The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 14, 1904, Page 15, Image 15

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Dowager Duchess of Manchester, Formerly Consuelo Yznaga of New
York, who Recently Had a Narrow Escape from Asphyxiation.
Many Candidates Express Desire
to Succeed the Member
from the Fifth Ward.
J. F. Boothe, W. S. Hufford and
Isadore Goldsmith Among
the Aspirants.
A qulsl contest Is betas waged anions'
aspirants who desire to succeed li. V.
Big'T as councilman from the Fifth
ward. . 811 er will have to resign St the
next meeting of the council, which Is the
last of the year, as his' term of orBce as
eounty auditor beings January 1.
J. F. Booths admitted this morning
that he asplrM to ths position and that
he thought he would receive favorable
consideration from the members of ths
council, who choose Mr. Slgler's suc
cessor. "I would like ths office." said he this
morning, "although It is for a very short
term. I think there Is a lot of work
for one to do In ths council, especially
at the present time. I hardly know how
I stsnd. but I think Mr. Slglcr vlewe
my candidacy with favor."
Among others who are spoken of ss
candidates for ths position are W. fl.
Hufford. the attorney, snd Isadora Gold
smith, real estate business dealer.
Several of the councilman have stated
that they do not know' who will be
chosen. It la the Intimation that they
will accept the man Councilman 81gler
recommends That he wtll name a man
who la of ths same political faith aa
himself there la no question.
Mr. Slgler hss stated that ha doea not
know who will gat the position.
Cnos county Is to be complimented for
Its remarkable enterprise regarding the
Lewis and Clark exposition. T.. I.. Def
fenhaugh of Marshfleld. as a representa
tive of that county, arrived In Portland
this morning, was escorted to the
grounds and there selected a site for a
110.000 building to be erected and filled
by the neighbors within the Coos bound
ary lines.
Mr. Deffenbaugh staled that the people
of his section era wildly enthusiastic
over the fair. His county will occupy
its regularly allotted space In the agri
cultural building and other palaces, but
It Isn't hslf large enough, he Says, to
ahow all the good things from Coos,
hence the separate building of Its own.
The building will be constructed entire
ly of wood from the county it will repre
sent. Including the herd woods for the
floor and finishings.
Good Christmas Advice
Is to put your money where It will do
you the most good. There are no better
facilities than those offered by the
ctal standing of unquestioned Integrity,
liberal and Just dealings with deposi
tors has msds It popular. The best
Stmss gift for yourself or others Is an
account opened with that Institution.
Telephone or call st
When pretty 17-yeer-old Bertie John
son left the witness stand In. the police
court this morning Charles Johnson. h r
husband, klased her tenderly. Judge
Hogue took this to be a "grandstand
Playf and Immediately aentenced John
son to serve 10 days on the rockplle.
Hs explained that the sentence was Im
posed because the husband did not work
and allowed his wife to remain In a
disorderly house not because he had
klaaed his wife.
John Parsons, the father of the girl,
said he believed her husbsnd to be a
good fallow. Hs admitted thst the tes
timony against his san-ln law had
shsken his faith slightly.
"Liverpool Lis," who runs the noto
rious dive st Second snd Davis streets,
was lined tie tot permitting the girl to
stsy In her saloon. Mrs, Johnson prom
ised to go home with her father and the
charge against her whs continued indefinitely.
Word comes from Los Angeles to the
effect thst Charles Ins lee and Charlotte
Dean, who will be remembered as mem
bers of the company which supported
Melbourne MacDowell at the Baker the
atre a few months ago, have been re
leased from the arduous labors of act
ing; with the stock company at the
Btirbank theatre there.
Mr. Inslee. this report has It. didn't
know his lines. The manager. Charles
Kyton. remonstrated with him. Inslee
became angered and struck the man
ager. This was Inslee'a grave mistake. Ey
ton Is an athletic celebrity, almost In
Jeffries' class, and what he didn't do to
the actor, according to the report, would
scarcely be worth reading.
Both Mr. Inslee and Miss Dean re
tired. Grace Reals will be the new
leading woman.
