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Empire TtMtn "For Mother' ask "
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Competition In the Ice business, which
ceased In Portland by a combination of
the present dealers, la to be renewed
next spring when the Independent Ice
Cold Storage company will enter the
field and reduce prices one half. The
Incorporator- are M: H. Rankin. O. M.
Rankin and Warren E. Thomas and the
capital stock If lioo.oou. ejavhlch will
be I n-reused as occasion requires. They
Will carry on a fuel business when Ice
trade la light. A Buffalo expert will
have charge of the cold storage plant
and a skilled Icemaker will be brought
from St. Lou la.
Dr. E. P. Hill presided at the dinner
last night at the Man's Resort. Fourth
and Burnslde streets. Two hundred and
fifty men were at tha Christmas dinner
that waa prepared by a committee of
women from the different Presbyterian
churches. The event waa under the aus
pices of the new committee on manage
ment of the resort, on which are: Wil
liam Mac mast or, chairman; Miller Mur
doch. Wallace JMcCamant, A. fl. Pattullo,
James A. Martin, Samuel C. Kerr, George
T. Murton. C. A. Daialel, Harry I Cor
batt. Alexander C. Raa and t. i. Ross.
a mil i, is been filed In the circuit
court for Wasco county by John P. Hlll-
atrom agalnat Owen Davis., demanding
tin. mm damages for the alleged ruin be
wrought to HlUetrom'e daughter. Dep
sheriff Parrott served the nepers
yestmday. Davis says Hlllstrom desires
to compel him to marry nia oaugmer,
that the ehargee ars untrue, that ha la
a student paying hla own way through
ii-., tin. h has no monev to
pay the sum JilLls from demands. It, Is
reported that Davis' ratner is wesnny
: S- B. Fsrree, englnaar on tha Southern
Pacific, yesterday filed a suit against
his formar wife. Ida May Ferree, to
recover IB0 and 160 attornay'a fees,
alleging ahe signed a tlfio note In his
favor prior to thslr divorce, and also
that he advanced tlOO which aha waa to
repay In the event that ahe sold the
Waldorf boarding house, which sne nau
conducted. The Amea Mercantile agency
act as his attorneys. They were mar
rled at Grants Psss In 1812, and have
no children.
A nMlln vMtvnliv n f tha Ttftnev
... r, J - - .. " .
Merit league of Oregon and Washington
Travelers officers were elected and a
change In the by-laws made. The change
makes any traveling man who Is a mem
her of arty traveling men's association
eligible to membership In the local as
sociation. The officers are: Julius
Mayer,- president; Charlea Rosenfeld,
flrsT vtre.uiesldentT John . Bean, sT
ond vice -president; Alexander Knus. see
retsry and treasurer; J. W. Curran. Otto
Mangold and Benjamin F. Blnsneimer,
Rev. 1. E. Rockwell and Rev. Chan
Sing Kal presided at the Chrlatmaa en
tertainment last night at tha Methodist
Episcopal Chinese mission school, JOT
Alder street, and Bishop David H.
Moore. Rev. W. B. Holllngshead and
Rev-A. N. Fisher addressed the large
audience. Recitations, solos, duets, dla
lognes and pantomimes wars rendered by
the Chinese children. The hall was
crowded with Interested spectators.
Now Tear's Eve Ball. Portland Aerie
No. 4 Eaglea will close the season Sat
urday night with their annual bail at
Merrill's Auditorium hall. Seventh and
tnrtr streets. 'gMie inside flour -fa betrrg
planed and polished. One thousand
couples ran dance at one time Alt hough
a public ball, none but respectable people
will be permitted to attend, uentiemen
(0c; ladles. ttc.
Annie Blshara and Ous T.ope yesterday
obtained a marriage license, and Miss
Blshara learned for the first time what
was her surname. She remarked to her
father, who was with the young couple,
when he gave fits name aa Joseph BIs-
.hars. that she had heretofore understood
her surname was Joseph. They reside
at St: Helena, and are of Arabian birth.
