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Mnrquim Grand
"The Adventure of lAi I'mula"
lolumbla "Tha Billionaire"
Kiuplrc- "A Fatal Boar"
Lyric Vaudeville
Hljou Vaadevtll
Arced J Vaud vllle
Baker . Vaudeville
tirand Vaudeville
Ht.r Vanuevtllu
Indigestion. Insomnia, overwork, may
bo the possible cause of your headache,
but Wright's Paragon Headache Cure
la as certain as the sunrise. No sclen
tinn truth more wonderful than the
nmount of positive relief contained In
one smsl! tablet or wafer. Down goes
the cure, away goes the headache, u
goes' your spirits. That Is the process.
The most desirable feature of this med
icine is Its immediate action, as it will
generally relieve the most severe pain
In Ave minutes, while at the same time
It la harmless, tasteless, will not purge
or disturb the stomach, and has no un
pleasant lifter-effects. Wright's Para
gon Headache Cure may be relied upon
m bolus entirely free from anything
of injurious nature, anil is absolutely
without a rival.
"II v niece Is small, as you may see
but you also can see that my stock of
goods Is first -class, mioii st this jew
elry and these diamonds. ! you find
sny better assortment anywhere? Not
In Portland; and, another thing, there
, is no other place in Oregon where goods
In my line are sold so cheap. My ex
penses sre a mere bagatelle, all the
profits going to myself, ana 1 am noi a.
man of greed," explained Charles W.
ilnndman. 2R1 Front street, near Madi
son. Mr. Goodman carries a very fine
dlsplsy of Jewelry and precious stones.
Ills stock Is exceedingly well selected.
The Oregon Water Power Townslte
company has purcnasea me piainns-"""
at F.atacaaa. ana nas umii " -
i , ,,rtQl Hav,.,l new 1 1 1 M II-
Kim ill VI i ' 1 1 " yi' - "
era are to be added Immediately, and the
mill will then be able y lurn out an
kinds of fsncy and ornamental work, as
well as all the ordinary products of
such concerns. Mr. Stafford is a prac
tical prinlng-mlll man and will have
charge of the operation of the plant.
From likenesses clipped from the Sun
tun Tniirnui tha nolle, have identified a
lumber of strangers arriving in the
city today to attend me miss tramp so
cial, at HUks' Ball In the Marquam build
ing this evening. The activity of Big
Werthelmer and his committee on ar
rangements hss accomplished large re
sults, and the social will be a success.
An entertaining program has been pre
"pared. After an Illness of more than seven
months Oeorge B. Long, 5J Lovejoy
street, died yesterday afternoon, aged 60
years. He had been employed In the
general offices of the Oregon Railroad '&
Navigation company for three years, and
prior to that was In the railroad busi
ness In Duluth ,Mlnn. Mr. Long leaves
n wife and two children, snd a sister,
Jenne M in San Francisco.
Center addition In North Mt. Tabor,
v.-hlch Is a part of the proposed lneor
Itoratlon of the town of Mt. Tabor. Is
much opposed, to the move. Meetings
have been held, at which the unanimous
resolve was made to fight any effort to
bring that portion of the town within
the incorporation. In other portions of
the town the feeling Is quite strong In
favor of the proposition.
St, Johns Is to have fire protection. At
a recent meeting of the clttgens u. H.
Carlson was appointed rhslrmsn of a
committee to draft a constitution and
by-laws for s volunteer company. At a
special meeting of the council the com
psny will be organized and- provision
i nil' for the purchase of a csrt and
hose and the Installation of hydrants,
Palms, evergreens, hollies, etc. Our
Importation of Japanese palms, camellas,
mngnollus, lilies, roots, etc.. Is now In.
Aside from these, we have brought in
from the nursery a nice lot of hollies,
fruit, shade and ornament ii trees and
slirubs, which we have on display at
our store. Cnll and Inspect our stoak.
Pnrtlsnd Seed Co., Front and Yamhill
Over sixty years before the public, the
McPhstI piano has occupied a leading
position among the world's best pianos,
end has received in this time over 60
gold medals. If on don't want to ex
periment In piano buying, if you want
an instrument which haa stood the test
nf time, buy a McPhall piano. August
W. Meyer, 74 Sixth atreet.
Itallroad men give credit In a large
measure to M. J. Roche, traveling pas
senger agent of the Denver A Rio Qrande
railroad, for the location of the 1906 con
vention of the American Association of
Railway Passenger Agents in Portland.