Dr. Samuel S. Turner, contract sur
geon. U. 8. A., who died on the train
near Fargo. N. D., last Sunday, while
en route to his home In Chlcsgo, waa
well known In the army. At headquar
ters, Vancouver barracks, heart disease
was believed to have been responsible
tor the soldier's sudden end.
Dr. Turner hsd been a contract sur
geon for over 40 years snd for the past
year waa stationed at Fort Columbia.
He suffered from paralysis of the heart.
He asked for and was granted a four
months' leave of absence to visit his
aon In Chicago, at tha end ft that time
his contract waa to have been annuled.
He died before reaching Fargo, N. D.
His remains have been, ahlpped to Chicago.
As has often been stated since the
close of the St. Louis show, the rail
roads are becoming very active In boom
ing the Lewie and Clark event. The
latest to take up the good work are
W. It. Callaway, general passenger
agent of the Boo Line, Kansas City, and
C. A. Bramble, general advertising
agent of the Canadian PaclSc Montreal.
They arrived In Portland this morning
to examine the grounds snd obtain from
the general publicity bureau all the
material possible for advertising pur
poses. Both Mr. Callaway and Mr. Bramble
are enthusiastic over tha outlook. They
praise highly the efficient advertising
already done for the project and will
leave Portland with one Idea In view
to "boost" until the day ths fair
Guy Foster snd Theron Bush are on
trial In Judge Fraser's court today for
assaulting Leigh Tracy with a beer
glass on the night of Oatdber, 14.
Shortly before the blow waa struck- the
three men had had trouble In a saloon
The defense claims that after the al
tercation In the saloon, Tracy, securing
reinforcements, overtook Bush snd Fos
ter, who were going home, and as
saulted them, striking Fostsr In the
back and breaking his shoulder blade
Neither Foster nor Bush hit Tracy, but
they claim one ft hla companions, in the
excitement, struck him by mistake.
The Jury waa empaneled this morn
ing, but the case waa continued until
2 o'clock this afternoon.
(lowing Tributes Show red Upon
Our Christmas Pianos.
Big Sales in Tows and Out. Happy Days
In Store and fox Maty Homes.
Practical gift giving Is becoming pop
ular. Each year finds a larger number
of people at our atore making the se
lection of the Christ mae piano, having
pUnned that this one magnificent pres
ent take the place of uuaieroua small
and frivolous ones.
Another such week as the present one
la proving, and our special holiday stylea
of pianos will be practically cleared out.
Delighted buyers have been busy mak
ing their selections, and theae planon
are now being held by us awaiting
Christmas delivery.
It was s tremendous undertaking to
bring so large a number of highest
grade planoa across the continent
Chlckerlngs clesr from Boston, Vt'ebers
from New York and Klmballs from
Chicago, but results have Justified risk
snd outlsy. The newest and most ap
proved styles of these famous Instru
ments have been offered the piano buy
ers of the West, and they have been
eager to secure them. Handsome up
rights, costly concert granda and the
dainty and popular baby and quarter
This Christmas showing also Includes
such other fine mskea ss the Haselton,
Lester. Hobart M. Cable. Crown Orchea
tral. HaddorlT. Clarendon, Baus, Bailey,
Jacob Doll and numerous others.
No Advance la Prices
Buyers find It sstonlshlngly essy to
arrange for paying for elegsnt pianos.
The most favorable concesslona are
made br ua at this time to sll buyers,
to enable them to meet the many obi!
gallons which the holiday season
rings. 110 down secures a ptano that
an v home may be proud of: an Instru
ment that anywhere elss but at this
store of moderate prices would cost at
least a third more, and aoma even twice
what we are asking.
Payments on higher-priced pianos ars
small In proportion.
Every Instrument Is fully guaranteed
and money back in every instance where
there Is not sbsolute satisfaction.
Filers Piano House. SCI Washington
street, corner Park.
C. D. Hillman Indicted by Grand
Jury on Charge of Using
Mails to Defraud.