Rose and Cucumber Jelly (Curosa
Cream) heals all parts exposed to the
chilly winds of outdoors. It gives the
skin that soft, velvety feeling so much
desired by ladles. It removes st once
II redness and roughness, eradicates
wrinkles, destroys blarkheada. It Is
soothing and comforting. Large bottles
15 cents. Sold everywhere.
At their last meeting the members of
Ren Butler Post No. 67. O. A. R., decided
that Its charter would not be surren
dered, and elected: Post commander, T.
N. Shove: senior post commander. J. H.
Heustls; junior vice commander. T. Q.
Wilson; officer of the day. M. Wlrkllne;
riuartermaater. H. F. Yates; chaplain,
F. A. Coleman.
Professor EatQji'a dancing school.
Classes Monday and Thursday evenings
at Arlon hall. Beginners taken at any
time. Six assistant teachers. Private
lessons dslly at hall. Spectators In
vited. "Phone West 204t.
Wright's Paragon Headache Cure re
lieves from . suffering instantly, and
checks long confirmed tendencies to
headache. Down goea the cure, away
goes the headache, up go your spirits.
Every druggist. ?
We must sell every second-hand Rem
ington. Smith Premier and Denamore
typewriter In the house .within the next
It daya. Here la a chance to get a
machine for almost nothing.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Morden and Dep
uty , Orussi raided an opium joint st
1t6 Second street, between Yamhill and
Taylor, yesterday afternoon, arresting
Wednesday Evening
January 4, 1905
Eight -Thirty o' Clock
Taath aad Coach streets.
The world'! (rest est plunlit.
t'slTln Helllg.
Advises sals of
seats will open
salt Header
morning Jssnsrr
ST at in ...lock,
la the lebtiy of
the Mar q a a
cm n1 Theatre.
Out-ef tosra orders, Inclose addressed slapped
en rr loss with njoaey order. ad orders te
Calvta Bring, afsslsai Oread Theatre.
-z " ' '
Prices Ixisrer
floor M on. t3 M.
,2 on. ft on.
tttin t2 50. tt.
tt !W. tl M.
Jim Murphy, a white man. who gave
his name as 'Tom'" Wilson, and Wat
Oea, a CnTnese, who said his name was
Ah- Look. They will be taken before
Justice Reld.
Strenuous pursuits In men and ar
duous social duties In women cause
much nervoua debility. C. C. C. Tonic
Is all the corrective. For sals at Knight's
SOT Washington.
Tha elegant new steamer Northlsnd,
modern In every detail, leavea Sunday
noon for San Francisco. Cabin, tit:
steerage, tt. Thompson ticket office,
12t Third street
Woodward's Dancing Academy. Burk
hard's hall, Mon. and Thur. 10 laasoas
IS. Thura. party night Spectators In
vited. I. D. Borer, tha popular gentlemen's
snd lad las' tailor, removed to room 107
Fenton bldg. New, first-class cutter.
Tax levies have been made by three
more school districts: No. t, t mills; No.
41, mills; N. 44, l mill
Classical string and orchestra music
during the holidays at Richards, corner
Park and Alder.
Oeorge H. Baker of Ooldendale, Wash..
Is at the Imperial. -
Oeorge I. Slocom of Hood River la
visiting Portland.
M- S Woodcock, the banker of Cor
vallta. Is at the Perkins for a brief
A. Comegys Is hers from Salem.
R. I.. Ford is in from Astoria on busi
ness. Frank Davenport of Hood River Is a
guest at the Perkins.
P. D. Tull. of T.ull Glbbs. Is hero
from Spokane, '.
Manager D. L. Huntington, of the
Washington Water Power company, la
here from Spokane.
C. H. Hllbei t. a San Francisco whole
sale dealer. Is at the Portland.
Oeorge W. Sanborn and hla family
are st the Portland from Astoria.
Owing to his mother's desjise, Mr.
Frank A. Spencer, manager of Allen &
Lewis, has been called to San Francisco
for a few days.
W. F. Knox, a prominent lumber
dealer of Sacramento. Cal., Is registered
at the Hotel Portland. .
W. E. Flnser. adjutant general of the
Oregon National Guard, left last night
for La Grande to attend Inspection of
the militia.
. Dividend Notice.