Mr. Roche has worked early and lute to
bring the meeting to this city for Lewis
snd Clark fair year.
Mrs. Anna K. Senner, who had been 111
for a year, died yesterday at her rest
dence. C76 Oregon street. Her hus
band snd seven children survive her. The
funeral will be held at the Oerman
Lutheran church. Twelfth and Rest Clin
ton streets. Frtdsy st 1 o'clock. Inter
ment In Lone Kir cemetery.
The ordinance Imposing a license of
140 a day or $200 a month on transient
merchants Is proving effective. Many
came, with goods expecting to place them
on ssle during the holidays, but when
I hey were confronted with tha heavy li
cense they packed and left. Not one
took otlt a license.
Winter's winds on hand and face pro
duce the same results as an ax on the
bsrk of a tree. Rose and Cucumber
Jelly (Curosa Cream) gently softens and
sooths the chapped skin, removes red
ness snd roughness, eradicates wrinkles,
destroys blackheads. It Is not sticky.
Try It. Sold by all druggists, 25 cents.
Willamette boulevard Is to be ex
tended through St. Johns to the north
side. Next- year Willamette boulevard
will be connected with Columbia boule
vard, which will provide one of the
longest and most beautiful drives In the
vicinity of Portland.
William H. Reader, for many years
agent for the Southern Pacific Railway
company, died yesterday at Good 8m
rlton hospital. He resided at 220 Kant
t.. -L..-1..I l MWSMaaaaaasgagBSSSJSSSS
Christmas Bargains
Men's $15 snd 110 Suits 912.(10
Men's tm and $1 Suits 8.50
Men's (IS and 116 Ovarcoats. . $13.50
Mens 112 and 116 Overcoats... 0.OO
Rovs- 4 and 16 Suits 8.BO
Roys' 13 and ft 60 Stilts S 1.95
Tlnvs' t and 17.60 Overcoats.. 3.50
Hoys' (4 arid 16 Overcoats $ 1.T5
Ladles Men's, Misses' snd Boys'
Kimes. f 1.25, 1.50. '. 82.50 and
8.00. from 50 to f l.OO "ved In
..sipartaon with ether stores' price. Holla free
slth ladles' . lOlaaea' shoes. (Inns or drums
free with nays' anlta or overcoats. Open evening.
Oor. first and TnmhllL
Eighth street, and la survived by a wife
and me child. He was a member of
Fidelity lodge No. 4, A. O. 1'. W., and
had been financial secretary for 10
years, and was chairman of the finance
committee and of the board of extension
of the grand lodge, A. O. IT. W. The
funeral, at 10:30 o'clock SurlUay morn
ing, will be under the auspices of KldJ,
Ity lodge. Interment In Lone Fir cemetery.
Washington chapter, No. K, Royal
Arch Masons, Installed officers last
night ss follows: J. H. Richmond, P.
H. P., presiding; H. B. Adams, H. P.;
Clyde Evans, king: F. A. Vanklrk, scribe:
II. II. Parker, C. of H.; 8. Bullock,
treasurer; E. E. Sharon, secretary; J.
W. Rowland, P. S.; D. L. Parsons. R. A.
C; D. A. Orout. master third veil; E.
W. Ameabury. master second veil; O. B.
Thomas, master first veil; T. B. Brick
ell, sentinel.
A delightfully pretty Christmas pres
ent may be had without a cent of ex
pense at the H. W. Manning Lighting
& Supply company's store, 43 Third
street. This house carries an elaborate
stock of gas and electric table lamps,
the Improved Welsbach gas burners, gas
mantles and mica chimneys, these latter
at 15c each. To all purchasers of 26
cents or more worth of goods at this
store, one of the charmingly pretty pin
trays will be given absolutely free.
I. R. Cottrell, the well-known real
estate and business chsnce broker, has
connected himself with the Square Deal
Brokerage company. 129 Seventh street.
Mr. Cottrell was formerly In business
for himself, with an office at 325 Cham
ber of Commerce, and haa been idem if led
in many large real estate tranafers. In
view of a successful psst Mr. Cottrell
will no doubt prove a valuable acquisi
tion to the Square Deal forces.
When she was granted a divorce from
Jacob last June, Olga Senkler wss de
creed to be the owner of one third of
lot 8, In block 1, In Salisbury's -addition.
