sold
bis Inrge rnsr.h near Rstacads and Is
I greeting friends In this City. He aspects
to purchase otlmr property In this vi
cinity. , j
Mrs. K. C. Matheny. who recently fell
down the steps of her heme, breaking
I -me of her nhs. is rapidly recovering.
Hhe Is 1 years old.
Ai rfladstone last night, st the home
of Mr and Mrs T. M. Osult. a delightful
ililldren's party wss given. The little
iH-ople In Htteudsncr were delighted.
Mayor William Shinier of Mllwaukle
Is In the city today on busln
Fred Neihold Pleads Guilty to
Burglary arid Is Sentenced
to Serve Two Year.
(Special Dtapatek te lbs Joarssl.)
Salem. Or., Dec. 28. At tha last meet
ing of the Marlon County Principals'
club It waa decided to devote the meet
ing to be held in thia city on January
7 to a discussion of plans snd materials
for the Marlon county educational ex
hibit for the Lewis and Clark fair. Great
preparations are being made for this
meeting and much Interest haa been
created by those In charge. All the
school teachers of Marlon county and
others Interested In the work have been
Invited to attend the meeting. Bupt.
R. F. Robinson, who haa been placed In
charge of the Oregon educational ex
hibit, and Superintendent of Public In
struction J. H. Ackerraan will be pres
ent, the former having completed defi
nite plans which he will present to ths
teachers. Every teacher In the county
has been requested to' write a few sug
gestions and questions gad propose them
at this meeting.
During a brief adjourned aesslon or
the circuit court, held in this city yester--dsryTFred
Neihold. alias John Heine,
alias John Cortes, wss sentenced to ssrve
a term of two years in the Oregon pen
itentiary. Neihold was caught in tna
sot of burglarising a house at Mt. Angel
a few weeks ago and a preliminary hear
ing n the justice court of that precinct
resulted in tha prisoner being bound
over to the circuit court. District At
torney John H. McNary filed an Infor
mation against him, tha charge being
burglary, and svhen Neihold was brought
before Judge Burnett he pleaded guilty,
waived time and asked to be -sentenced
at once,
Kleven years ago Neihold escaped
from the Marlon county jail where he
was being held awaiting the action of
the grand jury upon a charge similar to
the one on which he was aentenced yes
terday. He waa never recaptured, but
when returned here for hla latest crime
lie was recognised by the officers and
finally confessed his Identity.
It "Iras also been learned that alnoe
making his escape from Jail here Nei
hold has served two terms of three snd
one and a half years respectively. In tha
Utah penitentiary, and a five-year term
In the Idaho penitentiary.
Evidence of Good Time st Reflected
by the Record of Eilers Piano
House Twenty-four in One Little
Many people who paas the busy estab
lishment of Eilers Piano House wonder
where so many pianoa and organs are
sold, and few "top " ree"a the Immense I
territory that la accessible to Portlsnd
Jobbing houses and the thoroughly pros
perous condition of most of this field
where Filers Piano House and Its bus
tling representatives are looking after
business. t
The record of Mr. J. O. Gallagher, who
looks after the business Interests of tha i
tilers rtuuse in morrow cwumj, van w
cited to Illustrate this point. In one
little town alone, that of lone, he sold
no less than 24 fine pianos snd organs
all within a very short time, 15 being
sold within a few days. Most of the In
atruments sre of the highest priced
styles, valued at t00 to ftSO. and were
delivered to tha following prominent r It
ixens of that place, vls
A fine Kimball upright to Mr. Au
gustus Walker;
Another fine Kimball fancy, exhibition
style, to W- R- Cochran;
Still another Kimball of similar slse
to J. H. Woolery;
And yet another to Mr. Seymour P.
And one of the beautiful Baileys waa
aecured by Miss Maud L. Akers;
And a similar one by Miss Alfa V.
Ganger; still another Bailey was sold to
K J. Pennington;
And a fourth of tha Baileys to Mr.
R. McElllgott.
A fine Schumann upright was bought
Bv Mr. ixrots uaixiger.
The public school board secured a
fine Kimball for the lone school;
And two Esteys were sold to Mr. R. R.
Gahell snd Mr. Fred Ritchie.
A Chlckerlng piano wss sold to IS P.
And a Kenwood make to Mr. Frank
While one of the many-tjned Weser
orchestral pianos was selected by Mr.