At a meeting of tha directors of the
Hibernia Savlnga bank, a dividend of
tl per share was declared payable Janu
ary 1, 1906.
LAN8INO 8TOUT, Cashier.
It has bean said that Poland found
In music revenge for oppressions and
dismemberment. It might also be said
that, whan TB flTf Tghd" 6f Poland was
ploughed by- the hoof of the ruthless
invader'' a crop of pianists sprang up to
maintain the glory of the old estate.
Poland may Well be proud of her com
posers. Chopin said the last word in
piano music. Tschafkowsky, the great
est name In modern Instrumental music,
waa of Polish descent. Sembrlch and
the Do Rssskes are Poles. The list of
pianists Includes Chopin. l.eachetttxlgl.
Moskowskl. Bllvlnskl, Josef Hofmann.
Among, the youthful prodigies ara the
Polish Koesalakl. Huberman, Arglewles.
The moat commanding Individuality
among virtuosos since the death of Pa
ganlnl la beyond doubt or peradventure
Ian Ignsx Paderewakl.
"The great Pole will give one concert
In tills city -at the armory. Tenth ' and
Couch streets, next Wednesday soiling.
Tt. yTnr. sale at . aeala. wllL-Open. in.
tha. lobby of the Marquam Grand the
atre Monday morning. January t; at
10 o'clock. Address out of town orders
to Calvin Hellig. above theatre.
By"- the first of next week Portland's
open-air sanatorium for consumptives
will be In operation. Dr. Woods Hutch
inson Is somewhat disappointed with the
tardy response of the public to the ap
peal for clothing, etc., haying received
only About one-fourth of what was ex.
pected. It should be understood that
everything In the way of household fur
nishings and clothing especially enpes,
coats and other wraps Is needed for
the patients, and contributions will be
gladly received by Dr. Hutchinson.
Jiu-Jitsu Tonight.
This Is the big night st the Marquam
theatre. General Nil and hla 16 Jlu
Jltsulan artists will give an entertain
ment In this unique art. The mayor
and other ojty offlclala (id every lover
of clean athletics In the city will be
present. The athletes will be on hsnd
because llu-lltsu Is new to them and
they want to sss and learn. Another
thing that will bring them out la the
probability of a wrestling match be
tween Jos ArtOn and General Nil.
Acton la wrestling Instructor at ths
Multnomah club and was once champion
of tha world.
Rev. Myron Coolsy. formerly editor of
the Pacific Baptlat of this city, has
been appointed superintendent of mis
sions of North Dakota. He la in Part
land for a few daya, having stopped over
on his way to take charge of his future
work. He will preach In the Immanuel
Baptlat church next Sunday morning.
Sines leaving Portland eight montha ago
ha has been engaged In mlnlsterlsl work
In San Pedro, Cal... where he met with
much success. His new position places
him lri charge of all the churches of
the Baptist denomination In North Da
kota. The Coming of the King.
This s sored cantata, composed by
Dudley Buck. Is little ahort of oratorio
In quality, and will be sung at Cen
tenary church tomorrow evening by, a
large chorus snd the following solo
voices: Mrs. K 8. Miller, soprano; K.
D. Allen, and John Carpenter, baritones:
J. A. Wuest and E. N. Wheeler, baasns:
Mrs. K N. Wheeler, alto, and Walter
Holt, tenor. Ths last two have been
studying under Mrs. E. S. Miller for n
short time, and will surprise their most
Intimate friends. Place, Ninth and East
Pine; admission, to cents
After an Ulricas of only a few hours,
George Dunning, tha four-months-old
son of Mr. and Mrs J. J. Dunning. Jr..
died this morning at the home of Mrs.
Dunning s brother, on East Twelfth
and Carrutkers streets. Tha baby,
which was an only child, waa taken III
vary suddenly Isst night. Physicians
ware st once summoned, hut In spite of
the fsct that everything possible was
done known In medical science to save
ths infant, ths baby died about it o'clock
this morning.
Vagrant Electricity, Wandering
From It Wires, Makes Han
dling Records Dangerous.
Employes of Clerk Fields Taking
Free Treatment for Ner
vous Diseases.