Later Mrs. Senkler discovered
there-was no such property as that Hat
ed, and that she had been decreed the
owner of land that never existed. Now
she brings aault In equity to be declared
part owner of lot 1, in block 1, Salis
bury's addition.
The Portland Loan office. 74 Third
street. Is making a splendid display of
holiday Jewelry and diamonds. It Isn't
every fellow that ran afford a 1 1:600
sparkler, out If any reader hungers
for one of these besutif ul stones he can
be accommodate at. Mr. Marks'. There
are diamonds enough In the windows of
that store to garland a queen of all the
empires of the world. They are a really
attractive sight.
A bargain sale of books and station
ery ty trustee for the benefit of cred
itors. The firm of Edward G. McKean
company has turned over to James R.
Ewing as trustee Its stock of books
and stationery. Sweeping reduction
will be made to cloae out as much as
possible before Christmas. Mr. R. S.
Searle, formerly with the J. K. Gill
company. Is assisting Mr. Ewlng.
A special building may be erected for
the fine arts display at the Lewis and
Clark fair. Originally It was Intended
to use only a gallery for the paintings
and sculpture, but so many nations have
signified their Intention of sending art
exhibits that a new building Is deemed
necessary. The question will be psssed
upon after the return of President
Goode from the east.
This morning United States Judge
Bellinger set the following cases for
trial on the 'days stated: Henry Smith
vs. J. G. and I. N. Day. Jan. 3; Arthur
8. Ellis vs. Inman. Poulsen.ft Co. et al
Jan. 6; Albert Lllenthal vs. J. R. Cart
wright: Dec. 17; Otto Eastlund vs. Frank
Menefee et al., Dec. 26;. Lam Dong vs.
Sanborn. Cutting A CO.. Dec. 21.
The hew York stste Lewis and Clsrk
commission hss decided to ask for 160,
000. Instead of 135.00O. for Its display.
Secretary Reed received a dispatch- to
i his effect, and while no details were
given, It Is supposed that moat at the
Increase will be put Into the construc
tion of a larger building than was or
iginally planned.
Cleveland Rockwell Is giving an art
reception and exhibition of water color
paintings to his friends In the Imperial
hotel parlors today and tomorrow. Sat
urday afternoon there will be a public
exhibition. Mr. Rockwell is known in
Portland as an artist of much ability.
Leong Ah Sing, a Chinese, who has
resided at Astoria for several years, will
be allowed to remain in the United
States This morning United States
District Judge Belltnt'er decided, thst the
Chinese wss a merchant on the testi
mony of five white cltlsens of Astoria.
As United States Attorney John Hall
did not object. United Stafes District
Judge Bellinger this morning dismissed
the cases of the United States against
James Tronaon and Howard Oarnter, ar
rested three years sgo on the charge of
selling liquor to the Indians.
Professor Eaton's dsncing school.
Clssses Monday and Thursday evenings
at Arlon hail. Beginners taken at any
time. Six assistant teachers. Private
lessons dally at hall. Spectators in
vited. 'Phone West 793.
It will repay you to see the attract
ive display of holiday goods shown by
Albert Bernl, the druggist. Second and
Washington. Every desire can bo grati
fied in the extensive varieties and styles
shown, and prices are within reach of
A bottle of Hedgln'a Corn Cure will
remove that bothersome corn and make
your Chrlstmss shopping one round of
pleasure. Sold only by Albert Bernl, the
druggist. Second snd Waahington. 26
cents a bottle.
Frank G. Carpenter, the eminent cor
respondent, has written Secretary Reed
for descriptive matter regarding the ex
position, which he will utilise In a spe
clsi article on the Lewis and Clark sub
ject. r i.e. re 11 he n niihlfc exhibition Of
wulftr-rnlnr nalntlnsr atven hv CaDt.
Cleveland Rockwell, Saturday. December
17. parlors jos-luii;, imperial nam, irom
10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Strenuous pursuits In men and ar
duous social duties in women' cause
much nervous debility. C. C. C. Tonic
Is sll the corrective. For sale at Knight's
307 Washington.
Hairy Jones was Indicted by the
grand Jury on a charge of larceny of
money and a watch from J. W. Vogan,
623 Lovejoy street, on November 2", 1904.
Kdgar D asks for a divorce from Edna
M Earnest, charging cruel and Inhuman
treatment. They were msrrled In Pbrt
land on February 17. 1102.