(Special Dispatch to The Journal )
Seattle, Dec. 14. C. D. Hillman. the
Seattle real estate man who for several
weeks past has been before the county
courts on charges of swindling upwards
of 100 men and women by promising
them work as soon as they purchased his
property, reached the climax of his
troubles yesterday afternoon when lie
was srrested by Deputy United States
Marshal Lathe on a bench warrant from
the United States court. Ths svenlng
before he had been Indicted by the
United States grand Jury on charges of
using the malls to defraud.
In two Instances within 10 dsys, vic
tims have walked Into HUlman'a office
and secured the return of their money at
the point of a revolver.
(Special Dtspstda to The Journal )
Vancouver. B. C, Dee. 14. The local
police force has been kept busy during
the psst few days In raiding the various
alleged gambling reeorta In the re
stricted district snd at the present time
there are nearly SO persona awaiting
trial on a charge of gambling. Of this
number more' thsn half are Chinese
who were caught in the act of playing
chuck-a-luck and lottery. Several white
persons were also caught playing with
ths celestlala.
The city council has decided to stamp
oat gambling in Vancouver and tha
chief of police has been given strict or
ders to enforce the law in this respect.
(Special Itlspstrh to The Jovraal.)
Centralis, Wash., Dec. 14. Clarence
Norton, the 1 (-year-old boy who stabbed
John Brotherson, about ths same age,
laat week, has been arrested on a bench
warrant on the complaint of the prose
cuting attorney on the charge of aasault
with a deadly weapon. It is probable
that Norton will be sent to the reform
school st Chehalls if he is convicted.
Norton snd Brotherson. the letter a crip
ple, engaged in a quarrel on the way
home from school, snd Norton stabbed
Brotherson several times with a pocket-knife.
The Old Book More
10,000 Titles of New Books
to Select From
5,000 Wonderful Bargains
5,000 Christmas Presents
. i .
At prices heretofore unhesrd of In this
city. We sre slaughtering things this
week. 20,000 second-hand books, msny
actually good as new. not even soiled, at
10 per cent of original cost.
ltoa Chatterbox SO
Wlsard of Os JM.OO
Denalow's Paper 'Book 20a
Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Poems 75a)
James Whitcomb Riley. An Old Sweet
heart of Mine 91. SB
James Whitcomb Riley. Out- to Old
Aunt Mary's : SJ1.S6
Bridge of the Oods, In cloth 75a
Century Dictionary, morocco (10.00
Orav's History of Oregon 54. BO
Encyolopaedls Britannlca, IS
Encyclopaedia Britannlca, tl
vols S35.00
Our 50e counter contains many 11.60
Our 15e and 25 counters have values
hard to beat.
Hyland Bros.
1 iB BOKr ' ' " mm mm
J w
Dr. V. t. Fulton, naturopath.
Heals All Manner of
Diseases Without
Naithar Data Sha Employ Surgery, and Har ao
aaaa Ha mm Pusaomeual.
si Pioneer La Bar Practice, ftha Raa Won Hat
Way to Illustrious Fromiaaaea by
loroa of ttaar Karite
he timet
Trow Mat. DyaaapaU, Appttadioitia
and Maajr Other Pimm.
Oaa year sod four montba ago Dr. N. J.
Fulton, whuae portrait Is ihnwa In this column,
arrived la Portland from Ua east. perfect
ttraagar unknown to say one lu the oil i
She name here tha represent tla of the
naturopathic school of heallaa;, a method of
rurLuf dlseaaee eatlrely uaknowa on thte coast.