Claude Smith, office boy of County
Clerk Fields, while, going after papers
on file In tha record vault, thla morning
received sr shock of electricity that al
most threw him to the floor. He wss
reaching for box No. 1100, which la made
of natal, and found that It waa elec
trified sufficiently to make It difficult
to retain a hold upon the handle and
draw ft from the frame. He called the
chief deputy. Mr. Praap. and aoon a
doren mesTghrere In tha vault, attempt
ing to discover whence came the electric
fluid that, had charged practically tha
entire roots).' .
In the middle of the vault, which Is
about 10 by It feat, la a wide Iron plate,
over which the heavy movable cases
of books are rolled. Standing upon this
plate, one receives a shock so strong
that It amounta to- receiving electric
treatment from a large galvanic bat
tery. It has been Impossible to discover
where the connection is made. The elec
tric lighta were turned off, but the cur
rent waa not leasened In strength, and
it appears probable that until the cause
haa been ascertained, working with Mult
nomah county rocords will prove a
rather unpleasant task.
This electricity seems, too. to play
peculiar pranks. When two meen stood
on the iron Plate and grasped box No.
6100 both felt the shock. Another two
would stand thereon and feel no cur
rent. Careful investigation will be made and
the connection discovered. O'yobaby It
la caused by the covering of soma elec
tric wire running through the vault
having become worn, leaving the wire
to come into contact with the metal and
charging the room with electricity.
Seats are selling well for the fare
well concert, which will take place to
night at t:lt o'clock at the White Tem
ple, Twelfth and aylor streets, to mark
the departure for Paris, early in Jan
uary, of Arthur 1. Alexander, tenor.
Tickets raj trim up -to m. at
waller neeo s store, uregonian uunu
Ing. and tonight at the door of the
White Terqple. Thees will be no re
served saata. and those -who are there
when the doors are opened will get the
best. Among those who will appear
will be: Tha Alexander quartet, con
sisting of Mrs. Rose BIoch-Bauer. Mrs.
Walter Reed, A. L. Alexander and Dom
J. Zan. who will render nuobera from
I, lsa LehmamVa "Persian Garden" snd
also individual aongs. Other singers
ara: Mra. Fletcher l.lnn. soprano, and
Mrs. Anna Selkirk Norton, contralto.
Mrs. William A. Knight will make her
Portland debut aa a planlate and the
accompanist la Edgar E. Coursen. Then
there Is the Orpheus male chorus, the
personnel being: Dom J. Zan, N. C. Zan.
II. W. Hogtie. J. R. Fargo. J. W.
Belcherv C. C. Richard, Frank Branch
Riley. Tobert O rah am. J. e. -fa'assou.
H. A. Vantine. H. 1.. Jiuason. j. w.
Blckford, L. R. Thompson, .. A. Mont
gomery. I L.. Paget. L. P. Bruce, P
I Packard. John Gill. Dr. W. A. Cum-
mlng. Dr. George Alnslte, James White
gnd Leon M. Jones. Mr. Alexander la
the conductor. More than ono singer
will make his or her debut at this con
cert. Tha program Is well selected and
the numbers worth- hearing.
f. W. Baker of Forest Grove, state
game warden, thinks the present law
permitting s single hunter to kill to
ducks hi a day. Is "a shame ami dls-
' V. ...Ixlaa nf a ri v- state "
iniifl uyuii nm .... --.
He says iO ducks are enough for any
man. ana ne rpcuminniui rvue- bwctjii
changes of the Oregon game laws In
his annual report to Oovernor Chamber
lain. He says the trout limit should be
cut from lit to 75, and that sslmon
trout should be further protected by fish
ing them only In October and Novem
ber, with hook and line exclusively.