J. H. Reed;
A lovely Jacob Doll went to the home
of Mr. C. C. Bperry;
A handaome Weser was purchased by
Mrs. Zeta King;
Another one of the same make went to
the home of Jacob Boitxer.
A Chicago Cottage was purchased by
J. W. Linn:
An Estey organ waa the choice of W.
E. Nolan I
A Kimball was also the choice of Mr.
R. N. Hyman;
The first Clsrendon sold In Ions went
to the home of T. N. Wilson:
A. Whitney a Homer was Mr. Edward
Yates' choice.
And another Clarendon was purchssed,
being the choice of B. F Akers.
Eilers Piano House secures Its busi
ness from the western boundaries of
Wyoming and Montana, through the
state of Idaho to Washington and Ore
gon, and while most of the retail busi
ness Is handled from the retail establish-,
ment on Park and Washington streets
nearly sll of the business to the Interior
Is looked after direct from the whole
sale establishment at their big .brick
warehouses on the comer of Thirteenth
snd Marshall strsets. where carloada of
pianos are being unloaded and loaded for
shipment almost dally now.
- -
(Special Dl-i Men to TtA Jrsirssi.)
Chelislta. Dec. tt. Clarence Marshall,
a hobo, was brought here today by
Hiii-riff Urquhart, ilng captured In
Port 1 sad. Msrshall wril plead guilty to
burglarising U. Ratwnakl'a store at
Nap vine last week, when merchandise
valued at S100 waa taken.
f Special Dlasalck tn Tbe Journal I
l-ewlston. Ida-. Dec tt. Gambling
has been closed In this city. Rverythlng
is Included in the order promulgated
bv Chief of Police Master, except pool
room and slot machines, snd these are
under close restricUons.
Sawmills, Builders and Contract
ors Have All Business
They Cart Handle.
Various Irrigation Projects Creat
ing Excitement Like a
Cold Discovery.
(Special Dtepatrb to The Jnarnal )
Klamath Falls, Or., Dec. ?. The car
penters, contractors and sawmill men
announce the greatest building activity
In Klamath county as soon ss spring;
opens ever knoon in its history. The
sawmills already have orders for all the
lumber they can cut by night and day
runa on full capacity for the first half
of tha year, and every builder and con
tractor has his bands full. There will
be a shortage, aa there was up to Christ
mas. In almost all kinds of skilled labor.
Tha building alone in Klamath Falls
t wttl be enormous. Work Is to begin on
a 116.000 public school building as soon
aa tha wsathar will permit. The Cath
olics are to build a large church and
school ejiiflce as well as a commodious
sanatorium. The cost of these Improve
ments hss not been given out, though
the local priest aays It will run Into
A local compsny Is being organized
for the purpose of building a new brew
ery on the south side of the river, which
Is to be of the latest modem equip
ment. This will maks ths second
brewery for Klamath Falls, A. Caatel,
ex-postmaster, owning the present one.
The main feature that Interests ths
lovers of the hop extract with the new
brewery Is that It will reduce ths price
of beer to five cents a glass. At present
beers of all kinds nre sold at 16 cents a
glass, or two for 25 cents.
A number of splendid business hous
will also be constructed early In the
spring. George T. Baldwin Is at preaent
breaking ground for a large three-story
business block, to be constructed partly
of stone. A large boarding house will
slso be constructed on Main street, to be
known ss the Sullivan building. Hun
dreds sre contemplating ths building of
rottagea, and people, are Hocking here
from every direction, In spite of the al
moat tmpaessble roads from she nearest
railroad. 33 miles distant. The various
Irrigation projects are creating sn ex
cltement like that of a new gold dis
(Special Dlapateh to The Journal.
enema wa.-,or.. Dec. zs. There Is a
great deal of activity at the Indian
school at present preparing exhibit ma
terial for the Lewis and Clark fair
Much of the fancy work to be exhibited
Is already completed. In the blacksmith
shop the boys are making a sat oT 72
tongs, representing every kind of tongs
used In the shop. These will be fin
ished with extra care and given a high
polish. Besides these the blacksmiths
have a number of other artlclea com
pleted. Frank Snrahsn. One of the sp
prenUcea, haa made an anvil weighing
lass thsn four pounds which Is sn ex
ceptionally fine piece of work. The an
vil -is hand forged anil not filed from a
block of Iron. It is complete In sll
Its detslls.
Ths carpenter and wagon-making
shops at ths school have but recently
bean fitted out with electric power to
be used In turning ths lathes and other
"machines. With ths aid of ths new
machlnea both of these departments will
be able to send soma fine work to tbe
Portland fair.
