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Church Trial of the Minister Is
Ended in the Independence
Baptist Church.
Semi-Anonymous Letters Of
fered in Evidence Trial Prom-
to Be an Extended One.
'Special Ptetateh to Tns Jowaal.)
Monmouth. Or.. Dec. II. That the true
facta of the Allen caae may be known, a
council of delegate from stx Baptist
church ea of the Willamette valley
held a session In the Baptist
church of Independence and made a
thorough Investigation. Officially the
rase la that of Bluford Moreland. James
Gordon, C. C. Lewis and C. I. Masters
against Rev. Arthur 8. Allen, pastor of
the Independence Baptist church.
The Inquiry closed yesterday and its
findings will be made public In about a
Allen's story Is that a year and a half
ago ha became betrothed to Miss Annie
Orerholtser, of IJasrdvllle. Or., at that
time a student st the Oregon State Nor
mal school, but now a teacher at Elgin,
Through the Interference of outsiders
the engagement wss broken, Allen as
sarts, by the circulation of scandalous
stories. In June the affairs of the pas
tor and hla former ftanca became sub
ject for public dlacuaslon.
Tha pastor Isst night gave out the
fast of what was to him for a long time
an anonymous letter, which ho declare
had much to do with tha affair, and
especially its publicity. The familiar
ity which tha letter intimated that the
writer had with tha girl before and
after Allan had become acquainted with
her was greater than was pleaalng to her
betrothed husband. Knowing no one
who could answer to the Initials given
Baking Powder
A Perfect
yoar money if yea
K O Is batter than
as signature to tha letter, the natural
conclusion was tha G. M." meant good
The following is the text of tha letter
referred to above. Tha original was ac
companied in evidence by another letter
from George Ifurdock. in which ha ac
knowledges being the author:
"Monmouth, Or., April 1, 104 Rev.
". A. Allen, Monmouth, Or. Dear Sir:
I lately received tha intelligence that
you soon Intended to expose, or in other
words, tell a aet of abominable lies on
a certain young lady, a former student
of this school.
"Now, I for one know Miss Over
holtser to be one of tha beat and purest
girls who aver trod theae streets, unless
her association with you made her other
wise. What you know of her and de
mand an explanation of is, I consider
none of your business, and just because
you get th rowed down I will advise
you not to try In any way to blot so
pure a character, as aha has too many
friends in this town who will see to It
that she has justice. 'A word to the
wise Is sufficient.' so after your actions
of tha paat winter you had better go
slow. Respectfully y'-ra. fl, gt,
Some time ago Mlsa Overholtaar gavo
out this statement:
"Certain reports have reached me, and
they are of auch a nature that I feel
called upon to make a faw statements,
and for that purpose I beg your pardon
for Intruding upon your good will and
the use or your paper to aubmlt to tha
people of Monmouth and Independence
the following:
"When I left Monmouth about the
middle of August. 103, Mr. Arthur 8.
Allen and I were, and had been alnce
our acquaintance, on the beat of terms.
We saw each other no more until I re
turned to Monmouth In June, lt04. The
difference between ua grew up between
those datea and was due partially to a
misunderstanding of one of hla letters
to me. but principally to my associations
with other parties. I have never accused
Mr. Allen of sny unlawful or Immoral
acta or purposes, and so far as my
knowledge goea there la no ground for
such charges. The rumors which con
tain such accusations started from state
ments made by parties who thought
thereby to befriend me, and have been
misconstrued and have grown, as ru
mors do, to undue proportions. The
report that Mr. Allen tried last June to
Induce me to marry him against my
will is also false."
Uoemal Kperl.l Serrlr. )
Bt. Petersburg. Dec. II. The leaders
of Zemstvos have learned from an un
questionable source that tha reply of
thefesar to the recently submitted
memorial will be unsatisfactory. Ths
reply waa framed by tha caar after a
consultation with ministers representing
Uie two opposite ideas of government.
His decree will be signed Monday.