Chinese pheasants have grown so
scarce In tha" Willamette valley, he says,
that the us$ of dogs should be bsrred
for three years, excepting a 15-day hunt
ing season. He favors a bounty for
scalps of cougsr. wildest snd timber
wolves, snd the protecting of elk for a
period of 10 years. He thinks hunters
kMlJ ... n.rmltt.i1 to Mill deer With
dogs In the month of October. He rec
ommends the employment or ii io i"
mi w.ntMf to enforce the laws and
suggests a plan, that has been attempted
by a rew stner siaies, m iminin - -cense
fee annually upon all huotera
sportsmen and pot hunters alike. He
ssys that by such a law laat year Wash
ington collected t14.9Z. Idaho, tl2.370;
Wisconsin. I7S.U4; Michigan, tH.JSB:
Illinois, tts.000: the Dakotss, t8,t80;
Nebraska, tt.7: Colorado, tlt.lti.
With many It Is a custom
to give friends New Tear re
membrances. It is to those
who follow- this custom we
wish to have Just a word,
w . want to call attention to
aft extenslva line of novelties
Including sonic beautiful
things In sterling silver. They
are very Inexpensive nd
serve, the purpose Just as
well as something costly. It's
mighty nice to remember
vour friends at New Year's!
They will appreciate It.
. 'w'Y
Remarkable Accident on the
Waterfront Dock, Which Has
Fatal Result,
Five Men Are Thrown Into the
River and One Loses
His Life.
By the rapaixlng of the barge Monarch
at Montgomery dock No. 1, late yester
day afternoon, an unknown man lost hht
Ufa snd four others had narrow escapes
from drowning. Thosa rescued are
Frank 8. Willis. John Bvsnson, Alex
Johnson and John Carlson.
Thstoarga waa loaded with coal for tha
oriental liner Arabia, lying at the same
dock. Without warning she turned tur
tle, precipitating the men and a cargo of
almost 500 tons of coal Into the river.
Officers of the Arabia Immediately
threw life-preservers anil Hues to those
struggling In ths water, and a life
boat waa lowered. Carlson managed to
swim ashore without assistance Bven
son got hold of a Una" and waa towed to
ths aide ' of tha steamer. 'As he was
being drswn up the line parted and he
fell back. He awam to another line
which waa thrown In hfs direction, and
thla rime he waa pulled aboard. John
son was picked up by ths lifeboat aa ho
was sinking for ths last time
A report of the accident wss sent st
once to the police station, and Coroner
Flnley and his officers were soon oh the
scene. A thorough search for the miss
Inn man, proved unavailing. Hugh
Brady, a professional grappler, ' dragged
the river In that locality, but the body
i i hi lil not be found.
Ths unfortunate man was engaged to
assist, in discharging tha coal only a few
hours previous to his desth. It Is sup
posed he was a recent arrival In the cl(y.
He was about to years of age, snd
looked ss though he had been -used to
hard labor. A further search for the
body Is being made today. It Is feared
that ha la burled beneath the great pile
of coal which waa thrown from the
There Is a difference of opinion as to
what caused the barge to capsise. Borne
say that ahe was In a badly leaking con
dition and unseaworthy, and one of ths
men. was kept busy working the pumps
to keep It clear of water. 1
D. C. O'Reilly, general manager for the
Oregon Round Lumber company, to
whom the barge belongs, says:
"The barge was rebuilt four years ago,
and two years later was given a thor
ough overhauling. It should have been,
and I believe was. In good condition. It
la true that tt. leaked to a certain estant.
but not sufficiently to cause alarm. All
barges have to be pumped out occasion
ally. It was fastened to the steamer by
means of lines, and tt is possible that
these became taut and threw the barge
over. But this is only s surmise; I have
not Investigated the matter thoroughly.
Representatives of the Portland Asl-
stlc Steamship company believe the
barge was unfit for service. They claim
that It was shipping wstsr freely, which,
settled on one side or the craft, and
when a river steamer wsnt by ths waves
caused the barge to turn turtle.
Workman Kara Harrow Escape from
Drowning oa Sinking Pontoons.