No oue bad aver beard af a Naturopath physi
cian, aad at first the Doctor's profrtss was,
aa she expected It would be, alow. But a patient,
usually ona gfn up aa hopelessly affilrtet.
would drop In now and then.' devoid of confi
dence and without faltb. That patient would
depart abundantly filled with confidence and
overflow i ua; wltb faltb. The helpies. Buf
fering; ona would aoon feel tha marvelously
beneficent affects af tha1 drucleas treatment,
and within a short time would be entirely re
atored to health and strength, and thua become
a brald of (adnata to those aeo,uslntanre
suffering like ha bad Buffered, or she had
suffered. Thesa good wards and cheering
messjages brought other sick ones to the 1Kk
tor'n afflce. and theaa still others, until todar
It la within the bounds of truth to ear that
tb parlors of this renowned woman are aa
busy aa any to be found within the confines
of Portland. 8ba baa no loturer any difficulty
In aacurlng patronage, and in aer rlleutcle may
be noted many of tha leading; and wealthiest
men and women of tba state. These ars not all
from Portland, becsnse Dr. Pultun splendid
reputation la no longer local. It ta aa broad
aa Oregon la broad, and often la pa over lata
adjoining atates.
In cases of catarrh, rheumatism, neuralgia,
ncrvouanesa, and all manner of woman's aralc
tlona, stomach troubles, dyapepsls. sppendt
cms, luaomnla, tcaema, kidney or liver com
piaiata or any of tha multitude or
from which humanity suffers, tba
It It not often that a person cured of disease
will permit the nae of nlo vr her name In a
testimonial publtabed In a newspaper, llaay
euro, oowerer, ars on nia in ur. ruiton a ornce,
and tlr-ee mnr be Been br anv lntereeted caller.
An exception to tha rale of human timidity Is
that of A. llamaan af Sail Fremont street, t'p
par Albina. Mr. Hamann la an employe of the
big whole sals dry goods bet of Kleleehaer,
Mayer fc Co. of this city. This was probably
ona af tba worat cases) of rheumatlam ever
known. air Hamann could neither alt aor
He down, lie wag ona of the moat completely
helpless invalids that ever atood upon two
feat.. Ha suffered from morning till night
and from night till morning, had taken an
kinds of tree t men ts and all klnda of medlrlae.
without being In tba least part benefited.
Finally, however, hla attention waa called to
Dr. Fulton and her method of treatment, find
without bona he called at her parlora, and bare
la what ba aays of ths result:
"I waa aa badly aftlcted that for three
months I could not and did not lie In bad
o alt down to my meals At night I would
leaa aver my bed kneeling upon the floor and
gat what rest I could fa that attitude. I
took any meals either stsndlng or In ths
same posture. I tried medical doctors without
relief and half lived on patent medlclnen, still
I was flooring worse. One day a lady neighbor
told me af Dr. Fulton, and I read tba testi
monial of John Ken run of Clackamas county In
Tha Journal In which hs related how Dr. Fulton
cured him.
"a thereupon cymcroded ta give tba renowned
Naturopath a trial mvself, and waa completely
cured fa IS tjaatgeaaM at an sxpanaa of
Her charges are treat nae nr for ft" and
I toast 12 paid her $30, and am aa well aa I
aver waa la my Ufa. I have not bad an ache
or twinge of pain si ace. By bar method of
treatment I had no drug or othar btUs to psy.
so that my total axpenee amounted to 930- The
onat was nothing, compared with what I paid
before for no relief at all.
"I gladlv subscribe my Dims to thla teatl
monlsT. hoping that by it soma other rbearostle
may read lta words and go to It Fulton aad
be cared. A. BAKMANN."
It Waa, therefore, a banpy day for Mr
Hamann whan he called upon Dr. Fulton. He
la now In aa perfect health aa at any time la
his life, and If any reader af theae line de
sires complete verification af their authenticity
let that person eoaaanntate with this gentle
man and be satisfied that every word contained
herein is ahaolotety true.
So aaacb for rheumatism. Mrs. Maria flen
rtksen AT Heech etreeft. a rres f enfferer from
asthma, heart aad atomacb troubles, wss com
pletely cured by Dr. Fulton.
Taw yoaag daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Rrehmer, a near neighbor af Mrs. Henrlkaan.
bad barn ordered to the operating table at
tha avaypftal bacanae a t dieted with append! -rftla.
Friends Induced the parents to take their
child to Dr. Pulton. They did an. and no
operation was performed, and by three drug
lesa trearmenta tba girl waa cured.
