The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 15, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Very Serious Allegations Are
Made Against Police Matron
Simmons This Morning.
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Says She Was ''Cruelly Beaten
and Knocked Senseless on
Floor of a Dungeon.
Police Matron Simmons, tn a com
. plaint mad this morning to Chief of
Police l in hi and Polici Judge Hogue by
Attorney W. T. Vaughn.' la accused of
conduct toward Ruth Osborne, a pris
oner under her care, which will be made
the subject of an Immediate Investiga
tion. I
It Is said by Attorney Vaughn that4
Miss Osborne was In a hysterical conai
.tlon when taken Into custody Monday
night. She was arrested while standing
i on the bank of the river, as It was
thought she contemplated suicide. This
the girl denies, saying that confinement
the 'county Jail bad shattered her
nerves, and that she was wandering
round in the fresh air tn the hope of
benefiting her condition.
Matron Simmons is sccused of throw
, Ing Miss Osborne Into a dungeon while
, she was In this hysterical condition. The
girl objected to being placed on a cold
stone floor, with no cot In which to rest,
and In the struggle that ensued her
-wrists were badly scratched.
Oettlng hgr Inside the dungeon, she
asserts. Matron Simmons struck her a
heavy blow on the chest, knocking her
down with such force that her head
truck the floor and she was rendered
Insensible. Other women prisoners are
aid to have objected so strongly to the
alleged treatment that the matron
' finally took her out of the dungeon.
The bed -on which she slept with an
other woman had only one blanket as a
coverlet. It. is stated, and the prisoner
suffered severely from the cold. The
matron la chsrged with having refused
. to hull. I a fire in the women's ward,
though all .the women petitioned her
often to do so.
It is further alleged that for three
days Miss Osborne tried to Induce the
police matron to notify Attorney Vaughn
that she wanted to see him. Mrs. Sim
mons Is sccused of Informing Mlsa Os
borne that she called up the lawyer by
telephone snd that he said he knew no
such person aa the prisoner.
Miss Osborne did not see her counsel
until taken Into the police court this
morning. She was in such a nervous
I were short 11 shares of anything It
would he promptly cornered."
Priam Threatens Lawson.
A sensation wss sprung by the World
when It published the story which says
that H. H. Rogers and other Standard
Oil Interests are planning to have Law
son Indicted under the laws which caused
the conviction of Uoeltn for rsldlng the
Brooklyn Rapid Transit. Rockefeller is
holding back, not wishing to have Stand
ard OU affairs aired In court.
The Journal says: "If. H. Rogers,
chief stock marker and agent of the
Standard OH company came to the res
cue of Col. W. C. Qraene today In Ills
tight with Thomas W. Lawson. lie an
nounced that Standard OH money would
take care of the stock of Greene Con
solidated Copper company and the bears
were Invited to sell It without fear that
Oreeue would threaten to call at their
offices. The stock rose from 1- to
127.60. It Is officially reported that the
control of the company was handed over
to Rogers by Greene, who made a visit
lo 2t Broadway Monday, while the raid
on the stock market at its worst.
i: H. Harrlman, whom Oreene named
aa the largest stockholder outside of
himself, It is believed, acted with Rog
ers In buying the stock. In spite of the
sensational telegrams which pasaed be
tween La w son and Greene It la not
thought there will be any trouble and it
is nearly certain the men will not meet.
La wson Denies Mis Death.
The Standard Oil Interest fathered
the Atchison Interests today and that
stock closed at about the highest point
of the day, at tt. and ahowed an ad
vance of 1.3?vt from the closing of
With practically only three or four
aales today, Chicago A Northwestern
showed a remarkable advance of $3. 00
from the cloalng of yesterday. The
market opened tl.SO higher, at 201, and
closed at 204. Colorado Fuel it Iron
suffered a small decline today, after
hut a small range In prices. Illinois
Central closed over a dollar higher at
152 V while Louisville Nashville waa
up the same amount. Union Paclilc
common closed fl higher, and the pre
ferred ended the session with a gain
of It oenta. Southern Railway waa but
a quarter higher at the dose and the
rest of the Hat showed the same pro
portionate advances.
A rumor waa current on the London
Stock exchange that Lawson had beeu
assassinated at Boston, to which Law
son replied:
"I'm not completely assassinated yet."
There waa a rumor that Lawson had
been called off. This waa put In cir
culation by the Standard Oil crowd, but
it waa denied by Lawson himself.
Brokers' Opinions.