Nearly a dozen workmen had a nar
"WW escape from drowHHig" aTTTBe AsW- f
lean schooner Andy Mahony was lifted
on a couple of the pontoons of the dry
dock yesterday. In water almost Up to
their necks snd which was gradually
rising' about them the men aucgeeded
In wading to an unused pontoos, on
which they climbed. Had they remained
at their posts a few momenta longer
they probably would have perished
The vessel had been almost raised
when the men began to scrub the hull
of the schooner. Something went wrong
with the drydock machinery aand the
pontoons begsn to sink. The men re
matned at their task, believing that tho
machinery would soon ne In working or
der. The water rose higher and they
Jumped down from their pedestals and
began to wade for their lives. They
sank up to their waists, and when they
reached the pontoon Which was not in
use the cold. Chilly waves strtlck them
near their necks. The dock continued
to go down until It was almost sub
merged. Then the machinery began to
work properly again and the vessel was
speedily lifted. The exact nature of the
difficulty Is not known, out it is sup
posed one of the pumps got clogged.
Comraanaer of Bllarlo Recovered Prom
Captsln M' l.eod. until recently mas
ter, of the British steamship Rllerlc.
arrived this morning from Astoria. He
has fully recovered from the attack of
smallpox contracted on his ship on the
way from the orient. He was taken to
the quarantine station and remained
there tt daya. The captain was accorded
every attention during his Illness, but
further than admitting that the station
Is poorly equipped, he declined to make
any ft''itiwnt irr' r"tt,,mttmmi ' "
He will leave on Saturday for his
home In London, via New York. It Is
probable that hs will be given com
mand of another ship of the Ellerlc lino.
Nearly all the alterations which were
plsnned to be made to the gasoline
schooner Chetco have been completed,
but she will not go on her Initial trip
to Rogue river jinttl Monday. She la
st the Pine street dock.
United states engineers report thst
the revetment work st Coon Island hat
been completed. It was built for the
purpose of preventing the widening of
the channel in that locality, and Is too
ysrds In length.
Steamer Redondo. from Svn Fran
cisco, arrived yesterday In command ot
Captain Ahlln, who succeeded Csptsln
Krog Just before the vessel sailed. Hs
has been with Swayne A Hoyt, owners
of the Redondo. for five years.
George D. Gray, president of tha Cal
ifornia A Oregon Coast Steamship com
pany, who arrived yesterday from San
Francisco, left this morning for Seattle
The steamer Nome City, beloagtng to
the company. Is on tha aimnd being con
verted Into a ateam schooner, and Mr.
Gray will make an Inspection of the
work. When completed -the vessel will
be ids -"I In the lumber carrying trade.
Steamer Harsh Dixon was launched
veiterday afternoon from the waya of
the Portland shipyard, 'and on Monday
will resume her run between Portland
and Clatakanle.
Schooners Virginia snd Joseph Russ
arrived last night, both coming from
San Francisco. The Virginia will be
An Unexpected Xmas Check
and How It Was Expended.
Investment Is 'Certain to Furnish
aa Unlimited Amount of Pleas,
ure to a Large Circle of People.
- On Monday last, although our store
was practically closed, a lady called
early In the day and requested that she
be permitted to select a Pianola. Sho ,
had received on Christmas day the gift
0( a generous check and ahe said the
moment ahe received It she knew exactly
what sha wss going to do with It. She
had wsnted a Pianola for a long time,
and now she was going to realise her
wish, nothing else coula give her nearly
so much pleasure.
The Instrument, a ' handsome Metro
style Pianola, was delivered to her home.
No. 115 Bast Sixth street, on Tuesday.
One of these Instruments In the home
la an unfailing source of enjoyment to'
every member of the fjmly. Any one
can operate It. and It nn at any time
furnish exactly the kind of music de
sired. . .
The artistic chsracter of the entire
class Of Aeolian Instruments Is recog
nised by people of culture, the world
over. Aeolian Instruments ere those
manufactured by the Aeolian Company
of New York, the largest Institution In
the world manufacturing key Instru
ments. They Include the Metrostyle Pi
anola all Pianolas now Include the Met
rostyle the Aerlola. the Pianola Piano,
the Aeolian Orcheatrelle and Aeolian
Pipe Organ, all music-roll Instruments
and all capable of producing music so
nearly akin to that of the moat akllled
hand-playing that they have received
tha Indorsement of practically every mu
sician and composer of the present day.