Rnre muslcsl treat. University of
drcgnn Glee snd Mandolin Slab concert.
Saturday evening, December 17. high
School auditorium
tTnlverslty of Oregon Glee and Mando
lin club concert, high school auditorium.
Saturday evening. Tickets at Woodard,
Clarko A Co.
Wor cornea from Canada that the do
minion government haa decided not to
An Array That .Surprises
Solid Sliver Comb. Brush and Mirror, In handsome case
Solid Silver Manicure Bets
Solid Silver Writing Sets
8lld Silver Military Brushes
Solid Sliver Cloth Brushes
Solid Sliver Hat Brushes ,
Solid Sliver Mirrors . . .....i v...
Solid Silver Single Manicure Pieces, each
JAEGER BROS.. Jewelers Opticians
lor vysn ,tiuu,.
send the exhibit do the Lewis and Clark
I. D. Boyer. the popular gentlemen's
and ladles' tailor, removed to room 207
Fenton bldg. New, first-class cutter.
Woodward Dsncing Academy, Burk
hardt hall. Monday and Thursday eve.
Private lessons. Spectators invited.
Woodward's Dancing Academy; Burk
hard's hall, Mon. and Thur. 10 lessons
18. Spectators invited.
Free a secret to lovers. Lewis and
tmrk Matrimonial Bureau, 211 Fourth
street. ,
Attend the Gaelic school whist party
tontght. Altsky building. Third and Mor
rison. Nearly new piano for sale cheap; a
bargain; come quickly. 156 Stark.
Cgblnets. 11.00. Thwaita, 114H
Fourth street.
Mr. Johnson's Nuptials Were
Postponed Because of Over
worked Wedding Permit.
"Hey. dar. mlsteh. you'm done got me
In de mostest trouble," said Tom Johnson
as he entered the county clerk's office
this morning, followed by Mrs. Jennie
"Why, whgt's the matter now?" aaked
Deputy Clerk Kearna, as he hurried to
the counter to wait upon Mr. John
son. 'Why. I done bought a mahlage li
cense in heali ylst'dy, an' when I come to
git mahled it don't go. It ain't no mah
lage license 'tall, an" I kain't git mah
led." "bat's right," said Mrs. Lawrence,
"he's goln' to mahy my gy'll las' night, an"
when i we has de weddln' guests assem
butated, why do ole license hain't any
good." . ' .- i'i"
"That's strange." said Mr. Kearna as
he looked over the list of licenses Issued
yesterday. He failed to find the name
of Tom Johnson. He then looked back
for a couple of daya but there was no
where enough Johnson.
"How much did you pay for the license
you got yesterday?-.' ha naked,
"I paid 12.50 for dat license." replied
Mr. Johnson, with some hesitation.
"Well, you didn't got any marriage
license here for 12.80. We aren't mak
ing any reduction for the Christmas
trade. The regular charge is 13. You
, .... r, alone? That couldn't be.
either, as there must be a witness. I
guess you didn t get any marriage li
cense at all. Have you got the paper
with youT"
"No, I done lost It."
"Well. I don't believe you were In here
vesterdsv. and I am positive no one In
here sold you a license."
After much wrangling, in wnicn iwr.
Inhnann wunlerf the clerk to issue him
another license without charge, the col
ored groom-to-oe. proouceo ine nrassary
13 and received hla license.
Tn. vwirilnv list even tn a at 208 Kv-
crctt street, wss among the week's social
H. F. Davidson of Hood River Is In the
John L. Henderson of Hood River Is
a guest st the Perkins.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. High of Pendle
ton are In Portlsnd today.
Mr. tnd Mrs. C. 8. Brown of Aatorla
ara registered at the Imperial.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Staples are here
from Albany. Or.
M. C. Flndlay of Grants Pass Is at the
Dr. and Mrs. C. S. White of Gervals.
Or., are In town.
Logan Tucker, the Alaskan capitalist,
is at the Portland.
E. L. Cass of Grants Pass Is a Port
land guest.
James McParland. western superin
tendent of the Pinkerton Detective agen
cy. Is here from Denver todsy.
Charles W. Jberllne of the Southern
Pacific land department came In from
San Francisco thla morning.