Mr. Bryan of Logan a Bryan, promi
nent stock brokers, saya "I do not like
the looks of the stock market. It is
nervous, and 1 fear a further heavy
break." Mr. Bryan, however, adds:
"It Is only loglcsl to think that the
Lawson scare has lost moat of Its ef
fect because the trade tht can be atam-
J. W. Lundst'om, Witness in
Smoot Proceedings, Quotes
Retribution Obligation.
condition that she was barely able to
stand. Her face was colorless and her I neded la cretty well out of the market.
lips dried and cracked with fever. Im- it is a rule that bad things that ara
mediately after the conclusion of the , advertised and that are expected by all
hearing Attorney Vaughn summoned never do much harm when iney come. I
Dr. C. C. McCormack, the assistant m more afraid that It will hurt the
' rounty physician and his client was
given medical attention.
"My body Is bruised and discolored in
spots where I wss beaten." said Miss
Osborne. "I would almost ss soon spend
three days and nights in a madhouse aa
to go into that woman's custody again."
, "I hare detailed, all the facta to Chief
Hunt, and asked for an Immediate and
searching Investigation." declared At
torney Vaughn.
Owing to the Interference of Chief
Hunt, Mm. Simmons' version of the af
fair could not be learned. Chief Hunt
entered the room Juat aa Mrs. Simmons
had been Informed of the charges
against her and had started to make a
"What are you doing up here?" We
roared to the reporter. "Why didn't
you get permission from me?"
Ma was informed that Captain Orlts
macher had signified his willingness for
Mrs. Simmons to be seen.
"Csptaln Orltxmncher hasn't a word
to aay about it." shouted the chief.
"Don't you dare open your mouth, Mrs.
Mrs. Simmons sgaln attempted to
"Shut up, I tell you:" fiercely oiderert
the chief. "I won't have you talk to
this snsn at all. Walt until charges are
preferred before the police commission,
and then let the matter come out right."
Sergeant Slover, who assisted In tak
ing Ruth Osborne to the women's qusr
ters In the city prison, declares that the
enlarges sre untrue
"When the patrol wagon sWlved at the
station with the woman." he said, "ahe
pretended to faint. After being taken
upstairs, however, she revived and im
mediately began to Indulge In the most
bitter sbuse. her profsnlty being directed
particularly toward Mra. Slmmona. Po
liceman Venable and I took her Into one
of the cells snd locked her up. Mrs.
Simmons did not touch her. except to
search her. She was not roughly
handled In the least. . Her sccusatlona
are wlthotrt any foundation whatever. I
waa surprised that Mrs. Simmons re
tslned her temper ss she did under the
torrent of vilification that was hesped
upon her by the woman."
trade than 1 am of any bad smash.'
The following views were expressed
by the brokers over the special wires of
Overbeck. Starr Cooke Co.:
Dick Broa. The market haa been very
irregular. .There was rib Important news.
Lawson's message Waa leas Impressive
than heretofore. The Leather stocks
war under pressure and the local trac
tions shares sold off' after a previous
rise. Sentiment waa generally more
bullish than of late. There waa a great
deal of short covering and new bullish
manipulation by western Interest waa
alao much In evidence.
Logan A Bryan Wall street advices
are Of more bullish tendency, indicating
the return of confidence in that quar
ter. We continue to feel rather hopeful
11.41 market, and while we do not look
for any sustained advance, still we be
lieve we have passed through the crisis.
The market Is likely to continue nervous
nrrd unsettled, and we doubt if it will
develop anything better than a trading
affair until after the first of the year.
Sc.-eHi IM.patch tn The Journal. 1
Seattle. Dec. 15. John P. Kay. the
well-known Seattle attorney. 1s now in
Tscoma trying to save i'taka lath II. a
. Japanese who once ssved Fay'a little
son from death by drowning, from being
deported. Ishll wss nrrested a short
time ago on the charge of attempting
'to -shoot Miss Bessie Woolsey because
ahe refused to marry him. The immi
gration department took the matter up
with the view of deporting the alien
on the grounds that his set prevented
his remaining In the country.
When Pay heard of the trouble the
fellow waa In. he remembered how the
Japanese onca risked his life to save
lils little son. who since has died, and
lie Immediately resolved to return the
kindness by offering his services In
the alien's defense free of charge.
'fosrsal Special Service. )
New Tork. Dec. 15. Thst the erup
tions In the oil fields near Humble. Tex .
were but a part of a gigantic disturbance
near the earth's surface In that region.
Is Indicated by reports brought to this
port of a marine disturbance In the Gulf
of Mexico, through which the steamship
-Man Jacinto passed lsst Thursday.
The steamship wss on its regular trip
from Gulvrsinn. when ahe ran Into an
immense field of crude petroleum. 150
miles south of New Orleans Thursday
morning The surface of the water whs
bubbling with nil. whlrh was apparently
"rising from the bottom of the se.