Paderewski. who appears In Portland
soon, himself s most skilled snd famous
musician, heartily Indorses the Pianola,
and takes great Interest In marking
music rolls with his own Interpretation
of different-compositions. This also hut
been done by the greet composer. Rich
ard Strauss; also Alfred Herts, the fa
mrftis conductor of the Metropolitan Or
chestra. Other admirers of the Plsnol t
are Carl Relnecke. the talented German
musician: Dr. Joachim, the greatest of
sll present-day violinists: Otto l.ohse.
Madam Mathilda Marchesl. Salnt-Seans.
Dr. Hans Rlchter, Rosenthal, snother
great pianist. De Pnohman Marram
Sembrich. Madam Nordlca and scores of
others, too many, In fact, to devote space
tq printing names. .
The entire line of Aeolian Instruments
Is sold bv Kllers Piano House. 151 Wash
ington street, corner Park. Price of
Meesosiyie rianoias. tznu ana .iuu:
Pianola Pianos. 1500 to tl.000: Aeolian
Orchestrelles. t00 up. Moderate terms
or payment arranged u aesirea.
supplied with lumber at -the North Pa
cific mill, while the Russ wilt be
supplied with a similar cargo at Rainier.
Oriental liner Arabia moved thla
I morning from the Montgomery to the
Aiasga nocg. wnere sne win complete
discharging her cargo.
British ship Glauous -completed her
grain cargo this morning far ths United
Kingdom. Olrvtn Byre are the ex
porters. .
Astoria. Or.. Dec. 2t. Condition of the
bar at x a. m. Rough; wind aouth
weather cloudy. No ships moving. .
Monterey. Dec. 21. Sailed Steamer
Rosecrans, for Portland.
Astoria, in . Dec. 2t. Arrived at sir,
p. m. Steamer - Elmore, from Tilla
mook. Balled at 1:40 p. m. Steamer
Columbia, for San Franclaeo.
If the west her Ts favorable the gov
ernment lightship off the mouth or the
Columbia river will be brought Inside
either tomorrow or ths day following
to be repaired. The contract for doing
the work will not be let until after tha
first of the vesr. Until then It will not
be known whether the vessel will be
brought to Portland or put In shsps at
Public Speaking.
Mr. William Greenleaf, whose expert
ene'e as a public speaker and Imperson
ator well qualifies him for work aa
teacher, will have charge of the claas In
public speaking at the Toung Men's
Christian Association night school dur
ing the winter months, oeginning Janu
ary 2.
Preferred Stock canned woods.
Allen A Lewis' Best Brand.
Columbia Theatre
A. n. BAM.AKD. lessee sad Uaasger.
Phone Mala Ml.
Down-town box office. Mala 110.
Sperlil Co-lstmsa week offering of ths superb
t'olnmbla Stock Company,
Belisco sad De Mills greatest drams.
The Charity Ball
Xegnlar mailnes Satnrdsr. December II,
Ft. pint prices, 1,V. 2V, f!A, ftOe.
Mstlnee, prices, 10c, lie, 33e.
Dowa tosn lox fn epen from 10 a. m till
T p. m at Dolly Vardea randr shop. .127 Morri
ses street. Alter T p. m tt
Next week, Asgnstla Dtly's cesMdy,
Ml DM AM OB0 w raagle. See. Mgr.
Krlday afternoon snd night. Saturday after
seoa aod night. Dec. SO, Ji, 1B04.
A play Tks ramou Aaapiosa
f the Orset Players yortlasd
Ths. OF blthllhxm Ian.
Ms Maes at S p. m treeing at 15
Prices, both matinee snd evening, tlaVi, It on
75c, fiOr. Heats now selling. Bring the rhlldren.
Vftts ran bo orrirr4 h Phonr Matn 1 1T.
The 'Trail" te open to tba popular ahowebop.
The. tria arr all ilown now and larf i-ruiraa
can b bw-pii ntajbtlr
You can arc TO.Mf.rlT ami tb rtraalnitr
of tbla track, alao tbc matinee natnrdaj,
. In tba paatural ldjl,
"For Mother's Sake"
Eieellent Company. Special Nsw Sresery.
Heat sale begins lodsr for B. C. Whitney's
C. Walta
an PKOM.sV-60
Empire Prices K renins. Mr, JBe. SSe lad 60.
Matinees. lOr. iv tSe.