William Castlemsn. the famous tenor,
once with the Bostonlsns nnd now In
grand opera. Is visiting; his relatives. Mr.
and Mis. Herbert Holman. 787 qyerton
street. Mr. Castlemsn was compelled to
come here for hla health and a much
needed rest.
Newton Drew, clerk of the Taylor
Street Methodist Eplscopsl church, has
gone to Boise, Iaaho. for the winter
Mr. Drew Is in delicate health, and the
dry climate of Idaho is deemed best for
him during the winter months.
Mrs. I.ynlff. proprietor of the Drift
wood. Ixing Beach, has come to Portland
to spend the holidays with friends. She
will be In town till after New Years.
Mtrszir, hut Tzoujr txbttjobo.
j Ovlde Mtisln snd his company of ar
tists will be heard on Monday evening
at the First Baptist church under the
direction of Elmore Rice. Musln has
wonderful technique, but technique with
Musln Is but a means to convey thought,
tones, subtle, mysterious, beautiful, en
trancing. To command, to coax, to en
treat the senses that Is Musln's art.
One critic said aftef Musln's perform
ance of the Paganlnl variations on a
tio-nvi nf Rossini's In which after a
wonderful performance on the O string
the audience could no longer contain Its
enthusiasm, but burst Into wild applause.
"That Musln Is the very d I hlmse(f."
Most certainty a long to be remembered
treat' la In store for lovers of the violin.
Three hundred eests In th.i annex will be
placed on sale tomorrow morning at
' 1
Him is osr splaedtd stock of Christmas goods.
Baastlful and useful (Ifta can be elected bars
f ir little money. Clocks In every style
mantle, hall, tra Teliae clocka. large and email,
from 12.00 to arm. Watch with tb beat
movement, la tar latrat style of gold Oiled
raaea. from SB. Ml in fan: solid gold from 120
1 1 110O. Handsome gold filled chains In ladles'
aud seats' from 12.50 up; solid gold from IS
to 130.
Silverware and Cut Class
Our assortment of cut glass is wonderful
di saline to tha eves. Never before hsve tha
patterns baas so beautiful snd at seek lew
prices. Just tba thing for a present.
Genuine Ebony Goods
Military Brushes, pair I
Hair Brushes, each. . $1.60 to!
Hut Brushes, each ... .78 to I
Cloth Hruahes. each 11. SO to I
Comb, Brush and Minor In hand
some case complete, 97.00.
- -
A Peerless Artist's Name
Dragged Into Pake
Th Name of Oadskl Falsely As
aoclated With a Piano The
Peerless Singer Will Appear
Only With the Wcbsr.
Nothing short of a poverty of re
sources could Induce a business house
to stoop to absolute falsehood, such as
that published by a Portland firm in
the daily papera, concerning the piano
to be used by Madam Gadssi upon her
Srst appearance in Portland. December
The coming of this greet German
singsr, who Is pronounced the equal of
our own American aongatreas, Madam
Lillian Nordlca, is one of the most
notable events In the muslcsl annals of
Madam Gadskl is an especially en
dowed woman, possessing, In addition to
her rare voice, an artistic temperament
and an exceptional musical training,
having studied from early childhood.
She haa aung with brilliant auccess
In all the musical centers of Europe,
and has completely captivated musical
New York during her several season.,
with the Metropolitan Opera Company,
which triumphs she repented In other
eastern cities.
This season she makes her first
American tour, appearing before cul
tured audiences throughout the coun
try. It is natural that an artlat of auch
rare accomplishments should be content
with nothing but the purely artistic
and hls-hest tVDe nf piano. The piano
she has chosen to accompany her sing- ,
Ing throughout her tour Is the world
famous Weber.
Arrangements were made with Ellera 1
Piano House, who carries and sella
Weber pianos, to furnish a superb Weber
concert graraa ror wis occasion.
During her seasons with the Metm-
Solltan Opera Company, a Weber Baby
rand piano was used exclusively by
Madam Gadskl In practicing the many
difficult roles In which she achieved such
glowing honors, and the gifted lady Is
well aware of the merits of the Weber
in sustaining the voice. At the close
of the opera season In New York, this
is the letter which was addressed by
her to the- Weber Company:
The Weber Company, New York:
Gentlemen- Especially interested I
am in the small Weber Baby Grand
which I am ualng In Boston. I think
Its tone Is most exquisite, combining
beautiful quality with great power,
which la quite remarkable for auch a
small Instrument, and can hardly be Im
proved upon. Yours truly.