The Imperial decree commences with
a declaration that the caar has lmmov
sbly resolved to hand the full powers
of government to his son, unimpaired,
and that the source of all newa must
remain with him. The war has dis
closed defects of the administration,
however, which he will seek to rectify.
The subsequent declarations of the
decree bear upon the internal govern
ment of the empire. The csar says his
only aim Is the happiness of hla people,
and expreaaea the hope that exceptional
administrative measures will prove un
necessary. It la anticipated that dis
content will arise upon the Issue of the
msnlfesto and that one formidable party
will insist on the withdrawal of Prince
Mlrsky of the interior and the return
Kttl at- a .VYUVeV
His Only Dangerous Opponent
for Montana Senatorship
Is Lee Mantle.
Struggle Promises to Be Tame in
Comparison With Many
Previous Elections.
(Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
Helena, Mom, Dec. SI. By far tha
most Important matter tc receive con
slderwtien (ft the hands of the Ninth
legislative assembly when It meets bare
next month will be the election of a
United States senator to succeed Paris
Gibson, Democrat,
The legislature is Republican on Joint
ballot by a majority of sight, two in tha
houae and six in tha senate. Two Re
publican candidates for ths lower house,
who were dafaatsd on the faoe of the re
turns by one or two votes, respectively,
have filed contests, and body will
be called upon to oettla theae. Kvldence
la being taken In both cases, and these
two votes may provo very weighty In de
termining ths final result.
The convening uf the caucus is
awaited with much interest, as It Is be
lieved there will be aoveral candidates
for the office. Chief among these ere
former Senators Thomas H. Carter and
Lee Mantle. The former was virtually
msde the Issue of the campaign, and In
the result he sees a splendid vindication,
while Mantle also feela elated over the
result, as he officiated as state chair
man of the central committee.
It Is probable that on or two other
namee will also be presented 10 tha cau
cus, but it is recognised on sll sldss that
Carter and Mantle will prove to be I he
leading candidates. It Is .possible, but
not probable, that enough dissenters
from the caucus decision may be found
to indefinitely delay an election from
day to day during the entire aeaalon, as
has almost invar la hie been the esse
since Montana waa admitted to state
As to the probable victor In the con
test. Carter la an odds -on favorite. His
record in the sena'e and lntlmatf oc-
qualntance with the members cf Wosb
lngton officialdom and standing- in the
party councila serve to greatly popu
larlse htm at home. In addition, he has
been the virtual heaJ of the party for
yeara and has surrounding and support
ing him the more powerful- district
leaders of the outslJe counties.
ManUa'a own county was csrled by the
Heinle fusion legislative ticket, thus
depriving him of what would otherwise
have been the largest delegation. It is
possible that a compromise may be
reached, whereby Mantle will become
Senator Clarke's successor two years
hence. The struggle will at all events
prove a pretty one and will not be char
acterised by the grave chargea hereto
fore prevalent during Montana sen
atorial contests.
A Chinese tailor by the name of
Chan-Wat a member of the tailor firm
Din Blng A Co., disappeared several
days ago. He had cut off his queue and
dressed in American clothes, and seemed.
from his other peculiar actlona and
talk to be mentally unbalanced.
Any person having any Information of
the above Chinaman, plea a notify his
friends at 214 Burnalde street, and they
will receive a liberal reward. Telephone
(Special Dtapatck to Ths J
Vancouver. B. C, Dec. it. It la
thought In local salmon canning circles
that the provincial government may
rescind Its order In council respecting
the manner in which trap sites are to
be disposed of.
In the order in council respecting the
disposal of trap sites It wss announced
that tenders would be received for such
till December 19. Immediately upon
the publication of the order in council
the cannerymen got together and repre
sented to the government that the- fair
eat way for all concerned would be for
the government to put the sites up at
public auction. It was held by the can
ners that the government would secure
more revenue If it auctioned the cites
than if it held them for disposal by
tender. It waa also contended by the
cannery Intereats that aale by tender
might lead to endlesa confusion If a
number of tenders for sites were found
to be the same The matter is now
being considered by the provincial government.
(Joersal Special Service.)