Mlsa Bva Llman, 100 Fast Seventh atreet,
waa told that aha waa afflicted with tunerru
loets. Her fsce wss badly burned by the X-rsy
treatment, the waa told she would ba dta
floured for life, but demurring to thla ahe, too
placed herself In tb rsrs of Dr. Fulton, sad
without further suffering or mutilation of her
person, and without sny medicine at all, wjfis
quickly restored to perfect health.
A young lady, a taarher la ona af our public
arbools, had spent It .son In a fruitless sf
fort to be cured of bar disease. Abe waa at
laat Informed that tba only possible sbaaca
( bar recovery would require her to submit to
an operation at ths hospital. Put sne did nor go
to tha hospital. She waa told of Dr. Fulton,
placed herself In tba cara of thla eminent
physldsn, and at an expense of ISO was re
Cared ta heelth and Is now nursulna her avoea-
tion aa studiously as at sny time la all bar
These curee are only Instances to show soma
of the skeptics I ra tiers bow speedily Dr.
Fulton's trestment operates snd bow little the
expense. It would be remembered that no
medhlnes heina administered, there are no drug
hills to pay. and abovs all It should not ba
forgotten that
And hv the drugless treatmenta none of this
la taken Into the avafcm.
Dr. Fulton came to Portland unheralded; she
Is ru.w one of the heat known women of the city
fths ta g lady of the etrtcteet Integrity, aarsst
or ensrseters. energeTir mam ean nm inn po-aeeaa-d
of snbUms confidence lu the Naturo
pathic treatment, which confidence aha Imparts
Wry speedily to sll who come In contact
with her
Discussing the subject of her mode of curing
d 1es see she as Id to tbe writer: "Rewulfe apeak
for themselves I have living testlaaKnlsla
all over thla region af tha country snd these
sre my best friends. I am hare to do good
In tbe world, even mors tbsn for proflt.
have no sjnsrrel and I have no fanrt to find
with aay other school of utedlclne. or with
anv other method of curing tbe afflicted I
arve nothing In the world to aay In dtapsrage
aaent of theae . I do know, however, that
Naturopathy rnree. and I likewise know thst
It lesres no stain behind. Within a few
I erpect to establish a large Naturopathic
Sanitarium In Portland, where I can take the
afflicted Into my own home, so to apeak, snd
keep them there until their sickness baa been
dispelled. Thla sanltsrlum la Incubating now
snd I have bopo thst the early eprlngtlm
will find It In Pill operation.'
Dr. Furton Is so modest thst she rafelv
apeaka of herself or ths esork ahe does Her
auceesa-. ssj w ever la ampiy nnsaejren or me
Urge number of person e who vtatt her for
trearatent. and br the very kindly things thev
say of her after they bare been cured
Her perhura are autre iw iMnin
rk aad Morrison streets, sad her office
from a m 17s s. m sn rrmn l to a
p. m. Her telepnone is nam aUa. j
Cut This Out for Future Reference, as it Will Not Appear Again
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Pearson's Magazine, one year (or any magazine in offer No. 1) . . 1.00
PECK'S BAD BOY AND HIS PA Complete, good cloth binding,
Illustrated - $150
AMERICAN BOY. One year. (Or any magazine in offer No. I.) 1.00
ART INTERCHANGE. One year. (Or any magazine in offer
No. 2.) 4.00
TWENTY YEARS OP HUSTLING. A very interesting book,
portraying the peculiar incidents, comic situations, failures and
successes of a man who tries almost every kind of business and
finally wins. Forty-eight illustrations. By J. P. Johnson. Cloth
binding , $1.50
BOYS AND GIRLS. One year. (Or any magazine in offer
No. 3.) 0
PEARSON'S MAGAZINE. One year. (Or any magazine in of
fer No. 1.) 100
CURRENT LITERATURE. One year. (Or any magazine in
offer No. 2.) 3.00
Our Price for the 3
Our Price for
the A
To any one sending us two different subscriptions or two clubs, we
will send, if requested, postpaid, one copy of James B. Smiley '
famous essay, entitled, To What Trusts Are Leading."
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