Other Weber Triumphs.
During the past few months this re
markable piano has received the royal
appointment to the court of Spain from
the hands of His Majesty, Alfonso XIII,
and the Papal appointment to the Apos
tolic palaces from His Holiness Plus X,
who is himself a distinguished musi
cian. As In past years. Wetter pianos arc
used this season by the members of the
Conrled Metropolitan Opera Company.
Among these and other illustrious
singers and musicians who endorse the
Weber, are Madam Nordlca, A. Sottl.
Otto Garlts, both the De Resskes, Ben
Davles, the great English tenor; Madam
Louie Klrkby Lunn, the famnua English
contralto, popular In America: Charles
Olllbert; Julie Geyer, the rising pianist.
Kocian, the great violinist: the famous
conductor of Parsifal, Alfred Hertz;
George Anthes, tenor. Metropolitan Op
era Company: Madam Marcella 8em
brlch. Madam Fritxl Sclieff, A. Alvares.
E. De Marchi. David Biapham. Cam
panarl. Van Rooy. etc., etc. This list
could be extended to include practically
all the world's greatest singers, and an
entire newspsper page devoted to noth
ing but their hearty endorsements of
this piano. The Weber Is, In fact, the
accepted musicians' ptsno. Its rare mus
ical qualities. Its sympathetic, sustain
ing qualities, make It this. It Is no
less a home piano. The qualities which
appeal to the finished musicians are ex
actly those which aid In training the
ear of the beginner. A complete line of.
Weber pianos are slways to be found
at our store and we are glad to show
them. Eilers Plsno House, 151 Wash
ington street, corner Park. Oregon's
leading and most reliable piano concern.
Allen ailbert Piano company at 7.1 cents
each. Come early.
The executU'e committee In rhargs of
the gregt Initiation of 1,00 candidates
on February 21 have secured spsclal
rates from the Houthsrn Rsclflo com
pany, and a rate of 1 1-1 fare will b In
fores rfurlnar tha celebration From
communications received from the
camps Included In the 1,000 campaign. !
the rntflcatlnna are that at least 10 per
cut of the candidates have, already been
secured. It Is expected that tha coun
try camps Will bring at least 400 candi
dates to the city, and that besides the
candidates there will be over 1,000 vis
iting Woodmen presenC No doubt msny
people will avail themselves of the low
rate to visit the city.
(Irandest dlsplsy nf fine scenery over
seen Portland at the corner of Third
and Alder streets. On exhibition from
t In the morning to I at night.
TlSfeireg gtook Canned
Allen I-ewls Best Hrana.
4-50 to 38.00
4.S0 to Iio.oo
8.00 to 110.00
4.80 to I 7.00
11.00 to i 3.00
7.80 to flB BO
1.00 to S -00
a i
Holiday Suggestions
Still wondering what to buy for Xmas?
Here are two hints in the way of
Sewing Tables
A dozen dainty mahogany Sewing
Tables, in the prettiest colonial
shapes, from the plain four-leg square
top table, with one drawer, to the
handsome pedestal table shown above.
They're fitted with all sorts of little
conveniences for sewing in comfort,
and any of them would be a welcome
gift to a woman who sews. One de
sign is an exact reproduction of the
famous "Martha Waahington Table."
$12.75 to $38
Glee & Mendolin Club Concert
Saturday Evening:, December 17
tba gifted actraas,
Florence Roberts
rndar slskt. I
Oraat Drama
a tartar sigst..
Saturday sftsrnoon. Ibaaa'l
"a von a jiouae
Marts of tka Lawlaads"
Eranlat prtrcs 1. lie. Mti 25c . 86 1. ftprrtal
miliar prices T6c. 60c. 25c, c. Scats ara
sow salllBg.
14th sod Waahington. rbnnc Main all.
A. R. BALLARD. I.eo and Manager.
Tomorrow Bight. Hatordar raatlne snd Satur
day Bight, thefsuperb t'olumbia stock looipanjr
tn tba powerful 6-act drstsa.
"The Prodigal Daughter"
Tba (cast sensations! horse-rare aceaa.
AO people on stage 60
rferatlag. ahaarhlng. eicltlnf. the aweetsat.
aaddeat story erer told.
Krealag prices Entire lower floor. BOc.
uniform price, no eitra charge for log circla;
balcony, 60c, c, 26c: gsllery. IV.