Seventh rnd Alder Streets. This Week:
Ptrfnrmaseea 2 m to 4.SS, 7 en to 10 30 B.
at. AdaUaaion 10 ctais- as htshsr.
1862 COAL
Sell the Only Genuine Rock Springs
In the City. WHY?
Be csuss we are the exclusive agsnts for the Union Pacific Coai Oa, ThtfS,
Is but one Rock Springs In Wyoming, and the mlnea were opened ta ISM1
by the Union Pacific, which Is ths sole owner snd miner of Bock Springs)
Coal. Don't be deceived by any Imitation or wouldbe Rock Springs.
Kemsmber. ws are the exclusive agents. When la gsMS, SaUl
Phone Bast 184.
Rock Springs Coal Co. um.w.
sss last Morrison St, aear Blver.
6 111
Hotel and Restaurant Goods
We manufacture Hotel Ranges, both Portable and to set In brick. 4 feet to
1U reel, or longer. t,irrr in siws, .ijiy"r nu i-iiiiiifu hwi.i v w.t, ....
also the Amethyst, Imperial, Colonial and Opaline Enameled wares Ths larg
est variety of stoves and ranges on the Pacific coast. We respectfully solicit
youf pstronago. - v
Young Men's Christian
Association Night School
Fourth and Yamhill Streets
Winter Terms Begins Monday. January 2, 1905
. Classes in : Commercial and English Branches, Msthe
, mstics, Electricity, Plumbing Drawing, Window Card
Writing; Public Spesking, etc.
Special rates made to families anoVslngle gentlemen. A modern TurktsSJ
bath establishment In ths hotel. H. C. BOWERS. Manager.
The Grand Theatre
la the "Dell-Maker's Dilemma. '
Aaiertaa'a reremcat afatietaas.
Is "A Burglar's Sursrise."
J. O. WIS.
Asikldestms Oartoenist.
la "Tee
"Wkaa tke Beas Ars la Us Hive.'
Ths latest faruiaa tlra, "Life sf a Baee
aad Oth. rs."
Admission to say seat 10c: tea seats
No. 28 COUPON No. 28
Star Theatre
SO, 1S04.
This coupon snd te sntltles
holder to one admission wjien pre
sented at box office.
BIJou Theatre ti&StL
..m.v . r-i .... ... . . - - .
gaaat" sad "Tke Trial i aad Troubles sf aa
AfternoHM from t to 4 1, eveslags fresi
T to 10:SS, Saaday eontlaiieos frost X to 10 30.
Agmtssloe 10 cents.
Third tad Yaaabtll sts. Resting A rkmd, Mgra.
Largest VaeSevtiie House la
AssMsslea inr. rsifmsnsnas tAt.. T SO, l:ts.
& Going Co.
Take "S" Oar to IStk Inlfj
Will produce tho desired effect If
right preparation la used. And we'
supply an article that la un equaled
...w ,...,,',.-.. ininiKiru. am J niativ f .III.
. k . - 1 .. , . . ,
snnlieH err. of lve rinr.M hi.hlv I
servatlve and imparts a handsome fin
ish. Sunproof and weather-proof,
nomlcal, too.
TSe Portland
$3 Per Day and Upward
Hth aad Taylor Bus.
This Evening at 8:15,
(Dec. 29)
To mark the departure for PsrtgvJ
early in January, ox
Arthur L, Alexander
fti .1 as-. i,i i. n j
uirccuon, mrs. naucr accu
Porttsnd's best talent will par
ticipate Mrs. Rose Klorh-Bauer
anil Mrs. h ten ner ouranoej:
Mrs. Walter Reed and Mrs. Ann
Selkirk Norton, contraltos; Arthur
U Alexander, tenor; Dom J.
bsrltone; Mrs. William A. Knt
pianists; Rdgar V. Coursen,
panlat. Debut of Orpheus
, -v, Ar., as t.,l vnli-ea anal the
Alexsnder quartet.
SI, to ke had at
Mo twsessrsel seats. Oms St?
The Arcade Them
Part to ad's
Lilt sfnrts tossV.
fr-m 2 SO s II . Ss.