Ban Francisco. Deo. 22. William Al-
rord, president of the Bank of Califor
nia, one of the best known financiers on
the cnaat, died yesterday of a complica
tion Of diseases
Alvord waa prominent in state and
city politics. He once served as a mem
ber of the city police commission, this
being practically his only office. He
was a pioneer.
(Journal Special Service. k
Denver. Colo.. Dec. 22. The ballot ho
of precinct 1, ward 4. we opened in the
supreme court this morning. Out of lit
ballots were 14 which the Democrats
declared hogua. and lit ef them were
written by the same person.
Cottage Grove Commercial Club
Enlarges Its Competitions
for Writers.
(".pedal Dispatch te The Journal )
Cottage Grove, Or., Dec. II. The Com
merclal club hss made arrangements to
have the essays on Cottage Grove,
written by members of the schools here.
submitted to the Judges for awarding
of the three prises of 13. 13 and II. of
fered by the club. There have been
several essays submitted in the three
other series of cash prises of $10, S5
tt. $? and II each, offered by J. F. Hord
through the club, and a number more
have been promised. The subjects of
the three aeries are "Cottage Grove.
"Bohemia" and "Lane County."
Mrs. Sarah J. Pitcher, a pioneer of
1ST6. died at the residence of her son.
Green B. Pitcher, at this place Tuesday
of pneumonia. The funeral was held
Wedneeday and Interment was made In
the I. O. O. F. cemetery. She waa born
In Indiana, September 6. 1339, and with
her husband came across the plains to
Oregon in 1174.
lawyer' a teat.
A French profeasor has been Inqulr
Ing into the comparative criminality of
the professions. He finds that the con
vlctlona for every 100,000 of each are as
follows: Lawyers, 100; artists, 33; doc
tors. It; lay teachers. 10; clerical teach
era, 7; Catholic clergy, 4.
rew People Know Mow Useful it is to
Xeaith Bad Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that char
coal la the safest and moat efficient dis
infectant and purifier In nature, but
few realise Its value when taken into
the human system ror me same cleans
ing purpose.
arcoai Is a remedy that the mora
vou take of It the better: it la not a
drug at all, but simply absorbs the
gases ana impurities always present
in the atomacn ana intestines ana car
rtea them out of the system
Charcoal sweetens the breath after
mnhiner. drinklns or after eatlna onlona
and other odorous vegetables
cnarccau eneciuauy clears ana im
proves ths complexion, it whitens the
teem ana runner acts as a natural ana
eminently safe cathartic.
It absorbs ths Injurious gases which
collect In the atomach and bowels; it
disinfects the mouth ana throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal In one
form or another, but probably the best
charcoal and the moat for the money
Is in Stuart's Charcoal Losenges; they
are composed of the finest powdered
IT - 1 1 , .hanHUl " ,1 nlhar haml...
antiseptics In tablet form, or rather In
the rorm 01 largo, pieasani tasting loz
enges, the charcoal being mixed with
The dailv use of these iosena-es will
soon tell In a much Improved condition
of tha general health, better complex
ion, sweeter breath and purer blood,
and the beauty of It Is, that no possible
harm can result from their continued
use, but on the contrary, great benefit.
A Murrain pnyaician. In apeaklng of
the benefit of charcoal, says "1
advise Stuart's Charcoal Losenges to all
patients suffering from gas In stomach
and bowela. and to clear the complex
ion and purify the breath, mouth and
throat: I alao believe the liver la arreatlr
benefited by the dally use of them:
thev coat but twenty-five cents a box at
drug stores, and although In some sense
a patent preparation, yet 1 neneve I
get more and better charcoal In Stu
art'a Charcoal Losenges thsn In anv of
tha ordinary charcoal tablets." '
Men's clothing, hat and
shoe and children's cloth
ing salesman, also sales
ladies for boys' furnishings
and men's neckwear and
jewelry. Must be high
class salespeople with ref
erences. Best of salary to
good people. .'. .'. 7. ,
69-71-73 Third Street, bet Oak and Pine
Apply at once to licnager'a Office on balcony,
north room.