For s long distance the fluid spread
making the gulf smooth as glass, despite
a HlRb wind. It la thought the oil wss
released from the submarine depths as
the result of an earthquake probably
the outburst In Texas nay be traced to
a similar disturbance,
i I our ml Special Service.)
New York, Dec. 16. To the stockhold
ers of the Standard OH company checka
ware ntslled today for amounts repre
senting a dividend of seven per cent on
their holdings. This la the last quar
terly dividend for 104. It makes a
total dividend for the year of ISO a
hare as compared with 144 last year.
and 545 In 1002.
Despite this rut. In their Income It
is not probable that the fortunate stock
holders of the "greatest trust on earth"
will be pinched for Chrlstmss money.
John D. Rockefeller, who Is credited
with the possession of 400.000 shares,
receives this year from his oil Invest
ment only $14,400,000, as compared with
$17,600,000 laat year. The decrease in
his Income of $3,200,000 will be partly.
If not wholly, made up by Mr. Rocke
feller by the Increase In his dividends
on Consolidated Gas and various other
companies that are largely owned by Mr.
(HperUl Dispatch tn Tbe Jnnrnal )
Topeks. Kan.. Dec. IS. In order to en
courage the raising of big families the
commissioners of Shawnee county have
voted to increase the salary of every
employe In the court bouse $6 a month
for each baby born In his family.
"In placing a premium on babies," said
Commissioner Sterne, "we sre simply
carrying out the Republlcsn policy of
encouragement to infsnt Industries and
the Roosevelt Idea of big famlllea. In
caae of twins, the clerk will get a raise
of $10 a month and If there be triplets.
$15. The county boerd has no way of
offering a bounty to people generally aa
an Inducement to raise big families but
It can reach employea of the county
through a salary Increase, and we pro
pose to do It."
fWaahlngtan Rurean ef Tee Jenrnal.l
Washington D. C, Dec. IS. The sen
ate Indian Affairs committee will favor
ahty report Senator Mitchell's bill
providing for the Issusnee of patents td
purchssers of Umatilla reservation
' Senator Pulton today Introduced
Chairman Baker to the president. Faker
has been requested hy Secreary Dover
lo remain In Washington until sfter the
holldsys In order to meet chairman Cor
tetyou Baker, who had arranged to
stsrt for Oregon today accordingly
changed his plana and will remain.
IMperlal IHspalra tn The Journal l
Wallace. Idaho. Dec. 15. Diphtheria
In dangerous form Is becoming epidemic.
Six esses have been quarantined to
prevent the spread of tbe dlseaaa.
Had Occupied High Positions in
Councils Both in Sweden
and Utah.
(Journal special Service. )
Washington, Dec. 15.--A retribution
obligation taken by Mormons In the en
dowment house ceremony aa quoted thla
morning by J. W. Lundstrom, a witness
in the Smoot proceedings, Is aa fol
lows: "Oh, God, eternal father, we aak
Thy bleaslng on the church and holy
priesthood. Help us to keep Thy cov
enants, snd all who raise handa agalnat
this church be accursed forever, and
that vengeance be visited upon the na
tion for the blood of Joaeph Smith."
Lundstrom declared his separation
frdtn the church arose from a discrep
ancy between the late and early revela
tions of the prophets.
"Has your throat ever been cut?"
asked Senator McComag.
"Not yet," answered the witness,
Lundstrom was first called to the
wltneaa stand late yesterday afternoon,
but his- hearing continued until today.
His first testimony was along lines'
similar to that adduced today. He told
of occupying high positions In the
church both In Utah and In Sweden.
He said that he had heard the endow
ment obligations taken six times, and
that the entire ceremony was a series of
oaths of sacrifice and retribution.
(Jonrnal Special Service.)
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. IS. Charles
W. Fairbanks. United States senator and
vice-president-elect. Is tn be msds a Ma
son in this city while at his home for
the holidays. His Initiation will take
place In . the Scottish Rite temple
In order to accommodate the crowd that
is expected to be present.
Thst the Masons are preparing to
make a big event nut of the Initiation la
evident from the fact that two members
of tiie Oriental lodge left here tonight
for Washington to request President
Roosevelt to be present and take a lead
ing part In the Initiatory ceremonlea.
(Special Plspeteh to The Journal.)
Granges llle Jdajio. Dee. IS. Thla city
was In darkness Mondsy night. The
cause waa 'discovered yesterday, when a
dead owl waa found under the wires In
the suburb. It had made a short cir
cuit by touching two live wires 'and
had been eleotrocuted. The owl will
be mounted as a aouvenlr.
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