Mstlnee Bntlrr lower floor. 26c. bo eitrs
charge for log circla; balcony. 25c, 15c; gal
lery. 10c. '
' Boa office open all day at Dolly Vsrdea
Candy Shop, 827 Morrlaon. io a. m. till T p. m
Phone Main Ufi after T p. ss. attheater.
Main nil. Kelt attraction. "CAMILLE.
starting Sunday matinee.
Fourteenth snd WaskisgtOS St rests
Tonight at g:t5 o'clock, tomorrow afternoon
2; 15 o'clock.
Klaw a grlsngor present
The big mueloal comedy success.
Heats now selling Marquam Theatre lobby.
Price, both matinee and night -43. 1.50. f I.
The. 60c.
Heat on aal at the Msrouam Grand Theatre
nntll 7 p. .; afterward at the t'olumbia boi
300 75 Cent Seats
ros sale in Amrzx.
sag his company of artists.
Monday Evening, Dec. 19
First Baptist Church
mon it. ii w (t oo.
This woBderful Tlrtnoao may nerer he hear
Is Portland again Dos t Bstee tb sportnaity.
geata for ssle at Allen Gilbert Piano company.
Bala op aa Thursday. December 15, st 0 a. as.
V J if Tims)
Phona Mais UT.
Prices gTealng. 15c, 25c. 36c, 50c. Matlne.
10c, 15c, 25c.
Ustluee Saturday, a 4-Act Cotnady Drama,
"Th Mas Who Msvar Brake a Promise "
Special sale of seats open today at theatre.
Bui office open from lu a. m. to 10 p. m. dally.
SundsT Matin. Sunday and Monday Nights.
Dioinn it ard is.
America's Ureatt-st Homo I'lay. James A.
Heme's Besntiful t'omedy Drums.
Prwi,tcd under the rfircrtlon of Mr Jamrt
A. HprD. with entire new m encr? nnd merhanl
cal iiTeltlr. A fetiprrh prodartlon ruaraateoMl.
Prlrea-- Kor all performance, lfte. 35c, Mt.
SOr Rh! eeata, hoxc 7.V and 91. U0.
No. 26 COUPON No. 26
Star Theatre
rmxDAvr aunru, decemmb
IS, 104.
This coupon and 5c entitles
holder to one sdmlsslon when pre
sented at box office.
Today and Tonight,
I o Headline rs 10
The HerjUtin "' the Ceatary.
Wonderful Bicyclist.
Itlgh-clsas operatic duetlst.
The conversation! fellawa.
"A Day tu Madrid."
Equilibrists and acrobatic marrtla.
"Down at the Baby Show.'' Illustrated Msg.
Four ' great moving pictures.
Admission I any sect. 10c; Box gat. SS.
SeTeath snd Aider Streets Thla Week:
jyn wtiss i
toVataJmfe tiSO t 4 .30, 7. SO to ION .
BaannnnnBoB M casts- so Mgket.
The Chafing Dish is now in such
general use that a cabinet ilke this
would fit into almoat any establish
ment. The ones we're showing are
the latest designs in weathered oak,
fumed oak and golden oak. We have
drawers and racks for all the things
that go with the Chafing Dish, and
plenty of room for the Chafing Dish
itself. Open the door, light the lamp,
and you're ready for business.
$17.50 to $50
The Arcade Theatre
Tha Original EajnUy TsjsdariUa Haws.
This Weak.
Shows 2:S0 to 4:80 p. m . 7:30 to 10:30 p. m.
Admission. 10c to say Mat.
Third sad Yamhill ata. Keating A Flood. Mgra.
Largest Vaudeville Hme Tn America.
Admission 10c. Pcrfurmjr.'-a :, tiSO, 9:30,
Bllou Theatre S..0
Afternoons from 2 to 4: So. Renting from T
to 10:80. Bnnda.Ts. continuous from 3 to 10 30.
Admission. 10 cents.
HI. 7 . Kit BBOB.
242 211 BI'RNSIDaV
That Is well worth your attention la
the feast for the eye shown In our
faint display. Ralnbow-hued. It adds
o ocular satisfaction the money-saving
quality of durability and Wood and
metal protection. Tou know a lad to
whom a small can nf ready-mixed paint
would be an unmixed blessing Chrlst
mss time. Why not buy it for him?
Fisher, Thorsen & Co.
Headquarter, for