The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 25, 1904, Image 67

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t GRANDPA i "Now. Michael, when the clock strikes twelve you are to put
on this wig and beard and slip into the boys room with the bar- We wilt try
and nave a little tun wtto tnem.
3. GRANDPA: "Here, boys. It's. late. Oct to bed and perhaps Santa Claus
may make you a visit."
3. BOYS: "Oh. say. lust as if we didn't know Oran'oa is our Santa dutuT'
Well, we will five him a hearty reception."
4. BOYS: "Hurrah for Santa Clausl Oh. how we do love you. Santa Claust roy, "ok
vw . wn jmirxm uiiw jee vou-
1 Abb ' iaaVfiJlam ftl aaaLP7iC agTl Jwal
6. GRANDPA: "Hello, boys. What's all this. noise about? How dare .you,
detain Santa Claua) Let him. la. minute!"
..B. , QlW Br,t
x ormresPOTs "Why. leanden. you are the very man I wanted
To see. Just look, at this. watch. What do ou think ol that for a Christmas
l LEANDER: "Why. Charley, it's a BEAUTY! Where did you get It? By
JOV' I Jffl J Btd on ,lk You certainly art tn luck- old man."
CHARLEY : "Look on the Inside of the cue;
1 LEANDER i "W-H-A-Tl You have Lara's portrait on the Inside ol the cast?
yu around me picture oi mjr aiuancea oriae m your watch?- y
HI not stand (or itl rjr
CHARLEY "But. Uinder."
. ........ , . . .. . .- . . ... - ... ..... -,..fJ... .... ... '... :;.. v.. . , ,..
LEANDER: "Thrc't nn 'hiift hnu thict V. -H.. 1 .- .
h mrhl.J ... ...... L . ..1. Tln-nr. HiT .. . .
.... k mij iuimi-ii ins wju n i incRci in crusn it to atoms, no mat
I 0 r u 1 1 if th I till ... ' h.h
... " - iswn mystH, I Willi
CHARLEY; j'Leandert Meander J LEAN DERI
1 25&SS?1 mttn- Leanrr What Is the matter. Charier'"
L.MAKLCT: "Wliv 1 lutt Ihnvfil I inHr th .,.-. Itk. . . i
your father commissioned me to get for him to present to Leandtr as a Christ'
mas fjft. snd well, there it lies. In s thousand bits on the sidewalk."
6. LULU: "NOf I'll NOT listen to you. The Idea of your MMaf to pieces
a two-hundred-dollar watchi If you had looked you would have seta yoar aaetao
gram on it. I don't care what you thought. - BRUTE!"
Chr,rTfo' & Wd' " "KiM
LEANDER. "Ye god i A Merry' Christmas) OH. YlSl"