After-Stock -Taking Sale
1,000 Bargains
for This
Where there's only a few pairs of a kind of Shoes, a lew Suits of a kind or odd
Pants, or any lot that is too small for inventory will be almost given away tomorrow.
$20.00 Odd Suits $5.00
C AA For 81 Odd Sujts, In sacks
7U.UU ana almost alt sixes In all
wool Suits from our $10.00. $15.00
and $20.00 tables. We cannot alter
these suits at this pries.
$15.00 Dark Overcoats $5.00
C AA For 1$ dark Overcoats, In
"7.J.UU bmi black, brown and
gray. The' sizes on the morning of
the sale will be tt to 40. You'll
have to get here early It you want
to get your alze.
$3.00 Panit $1.00
AA For 64 pairs of $2.00 to
v" $3.00 Pants, In almost all
bIzos This is a bonanxa for the
working man.
$2.50 Wool Vests 50c
For IS All -Wool Vests worth
$2.50, 36 tp 44 sizes. Dark
$2.00 Hats 50c
Clf For 114 Odd Hats, soft only,
In regular $L50 and $2.00
value. V
$1.25 Umbrellas 50c
CAc For a Big Box of $1.00 and
OvW i.60 Htcei Frame Webfoot
$1.00 Rubbers 50c
EAr For 00 odd pairs Best arado
OV Boston Rubbers, all sixes.
We Will Sell Only One Article
Of any advertised article to any one customer. We do mis to prevent the crowd of
north end dealers, Who rush to these sales, from picking these bargains up and pre
venting the plain people from getting them.
(Special Dispatch to The Jesraal.
Hlltsboro, Or., Deo. 29. Tha managers
of the proposed Fortland-illllsboro-Forest
Grove electric line have lust secured
from tha edty of Hlilsbero a franchise
through Its streets for a period of tl
-AT- i-
THEMlUB Evenings I
$1.50 Underwear 50c
I Or For odds and ends In fine
OV wool Underwear. Broken lota
from our regular $1.00, $1.S0 and
$8.00 lines. We can fit you It you
come early.
$1.25 Sbirts 50c
C(r For all odd and ends In our
Ovv 76c, $1.00 and $1.50 Dress and
Negligee Shirts. ,
$1.00 Work Gloves 50c
C(r for pick of broken lines' of
wwv 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 Working
illoves, in buck, hog and horsehlde.
$1.00 Underwear 25c
"JC.r p"or broken lots of 50c, Tie
aVuv and $1.00 Wool, Cotton,
Merino, Camelshalr and Fleeced
Underwear. Big lot on separate
75c Suspenders 25c
fCf For $0 odd doxen of Men's
aVOC Hllk Web 50c and 75e Holi
day Suspenders.
50c Silk Handkerchiefs 25c
JZr For all our 50c and tic Holi
Aftfly day 811k Handkerchiefs, plain
white and handsome colored bor
ders. 75c Caps 25c
J Cr For ft Sample- Cap. We
bDSt won't take 'em Into stock.
Tou can have them for two-bits.
years, on condition that said eleetrlo Una
Is to be completed by September 1,
Graadsat display of fins scenery ever
seen Portland at the corner Of Third
and Alder streets. On exhibition from,
In the morning till at night
50c Half Hose 25c
For 18 doxen odd- pairs of
bOs, SOX, In regular 50c and 06c
grades. In finest wool and merino,
lisle and cotton.
$1.00 Soiled Sbirts 25c
?Cr For a table full of Dress and
Negligee Shirts that got a
trifle mussed during the holiday
rush, They sold as high aa- $1.50.
$3.25 Suit Cases $1.00
CI Mi For 8 odd Suit Caaea, with
'ww triple brass
lock and
patent fastenings.
$2.50 Self-Opening Umbrellas
for $1.00.
1 AA For 16 Gloria Silk Self
?I.UU opening Umbrellas, with
double or patent frame. Sold all
over at $2.60.
$2.50 Dress Shoes $1.00
A A For 47 pairs of Lace and
sSlaVU congreas Shoes, the lot hi
too. small to take Into stock, so they
go at $1.00. -
$3.00 Men's Hats $1.00
AA Buys as good a Hat as
I.UU you want to put on your
head. 58 In the lot; they're all
colors and black, and positively
worth $8.50 to $4.00.